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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 25, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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[ shrieks ] [ martha may chuckles ] [ panting ] - your ring back. - [ crowd gasps ] sorry, but my heart belongs to... someone else. hmm? [ yelping, laughing ] [ ggling ] ♪ [ humming, vocalizing ] no hard feelings? [ laughing ] cheer up, dude. it's christmas. [ whos exchanging christmas greetings ] [ crowd cheering ]
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heh! hmm? merry christmas, mr. grinch. [ kiss ] your cheek's so-- i know. hairy. no. greasy? stinky? do i have a zit? no. warm. ♪ fah who foraze ♪ dah who doraze all join in ] ♪ welcome, christmas ♪ come this way ♪ fah who foraze dah who doraze ♪ ♪ welcome, christmas ♪ christmas day ♪ welcome, welcome ♪ fah who ramus ♪ welcome, welcome
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♪ dah who damus ♪ christmas day is in our grasp ♪ ♪ so long as we have hands to clasp ♪ ♪ fah who ray moo ♪ yah who hee haw ♪ welcome, christmas bring your-- ♪ ♪ cheer ♪ cheer ♪ fah who foraze ♪ yah who doraze ♪ welcome, all whos ♪ far ♪ and ♪ near [ narrator ] so he brought back the toys and the food for the feast. and he-- he himself, the grinch, carved the roast beast. yeah! [ all cheering ]
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ooh. [ chuckling ] there's nothin' like the holidays. who wants the gizzard? i do! too late! that'll be mine. [ chorus ] ♪ where are you, christmas ♪ i think i've found you ♪ this time i' make you stay ♪ ♪ all will be singing ♪ bells will be ringing ♪ now and forever ♪ christmas day ♪ [ piano, softly ]
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>> you are watching the station that works for you. now, abc news at 11. >> winter storms threatening the area and maryland's most accurate forecast is straight ahead. also, what investigators say this week's deadly fire and sh shootings in sandy hook elementary school had in common. and a violent morning, a burglar shot to death. >> first, breaking news, state
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police confirm there has been a fatal officer involved shooting. in tonti town and that is the northwestern area. we don't have too many details but we will be updating it on our website throughout the evening. >> many parts of the country are enduring freezing rain, and mark has more on that. >> reporter: a massive crash in oklahoma shutting down all traffic. 21 vehicles piled up and blizzard conditions blanketed much of the area.
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lubbock texas needed to be cleared. >> it is the most people traveling in six-years. >> reporter: black ice stranded drivers and one wife got a stuck car moving and wouldn't risk stopping again. >> i had to stop and that is as far as i went. >> reporter: severe weather is hitting san francisco hard. and the storms are expected to increase in strength. delivering another heavy blow to the mid-west tomorrow and ten inches to some parts of arkansas. winds at over 40 miles per hour and traveling home could be
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worse over the next few days. some of the storms will make travelling hazardous. >> in texas it is not snow, but tornadoes they are dealing with. you can see the damage they are dealing with. at least two potential tornadoes touchdown and one person was killed in the houston area. it could cause more problems here as people head back to work or to return presents. >> christian, we think the firgs few hours are going to be the prime concern. snow and sleet in the morning. and these counties are a
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winter-weather advisory. all of this will change to rain and worse conditions to the west. clouds rolling in and radar is still clear, however, for those early morning travelers trying to get out, power house storms and severe weather and right on the rain/snow line. earlier in the morning more snow coming in. >> okay. thanks. people in the quite upstate new york city have heavy hearts after two firefighters killed and two injured. chilling new details. >> reporter: the trap that killed two firefighters and injured three others was set my
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this man. he may have killed his sister and police discovered human remains. they found a chilling note. >> i have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best, killing people. >> reporter: the note makes it clear of the intent, but the motive of killing the firefighters and setting several homes on fire is unknown. what is known is the 62-year-old had served time in prison for killing his grandmother with a hammer. he had three guns in his arsenal. >> he had armed himself heavily and started firing upon first
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responders. it was a combat condition, shooting muzzles. >> reporter: two are in intensive care, but stable. the first to enter was treated and released. the community gathered together to show support. >> these guys are everything to us. and when that alarm sounds they all go. new tonight, a man is dead and shot this morning after police say he tried to break into a business there. cheryl conner has more. >> reporter: investigators are processing the scene and an
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employee was inside the business when it happened. byron phillip broke in, a fight broke out and he was shot. county police were on the scene all day. it is in a neighborhood that is lit up and the business has an apartment attached to the back. the store employee who shot the man is working with the police and no charges has been filed. the crash on the capital beltway we brought to you last night has claimed two lives. three cars crashed and it started when one driver lost control and slid into another car. the names of the victims who
