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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 28, 2015 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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they'll do with the money. ki guess some type of char fity ity. >> i hope so. >> i have to try it out. >> that's it, we will see you back here at 11:00. have a great evening. on this saturday night, deadly siege. the terrifying rampage that left three people dead atua planned parenthood clinic. how those trapped inside were able to survive and what we know about the gunman. the tragedy once again putting the spotlight on abortion rights. dangerous weather. the ice, the flooding, the sno making travel treacherous this holiday weekend when millions are on the move. work in progress. one city's innovative program that offers the homeless a way to earn their way back to
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a more dignify ied life. how two brothers facing a challenge found their with rhythm in one of the most well-known college bands in the country. good evening. we are learning much more tonight about the deadly shooting rampage in colorado pring springs, colorado. today new details emerged about the suspect, although his motive is still unclear. survivors began to tell their stories and president obama reacted to the shooting saying the country has to do something about what we called the easy accessibility of weapons of war getting into the hands of people who have no business wielding them. we have two reports tonight and we begin in colorado springs.
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>> reporter: police say this is the man behind the bloodshed, a federal official telling nbc news robert dear appears to be mentally disturbed but is talking to investigators. >> attention all units. attention all units. >> reporter: when officers arrived at planned parenthood in colorado springs, they faced a steady relentless volley of gunfire. said to be armed with a high-powered rifle, dear unloaded round after round into a packed shopping area on a busy black friday. hundreds scrambled for cover. witnesses say dear fired at anything that moved. >> there was a guy behind me with blood splatter all over him. >> reporter: the standoff was just beginning. some 45 people were inside planned parenthood when dear entered the lobby. >> he had a gun that was big and he was just shooting.
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craion was separated from her boyfriend, running into a back room where she hunkered down with three women. >> you could hear just gunshots. from there, the bullets went through the wall. you could see it. you could smell it and see the gun powder. >> reporter: we now know police tapped into security cameras in the clinic, watching the gunman live as he carry ied out his assault. >> people in remote rooms could be extra kated ed -- extricated from the building. >> reporter: police say robert dear suddenly surrendered but still offered no motive. police were in the crosshairs for five hours. five officers were hospitalized. officer garrett swasey lost his life. two civilians also killed.
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bodies of the three victims were removed. a somber salute to the fallen. collective tears for the victims. >> i'm heartbroken that we are in this situation again and again and again. and i cry out with you and ask why. >> reporter: tonight, there are still no answers. craion is still waiting for her boyfriend. only shock, heartbreak, and for three families unspeakable pain. law enforcement sources say when robert dear was taken into custody he began ranting about president obama, abortions, and baby parts. tonight the names of those two innocent civilians who were gunned down in the parking lot behind me have not yet been released. there's a long
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violence aimed at anned parenthood. planned parenthood has also become an intense political issue. >> reporter: while investigators search for a motive in the colorado shootings, the violence comes as planned parenthood has recently been under the microscope. >> the planned parenthood community is resolute. >> reporter: heated rhetoric a mund abortion is encouraging violence. >> the extremist rhetoric that we hear from so many anti-women's health organizations and their targeting of planned parenthood can sometimes lead to these circumstances. >> reporter: those acts of violence are relatively rare between 1997 and 2012 there have been 76 attacks on abortion providers. in 2013, a man used an axe to damage a clinic in indiana. george tiller, a doctor who performed
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was shot to death in his church. this summer the organization became the center of a pitched political battle. videos were released by an anti-abortion activist group making it seem that planned parenthood was selling fetal tissue for profit. >> the outrageous videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> reporter: it fueled republicans efforts to try to defund the organization which also provides reproductive services and cancer screenings. the attempt was unsuccessful. >> these planned parenthood videos are horrifying. >> they don't mind having big government interfere with a woman's right to choose. >> there's a long history of violence against planned parenthood clinics.
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an example of that, it falls very much in line with what history of violence. >> reporter: all the democratic presidential candidates have expressed their condolences to the victims, reiterating their support for planned parenthood. ted cruz and john kasich said they're praying for the families. the only two republican candidates to weigh in so far. donald trump's campaign stopped today in florida. the republican frontrunner was pushing back after being criticized for comments earlier this week in which he appeared to mock "the new york times" reporter with a disability. today trump attempted to clarify what he said. >> i don't mock people. i don't mock people that have problems. i don't mock people that have problems, believe me. >> we turn to chuck todd. chuck, good to see you. >> good evening, jose.
