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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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went to talk about. we start off with the biggest o's fan here following the universe. jail mirk you've been waiting for this forever. i've been waiting for a long, long time. first time in 15 years, three hours and 37 minutes. orioles fans have waited for this for all of our lives. for those who just jumped on the bandwagon, a beautiful night. we're all out, trying to find a tv to watch it on, and for the first time since 1975 we got the baltimore coats. they were winning. now the ravens and the orioles are winning at the same time. i want to bring in brian kuebler. we're walking around like zombies.
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we can't wait for 8:37. >> there's a weird image. no one would look you in the eye, a very nervous anxiousness. let's show you what we found. >> utah street is lined with egg shells. >> no one wants to talk about it. >> reporter: there's a quite anxiety at the yard today, almost eerie, really. it's been 15 years and this franchise finds itself one game away. regardless of this team's record, a playoff game would pung wait this remarkable season. >> you don't want to spoil it.
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>> reporter: which is why there is not much baseball talk. this hat is about all he wants to show. he, like everyone else is tiptoeing so as not to disturb the baseball reality and fantasy, letting all passers by know this could get real. >> jinxing if i put it on tv. >> i think you can put it on. i like his attitude. we're hopeful. >> so i can show it on tv. >> yes. >> baltimore will not get mad at me. >> no. blame it on those young men putting that sign up there oar
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loor let's hope there's no blame to go around. >> receipt you are. to play the yankees, this town won't be able to keep their lid on. they say he's got a lot of playoff experience -- from japan. we're throwing our guy, joe saunders. >> hey, buck says it's going to work. >> we're cont streets of federal hill. we'll be here until 7:00 tonight. did o''. everywhere we go if baltimore we see orange. we're also seeing orange in texas, too. christian schaffer is at the
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ballpark. how are the texans feeling? are they feeling the pressure? >> reporter: remember, after that first one tampa had nothing to play for. there were not big crowds. it will be much, much different. we're expecting a big crowd. either wen or go home but we are expecting some orioles fans to make. it. i'm standing in front of the orioles dugout. robert has come out to get some quiet time before the game starts. now a lot of talk has been about the pitching lineup, dar vis, saunders. he says he's ready to g his game plan is to win the game and get
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the orioles playing another playoff game back in baltimore. it would be nice to get win for the club. that's what this organization is asking mow to do. that's what the fans want mow to do-- me to do. if we can do that, orioles nation would be happy. >> reporter: batting practice in about an hour with texas and then the orioles. there we dprks the first playoff game in 15 years. if they can win it, they'll play against the yankees. live in arlington, texas, christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> on this purple friday orange
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is the main color we're seeing. cheryl conner has more. i see orange down there. i'm sure there's purple. >> reporter: there's a lot of orange and black going on this friday. three and a half hours before the first pitch but the pregame party has started at glory days. jesse from corker middle school and all of his teachers are with him. we have the wait staff dressed in o's gear and a lot of balloons decorating the place. lots of good fun happening on this friday night. you've been here for how long, now? >> about three hours. >> three hours. are you staying for the game? >> yes, i am. >> will you be away for the game? >> yes. >> reporter: have you always been an orioles fan or just
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jumping on the bandwagon. >> always been an orioles fan. >> reporter: you've wait lad long time for this. ever remember them going to the playoffs? >> i remember cal ripken. 15 years ago, a long time. >> reporter: they're behind you talking about bring the pie. come on over here. do you have the pie? >> he will say how much he loves lemon mer rain pie. we're not going to do that. we're all teachers and way too sophisticated. >> reporter: jill is one of the bartenders. what is business like? >> we're expecting a huge crowd for the game. this is the first time in long time people have been excited about the orioles than the ravens in october. >> reporter: what has billsness been like? >> for every single game, we're
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expecting a huge crowd. >> reporter: we will be talking to people as they turn out here at glory days in remembering -- glen burnie, back to you. >> we'll have a half hour extended coverage with scott garceau. keep watching for the latest o's news and more for you. >> even though the game isn't being played here, we want to know what to expect at the viewing parties. >> let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart with a look at your first forecast. everybody headed to their favorite orioles destination. watching on the big screen. the rest of the night gorgeous. 70 degrees, very, very nice,
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clerp and warm, gore shops around maryland, only if the game was here. first thing's first. our weekend will be changing. it will drop temperatures and bring the run sunday as the orioles come home. check this out, texas weather tonight, a little bit unsettled. mostly cloudy. this is your texas forecast for that first pitch, 72. temperatures falling into the 60s. overall, i don't think weather will be a big issue but it will be interesting to watch. switching gears, a deadly outbreak of meningitis. >> and social media is great for keeping in contact with friends, but how much contact is too much. a blog under fire for oversharing parents.