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died have not been released. it has been less than two-weeks since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults. 26 candles were lit and many people are turning to their faith to get them through this difficult time. >> our hearts are broken in 26 little pieces, but it is the birth of jesus. and we are mourning, but thinking god will give us the strength. >> neat the newtown tragedy hits close to home for the arch
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bishop, he ordained two of the priest there. >> my mind and heart is with all the people in newtown and remembering and praying for them and asking the lord bring healing and let them now we are with them in pray. >> the virginia tech community is showing respect and their helmets will have stickers honoring the total number of victims from the sandy hook elementary school and the
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virginia tech. the busill cuis the oldest nation catholic building and the history is part of what makes it is special place. >> it is one of the two most holiest days of year and we always come to mass on christmas or christmas eve. it is nice ceremony and it is nice with the choir. >> it has been able to remain open during the repairs prom the hurricane. sometimes it is easy to forget a a lot of people don't celebrate christmas. jewish people were full of the holiday spirits and people were
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busy making care packages that contain water bottles, but volunteers they that is not what the people appreciated the most. >> you can see see wanted to be part of the holiday spirit and someone to wish her a happy holiday. >> 1500 care packages were made and delivered to local shelters and soup kitchens. kids ask for all kinds of things from santa clause and he had a tall order for a 4-year-old in south carolina but managed to make it happen. we will explain more. >> we are tracking this severe weather system and what it means
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for maryland is straight ahead. >> you may have spent most of the day playing with gadgets, but health experts say it may be time to take a break. we will return in 60 seconds.
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>> santa helped make a wish after asking for his dad, an army guard soldier who has been overseas. >> before his busy night, santa made time for his last minute requests. >> what do you want for christmas? >> nothing expensive. >> reporter: families making memories sure to last a life time. and santa has heard it all.
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>> legos and barbie doll stuff. >> what do you want for christmas? >> train? >> okay. >> and what else? >> daddy? >> reporter: hunter's father was deployed more than a year ago, and he was not due till january, but the magic of christmas brought him sooner. >> who is that? >> that is daddy. >> reporter: the surprise pulled off. >> it is great to see him. he is a lot bigger than i
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remember. it went perfect. it was nice of these people here at the mall to do this for us. i hope everybody gets to have a happy holiday like i know we are >> reporter: back to sharing everything, like the cookies to squeezing each other. >> i love you. >> reporter: what are you and daddy going to do tomorrow? >> we are going play! >> you are going to be busy, aren't you? >> the place i had to tell you. >> reporter: a young boy is enjoying christmas surrounded by
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love. >> the holidays is a time to relax. and always on the go is what we are now. and some experts say it might be time to unplug for a while. >> reporter: the idea of having a day of rest has long roots. the world is a different place and we are a 24/7 planet and health experts say we need to slow down. >> everyone needs a stop day. for some that is church, for some it is doing a cross word puzzle. >> reporter: 24-6, a prescription for a healthier life examines this situation.
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>> we are pouring out stress hormones. >> reporter: and those take a toll. >> they increase depression and higher blood pressure. >> reporter: they say cut out the time waisting hab itsts ts. and cut out the multi-tasking. >> the point of life isn't to see how fast you can get through it. >> reporter: so breathe. and now, maryland's more accurate forecast. >> we had dry weather today but that is about to change. and ugly weather with wind and rain and winter weather. and behind that, an additional
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storm ramping up and picking up moisture in the gulf. for this moment, maryland's most powerful radar is all clear and finding nothing in the immediate mid-atlantic. but that is not the case other areas. southern virginia is getting rain and all this is headed our way. summit ridge still with snow and carol county, light base on the grass surface and making it christmas-like. we were talking about how rare maryland's white christmas are, only had a few in the last 40-years. conditions are clear but the
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clouds are edging in. most of the surface temperatures just above freezing. carol county and in the fredrick is where we are looking at for the winter weather. we don't thing accumuilation in other places will meet the warning. look at the warning ice concerns in the mountains and it is going to be a wild one. to the east, right along the coast, more rain than anything through the day. and we will see things change to rain quickly. we think it will be further east, fromre


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