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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning. cloudy and cool out there. the temperatures could be, i don't know, 60s. mike woods is keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin as well. ben: people all along the shore. hoping that joaquin avoids our area. it is moving through the bahamas. it could have our way private in the weekend. juliet: police officers in new york.
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announce the big change today. ben: someone who bought a powerball ticket in michigan is a lot richer this morning. last night, the big chap. juliet: good morning. ben: the first day of october. thank you for being with us. juliet: i walk through the door and did not have a coat on. yesterday, it was so much warmer. it was a big swing. ben: yesterday was so humid. one of the toughest runs ifad. mike: into the upper 70s.
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the wind has kicked in from the northeast. at times of high tide, about one and a half feet. that is a significant level. you throw some ways on top of that. central park rate new. 48 degrees in monticello. wind is coming in from the northeast. a pretty precede day out there. wind will hang tight. showers that we do pick up on our over the central sections of new jersey. has an umbrella close by. one that you can talk away somewhere. you will need something just in case the showers come.
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a category three hurricane. maximum sustained winds. forecast to strengthen and head towards the bahamas. of to the north and to the west. the forecast track is starting to shift more to the east. it brings it right to us early next week. a weakened tropical storm. the trend being batted is taking it out to see. hopefully it will be the case. we could use some rain. expect some showers out there. breezy today. wendy tomorrow. we do have wet weather in the forecast. go ahead and prepare yourself right now.
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ines: a lot going on with the commute this morning. this morning, for the most part, watch out for an accident. not really affect in the new england freeway. the new jersey commute seemed good this morning. airports to have to lace. jfk and the quality of both reporting a 30 minute delay each. long island expressway. late running construction. making your way into brooklyn. take a look at long island. some delays because of a temporary spool. traffic backed up to exit 46. the cross bronx, but this camera shop.
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alexander hamilton bridge. eastbound. was found, no problems at all. george washington bridge, upper-level, starting to pick up in volume. trains are running on or close. ben: people that live all along the coast are start on. preparing for joaquin. >> reporter: good morning. a drizzly and when the morning here along the jersey shore in belmar. people are preparing for what is being called a one-to punch. flooding concerns. the possibility of joaquin. people along the jersey shore say that they are activating
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the, tovar will start building sand there years. all for what may come. >> i cannot believe it. preparing for the hurricane again. >> three years. it is still too soon. that is exactly the spot these residents find themselves in this morning. >> stock up on canned goods. batteries. candles. >> reporter: situated between tovar and spring lake. hurricane joaquin strengthened to a category three storm last night.
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still hundreds of miles away, residents here are not taking any chances. >> the cost would not be so much for the town, but for the residents. >> reporter: the storm could produce. oh wins. for now, we will all just wait and watch joaquin's every move. people down here have had a lot of practice. we are hearing that it will likely be friday or saturday. that is the latest from belmar this morning. ben: thank you very much. new york city also getting ready
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liz: hit hard by superstore c&d three years ago. sand dunes are being built from beach 44. $20 billion on hurricane preparedness. the mayor's office says the city will be safer this time around. neighborhood. fifteen out of 35 cooling towers tested for the disease came out with positive results. one person we spoke with said her brother was just admitted therefore symptoms. >> it was the same symptoms. i am scared to death.
