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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 30, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and run all the way up to the delaware line. there's a seawall here. they will take a look at that and make sure it's in good shape. they will see this will be ready for next time. >> we're going to come out tomorrow and take an assess m we -- assessment and see if it needs immediate replacement. >> reporter: they believe they're going to come take a look at that tomorrow and make sure it's in good shape. they might have to move that up a little bit based on the hit. they're sure there's structural damage. cleaning up to do but no one was hurt. the mandatory evacuation was in effect. residents are allowed to return right now and the roads are back open. the mayor said he is expecting visitors to start coming back to
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ocean city tomorrow. >> good. >> thank you. things can be rebuilt. >> let's go to break. we'll be right back.
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he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. ?iel' be honest with you. i don't know what day it is, what month it is after looking at this. frostburg where they're still seeing plenty of snow and it's still falling at this hour. >> we're concerned with flooding and getting the lights on for some folks. >> let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. sandy continue times act the state with snow to the west, rain showers and mixed snow showers across northern parts of central maryland. we've got pretty big waves there. 's the broad circulation. you can see that the rain/snow mix is a reality for parts of
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the state. it's showing a little bit of a changeover. the cold air is aloft. of course, sandy is wrapping in a lot of cold air on the back side of the storm. that's why we have snow coming down in garrett county, reports of over 20 inches of snow. some isolated reports could get to three feet. in ocean city we can still see that pier missing. we'll be posting a video on my abc2 facebook page. you'll see toward day break the pier breaks away. you'll see the time lapse video coming up very shortly online. check out the abc2 twitter and you'll see it there. showers, mixed showers. there will ab few flakes, 30s and cold. we'll have much more on sandy's
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impact coming up. those who are living along the bush river, winters run. >> he's checking out the damage. there you've been out there all day long, rosy. what are you seeing? >> reporter: when all that wind was whipping through this area last night it was bringing down trees and power lines. about 7:00 last night, came up route 40. you see that exxon sign? you could see the gas prices. today you can see where the glass has been shattered. you've seen things from construction barrels to pieces of billboard blown off. the big issue has been the trees falling down on power lines and blocking roads. as of last count more than 50 roads have been blocked by trees or or -- or water.
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most of the water has receded. as of last count there were 30,000 homes and businesses in the area without power. in upper fallston you might have a cluster. come up to 152, they may have power and other place do no around 22 you might see a few businesses with power. go just down the road and you see a massive tree knocked down and another neighborhood is knocked out without power. just the randomness that has people overwhelmed. coming up later tonight, we'll show you some more of those pictures and give you an idea of the big cleanup that's been going on in harford county. >> rosie, looks like you're in kansas, and that could be a tornado behind you. can you hear me? >> reporter: no, i don't hear
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you. >> you don't want to hear. we're not here alone in maryland. >> the entire east coast has been slammed with flooding. hundreds of thousands are without power. we have team coverage on the latest from the nation's biggest city. >> reporter: after sandy delivered its record break punch, many are faced with flooding, power failures and the task of cleaning up. the power outages are spread over several states from virginia to -- to maine. >> i want every agency to lean forward and make sure we are getting the resources where we need. >> reporter: an impressive 13-foot storm surge crashed into manhattan sending a deluge of rain into the subway system.
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one tunnel took in more than 11 feet of water, pushing cars and stacking them up like toys. >> the mta faced a disaster as devastating in its history. >> reporter: more than 5 homes were ce -- 50 homes were destroyed when a fire sparked in rock ji way -- rockaway. some curious new yorkers ventured out to inspect the damage. >> we saw the river coming toward us. it actually looked like something out of a movie. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo said it will take
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awhile. >> we have an old system. >> reporter: while it may take days to get back online, the city is starting to return back to normal. reporting from new york. >> just devastating pictures from new york. they're not used to dealing with that. they use the subway. >> a storm surge of 30 feet. >> i mean, can you imagine? that's what paralyzed the lower half of manhattan. that has the entire island and city. take one part of the island, it's kind of a chain effect. the whole subway system -- not top contra-- to contradict brandy but it's going to take weeks. this is what we would be seeing coming into ocean city. this is a storm surge wave south of cape may courthouse.
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even in the history books i've never seen it. atlantic city, the boardwalk near trump plaza, amazing picture, almost a loss of words. ocean city, new jersey, as we move up the barrier islands, just off the shoreline. take a look at the home destroyed. the bay encompassing much of it. that's a roller coaster in the ocean right now. as we move on up toward the north, point pleasant, no more homes in point pleasant. that goes back about a mile inland. this is the surveillance camera showing the water coming down. you go in. you did through, pay your money. this is from the surveillance
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camera. as we go toward staten island, look at thetion. i don't know how that came about but that's what they have in new york city. they went to bed last night with a blackout. we'll be right back.
