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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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passionate of a durham toddler speaking out about what happened. >> plus several kayakers are hurt after a bizarre collision. what they're looking at as a possible cause. >> keeping a close eye several weather systems in the atlantic. look at those choppy waves. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> one of those systems is moving away from the coast right now but another could cause issues for us later this week. cbs north carolina is there right now. we're going to check in with her in just a minute. >> we'll go to storm team meteorologist with a look the a the forecast today in our area and -- good
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tower camera. more cars out on the belt line but it's very dark out there. sunrise dun happen until 6:47 this morning. let me show you the big picture. not a lot going on. continuing to drift away from the east coast of north carolina. here locally most of us on the dry side. most of us will stay on dry side all day long. maybe a few clou morning. let's get straight to the temperature. 72 in wilmington, raleigh. you're in the upper 60s. we're also seeing a bit of fog right along the 95 corridor. something to pay attention to as you're getting ready to head out this morning. 65 right now in south hill. we're watching for that fog. 73 at 8 a.m. 84 add noon. a mix of sun and clouds there.
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just a stray shower or storm possible as we head to 6:00 this evening. we're also watching tropical depression 9. we head towards later this workweek. i'll map out though changes coming up in the storm team forecast. send it back to you guys. well, as we told you a home ago. live from the north carolina coast this morning. >> that's right. tropical depression 8 is moving away. that does not mean it's going to have an impact on people there kristen? >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we're live from janette's pier. we are still feeling the effects on the outer banks here this morning. now as it continues to move offshore the high surf and the rip currents will remain over the next several days. those two things will be the biggest issues along the outer banks here through
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is urging everyone here to pay close attention and be prepared especially with labor day weekend right around the corner. >> we do want people to know the beaches are a little bit of rough. tropical depression 8 is leaving us and 9 is off the shore. surf conditions to approximate high. now the surf here is still pounding this morning and, of course, depression 9 quickly on this one's heel we can expect conditions similar to what you're seeing rite now to continue through the end of the labor day holiday weekend. now that the sun is coming up check to see if there informs any beach erosion with a high surf. likely to see a little bit of this morning.
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no accidents to report just yet. same thing through durham. should be getting there on time no. delays on 95 if you're heading toward fort brag. 540 from glenwood aive to u.s. 64. 17 minutes there. which is pretty average for the time of the morning on a 9 i-40 to -- just three minutes there. overall a nice start. a live look odd. i-40 at i-540. many headlights but even is able to get the speed limit. we are expecting to learn more information about a tragic death in durham. found in a hot car monday night and later this
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exactly what happened. krb north carolina emma wright is live in durham where a vigil was held last night. emma? >> right. leslie ramirez was found dead in a hot car on monday night. witnesses say that the little girl's father came home from work, saw that a light was on in that mini van. a little girl was outside. he and several neighbors tried to break into the van but it was too late. durham police say once the ems pronounced her dead a short time later. they did talk with the girl's father as well as some neighbors and witnesses who say they watched her father try to rescue that little girl but it was too late. >> trying to get the kids to enthe van. some other guys put a -- trying to break the window. he popped the door open. durham police say they are
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little girl's death suggestion pishes. hmed investigators are working on the case. leslie ramirez's family says they want to talk more about what happened. they plan on holding a news kfns later this a afternoon. coming up on the news add 6:30 we're going to hear from that girl's father what he says about what happened and to his daughter. reporting live in tur ram. i'm emma wright. >> emma, thank you. this morning we're also learning new about two men found dead inside a home. 72-year-old mary poole and 5 #- year-old. it was a mother and daughter. their bodies were found on last week. officials are still investigating what caused their deaths. they say they do not suspect any foul play. some security challenges. cameras aring with installed in front of the resident halls after an intruder got in. school officials say a man walked into a
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to yet into the bed. students got a duke alert warning about 20 hours later newly released radio traffic indicates the victim is driving as past as 100 miles an hour. the trooper said he was trying to stop harris for not stop. radio traffic does not include any information about what happened after the trooper finally did stop harris or why he shot him. >> 6:07 in the morning right now this wednesday. coming up, a man jumped into action. the rescue's a woms. why his career prepared him for the situation. >> i felt it. when i heard it go -- that's my leg. >> a georgia officer is put in
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almost cost the officer his life. alyssa? >> some scary video there. that's for sure. 6 # in louisburg and roanoke rapids. tarboro at 69. some pretty dense fog. i'll have your latest
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we'd like to breakfast options. alyssa is making me hungry with apples and peanut butter. >> we've got a really nice sunrise behind you. >> it's still the early hours of this. it doesn't rise until 6:47 but look at this color already starting to spread. 7 # degrees right now l and we are looking at pretty clear conditions in raleigh but i do want to encourage you if you're around the 95 corridor that's where we're seeing some dense fog this morning.
