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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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they finance, sell insurance to people who can't get shorn's somewhere else. his commercials are outrageous. but he may be notorious. >> hi. i'm hal katz. >> reporter: the long time pitch man who made his living selling insurance to thousands of high rise being drivers is at rest being himself. his business at the center of a maryland investigation. his license to sell insurance was revoked after the agency discovered he was letting unlicensed agencies sell policies. but that's just the beginning. we have questions for katz based on court documents. he was supposed to be moving
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money from one business to another but hundreds of thowtzs of dollars are missing. he not only owned the company but interstate, a supplier. $800,000 in payment for coverages that should have gone to interstate didn't leaving the company in quote hazardous conditions with only $70,000 to its name. but another katz company has soured in this raising and this one for millions of dollars. records show that katz had plans and he owed money to creditors. they filed suit saying that he took their cash. records show katz insurance agency is not allowed to conduct
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business but interstate has been handled over to a third party so some offices are open legitimately. hal katz wouldn't talk to us. his representative said quote, we want our polyholders to know this has never affected our policy holders in any way. we're going to continue following the story and have more at 6. thousands of you may have coverage connected to katz agency, so what you should do now. let's run a less of the phone numbers f it's through maryland auto fund call 1-800-445-1117. if interstate has your coverage and questions 410-358-1905.
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questions in gem at 1-800-492-6116. you can go to our website and go right to the investigator seas session. a 17-year-old student brought a beebee gun to owings mills high school. others noticed it. they alerted adults. >> what happened after that is what we hope what would happen. students did exactly what we wanted them to do, which is they reported this promptly to the school administrators. >> school officials locked down the school and called police. they were able to identify the students and find the gun. the 17-year-old will be charged as a juvenile. >> more weapons at school, this
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time on sullivans island road. there's a report of a student carrying a weapon showing it off in the cafeteria. police found a 17-year-old with a knife and a co2 powered pellet gun. the student has been arrested and charged as a juvenile. a harford county woman is already serving time for a crash on route 543 in belcamp last year. >> a multimillion dollar lawsuit claim as methadone clinic should share part of the blame. >> reporter: one woman had just gone to breakfast with her husband. the other had just received a dose of methadone. the cars met with deadly consequences. at the time of the crash police learned one car had been traveling at a high rate of speed and crossed over a double yellow line. 28-year-old nicole ashleyal bers turned up with methadone along
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with methamphetamine. they failed to testal bers for other substances before dosing her with the heroin addiction drug. >> what that combination does is it causes a boosting effect so the person becomes very high. after that occurs and some time passes, their low becomes more low. what occurred in this instance was while she was driving, she basically passed out. >> the family of the victim, 64-year-old carolyn decocoa is seeking $20 million in damages. they plan to lobby lawmakers to provide transportation to and from their facilities as a matter of safety which has been done in some other states.
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jeff hager, abc2 news. temperatures now hovering around 60 degrees in spots. 61 in glen burnie. reisterstown at 60 degrees. temperatures will be falling from the 60s in the 50s. you seat wind gusts. peak wind gusts at 24. 27 baltimore. 33 the top wind gusts in gaithersburg. it's been a clear sky today there. is not much to the west. more clear weather due in over the next several days. just another hour or two in the 60s and then in the 50s on a light northwesterly breeze. much more on how things shape up is coming up in minutes. we have breaking news. 13 people are hurt after a school bus collides with a mini van. abc2's cheryl conner has more.
