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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two days. how commuters are fairing after water mains shut down roads. a middle school student brings a weapon to school. tending -- sending though those affected by hurricane sandy. first, an update to the breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. a runner is raped on her morning run. cheryl conner has more from fells point. >> reporter: as we go into the weekend, the police said a rapist is on the run. a victim was jogging between 5 and 7 a.m. in fells point when a man pulled her into a dark area and raped her. he was armed with a knife. a friend of the woman called police a short team later. >> all we know is the suspect
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was an adult male, possibly wearing a mask and armed with a knife. i don't have a race or height. the reason, the victim is going through a very tough time. >> reporter: anthony guglielmi said they're working with the victim. they hope to relee on surveillance cameras. there are number in the area and all we know about the suspect at this point, an adult male, possibly wearing a mask and armed with a knife. we'll bring you the very latest at 11 and on we're live at police headquarters, cheryl conner, abc2 news. we no longer have superstorm sandy to worry b now the temperature is starting to fall like a rock. what will the weather be like. we have a look at the forecast.
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>> reporter: cool and cloudy. that is the setup for the rest of the evening. we had a few breaks of sunshine. that's been pleasant, seeing sandy beginning to losen -- loosen her gri. temperatures falling in the mid-40s out there in spots toward towson and the wind gusts around 30 in annapolis. breezy and chilly for the rest of the night into the early morning hours. it will be a cold start right around 37 degrees. we'll talk about how things will shape up toward election day minutes away. >> you watched as we filed one report after another about how the state was getting ready. sandy never did hit the way we thought but that preparedness came in handy for our neighbors to the west. >> reporter: garrett county by far got hit the hardest. heavy snows blocking roads,
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trapping people, a situation so dire that the county put a call out for help. >> really, everything that they've asked for. we said anything you need, just call us. >> reporter: our county was one of those that sent aid. condition you will man said it only -- jerry ulm dodge chrysler -- kent ulman. >> get to garrett county. >> maryland didn't just send crews, the state was uniquely prepared to send crows to new jersey as well. >> the governor wanted to make sure that our citizens were safe but it was important to make shower we support other states in their time of need. >> dr. richard al corda hel
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eversee medical trauma. new jersey asked for help and got 6 ambulances and ems workers, many from baltimore city. the maryland crypts help -- crews helped 40 patients in 12 hors on the prs day. aid and need that was ready to step in as sandy side stepped us. >> we were prepared to be prepared for a direct hit. the blessing is we did not receive that. now we're able to use some of our own resources to support other states and part of our community in western maryland. >> crews that will continue that support until at least late next week. in baltimore, brian kuebler, website woab news. howard, anne arundel, washington and talbot counties along with baltimore city are among those who sent help.
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the hatem bridge is back open tonight after a water main break forced the lanes to be shut down for more than 12 hours. water started bubbling up around havre de grace and workers had it replace the section which had burst. >> anytime your temperatures are fluctuating to that degree, you wait for the first freeze to come and then you're going to know. here with the warming of the ground and the cooling of the ground, there may have been some movement there which caused it to work its way in. >> the lanes closed over the bridge. traffic was diverted to interstate 95. it new has reopened in advance of this evening's commute. we also had two other water main breaks. the road reopened.
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it ruptured blocking traffic. on york road they are continuing to work on another broken main. 46 union minutes around the 4600 block of york road are without power. charges are pending after a shooting in the parking grafnlgt the victim allegedly was breaking into a vehicle when he was approached by security guards. after a confrontation, the man was shot in the lesmght the security guard was present when the police got there and identified by detectives. the victim received medical attention. detectives will consult with the state's attorney's office. a 12-year-old boy brought two weapons to school at central middle yesterday. officials found an unloaded beebee gun and air pistol. the by threatened at least one other student and warned others
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not to report that he had it. >> we take it seriously. it's regrettable when things like this happen. we had two courageous students who alerted an adult and this was brought to conclusion. >> that student is being charged as a juvenile with disorderly conduct and threatening a student on school property. banks and credit card companies are offering up help to the victims of superstorm sandy. they have notified credit card holders they may qualify for special offers if they were impacted by the storm. some are offering short-term loans. experts warn to be cautious before taking on short-term debt. a warning for everyone in the aftermath of sandy. watch out for scammers. be wary of sandy related fraud
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from bogus charities, to home repairs to flooded vehicles and only make donations to charities that you know and trust. for more, including how to spot a previously damaged car, log on to our website at there was a celebration today has homes were demolished on the 2400 block of lombard street. the demolition is part of the initiative. the vacant homes were attorney down to make shirley hill safer and increase property values, hopefully long term. >> they suffer from major blight and it is a major health hazard to the community and the children of this community. this demolition will be a catalyst. >> it doesn't just tear down vacant homes. the program provides incentives
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for buyers. well, we'll be turning back the clocks this weekend but the time isn't the only thing you should be checking. the state fire marshal wants you to change your clocks and the battery in the smoke detector. the simple step can pre vent pap tragedy even if your alarm seems to be working just fine. they still need to be replaced periodically. >> smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years. it's not that they won't work, they won't work as early. a film builds up. >> to be safe, you should have a smoke alarm in every bedroom of your home and at least one alarm on each level of the house. still looking for plans this friday night or the rest of the weekend, we'll look at the state's longest running greek restaurant. >> i'm hungry already.