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milder temperatures around this morning. 7 # seems to be the number of popular temperature. we have 72 in wilmington, rayford and -- reporting zero visibility this morning. at 4 miles around rocky mount and where you're seeing the en through wilson is where the visibility should be the lowest. about a mile visibility this morning. reducing around louisburg as well. there is something that could slow you down. we know 95 is a busy stretch of highway. so please low beams until we start to see brighter conditions get to your destination safely. 84 at lunchtime. hot and humid today. just a stray shower or storm later this afternoon. most of us though should stay
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i'll break down those changes in your complete storm team forecast. >> all right. thanks a lot. a georgia woman is in jail and a police officer kroaferring this morning after what could have been a very deadly event. the scene was captured on the officer's dashboard camera. it's difficult to watch. >> officer mark tried to pull a woman over saturday but when information she had a warrant out for her arrest. when he tried to take her into custody the two struggled. officials say she even resisted his stun gun. she managed to put the car in gear and drive away running over both of the officer's legs in the progress. she did get away but they found and arrested her tuesday morning. >> it felt great. i was very, very relieved that she was caught.
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think about a normal person. >> the officer did not break any bones. that's hard to believe. but he does have a torn achilles and a concussion. anonymous e-mail threat have the fbi investigating. how the us is da is responding
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nc state heightened their security after receiving several e-mails. there will be more of a presence. the office employed at least 50 people. they warn these employers as with others in the nation to be aware of those surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior. white house spokesman discussed how officials here were addressing the threats. j the department of agricultural is working closely with the ext of homeland security to secure the safe of office office and the nel that work there.
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local law enforcement to continue their investigation and maintain security. cbs north carolina. thank you. police in new york city are investigating a collision that left several days kayakers injured. after being hit by a ferry. five of them were injured. one of them badly. unfortunately off the days yak -- fortunately all of used to tbrabbing stories but one in louisiana became part of a story. patrick and his reporter saw burning car on the side of the road this past tuesday. they stopped and immediately jumped into action. patrick managed to open the car door and pull out the pregnant woman who was inside of it. he and several other people then worked to treat the
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-- i knew to keep her head still to make sure she had no further injuries. >> now the driver was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. unborn baby is also o.k. back here in central north carolina, it looks like we're off to a nice start. i noaf we've been talking a bility coast. >> we have a lot on your plate to juggle. great weather this morning. if you're heading out right now. a beautiful start at have another tropical depression to talk about. all in check here. let's start off with this picture. not a cloud in sight in raleigh or in the triangle. however you head off to the east. the latest on that in a moment. let's talk about the temperatures before you head out. 70 in durham.
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72 in fayetteville as well. we've been talking about this fog. latest check just in. roanoke rapids reporting. look at this. eastern portions an halifax county. that bright white. that mean very low visibility as well. please take your time. still not bright enough out. there need those low beams. so you're hour by hour forecast. we'll show 10 a.m. temperature. 80 degrees. 84 at lunchtime. not s maybe that lunch outside. confidentable but you're trying to exercise the heat and humidity will make it rather strenuous. as we head into the afternoon, high of 90. there's going to be a very small chance for a shower or storm this afternoon. most of you won't see or feel the impact of that. what you'll notice is is a cold front coming our way. a big game changer for us tomorrow. it's draped off to our north today. we have tropical depression just off our coast. ahead of this front, hot, humid.
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front drops into our area tomorrow. bringing the chance for afternoon storms. this front isn't going to move a lot as we head towards friday. the tropical depression comes into play. this front is going to help steer that tropical depression. we'll talk first about your rain chances here. staying pretty dry through lunchtime. we're dry again overnight. dry for our thursday morning. the front comes into play as we head into the afternoon. shower and storms for us. this is not everyone will see the wet weather but the chance will be greater tomorrow. now on our satellite radar composite looking at the tropical depression 8 that continues to move to the north and east. away from haddarus. strong surf. an issue if you're heading to the beach today but look a this. it could still strength intoon a tropical storm later today as it continues to drift out to sea.