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announced his presidency, is something like this going to have long-term repercussions for him? >> it depends on what his goal is. his long-term supporters, it doesn't have repercussions. whlaen he speaks facts sentences that are totally untrue, they are sentiments that people gravitating towards trump want to believe is true. that's why none of this has stuck to him as far as him losing sue pport. the question is what about long term. the way he's been going about talking about and misrepresenting facts, i think he's hurting his ability to grow support, to win over republicans that are not yet with him, in thinking i can trust this guy to be the standard bear of the party. >> what about for the gop? >> well, look, i think at some point you're going to see more and more republicans getting more and more nervous that trump is
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defining the republican party in a terribly negative way, especially if it looks like he's being divisive with different groups of people whether it's women, whether it's muslims. i think it's that that has more party leaders concerned by the day. >> donald trump and ben carson will be chuck todd's guests tomorrow on "meet the press." today in the northern part of the country militants fired rockets into a u.n. peacekeeping base. two u.n. soldiers and a civilian contractor were killed. 20 other people were wounded. though it is unclear who was behind the attack, northern mali has been targeted by islamic terrorists. pope francis brought his message of peace and hope to uganda today.
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most of the population is christian. >> reporter: there was no containing their excitement. thrde crowd in a frenzy as pope francis arrived for his first mass in uganda. each with their own expectation. >> i want him to talk about peace. >> help us fight corruption. >> reporter: pope francis comes to uganda as a pilgrim to honor the memory of christian martyrs, whose lives of faith and sacrifice in the 19th century he hopes will inspire people today. the pope was visibly moved at the site where some of the martyrs were tortured in part because they refused the king's sexual advances. while francis has said the martyrs lived in dangerous time, he made no direct mention of the issue of
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it's done nothing to diminish the vie b ranibrancy of the uga an church. as francis toured the packed airfield in the popemobile, he heard from a young man who was kidnapped and tortured by a rebel group and a young woman who is hiv positive. francis told the crowd to turn their bad experiences into hope and assured them in life great miracles can be performed. tomorrow the pope goes to the central african republic torn by a bloody conflict between christians and muslims. a country that is looking for one of those miracles, peace. the southern city of luxor where scientific testing has
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tomb of king tut. one of them may may contain the remains of queen nerer nefertiti. >> reporter: across the plains, pounding rain, heavy snow and thick ice. >> it's all ice. >> reporter: in oklahoma roads frozen over, causing dozens of accidents. drivers stranded in the cold. high temperatures today 10 to 30 degrees below average. downed treese,nd icy power lines left nearly 80,000 customers without electricity today. >> when we walked out this morning, there were trees down everywhere. nobody had power. >> reporter: in kansas slick roads caused cars to careen off
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highways. at least four people dead. crews in omaha poured salt on roads to keep them from icing over. down in texas, flash floods are blamed for at least three deaths. dallas-ft. worth hit the rainfall trifecta friday. wettest november, wettest fall, and wettest year. travelers were stranded at phoenix airport overnight as weather caused dozens of weather delays and cancellations. >> nobody knew what was going on. it was just like con constant back and forth. >> reporter: back in oklahoma, some residents are bracing for winter's early arrival. >> forecasters say the ice storm, the warning has been extended until noon sunday. there's plenty of rain from memphis to louisville.
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more rain moves back into the dallas-ft. worth area. a flash flood watch continues there and little rock. some showers as far east as charlotte. sunday a huge travel day, but a good one for most. much of the country is dry. there could be some slight delays, including dallas and houston. no issues here in new york city and boston, but maybe some morning delays in the washington, d.c. area. when "nightly news" continues, the chance to find some big deals in the smaller side of shopping. later the college band where two brothers i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it.