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there has been a meningitis outbreak in several states. the number of victims could still grow. >> reporter: she said her first steroid injection in late august seemed like a god send for her chronic paint more than a month later, she was notified by the hospital that the shot may contain a rare form of fungal meningitis. that's because it was sent to 23 states. as many as 1,000 may be affected. >> it usually causes problems in people with immune problems. here it was injected directly
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into the spine and causes inflammation. >> reporter: early symptom cobs headache, fever, a stiff neck and can take anywhere from a week to a month to develop, so health officials are on high alert. anyone who receives an injection should check with the doctor to see if it's from that tainted source. >> it can improve the outcomes. >> reporter: for now she's just trying to stay positive. >> prayer, and that's what we'll do is pray, not just for me but for many others that have will the injections. >> reporter: that specialty pharmacy has recalled three lots of the drug and voluntarily shut down operations. a new study may be a wakeup call for companies with drowsy workers. turns out the cost have you insomnia is more than a good
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night's sleep. it shows sleepy workers dealing with that problem cause about 7% of all work place accidents that result in money loss. that's or than any other chronic condition. >> continuing coverage tonight on the mess american airlines has found itself in these days. the company has canceled dozens of flights that came loose. american says the floor mounting tracks became warm and were coked up with drinks and soda. basically things have spilled and caused them to become dislodged over time. the company says it plans to have all planes grounded. baltimore county's arson schedule said the arson fire earlier this week was set intentionally and part of a burglary. someone set it in two different parts of the house and took off
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with the porsche cayenne. police arrest two people for a string of daytime burglaries. joseph leo baumgarten and dianna marketti broke in stealing dunns and -- guns and other items, even raven tickets. >> all right. let's start off with a check of maryland's most powerful radar, all sweeps clear. sunshine wherever your travel takes you, your favorite orioles venue. the night will be picture rest being. if you can find a place outdoors, 80 degrees.
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winds will turn westerly. the sun sets at 6:42. take a look at some of the weather. you can see in baltimore all across the area looking for orioles to fly by the camera here and finding a lot of sunshine, really gorgeous, ger -- gorgeous day. same deal on the east side, a few clouds late in the day and in the state capital where orioles fever is running high. let's take you down to enemy country here in dallas. it was a mix of sun and clouds. our weather system north of dallas-fort worth potentially bringing the threat for a shower. so not out of the question we could see a shower at some point. it does not look like a rainout. low 70s. cool air is marching toward maryland but into texas. temperatures will be falling through the 60s. tomorrow in dallas they probably won't get out of the 50s.
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we're basking in the warmth. man, what incredible weather this would be. wind speed out of the west eventually turning northwest. frontal system on the march. right now we're crystal career for the -- clear for the moment. i want no give you the view. here's the approaching frontal system, maybe a few sparks toward late day saturday and sunday we'll look for hit and miss rain. you see that system there, showers to the north and west. the whole ball of wax ledded toward us, likely to bring not just some rain on and off through the day on sunday but also a major cold shot of air. you'll feel that difference as you work into the day struggling to get out of the 40s for much of the morning hours, maybe low to mid-50s. tonight we'll fall into the 50s. mostly clear, cooler conditions.
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75, sunny, breezy. our high temperature will happen around noon tomorrow. as we work into tomorrow night 48. that will feel cooler. breezy and the more significant rains could come with that coastal low on sunday. you see the changes, 75, 80 today. 60 on monday. we will recover some for columbus day. overall, the outlook is one of change has we go into the day on sunday. so, again, just looking at all the scenarios. i think in texas maybe a hit or miss shower but most of the game should be dry as we come back to baltimore to play what we know will be the start of the series. looks like the rain will be gone by sunday evening. >> we can't store that until later? >> can you imagine tonight? >> beautiful night.
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the town would be crazy. >> >> we all see them, people who overshare. they put pictures of things you don't want to see. it's posted by well meaning parents. one lady had enough. she started a post and blog for oversharing presents. -- parents. it is new if you and stands for shut the freak up. it was started by blair koenig. koenig sales when -- says we start drifting from sharing into oversharing. we want to know what you think. just go to and sound off. do you agree that parents overshare or do you believe this
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blog goes too far. he was caught on tape punching a woman at a community festival. >> and what's being made in a factory down the street from this factory that turned his honey of rainbow wrong colors.
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a philly cop was caught punching a woman in the faissments the mayor is is apologizing and the police commissioner is condemning the actions of the officer.
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the officer was fired even before an investigation. it shows him punching a 35-year-old woman during a community festival. the police union said they will fight the firing. a dramatic scene in texas as a school bus plunges off the side of the highway and crashes just steps from a hotel. it happened near san antonio. the bus was carrying two adults and one student and crashed through the ram and landed on its side. all of them were shaken up but they survived the crash. ironically, the hotel was hosting a bus training meeting. an m&m plant said the residue is what's turning it the unnatural shade. the supply is already down because of a harsh winter.
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a georgia woman dealing with cancer puts her treatment on hold for baseball. laura stallings has stage four cancer but is putting her treatment on hold to see chipper jones one last time. they face off against the st. louis cardinals. they heard about her and gave her free tickets to the game. >> people are nervous and excited about our orioles. let's take a look. we'll continue our live team coverage has baltimore fans gather to clear on the o's. >> and higher, higher and higher. that's what we're seeing with prices at the pumps. wait until you see what some people are paying. >> fans of the pumpkin latte are steaming that they have been running out. the company says there's no crisis here. >> a gorgeous night on this
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friday but big changes throughout. we've got those details and maryland's most accurate forecast straight ahead.
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a fungal meningitis leaves five dead, including one marylander, but the count could grow higher. a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts supplied steroid shots to 75 clinics in more than 20 states. as many as 1,000 people have been affected. in addition to the five deaths, 30 people have become sick. anyone who got a steroid shot since july should check with their doctor. two people are in police custody for a series of burglaries we first told you about last week. joseph baumgarten and dianna marketti are charged. police say


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