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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  April 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up" will be see a wintry mix kwei. >> some areas will see snow but some will see rain. mike has a complete forecast, coming up. >> breaking news out of newark. fire forces it and we will bring you an update. strong wind over the weekend. over by long beach, it was crazy. trees were down everywhere. power outages throughout the area. >> did you lose power kwei .
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donald trump calls for john kasich to get off the race. he says he is taking votes from him . >> that happens. >> that is true. >> 5 o'clock on april 4. i am been seminal. we got one over on ben yesterday. didn't we, and as grade beautiful april.. she is not engaged.>> you should've known because she was here. >> oh, come on. i am just saying. >> thank you, mike. we got you pretty good. >> we show the video coming up. >> i did miss out. i look forward to it.>> good morning.
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few days in but you would think we would move away from the precept but that's not the case. we have a freeze warning in effect for the purple shaded counties. it does include the five boroughs and long island and connecticut. it extends back down to the central sections of new jersey. that's called stuff coming on as later and into tomorrow morning. it's not just that we had a winter weather advisory in effect today and the purple shaded counties where you could see three 6 inches accumulating in the higher elevations. it looks like one more gasp at winter will cruise through the tri-state. 360 in central park and 21 and marcello. you could see where the temperatures are in the 20s and there's a good likelihood of seeing a wintry mix early. it looks pretty
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it's mainly in the northern tier where we should see some minor accumulations out of this thing. if the precept makes it into the city, it will be rainfall or wet snowflakes. notice, most of the wet weather has already moved clear of the area at 10 o'clock this evening and tomorrow you'll see a clear sky in the area with sunshine on tuesday and wednesday clouds in the area keeping it dry. it does get messy but for the most part, it's not the worst. high temperatures at 510. 420 is your high tomorrow and 50 on wednesday. it's another shot at showers on thursday . let's get you over to ynez . you have to watch the video. go to the facebook page and check it out. we see problems this morning. tractor-trailers on fire past 78. exit 22 so all liens are subject to closure. problems on 59th st. bridge to
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level is manhattan level. let's take a look at your commute. on this monday morning, you will see construction set up with things open on the fdr southside headed to 61st st. no problems on the northbound side. let's go to the cameras and look at the 59th st. bridge. tough to see the upper levels but the lower levels are inching right there and that is a delay i'm talking about. trains are running on or close to schedule and street cleaning rules are in effect. >> think you very much. problems around newark airport. a fire broke out at terminal b forcing people to be evacuated. gary drew is live with what happened . >> good morning.
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and had to be evacuated, not once but twice. we will show you what's going on. you can see outside the terminal there is flashing lights in emergency vehicles. fire trucks are located here. here is what's happening . there is an electrical fire in the boiler room. we have video to show you from inside the terminal. you can see the smoke that firefighters were dealing with. 200 people were evacuated at that time and the fire was knocked out around 2:00 am. terminal b was located as it was ventilated. the fire reignited in the terminal evacuated due to a heavy smoke condition. at 3:45 am, it was contained but the terminal is still closed. we did people in terminal and you'll hear from them and just a bit. one person is trying to get home from ottawa and he was concerned
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spoke to a guy coming from minneapolis. not sure if his flight will take off. we have that now. >> will hear from them and a half an hour. we talked to people in the lower area here at the entrance to terminal b. they were evacuated once again and they tell everyone to get out. people are heading back into the terminal. they are concerned about connecting flights and that is alive here and we will post it at half an hour. >> we talk to people who said they weren't sure that they had
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the flights were canceled. we would get the information on that and get back to you in a little bit. >> thank you, carry. >> in the meantime, still cleaning up after saturday night's strong wind. this was a scene in queens village and yikes! look at that thing! it is down now so i'm sure they will turn into firewood. a lot of things like down power lines and toppled trees. you cite all of the place. several were damaged in the area and one woman said she was shocked at what she saw . >> i was sitting in my room drinking coffee and all of a sudden i heard the crash. i thought it was the roof of this house coming down. when i looked out the window, it was the tree. i ran outside and i looked and i said, wow! >> unbelievable! residents were without power for four hours. no injuries were reported. >> tomorrow is the primary but
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york area. >> there is lots of questions to be answered, should john kasich drop out of the race query will hillary clinton and bernie sanders debate again query let's go to robert moses. he is 5 feet away. >> we will get to the debate. there is no debating this the importance of wisconsin. that is for sure. it could energize the trump movement if he loses, it could deliver a wind to bernie sanders if he is able to hold off hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton .
