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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 24, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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morning. >> stay with us. good morning maryland. he played with all his heart even though it's hurting, smith has a career game despite a loss. who is considered the best amongst the best, on the small screen, a wrap up of the emmys, all coming up on this monday september 24th. >> look who is back, big, papa, are you getting sleep? >> no. i kept the same schedule. she would feed the baby around 11:30, get me up, get ready to
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go. >> she is beautiful. there is pictures on facebook. you can wish charlie congratulations or give parenting advice. we are happy to have you back. we are pleased she is healthy. >> weather was perfect. keep it going. maybe they can take her out for a stroll in it. >> congratulations. good to have you back. take the baby out for a stroll. bundle her up. temperatures will stay below average. this morning, starting out on a chilly note. 53 now in glen burnie. bel air coming in at 50 degrees, the north westerly flow, we will feel a little bit coolish in to the afternoon. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. it should stay that way in to the afternoon. clouds out there this morning, those will begin to burn off and seeing more sunshine in the forecast. we will wake up to chilly temperatures this morning, by 10:00, temperature coming in
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around 58 degrees, 67 by lunchtime with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. get out and enjoy it. remember to have the jacket on as you head throughout the day or a sweater. >> good morning. welcome back charlie. it's nice to have you with us. olivia is beautiful. 95, no concerns to bwi airport. southbound, dc, or northbound, towards the tunnels, interstate 70, no problems to report from columbia pike, over to 695, as we take a look outside here at the west side of the beltway, liberty, everything moving along, no delays towards 95 or the inner loop through pikesville. here is what the beltway looks like, nothing to get in your way up towards 83. that's a look at your time save traffic. baltimore ravens beat the new england patriots 31-30.
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if you read torey smith's tweets, this was a man who was in a lot of pain. if you saw him on the field you know he is a warrior. the wide receiver played with everything he had, following the death of his younger brother. linda so has more from smith this morning, what he has to say. >> the support he has received from his teammates and fans has meant so much and told people about his brother's death on twitter, that's his account on sunday morning, since then, his account has been flooded with well wishes from fans. he played the game for his brother, 19 year old kevin jones died before midnight when a motorcycle crushed in to a utility pole in virginia. alcohol was not a factor. smith traveled to virginia to be with his family, he got an hour of sleep before the game and made the decision to play when he got to the stadium. he is glad he did. in the second quarter smith
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scored a touchdown and after the game he says it was for his younger brother who looked up to him as mentor. >> i just said a quick prayer. obviously, you play with a hef heart. you want to play for that person. my mom and all my family and everyone was back at the house watching. they didn't know i was going to play until the last minute i texted my mom, i got to the stadium. >> yesterday he posted about his younger brother on his twitter account. here he posted pictures you can see, they had a close relationship again smith saying his younger brother looked up to him as his mentor and will be sorely missed. he is helping him cope with his brother's death and he looks forward to playing the game thursday against the cleveland
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browns. linda so, abc2 news. four percent of people killed on roadways is motorcycle riders. in 2010, motorcycle helmets were required for all riders, before 2010, many states offered exemptions. maryland offers a training class, it is voluntary unless you are under the age of 18 years old. 90% of riders are self taught. chaos, witnesses describe what happened this weekend at the towson circle. we have the video from sunday morning. baltimore county police needed dogs and pepper spray to control 2000 people on york road. six people were arrested. one shot in the hand. this was towson university's homecoming. the police say people from off campus, they caused the chaos and started at the theater? the management at the theater has yet to comment on what
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happened. we are expected to learn the identities of two men killed in a car crash. this happened sunday morning. the driver lost control of his pickup truck when it went off the road. a passenger inside the truck was able to get out, but collapsed near the scene and died. speed may have been a factor in the crash. he survived a shooting at perry hall high school. daniel making strides in his recovery but still needs help. cheryl conner was at a party in his honor over the weekend expe are ports on what the family needs now. >> reporter: on the pier at the eastern yacht club, fitted with a life jacket, off daniel goes with his parents and siblings. this is far from the doctors at shock trauma where he spend two weeks recovering from a gunshot at perry hall high on the first
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day of school. we got to follow his boat on a ride like he has never had before. it takes ten minutes to get to heart miller island where he waves to the boaters who are here for him. >> he was smiling and laughing. >> reporter: the end of the summer party was planned for this day, organizers turned it in to a fundraiser for the 17 year old saying the family shared the hospital bills, could be $100,000 or more. plus there is the in home care and rehabilitation. >> he came home and was like the same boy that left. >> reporter: daniel is anchored down and relaxing on a houseboat as his favorite artist, lady gaga is played. >> when i saw those boats out there, i thought wow, this is what it is about. >> reporter: a big thumbs up
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for how far daniel has come. he is the captain with day one of the school year behind him. >> the support for daniel has been incredible. i could never say the words i need to say to express my thanks for that. >> reporter: on heart miller island, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> there is no firm date on when he will return to school but his mom said soon he will be ready. staffers are keeping a eye on a mother panda after a cub was found dead. zookeepers tried to save the cubby using cpr. there are no signs of wounds or trauma to the animal. the cause of death won't be known for two weeks. the cub was less than a week old. it was considered a long shot, getting pregnant involved artificial insemination. tracking hormone levels and artificial light was used. the exhibit is closed indefinitely.
