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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 8, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EST

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being hit by a nor'easter. the heavy, wet snow took down
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power lines and made the evening commute a pretty dangerous one. >> more than 1,000 flights have been canceled at area's airports and the nation's largest commuter railroad came to a halt. central park picked up 4 inches of snow, which is a record for this date. >> biggest one, ocean county, new jersey, got a foot of snow. pretty big storm. >> you love snow too. >> no, wake me when it is april. the storm is moving into new england making for what is likely to be a messy morning commute. >> with more on the track of snow and rain we are jind by accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, rob, paula. the effects of the nor'easter. it is rolling out and weakening. this morning we will see conditions improve, new york city down through pennsylvania. storms over in the mid-atlantic. sunshine for the day in fact. dealing with snowfall. massachusetts on northward. inland, in maine, then rain stays steady and heavy along the coast in maine down on through
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the cape cod area. still strong gusty wind to deal with too. as far as storm, accumulation goes. heavy snow through wednesday, in connecticut. most of that ended. by the time it is done. a foot. a wide swath extend through maine. by the coast, watch the change over to mixed precipitation. and then plain rainfall. now it is chilly here once again. across the region, many spots in and around the freezing point. changes ahead, thankfully. see warmer air move in as we head through tt end of the end weekend. moving south and west. rob, paula. back to you. sentencing day for the man behind the tucson shooting rampage that almost killed then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. gifford and husband, mark kelly, will be in court as jared loughner faces life behind bars. kelly is expected to make a statement before the judge. loughner killed six people during that rampage. giffords was among 13 that were
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wounded. an arizona man enjoying his first night of freedom after spending almost 40 years behind bars for a double-murder he insists he did not commit. bill mccumber, 77 years old was released after a deal with prosecutors, to let him go after time served from the killings in 1962. the justice project took up his case saying he was framed by his wife during an ugly divorce and that another man eventually confessed to the crime. >> wow, can't imagine spending 40 years behind bars for a crime that you allegedly didn't commit, unfortunately that probably happens a little too much in america. >> time he will never get back. if he is innocent. he spent the years of his life locked up. no justice system is not perfect. not ours. >> if that is indeed true, though, that's an evil woman that would plant evidence to try to frame him. >> hell hath no fury as the saying goes. whoo. >> an oklahoma mother is getting an apology after slapped with a
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$2,500 ticket for letting her toddler urinate on the family lawn. >> i should have $10,000 in fees if that is the case. it started when a police officer saw 3-year-old relieve himself. the woman given the huge ticket for violating the law against public urination. after a national outcry, the police backtracked, dropped the charges and apologized. >> yeah, come on, little kid. take it easy. >> 3 years old. they're potty training. when they have to go they have to go. it's you little boys. >> i don't get it. we mention a unique candidate from minnesota in the headlines, he is or was, dennis, denny hanson. there were plenty of lawn signs out in rochester, minnesota, supporting denny. >> denny, the late denny hanson. he was elected city council president. >> speaks of how highly he was
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respected. and the people liked his leadership. and liked what he did for the city. >> there will be a special election today in the next city council president. >> you think? >> our democracy. indeed. >> all right. >> congratulations, denny. >> we note the passing of a true college football legend. daryl royal, the man who put the university of texas, the longhorns on the map. >> he was known for his style and his devastating wishbone offense. it helped the long horns win 11 conference titles, ten cotton bowls, and royal's teams won or shared three national titles. >> friday night lights. he said once he got to texas he never would work for any other school. he died from complications from cardy vascular disease and was 88 years old. legend in football. coming up -- what was up with wall street yesterday or should say what was down? >> stocks started falling hours
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welcome back, everyone. there are just 47 days to christmas. easy for us to believe in new york city here with all the snow on the ground. keep in mind, halloween was last week. >> that's crazy. the post office wants to make sure you get your holiday packages where they need to go. so later today officials kick off the holiday mailing and shipping season. and will announce the mail by and ship by dates. so mark your calendar for that.
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>> right after christmas comes new year's day. master of the obvious, right. when the big tax hikes and budget cuts said to take effect. president obama and the gridlocked congress are scrambling to head them off. >> investors are not betting on it. the nerves leading to a 313-point drop yesterday. the biggest selloff of the year. abc's reporter has more. >> reporter: wall street woke up to the same president, but new worries. europe's debt crisis appears to be getting worse. there was rioting in greece over budget cuts and word that europe's strongest economy germany is in trouble. but quickly investors turned back to our looming problem, the road we are on to the so-called fiscal cliff at the end of the year. $650 billion of combined spending cuts and tax cuts expiring automatically. wall street selloff led to a loss of $300 billion in market value wednesday alone.
