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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 8, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morning, more misery in the northeast. >> the region hit by a hurricane, now buried in snow levels never seen before on this date, making a mess of roads and airports and knocking out power to people who had just gotten it back on. the president returns to washington to begin his second term. and already, a bipartisan tone sounding from capitol hill. but will it last? and stolen wings. newly-released video of a pilot trying to steal an empty commuter jet, speeding across the airport in the middle of the night, crashing into buildings before the reckless rampage ends. and the video of the morning. the peewee football phenom. a 9-year-old girl leaving the boys in the dust.
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good thursday morning, everybody. a record-breaking storm is bringing fresh misery for those so hard-hit by sandy. >> heavy, wet snow fell overnight on power lines and branches. and now, thousands who had just gotten their power back are in the dark again. the northeast had just begun recovering from superstorm sandy. and now, this. heavy snowfall on top of the destruction. >> it's snowing. this is, like, insult to injury. we just had a hurricane. now, we're having a blizzard. >> reporter: the storm is dropping wet snow, sleet and rain, with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. and the falling temperatures are adding to the problems for those without heat and electricity. >> i'm just waiting for electricity. and then, this morning, i heard 30-mile-per-hour winds. you know they're not going to work on the power lines today. >> reporter: police took to the streets and urged people to take
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shelter. volunteers at donation sites are clearing out the supplies that have been collected in order to make room for people who might need a warm shelter. >> what we're trying to do is clear out a shelter in there so all the people who aren't evacuating can have a place to stay. >> reporter: new jersey ordered a mandatory evacuation order for many coastline communities. >> cops are telling us we have to evacuate immediately. they're expecting another surge of water. and they want everybody out of the houses. >> we may take a step back in the next 24 hours. you need to be prepared for that. i'm prepared for that. i hate setbacks. i don't tolerate them usually very well. but this one, i can't control. >> reporter: and airlines are also taking another hit with more than 1,700 flights canceled for yesterday and today. and commuters who have been dealing with gas shortages and adjusted mass transit system, are now dealing with icy roads and closed highways. >> it's really, really bad,
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waiting in line for gas. now, i'm waiting in line to get home. the heaviest snow fell in ocean county, new jersey, which got a foot. and central manhattan got four inches. and for more on the storm, here's accuweather's jim dickey. >> our nor'easter winding down today. still seeing snowfall and rain, especially through the morning and especially into new england. but as far as the new york city is concerned, into pennsylvania, the mid-atlantic, improving in the morning and afternoon. see some sunshine break through late. the snowfall accumulation goes with snowfall. western connecticut. six to ten inches. a few spots, up towards a foot. rob and paula, back to you. >> our thanks to jim.can see th still coming down. we're going to get the very latest forecast coming up on "good morning america." in other news this morning, president obama is off and running, as he gears up for his second term in office. we learned overnight that he's reportedly planning to visit
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myanmar this month, becoming the first sitting president to ever do so. but the country's economic issues are also, as you can imagine, very high on the agenda. and his political rivals appear ready to compromise. more, now, from abc's mark greenblatt. >> reporter: it's back to work already for the president, who arrives back at the white house with the first family, digging in, now, for four more years and immediate challenges. >> i return to the white house more determined, and more inspired than ever, about the work we're to do. >> reporter: top on the president's to-do list, economic growth and jobs, immigration reform. and the number one priority, those tax cuts, set to expire come new year's eve. already, signs of potential compromise from both republicans and democrats. >> mr. president, the republican majority here in the house stands ready to work with you. >> i'm going to do everything within my power to be as conciliatory as possible. i want to work together. >> reporter: the president will
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also still have to work directly with paul ryan, who won re-election in wisconsin as a representative, while losing the race for vice president. but this new congress will have a new feel. wins by senator-elect elizabeth warren of massachusetts and tammy baldwin, the first openly-gay senator from wisconsin, are helping women reach new numbers in influence. >> women have been the bastian of bipartisanship in the senate. we'll see if that's true with the new crop of women, who are a little more from the extremes of their parties than the women they're replacing. >> reporter: and the speaker of the house, kicking off barack obama's second term, by saying he wants to do everything he can to help the president succeed. not as a liberal and not as a conservativ conservative. but rather, as a leader that can bring everyone together. mark greenblatt, capitol hill. more than 24 hours have passed since the concession and victory speeches. but once again, the counting not over in florida. even though it no longer matters, florida's 29 electoral
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votes remain unclaimed. several counties are tallying absentee ballots. and some voters had to wait in line as long as seven hours to vote on tuesday. broken printers and extra long ballots added to the problem. and more major political news coming out of china this morning. china's president has opened to party meetings on leadership change calling for the end of corruption. the meeting is aimed at installing the next generation of leaders. the gathering comes amid a scandal involving a top politician over his wife's involvement in the murder of a british businessman. and a crime in california is making headlines. a 21-year-old man has confessed to breaking into house minority leader nancy pelosi's home. kevin hagen was arrested during another burglar in the same napa valley neighborhood. police say he admitted to breaking into six homes. and he had a watch on him that was taken from pelosi's house. it's time, now, for the weather across the rest of the nation. there's a blizzard in the
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rockies, with parts of montana picking up half a foot of snow. it's going to be gusty in reno and salt lake city. shroudy with sprinkles in san francisco. >> temps in florida are cooler than usual. miami breaks 70. that's frigid for them. in phoenix, the mid-80s. l.a. had been in the 90s. today, only 69. >> you said honolulu. when we come back, another staggering impact of hurricane sandy. 250,000 cars. and wall street jitters. will investors see a rebound from the worst sell-off in a year? then, new video of a brazen getaway attempt in a plane. the caught-on-tape crime that came to a deadly end.