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depression 9. continuing to strengthen before land fall. it's going to stay over land now through georgia, south carolina. possibly over our coast as well. that means the potential for increased rain chances friday into saturday. some of that could even fall across central north carolina. so the latest for today, 90 in raleigh. 91 in fayetteville. overnight tonight oui going to drop to near 70. and as we head into your serve- day forecast. cold front through could see some rain with tropical depression 9 on friday. the holiday weekend looking pretty nice here around central north carolina. >> 6:21. here's a check on your commute. >> we do have extremely foggy conditions o through the. just like alyssa mentioned. showing you where this yellow is. rocky mount, 95 corridor. 01, 258. those are the areas where you're going to see the fog. parse of 64 as well.
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morning. we also have a crash out there this morning that's causing some moderate delays as you head near forestville drive. seeing parts of 401 effected by this crash. no reports of in i disebs no excuse not to get there. no delays there. look at your eastbound off 40. should take you about 10 minutes. outside to i-440. take a look at all of the headlights. school is back in session. we start to see the roads get busy this early in the morning. russ? >> it's been a while since we've seen them this busy. >> a big move for the nominee. trump says he's taking a trip to mexico today. late last night he tweeted that he was meeting with the president.
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major part of trump's campaign but lately he suggested that he could soften the stance. trump's meeting with -- will happen just hours before an event in arizona. all right. 6:23 right now. apple accused of skipping out on the taxes big time. what the company's ceo has to say about it. that's after the break. >> plus we are live on the outer banks where a tropical system could have a big impact in the coming days. that report live in the next
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y23aoy yi0y i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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apple is in tax trouble ape -- how easy it is to now order pizza. let's find out more.
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>> reporter: good morning. apple shares fell by 1% after the european order ordered them to pay ireland in back tations. they'll fight the ruling. apple never got special tax treatment from ireland. the obama administration -- apple could deductd the payment from those back tacks to the amount owed to the u.s. government. the u.s. government wants to care. one idea would be to use some of the fees from the market place for marketing. that way they could reach young people and get them to sign up. they are losing millions of dollars. >> okay. let's talk about papa johns and technology? what's this about?
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millennials. you can order pizza from your tv. the first national chain with the apple tv app. users could build a by da disa topping by topping. they will get 25% off. >> oh, jill. that is perhaps -- i don't know if that's good or bad news. >> just in time for football season. >> you're right. couch potatoes you have officially been warned. [ laughter ] i've got an apple tv. i'm all about it. it sound great ghvment what if f that trend spreads? >> 6:27. the storm might be moving out to sea but the impact likely will be lasting for several days. >> yeah. we are live on the outer banks with how this could affect your labor day weekend
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packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese.
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chrisen people need to be on guard though; right? >> absolutely, rust. >> just because it's pulling out to sea doesn't mean the threats are over just yet. you can see the first glimpses of sunrise here behind us here. it seems to be business as usual on the pier but that's not the case on beaches which continue to be pounded this morning. tropical depression 8 moved further off shore of the outer banks. but the threat of high surf and dangerous rip currents will continue here over the next several days. life guards and emergency officials say that yesterday people were doing all the right things in the ocean but they are
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>> it's not quite red flag conditions. it's also not great for swimming either. but people are out here and having a good time. everybody's being safe and a waist-deep height. people are using flotation. nobody's wandering out that far. >> and the ocean still this morning has been nothing short of fierce. 4 to 5 feet. it should remain fairly high with that rip current risk. danger over the next several days. rortsing live. reporting live. thanks for that update. some good news as things are starting to taper off there. rip currents, surf still continuing to be a factor in our forecast. now what we're showing you
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satellite radar. the rain just drifting out. that's what tropical depression 8 really not bringing any rain. we saw a break in the cloud cover. here locally pretty clear skies as well as we do start off our wednesday. so all in all not too bad of a day but we are watching tropical depression 9 closely. that could impact us this week. 70 in durham. 66 in henderson. we have the low getting straight it your forecast before you get ready to head out this morning. a little bit of fog at 8 a.m. 73. 84 at whrun lunchtime. just a stray shower or storm later today. most of you will stay dry. a cold front in tomorrow's forecast. i'll have the details in about 10 minutes. right now though let's check in with al lie. >> good morning. that fog is going to make
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pinpointing this area. nc highway. a 33. the west area of that area foggy conditions as alyssa mentioned. down to about 4 miles in the rocky mount area. be careful if we're heading out to school bright and early and traveling through rocky mount. the area we're seeing the most fog. we also have a crash that you need to know about. that's starting to slow things down on forestville road at oak drive. right near wake cross roads on through durham nothing like that. through fayetteville good driving conditions. on 95. heading towards fort bragg. 16 minutes there. we're starting to see things slow down as people head in for the third day the school. >> the congestion building.