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however, just after close of trading wednesday, greece did pass its austerity measures so markets should be tempered a bit. when it comes to the future we can't expect uncertainty as the fiscal cliff looms ahead. >> coming up, advice on sorting out some of the hottest new options in tablets and touch screen computers. >> would you believe tab tops,
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and welcome back to "world news now." we are pleased to have with us tech editor joanna stern. joanna will tell us about five crazy computers that run microsoft's new windows 8. crazy in a good way. >> crazien a great way. i am telling you they're crazy. >> not like us in a crazy way.
2:48 am
>> not mentally insane. >> what are we starting with? >> windows 8 for tablets, desk tops, all types of computers. what microsoft did and partners, computers that are tablets and lap tops. >> all different tops. >> tab tops, laplets. there is no good name. dell xps 12, looks like a there mall laptop. >> it does. >> but you can -- >> gets all acrobatic. turns into a tablet. full-on tablet and laptop. >> touch screen. this is nice. yeah. >> you can -- zoom, do different things with it. >> a full laptop, core i-5 processor. good enough to do your work on. sit back on the couch, turn it into a laptop and watch. >> i don't know. eat potato chips.
2:49 am
>> exactly. this one too has a crazy trick up its sleeve, it is the yoga. it can do yoga. >> very flexible. >> the downward dog of lap tops. >> way more flexible than me. >> i don't know any of the poses. this can do a tent mode. stand it up. built-in stand. flip it around and become a tablet. >> that is, it is so, functionality is amazinamazing. >> versatile. >> then another stand like this. >> very cool. big thing here, keyboard is disabled. not typing on your lap. same thing as this one. failed to mention price is $1,200. $1,100 here. paying a lot. full functional laptop in here. >> is the price going down, or this one? >> the price about the same. we will get to lower priced stuff. another secret trick is a slider.
2:50 am
toshiba -- >> the u 925 t. >> that rolls off the tongue? >> no. slider does. >> i told toshiba call this the satellite slider. that's what this down. drop it down. >> the screen slides. >> tablet again. >> so neat. >> thing with all of these. clunky to use as a tablet. you have the keyboard. you like to have functionality of the keyboard. and it gives you a different element to your computing experience. >> if you want something that is not as clunky. >> not as clunky. this is the definitely the answer. this is one of my favorite windows 8 computers, so thin and light. really just a normal ultrabook, inte light ultrabooks now. >> it is light. >> you get basic laptop here. touch screen as well. really nice for, for navigating
2:51 am
here. the thing is with this one. this one gets pricier. >> how much? >> $1,300. >> yeah, okay. thin, light, really powerful. >> what about this price point? >> this one loper. the big one here. this is more comparable to an ipad. the big thing with this, it is a tablet. if i can pull it out. like an ipad. >> ipad with the keyboard. >> yeah. >> the tablet is $499. and it comes with the keyboard, $599. the difference this doesn't run a full-fledged version of windows. this is. >> somebody said good-bye. >> the computers. >> not happy. >> why is he getting atention? >> doesn't run a full. >> use new apps from the windows store. you can't use old windows apps on this. down side of this version. it is cheaper. >> all right, joanna stern, our abc news tech editor and knows a whole lot more about technology you or i do.
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>> i'm really not that crazy. >> but i am. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ i'd do anything for you, dear ♪
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♪ anything, yes, i'd do anything ♪ ♪ anything for you ♪
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welcome back, everybody to "the mix." this story may surprise a few people out there. this, a study done by one of the leading, experts on sex relationships in the uk here. this is the main theory she is working on. the qualities that women believe make them appealing, beauty, youth, confidence, intelligence are not what men look for in a long term relationship. men would rather a girl that made them secure. >> a sandwich. >> rather than the one all other guys want to take away from him. study after study, men say i want a hot girl, they actually in real life want some one, more of a spark and a personality connection above all else here. so they said emotional
2:56 am
connection was bigger than sexiness and spark was more important than looks. so being curvy, looking nice, appearing kind, listening, trust worthy, laughing at his jokes, letting him take care of you all more appealing to men than traditional hotness factor or whatever. interesting, men are not as shallow as we catch flak for being. >> basically make me a sandwich and talk so much. >> no, those are your word. i'm not saying that. very cool though. not hot, some one there is a connection with. there you go. >> they probably don't like smelly girls. we don't like smelly dude. if you have a body odor problem you may want to try eating your deodorant. chew on that. the company, out of the uk, will launch this next year. you eat this, it will release a lingering rose scent through the pores of your skin. kind of new. a u.s. company has a sweet and garlic compound, which can be broken down by the body.