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muscle aches, chills, difficulty breathing. ben: cauvery hospital and two of our over einstein campuses. there will be a town hall meeting tonight. 8:00 o'clock this evening. talking about this outbreak. liz: the clock has ran out for the law that provides medical responders. ben: robert moses has more from lower manhattan on what this means. you. first responders here ran without regard to their health or for their lives. now, this morning, those responders who are very sick
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abandoned them. responders race to ground zero and inhale the toxic air. today, it is a scary day for them. >> if they take this away, and a lot of people will die. >> reporter: is expired at night. nothing changes immediately. administrators say a could face problems by february and began shutting down by next summer. that would be devastating for people like this retired firefighter. >> do i take this pill for $9000 or do ipay for my mortgage and food for my kids? >> reporter: a need to act. >> if congress does not act now,
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medically and financially because we did not do our job and reauthorize this program. >> reporter: lawmakers have not made it urban it because they want to review it. 9/11 illnesses may not manifest themselves for years. calling on congress to renew the act. >> we have always felt that this was a non-issue. it is an american issue. it is a shame. >> reporter: part of problem here is that if this program gets dismantled, the doctors and nurses in it, they will have to find other employment. to restart this program will
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take a ton of time as officials scramble to find new doctors and nurses. that time, of course, could be devastating to these people that are so sick. that is the latest. back to you. ben: robert moses for us downtown. we have a lot more still to come. liz: mike is keeping an eye on our forecasts for today and the weekend. mike: it is cloudy and cool. 66 degrees. only a few patches of clouds. we will get some rain. carried the albro love. just in case. the live radar is available. download it.
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ben: check this out. a 3d video of a flyby of hurricane joaquin released by nasa.
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120 miles per hour sustained. this was from satellite. joaquin is said to be building up some steam. where does it go next? is it headed our way? liz: mike woods. mike: yesterday the official track brought it towards the mid-atlantic region. hopefully the general trend is out to see. here is what we have right now. cloudy. some showers over central sections of new jersey. 54 degrees in bridgeport and islip. eight-15 miles per hour. we have the frontal boundary offshore. cloudy skies here. an area of low pressure capable
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of picking up showers. have an umbrella close by. now, let's talk about joaquin. a category three storm. moving southwest at 5 miles per hour. northwest. the latest track from the hurricane center. a tropical storm with wind 60 miles per hour. all the different models are all over the place. this one continues to bring it out to see. that could either case. most of the models want to bring it somewhere into the eastern seaboard. high temperature today goes up to 62 degrees. tomorrow a high of only 53. windy and wet. a birthday shout out to my pal dave.
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happy birthday to you. he is watching from florida. there you go. happy birthday. ines: happy birthday. mike: let's bring in ines. ines: the commute this morning. ninety-five in connecticut. no problems. 80 and 287, no problems at all. you still have to lace here as you had was found. hov lanes are moving fine. let's go to the bronx. deegan. take a look. right after the cross bronx. an accident blocking a lane slowing everybody down. northbound side, you are fine.
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and lower level not bad of a ride. you are fine with all the approaches. same for the lincoln and holland. liz: thank you. airstrikes for the first time. ben: moscow continues to insist that it is and that islamic. strikes are hitting civilian strikes. group supported by the united states. russia and asad are longtime allies. 200 taliban fighters have been killed. liz: nypd officers will now have
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it comes after several high-profile lace confrontations . the department will determine whether the officer did anything wrong. new guidelines will also be implemented on when an officer should draw their weapon, as well as, when they should use force. ben: the topless ladies that have been in the news as of late. limiting street fair in that area. there is also that playing out there to separate times square into three different zones. none of the recommendations will get rid of the topless women. i think the wintry weather -- all right. to block the pizza or not to block the pizza.
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liz: not block the pizza. ben: i agree. there is new information about health benefits.
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liz: commuters that use new jersey transit can expect to pay
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a 9% increase. the added revenue is needed for the project gap. $40 million in budget cuts earlier this year. ben: the magnetic strips on the back of your debit and credit card will become some what obsolete. businesses are being required for a more chip enabled card. the businesses will be fully responsible for any fraudulent charges. >> is october 1 deadline has been the end of the date your act together or get out. it is really just a light deadline. ben: only about a quarter of retailers will have the new payment system up and running by
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liz: healthwatch. are you one of the people that bought the grace off with a napkin before eating it was should work a new study finds a could save pizza lovers 6600 calories a year. that is the equivalent of 20 extra slices or two and a half buys. ben: i am perplexed to know what this person is doing with 16 napkins. liz: you. a lot of greece. ben: if you get pepperoni, it is extra greasy. all right. one lucky ticket holder. 1% one the cap. liz: the $310 million winner was bought at a gas station and
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the second biggest this year. good news. waking up to that winning ticket. ben: that would not be so bad. i would not care so much about joaquin, if that was the case. it could be headed our way. liz: learning that hillary clinton's e-mail server was targeted by foreign hackers. good dave will be right back. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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or cats. keeping a close eye on hurricane joaquin. there could be some changes in the path. ben: getting ready for the possible arrival in the area. liz: attempting to pry into hillary clinton's private e-mail account. the hacking attempt is newly released e-mails. ben: still need one win. let's hope they get it soon. good morning, everybody. i am ben simmoneau.
