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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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-- see the toll plaza high above. what happened, we had an accident with a propane tanker truck. they had to shut down both ways of route 50 on the bay bridge. because of that, traffic backed up two miles. here's the tip. i want to show you. this is where the accident happened at u.s. 50. this is maryland 8, just east of the bay bridge. i want to show you some of the other traffic troubles. one is on st. margaret, day dale drive. that's it. i want to show you all the way back to route two. it's not bad, not as far as route two, so that's a good thing. i want to show you what st.
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margaret's looks like, the st. margaret lane. okay. we're having trouble. the bay bridge, toll plaza is starting to open up for traffic. if you're stuck on this side of the bay bridge, your best bet is 95 through delaware on down. the eastern shore 301 north and cross over. and you should be around newark. cheryl conner is on her way. it's a busy time, stoppage on the bay bridge. we're staying on top of the big weather tease. today spectacular, tomorrow bet are and then it could be about sandy. the storm looks like it's going in different traffic directions. right now we have been tracking some rain just north of
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maryland, that rain fizzling out. this weather disturbance that's bringing rain points north, partly cloudy sky. the statistics on this thing winds at 50 miles an hour. the track pushes it over cuba as we go into days two, three and four. sunday, monday, tuesday, out the atlantic coast. how much could it have on the east coast, still a lot of question marks. we're tracking sandy. this evening 60. we'll talk more about sandy and the extended forecast. >> more breaking news, this time involving the murder of a girl. >> the brothers are charged with autumn pasquale's murder.
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her body was found in a recycling container. two brothers lured her into the home. that's where police found her belongings, including the bike. autumn's father spoke to reporterrings. >> our little angel autumn has reached out to the world in her special way. she's an angel. she was an angel on earth and is an angel in heaven. she disappeared saturday and it appears she was strangled. more on the 10-year-old girl strange strangled earlier this month. at this point besides similar locations police won't say
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exactly how these cases are connected. >> we're not able to go into details but we want the community to be aware that the police are linking the two cases. >> investigators found a miniature wooden cross, considered to be a key piece of evidence. police said the clues have resulted in more focus tips. >> it's stories like those that make a mom and dad cringe, child abduction cases, child abuse. >> but it may be having a positive effect. brian kuebler is live with one nonprofit's unsuccessful campaign. the baltimore child abuse center price care for victims of child abuse. a large part of this runs on donations and the most recent one is exceeding expectations.
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at party city on york road near towson, a dollar added to their much that goes directly to the baltimore child abuse center. >> they're saying, yes, we want to be a part of this and yes we want to make a difference. >> reporter: jennifer sacks is the owner of 11 stores and said this campaign has raised nearly $50,000 sense they started it in sent. the result far surpassing what they anticipated. >> when they come to the register, they're asked to make a donation. it's left open. weave seen $17 and $2 donations and some that hit $100 and in between. >> it's exceeded all of our expectat the executive
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director of the center is surprised and excited to see the amount of pledges already paid pie party city customers, a success he believes is driven by one of the worst sex abuse scandals. >> when they see penn state and the boy scouts, they want to stop something. the fact that they can do something locally oar doing so one dollar at a time, funding the fight against what we all saw in penn state right here at home. now this program will go through halloween and all of party city's locations. ot only do 100% of the locations go to the abuse center, party city will match what is raised with an additional $25,000. bail has been denied for the columbia man secretly
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videotaping two women inner that home. michael stephen mckenny will remain locked up. the state's attorney's office asked for a no bail case citing the disturbing nature of the case and his prior charges. he taped the women undressed in various stages and also in the bathroom. the state's attorney said he's a threat to safety and this morning a judge agreed. a woman set to deliver her baby in two weeks is gunned down and the killer leaves a note connecting it to lee boyd malvo. >> it referenced the 2002 d.c. sniper case. it read, quote i will kill one pregnant woman a month until lee boyd malvo is freed.
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investigators are trying to figure out if the letters are legitimate or a ruse. her body was found saturday night, stabbed several times in the neck. her unborn son did not attack. she had planned to wet in a -- wed in a small ceremony in her church. most of her friends said they had not known her fiance long. in fact, they didn't even know his name. >> you can't be in your house. >> he couldn't have married her pause he already had a wife in new jersey. it's not clear if he's the father. police have interviewed him but so far he has not been named as a suspect. a woman is arrested for trying to run over a naval
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officer at walter reed army medical center. >> the officer fired shots but she continued to drive. the officer is expected to be okay. the woman was eventually arrested. a woman knocks at your door in the middle of the night. she's calling out for help. you answer and find out you've been set up for a home invasion robbery. this happened in cecil county oar door was about 1:00 in the morning. the woman claims she had a fight with her boyfriend and needed to use the cell phone. a masked man came around the house and attacked her. the man took her to the ground and a struggle ensued.