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>> reporter: the van that was involved in the crash, we're at madison and enzoe. a school bus and a mini van collided. it was really close to la trobe homes. it happened around 3 this afternoon. a spokesman for the baltimore city fire department said 11 students suffered non-life-threatening injuries. all 13 patients were transported to area hospitals but are expect to survive. now how the accident happened, baltimore city police say they're still investigating that, but what we know is the city school bus and a mini van collided. a pedestrian in the area was also hit. 13 people all sent to the hospital, two adults. the pedestrian and the driver of the mini van and 11 children,
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all of them non-life-threatening injuries. we'll be keeping our eyes on this throughout the night. cheryl con next website -- conner, abc2 news. looks like the meningitis outbreak is getting worse. federal officials are now tying meningitis to many groups of people. >> reporter: federal health officials are sounding the alarm on fungal meningitis. it was made by new england compounding center that distributed steroids, now suspected of sickening 233 people. 15 people have died in 15 states according to the cdc, including marcia martin's mother. >> she was probably infected with the first injection and from that day the course had been set. >> reporter: now the fda is
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investigating at least two new infections, one from a heart transplant patient who was given a different product made by necc. the fda is rec meanting that -- recommending that doctors stop using all products made by necc. >> any drug ingested, doctors should follow up. >> reporter: the doctor said the primary concern is still the injectable steroid. this alert was put out in alabama. >> the period from exposure to disease can be up to three months. >> reporter: some patients received it weeks ago but dr. besser said patients who received spinal steroids should watch for early symptoms of fungal meningitis. >> headache, difficulty with balance. any of those signs you should
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see your doctor right away. >> reporter: dr. besser believes most patients should be in the clear in about two weeks, a full four weeks before the drug maker shut down their operations. >> animal lovers listen up. nature's recipe is recalling dog food for possible salmonella it. recalls the oven baked biscuits with real chicken. it was made at del monte pet product foods. it was found in resealable pouches. the food has a best if used by date of 10/11/13. secretary of state hillary clinton is taking responsibility for the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. on september 11th ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed. in an interview with abc news,
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secretary clinton promised to hunt down the attackers. >> whatever evidence can be gleaned and we will track down whoever did this and hold them accountable. >> republicans have used the incident to attack the ocean for changing story -- obama administration for changing stories about what happened. >> they wanted to live in a safe block and it ended up costing them their lives. >> we'll look back at the family that died in a fire. >> it's the biggest myth going today. you will not get a flu shot because you think it will give you the flu. tonight we'll examine that myth. >> and hot cheetos, right after
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i did not have insurance prior to. it was a relief. it allowed me to worry about getting well instead of having to wore re about paying for it.
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people who don't have health insurance and they think there's something wrong, they need to know that there's someone they can call, and you get a breathing space to get back to being you. and it feels pretty good. >> that story and countless others are the reason why we run for the cure. you can register online and actually show up and register on race day on sunday october 21st. make sure you stop by and see us on race day. >> abc2 will be there.
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the water stop is the place to hang out. we will bring it live, online and on your mobile device. on mobile. you can actually run and walk with your phone. >> if you're that coordinated. >> listen, if you mess the show because you're watching, it will reair on our digital channel, the leal well from 4 until 7 at night. crisp cool, but sunny. more like tomorrow early in the morning. we'll see chilly temps. i want to show you a look at the current temperatures at bwi a clear sky over baltimore. 63. dew point up 40. dry air. winds from the northwest at 6 to 15. boy, the winds were whipping at times. we had peak wind gusts over 25 miles an hour.
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weather in motion from our exclusive weather bug. you'll only see it on abc2. a gorgeous shot of the key bridge over the susquehanna river and gorgeous, gorgeous day out on the river, a little breezy. winds were whipping at the tide water marina. in laurel, a sunny sky, the scenario and gorgeous. we'll be set for a cool night in laurel. temperatures now already down to the low 60s dropping to the 50s and 40s overnight. some spots will see 30s by daybreak tomorrow. those winds continue to flow in around 5 to 15, gusting closer to 20. it's still a breezy night. a clear setup across the entire med atlanta eke re-- atlantic
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region. good weather is in the offing for the next few days. our future temperature scenario in the low 40s. as we go forward into the day tomorrow we're going to bounce back nicely into the low 60s, mid-60s toward d.c. with the widespread sunshine. as we go from tomorrow into -- let's see, what would that be, thursday, temperatures beginning to push back to 70 degrees. time will mess with your head. over the entire east coast a few passing clouds. the jet stream up into southern canada. that's where the storm action is, sent for out here. we have a significant storm still churning in the south atlantic. hurricane rafael continuing to make its move to the east. you see bermuda. the eye of rafael passing offshore. the track on rafael continues to pull in further out to sea. could there be large surfs?
