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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  March 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> there is some good this is good day wake up. i will go out on a limb and say most of us do and we weather. you have a cloudy morning you have a cloudy morning with some drizzle. not much voters heading to the primary. marco rubio desperately needs a win. the race is tight in ohio where john kasich needs a victory. >> the mayor is ordering
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homeless shelter. this comes as there is a homeless crisis. police need your help tracking two men wanted for it armed robberies on the upper west side. juliet: lots of present news. good morning, everyone. kerry: i am here for ben simmoneau and i am carrie drew. >> i am watching and mike and i discussed this. i'm watching a revolt call it what you want, about getting the line that divides each lane on these highways. they need to be brighter and have sprightly stuff in them. i am telling you that's the cause of a lot of accidents.>> i am an amazing driver. >> how long will you get this rally together? >> i got it!
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>> i know you are with me. >> it's part of what we do and part of public service. let's find out how to get it done. >> we have the wet weather. it's out there and it makes the visibility and conditions on the lackluster side. let roadways are always a rough thing but we see the wet weather pulling in a little bit longer for us. we the great sky with drizzle still in the area. it could drop the visibility with your numbers bring it damp out there. it's still not perfect is better than it was. out of 45 to 46 in newark and 45 in bridgeport.
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21 miles per hour. it's in islip with 13 in newark and bellmawr. same thing in montauk. montauk had showers to the worst of it so far. it's pushed up to new england but it's pretty solid and some of the overnight hours here. even yesterday evening in the city, it was a mess. windy and wet . you see a lot of low clouds and gray skies they are to the west. that's why it's not clearing out immediately and we still have low clouds that are with us being reported. the frontal boundary extends to the west and here's another area of low pressure. i think it will carry as much moisture with it as the first one that came by yesterday. still, it will keep us unsettled. here's what we have light rain and drizzle in the morning. dryer sky in the afternoon and some peaks of sun with a high temperature up to 580.
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upper 40s. 63 for the high tomorrow with a partly cloudy sky and a rain chance on thursday. we secretly cloudy skies on sunday and temperatures are coming back down in the upper 40s early into next week. spring begins on sunday. >> let ring and ines rosales and see if we had anything to up with your commute. ines: things on putnam county, no issues on the titanic. jackie robinson play heading towards grand central let's go to the lie i was in east and train in the metro-north and new jersey transit all running close to schedule. juliet back to you.>>
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2 million voters have cast their absentees or early in person dollars. four other states are holding primaries in the turner is expected to be high. robert moses is here with a closer look at the races. >> juliet carry to you. despite the northern islands , although today, it's a day when the gop contest could effectively become a two-man race. it's a day when bernie sanders could prove to democrats that he is in effect the challenger to hillary clinton. >> for the center marco rubio in john kasich are hoping that their home state proved to be home sweet home. the university poll shows rubio behind trump in florida but he sounds confident nonetheless. >> we will win the 99 delegates here in florida.
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the republican presidential nominee who campaigned alongside him. >> america is counting on you. >> by his own admission, he must win the buckeye state to justify staying in the race. polls show him ahead of trump there. ted cruz is urging voters to unite behind him today . >> people for john kasich on marco rubio is the way. >> trump remains the man to beat with chris christie appearing with them and missing the funeral for sean: who was hit a passing motorist last week and killed. he took a shot at casings absenteeism. >> or governor casey i am being totally impartial he lives in new hampshire. he is living there with chris. where is chris? even more than chris christie, he was there!
