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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 17, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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that knocked the father to the ground. he grabbed his son and ran. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: when police came, they thought the robbers could still be in the house. the police surrounded the house and searched inside. >> my kids were out here playing. so i came out here to go and find them, sew where they -- see where they were. >> i just wanted to make sure my kids were okay. >> that's pretty harsh. >> reporter: that's what shawn reed saw, the robbers using a stun gun. anne arundel county police used a helicopter and dogs but couldn't find anything. in pasadena, don harrison. we're also following a
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developing story out of demplet -- denver. people are found dead in a bar. police are convinced they were dead before the fire started. >> reporter: police say the crime occurred before the fire started at fero's bar and grill. they found five bodies, four women and one man. it was obvious the victims did not die from the flames early wednesday morning. >> arson, i'm guessing to mask the homicide. >> reporter: detectives said there's clear evidence all five were murdered. >> there's trauma to the bodies. >> reporter: why they aren't elaborating on what that trauma; detectives are narrowing down a timeline. firefighters responded about 1:50. young fero is one of the owners.
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he says police have not asked him to identify the bodies. right now is detectives are pulling evidence and set offing through ashes. >> it will be a long drawnout investigation at this point. >> reporter: autopsies are expected to be done on the five -- done on the five victims and police are searching for victims who may have visited the bar on tuesday. >> george zimmerman will face murder charges on june the 10th. the 29-year-old former block watch volunteer charged with killing 17-year-old trayvon martin. the trial is expected to last three weeks. currently zimmerman is out jail on bail. baltimore council members are putting people on the hot
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seat, part of the confirmation for anthony bats. what's on their mind? >> reporter: what'sen their mind -- the protesters. they said they are dpns the confirmation of chief anthony bats. they said they don't know enough about him. there are allegations made against him on domestic violence. they said they have a lot of questions and they also want to find out his views dealing with community problems. he is the former chief of long beach and oakland, california, but that's all anybody knows about him. tonight scan sill will get a chance to ask questions about the chief. here's video of him. he was nominated by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake back in august. he has been getting to know the city and a lot of the problems.
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many council members say he knows some of the problems. the council said he can ping where commissioner fred bealefeld left off. >> we have to focus, go back and have a greater focus on community engagement and property crimes, burglaries, robberies, thingses that impact the family, things that make them move ot or not come to the city. >> reporter: according to the councilman, he said one of the things he did do is he drove with him for about two hours where he identified a lot of the problems. he said some of the things are the small crimes that irritate
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people. so that's some of the questions he has to find out what he's going to do to solve some of the personal crimes. the hearing started about a minute ago. we'll hopefully have sound from anthony bats coming up. that is the setup, clear conditions over the east, new rain maker, rocketing toward areas north and east of canada. 50s, rather clear and cool.
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>> we first told you about the missing money trail of hal katz. joce sterman broke the story and is here with a katz business partner who is feeling the pain. >> reporter: back in june gordy bunch bought half the stock at one of katz' company. he said he spent a million bucks and had no idea the insurance provider was unstable. he called katz the maryland madoff. >> hi. i'm hal katz. >> reporter: katz, nonfor these outrageous commercial -- known for these outrageous commercials is at the center of an investigation. he is 50% owner of an insurance provider. that's interstate.
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he said he had no idea katz' company was broke we he bought it. the shorn's administration found fraud, too, discovering $800,000 that should have gone between two of katz' companies but never moved. the company hasn't been paid premiums from the katz' agency for 2012. they've been essentially taken over as part of a state agreement and are operating legitimately. if you want to know more about his operation, just go to the investigator section on our website abc >> the deadly fungal meningitis is down to 18 nationwide. four more died yesterday. two more have been infected. the feds say more issues were
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reported with drugs produced by the new england compounding center. they are cooperating with the government. the spin from last night as debate, president obama was more aggressive and governor mitt romney did not hold back. the president said he made it easier for the women to seek the same pay as men. the governor said his massachusetts administration had a number of women if roles. >> mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> i don't look at my pension. it's in the has big as yours, so it doesn't take as long. >> the third and final debate will be held on monday in pow ca a tone -- boca raton, florida where they will talk about foreign policy. did that sway your opinion, the
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way they performed? let us know how you feel about it on facebook. >> somebody from cnn last night watched the debate more than once and had to count every single word uttered. president obama spoke for three minutes and 14 seconds longer than mitt romney. >> how much is the person getting paid to do that. >> wants to count the word -- who wants to count the words? i'll do it. >> gentlemen, start taking your vitamins. >> did you know that thick juicy steak and potatoes will have you stopping for gas tomorrow. >> and hit the books. why one woman is blaming the
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library for missing her homecoming. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine.
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it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
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the johns hopkins breast cancer program is designed to look at what can be done to help treatments. the provider component makes sure providers know things going forward. it gives patients the idea that we want them to be in control of what survivorship care should look look and giving them the right tools to transition from after care to long-term survivorship healthy patients can talk about what happened. they can share their story and let the dust settle but give them the tangible tools about going forward.