2:57 am
it is ex-creted through the skin, roses, lavender, vanilla. went on sale in the united states back in august. it's about $10 for a small bag. it can last up to six hours for a delicious floral aroma. >> you eat it and smell look roses. >> if you eat too much garlic you end up smelling like garlic. you eat the scent, and then the it is through the pores. >> oh, that sounds wonderful. >> process that one. do you smell skittles and fritos. >> yes, cheese steak. which professions have the most psychopaths? >> oh, lord. >> i'm under the weather if you can't tell. psychopaths doesn't mean ax murderer, little egocentric. top professions, ceo, lawyer, media, tv, radio people. sales people. surgeons. journalists, police officer.
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clergy person,
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this morning on "world news now" -- more misery for areas hard hit by and still reeling after sandy. >> a snowy nor'easter is dumping up to 10 inches of snow in the new york area making for some real problems this morning. it's thursday, november 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." welcome everyone. adding insult to injury, snow on top of all of the destruction from sandy. just what this area of the country did not need. good morning, everybody, i'm paula faris. >> good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. our nor'easter coverage is up first. also this half-hour, freed
3:01 am
after nearly four decade in prison for murders he says he did not commit. the story of a newly freed man also coming up in this half-hour. then, the question -- is the shine off of apple. practically everyone has an i-something. but the company stock is sliding and plenty of people want to know what is wrong with the once mighty tech giant. did you ever think you would hear stock sliding, apple in trouble? >> i think financially they're okay. >> think they are. >> a bunch of guys who knew what they wanted and rode into a mall to get it. real life scene out of a james bond film. have to hear the details on this one. wild video there. first, a new threat for the millions who are still recovering from super storm sandy. a nor'easter bringing rain and wet snow to the coastal areas of new jersey, new york and connecticut. shutting major roadways. and the nation's largest commuter railroad. more than 1,000 flights were canceled with more likely as the
3:02 am
storm spreads through the region this morning and weary residents who just got their power back, yeah, have lost it again. jim dolan of our new york station, wabc in the area hit hard by sandy, staten island. >> reporter: even in the snow they're working on staten island. when does it end? >> it's snowing, this is insult to injury. we had a hour cane now a blizzard. >> reporter: so much of staten island without power, many with it depend on a generator only a few things can plug into that. with so much left undone and unhinged here, fema left staten island because of the looming nor'easter. folks wondering if it will ever get belter here. fema is closing up for several days. what is the reaction? >> scary. >> wish it wasn't national tv, i would tell you the real reaction when we saw the e-mails on the phone. these are these people's full times job, what they're supposed to be here for. >> thanks to jim dolan.
3:03 am
take a look at this video from hard hit new york city, queens, a tent used to help distribute thousand of hot meals to those still recovering from sandy collapsed under the weight of all of that snow. fortunately though nobody was hurt. mother nature give us a break. show some mercy. >> what did new jersey governor chris christie said i am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next. the latest forecast from accuweather's jim dickey. >> good morning. our nor'easter winding down today. still seeing snowfall and rain through the morning. and especially into new england. but as far as new york city area is concerned, pennsylvania, mid-atlantic, improving through the morning on to the afternoon. even seeing some sunshine break through late. snow total accumulations go, snowfall, western connecticut, 6 to 10 inches. a few spots up toward a foot.
3:04 am
rob and paula. back to you. >> jim, thanks a lot. it was weird coming in here tonight in the cab. sliding in the snow and slush. here we go. it is wintertime. though it is still fall. winterish for sure. >> i know my children were excited to wake up to snow. mom and dad, not so much. >> only fun itch you are a kid and don't have to go out in it. if you have to go out and work or do anything in it. not so much fun. we will get through it. our major story this morning, the president with no time to celebrate his big win last night. already getting back done to business in the nation's capital. >> what was that i think i saw, an olive branch extended. a couple of them. >> talk is cheap. we will see. >> leaders on both side of the aisle seem to be playing nice at least for now. abc's mark greenblat joins us from capitol hill. good morning, mark. >> good morning to you. day after an election in washington, the day after spring training in baseball. everybody seems to be filled with a whole lot of hope. that was the same story here in
3:05 am
washington as some of the leaders who normally bicker were finally talking about working together for once. >> reporter: it is back to work already for the president. who arrived back at the white house with the first family digging in now for four more years and immediate challenges. >> i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. about the work there is to do. >> reporter: top on the president's to do list, economic growth and jobs. immigration reform, and the number one priority, those tax cuts, set to expire come midnight new year's eve. already, signs of potential compromise from republicans and democrats. >> mr. president, the republican majority here in the house stand ready to work with you. >> i am going to do everything within my power to be as conciliatory as possible. i want to work together. >> reporter: the president will also still have to work directly with paul ryan. who won re-election in wisconsin as a representative, while losing the race for vice president.
