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tv   Chasing News  FOX  October 23, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> on july 11 crystal locked out of her father some here and disappeared. her family says she was five months pregnant and had just returned to new jersey from california where she was living with her daughter and her daughter's father. the family has been months looking for her. in september police found a decomposing body. they identify the body as crystal. >> having some issues with her daughter's father and she wanted to get away from california and be with family for a while.
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>> struggling with mental health issues ever since she had her 1st child, but it is unclear why she left her father's house that day. >> i think they had a fight, and she just wanted to be left alone and left the house. >> crystals family says she has a miscarriage is some point while she was missing but the prosecutor's office says it is unclear. the prosecutor'sprosecutor's office has said they do not believe all play was involved. >> she still told herself she overdosed or it was complications due to the miscarriage. >> if you or anyone you know has information, call the tip line. >> in his prime the ss united states was the fastest ship. today, however, it is a
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different story. a preservationist don't brave enough money. >> what does that say? >> there is new hope for the family. in the 1982 cold case it has been reopened and detectives are looking into this unsolved murder. her daughter was locked in the bathtub. when police arrived the exasperated terrified girl could only scream et did it. >> we had to chase some stories. it would be a chase without a chase all the way.
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>> not your average officer, assigned to the precinct that cover three different precincts as part of the program to put in place to have nypd officer start from the ground up in a closer the community. what happened, he is murdered by one of the members of that very community. people came out while the suspect to is now in custody in the shooting,, tyrone howard, 30 years old, was being arraigned in manhattan court last night. over 100 officer showed up as well as the victim's family, including other new yorkers and residents and people from the neighborhood. i am sitting here with someone who knows a lot about that. he started his own organization called advocates without borders. bill: thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate it.
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what was really happening? >> the since we are getting from communities is that a lot of folks knew he was a bad seed. no one spoke up and said, hey, i know this guy pulled the gun or pulled the trigger the possibly shot and 11 and seven -year-old not too long ago. here he is. bill: a lot of people talk about the blue line, are we seeing -- does this happen in the community where there is a code of silence that prevents people from coming forward? >> we are turning a curve on that right now. that is because of efforts taking place right now. there is a positive movement. they have to understand they have a responsibility. asking for the return of stop andstopping frisk.
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stopped, it just got reduced we need it with the modification that there is a respect coming from the police officers when stopping people. >> you are calling for a citywide day of solidarity, prayers and thoughts and a unified message in favor of the cops to reach out to let them know that the community supports their efforts. >> we are on the phones as we speak. passengers from all of the different boroughs calling up their precincts saying let's get out in front of them on monday and do this simultaneously in a unified effort. bill: show up in front of the precinct? >> shake their hand and pat thempat them on the back and tell them we love you. >> check out this video.
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videotape saturday evening. thus far no arrests have been made. >> severely outdated, outdated, over 60 years old and serving over 200,000 passengers a day, the current port authority may just very well have seen its last days. unanimously voted to approve a $10 billion plant to replace it. the meeting was held on thursday. pat schumer thinks this is a big win for everybody. >> this is going to have an important impact on
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and i think that alone deserves our support. >> the current plan is the poetry 9th and 10th avenue, one block west. a very important fact is that the port authority has opened an international design competition to anyone who wants to participate. they will monitor and studies designs and pick the best one out of the bunch. will it be a big success? >> less than ten days remain
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kennedy,. >> in its prime the ss united states was the world's fastest ship transporting the elite of the 1950s and 60s to europe and beyond. >> if you were aare a crew member you have the same job because no matter what port you went into, shopkeepers and taxicab drivers would stop and say, you are an american. >> people call that america's flagship. >> this is where the beautiful people congregated at night. >> today it is a different story. this is continuing to rust away while costing an estimated $60,000 a month just to maintain. but now that money is running out, and a preservationist don't raise enough money to keep it afloat it could all be gone. >> america's flagship is
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allowed to just be trash? what does that say about us? >> tirelessly working away to save the ship. more than one decade ago, working to transform it via development for the new age. her connection is especially personal as the granddaughter of the ships designer, william francis. >> we are fighting for it. a shared legacy. >> covered in lead, the ship lead, the ship comes with health concerns, but that is nothing that cannot be fixed. >> she serviced,serviced command now we have to serve her. we have to save her. >> if you're interested in saving this piece of history >> what is the difference between this ship and the queen elizabeth, great queen elizabeth which was scrapped , the norway which was the fastest ship on the planet. and historic aircraft
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carrier carrier docked less than a mile away in the process of being scrapped. this is the fate of big ships. if no one wants to, -- bill: you know what the differences? it is such a great symbol of the whole era and transatlantic crossing. i have to believe you could easily turn that around if there is a commercial use for it. bill: make america great again. save the ship. >> he recognizes the sky. notorious nazi daddy.
