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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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an arson. >> it's omazing time as the orioles get set to take on the texas rangers in that one do or die playoff game. >> make it or break it. we want to send it out to jeff hager who is at buffalo wild wings getting a feeling of the crowd. >> reporter: right now it's the mumbling. there's a buzz in the air and it's growing louder and louder. the o's fans have been on the same roller coaster ride. they were looking at about a 12-hour day, counting down until that game that all eyes will be on tonight. it may sound like any other day here at vehicle service plus in bel air but a glance at this sign tells us all thoughts are on the orioles beating the
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rangers. >> it's going to be a tough game but i think we'll do well. even though we're in texas, we'll do well. the bull pen is hanging in there. >> reporter: the plaque and orange is evident -- black and orange is evident on main street. >> it's been so exciting. they're a young team. it's great to see them playing so hard. it really gets you excited for the orioles. >> reporter: city leaders are also feeling the o's magic. >> we're excited. we're calling it purple and orange fridays. we're doing hour monthly block parties. we'll have a little mini rally and give away prizes, go out and watch the game on tv. we're excited. >> reporter: he is hoping for
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more high want to see it between the nationals and the o's. people will be happy and spending money. >> the first wild card game in the american league we've seen all battling in a winner take all. the mini rally goes on until 8:00 tonight. also, her at buffalo wild wings, still a few seats available. they will be filling up, all leading to the anticipation, jeff hague are, now back to -- hager, now back to you. heave -- hey, 70s the rest of the night. across the central part of the state it's all clear.
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boy, what changes await us. the frontal boundary pushing in. we've got snow in northern minnesota. it gives you an idea of the type of air mass as we head into the day. it will be a game changer. how about texas weather. we got some clouds rolling into the dallas fort worth area for the big game, expecting 72 or so for the first pitch. temperatures falling into the 60s through the game. winds will shift to the northwest. it will be breeze zip and the chance for a -- breezy and the chance for a passing shower. >> an update on some breaking news we first brought to you earlier this week. they're calling a house fire an bologna avenue, a case of arson. a porsche cayenne is missing including a tv and dvd player. an accelerant was used to start the fire and set in two
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different locations. anyone with information should call the arson squad. >> the message delivered today is clear, no more bullying. educators met to discuss the latest research and strategies. numbers show the physical incidents are decreasing but cyber bullying is on the rise. >> with the smartphones that are out and kids who are tech savvy, it seems to be the method of bullying now, facebook, things of that nature. >> the conference was tied into many cyber concerns, including safety and security. the conference coincides with national bullying prevention month. >> howard county community college students made a big discovery. while excavating, they found a union button from a civil war
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uniform. the dig is only part of the work. >> they will also be working to preserve the artifacts. they will actually be putting them together, compiling a report submitted to the state archaeologist. it will go in as part of howard county. >> the dig was part of a service learning class at howard. the students have unearthed an authentic glass jar. >> i know we've got tons of animal lovers. if are a looking for something to do, head out to dog fest. it raises money for the baltimore humane society. it opens at 10, rain or shine. there will be tons of dog friendly activity. >> everything you can imagine under the son. we've got games like bowling and
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musical sit and stay, dogs who want to be rembrandts who can make their paw painting. we've got swimming, contests. >> among them a doggy costume, best trick and best tail wagger. if you don't already have a dog there are plenty of ups for rescue waiting to be adopted. >> health officials said the numbers are growing. >> coming up at 6:00, that meningitis outbreak that could impact dozens have you people if our area. first, the playoff push continues. >> glory days in glen burnie are filling up. we have it for you. >> it is exciting. it was exciting to see today's weather. 81 degrees. 82 is your two-degree guarantee.
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john from catonsville, congrats. you are our abc2 weather winner. just click the two-degree entry tab. the weekend forecast.
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the big story tonight, the o's make it or break it. >> in fewer than three hours, the o's will take on the rangers. do or die. brian kuebler, if you listen to our news room, you know why. everybody seems highed up. i can see bryan's face.
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everybody is wound up for this thing. >> who wouldn't be smiling. it's going to be a huge game, an awesome game. we're here on federal hill. >> one, two, three. >> how you doing, cal. where will you be watching the game? >> either here or across the street at mother's. what do you think? is this your first time going through something like this for playoffs? >> it is. nothing i can say. >> really confident we're doing to pull it out. come here. she's the manager of the bar. you started when the orioles started winning in july.
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this is the first. look at the crowd. >> we're doing well. >> all right. can you feel it? it's a good time to be in business. >> yes. >> reporter: where's that yankees fan. we'll see you here sunday night. how's everybody? >> o''s win. >> reporter: how old are you? you don't even know. thanks a lot. on a count of three -- one, to, three. >> o's! >> reporter: live tonight. back to you. >> that's a good thing. get that yankees guy. put him all the way in the back. jamie will take care of that. thanks, guys. with everybody back in baltimore cheering on the team, the o's are getting ready for the first pitch. >> we're a little more than two hours away from the wild card
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matchup. christian, what's it like right now? >> the texas rangers have taken the fold to beginner that batting practice. rangers are smacking the ball around. earlier in the season they smacked around the orioles. that's the key phrase, earlier this year. look beyond that, you see gaggle of press. they're talking to the general manager of the texas rangers, john daniels. he will be getting questions. chief among them why are we here. we led in the western division all season long until the very last day we they got overtaken by the oakland a's.