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i hated to do that but i had to make my point. >> on the democratic side, there was a surprise when in michigan and bernie sanders is expected to do well in ohio, missouri and illinois. the demographics of abraham . hillary clinton is banking on the wind in the south where the electorate is more diverse. she is expected to do well in florida and north carolina. >> 367 delegates are at stake on the republican side. 792 on the democratic side . some argue that today is just as important or perhaps even more in shaping the race then super tuesday was two weeks ago . >> robert, thank you. we are is watching the results come in tonight. >> the man will learn their fate today. assembly speaker will appear before a judge at 10:00 this morning.the
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convicted of corruption and separate trials with his son adam. they face 100 years behind bars. >> the city is facing a growing problem. it's been on the topic of everyone's mind. that included the mayor himself. his budget for next year calls for a cut of 200 million. the city watchdog agency says it could be a problem because it does not expect the population to drop . terry says live this morning in midtown with more details. >> good morning, everyone. this is the report were all of those numbers are laid out. it deals with the homeless population and we have a few people who appear to be homeless behind me in midtown. the adult shelter population is at its highest level up 11%. mayor diblasio is cutting services. >> it's one of the biggest complaints from new yorkers.
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concerned for their communities and their personal safety . the independent budget office agrees. they are calling the homeless problem stubbornly high and increasing. despite the growing problem, new report says the preliminary budget slashes the budget for the shelters. the report claims the city budget is 325 million for homeless adults shelters next year.that's a $120 decrease from this year. for family shelters, it's allocating 450 million which is $72 million less than 2016. when asked for comment, the mayor's office disagreed saying that's not accurate. the deposit administration is immediately tackling the issue with the most comprehensive effort in the country. this prevents homelessness
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shelter and into permanent homes. the programs include rental subsidy and housing units. they recognize the efforts but they take years to have a substantial impact. >> the mayor's office says there will be a 90 day review of the problem and what they find at the end could impact future spending. that's the latest, sending it back to you. >> think you.two men behind a pair of armed robberies. perhaps you can help them. these are surveillance videos with robberies happening at her nine clock at night on march 6. the guys pulled a gun on a man at riverside park and 90th st. they took his iphone and robs another man a couple minutes later . it's a pretty decent photo there.if you've seen them call crimestoppers. >> bill bratton is responding to the poll that came out yesterday saying morale among new york's
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low . he says police morale is always an issue is one the department has been addressing. it's been taken by 6000 pba members taking less than three on a scale of one 10. he says he is not surprised. >> to be quite frank, i am not surprised.echoes the survey that we share with you. >> maybe what they are doing is focusing on the officers concern . >> the police commissioner says as a result , the department has focused on improved training and equipment as well as specialty units to provide more career opportunity. a surprise announcement from vladimir putin . he always surprises us. this time he says russia will withdraw most of its military from syria . this is a huge development.
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warplanes left base in the country. the russian forces have been fighting for about six months supporting the regime. his withdrawal comes as the un is holding peace talks in geneva with syrian rebels and the asad government. this could pressure asad to make a deal which leads to a permanent cease-fire. it can also affect the situation with isis. more of a geopolitical situation. the catholic church welcoming new saint . pope francis is said to sign a decree for the canonization of mother teresa. he signed off on the second miracle needed. she was born in macedonia but did most of her work in india. by the time of her death, her missionaries of charity ran hundreds of homeless shelters , orphanages and her sainthood ceremony will take place in september. >> much more still head.
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items as each are approaches. it's not legal in the country. let's take a look at the egg band. don't you like the cadbury eggs? >> they are sweet . i really like the peanut butter and chocolate ones. let's show you what's going on. we get closer to easter . let's feel like spring. we have a little bit of everything out there. it's lots of clouds even from fog in the area and mild temperatures make a comeback starting out at 450 and ending up in the 50s. there is a live radar on the weather app in the itunes store with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
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kerry: welcome back . colleagues and me. you should see what he has it's scandalous! truly ! juliet: it's a nickname it's not that nice. our boss is seeing this. kerry: and then he takes off today! juliet: so typical . mike: let's get you out the door. we are up to no pie day.
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yesterday? the average temperatures 47.9 which is 8.1 above normal. once again, a warm month coming at us in the tri-state. the warmer day that we saw was 790 and it's hard to believe in march but it happened at 78. the coldest was 76 and we had a little bit of snow at .4 inches and we are still behind with that . it's been a little bit wet the last few days. hasn't been enough to guest back on track at the wet weather is moving up to new england eating a break here in the tri-state. there is some drizzle here . the drops are so small that the radar doesn't pick up on it. don't expect it to be completely dry but it's less rain than yesterday. >> 460 out of newark and 45 in central park . 37 in monticello. low cloudiness and gray skies. there is the rain heading into new england.
