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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc2 news at 11. another murder in a glen burnie tavern with a history of violence, the impact some says bars problems are having on neighboring businesses. a family fight gets out of hand in edgewood with a man firing shots at his sister. why police say you should be on guard. and a baby makes an early arrival in the backseat of a car on the highway as a breech with complications, the steps a new dad took to save his daughter's life. and we begin with breaking news, more violence for a glen burnie tavern. a 31-year-old man was killed at dietrich's tavern just before 5:30. cheryl conner is here with what
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people are saying about the bar's reputation. >> it it's not the first shooting or the second, there have been three fatal shootings in three years. neighbors have seen enough. >> reporter: it is a familiar scene outside dietrich's tavern in glen burnie. crime tape and police cars. >> i'm very angry. this is the third one. i knew all three of them. >> reporter: he says his cousin was a murder victim at the bar in 2009, the first of three in that many years. the latest happened around 5:30 sunday evening. anne arundel police say the victim, 31-year-old english queen jones was shot outside and died at a local hospital. the suspect drove off. >> we're not sure what transpired transpire yet but i know there are a the number of witnesses that have been taken to our criminal investigation interviews. >> reporter: police aren't saying how the van relates to the crime. the manager across the street is tired of who he calls a bad
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neighbor. the owner of dietrich's had to go before the anne arundel liquor board last year and is operating with restrictions. >> some of our customers i'm scared to come in. >> reporter: police aren't saying if the suspect and victim knew each other or if they were inside the bar before the shooting but plenty of people are fired up and wanting to see changes. >> i'd like to see that place closed down. it's always been problems over there. >> reporter: police say an ak47 was used in one of the shootings. we know little about the suspect. a black man in his 20s. 180 pounds, and it is possible the liquor board will look at the most recent incident and determine if changes should be made to the license. cheryl conner abc 2 news. he shot a handgun at his sister ask took off. the hartford county sheriff's office say people should be on
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guard. they have searching for 20-year- old keef burley. he shot through the door of a house hitting his sister. she's expected to survive, but burley got away. the shooting followed an all day argument between burley and his family. >> should the public be concerned. >> absolutely. we believe individual is out and armed and dangerous. we don't know his frame of mind. i don't feel a feeling for what the argument was about so it's hard to predict who he's angry at. >> the family says burley did not live at this home but claim he came back after the shooting leaving before officers arrived. a 33-year-old man was shot in the head overnight in northwest baltimore. police were called to the the 5300 block of cordelia avenue just before 1 this morning. they found a maunna gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. detectives believe he was fighting with another man before the shooting. if you have information call
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(410)396-2466. a 15-year-old boy was shot during a robbery in baltimore county last night. it happened around 9:00 near the corner of windsor mill road, and police who came to the scene found the boy wheal bleeding with a -- bleeding with a gunshot wound to the chest. he has been released. the victim told police two men wearing dark clothes robbed and shot him. officers searched area and could not find the suspects. an unattended candle leads to a fire, flames are shooting from the house. a 4-year-old saw the fire start and told his grandmother because his parents weren't home. a man inside the house tried to put out the flames but the flames and smoke were r too intense. the fire caused more than $100,000 worth of damage. temperatures falling back into the 20s in many locations
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and there's enough of a breeze that's making some of these numbers feel like it's into the teens. temperatures outside of town, up towards manchester you're at 28 degrees. 35 in baltimore city. elkton, you have temperatures in the low 30s right now. we'll be trading that off into the teens and low 20s for tonight. a little bit of a breeze has produced windchill values feeling like 19 in hagerstown, 26 in easton. you get the drill. the planner of the course of the overnight hours, 25 degrees. wake up to a blend of sunshine and clouds at 24 degrees and by lunchtime, 38, cloudy skies prevail by the 4:00 hour at 44 degrees. temperatures chilly across the nation. we are expecting a blast of arctic air that comes down. we'll show you in the 7-day forecast coming up just a little bit. a woman is facing hate crime charges after pushing a
