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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 15, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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harbaugh said that's ray's call. there's two types of tears. >> if he's torn a piece of the bone or torn the tendon away from the bone, that will have to be typically repaired which could take you up to six months. if it's a muscle tear, than that will usually be a nonoperative treatment. if you think of trying to sew two pieces of stake together -- steak together it will not work. so anti-inflammatories, rest, ice. >> he suffered a toe injury last year and a shoulder injury. we'll hear more from coach harbaugh at 6:00. all right. weather wise, the rain on and off, definitely couple of showers remaining. we see some showers just west of
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the baltimore beltway moving through howard county into the columbia area beginning to pick up additional rainfall and more toward the north side of the d.c. area. temperatures mild, low 60s, 62 baltimore. 56 bel air. most of us picking up around a 10th to a quarter of an inch of rain so far today. there is drier weather off to the west. we'll talk about when that arrives and the rest of the week coming up. >> peanut butter, roasted peanuts. >> now lots of other foods you may have in your pantry. we have the latest on a growing salmonella outbreak that's really sickened dozens of people. >> reporter: the nationwide salmonella recall is expanding. >> i had eaten peanut butter three days in a row and i got so sick, barbara claims to be one of dozens sickened in 19 states.
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it's now 10 pages longhand contains more than 400 peanut products including moon pies, ice cream and peanut butter and raw and roasted peanuts. it has been tracked to this company, sunland sunland, inc. the fda warns consumers not to eat any products connected with sunland. barbara purchased hers before it was pulled from store shelves. it's certain peanut butter got her sick. >> i've been feeding this peanut butter to my dogs. seriously, this is a big deal.
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my friend has six grandkids. she didn't know anything about it. you can find out more by going to the fda's website. meanwhile, sunland has shut down its facilities during the investigation. >> for more on the outbreak, including a full list of the products, just head to and you'll find it on the home major . 15 sickened and one dead in our state alone. health officials are expecting move about the meningitis outbreak is finished. they believe they made contact with 90% of those affected but the cdc is working around the clock tracking the infections with their meningitis war room. >> well, i don't think we can say for sure exactly when we'll be out of the woods. the longer we get away from the outbreak and the less cases we see, that will be a positive sign for us. but, again, this is a new
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phenomenon. we encourage patients to be vigilant for some months following exposure to one of these medications. >> nearly 200 people across the land have contracted the strand. if you need more information, including a list of the symptoms to watch out for and we'll have a map of the locations, just head to and head to the featured story on the home page. a south baltimore man is dead after a police car struck him early sunday. initial reports suggest the car had on its emergency lights and siren. one witness suggests otherwise. jeff hager joins us with more. >> reporter: a shooting during a home ininvestigation robbery sent a wave of police cars to brooklyn in the wee hours of the morning. efforts to save one man's life may have caused the life of another. various spray panted circles on
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patapsco avenue represent the last puts of this man -- minutes of this man's life. >> you have a police officer who was responding in an emergency fashion to the report of a shoot being. during that response the officer collided with a pedestrian who made his way into the roadway and collided with the police car. >> reporter: according to the police account perez responded with his lights glaring and sirens blaring. >> we were able to to vr fie that the lights were activated. we'll wait for more information. there will be a formal report given to the state's attorney's office for prosecutional review. >> reporter: there's a different account of what happened in the 900 block of patapsco avenue. >> they cut the sirens on a street. they didn't want the sirens
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going all the way up on jack street to let them know they were coming. >> reporter: was is traveling the speed limit? >> no. they were doing about 90. i'm sittingen my front porch watching. >> reporter: the witness asked to us conceal his identity autism of -- out of fear of retaliation. the officer involved in the crash has not been identified. jeff hager, abc2 news. violent weekend in baltimore culminated with a double shooting in front of a popular downtown nightclub. a man apparently opened fire striking two victims outside of the mirage night club around 2 a.m. one man is in serious condition at the hospital. another man suffered injuries to his lower extreme mitt did
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extremities. businesses that experience at least three incidents of violence within a year are due to closure. can you make out who these two people are in this surveillance video? they're right there on the bottom right hand side of the screen. they may be the key to solving the murder of 51-year-old peter marvit. he was killed on september 17th around 11:00 at night in the 2800 block of chesterfield avenue. we continue to mourn the five lives lost in the fire last week. abc2's cheryl conner has more. >> reporter: the really cool part of this story is the fire victims had no connection to the towing industry. the two local companies hard the
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story and decided they wanted to do something. they are both located in ball. both gathered here tonight in the rain about an hour ahead of the care pra van a will go from holly -- caravan that will go from holly high school. early in the morning nancy and her four young grandchildren died. the family didn't have insurance to pay for the funeral. if you don't mind, tell us what tonight is all about. >> we're going to caravan to the family's house. this event was put together by fathers, by men prove they were impacted and want to make a statement that they are doing
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something to help. >> reporter: i think it's cool. you're going to be lifting up spirits. >> yes. these tow truck drivers are vested in their community and they want to do something to support. >> reporter: you're going to tough it out in the rain. thank you so much for joining us. throughout the next our tow trucks will be arriving at paulie high school and then heading to the home in east baltimore. we'll be there with them and join you again around 6:00. i'm sure this lotting will full, has donald said, about 70 trucks are expected here. back to you. >> lifting cars to lifting spirits. donald wright doing it write. the trial of two police officers accused of assaulting a student finally got underway today. brian kuebler has the case more than two years in the making. >> reporter: it would have been a case of e said she said if not
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for the infamous video. in the video, which was already shown to jurors several times in court today john mckenna can be seen skipping down the sidewalk. prosecutors argue mckenna was hit by two officers who abused their power. defense attorneys for officers reginald bake are and gamed harrison said the two hit mckenna because he disobeyed orders and charged at them. it took more than a year for the police officers to be indicted. experts say they do expect a verdict this week. mckenna is expected to take the stand during the trial to talk about what happened to him that night. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> all right. the controversial hpv vaccine may have gotten less controversial. >> what may have parents sending
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it is such a devastating illness. as a care give are, you have -- giver, you have to stay
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positive. it was invaluable to my recovery. he, from the very beginning from the initial diagnosis went to all my doctor's appointments, which is important. when you hear this devastating news, you need support to get through it. as a care giver, you might feel alone. when you go to the race and see a million people there, you realize you're not alone. you have others going through the exact same thing you are. that's a help right there. >> survival stories like susan's, that's why we're here. that's why we're supporting komen maryland. just pick up the phone and give us a call at 410-481-2222 and make a doe -- donation.