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in 4 j. mike: at the latest model update is an intermediate one. indicating more of the easterly turn. the next advisory may drift a little further out to the east and may not make landfall at all. we're just hopeful at this point that it does not make a direct hit. showers mainly to the south and the east. probably not a lot. central park will end up at 62 for ai. a few passing showers.
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over the weekend. even without joaquin making landfall. rain through sunday and monday. let's bring in ines was alice. ines: not dealing with flooding. we do have a 60 minute delay. jfk and laguardia reporting a 30 minute delay. normal delays on the l.i.e. let's go to our cameras. traffic moving better than before. it was moving at a crawl earlier because a debris spell. liz: thank you so much. hurricane joaquin is strengthening.
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people are praising. ben: long island to new york city. fox5 teresa priolo is in belmar new jersey. looks pretty peaceful this morning. >> it is. it is not stopping people from getting out on the boardwalk and exercising this morning. people are preparing or what has largely been considered a one-to punch. flooding. you can imagine why. joaquin. let's talk about how they are preparing. building sand barriers. not a lot of distance between the water and boardwalk.
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cuomo. the largest utility in new jersey. they are mobilizing their resources. residents, they remember what happened during super storm sandy. the memory still fresh in their mind. this is all despite the fact that the storm track is uncertain. >> i cannot believe it. preparing for the hurricane again. now, we are not looking forward batteries.
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candles. there is not a tone that they can do. you know. some of them like spring lake have a two system in place. places like belmar do not. the army corps of engineers have been giving them more sand. they're hoping that does the trick. i will send things back to both of you. ben: where is the governor if >> reporter: he has been hopscotching between iowa and new hampshire. he has a town hall meeting set up for 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.
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he could cancel it to to the storms. he will not escape the rain. he may at least get out of the way of the hurricane. that is the latest from belmar. liz: from russia with love. thousands more of hillary clinton's e-mails released. ben: the e-mails were sent on the morning of august 3, 2011. disguised as speeding tickets. you have to respond to this. you have to pay this fee. there is no evidence. the scandal is that hillary clinton you state by that e-mail
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server and set of a secured government server. liz: caitlin jenner will not face any criminal charges. there was not enough evidence to get a conviction. she rear ended two cars killing the driver. investigators later determined jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed and could face up to a year in jail. ben: fox means business. how retailers are stepping up. talking about this already? >> it is october 1. the christmas countdown sort of begins. about 30 different websites. everything from amazon to
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twenty-nine retailers. target absolutely back to those prices. fourteen days to find a cheaper price elsewhere. this is a huge expansion. ben: we see the decorations. >> they already started. i think their ninth floor already has all the decorations. >> thank you so much. ben: if you are not sure how to find fox business, log onto fox / channel finder.
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a chance of rain out there. showers kind of coming and going. we are tracking joaquin. it may even that down in terms of timing. it may not make landfall at all. let's check out what is going on around town. there. let's go to the cameras. accident in the area. the cross bronx itself moving fine. a stalled tractor-trailer. more on that in a second. duke: the mets received a scare.
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getting hit on the hand by a pitch. plus we have the latest entertainment news still to
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liz: we love, love, chocolaty,
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and watch the leader out there. joaquin upgraded to a hurricane overnight. the city is also making similar preparations and the rockaways. liz: the latest legionnaires disease in the bronx. the cluster is centered in the morris park neighborhood. ben: medical monitoring and treatment for those with time 11 related ailments. running out of money. duke was off yesterday. he had a good reason to be off. check this out.
