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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 10, 2015 4:30am-4:58am EST

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making news in america this morning, debate day. the stage set for the next gop face-off. donald trump taking new jabs overnight criticizing ben carson. we're live in washington. sweeping changes at the university of missouri. two top leaders stepping down after weeks of demonstrations. the racial tensions at a boiling point. university? doping scandal. one of the top medal winning countries accused of sanctioning steroid use facing a ban from the next olympics. a skier losing control cartwheeling more than a quarter
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hi, everyone. we do say good tuesday morning to you. we'll get started with the battle for the republican nomination. another opportunity tonight for the presidential hopefuls to make their case to the country. >> the eight highest polling candidates will face off in debate number four on this stage in milwaukee tonight as questions swirl about carson's stories of a troubled past. it's "your voice, your vote." abc's stephanie ramos has a preview from washington. good morning to you, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning to you, reena and kendis. live from milwaukee this time for donald trump and the rest of the field. the candidates who averaged at least 2 1/2% in the polls will be on the main stage tonight. >> the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> reporter: a rock star welcome for gop white house hopeful donald trump in front of a pumped up crowd at a rally in springfield, illinois.
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opponent and slamming ben carson. >> if you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> reporter: the latest national poll shows trump and carson are practically tied followed by marco rubio, ted cruz and jeb bush which means trump will share center stage with carson debate tonight. >> i have never seen this before. >> reporter: in the last week carson calling himself the victim of a media witchhunt. >> you're asking me about something that occurred 50 years ago and you expect me to have the details on that. >> reporter: carson will likely face tough questions tonight after a week's worth of stories sent him into defense mode over claims in his autobiography he was offered a description to west point and had a violent youth. presidential contender marco rubio says he knows everything he needs to know about his competition, ben carson. >> ben carson story. like mine would only be possible in a great country like america.
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>> reporter: the debate is scheduled to last two hours. a few changes have been made to the format since the last debate which was called a disaster by the rny. candidates will not make opening statements but will have more time to make arguments. reena and kendis, back to you. >> another network is taking over the realms of that donald trump tonight, stephanie ramos in washington, thank you. well, later on "good morning america," donald trump talks about his predictions for tonight's debris and join us tomorrow on "america this morning" for our analysis. resignations at the university of missouri triggered by student protests, a hunger strike and a show of solidarity by the football team. the university president stepping down under pressure accused of being indifferent to complaints of growing racial tensions. and the school's chancellor gave up his position for a less prominent role. with more here's abc's alex
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perez. >> reporter: try triumph. going on strike vowing no more games until tim wolfe resigned. tensions on this predominantly white campus bubbling and the student body president payton head posting on facebook someone continuously screamed the "n" word at him. a swastika found in the bathroom and demonstrators said wolfe wasn't quick enough to condemn them. hunger strike. tensions flaring friday night after wolfe had this to say when asked by students to define systemic oppression. a student tweeting video to news >> systemic oppression is because you don't believe that you have the equal opportunity for success. >> did you just blame us. >> reporter: wolfe admitting racism does exist at our university. i am sorry this is the case.
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alex perez, abc news, columbia, missouri. tracking a storm system that east coast. the radar shows the southeast finally drying out but the rain front reaching into the on new york city. some areas will get as much as 2 inches, gusty winds will come with it, as well. across the country, heavy snow overnight in reno, nevada, promises a tough commute. by 8:30 last night 8 inches had fallen. four inches in just one hour. below freezing temperatures overnight could make for icy road, as well. as accuweather meteorologist cam tran explains this storm is getting stronger. good morning to you, cam. >> good morning, reena and kendis. we have this storm system that will bring in widespread snowfall across the inner mountain west. as it shifts off to the east it will strengthen and intensify looking at blizzard condition as cross eastern colorado as we head into tuesday night into wednesday morning so making that travel pretty temperous along i-70. then the storm system will press
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threat of severe weather across the midwest from des moines down to little rock as we head into wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. back to you, reena and kendis. >> cam, thank you. terrorism does not appear to be a motive in the death of two americans in jordan. it looks like the shooter got into an argument with one of the american trainers. it all escalated and he opened fire. the shooter was then killed by troops. the american victim worked for a private military contractor. the investigation in the meantime, into the crash of the russian passenger jet in egypt is increasingly pointing to an inside job. surveillance tape at the sharm el sheikh airport is being scrutinized for someone with access who may have placed a bomb in the hold of that plane. investigators are also combing through employee records looking for a ramp worker who may have been recruited by isis. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues his u.s. visit after a high-profile stop at the white house.