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man to death before a speeding subway car because she thought he was a muslim. >> reporter: it was a bizarre ending to a crime that has shocked this city. the woman accused of pushing a man onto the train tracks screaming and smiling as cameras captured her arrest. this surveillance video led police to erica menendez. investigators say that's her running away from a train station in queens thursday night just moments after she shoved sunando sen off the platform. now she's reportedly admitting to the crime. i pushed a muslim off the train tracks because i hated them since they put down the twin tours. i have been beating them up since. the victim a hindu immigrant from india. he was a graphic designer who had just opened up his own printing company. >> i feel bad because i am broken in my heart, this guy is
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so quiet. >> reporter: sen's death comes weeks after a person was killed at another new york station. the video shows the suspect arguing with the victim minutes before his he pushed him off the platform. >> you never know who's going to push you onto the tracks or the street. >> reporter: those concerns led new york mayor michael bloomberg call's for calm. >> i don't think you have to worried about getting pushed off the platform. it's such a rare occurrence. >> reporter: regardless many riders say they'll be staying far away from the edge of the platforms for now. abc news, new york. a bus crash on an icy oregon highway kills nine people and leaves 20 others hurt. it happened just west of an area called dead man's pass. a charter bus lost control on the snow and ice covered highway, busted thaw guardrail
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and went several hundred feet down a steep embankment. rescue workers had to use ropes to bring survivors back up the hill in freezing temperatures. new video out of russian where a 5th person has died following the plane crash. the moment of impact was captured on the dash board camera of a car as you see there. it crashed into the side of a highway sending pieces flying. no one on the roadway was killed. the latest death is another member of the crew on the plane. there were no passengers on board. investigators are looking at the black box to try and figure o out what caused the crash. they are reportedly focusing on whether the braking system failed. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital tonight. she's being treated for a blood clot that resulted from a fall after she fainted two weeks ago. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton was admitted to
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the hospital from a blood clot stemming from a con concussion suffered several weeks ago. no details of where the clot is or other concerns have been released. this is not the first time clinton has been diagnosed with a blood clot. in 1998 she was admitted for a clot behind her knee. she became dehydrated earlier this month, fainted and struck her head. she had canceled her trip abroad because she was not feeling well and was not well enough to appear on capitol hill to testify on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she is being treated and doctors want to monitor the medication over the next 48 hours. abc news, new york. good news for former president george hw bush. he's now out of intensive care. he has been moved to a regular patient room in a hospital in
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houston where he's been receiving treatment for bronchitis and a bad coffee. he was prepping to head home last week but developed a fever and other complications. the oak ridge boys serenaded him friday and he was moved out of the intensive care unit. barbara bush reached out to the oak ridge boys and they gave a personal concert over the fan. for the colts having their coach back is the biggest victory. we'll have reaction of chuck pagano's first game after battling cancer. and a baby determined to come out breech, we'll hear from one mom and dad about their little girl's special delivery. it's pretty chilly across much of maryland and into baltimore. take a look. clouds to the south and east of us. a bigger storm over texas, could that be a problem for new year's eve, we'll answer that on abc2 news at 11.
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the cliff hanger continues in washington tonight. democrats and republicans are wrangling over last minute legislation to avert the so called fiscal cliff, you know, the one two punch of tax increases and budget cults that will go into effect january 1. there's no sign of a deal so far. here's pridy arla. >> reporter: the clock is ticking, negotiations are ongoing, but at this point, democrats and republicans remain at odds. >> regardless of partisan differences, our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle class families do not go up that would hurt our economy badly. we can get that done. >> reporter: president obama called for immediate action, but there was no vote in the senate tonight. >> we're going to come in at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and we'll have further announcement perhaps, and we'll have a talk in the morning, i certainly hope so.