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she was covered in blood. >> she was quite beat up. they had slammed her face into the gravel driveway. she managed to get away and vault over a couple of wheel bear rows -- bar row. >> reporter: the men demanded money from her husband. they pistol whipped him before make out with an undisclosed amount of cash. while the armed men were wearing masks and gloves, evidence collected has been sent to the maryland state police lab which may help police identify them. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> she was gunned down. tonight hear what mer friends say. it's one of the deadliest diseases in the world but there's a new fight against it. >> vaccines are supposed to keep
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illnesses away but can a new vaccine keep belly fat away.
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experts say the harms of hormone replacement therapy outdo the benefits. the task force is now against hormone replacement citing risk of death or cancer. one of the deadliest diseases out there may be something we've never heard of. someone dies from sepsis every 18 minutes in this country. tonight, health reporter linda so tells us about a device that could change that. >> reporter: he has seen just
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with -- about every type of health problem. >> wasn't sick, sick, just felt bad, really bad. >> reporter: turns out, chief harris had sepsis, an infection in his blood stroll that landed him in the hospital for two months, a disease many may not know about. >> it would be similar to a plane crash happening every seven hours loaded with 230 people. >> reporter: rec atkinsno0
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>> the mice in the study lost about 20% of their belly fat in
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80 days. because of that type of fat, the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and possibly other health problems, so what do you think about this? should this vaccine be the future of weight loss? would you try an injection to lose belly fat? log on to our website and let us know. >> even compare it to working out. towson today. i hope you're enjoying the weather. there will be changes. we'll talk about that in one second. it was blue skies with some passing then clouds. in dundalk today a gorgeous shot, beautiful fall weather that will continue tomorrow,
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continue the day after tomorrow. fantastic weather in bel air on main street where we still got plenty of fall colors. we're starting to go past peak. current conditions, now 74 at the airport. dew point 53. the air is dry. conditions improving. humidity coming up a little bit but that's not a bad thing. temperatures running across the state in the mid to upper 70s. almost 80 at dulles. even at the beach we're pushing 70 degrees. you can see those showers that sort of threatened them from the north. now most of that rain activity has pushed east. there's quite a bit of rain in new york state. for us here in maryland, i think some passing clouds for the rest of the night. you should stay dry, maybe a few drops on the windshield at most. future trend quiet.
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that's the bottom line. nothing more then a few passing clouds and into the day on thursday, prime conditions holding on again and really no big changes in sight until the second half of the weekend and into next week. a boundary that will dive south and drop temperatures. in the meantime temperatures ramping up. a surge of warm air should ramp us up close to the 80-degree mark and quiet across the east. you may have heard of the system to the south. here it is as we zoom further south. tropical storm sandy, now a large system in the eastern caribbean sexting the movement will be to the north, northeast but eventually running between cuba and haiti through the win ward passage and strengthening before weakening back into a tropical storm. watch all the moisture and the core of this storm as we go
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toward friday afternoon. the projection taking it out to sea, but perhaps a little closer to cape hatteras. we don't know yet. this could be in a system diving out of canada. the coastal storm of rain and wind and we'll have more on that in the coming days. tonight 53, staying mild, 82. sun, clouds, warmer. fantastic weather, 70s, sunshine. the weekend we do see our changes beginning with the coastal system. it all kind of comes together, sunday, monday, into tuesday. that's why we're advertising wet and windy conditions. the tracks tend to average going from cape hatteras. that means wind and rain and the main storm more of a new england event.
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we'll see what happens. >> we'll keep an eye on that. a police officer pull as woman's hair as she watches her home go up in flames. what the woman is saying about her run-in with the police. >> a truck crashes into a convenience store. what robbers got away with.
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a woman has her hair pulled by a plomplet the woman arrived to see the house was on fire and began running toward the house. then a san diego police officer stepped in and started pushing her back. she then take has swipe at him
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and he grabbed her hair. >> i was not aware of my surroundings. i was looking at my entire house f someone is grabbing you and your emotion are to the max, i was trying to defend myself. >> that's when the man stepped in and grabbed his wife. the same officer was' queuesed of excessive force last year. a pair of thieves plowed a truck into a convenience store to rob the place. surveillance video shows them driving the vehicle into the storm. the once inside, they helped themselves to alcohol and cigarettes. the store was closed at the time. no one was hurt. one of the men has been arrested but police are still looking for his partner. tonight we're learning more details about a shooting at a spa in wisconsin. we'll hear from a survivor who
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was in the chair. a family is suing the company behind monster drink. >> and the holiday shopping season is starting and tablet companies are competing over your hard earned dollars.
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prosecutors are not releasing the name of the teens but said they are 15 and 17. the baltimore child abuse center is getting a big boo. at part city customers are asked to donate a dollar. 1:00 in the morning a woman gets a knock on her door. police said when the woman
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stepped outside to help the girl, a masked man came around the corner and attacked. a second attacker entered the home demanding money. police are still searching for a suspect. we have an update on the breaking news. cars have been traveling through the tunnel of the bay bridge because of a tanker truck. if you have it go out near the bay bridge, get ready to sit and wait. we're seeing maryland's radar clearing out. the weather system has been to the north. heavy rain toward new york state. our focus


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