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a 25-year-old man is in critical condition after he jumped from a mono rail and climbed two fens to get in to a tiger exhibit. why would someone do this? it happened at the bronx zoo. the tiger drug the man to the pen crushing the man's ankle. first responders saved the man s. man is obsessed with siberian tigers. the man is expected to survive. if you are a pareof a teenager, you maybe to blame for their driving habits. 91% of teenagers say their parents talk on cell phones while driving. 94% of teenagers say their parents speed, and 59% say they have seen parents text and drive. experts say that teens mirror their parents behavior. drivers ages 16-19 are four
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times more likely than older drivers to get in to a crash. baltimore shined brightly at the emmies. bowen won for best supporting actress for modern family and it took home best comedy for the third year. julia louise dreyfuss won for her role. dancing with the stars, it stefs off tonight. of the 13 stars, 16 are champs. three of the stars finished third place, two finished in third and on tonight's episode, there are reports that the pairs will dance the fox trot or the cha cha. >> we will check with our expert coming up on that. 330 marylanders hit the open water for a great cause.
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this is the scene off of gibson island. for those who didn't like the open water, another 200 swam laps at meadow brook. they raised moneys for the sydney kimmel comprehensive cancer center at johns hopkins. wyatt everhart was there. he has been doing this for three years. let's get a check of the forecast with lynette. across the nation this morning, it's pretty quiet. as you head off towards the west, around the four corners, a few showers across the area, showers in to the state of new york and pennsylvania this morning. we have high pressure building in across the area for today. we will start off with a few clouds out there, i'm going to call it partly cloudy, we will see plenty of sunshine throughout the day. it's going to be a good one. it's a chilly start to the morning. m'sburg, 46 degrees, baltimore
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56, 53 annapolis. 51 chesapeake beach. over to you meagan and charlie. >> the game had to be stopped because of a streaker. rest assured you have seen this guy before.
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a fire started yesterday afternoon 65 miles east of san diego. one thousand acres burned, four different structures along the u.s. mexico border, they have been destroyed. two helicopters, four air tankers and 15 engines joined the fight in helping the crews get the fire under control. the cause is being investigated. u.s. officials say they have found debris, this is from last year's earthquake and tsunami in japan. it showed up near hawaii. this runaway dock has been spotted off of the coast of maui. one of the four missing docks that broke away is from that. there is now concern that the dock could damage boats if it gets closer and closer to shore. experts predict the debris could reach the pacific coast by tends of the year. the ravens game was delayed because someone ran on to the
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field wearing a cape. >> you can see the man jumping over the fence, near the cheerleaders and running from security guards. if this guy looks familiar, it's because he is. he has done this before, here. the streaker was the same one who evaded camden yards, mark harvey, he alluded security for two minutes. i was at the game. the o's nned harvey for life. they are referring to him as baltimore's batman. >> he had mc hammer moves. >> we have people on staff who like to do that during breaks. his is a little bit better. now a check of the forecast. you had a great weekend out there. >> it wasn't too bad. this morning, we will do it all over again, we will be chilly.
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temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we will r below average. the canadian air pushed through area. temperatures will stay below average. right now, looking at the satellite and radar, we have one lone shower in pennsylvania this morning. a few showers in new york. we are nice and dry as of now. that will be our trend as we go in to the afternoon. dry weather ahead. don't need the umbrella as you head out and about. that's good news. what you do ed, you need the jacket and sweater, temperatures in the 50s. 55 for a low. you can see 50 annapolis. 49 chester town and easton this morning. a chilly start to the day. the reason why is well, we have high pressure that's billeted in, with that high pressure you get clock wise flow. we are pulling in the north westerly flow, we will feel it
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this morning and heading through the remainder of today. this is what we will be working with, a high temperature at 70 degrees, the lows at 55, the high around 75, 74 degrees for this time of the year. the sun-cloud mix. make sure you have a jacket if you have the tendency to get on the cool side. it's going to be cool through tonight. the temperature around 46 degrees. mostly clear skies, tomorrow temperature 74, mostly sunny and nice and seasonable outside. check of the seven-day forecast, looks like this, as we go through time, the o's playing for today and tomorrow and wednesday. ravens playing on thursday, we dry things out but could see showers as we head in to friday, saturday and sunday. this is your seven-day forecast. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, so far so
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good on 95, you did mention it's chilly this morning. i was surprised when i walked out the door. i had to turn the heat on in the car. bring the jacket. if you are traveling on 95, white marsh, a 15 minute ride, from route 43 43, to downtown. everything will remain up to speed. if you are using 83, as we check in and look north of 695, you will notice everything nice and clear, no problems in to the city as you make the drive from the beltway to fayette street. here is what 695 looks like in overly, bel air, nothing to get in your way, inner loop towards 95 ask outer loop, nice and clear up towards 83. that's a look at your abc2 news time saver traffic. five things you need to know as you med head out the door, crews will spray for mosquito tonight. another case of west nile was
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discovered there. this makes 30 cases, three deaths.
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protests in the world taking a toll on american businesses. >> drastic move kfc is making after destruction was seen in one country. how many kids does it take to move a jumbo jet?
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nchts wake of the anti-american protest across the middle east, kfc is shutting down in pakistan. a kfc was attacked in lebanon last week. protesters enraged by a video
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produced attacked u.s. franchises franchises in tripoli. there are 60 in pakistan alone. parents and kids in japan got a chance to show off strength this weekend, 300 children and parents managed to move a boeing 736 at an airport in tokyo and used a series of ropes, tied to the jets airframe at a man versus machine tug awar. it's intended to boost public interest in aviation. >> pretty impressive. time for a check of the forecast. i'm going to tray try to keep it coming, airport 53, the winds are calm. not adding insult to injury and no visibility problems this morning. the dew point still dries the air out there, 47


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