3:06 am
but this new congress will have a new feel. wins by senator-elect elizabeth warren of massachusetts and tammy baldwin the first openly gay senator from wisconsin are helping women reach historic numbers and influence. >> women have been the bastion of bipartisanship in the senate, we'll see if that its true with the new crop of wichl in who are a little more from the extremes of their parties than the women they're replacing. >> the republican speaker of the house said that even he wants to do everything that he can to help barack obama succeed. but not as a liberal and not as a conservative, rather as the president of the united states and some one who can bring everyone together. live on capitol hill, mark greenblat, abc news. rob, paula, back to you. >> fingers crossed there can be bipartisanship this time around with the fiscal cliff around the corner. mark in terms of mr. obama's big win last night. any reaction on the glaeobal stage? >> couple things, in israel, benjamin netanyahu
3:07 am
congratulating barack obama on his re-election. president putin in russia saying the same thing. one thing i can tell you, the taliban, telling barack obama it's team to get out of afghanistan. so, a stern message from them. >> all right, abc's mark greenblat reporting from capitol hill, live this morning, we thank you, mark. we will extend to you or olive branch as well. >> thank you. >> good to see this kind of tone though on capitol hill. especially kidding just, how divisive it has been. it's good for america to see this. john boehner coming out today. harry reid as well. boehner said, we can't keep setting the bar that low. it is time we raise the bar. i loved what he said about we are ready to be led not as democrats or republicans, but as americans, not as a liberal or conservative, but as the president of the united states. >> that's the quote mark alluded to. you hope in light -- dual messages last night. the country overwhelmingly elected barack obama back to office. more democrats in the senate and the house. on the other side.
3:08 am
popular vote very close. obama, up by 3 million votes. very close race. that was a message, not a mandate. so there is a middle ground that you hope they both seek out. because the electorate did send dual messages last night. >> one headline, the divided states of america. it is a little divided. we need some healing, neosporin and a band-aid. yeah. asian stocks tumbled overnight after a steep drop on wall street. global investors are nervous about new forecasts that show slow slow economic growth in europe well into next year. back at home, the concerns about the fiscal cliff. mark explained itch a deal is not reached by january 1, tax increases and government spending cuts of $800 billion automatically take effect. that isser to number one for capitol hill. yes, former congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, coming face to face today with the man who almost took her life. abc news has learn that gifford and her husband, astronaut mark
3:09 am
kelly, will been tucson in a courtroom there when jared sen. kelly is expected to make a statement before the court. loughner killed six people during that shooting rampage. giffords was among 13 that were wounded. and, on world news last night, diane sawyer, recounted an in the view she had with her and asked her if she had any hard feelings what would she say. i don't have any. no, no, no. just kind of shows the type of woman that gabrielle giffords is. >> absolutely. absolutely. simply unbelievable reason, heist, to show you from an area of north london, should say. the robbers did not bother with getaway cars here. they drove their motorcycles straight into a shopping center. >> clearly they knew what they were doing and where they were going. they stopped right in front of a jewelry store. >> couple of guys went inside to grab the loot a nother stayed outside keeping shoppers at bay with an ax. then they got back on their bikes and rode straight back out the door. they have not been seen since.
3:10 am
>> george clooney and brad pitt? >> slightly brazen. motorcycle. >> with an ax. going old school. >> medieval style. >> coming up next. family intrigue and a newly freed man. >> he spent the better part of his life behind bars. now he is free, but not everyone is happy about it. we will tell you his story next on "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. follow the wings.
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welcome back, everybody. an arizona man who spent nearly four decade behind bars for two murders he says he did not commit is a free man this morning. >> reporter dave biscobane of our phoenix affiliate has a long case of justice denied. >> reporter: it was a horrific crime. two people gunned down in a desert area north of the valley. the case went cold for more than a decade until bill mccumber's wife turned him in claiming he confessed. but their son says the two were going through a divorce. >> she was having affairs, it could be proved she was having
3:15 am
affairs. >> reporter: his wife worked for the sheriff's office and mccumber's attorneys claim she planted evidence. >> a palm print that matched the palm print of bill mccumber. >> reporter: arrested, convicted. sentenced to life. 38 years later, bill mccumber walked out of jail. so what changed? >> justice requires us to us do what is right. >> reporter: in a special hearing in superior court, the county attorney's office offered him a deal if he changed his plea from not guilty to no contest they would let him go with time served. the family of the victims spoke out against the decision. >> i just want justice for my sister. >> reporter: they believe mccumber is guilty. the decision really doesn't matter to bill mccumber. because after four decade he is free. >> wow. 38 years. the, the -- heart of your life gone. >> 77 now. the justice department has been
3:16 am
advocating for his release in recent years saying there is no dna evidence. his wife framed him. another man confessed to the killings. could you imagine? >> your life is gone. you missed so much. just. >> that happens more than we would look to think it does. >> exactly. the sad part. coming up next, new concerns for the world's most valuable company. >> plunging stock prices leading to questions, are competitors finally taking a bite out of apple? it is all coming up on "world news now."
