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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  August 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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call 1-800-341-9716. christina: for a second straight day, a small plane crashes in our area, i am christina park. >> i am antwan lewis, the fate at crash happened this morning in bethpage, long island, it took off from west hampton beach, it hit a railroad crossing signal. christina: the accident killed the pilot, and injured a passenger, and left long island railroad service a mess. >> reporter: good evening, authorities are telling me this was a air taxi that was shuttling passengers to and from the hamptons, a investigator has been on scene all day long collecting evidence. trying to find answers about what went wrong.
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ntsb, said that the plane was at about 6500 feet, had the pilot radioed air traffic control told them he was having engage problems -- engine problems and needed to return to west hampton beach airport, the plane lost altitude hitting lirr post at oyster bay road crossing on hicksville bethpage border. >> i did not realize what was going on, my coworker saw the plane upside down going ast the windy, he ran, he said that plane is going down call 911. >> reporter: the plane burst into flames, firefighters quickly responded. the pilot did not survive the crash, but the passenger, identified as carl giordano did and rushed to a local hospital some a small plane tried to land west of the road here clipped some of the railroad truck infrastructure.
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>> reporter: the ntsb said that pilot made the distress call at 7: 47 in morning but by then it was too late, it covered the lirr railroad tracks and interrupted service, it was lucky no more lives were lost. >> there was no train at that point but the crossing was open. >> reporter: since the crash happened on the train track, lirr service has been disrupted all day long, i want to look at this video we got in from hicksville trin station, people -- train station, people getting on line and buses, trying to find alternate routes, i spoke with a mta spokesperson who has been here on scene, he said they still don't have answers about whether service will be actually restored in the morning, we've seen mta crews have been working at this all day long, clearing and testing the tracks, one of the concerns with the burning plane fuel it may have warped
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from ties and lines. they are testing it, they will have to run test trains before they can give the all clear, and restore service fully, the mta spokes important told me they will have information by 10:00, keep it looked in "fox 5 news" at 10:00. we'll bring you latest. lisa evers, "fox 5 news," back to you. christina: all right. thank you. >> investigator are looking at the scene of yesterday's small plane crash in new jersey that kill a pilot, the 50-year-old pilot took off from esic county pair airport, something went wrong, he reported mechanical difficulty before the plane went down, the pilot was only person aboard. christina: a plane with 54 people onboard is missing in a remote area of indonesia, the plane was flying over eastern indonesia in bad weather, when it lost contact with air travellic controllers, people in
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the area said they saw an aircraft crash into the mountain, they had to call off effort to find it due to more bad weather, and resume the search on monday. >> for a second straight day, a hot mess. antwan: a holt mess, the sun was blazing, people trying their best to stay cool, how much longer will our heat last? christina: samantha is here with a look at our forecast. >> the heat is sticking with us as we head to the week, we're not getting a break just yet, today was 1 degree hotter than yesterday, but the humidity was higher, we felt that, today your high was 93 degrees, 10 degrees hotter than normal for this time of year, we've not had any record breaking heat, record hynix in 1944, tomorrow hottest day will come up, a lit of a relief later in week, right now
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temperatures in 80s, near 90, our dewpoints on rise, 60s, to near 70. now in our dewpoint get that upper 60s to near 70 we get into that uncomfortable category. that is when we looking at for most of the upcoming week. today with hot temperatures, high humidity, we had a couple of scattered showers and storms pop up with a brief heavy downpour, you might have noticed lightning in parts of new jersey toward brooklyn, and south shore of long island there was a flood advisory posted earlier, but storms are investing south -- are drifting out and east, it will clear out this evening, any left over showers moving out over the ocean, hype he high pressure is in place, tonight is warm, and muggy. we wake up to sunshine in the morning. a hot day coming up, temperatures topping out in 90s. more hot weather in the forecast, details in just a few minutes.
