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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  August 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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does appear to us that had it not been for the bravery and heroic acts of perry hall staff, this situation would have been a lot worse. >> we'll hear more from dr. dance in a few minutes. you saw moms and dads and students talking about a day they will never forge abc2's prien kuebler has more. >> reporter: this shooting happen the at 10:45. by 11:30 this parking lot was jam w. parents trying to reconnect with their children. this is some emotional and powerful video as parents able to see, touch, talk and hug their children. high school high school went on lock down. it was after the noon hour that some students were able to walk
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down the road and meet their concerned parents. there were tight hugs, tears and joys, especially after some heard their children recount what happened over a cell phone. >> he said shooting in the school, shooting in the school. helicopters were all around. turnedded around and there was a guy with a shotgun. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:00 we'll talk to her son and you'll hear his story. he was sitting two tables over from the gunman when the first shot went off. >> all right. kelly? it was the first lun period at 10:45 when the shots
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rang out. others have their own story to tell. abc2's jeff hager has the story of an instructor who risked his life to save others. >> reporter: students say a teacher single handedly subdued the gunman with know thought for his own safety. students filing out of perry hall high school after the shooting offered up eyewitness accounts of a 15-year-old student who entered the cafeteria with a firearm and the conviction to use it. >> all of a sudden, i hear pop, like the gun went off. everybody started ducking and looking around and then i hear pop again and then all of a sudden i hear everyone coming in screaming, hollering. >> reporter: police say the shooting was random. the gunman's first shot struck a
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classmate. >> instructors, teachers responded after seeing this. as they were responding, he discharged one round strike another student who's 17 years of age. >> reporter: baltimore county police, state police, atf and u.s. marshals. an instructor took split second action to prep vent carnage. >> a trouble kid came in with a double barreled shot gun into the cafeteria, shot at the special ed table and one of the teachers wrestled him to one of the vending machines and a shot hit the ceiling. then the kids just ran out of there. i seen a teacher. he wrestled him to the ground and held the gun at the same time. >> reporter: it was confirmed
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that the gunman was the victim of bullying. >> first day of school, worst day of my life. i heard people say they kept messing with him and teasing him. so i guess he was tired of people teasing him him -- teaseling him. >> it's a difficult world we live in today. i hoped baltimore county would be immune from this type of activity butpparently we're not. >> reporter: some parents, though, said if it's true the teen car rid the dismantled weapon into the school and assembled it, it calls for more security. >> i know they don't have metal detectors, but i really thought since columbine, which was a long time ago now, that there could have been some extra
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security. >> police have the firearm that was used but they wouldn't say how much information was -- was with it. >> we're still learning a lot about the victim and the shooting. he is 17 years old, a senior at perry hall high school. he was take on it shock trauma, and doctors expect him to make it. perry hall high school will be open. they will be open on time tomorrow. abc2's cheryl conner has more. >> reporter: it's a tough day at headquarters. it's the first day of school for dr. dallas dance. a news conference wrapped up about 33 minutes ago. we did learn that school will be held tomorrow. he also said there will be
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additional security and staff in place. dr. dance talked about the principal for the bravery and the heroic actions of one man who stepped in and took down the shooter. we asked about the code red poly. he said it's something he worked on revaling before taking his position as superintendent. >> all of our schools have school safety plans. when i came on board in july i met with the u.s. marshals as well as the -- fire marshals as well as the chief. they did a great job of following the plan to a t. >> reporter: he certainly emphasized that, really thanking the staff. you can imagine if that person didn't step in, we could be
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talking about a horrific event at perry hall high school. one thing that's missing, the name and more information on the shooting and the victim. all that he would say is both are students at perry hall high. we did spend some time at shock trauma. we didn't see anyone having an interest talking to the media. all the hospital spokesperson would say is that the victim is in critical condition but is expected to survive. so that is some good news. again, a recap. dr. dance said school will be open tomorrow, that there will be more security and staff in place and, again, we are still waiting on official information on both the shooter's name and the victim's name. we'll send it back to you. >> yanks. as she said we don't know a whole lot about the shooter but we have been digging to find out
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or about the 15-year-old. witnesses said they saw shots fired. we're not going to use his name but they told us what his name is. joce sterman has more. >> reporter: kelly, this is odd territory we're treading in as we learn more about the teenage by students tell us is the suspected gunman even though police is not releasing his name. we want to show you video we released about an hour and a half ago. they lined up outside the house where neighbors said the 15-year-old suspect lives. he's one of three children, have divorced parents and has always been known as a good kid, smart kid who played football when he was younger. those who know him said he had gren quieter -- grown quieter, and they said he's been different. >> he was my friend in elementary school. we got along very well.