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with an area of low pressure writing along a frontal boundary with a cold front extending back into the virginians. it's drifting in this direction and that brings us yet another chance of showers here in the tri-state. it's probably not until later on tomorrow but we have a gray sky with some sprinkles early on. we break up later that the area of low pressure is still going to keep us with a few showers going here. we're just in a pattern that's undefined with a few showers here or there. temperature wise, with up to 580 and in 63 tomorrow. 59 on st. patrick's day. arrangements are back again sunday and monday.
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what's happening . there is not a lot going on. wet roadways. things are fine between official and new word. let's go to the cameras and look at the commute on the garden state parkway. by mile marker 186. not bonsai looks good and the cross launch with no problems as you make your way to run avenue. the trains are running on or close to schedule. carrie and juliet. >> union members are expected to vote on the deal that avoided a new jersey transit strike. it was a great reached on friday night to include the 21 percent wage increase. union leaders have also conceded to a new structure for employee health. they have been without a contract for the past five years. >> it's a moment at the university of missouri , my alma mater.
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officials say the campus protests are to blame. they started after students demanded the university president's resignation after he had handled matters of race and discrimination. it's a 25% drop with new students forcing the school to enact cuts as well as hiring and salary freezes. the school says it was difficult to provide numbers and does not have hard data. i do have to say, they spent so much money on this huge new athletic complex and they did really well with recruitment of great athletes and that's all going downhill. it is a shame. >> they did not handle things there. that crazy woman was finally fired but a lot of people were complaining about it because they said it took too long to fire her. people in the administration said they should bring her back and
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>> these things are called kindred eggs. they are a big deal. >> linda schmidt tells us why they are in demand, even though they are banned. >> what child would not love a chocolate egg with a toy inside? they are called kindred surprise eggs and they are huge hit .>> i have one daughter who is 10 and what is she think? >> you love them. >> u2 has plenty of video showing children unwrapping their eggs. it's a chocolate shell and inside there is a plastic capsule containing a toy . justin's mom shared this video. >> with easter two weeks away, there is a facebook page here for parents and they clamor to find the kindred eggs. i can't tell you exactly what the pages because it's private but what the parents are writing is that the kids are obsessed with these eggs.
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they can buy them. the problem is, they are illegal. >> they are sold around the world but they are illegal here in the us because the fda says young children could choke on the toy . in january, a child choked to death. it's a choking hazard , even though i don't think many people gotten hurt but the fda considers it dangerous. >> the attorney says any store selling them could face steep fines. >> most people don't realize the eggs are illegal so the fda has issued another warning. that makes sense. >> give your kid a cadbury . think
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juliet: house of love. find out what the average person spends before finding true love.
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life.will come back. 5:25 am. chipotle bosses have had their pay cut in half that they still made 14 million each. that's according to the statement released last week . the co-ceo made $13.8 million in the fellow ceo,
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the stock lost a third of its value and then was hit hard. it was several times concerns. >> might, pay attention. it's free, day. it's free small vanilla comes to all customers. you don't have to pay anything you will be asked donation. . >> last year, each location gave away more than 1300 cones and it totaled $140,000. >> abc along lines, that's why. >> the average american will spend five and half years before finding a long-term partner and getting married. juliet: starting when? that's in my brain. anyway, i will focus on that after the show.
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dating. kerry: this is according to an event planner. the average person spends $43.50 on a date and the most ever spent on a date will be $224 for men and 93 for women. >> this thing has asterix written all over it. that's depending on where you go , how old you are. >> you could spend way more going to new york city restaurant. >> when we talk to lauren, she was talking about the christmas gifts in here in new york, it's more.