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today the family is expected to share more about just what led up to her death. >> 3-year-old leslie ramirez is being mourned this morning. she was found in a hot car late monday night. emma wright is live in durham this morning with how her father is now remembering her. emma? >> reporter: well family members and neighbors say this all started when the girl's father found her dead in a mini van parked near the family's apartment. witnesses sate little girl's fathernd out but it was too late. they tell krb north carolina the 3-year-old leslie ramirez's father came home from work, noticed a light on in that mini van, then noticed the little girl inside. they say that he tried to get her out. police say by the time the little girl was pulled out of the van she was pronounced dead by ems. several distraught neighbors called 9-1-1. we're going to hear from them in a moment but we're going to hear from that little
6:35 am
terrible. >> especially she's so beautiful. >> you think they left her in the car? >> yeah. screaming and trying to break the windows of the car. >> yeah. i think she's dead. >> durham police say they are considering that little girl's death suspicious. they say homicide investigators what happened. the ramirez family says they also want to talk about what happened. they're going to hold a news conference later on this morning. cbs north carolina will be there, of course. we will have updated on our website. as well as the news beginning a the noon. reporting live in durham. i'm emma wright. cbs north carolina. >> the sbi is asking for your help as they investigating officer-involved shooting in raleigh.
6:36 am
that man ended up getting shot and killed. an officer was shot in the leg. police say they were called to that same home back in july for an incident involving terry. terry was charged with assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon. but during a vigil yesterday, family and friend said terry was a good person. they should not rush to judgment. >> a man accused of rape is now awaiting extradition. authorities say they arrested raf yal warren in manhattan. they're fete illinil 45-year-old attacked a woman in january. they've been looking for him ever is since. 1991 murder of a mother and her daughter. he was the prosecutor who helped put howard behind bars back in # 5. 21 years later, howard's attorneys are arguing he with held evidence. he was disbarred for the handling of the duke lacrosse scandal will testify
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visit to the tar heel state with the ral lie in winston salem. the indiana governor talked up the plan to boost the economy and create jobs. and claimed it will allow the american people to fulfill their potential. the time honored principals of less government, less taxes, less regulation, more low-cost energy has always set loose the boundless energy of the american economy and going to set it loose again. it's going to do it you can possibly imagine. >> the trump campaign will continue its pursuit of north carolina's 15 electoral votes. trurpz's daughter-in-law pays tribute to her hometown in wilmington. still ahead north carolina's already at several visit from this year's candidates for vice president. >> coming up when the triangle can expect a visit from our current vice president and this. >> you know you really don't even think about it.
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serious danger. how total strangers banned together to help save hadder life. >> it weres this morning are starting off in the 60s and 70s. we have 68 in smithfield and goldsboro. 72 in clinton. ville a closer look at what you can expect today and tomorrow as a cold front approaches the [music] >> dr. stanley: we can understand and realize, it's through the gospel that you and i can be absolutely assured at what paul said when he sai with the lord." we don't have to fear death. it's through the gospel that our whole eternity has been changed. newspapers say it's time pat mccrory and republicans in raleigh tell the truth about our schools. instead of putting our children first,
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orations. and what are we left with? the ratio of teachers to students is worse. funds for textbooks and supplies are scarce. teaching assistants have been depleted.
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come on duck! (puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. lps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. sounds like we're in that crucial wait and see mode this coming weekend; right? >> depend ogen that new thing. >> that new thing. tropical depression the. it's changed a lot over the past 24 hours. so it could continue to change but right now look like it could impact us.