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so it puts them in control and lets them be in charge offer that on care. >> survival stories, and these are the reasons we're going to walk and run for a cure on sunday. not too late to get involved. sunday we'll be in hunt valley. you can join us on race day in hunt valley the 21st. and abc2 will be there, a whole team of us. find us on the main stage area and also the water stop. this year we'll bring you the race live on air on your mobile device from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m. if you miss the race, you can reair it on our digital channel, the live well network from 4 to 7 p.m. beautiful night over baltimore and across the entire
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state. gorgeous conditions. 64 degrees. we do have some changing weather dubois tomorrow night. in the meantime we've been basking in sunshine. noise day it go outside. robert w. coleman. then bright skies. gorgeous weather. fall color on the east side on the campus of ccbc. some reds, yellows, orange hues, fall foilage beginning to peefnlgt as we look at havre de grace, fall foilage on the other side of the susquehanna, a couple of changing trees along the banks of the susquehanna river. mid-60s now, low 60s toward the bee. comfortable, seasonable weather. mid to upper 60s, just about where we should be. the wind direction has been turning south. last night spots falling into
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the upper 30s. tonight we're in the upper 40s. not as chilly overnight. to the north and west, a few showers as close as ohio. the main weather maker continues to be out to the west. we'll give upan early preview of the timing. looks like scattered showers become a possibility after the morning or after the evening and after the morning commute. as we go past 6:00, 7:00, showers and a couple of isolated embed thunderstorms. right now the weekend looks cooler. there's that next weather maker. you see the rain coming down here north and west of us. big time showers west of chicagoland. here's our area of low prerchlt
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the main system will drift north into new england. we'll catch the southern edge. again, that comes through tomorrow night into early friday morning. here's rafael, once a hurricane and at 5:00 national hurricane center downgrading it to a post tropical system, intense winds, sending large surfs. some of the waves may hit places has close as ocean city. for most of us, this will be a done deal. chilly. that is the scenario tonight, into the day tomorrow, 70 or so, not bad butten crewing clouds. we'll look for the possibility of a late day shower. we'll bring scattered showers along with breezy milder weather. the next few days, again, that round of rain tomorrow night clears by early friday morning. where avenue left with 73 degrees. cooler weather blows in on saturday into sunday. the weekend will be in the 60s
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could be as low as the upper 40s. and early next week temperatures climbing into the low even mid-70s. right now it looks through wednesday of next week we could see mid-70s. you know the old term, grandma and grandpa used to use this one, indian summer. >> wouldn't you like to be on the beach, watching a sunset? >> i'd rather be here with you guys. many of us take our vitamins to stay healthy but a study shows that vitamins may protect against cancer. >> reporter: taking a multivitamin may offer some protection against cancer in healthy middle aged men accord tutsed "wall street journal.
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men were followed for more than a deck kate. half took the multivitamin silver. the other took a placebo. the american cancer society says that more studies need to be done to see if these results can be replicated. the men were healthy nonsmokers and experts aren't sure if the cancer benefits will apply to smokers, other high risk groups or women. the american cancer said people who want to be healthy get the vitamins from the food they eat. those who want to take a pill can take the multivitamin. we all know that obesity can
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have negative effects on our health. it turns out it can be bad for your gas mileage. an author said american's yearly fuel consumption is going up partly because of continued weight gain. the u.s. energy department said an extra 100-pounds in your vehicle can reduce yourno carri0
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these would-be rob beers tried to snag shirts from a department store. when they went to make their getaway, everybody tripped over each other, like the three stooges. the shoots were left on the floor. the robbers got away with nothing. thousands of people gathered to remember the life of jessica
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ridgeway, the 10-year-old colorado girl who went missing and was found dead. family and friends showed up wearing purple. police have few clues. the suicide of a teenage girl has taken another twist tonight president the internet hacking group anonymous -- the girl took her life because of cyber bullying. anonymous revealed the name and address of a vancouver man who was the primary bully. the man is being toremented himself. before her death amanda was hurting and reaching out will for help. >> i've never seen as many things go wrong as did here. she looked for help online, talked about how she was cutting, her suicide attempts
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and said she had no one. this lady lived out loud lown. -- out loud online. no one stepped in to help. all right. we have a teenage girl who was banned from her homecoming dance all because of a library book. florida teenager dominique stearns said she spent hours purchasing for the dress but when she went to purchase it she couldn't because she had an everdue library book. >> she's not being punished because she got into a fight but because she has an overdue library book. >> her mom promised to bring the
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book back. she hopes to attend next year. >> how overdue was it? the national do not call list is supposed to protects from unwanted telemarketers. >> lance armstrong is accused of doping. now his sponsors are dropping him. the latest on the scandal. >> railroad these lifeguards? they were punished for doing
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four women and one man found in a fire. two men approached a wear


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