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there will be orioles fans. some have started to arrive. talked to a father and son from texarkana, texas who drove three hours to get here. >> i got a bunch of friends, yankees fans. timely, get back to post season. >> o's going to win. >> the crowd has started to show up. more coming. we talked about it earlier. i don't know if it's doing to be enough to hear but i think it might be. there's muff of them here. i know they will be choring on the orioles first victory in 15 years. live in arlington, texas, christian schaffer. abc2 news.
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>> let's start off with check of weather behind enemy days. thr help going to get the cold air -- they're going to get the cold air. sunshine on the horizon. not so bad weather wise. let's take a look at that first pitch. 78 degrees rote now current -- right now at bwi. it's gorgeous around here. for some reason our computer did skip the all important first pitch forecast. it's 72 degrees for that first pitch, the chance for hit or mess showers, a mostly cloudy scenario. winds will be breezy. a passing shower in the course of the game. it's possible. 78 in baltimore. 72 in ocean city. the mountains are cooler. cool air will be the story for much of the weekend. it will be nice and warm.
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winds have not shifted. the frontal boundary have not arrived. we're still clear the entire state. clouds will move in to west virginia. they will peck up rain -- pick up rain. a close look reveal last line of showers tomorrow afternoon. however, the big change will happen as we get into sunday. sunday the cool air will come into the state and a developing coastal low could spean off a -- spin off a few showers. so it could be a raw, rainy day. it looks gray and much cooler as we work into the day on sunday. there's that cool hair in chicago, des moines. st. louis 46. so that is the air headed for us on sunday. right now nothing more than a few clouds in the lone star state. most of the rain is from missouri north and up through the region. as we take a look at the east
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coast we see that line of showers pushing in. behind that boundary, a significant shot of cooler air arriving. saturday night you'll begin to feel the change but much cooler for about a day and a half. sunday night we could float with the 30s. we may get to 60 on columbus day. 57, mostly clear and cooler. looking good to see the big game. tomorrow 75, sunny, breezy, temperatures begin to fall. this is our midday high temperatures. tomorrow down to 4. breezy, cool. columbus day we warm back up to 60 or so. the outlook into the end of next week, temperatures bouncing back. so that is not here to say, at least not yet.
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back to you. you know it already. it's omazing. people have been walking around the office all jittery and twitchy. a couple more hours before the first pitch. >> the game is in steasm -- texas. people have been really, really excited. abc2 news cheryl conner is live if glen burnie with her orange skirt. everybody's having fun. >> reporter: that's right. i bought this orange skirt probably six, months -- eight months ago. the one gairnlings wild card playoff -- game, wild card playoff. >> this is the first time in 15
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years we've been in the playoffs. we never had a draw for the orioles. wednesday night when they played, we were packed wall to wall. >> such a good point. you rely on the ravens to do well, to bring people into the bar. different scene this week. >> the ravens have been a staple for us. hopefully we can have the orioles and sandra buck -- buck showalter at the helm. >> reporter: we met the lefthand handed pitcher from the farm team for the orioles. you must be excited. >> definitely exciting to see how far the o's came and to make a run at it. >> reporter: if they do well -- they've already done amazingly well historically. what will it do for your career?
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>> just to be motivated to be on a good team like that and be with that team, definitely exciting. >> reporter: you have the number one woman by your side. patricia is josh's mom. what are you feeling? excitement but nervous? >> he has done an amazing job and i just love him. i'm looking for more from him. >> reporter: lefthanded pitcher. we'll be seeing a lot. i got to give a shameless plug. we're right next to my family of glory days here in glen burnie. do you all recognize her? come on. you guys know these people. my niece savannah. my never view -- nephew. what do you have to say?
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>> go orioles. >> yeah. we're going to be hearing a lot of that tonight. in about two hours is the first pitch. we'll be hanging out here at glory days in glen burnie. certainly a lot of people and lot of excitement. >> most adorable orioles fans ever, love it. all right. thank you. as we follow the o's, we know they will win. go to you'll find the latest and you can share your fan photos. >> shifting gears, health officials are worried about the spread of meningitis with cases popping up across the country, including two in maryland and has made 25 people sick across the country. everybody affected received steroid injections for back paint as many as 1,000 americans may be affected by the outbreak and it could spread.
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early symptoms are headache, fever and stiff neck. in other health news, if you're trying to get into shape, there are some fall fitness apps that could help. it can help you track your pace and distance. if indoor workouts are more your thing, one guys you through different poses. you can keep track with the instant heart rate monitor which tracks the vitals. you may want to stick around after the o's progame special -- pregame special to catch "the list." >> the o's are in the playoffs and how courtney mays can help
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you. here's what's coming up tonight on abc2. you.
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a quick check of the texas forecast. 72 degrees. mostly cloudy. it will be breezy for the game by think we'll get it in, no
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problem. >> don't forget we have a special am about three minutes ago. we have more o's stuff coming your way.
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