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come back. juliet: good morning everyone. look at all those cars out there. i wonder if they can still lined on the road that divide each lane probably not. >> they were sparkling. >> maybe that would help . >> let's talk about the weather situation, coming up. it's a big day in the republican race as five
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and ohio hold primaries. marco rubio finds himself in a must win situation in florida. >> wait until you hear what donald trump said to chris christie. was a match? find out why officials think not so much. >> if you plan on taking the metro-north , don't plan on drinking on the train. the alcohol ban will be in effect. i am carrie drew in for ben seminole. >> i had no concerns. >> he was just clearing his throat. >> i won't be on that train. >> is true
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it's a thursday. let's show you what's going on out there up and out the door. another day like yesterday but not really! it's not completely dry and there. there is a lot of low some fog and drizzle. the morning temperature should drop down to 440 as you head out to the bus stop . be ready for a damp start but when it comes to the solid rain, it's not's moving up into new england. temperature sitting at 450 in central park and 370 in monticello. it's a little bit mild there and wind is still coming at you from the northeast at around seven 20 miles per hour. , it's not windy. it continues to be on the raw side early on but the warmer temperatures make a comeback and here is the
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it's not that well organized but there will be another area of low pressure trying to keep the showers going. we can't get rid of the rain completely it will be warmer up to 630 tomorrow and 590 on thursday. here is ines with the latest of the .we'll see was happening with the around town situation. >> things are good. no problems on the expressway. same for the new jersey commute . 78 into 80 with cameras moving on the lie by terry road. westbound traffic is not have much going on. eastbound is fine. close. >> thank you very much. i know you are watching this closely. the republican race will be different by the end of the day. we will probably know who
5:34 am
>> opposable open soon with marco rubio and john kasich in a must win situation. robert moses is here now with the latest for all the races. >> if you need me tonight i will be glued to my television. >> this chris christie thing i think it's just one of the most awkward things i've ever seen in politics. robert: this is cringe worthy stuff. but start with the republicans. if donald trump is not stopped today or held in check, he will probably not be stopped at all. now to the democrats. bernie sanders is hoping that wins today is hoping that he is here to stay. >> florida senator marco rubio and john kasich are hoping that their home
5:35 am
>> rubio is sounding confident nonetheless. >> will win the 99 delegates here in florida. >> casey got a boost from the public and presidential nominee met romney who campaigned along him in ohio. >> america counts on you. >> by his own admission, he must win the buckeye state to justify staying in the race. polls show him ahead of or neck and neck with trump . ted cruz is urging voters to unite behind him today. >> info for john kasich or marco rubio is able that's thrown away.>> trump remains the man to beat . chris christie appeared with him missing the funeral for sean: who is hit by a passing motorist. he took a shot at cases absenteeism which took this
5:36 am
he is living with new hampshire. even more than chris christie, he was there. >> right? even more! >> i hated to do that but i had to make my point. >> on the democratic side in michigan, bernie sanders is expected to do well today in ohio, missouri and illinois. the demographics of the midwest favor him and hillary clinton is banking on wins in the south where the elect for it is more diverse. she is expected to do well in florida in north carolina. >> clinton's campaign manager has said that even if she loses today and ohio , illinois and missouri, she still has its iron clad delegate lead making her unbeatable. juliet and carrie, let's get back to the donald trump exchange. i was telling you about this picture. in one of their appearances, they were walking down the stairs and
5:37 am
umbrella . christie was out in the rain. it was kind of symbolic of what people were saying here . christie is being out to dry. >> people love the fact that he blurted things out and says what people are thinking but people might be cheering because a lot of people are upset with chris christie but that was just tough. >> republican lawmakers are saying, campaign for trump or be governor. you can't do both. it's not just democrats hitting him hard. it's the republicans. >> i guess he is banking on the fact that if trump likes and not much, he will be his running mate. who knows? >> thank you, robert. >> could
5:38 am
christie ? eek. he makes a lasting impression on one ohio man. anthony wardell was his shirt to display his new ink and now it's a large tattoo with none other than donald trump. he says he is following a trend that was taking off on the east coast. he says most of the feedback he received has been positive and he says well he is supportive, he is more supportive of an overthrow of the government. he thinks the government is corrupt. >> interesting. trump looks like he has a snaggletooth, first of all. >> it's not the best representation. >> i hope trump doesn't see that. >> the knife that was found buried has came up clean.