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welcome back, everyone. wall street tries to bounce back today from its worst day of the year. the dow losing almost 313 points after the president's re-election because of concern about that looming fiscal cliff. automatic spending cuts and tax increases that will kick in january 1st, if there is no deal in congress. another reason for the stock slide is worry over europe's debt crisis, with rioting over new budget cuts in greece. and another gauge of the magnitude of hurricane sandy. the impact on the auto industry. an estimated 250,000 cars and trucks could end up as total losses from the storm, which might lead to a spike in new car sales. automakers say 16,000 new vehicles, many at the port of newark, will have to be scrapped. with thanksgiving just two
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weeks away, predictions of jam-packed planes and higher fares are proving to be true. nearly 24 million people will fly domestic airlines over the holiday, with planes about 90% full. the number of tickets already sold for christmas and new year's is up more than 50% compared to last year at this time, with prices up sharply, as well. and walmart is upping the ante in high-stakes black friday shopping. the retail giant will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. that's two hours earlier than last year. and they're prompting a better shot at landing the hottest items. among the deals, a tv for 148 bucks. and a blu-ray player for $38. 8:00. how about that? and for tech-hungry folks with much deeper pockets, bentley may have just the thing for you. it's a plush office and entertainment center on wheels. decked out with two ipads and
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keyboards, built-in wi-fi, an hd-tv screen, two smaller screens, a mac computer, an i d ipod, a phone and 20 speakers. the gadget-laden car goes on sale for a mere $300,000. >> you have some change lying around. >> who doesn't? yeah. when we come back, finally free. a 77-year-old man walks out of prison after spending decades for a brutal crime and saying he was framed by his ex-wife. and could drugs that millions of americans take for their hearts help them survive cancer? new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon
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or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are, or may become pregnant or are breast feeding should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. talk to your doctor today about androgel 1.62% so you can use less gel. log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. and these drivers in suburban boston were clearly not prepared for the first nor'easter of the season. there were crashed cars practically on every block in
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some neighborhoods around worcester. the snow will change to freezing rain and then just rain by afternoon. >> headed for a summer in boston. worcester. now, for a look at other morning road conditions. it will be wet on the roads around seattle and portland. drivers face blizzard conditions in morn montana. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in new york and boston, close to worcester. >> there you go. dramatic surveillance video has been released of the bizarre incident at a utah airport this summer. >> a skywest pilot, accused of murder, trying to use a stolen jet as his getaway vehicle. brian headwin was wanted in connection of killing his girlfriend. he crashes through fences. knocks down light poles. and damages more than a dozen cars. he committed suicide before chris could reach the plane. the psychotic shooter who opened fire on congresswoman gabga
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gabby giffords and nearly 20 others in tucson will be sentenced today. abc news has learned that giffords and mark kelly will be in a tucson courtroom, coming face-to-face with jared loughner. six people were killed in that shooting rampage. and a 77-year-old arizona man is waking up to freedom this morning after spending almost 40 years in prison for a double-murder that he has always insisted he did not commit. reporter david biscamine of our abc station in phoenix has the story. >> reporter: it was a horrific crime. two people gunned down in a desert area north of the valley. the case went cold for more than a decade. until bill mccumber's wife turned him in, claiming he co sed. but his son says the two were going through a divorce. >> she was having affairs. >> reporter: his wife works for the sheriff's office. and mccumber's attorneys claim, she planted evidence. >> miraculously, out of the file
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jumped a palmprint that matched a palmprint of bill mccumber. >> reporter: 38 years later, bill mccumber walked out of jail. so, what changed? >> justice requires us to do what is right. >> reporter: in a special hearing, the county attorney's office offered him a deal. if he changed his plea from not guilty to no contest, they'd let him go with time served. the family of the victims spoke out against the decision. >> i want justice for my sister. >> reporter: they still believe mccumber is guilty. the decision doesn't matter to bill mccumber because after four decades, he's free. >> a great day. >> that was reporter dave biscamine. statins may help with heart disease and cancer. a study released look at cholesterol-fighting statins and
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found cancer patients were 15% less likely to die from the disease. scientists say more research is needed before they make any new guidelines about usage. it is time, now, for sports. we get the highlights from espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. the lakers, trying to avoid a 1-4 start. steve nash, not playing in this one. and misses. howard arguing with the ref. taking advantage. running the floor for the jam. lakers down ten at the half. later, lakers down six. throws it out of bounds. and misses, walking down the court, taking their time. gets caught. the full-court pass and the jam. cavs up eight at the end of the third. under three minutes to play. kobe, how about a three?