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duke: i was so nervous. liz: you have done a great job. duke: i have been training for this since early may. question for you. duke: we went. we split a banana pudding. it was so good. i thought i could actually eat a lot more than i could.
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to knock tanaka on the mound for the yankees last night. top of the first. travis shaw. taking the pitch deep. boston goes up three-zero. a-rod rips a solo home run to left. we have to go to extra innings. red sox win it nine-five. the toronto blue jays. fifteen to route. blue jays fought and appropriate conclusion to the unstoppable two-month run. now we are learning that he will
6:46 am
that's come out swinging. fourteenth of the year. later in the inning. the rookie. two run homer. that's take a five-zero lead. this is scary. hit by a pitch on the hand. they are calling it loose fingers. mets fans everywhere holding their breath. they are going to exchange some words. he ejected from the game. still one game up on the dodgers. leaving for london tonight. that came sunday morning.
6:47 am
returning. unable to practice yesterday after feeling some discomfort in his calf. shutting it down before the team phase. >> i know that it is the surgery or nothing. it is a long season. i will know it will be crazy. >> i was in the locker room talking to these guys. we thought he was going to come back. it is a long season. >> thank you, duke. ben: we have breaking news.
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>> reporter: off of route 44. twenty vehicles have been burned so far. the fire department going through the law. trying to get those vehicles distinguished. it is not known what has caused the fire to start. it has spread to multiple vehicles. there are some ambulances on the scene. back to you. ben: at jim smith for us. liz: a lot going on this morning. good morning, mike. mike: happy birthday to my pile. that is billy. happy birthday to you.
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a great 35th birthday. anyways, happy birthday to you. coastal flood advisories in effect for us. that has nothing to do with the storm. coming through at about eight-15 miles per hour. it looks like we will have another cloudy day with a few showers out there. i am a little worried that some of it will drift into us. keep the umbrella close by. you will likely need it. at least for a short while. down to the west, southwest. it is now a category three storm. four.
6:50 am
making its track up to the north and east. waiting for the next of date. starting to indicate that it will be more and more to the east. it said then a lot of wind. a lot of wave action there. a direct hit would be a big problem for us. it would not be until monday or tuesday next week. high temperature today goes up to 62. scattered showers. some drier skies by tuesday and wednesday of next week. a live interactive radar. check it out. liz: thank you so much, mike. a new controversy.
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chair km la guardia, 30 minutes. the l.i.e. moving slow. same goes for the bqe. causing delays on the alexander hamilton bridge. slow. ben: thank you. all right. anna gilligan. getting a little recap of what happened last night. lucius gets released from prison. they want him to snatch. he even sings about that.
6:55 am
he will not do it. starting her own label. being booted out of the family business. they cannot agree on what it will be. other empire news. a spinoff is looking like it is more in the works. now ratings for last week. the show's creator is heating up again here and the network may lay the groundwork. looking at any care or that will have a strong enough story. they will wait for it to happen organically. hbo is now distancing itself. signing a document agreeing that
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appear fully nude. also perform sexually explicit tasks. this is an unenforceable contract. hbo has now spoken out. the document was not created by them. their onset cactuses are professional. it does not premiere until 2016. we will have to wait a little while to see just how racy these scenes are. >> touching each other in the private areas.
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yes. october 1, 1955. the now iconic show. a 9:00 a.m. hour. "good day new york" will pay
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thank you, anna. maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better.
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rosanna: ra. "good day new york." thursday, october 1. things seem to be going by very quickly. greg: 31 days past september. it is cooler. we have that big hurricane in the south right now. liz: fantastic. we are keeping an eye on joaquin. getting stronger. getting the beach is ready just in case. i do not know. look at the european models. i think we will be safe. european models predicted sandy
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