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tell us how komen maryland helps movable feast. >> komen maryland provides us with fubbing -- funding. they feed people across the maryland living with hiv, breast cancer and other forms of breast cancer. we also feed their entire families. so if you have service with us as a breast cancer client we'll feed your kids and anyone in your household as well. >> when you think about breast cancer, you think about the screenings or the treatment or the medications or the therapies. you don't think when you have chemotherapy that you're tired. >> after they spend a day in radiation or chemotherapy, they're exhausted when they get home. they don't have the energy to prepare meals or shop for meals.
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we deliver meals to their homes that are nutritious, that are free. another nice thing, our meals are all -- they're freshly prepared in our kitchen but frozen before they're sent out. it's as easy as popping them in the microwave and heating them up. >> how long have you been around? >> komen has partnered with movable feast for the past 10 years. we're feeding about 85 people a year living with breast cancer. >> thank you for sharing your story with us. we have the big race for the cure sunday in hunt valley, sunday october 21st. you can go to the website. it's not too late to get involved. also head to our website pink.
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you can also find the link there. the vein still coming down in areas today. you see a line coming into the west side. this will make for tricky travels from greenspring to catonsville. so we're dealing with this this afternoon, probably an ugly commute. no question about that. a little more rain to the south and west. the main rain has pushed to the east. the heavier rain is on the lower eastern shore. as we take a look at the baltimore hear today, gray and rainy. 66, though not a particularly cold rain by october standards. sun sets at 6:27. weather in motion through the day, show you some of the hd weather bug cameras. baltimore, the rain on and off. you see those passing showers, times of sun tries to fight
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through. on the whole this is a warm rain system. the showers on an on and off system. right now a little break in the action. temperatures across the state mid-60s now except for the far west. garrett county in the mid-40s. coldest spot in maryland. right now temperatures -- winds are light and variable. across the region here's the deal. rain will occur on an on and off scattered basis. a couple of scattered showers west of baltimore and few more showers in west virginia. most of the rain will clear. we'll be left high and dry. good looking weather scenario. as we go into tomorrow later in the day and into the day on tuesday -- on wednesday conditions will be improving right through the middle part of the week. here's your temperatures coming in out of the north and west. you see the winds here gusting out of the north and west in the low 50s.
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0 in chicago. 60 in cincinnati. clearing weather has been the story with a couple of showers across the mid-atlantic states. how about the tropics. man, check this out, good looking storm at least in terms of development, if you want to see that. that's what we're seeing with tropical storm rafael well north of puerto rico and the greater antilles, 900 miles from miami. we expect within the next 24 hours this will become a hurricane already on the threshold of a category one. the track on rafael keeping it safely out to sea. so that is good news. tonight showers but late clearing as we go breezy and cooler. then tomorrow 65 degrees. a cooler day and check out the outlook into tomorrow night. you see the temperatures in the lower 40s, clear, chilly scenario and staying dry.
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so we will clear out tomorrow night. we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. i did want to verbally tell you now. we do look for drier, sunnier weather. >> 70. much better than 42. >> yes. tomorrow night will be chilly. >> we got a little more health news. listen, if you think the hpv vaccine causes increased sexual activity among preteen girls, you're wrong. researchers looked at the number of pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and more than 13% of the girls -- the hpv vaccine is the subject of our hot topic tonight. parents, we want to know if this changes your mooned on whether to give your daughter the vaccine. log on to and tell us what you think. not the way to open a shop on a monday morning. >> one customer made a rather
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loud riewpped entrance and what the business owner had to say about it. >> plus, more people are downloading books. a refund could be headed your way. >> $100, the average cost of a mammogram. you can help by getting 410-482222 and donating to komen maryland.
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bright lights and a bang early in orlando. police said a woman was hurt when she crashed her car into a scrap metal shop. a few years ago a car slammed into this place after a brief police chase. police haven't said if the
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driver will face any charges. what does this look like? if it looks like that dragon, then they've accomplished the feat. 900 tents extending into the shape of a dragon in china. this is over 3,000 square miles. it's been a tent festival that's been going on sense july -- since july. coming up at 5:30, a new tool to keep your kids safe. >> how anne arundel county police are using a smart phone to keep the lines of communication over. plus, could another abduction in colorado have ties to jessica ridgeway. >> we're taking your calls to 410-481-2222 to help komen maryland. >> we still have showers moving across the three states.
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so when do we dry out completely? we have the details coming up at 5. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter.
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for more of the inside story, visit a nationwide salmonella recall. the list is 10 pages long. it includes moon pies and roasted peanuts. it's traced to a factory in new mexico. a speeding police car struck and killed a man early this morning. the police car was on its way to a reported shooting. the vehicle had its emergency lights on but at least one witness said that's not true. >> is the career of hall of famer ray lewis owner. the team announced this afternoon that the 37-year-old ray lewis


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