3:17 am
3:18 am
well, the financial markets they were not too happy yesterday. they plunged. and sinking along with them was one of the hottest stocks on the planet. apple. >> the company has lost $130 billion since september. so is this temporary? or is the magic just gone? here is abc's neal karlinsky. >> this is amazing. >> reporter: if there is one thing you can count on when it comes to apple, it is hype. hype about the company's latest iphone or ipad. and lately, hype about the stock price. >> apple stock is surging this morning after the company reported a jaw dropping 73% increase in sales last quarter. >> reporter: for much of the year, stock market gurus making predictions, apple, the stock market sensation that sold for $7 a decade ago heading to an
3:19 am
astonishing $1,000 a share. >> apple is going to $1,000. >> here is the thing about all the analysts they like to change their mind. apple shares continue to fall. that stock is now just 2% away from a 20% decline. >> reporter: today apple stock gave up almost 4%. sinking from its high of $705 in september, to a five-month low today. and dancing around the edges of officially bearish territory. >> the growth of the company is spectacular, but it is slowing down. the introduction of the iphone and ipad are in the rearview mirror. there are fundamental changes going on at apple. investor nervousness didn't just start today. >> reporter: how did a company that can do no wrong make such a dramatic turn. >> interesting to watch the challenge from a marketing standpoint. apple used to use long lines as a marketing tool. now they're mocked by samsung. they're facing direct competition around products they
3:20 am
have innovated look this never have before. >> reporter: like bad directions from apple's much maligned apple maps, the company suffered rare criticism. tim cook had to apologize for map gate, the ipad minilaunched to headlines of minilines at store. the ipad is losing market share to a surging samsung. even microsoft, long ago left in apple's dust, has a tablet called the surface, nudging for attention and starring in mock ad, crushing the ipad. and there are deeper concerns, no new products are likely until well into next year. and aside from the expectation that apple may reinvent the television, its product are ner. >> apple is at a point. it's risen. plateaued. they need to respark the fire of
3:21 am
innovation they have had so long. it's a little bit harder. >> reporter: betting against apple is tricky, while it is true nothing goes up forever. the company is just getting started selling in china. it has more cash on hand than many countries and entire economies and been written off prematurely before. time to sell? or time to buy? there is probably an app for that. neal karlinsky, abc news, in seattle. >> a bet against apple, not necessarily a smart bet. the dow dropped 312 points yesterday. big drop. interesting too, four years ago, the day after obama was first elected it dropped 486 points. which was a massive drop. it is up 40% since four years ago when things were bad economically. still for this year despite the drop is up 6%. still a long way from where we once were. >> to put it in perspective. overall damage inflicted $400 billion in stock market vanished
3:22 am
in the trading session. that is a lot. >> concerns about overseas, and fiscal cliff, puts the onus back on capitol hill. much more coming up after the break. stay with us. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital
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♪ ♪ ♪ tell me what you hate tell me what you love ♪ ♪ ♪ >> finally this half-hour, we all marked the passing of time this election week by how much more gray hair the president has now compared to just four years ago. >> but on the stage in chicago tuesday night we saw a more striking marker, his daughters all grown up. here is abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: as they walked on the stage last night, everyone noticed, especially dad. >> sasha and malia -- before our
3:26 am
very eyes you are growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women. >> malia and sasha once hoisted in their parents' arms. you can't help but marvel as they inch up before our eyes. malia now shoulder to shoulder with her mother. she is now 14. sasha 11. the next four years for them marked by first dances, college applications and dating. >> teenage hood is complicated. i should also point out that i have men with guns that surround them often. it means they never get in the car with a boy who had a beer. >> reporter: malia anxious to get her driver's license. >> >> we will have to figure out the logistics. i promised her she will learn how to drive. >> reporter: they will spend most of their lives living in the white house yet we rarely get glimpses of them or hear their voices. their parents trying to preserve benchmarks of home, family dinners, after-school games,
3:27 am
life lessons, a family dog. >> i am so proud of you guys. but i will say for now, one dog is probably enough. two remarkable young women growing up gracefully and side stepping the spotlight in tiny pink sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> you heard the first lady say often that her first job is mom in chief. trying to preserve some normalcy for some girls. you wonder at that age that they realize they'll be famous for the rest of their lives. incredible fish bowl. >> i love the pictures back to the time, senator in chicago, how young they were. this is pretty much all they have ever known. they have done a good job of growing up gracefully. now they're entering the teenage years, at least, sasha is. i wouldn't want to be the guy that wanted to court her. >> i'm surrounded by men with guns. the president and a dad talking. >> yes it is. >> more from abc next.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- a freshly frosted mess. snow blankets the area that just got hit so hard by super storm sandy. >> the snow, the newest hardship for the hundreds of thousand of people who've have been in the dark for more than a week. it is thursday, november 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." no rest for the weary as they say. it is a real mess for this morning's rush hour here in the new york city area. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. i nearly slipped and bit it getting out of the taxicab last night to get to work. >> a daily occurrence for you. with the snow it is worse. >> with the snow it makes it even worse.