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>> thank you, samantha. christina: hillary clinton continues to dismissalgations she --allegations she received the classified data e-mails, republican candidate donald trump told meet the press he thinks that the controversy will be the end of her campaign. >> i think she may not be able to run to be honest. >> he said if she does run he will be able to beat her, clinton said that the e-mails are not what voters are talking about. antwan: the death toll continues to rise from last week's massive explosion at a warehouse, in china, 112 people have been killed, china's -- team is
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setting up a look into what cause the this. >> nypd is asking public to help them find a suspect who escaped while in custody, police say 25-year-old austin stevenson was handcuffed and under arrest for criminal press pass this morning -- stress trespass this morning when he shoved officer and took off, he was last seen 104th and lex, alex rodriguezing ton avenue. >> the step granddaughter of morgan freeman was stabbed to death in washington heights this morning 33-year-old edina hines appears to been stabbed multiple times a man there has been arrested. christina: bond has died, a figure of the civil rights movement. he served in georgia state legislature.
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bond died yesterday in florida after suffering a brief illness, president obama called him a hero and a friend, bond was 75 years old. antwan: some city taxi owners and drivers held a rally for fairness, they gathered in front of tacky limb seize -- taxi limousine pom commission was -- offices they want app ways based companies like uber to abide by the same rules. >> unfairly brute force their way to the yellow cab industry with illegal tactics. >> statement to fox 5 uber responded, they will now do and say anything to stop the flood of drivers switching to uber. they are licensed and insured the same way that taxi drivers are.
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>> when the damage results from a wet and wild event. christina: we heard of horrible bosses, but one check filet own -- chick fell lay owner in texas
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a massive water gunfight in central park last month. antwan: they left quite a mess in the park after, a half acre of sod on the lawn was damaged with 100 feet of fencing and restrooms that were flooded. the parks department fried to shut down the even when more than 60,000 people, said they would be attending they said to show up. christina: it dayed to work at chick-fil-a. even when they are closed, for 5 months a chick-fil-a in texas had been closed for remodeling but the franchise owner continued to pay his pay his 50 employees and gave them a dollar per hour raise. >> a real financial crisis for 50 families represented here to go 5 months without a job. christina: he said make his money back then some. the restaurant is largest chick-fil-a in austin area. antwan: amazing site on long
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island, a pod much dolphins swimming in long island sound. alisa and her kids spot them in the wading river yesterday, she shared this video with us. >> all right for a second straight day, temperatures top 90 across city. antwan: that did not stop crowds from lining up for annual india day parade, sampling a lot of tasty indian cuisine. christina: how long the our hot weather last. antwan: samantha with a look at our forecast. >> it is lasting with us for upcoming week, the heat looks like it will peak tomorrow. could be hottest day. steamy out there. we had mainly sunny skies, we'll track that small chance of a stray storm tomorrow afternoon. most of you keep it dry, any storms that pop up will be typical summer like
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thunderstorms, hazy, hot humid weather for the week. best chance of wet weather will be late thursday to friday, a cold fronts sweeping by to next weekend. right now temperatures are in the 80s, with a south wind cooling us down a little bit. the dewpoint is 68. you really feel it out there close to 70. we have southeasterly wind. showing you big picture of temperatures, look how hot it is across the northeast, even in maine, well into 80s, washington d.c. still almost near 90, hot weather is in place, not going anywhere just yet. overhead we had a couple showers and storms pop up this afternoon with these conditions, any left over showers are drifting to the southeast, moving over the ocean away from us. tomorrow afternoon, could see similar picture, any storms really isolated, have you just
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about a 15 to 20% chance of seeing some of that wednesday weather, here is the set up with high pressure in place, southerly flow pumping in hot, humid area, we will keep an eye on area of lope low pressure starting to push to great lakes bringing us increasing chance of a stray storm later on the week. of high pressure is drifting offshore, then there is cold front a couple showers thunderstorms popping up maybe one reaching us monday afternoon, for most part we look okay, tuesday morning starting out with sunshine, still steamy. temp still near 90, then more in way of cloud cover late in the week. good day to head to water tomorrow to keep it cool. on sound, river or ocean, beach moderate risk of rip current, swim in front of lifeguards and you need your sun block,