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>> reporter: minority leader mitch mcconnell called vice president biden in for help. he is now said to be playing a direct role. >> there's no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. the sticking point appears to be a willingness and interest or frankly the courage to close the deal. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act soon, drastic spending cuts will go into effect and taxes go up for everyone. the tax impact for the average american family, more than 3400 dollars. senate leaders continued to work on a stopgap bill but sticking points remain. >> there's still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue. >> reporter: negotiations will through the night, now with just hours to go until the deadline. abc news washington. for more on the fiscal cliff and what it means for your money, we've got you covered,, just head to our home page slide show for a break down of the
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different scenarios in washington and what they could mean for your paycheck. and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. gusty winds this afternoon. take a look. a shot that looked very cold in parkville with those clouds, from time to time, mixed in with some sunshine. take a look at chesapeake beach, very gusty winds now along the bay this afternoon. we'll take you up toward frederick, a scenic looking shot and the shot downtown right now, dry but cold. 31 degrees at the airport right now. look at the dew point at 19. a dry atmosphere, but still that westerly wind at 9, making that 31 feel like it's into the 20s in many locations. take a look at temperatures across town, go outside the beltway, eldersburg 28 degrees. and elkton, temperatures alternate 33. well into the 20s. but you'll trade that off with low 20s tonight. still the wind coming off the mountains right now. between 5 to 10 certainly much less than what we saw this
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afternoon and again, making those real feel temperatures feeling like they're into the teens to low 20s in frederick, baltimore city at 23. 26 in easton. those are real feel temperatures. so mighty chilly for the overnight into tomorrow. new year's eve looks fine. just a few clouds. we were watching the storm system, but indications are it will be to the south. arctic attack we're going to expect chilly weather to move into the baltimore area. it's clear skies overhead right now. notice the clouds building back near charlottesville, that will come into play tomorrow afternoon. look at your planner, we'll show a clear sky and cold conditions of the overnight. 25 to 24 waking up and a blend of sunshine and clouds for the lynch time, turns into the cloudy skies by 4:00 and maybe upper 30s well out toward the mountains. clear overhead, flurries in central pennsylvania but we are dry and there's the storm system from the weekend pushing
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up towards the canadian maritimes and as it gets further and further to the north, it will relax the winds and. out toward the west, notice the clouds pushing in through the ohio valley. that's in here and you notice the bulk of precip down toward texas, that's going to stay toward the south. at least that's what the models are showing us now. lexington to knoxville, as we hope over the canadian border, look how cold this is, it's heading due south and that's going to be a problem in the latter portion of this week as we're going to see temperatures that will barely get above freezing. this arctic blast is in here to finish out the workweek. we'll take you through the time line. this is the future trend model l through tomorrow morning. the clouds will increase through the course of the afternoon and into the into 4:00 we'll stop the time line at midnight and we'll be dealing with clouds, precip free with temperatures around
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the freezing mark and going into new year's day, things look good but cloudy. and well down into the south and southern maryland and virginia, mostly clear, very cold. this temperature this evening because it could feel like the teens with a brisk breeze. 40 tomorrow, with sun going over to clouds and new year's eve, things look good, 32 degrees when we ring in the new year. i can't believe it's 2013, that's amazing. mostly cloudy. what happened to 2012. >> it flew by. >> 43 at 2013 for new year's day. it's a blend of sunshine and clouds on wednesday and then bam, look how cold it gets for thursday: 34, 35 on friday. dry with a blend of sunshine and clouds for saturday and sunday. so a benign forecast. dry but it gets really cold and the overnight lows, could be into the teens in the city. and then just outside the beltway, could be like 10 to 12 degrees. >> you needed under armour is f
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you're watching the fireworks tomorrow. >> cuddle up. >> wear your slippers, everything will be all good, good times. former baltimore ravens defensive coordinator chuck pagano scored another victory today but it's the coaches battle off the field that inspired his team to a winning season and. david mere reports today he was finally back on the sidelines. >> reporter: the head coach of the indianapolis coach chuck pagano starting heavy odds at the beginning of the season, the fans wondering where have the good times gone and then the diagnosis, the 52-year-old coach had leukemia, forced to leave the team for treatment. as he fought off the field, the team was fighting on, turning the record around making it to the playoffs, the coach recalling the moment doctors told him he could go home. >> dr. craig came in and we ha conversation and he said your counts are starting to come up a little bit and. i go how good were they and he