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no good. and the lakers, standing around. saves the ball. and the jam. 18-point run. and the jazz wins, 95-86. san antonio, for the first time in franchise history. taking on the clippers. deandre jordan, the nasty jam. clippers up seven. jamal crawford, driving the basket. alley-oop and the one-handed jam. clippers up six at the half. third quarter, steals it from tim duncan. chris paul, on the break. alley-oop. cp-3 during the game. later in the third, the pass and finishes with the nasty jam. 20 points, 11 boards for him. his second career game with at least 20 points and 10 rebounds. clippers go on to win, 106-84.
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that was your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a great day. coming up next, "the pulse," and some girl power this morning. the 9-year-old star running back showing the boys how it's done. and late-night comedy puts its spin on mitt romney's confession call. for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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(cries) a machine can't give you what a person can. that's why ally has knowledgeable people there for you, night and day. ally bank. your money needs an ally. your thursday "pulse," some postelection laughs. it's one part of the outcome that took away from the cameras, the concession call from mitt romney to the president. >> we have an idea of what took
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place, thanks to jimmy fallon last night. >> this is my confession call. congratulations. you did it. >> hey, now. everything okay? you seem a little down. >> it's just, i really wanted to be president. i was going to create 12 million jobs. >> well, look. buck up. you created one job, except it was for me. >> all right. very funny. you got me. you know, i can laugh at myself. ha, ha, ha. >> always wonder what that call really is like, how awkward or tense or maybe genuinely, you know, pleasant it is. you have to wonder. >> i think we'll have to continue to wonder. >> yeah. well, now, some video you have to see. first, a simply unbelievable heist from the u.k. >> the robbers did not bother with any getaway cars. they drove their motorcycles straight into a shopping center. clearly, they knew what they were doing and where they were going. they stopped right in front of
4:24 am
the jewelry store. >> a couple guys ran inside to grab the loot. and others stayed outside, keeping shoppers at bay with an ax. they made a clean getaway and have not been seen since. nor has the ax. also this morning, a phenom on the gridiron. check out sam gordon. >> you see sam gordon is actually samantha. and you obviously can't keep that girl down. on her junior team, she's the leading rusher, by far. these gone for over 1,900 yards this season alone. >> and she's also scored 35 touchdowns. we're talking, like, heisman numbers here. enjoy it while you can, sam. you'll meet her later on "good morning america." stay tuned for that. >> if "good morning america" can keep up with her. >> really, man. probably in times square, chasing folks. >> you go, girl. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with the first daughters and how much changes in just four years.
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updating the top stories. a record-breaking storm has knocked out power to thousands of hard-hit new york and new jersey residents. more than 1,000 flights have been canceled. and travel on the ground is treacherous. president obama is back at the white house and back to work this morning after winning re-election. he is once again focusing on striking that deal to cut the deficit by the end of the year. former congresswoman gabby giffords is expected to be in a tucson courtroom today for the sentencing of jared loughner, the man who shot her in the head. a quick look at weather now. a new storm brings rain to the pacific northwest. blizzard conditions in the northern rockies. pleasant in the nation's heartland. new york and philly should see some sun by the afternoon. and finally this morning, the first daughters. four more years and a few more inches to go. >> life at 1600 pennsylvania
4:28 am
avenue for malia and sasha. and what's in store, now, for daddy's little girls. here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: as they walked on stage last night, everyone noticed, especially dad. >> sasha and malia, before our very eyes, you're growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women. >> reporter: malia and sasha once hoisted on their parents' arms. you can't help how they marvel as they inch up right before our very eyes. malia now shoulder-to-shoulder with her mom. she's now 14, sasha, 11. the next four years for them will likely be marked with first dances, college applications, and dating. >> teenagehood is complicated. i should also point out that i have men with guns that surround them. often. it means they never get in the car with a boy who had a beer. >> reporter: malia, already anxious to get her driver's license. >> we're going to have to figure out the logistics of that.
4:29 am
but i promised her that she will, in fact, be able to learn how to drive. >> reporter: they will have spent most of their lives living in the white house. and yet, we rarely get glimpses of them. rarely hear their voices. >> make that cat go away. >> reporter: their parents trying to preserve benchmarks of home. family dinners, afterschool games, life lessons, a family dog. >> and i'm so proud of you guys. but i will say for now, one dog's probably enough. >> reporter: two remarkable young women growing up gracefully and sidestepping the spotlight in tiny pink sneakers. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> fascinating fish bowl life that has to be for those two girls. wow. >> i don't want to be the guy that's trying to court either one of those girls. >> no, no. not with that secret service around, right? >> nope. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. and thanks for joining us, everybod


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