3:31 am
also this half-hour, our changing demographic nation. the very thing getting all the credit for putting president obama back in the white house for another four years. >> the fascinating look too at the changing tone and culture and politics of the nation. really very interesting. insight into the obama victory this week. also speaking of the president, lots of happy people celebrating his re-election in kenya and included an elderly family member. our correspondent went there for a firsthand look. >> and some political notes, skinny style. an odd couple indeed, roseanne barr and a man now being called america's happy warrior, vice president joe biden. there are reasons they are being talked about this morning. >> but first, more than 50,000 customers who had just gotten their power back have lost it again as the nor'easter tore through the area. >> airlines have canceled at least 1,300 flights in and out of the new york metro area. and road travel overnight is
3:32 am
treacherous. abc's ginger zee in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. >> reporter: in the battered rockaways, a freshly frosted mess. heavy snow falling atop hurricane sandy's destruction, it's a disaster layered on a disaster. new york and new jersey had just dried off after being inundated by the super storm. and now all across the northeast, the wintry storm is dropping wet snow, sleet, rain, and wind gusts that could reach 60 miles per hour. already, it's prompted coastline communities in new jersey to order mandatory evacuations. sandy could cost americans $50 billion in damage by earliest estimates. and much of the clean-up remains to be done. 675,000 people are still without power since last week's disaster. and hundreds of thousands displaced. >> you know, we may take a set back in the next 24 hours. you need to be prepared for that.
3:33 am
>> reporter: in north jersey, buildings damaged by sandy were reboarded up. they have extra plywood now as people brace for a second battering. winds howled into new york city where subway systems are still under repair. and now, railroads and bridges are frozen, once again, crippling the area into an impassible mess. >> hurricane sandy, weakened trees and the high winds tonight could cause more trees and limbs to come down and the storm debris still on our streets to blow around dangerously. >> reporter: the debris which is everywhere, need to be cleared before the high winds kick up. new york airports are also locked down again. ginger zee, rockaway park, new york. >> and the storm will now spread north over the next few hours. >> with more on the track of the storm we are joined this morning by accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. hi, jim. >> good morning, rob and paula. well the nor'easter continues to batter the coast of the northeast and new england. we see still some snowfall.
3:34 am
many spots picked up substantial snow through wednesday. especially connecticut. many spots coming near a foot with those accumulations. good news is -- the worst is over with the storm. the area of low pressure weakening, at the storm's center you see some dry air starting to work its way in. that will continue through the early morning hours. still some snow to be had. northern parts of new england, especially well inland across northwestern maine, coastal maine through coastal new england to cape cod, improving pennsylvania to the new york city area. dry air works its way in. we will keep it chilly here. as far as storm total snowfall goes -- many spots 3, to 6 inches, include the new york city area. the connecticut area, heavy snow through the day yesterday. that's where we see accumulat n accumulations reaching a foot. keeping it chilly this morning. many spots in around the freezing point. warmer air on the way as we head into the weekend. rob and paula, back to you. >> jim, thanks a lot. the rest of the nation's weather. northern montana, bracing for a blizzard with up to 6 inches of snow and some strong wind there.
3:35 am
and gusty in reno, and salt lake city. some rain in seattle and portland. >> much cooler than usual in central and southern florida. miami will barely break 70. honolulu and phoenix in the mid 80s. the midwest is mainly in the 50s and 60s. but any time we mention honolulu it's got to be just torturous. we'll just stop mentioning paradise. >> seething jealousy we have in the northeast. yeah. president obama only took a little time to savor his big victory before shifting his focus to of course what lies ahead. >> as the first family returned to the white house, the so-called fiscal cliff it is looming, a mix of tax increases and spending cuts that could plunge the economy back into a recession. he needs stew strike -- he needs to strike a deal with republicans to cut the deficit by the end of the year. there is already a hint of compromise. >> we want you to succeed. let's challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us, let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right
3:36 am
thing together for our country. senate majority leader harry reid offered an olive branch of his own, saying it is better to dance than to the fight. are these the same guys we have heard over the last couple years? amazing how they flipped a switch. all of a sudden they are getting along. >> yeah, talk is cheap. we'll see. the thing is now, a matter what is going to get done during the lame-duck session of congress between now and january and what the new congress will do next year. kind of try to decide to what action makes sense. the sticking point, obama has planted his, that line in the sand. look, tax, tax cuts for the rich have to go. republicans are not for that. that is a central sticking point here. that's, ice they can't seem to break through. maybe this time it will be different. >> boehner speaking about the taxation issue, we aren't seeking to impose our will on the president, we are asking him to make good on a balanced approach. a balanced approach isn't higher taxes on small businesses. that are key to getting our economy moving again and keeping it moving. >> the big issue, tax cuts for the wealthy.