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not out of the question. it will be a several day delay effect we could see bigger surf. we could briefly get to category 2. tonight 40, mostly clear and chilly. 66. mossly sunny and seasonable. tonight in the mid-40s so in the quite as chilly. the next few days looking much warmer, though the chance for showers will come back with a different suburbs -- disturbance thursday no friday. the scene know is not -- scenario is not a bad one. dry sunny conditions into our sunday. it will be a which start in the 40s. for the early morning walkers, the pink fleece, maybe a ribbon.
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some news. a sobering new study on alcohol. alcohol may be deadlier than cigarettes. researchers followed 149 alcoholics for 14 years. on average they died 20 years earlier than nonalcoholics. death rates for males were higher than for nonalcoholics. for women that jumped to 4.6 times higher. researchers said women respond to the toxins in alcohol more than men do and they develop alcohol related diseases a lot faster than men. you probably heard it's time to get that flu shot. some of you will not get it because you think it will do more harm than good but as our
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health reporter -- but our health reporter linda so says it's a meth. >> they spend time talking about prevention. he said if there less one group that catches it more than others, it's them. >> it's easy for one child to give it to another child. >> reporter: they can bring it home by contact. myth number one is it's spread by sneezing. this demonstration shows how quickly they can spread anything. this toy is dusted with an invisible powder. you can see with black lights how much the powder, like a virus, has spread. myth number two, wait until it's cold outside. >> this includes the elderly who typically have been the group people have been most worried about. >> reporter: myth number three is the myth vaccine does not
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protect you from current strains. >> every year there's two a strains that are picked and one b strain of influenza. >> reporter: myth number four is that you can actually catch the flu from the fluke flufnlgt the doctor said it can make you feel achy and your arm sore but it's not the flu. >> true influenza, high fever and everything hurts. >> reporter: linda so, abc2 news. >> doctors also say cleaning your hands off with help and making sure you kids guess the -- get the flu shot. here we go. is it okay for schools to band one of your kid's favorite snack. districts in california and new mexico are trying to keep
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flaming hot cheetos out of school. they said the concern is over nutritional value. in one district hot cheetos are no longer allowed. >> if children want to bring in snacks high in fat, high in calories, they cran do that but we willment be providing them. >> experts say on top of the salt and fat, hot cheetos can be addicted. kids have held competitions on who can eat the most the fastest. so what do you think? should hot cheetos be banned in your school? log on to our facebook page and let us know where you stand. >> i wonder if you can have the regular cheetos. kids who are the first to i tend college -- attend college have obstacles, but a local nonprofit is helping out. the baltimore education trust
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helps students. not only do they support kids in high school but through enrolling in college and beyond. >> it's in the just about their enrollment in college. our job is to get them graduated and make sure jobs are waiting. these kids in baltimore, they are our next generation of leadership. the city needs them to come back and play a success. >> they will have the screening at the brun theater at the maryland institute college of art. the event is free and open to the public. this was 5:30 in the morning and he thought a burglar had broken into his home. >> not only is he scared of halloween costumes but the government is afraid at how some of them are made. we'll keep you safe next.
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a man shoots and kills his girlfriend bus he mistakenly thought she was an intrude are. the woman went into the boyfriend's bedroom about 5:30 when he was sleeping. he woke to see a silhouette, mistook it for an intrude are, grabbed gun and shot the woman. he did call police and police are investigating the boyfriend's story. a coca-cola truck caused fire, caused a major traffic delay. it happened during the morning rush hour in palm beach. coming up, their lives were cut short by drug dealers. we remember the family 10 years later. it's no party for fiesta owners, why


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