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said good enough to go home and. so you're like, it's like a day early. so anyway, he says what time's the game. and i said we play at 1:00 today. he said you should be out of here by noon, and make it home in time to see the game from home. so it was awesome. it was a great day. it was a great day. >> reporter: and today, their prayers answered. the coach was back. >> while he was undergoing treatment. >> reporter: from the stands, we want chuck on the field and then the team performed. one of the biggest thrills of the game, that unbelievable run, the entire field of aj carin,s coach and his colts winning. >> the ravens are going to get to check out chuck pagano for
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themselves next week. they're elle they'll be reunited with the -- they'll be reunited with the coordinator. and today they rested for the playoffs and wracked up a loss against the bengals. they've clinched the afc north title and heading into the playoffs having lost four of their last five games. they play indianapolis on sunday at 1:00. who needs a ball drop when you have fireworks. that's how we ring in the new year in baltimore city. all the prep is done today, although you can get a clear view of the fireworks from fells point in canton, and orange and white fireworks in a tribute to the orioles and the team is sponsoring this year's display. they train state troopers to handle all kindsover emergencies but this one -- kinds of emergencieses but the things he did to save the little girl's life. coming up.
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an illinois state trooper had to deliver a baby on the side of the highway, they're trained for that but if that wasn't enough, the baby was his newest daughter. >> reporter: it's 7 pounds 2- ounces macy caroline martinez is the holiday surprise. >> i used to make fun of people who had babies on the side of the road because i didn't understand how you didn't plaque it to the hospital on time. now i understand how that happens. >> reporter: it was 7:30 when megan says her water broke. the contractions were a minute and a half apart as she and her
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husband hit the road from their 25-mile drive from their home. >> when we got to naperville road i told him there was a foot hanging o out and he didn't believe me and i reached and there was toes. >> reporter: it was going to be a breech birth. chad pulled off, their 21-month- old daughter ava was in the backseat of mom. macy was born in minutes but she wasn't in the clear. >> the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice. training just kicked in. >> reporter: macy wasn't breathing and so chad laid her down on the shoulder of the expressway. >> i had to imp vise in removing the mucous from the airway and i had to do that by mouth. >> when she started breathing were both like she's breathing, it was like this elation. >> reporter: soon an ambulance arrived to take the family to good samaritan hospital where megan and macy are doing just fine. >> this is the best gift i got this christmas without a doubt.
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>> reporter: it's breathtaking, it's honoring. it's just overwhelming. >> what a story. paul mccartney once said all you need is love and after 70 years of marriage, lila cox and everett are saying the same thing. 5 children and many grandchildren later,. >> he came running down the street. i had gone to the movie and went to the post office to see if there was a letter from him, and by the time i got halfway to the post office, he had caught up with me and he said let's get married tonight, and i says we can't get married tonight and he says yes, we can. no we can't. yes, we can. >> the couple says they will continue to love each other forever and ever and a bit more history, he was the first surgeon to do overnight call shifts at shock trauma.
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>> wow. you better plan an engagement like that someday. >> 70 years, that is amazing. wow, okay. >> it overwhelms you. >> we'll try to get into this l. it's going to be really cold. that's going to be an overwhelming thing is the cold tomorrow. let's talk about the new year's eve forecast. about midnight 32 degrees, cloudy skies, not as cold as tonight, but we'll be down into the 20s tonight. and then on wednesday we'll be down in the 30s. a bit colder than that. thursday at 34. how about 21 in the city. teens on the outside the beltway. be right back after this.
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we're going to have clear weather for the fireworks, that's what's important there. they're going to freeze their tucuses off. we'll see you tomorrow. join megan and charlie for good morning maryland starting bright and early at 4:30:00 a.m. >> and me. >> and you'll be right here too. >> in three hours. thanks everybody, have a good night.
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