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this has been medifacts for boost . on this holiday weekend it is hard for us to escape the bombardment by retailers fighting for our business. they call this day small business saturday. it's all about luring in shoppers and providing them with a more personal touch. >> reporter: while the big box stores offer big discounts on black friday, small stores like olive's and grace gift shop in boston thrive on community appeal, especially today so-called small business saturday. it began nationwide six years ago to help mom and pop shops in fierce competition for holiday shoppers. the person who was
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also offering his support today shopping today with his daughters at a local d.c. bookstore. small businesses are also turning to the internet to bring customers to their stores. shoppers have already spent a record amount online so far this friday. up 15% over last year. at just kidding around toy store in montclair, new jersey, chelsea smith reaches out to customers through social media. >> are you doing more activity online than you've evengr done before? >> yes, absolutely. it's totally necessary. >> reporter: down the street at jerry's antiques this day makes all the difference for his bottom line. >> it absolutely does. our sales increase 50% to 70% just in one day, which is small business saturday. >> reporter: small business saturday has a big impact on the economy. sponsors say last year on this day alone
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consumers spent $14.3 billion, up 2% from the year before. >> they actually have the ultimate in data because they know their consumers and their shoppers one at a time. >> reporter: local businesses banking on customer loyalty. >> for me, it's about what's different. it's a conversation piece. >> reporter: that passes from one generation to the next. and when we come back, we'll be visiting the city that whatever you're doing, plan well and enjoy life... or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. of course, how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays... consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... you might give this a try... the only medicare supplement plans that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. plan well. enjoy life.
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the problem of homelessness is one that so many cities are trying to deal with and there are no easy answers, but in albuquerque, new mexico, they've come up with an innovative program that is helping the homeless regain their purpose and putting them to work. >> reporter: something is missing from this albuquerque intersection, a corner that's typically a stage for panhandling, but not on this day. that's because will cole is combing the streets, picking up those in need and offering them a chance to make money on a different stage. >> i don't know too many people when you tell them they're going to pay cash that'll turn you down. >> reporter: it takes oj only 20 minutes to fill his van most mornings. before long these men
6:53 pm
work, cleaning up a blighted side of the city. they call it the better way beautify program. >> i like to do honest work. >> reporter: attitudes like that are why albuquerque launched the idea. mayor richard barry was inspired after seeing a homeless man holding a sign that said will work. >> we're giving them that dignity of work and we're making our city more beautiful. >> reporter: albuquerque has about 1200 homeless people, including jerry ford. >> it's an opportunity for me. >> reporter: remember that empty street corner? this is where he'd be standing today. instead he's here earning 9 bucks an hour. i can use this money to go get a room instead of sleeping on the streets. >> reporter: the program runs every tuesday and thursday. >> if there were no limits, i think i could probably fill a couple school buses.
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bonus workday is also payday. their reward for leaving the street corners and leaving eir city a little better. up next, two brothers, the challenge they face
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at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? finally tonight the jaguars of southern university baton rouge, louisiana, play their
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final football game of the season today. among those marching in the school's band, two brothers with an spire inspiring story. it was music that helped them find their voices. >> reporter: the southern university marching band known throughout the land as the human jute box. >> often imitated. never duplicated. not even a copy machine to recreate it. 230 members. we practice four to five hours a day five days a week, so that's 20 hours we put in. and we're full-time students. >> reporter: among them josiah and michael frank. they've been siblings in a band before, but known quite like the frank brothers. >> he didn't talk. the only thing micah would say is ma. josiah had no language until about three, but even when he started
6:58 pm
>> reporter: learning disabled, diagnosed with autism. what her sons didn't get in school, she made sure they got at home, tirelessly dedicated to seeing them succeed. >> mommy loves band. let's try it. >> reporter: music would be the key that opened the world to these young men. both picked up instruments in their early teens. now they're in college. they're in the band. they're their director had his doubts. >> i said he'll probably quit by the end of the week. when i saw them in action and they were catching on faster than some of the other students. >> reporter: but it's not been easy. >> so sometimes i've felt alone. like solitude. and i just tend to roam to other places that just have me in it and just focus on what brings me joy, which happens to be music. >> reporter: it's music and their mom
6:59 pm
that is carrying them through. >> she's basically a whole life support basically. >> an angel in disguise. >> reporter: putting that much more soul into the human jute box. and that's nbc "nightly news" for this saturday. for all o us here at nbc news, thanks for watching.


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