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it was the first face-to-face meeting between netanyahu and obama since tensions arose over the iran nuclear deal. the two leaders appeared to brush aside those tensions when president obama called the disagreement, quote, a narrow issue. and president obama has a there he is. it's been up for less than a day and has already more than 500,000 likes. a video posted on it shows the president walking around the south lawn of the white house and talking about his work fighting climate change. i guess it's helpful to be the president if you want to get as many fans on facebook. >> i'm sure he has lots of likes, lots of friends and can you imagine his status updates. chilling in the oval office. still ahead. the major change coming to seaworld and its, ka shows. a driver ramming a police car after a chase. the officer opening fire. and rude awakening. a couple hears a middle of the night knock at the door and
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you're looking at the rescue of a 23-year-old hiker in southern california. she was stranded on that steep slope right there without a working cell phone for two days. she ended up there after taking a wrong trail and becoming lost. she was taken to a hospital for treatment. the university of virginia fraternity that was the focus of a debunked "rolling stone" article about rape is suing the magazine for $25 million. phi capita sigh's defamation lawsuit is the third against the magazine for their story about a uva freshman who claimed she was gang raped at a party at the fraternity. proved not to be true. chipotle restaurants in oregon and washington could re-open as soon as tomorrow. health investigators say they found no link between the restaurant and a recent e. coli
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people sick. chipotle has agreed to give all 43 of the closed restaurants a deep cleaning before they open again. in response to its emissions scandal, volkswagen is offering what it calls a goodwill package to car owners. the company giving them a thousand dollars in gift cards and vouchers as a first step toward regaining their trust. more than 480,000 owners will receive the offer in the u.s. their cars have software used to trick emissions tests. vw is working on a fix for those vehicles. nordstrom is taking a stand against christmas creep, that earlier and earlier start to christmas shopping. its stores will not be open on thanksgiving day and there will be no christmas decorations in stores until the day after. according to nordstrom's, they just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. >> a lot of people support that. >> yes, so veterans day tomorrow first. and when we come back, a massive doping scandal calls for an entire country to be
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west with rain in the low lands and snow in the mountains. right now it's on the move aiming to deliver severe weather to the center of the country. that western snow could be trouble for the morning commute and rain could slow you down in the mid-atlantic states, as well. if you're flying, airport delays possible in salt lake city, denver, washington, philadelphia, new york and boston. new details this morning in the attack on a texas state judge. a person of interest now being questioned. >> judge julie kocurek was shot in the driveway of her home as she returned home from a football game. investigators believe she was targeted in retaliation for a case over which she presided. the person of interest was arrested on an unrelated charge in houston. the judge is expected to be okay. in the meantime, we're getting some stunning new details about the police shooting in louisiana that left a 6-year-old boy dead. an attorney for the boy's father says a police body camera shows the dad with his hands up posing no threat when officers opened fire.
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jeremy mardis was buried yesterday. his dad remains in the hospital and couldn't attend the funeral. the two officers involved are being held on a million dollars bond each charged with second degree murder. a wild incident in oklahoma was caught by a police officer's body cam. take a look. >> stop, stop. >> that officer firing two shots before being sent flying by the impact of that suv. when the vehicle finally came to a stop, the 41-year-old woman behind the wheel was uncooperative, so officers tased her. one of them went into the suv through the sunroof. the woman was arrested and is charged with several counts including assault and battery and driving under the influence. seaworld in san diego has announced a really big change, phasing out killer whale entertainment shows but animal rights activists say that's not enough. they want an end to keeping orcas in captivity.
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now, instead seaworld plans to replace the orca show with an effort on conservation as well as a whale's behavior in the while. it's not clear if the other two seaworld parks in san antonio and orlando will follow suit. well, serious charges being levied against russia's track and field athletes. an investigation which the world anti-doping agency accuses the russians of state sponsored use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. the russian track and field federation has been given until the end of the week to respond. the sporting international governing body is considering sanctions including a possible suspension of russian athletes from next summer's olympics. okay, well, now to this health alert this morning and what may soon become new guidelines for blood pressure. until now the medical community has suggested aiming to keep that top number in your blood pressure reading below 140, but a new study finds when people lowered that by 20 points to 120 or less, it made a very big difference. >> the results were so startling they stopped the study years
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in the group with the 120, there was a 25% reduction in bad outcomes including heart attack, stroke and deaths from heart disease. it's huge. >> the study looked at 9,000 people over age 50 with no diabetes, but at risk for heart disease. million americans could benefit from this new approach. well, for the second time in less than a week, a home owner in tampa bay was visited by a large unwanted alligator. yep, he's hanging out right there in front of the door. a trapper removed it and brought it to a nearby preserve. the one last week was more than nine feet long. alligators usually decrease their activity in cooler weather. that hasn't happened yet in florida where readings were in the 90s last week. >> very scary. the college football second playoff rankings unveiled tonight. we get last night's sports highlights from our guys at espn. >> we're the johns, buccigross and anderson. you know what they did on monday night. >> they played football. >> played football. throw it.