6:41 am
lit outer banks. may have to watch the southern beaches later this week. let start off first with what's going on close to home. it's a live picture from saw jeurcht. the sunrising this morning. brighter conditions and pretty clow-free chis? the triangle. let get straight to your drive- time forecast. 72 right now. then we'll start to climb again. back to 77 by 9 a.m. we're still about 6 minutes or so away from the time to roll out of bed and get that nice little shot if you're watching the sunrise. so let's get to your current temperatures. 70 in durham. 72 in fayette vel and rayford. northward mid-60s. also the mid-60s right now -- around south hill. checking in with the visibility. thicks are deteriorating across halifax county. reporting zero visibility. close to a quarter of a mile.
6:42 am
four miles right now across portions of franklin county towards louisburg. and the treand over the next few days will be hot today and tomorrow. and that cold front thursday really drops though ez temperatures for friday and the holiday weekend ahead. more details on that and the updated track on tropical depression 9 in your complete storm team forecast. russ? >> video from bip -- a scary pile up in the amazing way people responded. a tractor trailer's driving t. smashed into several other cars. several people rushed to woman to pull her out of the car. >> you got the -- tractor railer driver and ran back up as we tried to get the window open and we couldn't get the window open and the flames theired up. once they flaired up and we got the fire knocked
6:43 am
the flames or what. they were able to get her out. >> the mayor put it on facebook. he wants help identifying all of the people who helped rescue the woman so they can recognize -- be recognized for their actions. the woman escaped with just a few cuts and bruises. all right. currently 6:43. usda set to reopen after
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expecting to reopen this morning following a big scare. >> locations across several states shut down yesterday after word of what's a credible threat. cbs north carolina joins us live right here in the studio with the very latest. >> russ, when those office -- employees can expect to see heighten security
6:46 am
branch office. all of those people were told that their office was closed because of serious threats made not only to these offices but as well as several college campuses. we spoke to several students who say these threats are a concern. >> i was a little bit scared, of course. and the first thought that came to my mind was kind of wondering if it was a similar kind of threat as just everything that's been going on in europe. bi the nature of the threat but say that it is being taken seriously. and while the raleigh office will open this open -- it will be under a watchful eye. >> thanks a lot. vice president joe biden will be making a visit to north carolina next month but for a different campaign than you may expect. the vice president plans to hold a fundraiser for attorney general roy cooper. recent polls show the democrat had the narrow lead
6:47 am
vice president joe biden's visit is september #th and it's going to be at a brieft raleigh home. continuing our back to school coverage. you probably know about facebook but what about fakebook? i went into a cary classroom where they are learning about it and other online tools. check it out. >> it absolutely amazes me how >> kyle is a science and technology specialist at davis drive elementary school in cary. he introduces social media to students starting in kindergarten. >> we practice digital citizenship and we talk about internet safety immediately. those are the first lessons learned by elementary students >> . they are given ipads in
6:48 am
>> he stressed social media is more than using sites like facebook and instagram. he says apps like seesaw let them record what they're learning in different ways it files their notes, doodles and drawings in one spot. the teacher and parent can see how and what their student is learn glg. it almost teared down the wall between the classroom and the real world. now parents are invited into very specific examples of what students are learning. >> he say even twit ker be used to teach students but it can be a better learning tool for parents >> . many educators have their own twitter account public so they can capture student learning experiences and post them. >> they do not encourage students to have their own twitter or facebook accounts but use websites like fakebook to show how to develop
6:49 am
pretty sure those kids know more than i do. they're in kindergarten. they're learning how to keep it safe which is the most important. >> especially for mom and dads. great story. >> i've been out to that school. they're big on twitter and social media. >> all right. the other thing, what is going on? one after the other; right? >> i don't want to talk about it. we nee saturday. let's start off with what's going on right now. look. the sun is up. finally 72 degrees right now. a pretty nice shot, i would say from our tower camera here in north raleigh. if you're getting ready to head outed door, hey, the weather is going to cooperate nicely. if you're starting off near that 95 corridor we're watching for a little bit of fog. get to that in a moment. 72 in raleigh.