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nine children for nine women giving some of them nazi names. if younames. if you see him, call police. they have issued a warrant. the warrant was issued after an incident on sunday night. >> ii think it is time that you get a tattoo. >> okay. a dove, a turtle, or maybe the pizza rats he can match this guy.
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had pepperoni obviously. >> can we cut it up? [excited yelling] ah, yes! you can't stop it! aww...your mom liked my post. you're friends with my mother?
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>> zero my god. >> zero my god. bill: you are chasing a story about a gruesome murder that happened more than three decades ago.
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>> new hope for the family. it's tragic murder of a woman locked in the bathroom this person stabbed and choked her mother to death. arrived the exasperated terrified girl could only scream et did it. no one was ever caught for this murder. long considered a prime suspect. $23 million. his sister filed court papers saying it was common knowledge. spoke to joe jack alone, and he knows how this works.
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he said, cases this old are very difficult to solve. >> the likelihood -- >> unfortunately they were destroyed, so we don't have it around for analysis which makes the case even more difficult for investigators to solve, but nothing is impossible. >> not all is lost. >> one tiny silver lining, don marks, the girl that was locked in the bathroom is now a judge. bill: no kidding? where is the father? >> a businessman who has been married a couple of times. ruth fitzgerald, gail's mom believes no one in the police department disputed this, he might have hired someone. >> what new avenues do these
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clues, knew leads to chase? >> sometimes the key things is over time people's relationships change. >> just talking you might mario name, things of that nature. bill: is this something that has to do with new evidence? >> there is aa big difference between solving a case and arresting someone. >> halloween is just around the corner. what a better story than six flags fright fest. it is super creepy. but it would not be a chase unless i chased it all away. i am on my way to six flags to get made up into one of
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their fright fests carers. wish me luck. i might be coming for you. now, i was informed by the makeup artist that zombies are the most populated. i had to become one myself. the 1st step, the prosthetics. >> halfway through. >> we make about 800800 for this part alone and a few silicone masks as well. nine artists soon after process about 200 actors. we are here all day, just constant assembly-line. >> they told me basically, i know the you are a chaser, but for today we will do a three-step chase. you can take three steps toward anyone in the park but don't get too close.
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>> quicker. >> the surprise. bill: you are pretty good at that. >> i got some pretty good ones. i have to say, it is a hard job. i only did it for an hour, hour and a half. they are on their feet for six hours a night. can't get a ticket on the day of. tickets are $60. i was released with the rest of the zombies in the zombie walk. again, zombies are very popular because of the walking dead. super popular. i don't know about you guys, but clouds terrify me.
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it is addicting to scare people. >> fox rules. bill: come on. >> interested in making a comeback, and the glamour bosses leading the charge. >> celebrate every woman's
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i chased this to brooklyn and attended one of her pinup classes. my saw plenty of women. there was a phonograph playing an actual record. walking into the 1950s. on the table, she had put out her grandmother's actual teacup, and she was explaining care. >> i love this, particularly that 1450s look celebrating every woman's shape. >> one of the benefits of living the vintage lifestyle is red lipstick and predictable hair. sheshe was showing us how to put our hair up and rollers and create different styles. some want to keep this hairstyle and try to do it every day, and there was a guya guy there.
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of this? >> the community has been lovely, so welcoming and supportive. people are familiar and like it. always smiling. >> and it costs $200 a day for about six hours. it might not be for you, but once you learn here and make up, you get dressed up and they take your picture. bill: what does it take six hours to teach? >> you know nothing about women. it takes hours to get ready from the hair to the role is to the makeup to having time for tea. part of the reason my we graduated from the style is it does take six hours to get ready. they get ready more quickly today, but a fun day to feel glamorous.
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