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in tonight's consumer alert, believe it or not there is a silver lining in sandy's wake. experts aren't predicting a big spike in the pumps at the pump. sandy's path did not affect the refineries in the gulf as much. and if you were lucky enough top ride out the storm with power, chances are you watched a few movies. viewership doubled on the east coast. all right. families without power tonight are wondering whether they will have food when the power comes back on. we'll break down what you need to know to stay safe in your home tonight.
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entire neighborhoods have been flooded. >> abc2 news cheryl conner has been riding out the storm. the water is pulling back. >> reporter: we're starting to return to the life that we know on kent island many we can now drive across the bay bridge. that's number one. it opened at 9:00 this morning after should down yesterday for most of the day. wind gusts were up to 90 miles an hour. it feels good to be steady on our feet. we are in kent narrows, showing you some of the locations. we were out in the neighborhoods and shooting some of what we saw. we went into neighborhoods, went
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into business districts. don harrison is joining us. >> a lot of the businesses are closed. a lot of the parking lots were full of water. the water reached over the top of the bulkhead. that was in front of annie's paramount steakhouse. they've had a lot of problems with the water coming in. off of winchester creek, there was water. it came up pretty far last night. it's gone back. you can see as you look over my shoulders, this is the kent and narrows. that's the chester river. that buoy is leaning away from us. it's doing that because the tide is pushing it. the tide is coming in. in about an hour or so it will be high tide. that's what they're worried b during the storm the wind was blowing from the north pushing all the water out. then it shifted around.
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now it's coming out of the south. so low tide didn't flow out as far as it should have. now it's up there to high tide. >> reporter: they're worried, but i would say really within reason. they're expecting the water to get close to the property. water came up to businesses, to homes. it didn't go inside property like it did in isabelle. >> isabelle was a catastrophe. >> reporter: okay. so life, as we know it on kent island, the laid back life-style, we're looking at radar. we're looking at harris' crab house. queen anne's county schools will be back open tomorrow on a delay. >> we got a school update. we've been waiting to hear from that. >> imagine that. hey, listen. schools, you got a lot of parents wanting to know what's going on. let's start getting the
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information out there all right? let's go over to wyatt now. >> reporter: one more high tide. we'll watch carefully but not anticipating the peak surge conditions of two to four feet, probably on the low end with the high tide being influenced. fells point 8:39, watching that one closely. eventually port deposit toward midnight tonight. coast -- coastal flooding advisorying. we can see why we didn't have the big impact yesterday. sandy moved north as we have anticipated, at least in central information. >> the wraparound winds were hard out of the north. now we've got winds gently
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coming out of the southwest. while it won't blowout the bay, it won't stack up water. wind gusts minimal. edgewood to 63406789 new market 58. atlantic city pushing 80. dundalk 68. annapolis 69. so we did get those borderline hurricane winds. huge surf, probably 20 plus feet into the beach and the ocean city pier destroyed. you can see it in our hd weather view from the plim plaza resort. a couple of the stilts there, poles. that as all that's left.
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waves are much call memplet a rehoboth beach -- calmer, rehoboth beach. in kent island watching it carefully. tough boating the next few days. annapolis, the water is relatively quiet. here in the harbor, we're watching for that next high tide. we'll be in the safe zone. we still have to watch havre de grace the next several days. water is whipping down the susquehanna. all the runoff. we've been watching that very carefully. 43 mat bwi -- at bwi. cold air funneling out of the north. what's left of sandy will continue to drift. there she is, large, power house storm around here and one for the record books. no question about that.
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let's give you that seven-day forecast. breezy sunny conditions will be the story. it will be clearing each day. i will say this. there is the possibility of a few mixed wet snowflakes, snow showers. a few flakes. sandy's little parting gift. how's that? new video keeps pouring in. we want to show you these. these are images right here. we're on seaside heights in new jersey. look at this. the picture of the boardwalk. in some cases entire homes. they're sand castles now. this was one of the the hardest hit by sandy. >> about an hour south in atlantic city more things where they zoo belong. this time boats in people's yards. they were pushed toward fences and dumped right on top of a porch. we'll be right back.
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all right. harford county schools closed tomorrow. abc2 is working for you to keep your family safe. >> when the power goes out, one of the the first things you worry about is the food in the refrigerator. >> reporter: as hurricane sandy batters much of the east coast of the u.s. people are being reminded to stay indoors. that advices will applies to perishable food when the power goes out. food in the refrigerator could become a source of food
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poisoning. after four hours or more with no power throw out perishable tonight. frozen food should remain safe to eat for 48 hours if the freezer is full and as long last the door was kept shut. if the freezer is half full, the safety window is cut in half to 24 hours. opening the door allows cold air to escape, so the food spoils quickly. if it looks discolored, has a strange texture or looks bad, throw it out. getting rid of spoiled food is far better than putting your family's health at risk. >> all right. we begin at 6:00 with the latest on superstorm sandy. it is cleanup day, a day to assess what's going on


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