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tonights, warn, muggy 75, and tomorrow, some spots in new jersey topping out near 95, average high will be close to about 92. it is hot. with the humidity it feels warmer. looking ahead tuesday attempts near 90, 89 on wednesday. humidity way up there. there might be a stray storm, but best chance is thursday, friday. we feel getter to next weekend. antwan: sam, this is first time that we've seen you, where are you from? >> i am from long island, i live on the beach it has been cooler there with the see breeze. christina: you come in city, sticky steamy. >> it's good to be here. >> beach girl, welcome to the family. >> thank you. duke: every morning. christina: welcome duke. duke: after the break, first place yankees in toronto, looks
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to sweep second place bluejays, those highlights coming up. >> but first a message from fox 5 vice president, general manager lew leone. >> right now there is no hope for kids in new york city failing public schools. under administration if has been two years of school down the drain, and news gets worse every day, from day one de blasio administration and his hand-picked chancellor, have not had a best interest of students as their top priority. first thing they did was back up the truck in a award teacher union with massive new contract with retro active pay raises. now the "new york post," has been respecting a endless -- reporting a ent less stream of fraud in school system so-called social promotion where kids get a free pass to next grade
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regardless of performance, kids can take summer classes for quote, unquote credit recovery and cheat on exams, even those who don't are allowed to grat -- graduate, this is outrageous, and moraly and ethically wrong, possibly criminal in nature, there was a response, which is formation of a task force, in this case, a panel of cronies who would be investigating themselves and their friends, appeared on "good day new york" last year. >> chancellor thank you so much. >> after my 100 days. >> who number now? >> i think april 11 is 100 day, we have a list of all things we've accomplished. >> we have been asking, she will not return to answer questions. new york city cool kids deserve
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better, i believe in mayoral control but governor cuomo gave de blasio a one year extension to prove he could get the job done, you will see where in is heading. argue for state to take back control, clean house and start the reform process, the kids will suffer, for many of them it is too late.
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starting a game 1/2 over the bluejays, the rookie had a bad inning. losing the ball in sun for an error with two outs, tulowitzki is on after an rbi single. bautista with a 2 two-run homer to left, killed the yankees, jays cut yankees lead in east to just a half game over the bluejays. >> mets trying to avoided the sweep. ball in center field. everyone is safe. and you know what happening next. next batter, singled to center, scoring lead run, pirate crush mets 8-1. completing the 3 game sweep. geno smith continues to dominate headlines after having his jaw broken in a locker room brawl on cover of "new york post," a jaw
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swollen, he had surgery. metal plates i think implanted, inside, in parking lot of his apartsment complex with tape under the eyes, shirtless throwing a football. ik enemkpali who broke geno's jaw when what they call a sucker punch, was signed by rex ryan and the buffly bills. >> we talk about geno smith tonight on "sports extra" presented by toyota. we'll talk about geno smiths, the jets, the giant, tom brady and a lot of baseball. antwan: and the buffalo bill connection there is a lot going on. duke: interesting. christina: still to come, is there a new king of the box office. antwan: we tell you in "straight outta compton" could muscle its way straight to the top of the box office when we return.
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antwan: no surprise "straight outta compton" went straight to the top of the box office, charting formation rap group brought in more than $56 million in the debut weekend, it was made againsts there are between million budget. christina: mission impossible rogue nation came in second, and man from uncle debuted, and "fantastic 4" in fourth, and the gift. finishing 5. >> samantha with one look at weather. christina: a gift for us? >> i do if you like heat, i like it without humidity. a bit uncomfortage, we'll feel that tomorrow, check out the high 93 degrees, if we hit 93 it an official heat wave for first
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time this summer for first time in 2 years, 90 tuesday, sunshine, we'll track chance of a stray storm late wednesday. >> love it thank you samantha. >> you're welcome. antwan: that is it for fox 5 news 6:00 thank you for watching i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park. antwan: stay tuned "inside edition" is coming up next.
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