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52 at bwi. a solid 10 degrees below average. still a late sunset. the forecast, and our winner, congrats. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. your complete weekend is coming up straight ahead.
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happening right now the greek festival. they're celebrating their 41st year. the event -- there are events for the entire family. check out the entire auction --
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dance, dance, dance and eat, eat, eat. >> the home made food is out of this world. we have the best food but we share our clul churr -- chul -- culture, too. admission and parking are free. on sunday they will have a tent set up for the ravens game so you won't miss that, either. >> take a look at bel air. you can see the sunny breaks. it was a bit of an improvement compared to the last several days. the setup was where you get a little sunshine. because that upper level low pressure that's the last remnant of sandy, it continues to churn.
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a little bit of sunshine for parts of the day mat mt. airy. clouds ruling the evening. 48 rete now. winds are west, northwest at 20. still looking at amazing shots out of garrett county. i will show you two of the other photos. as you take a look, the setup here -- there we go, into parts of that area where they have 30 plus inches of snow. what happens the trees are bending over and continue to snap. some parts could be without power, potential le up to three weeks. again, amazing what our fellow marylanders are enduring. winds northwest tonight. chilly conditions will continue to be the case with gusty breezes from the west. take a look at the temperature
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pattern. 50 in easten. cool stuff and temperatures continue to fall. we'll get some clearing. the last remnants continue to swirl further north into the weekend. that will allow some breaks, some clearing as we go into the second half of the weekend. little weather system pushing through the southeast, we think on sunday. i expect most of the precipitation will stay south of maryland, has been some passing cloud cover on sunday. cold air will keep funneling in both days. tough to get out of the 40s, make low 50s each afternoon. sandy continuing to spin her way. we seat wraparound flow with snow shurs over parts of the northern part of michigan. we can see a new system coming in as we go into the middle of next week. not near lit power of sandy but it could bring rain and wind.
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tonight 37, partly cloudy. no problems tomorrow, 52 degrees. sun and clouds. don't forget as we go into your sunday we're going to make sure we roll those clocks back an hour. as we go toward election day tuesday conditions look to be decent. i think low 50s with some sunshine and then into wednesday that will be that potential next weather maker with rain and maybe some wind. we'll keep you posted on that. coming up after world news, the list is brand-new. tonight they're talking about baltimore's oth earl football team. >> the baltimore blast is ready to kick off their season opener against the check soul. we'll have more coming up tonight. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2.
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we're committed to giving you the information you need. we are bring you five-minute one on one interviews with the candidate. we have the canned for maryland's 3rd district.
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we're dealing with $16 trillion debt. unemployment at%. where do you start. >> we need new and inventive solutionsn washington. the democrats have spent $8 1/2 trillion and the republicans are responsible for $7 1/2 trillion of our debt. i believe both parties have just spent our money with no real consent for us. what i who do is i would lessen regulation on our businesses to allow for businesses and the free market to operate or function properly. i would remove the corporate tax which would give businesses more money to allow them to expand and to hire more employees, and,
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finally, i would -- i would. >> we can move on. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice has called education the civil rights shall you of our day. how would you address it. >> no, i don't agree. even though education isen inher right right, the government has failed to provide it. i believe that the current system that's in place is not working. we need to look at new and inventive ideas and some of the ideas such as looking further into private schools and into
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charter schools, spending and most importantly allowing parents to choose which school that their children go to instead of being restricted by location, and, timely, i would eliminate the department of education and block grant funds drctsly to the state. >> all right. what do we do with afghanistan? what is the end game? >> i think the game is over. i think we need to bring our troops home, not just from afghanistan and iraq but all around the world. i don't believe that america can -- we can no longer be the world's police force. we need to bring our troops home and concentrate on protecting us at home. is the healthcare reform act really the answer? it's the landmark for pob and
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mitt romney said he will repeal it immediately. >> it's a 10,000 page bill -- or law. there's going to be some good. there's going to be some bad. i believe that it is the signature law for president obama and the signature law for governor romney in massachusetts. i personally would repeal the bad and try to keep the good, especially maintaining insurance on our children until they're 26. >> we have about a minute left. while you are one person running for congress, how do you address the on going stalemate and jm nastiness that exists in both houses? >> i believe it's due to party alee gens. they both feel they need to
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defend their party. overall, as a libertarian, i don't have the part aplea gens, so i basically would be able to reach across the aisle and come with a come promiessments truly my only reresponsibility is to the people of my district and the people of this country. >> all right. paul drogos. good luck in november. to see the interview and other candidate interviews, log on to and don't forget to vote tuesday, november the 6th. that's it for abc2 news at 6. we'll be back here at 11. see you tonight. so, maybe you're trying to figure out question seven.
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well, let me give it a shot. if you're ok with marylanders spending five hundred and... fifty million a year gaming in other states, fair enough. but if you think we should keep that money here... add twelve thousand jobs, and generate millions for schools... well you should probably vote for question seven. because if it doesn't pass, all of this goes away. that's why the post called seven, common sense. but decide for yourself.


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