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>> and basketball. but first we'll do the football. >> yes. >> philip rivers in san diego against jay cutler and da bears. whoops. i didn't mean to do that said jay cutler. jason verrett goes the other way. chargers miss the extra point but they're looking good, they're up big but back come the bears in the fourth quarter. here's the play of the game. down 19-14. jay cutler steps up, throws a bb, a bit too high but zach miller throws a big hamburger helper glove up in the air, deadens it, catches it, defense takes over from there. the bears win. here now the basketball players. pistons and warriors, golden state has not lost early in the season, 7-0. steph curry, he's tough to guard. warriors up 6. pistons made a good game of this. warriors stealing, andre iguadala, nba finals mvp, little flush right there. look at that physique. he's an adonis. shaun livingston got off a steal
4:50 am
wearing long pants, maybe it's cold in the building. good work there. warriors pulling away. they're up 14 there. curry, this is what he does, shoots from far away. 22 points, warriors 109-95. they're now 78-0. they win by an average of 18 points. they're fantastic. >> they're capris. >> is that what those are? well, thanks, audrey hepburn. >> good morning. >> up next in "the pulse," jennifer lawrence clearing the air talking about her hygiene after a joke backfired. and a skier taking quite the tumble over a thousand feet down a mountain. 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. rimagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along with diet and exercise tto significantly lower blood sugar t in adults with
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of herself opting not to wash bidet from a toilet. >> but the actress wants everyone to know she does wash a toilet. >> oh. >> lawrence inadvertently started the rumor about the hand washing herself. she said, as a joke she tried to gross out her "hunger games" co-stars but ended up grossing out the world. >> oh, no. that's a really -- no potty jokes. >> yes. well, some really scary moments for one skier on the slopes in alaska. the veteran pro, ian macintosh, was working on a film wearing a microphone, cameras aimed at him. the run starts out just fine but quickly loses control falling into an unseen trench and losing a ski. >> that's when he tumbled more than 1600 feet in under a minute. that microphone capturing the noises. you can hear it in the background clearly in pain but amazingly at the end he was able to sit up and tell his team that he was okay. >> that's very frightening to see. glad he's okay. >> i'm okay.
4:54 am
a very different view of paris. 25-year-old james kingston climbed to the top of the eiffel tower without ropes. fortunately for us he recorded his adventure, of course, with a gopro camera. >> okay, so here's how he did it. he snuck in after midnight at the top and walked around on the narrow beams and then he hid until the tower opened in the morning, but when he finally came down, security guards were waiting for him. the police questioned him for six hours, but then they let him go. finally we can't go a couple weeks without talking about this guy. this guy got 15 minutes of fame, new york's famous pizza rat, of course, some may recall this video, an obviously hungry rat dragging around a full slice of pizza in the subway station. >> it was a viral sensation. now pranksters have designed a remote controlled pizza rat and, of course, they let it loose on the streets of the big apple. some pedestrians petrified when they saw it, scurrying out of
4:55 am
>> others likely could tell that didn't react as drastically. >> those are all tourists. more news after this. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of oat healthier looking skin in just one day. beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too!
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toaster strudel. now with more icing. checking our top stories, the republicans gearing up to slug it out in milwaukee. eight candidates will take the stage with donald trump and ben carson in the prime center stage spots. the football team at the university of missouri resumes practice today after the school's president resigned amid growing racial tensions. black players had threatened to boycott until tim wolfe stepped down. wintry scenes in reno overnight. that storm getting stronger and will reach the center of the country by the end of the day. blizzard and winter storm watches already posted for the plains. looking at today's weather, some rain in florida but a series downpour in the mid-atlantic states mostly clear across the midwest, but those western storms are moving onto the middle of the country. and finally this morning things getting serious on abc's
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five couples still in the running for the coveted mirrorball trophy. >> last night's elimination was emotional as any we've seen before. kabc's george pennacchio was there. >> this is awful. this is so awful. >> just let them have it. >> reporter: alexa and carlos penavega keeping each other calm before one would be going home. >> alexa and mark. >> reporter: the show said good-bye to alexa splitting up the married couple who loved doing the show together. >> we wanted to have this journey together and i kept telling him, baby, you got to keep going and he's just like i want to do it with you and just hearing him cry and it's just hard. >> reporter: we did this to do it together and, you know, the fact that she's gone, i mean, she wants to be here so badly and it just breaks my heart. bad. standing there next to carlos and hearing him sobbing for his wife, it just broke me.
4:59 am
night's only drama. during dress rehearsal tamar braxton was rushed off to the er. the rules of the show allows the dress rehearsal footage to be scored so that happen. if tamar didn't make it back she'd be out. she got back minutes before. >> i was proud she was able to rise to the occasion and make it from the hospital and give us another shot. >> reporter: she danced with pneumonia. >> she danced with pneumonia with her eyes closed like barely like -- i mean i don't want to sound dramatic but she was barely standing up. >> i said to her before we danced that group number she's my wonder woman because i can't believe the strength ha it must have taken for her to dig that deep to come here and fight to not be disqualified. >> reporter: next week on to the semifinals when bindi, nick, carlos, tamar and alek battle it out. george pennacchio, abc news. >> should point out alexa and
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mark will be on "gma" this


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