6:50 am
68 right now in roxboro but the fog really telling the story for folks waking up around the 95 corridor. visibility just above a quarter of a mile around rocky mount. still reporting zero visibility around roanoke rapids. that's where visibility is the lowest this morning. three miles right now in goldsboro. so fur you those areas just take your time this morning. forecast 73 at 8 a.m. t 90 our afternoon high. these temperatures above where we should be. normal highs now right around 86. those cold front to our north. it's going to be a big game changer over the next 24 hours. today it's off to our north. northern portions of pennsylvania and ohio. we have tropical depression 8 just off our coast. this cold front drops south tomorrow. that depression no longer a factor for us. chance for raib does go up as this cold front
6:51 am
this front. they'll stick around for the upcoming weekend. a drop in humidity which is going to be really comfortable if you have outdoor plans over the weekend ahead. let's talk about our rain chances for the next 48 hours. looking at dry weather this morning. dry weather at lunchtime. just a small chance for a shower or storm this afternoon. most of us as you can see are going to stay on the dry side. heading into tonight, dry as well. for thursday we start dry in the morning. the front approaches us in the afternoon. er that point in time. most of us are dry here. this is a remnant of tropical depression 8 still holding together but it could actually strengthen as it heads intat open atlantic. strengthens into a tropical storm later today and eventually lose its characteristics by friday. tropical depression 8 is what we're monitoring now t. looks like it will strengthen later today and
6:52 am
tbhern portions of florida. that looks like now going to stay over land through georgia, south carolina, possibly even along the north carolina coast. wind could be close to 70 miles an hour with this storm as we head towards saturday morning. fending o this track we could even see rain here in central north carolina. >> 90 our high in raleigh today. 91 in fayetteville. we'll fall it near 70. the cold front comes through tomorrow. droppi i have about a 20% chance for rain on friday. that's with tropical depression 9. we'll watch closely to see if that changes. could bump up our rain chances or could be drier testimony does look like we clear out just in time for the holiday weekend ahead. for your labor day on monday, 84 and sunny. 6:52 right now. a check on your newt comeut. >> good morning. very foggy conditions in some spots of our coverage area. showing you where rocky mount is. you can see # 5 consider dr. we
6:53 am
have reduced visibilities. halifax. it is looking better than it was earlier. if we take you into raleigh we do have a bunch of crashes out there as well. we'll take you to that. it's moderate delays on 401. louisburg road. also have a crash at oak marsh drive before becoming crowded. heading to work and school now. all at the same time. no delays through the durham area. fayetteville looks good as going to take you just 5 minutes and pretty easy ride there. durham freeway. about 9. a little longer on u.s. 70. 16 minutes to research triangle park. outside to i-40. getting extremely busy out there. keep in mind. school is back in session. see a lot more cars in the roads. >> a lot more considers and a lot more buses. brake for buses when you see them stopped. >> be careful. 6:54 in the morning.
6:54 am
of a tropical system. >> first though we want to check in with the cbs in morning team to see what they're working o ahead here on cbs this morning drumps heads to mexico today to meet with the country's president just hours before his major imgreat lakes speak. we'll talk with trump's running mate mike pence and the new findings with how much your dog understands you. the news is back in the
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been updating us on conditions all morning long. hello there, kristen. those waves could be trouble; right? >> reporter: yeah. waves could definitely be trouble. looks are very deceiving testimony looks beautiful right now but waves are still high. they're -- the risk of rip currents still very high. those things are the major
6:57 am
tropical depression 8 departs and a close eye on the track of tropical depressioned. we do have some beach erosion this morning. that has been the extent of the damage that we have seen. so really the outer banks of north carolina spared since tropical depression 8 remains over 60 miles offshore last night. we're continue to monitor the situation. live in -- i'm storm teamtologist. cbs north carolina. as >> all right. guys, it's labor day weekend. >> it is. >> also forget about labor day weekend. today it's somebody's birthday. >> oh, thanks. >> i appreciate it. >> if you haven't seen this cake. >> it's all over social media diswrvment check it out. one last look at the forecast. >> we are looking at today being a mainly dry day. tropical depression 9 could bring some showers on friday.
6:58 am
same time. another update in about i'm roy cooper, and you deserve the truth about the crime lab. when i became attorney general, we discovered a backlog of more than 5,000 dna test kits and years worth of shoddy investigations. but what governor mccrory isn't telling you is that we cleared the backlog. we also solved over 2,000 crimes and put killers and rapists in prison from cold cases.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump makes a surprise visit to mexico today. president hours before a speech on immigration. trump's running mate mike pence will join us irks the potential hurricane takes aim at florida while in the pacific. a pair of hurricanes could hit hawaii with a one-two punch. plus, we are on board the first commercial flight to cuba from the united states in more than 50 years. will the island nation be able to keep travelers safe? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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