5:39 am
a match and the microbes in the soil degraded any dna to the point that it was impossible to get a meaningful result. it was found by the construction worker with her friend ron goldman stabbed to death. he gave the knife to an off-duty cop but instead of turning in the weapon, the officer found it more important to keep it as a keepsake and he wanted to frame it but he never got around to it. he talked to anybody and he said , you need to turn it in . >> data. the mayor is slashing the city's homeless shelter budget next year. >> that's according to the independent office. it's budgeting 325 million for adult homeless shelters. teresa is live in midtown with the details. >> the report claims that the adult population,
5:40 am
here in midtown, are up to its highest level of 11%. this is despite the fact that the mayor is cutting services. >> it's one of the biggest complaints. the spike in the homeless population. people are concerned for their community and their personal safety. it's the city independent budget agreeing calling the homeless problem stubbornly high and increasing. despite the growing problem, the new report says the preliminary budget /is the budget for shelters. the report claims they budget 325 million for homeless adult shelters next year.that's a $120 million decrease from this year. for family shelters, is allocating 452 million. 2016. when asked for the comment,
5:41 am
disagrees saying that's not accurate. the divorce administration is immediately and aggressively tackling the issue with the most comprehensive effort in the country. they prevent homelessness and move people out of shelters and into permanent homes. the homes include rental subsidies and new supportive housing units. they recognize the efforts but say they will take years to have a substantial impact . the mayor's office says there is a 90 day review. the findings could impact the future spending. that's the latest from midtown. back to you . >> think so much. >> were very on point.>> let's check the forecast. >> gets a little better . it's pretty solid rain . looks like mainly drizzle in the morning and eases up
5:42 am
in the afternoon. tomorrow, you start off with sunshine early and they try to make a comeback again. what weather doesn't want to go away completely. we have a mostly cloudy sky at 450 with drizzle around the tri-state region. it's now rolled on with the area of low pressure approaching taking some time to get there. in between, we have a mostly cloudy sky with drizzle and that's about it. high temperatures getting up to about 580 this afternoon as well above then. more showers are possible on thursday when it's st.
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the daily and hourly one of the coolpperks of this place is you can eat as muchpcereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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digging out your headlines. 545 with your family with dj henry reaching a settlement in the wrongful death case after he was shot and killed by police officer in pleasantville new york in 2010. he and the village of pleasantville will pay his family $6 million. a new study shows great progress reports are not helping students lose weight . they are not showing any indication that the students were able to shed the pounds.the average
5:46 am
overweight mark. pope francis will sign a decree today for mother teresa. the ceremony is expected to take place in early september. if you plan on writing the metro-north, leave the booze at home. they will be an alcohol on thursday. police will confiscate the train . they will last until friday. burkart went to penn station to be shut down. >> . >> maybe mike was here. >> he would be the most likely culprit. >> you think it's a really huge story. >> you think it's a gigantic story. you'll talk about this more and more because the executive acknowledge that there is a link between the head trauma and the brain disease.
5:47 am
president, made the omission while appearing before the committee. this is the first admission by the elite official that there is a link . they can only be detected after players found in their brains was the hall of famer. he was pressed on this topic . >> mister miller do you think there is a link between football and brain disorders like cte. >> most certainly. the doctors report show a number of nfl players show they are diagnosed.the answer is yes but there is also a number of questions that come with it. >> is there a link ? i feel that it was not the unequivocal answer three days before the super bowl by doctor mitchell berger. >> i'm not going to speak
5:48 am
>> you are speaking for the nfl, right? you asked the question if i think there is a link and i said i certainly think there is a link because she is found in a number of football players. >> i saw this i thought , wow. that's the first time we're hearing this. to hear it we knew it. many of us have seen the research but to hear and officials say it i think it's pretty for powerful. >> to local games. let's start here in anaheim with the devils and the ducks. he smacks in kennedy's feed to tie it up in less one. it's less than a minute . >> he can't be less than 100 had to be zero. .