3:37 am
entitlement reform. that's always tricky. touching people's medicare, social security, and so, they have a lot on their plate to deal with. hopefully the election sent a signal, the country wants y'all to get something done. some where in the middle. hopefully that common ground can be found. >> reduce the debt. >> yeah, a badly divided country. congress, we'll see. >> uh-huh. the california man behind an anti-islam film that led to violence in the middle east he has been sentenced to a year in federal prison for violating probation. mark basseley youssef was sentenced after he admitted he used several false names in violation of his probation order and obtained a driver's license under a false name. he was on probation for bank fraud. dramatic surveillance video released of the bizarre incident at a utah airport this summer. a sky west pilot accused of murder tried to use a stolen jet as his getaway vehicle. check this out, brian hegland wanted in connection with killing his ex-girlfriend when he hopped in a jet and slammed
3:38 am
into a building, crashing through fences, knocking down light poles and damaging more than a dozen cars in the process. hegland committed suicide before police reached that plane. and, with thanksgiving two weeks away, actually two weeks from today, right? thursday, thursday? >> yes, it is. yes. >> i'm going to be -- grubbing in two weeks. >> the predictions of fuller planes and higher fares are coming true. >> new numbers show almost 24 million people will fly domestic airlines over the turkey day holidays. the mraendz planes 90% full. >> the number of airline tickets sold for christmas and new year's and the holidays, it is up more than 50% from just a year ago, with prices up sharply as well. >> of course, this time of year they tend to jack those prices up. they know people want to travel. >> the deals really aren't out there anymore. >> you don't find. no, you really don't. >> you know we love our football here on "world news now." we just couldn't resist showing you highlights of sam gordon. >> you see, sam gordon is actually a she.
3:39 am
and you obviously cannot keep a fast girl down. >> no, you can't. >> our -- [ laughter ] i love our writers. she is the leading rusher on her junior team so far sheaf has gone for 1,900 yard this season. you go, girl. >> and she scored 35 touchdowns. talking heisman, heiswoman numbers. enjoy it while you can. samantha. you'll meet her this morning on "good morning america." making the boys run after her already. >> that's right. that's right. good for her. check out the interview later on "gma." sound good. >> we are not done with the election just yet. we'll take a look inside our changing nation next. >> and "the skinny," and roseanne barr, and the guy once called joe, "the skinny" coming up. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifestyle lift.
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>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifestyle lift. called joe, "the skinny" called joe, "the skinny"
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♪ living in america ♪ ♪ ♪ living in america >> welcome back, everyone. you couldn't help noticing it election night, the faces at the campaign parties for president obama and governor romney they looked very different. >> absolutely. as pundits have been pointing out ever since, the outcome of
3:44 am
the election rested on those differences. here is abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: from the chicago victory party to new york's times square, we saw the same thing last night in the battleground of tampa, florida. >> the diversity in the crowd here behind me, that is one of the big issues in the election one of the reasons florida is such a strong battleground state right now. latinos critical to obama's win. >> reporter: just look at the faces i shot on my phone. young, black, white, latino, men, women. they are the voters who reflect the changing face of america. voters whose diversity mirrors the very man they put into office for a second time. >> when you look at the country today it is much more like the "modern family" of the country where there is minorities, gays, single women than it is about the "mad men" part of the country, white male oriented.
3:45 am
>> reporter: it's not that whites stayed home, there is just fewer of them. they are still a majority of voters, but this time their share of the electorate was lowest ever. while governor mitt romney won whites by the biggest margin since 1984, he still lost because of all the groups that voted for president obama. think of them as the diverse "modern family" voter. first, there is minorities. making up their largest share of voters on record. latinos now 10% of the electorate, hitting double digits for the first time. more than twice as many unmarried women backing president obama over romney. and again, he won big with y >> this electorate is here to stay. it is only going to increase. >> reporter: very rapidly turning red and blue america into a much more colorful place. cecilia vega, abc news, tampa. >> hear a lot of analysis, last night about the enthusiasm gap, younger people came out. big numbers. >> 61%. >> that is my question, look at the young stat and go, those are folks 20-something in college, who are politically coming of age in this obama era.