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then he started changing, the people he started hanging out. >> reporter: how so? >> starting going gothic, weirder. >> reporter: as jeff mentioned, a facebook page listed an ominous method -- first day of school, last day of my life. police spoke with him a few moments ago and they said they had no plans to release his name, because he is a juvenile. >> today's shooting is another in the long line of school shootings that we've seefnlt nearly 6% of the students admitted to carrying a gun or knife to school. about 8% said they had been threatened or injured with a weapon. 12% said they were in physical
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fights. in 2006, there were 30 violent crimes per 1,000 students in school. we'll have more tonight at 5 and 6. our coverage is always on at we've created a series of stories as well as a slideshow of the hard to view images. that's waiting for you right now at weather wise, it's been a warm and humid afternoon. we had record rainfall yesterday, over three inches. good to see a dry day. still enhanced tide action for the western shore from harford county and havre de grace. the bay area as to be cautious. warm afternoon, low 90s under the sunshine and a new front could mean not justen creased clouds with you-- but a chance
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for storm tomorrow. it's all coming up in about five minutes. we are continuing our coverage of today's shooting at perry hall high school. >> ahead we'll talk about the impact bullying has on our children and the conversations we should all have with our students. a woodlawn area student is struck by a car on the way to school. we'll have latest. people on the gulf coast are bracing themselves. latest on tropical storm isaac. it's closing in. before copd...
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now you have the power to lower gas prices with the bp visa with pump rewards. apply at we continue to gather information on the shooting at perry hall high school. the victim is still am critical condition. police have not named the
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shooter but we're hearing it's a 15-year-old. the social media is abuzz with the activity. >> it's been a tough morning for schools. a 13-year-old student was hit by a car on dogwood near woodlawn. anita taylor and her husband were in the house when they heard a loud thump. >> something said get up and look out. i saw the young man laying in the street. i got a bleaching cet to cover him to keep him from going into shock. >> there's no word on his condition but he had to be flown to the hospital. police believe his injuries are not life-threatening. the latest on isaac. it's being called preparation day. people are stocking up on supplies waiting for tropical storm isaac to make landfall. tuesday will bring the first of the rain and high winds.
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>> reporter: this afternoon a state of emergency has been declared as isaac moves. the storm, expected to strengthen to a category one storm could 20 inches of rain and winds at 90. >> here we go again. you have to do whatever you have to do. >> reporter: the mayor of new orleans said the city is ready after the hard lessons from hurricane katrina seven years ago eye believe everything will be okay. there's nothing this storm will bring us that we do not believe we are prepared to handle. >> reporter: other parts of louisiana and alabama are expecting dire weather as well. officials are warning those who live in low lying areas to get out. >> we cannot force people to leave. however, we strongly recommend that that take place.
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>> reporter: in florida, the keys avoided a big hit but all eyes are on the panhandle where they're expected -- tropical force winds. new orleans said while the weather may look nice, the storm is coming and people need to have a plan. >> they always jock about the calm before the storm but that's what it looks like. >> you can get some sun and it's deceiving. much more on the exact track. it does look like it's doing to come close to new orleans. it's that right part of the storm that would be east of new orleans that will push into south alabama, mississippi. that could be the mosten tense area. that will be tomorrow night into
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wednesday morning. back here we're happy to see rain. let's take a look. isaac strengthening, still technically a tropical storm. the hurricane hunters with the 4:00 update basically putting the winds for the storm sustained at 70. once we get to 74, it's likely to happen in the next three hours. by the 8:00 observation we'll have an upgraichtd the reach of isaac. it's with the of the big political convention. in baltimore a mix of sun and clouds. the harbor warts looking brown from all the runoff. 7 now at the airport.
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down today hitting 90 degrees. sun sets 7:45. partly cloudy skies, shouldn't. some clearing weather. in annapolis a mix of sun and clouds here, a beautiful view dunn the -- down the seven river. partly cloudy and warm muggy day to be out on the field in laurel. temperatures now running in the upper 80s, 70s to the east. the humidity is very high. dew points up around 70. you have that much rain. you did the hot sunshine the next day this part of august. it's basically steam coming out of the ground. winds are light from the southeast, feeling more like mid-90s with the heat plus humidity. the active weather has been along the front. you're watching a new front.
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that's likely it bring in some showers, maybe a few storms by early tomorrow morning. the early morning forecast could feature fairly wet conditions. of course, all eyes on the tropics with isaac making their move. some of the rain could come up no maryland toward next weekend, toward labor day. it's possible. it's in the darn teed. de ands on the steering and movement of isaac late tomorrow night. that's going to be the key teaming as the storm surge ramps up. you can see the projection moving. this is today. it will be knocking on the door of the louisiana, mississippi cost. we think the center will come in southeastern louisiana, probably a category one. again, it's this side of the storm, which could be biloxi, mississippi. tonight, 70, clouds increase. motoow we'll go with.
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a88. as we push toward the latter part of the week, the potential for some rain the second half of the weekend. we always want to point you into the direction of the most cutting edge weather maps. you can find it at anyone load it it. could save your life. back to you. >> all right. >> you battled cans are and you won. now you have something else to worry b find out what doctors are saying about certain survivors who are overweight and that impacts the chances it could come back. >> is your child's throat sore? we'll explain and we'll have the latest on perry hall high school. we'll be right back.
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some people differ on various issues. researchers said if they can pinpoint the job net tick issues, they may be more aware of why people vet the way they do. is your place for all the health news you need. check out the page and you'll find today's health headlines and other information. coming up at 5:30, our live team coverage continues from perry hall high school. >> baltimore county plans to handle it the rest of the book and the school year. >> and helping students after tragedies like this. we'll sort threw all the confusion. abc2 news is minutes away.
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