5:49 am
in and it's 4/1. the ducks win 7/1. islanders face the panthers. they get on the board until the third . he will put in and right there in a few minutes later, josh daly will collect the rebound on the doorstep. we tie it at two. it's a minute left lifting victory. >> the ncaa march madness with a men's basketball team playing its first in the tournament tonight and date in ohio. they take on the eagles in the florida gulf coast. it's now the first round. we will have the honor of watching them in the tournament's first game. they had a playoff game against st. francis before going on the road and
5:50 am
that gave the knights their fifth term in and an automatic bid to the tournament. a tipoff is scheduled for 6:40 pm. >> he leaves for iowa as he prepares to face kentucky wildcats. before , four of the last five years the word almost was familiar. especially when it came to clinching a spot . this year, they sent a different message. >> what is the message? >> the message is to go out there and do what we've done all year long. that's to win and represent our school right way. we look forward to doing that in kentucky. >> we have a great team . we get some lucky breaks. >> students have a case of school fever. they are ready for the round at 64 with tipoff against kentucky.
5:51 am
we have seen dickinson play tonight. we've seen the big underdogs take on the giants before. it does happen . >> that's why the tournament is so fun. >> next check in with mike for a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. we don't have solid rain like we had yesterday but we do have drizzle out there . it's quite common around the tri-state. if you head off to the bus stop , it will be not as wet as we had yesterday. 450 for the temperature at newark and central park is at 460 in newark at 45 in bridgeport is that 42. there is a cloudy sky within at least wind. it's coming through at 7 miles per hour. it makes it feel colder
5:52 am
you have the rain that we saw yesterday and it was with us for the majority of the day but is now pushing into new england. the areas heading out into the atlantic but there is another one on its tail. it looks like that will come through with a counterclockwise turn. it will bring us more chances of rain here and it's cloudy and mild with drizzle's a peak of son early on with an impressive 580. 590 on thursday and it dries out and cools out more as we wrap up this week . let's bring in ines to see what's going on . ines: good morning, mike. we have problem spots if you are traveling on the bqe. normal with things slowing down on the lie as you approach queens boulevard coming up on 6:00. it's eastbound calling exit 16.
5:53 am
area blocking two lanes everyone is slowing down.
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[music] . this is such a hot musical. have you seen it? >> before the performance, the actresses hosted a student workshop and a question-and-answer segment. miranda joined the president for a follow-up in the rose garden. check it out. >> rolling up some words. constitution and a freestyle you know this. it was hopeless. federalist papers. >> that's awesome! miranda wrapped up his performance and the president said, how good is that? that is going viral ! >> michael jackson's estate has just gotten a lot more rich. sony bought his share of the publishing for 750 million. jackson had a 50% stake to some of the biggest songs ever
5:57 am
jeff has rock , all you need is love. the state keeps all songs written by michael. the estate will be finalized at the end of this month. >> i love those and cis shows. ll cool j decided to have some fun on twitter. he said he was retiring with people start freaking out. >> not before deleting the message and posting this. today, i come out of retirement and start a new album. studio time is set for 8:00 pm and i'm going to massacre of the rap game. i can't have fun with his twitter game? >> the to shows him in the studio with doctor dre. i guess it's all to promote the new music from ll cool j. you see selena gomez and taylor swift together. she is the most followed personal instagram she is 69.5 million followers compared to 64.2.
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snapshots for her life and not. there are videos like this one chowing down on my burger. it has more than 1.4 million . i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg
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just $69.99 a month online. switch to better.
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up" . kerry: carried through, what is your middle name? i will drive you absolutely crazy. today starts with google and it's cloudy and soupy out there. highs in the upper 50s . it's not freezing or anything. mike is watching the forecast for us. today could be a pivotal day in the primaries. votes cast in five states including florida and ohio along with one us territory.


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