3:46 am
you wonder can republicans bring that back or is that perhaps a lost generation. because they're getting entrenched now will that last for the next few decades of their life if they remain politically active. interesting, where the country is going. young folks coming up now. >> you know pretty severe liberal shift too. voters over 50 we hear so much about, gay marriage issue, voters over 50 are most opposed. voters 18-29 are most supportive of same-sex marriage. really, become a partisan issue. >> generational issue. >> generational issue. exactly. >> young voters have a lot more time left on the planet than maybe the other folks, maybe have to keep an eye on the numbers. >> it was very, very eye-opening to see the stark differences and to see, you know the shift in america. >> great analysis last night, it said -- one election is a run-off, two is a trend. the new dynamics we have been discussing, rising influence of minority voters, lopsided young voters, dramatic
3:47 am
changes we see on issues, mark more than a second term of barack obama they mark the turning of a political page. so last night was a big picture look where the country could be headed. interesting. >> when we come back, a new role for the vp. >> he is coming up in the "the skinny," that's next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny
3:49 am
we're going to kick things off in "the skinny," a little political note. one of the more entertaining aspects of the election is always write in votes. people get creative. comedian roseanne barr was actually on the ballot in three states. then she also had some pretty good support with the online vote as well. she came in fifth place on the ballot for president. fifth place overall on the ballot, with cindy sheehan, 40,000 voters. 36,000 in california. and about 8,000 in florida. she originally recruited willie nelson as her vice president before he backed out. they campaigned on a platform included legalization of marijuana. >> shocking. >> colorado and washington. resource based economy. and forgiveness of student loans. thousand on line they would
3:50 am
prefer porn legend ron jeremy. >> well he does take a lot of positions. >> she tweeted. thank you for keeping me on track. i do not concede. in fact, i accept the job of unofficial president of the united states of america. i will serve main street not wall street. >> roseanne. president roseanne. wouldn't that be something, man. >> it would be something. >> speaking of politics here, vice president joe biden, an interesting role here. going to appear on november 15th episode of "parks and recreation" the funny show, amy pohler. of "saturday night live" fame. her character, councilwoman on the show has a huge crush on the vice president. her fiance in the show takes her to the white house and bumps into biden face to face and they have a moment. in fact her character says her ideal man has the brains of george clooney and the body of joe biden. clearly a fascinating character she plays on the show. joe didn't film this in the campaign. this was filmed back in july, when the show went to d.c. on location. november 15th, check out the veep on "parks and rec."
3:51 am
>> jermaine jackson, brother of michael is filing a motion, petition with the judge to change his last name to jacksun. >> what? >> why? he wants to change it for artistic reasons. according to tmz. he doesn't give further details. the request not yet approved by a judge. a hearing scheduled. apparently have to go through a litany of -- of, like certain requirements, in order for this to become official. keep in mind he does have a child named jermajesty. >> i'd look to file a petition for germajermaine to change his. tired of him looking like one of the five heart beats. any way. moving on. rihanna has a new album on november 19th. on this album is a a duet with chris brown. the ex-boyfriend. we know the back story. the song "nobody's business." on the song, she sings, i want to be your baby, you will always be my baby. sing it to the world.
3:52 am
baby give me some. i'm going to be your girl. and it ain't nobody's business. take a look as we go to break. ♪ it ain't nobody's business ♪ it ain't nobody's business what's today's dare?
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and finally this half-hour, congratulatory messages for president obama flooded in from all parts of the world yesterday. >> some of the happiest people are his re-election, after his re-election rather live in a small village in kenya where everyone was rooting for him. abc's bareporter was there. >> reporter: those not keeping warm by keeping the beat came prepared for the long wait. the election watch party in this typically sleepy village was an exhaustive all-nighter. by dawn, some concern as the first results came in. then, smiles.
3:56 am
and soon -- the winner declared. ♪ for the people of kogelo, it is a day to dance. first over to the home of president obama's late father, to celebrate with mama sarah, the president's 90-year-old step grandmother. she said she never doubted her grandson would win again, but it was a great relief to many others here, who have high hopes his second term will lead to better lives in a beautiful, yet impoverished land. >> he has brought honor and glory to this community. he placed this community on the world cap. >> reporter: kogelo's connection to the u.s. president brought attention from the kenyan government and charity groups. there is a paved road, electricity and some new wells and some new businesses serving tourists like this new restaurant. >> many guests have come around, everyone has benefited. shop keepers, selling small things. >> reporter: he opened a new
3:57 am
hotel here where many say they're celebrating a victory for changing attitudes far beyond the village. >> blacks and whites are the same. it should be a lesson to everybody. that we should not underrate under people. we are all equal. ba >> of course the village where the president's father was born. this is fascinating though. take a look at this picture. a woman gave birth close to the village. millicent, she gave birth to twins. get this, she named one, barack obama, and named the other twin, mitt romney. so this woman can go for bipartisanship. maybe we can take a lesson and do it back here in the states. >> if you are wondering, barack is in white, and mitt is in blue. apparently a lot of babies born were named obama. this is the only one named mitt romney. >> interesting move, mom. more from abc coming up next. >> reporter: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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