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assumes a new york flavor. they join andrew cuomo to celebrate the wage increase. john casey will host the town hall at the hostage university. they will host another in huntington. for his fellow republicans, donald trump and ted cruz, the focus is on wisconsin which holds the primary tomorrow. cruises up by 10 points. >> i am not worried about donald. i am not paying attention to the latest tweet for noise. >> trump isn't conceding anything.>> i think we will do very well. >> he will have a last-minute plea at three different stops in the badger state and last night during a town hall, he called on casey to drop out. >> i think he hurts me more than 100 screws . k said has one when and 29 losses in a should not be in a. >> case it does not sound ready to quit the race . >> clinton who was in brooklyn, took a shot at bernie
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as an independent and said only she is a true democrat . i would be so humble and honored during your support to make sure we have a democrat in the white house. sanders leads narrowly. if young people start coming out, we will win on tuesday! the race between clinton and sanders turns contentious. the case in point is that they want to debate before the new york primary on april 19. no problem there, rightly they can't agree on the debate. clinton says she is all set on brooklyn and the sanders camp says it conflicts with a rally he is scheduled for . clinton says she can meet on april 15 but there has been no agreement from sanders on that date either. stay tuned. >> you have two options you have to pick one or the other. >> is the day baseball fans have been waiting for!
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yankees open up today in the bronx. they will host the astros at the stadium. it's forecasted to be a cold and snowy day.the american league winner gets the winner for houston. in the bronx, at 1:00 pm. >> abby is apologizing for her weekend dui arrest. on facebook she wrote, those that know me know i have always demanded excellence. i take full responsibility for my actions. it's all on me and i promise i will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. i am sorry to my family, friends and those who choose to make a better example. she failed the field sobriety test and the breathalyzer. she was polite and cooperative throughout the ordeal . 5:11 am. we have the latest on that. >> mike is back and he is
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>> it does happen every once in a while. on opening day! we have cloudy, cold weather coming at you at 370. with a mix of showers crossing the tri-state primarily rain and a few snowflakes are not out of the question. it's breezy at times to keep that in mind. it's a rollicking monday. if you make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today. america runs on dunkin'. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest
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called that as a rocket with a successful launch and a successful landing. as a third time they were able to land after the launch. it blasted off out in western texas on saturday. the rocket made it to the edge of the atmosphere launchpad. they are hoping to start the flights into earth orbit with
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of the first. >> yeah right. >> and walden new york, one of our people by the way, i can sense there is a sadness in you. i think you are hurt . >> hurt is more an appropriate term. >> did you hear that, and as we. >> on friday i thought i will get her engagement gift. i got her a card and i did get her a card. >> no, you did not! >> success on our part. >> she is so happy posting photos of this guy.she is saying that she is engaged. >> she really went the distance. >> here's the thing she was
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first thing she said is, is ynez engaged query . >> it was a brilliant acting job. if there are any agents that want to bring me on >> mike, you missed it. >> i never take april fools off. >> i will live. >> very good. >> i will check it. let's show you what's up out there. averages for this day on april 4. the average high is 560 and advertise 41. drop down to 360 so it's colder than normal. risetime this morning at 630. 7:24 am and it's a colder than
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we have a few things going on that reflect the winter. there is a freeze warning in effect and it's all five boroughs. it's in long island in coastal connecticut. we had a freeze warning so it's coming up this evening and tomorrow morning. temperatures on near 320. we have the winter weather advisory and folks are walking in from walden. in the tri-state, you are included on the weather advisory where you can see it in those locations at three 6 inches of accumulating snow. it
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below that, and places like rockland and orange county into sussex you will see light snow passing through the area and it may get heavy . it should not end up being a huge deal. 37 in central park and 350 nicely. winds are coming in from the east and it's around five 10 miles per hour. it's a cold day out there and it looks like the northern tier is where the brunt of the precept will come through. there is a wintry mix with a minor accumulation. there is an area of low pressure sterling it up and it will keep things going. it comes through the city and we are expecting more rainfall. it's a cold and miserable rain. look at the snow a list to the north later this afternoon and before it all shuts down, we all had into 10 o'clock in the evening. we see dryer skies coming at you here and we going
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are looking good. the early mix of rain showers coming at you at today at 510. we get through the next seven days the highest 420 and it's below normal temperatures for quite a while. we get to tuesday and it's a normal temperature , wet at the same time. >> let's get you over to ynez. let's see what she has when it comes to getting around town. >> know, tricks . the commute is not looking good. several issues on 287 northbound by exit 22. there is a tractor-trailer on fire. one lane is closed and traffic is slow northbound. brooklyn, no problem. staten island is fine. let's go to the cameras. 101 and traffic is slow. there is a flipped over car so one lane is closed on the southbound side, you are fine at 59th st. bridge. let's look at that camera little bit dark but it tells the story.
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these are cars standing there in an accident is causing this accident back up here. all the delays in the lower level with manhattan bound and we had new jersey transit problems with down trees suspending service between mount olive. everything else is on or close. >> thank you, inez. two people are dead after an amtrak train derailed near philadelphia. the question is, why was construction equipment on the tracks as the train barreled through cooley . >> people should be able to get out just fine. there may be some delays following the crash. the train 89 was headed from new york to georgia around 8 o'clock yesterday morning. it struck heavy equipment on the track in chester, pennsylvania. the lead engine derailed an equipment operator and supervisor were killed . 30 passengers were injured and they are
5:22 am
of the question is why was construction on an active track quickly. >> with the protocols they have used, before anyone can be on a track, they were not followed. there has to be a complete investigation, obviously so it doesn't happen again. steve forbes was on board the train. he was the next to last car. he says passengers were left wondering what happened for 25 minutes before a crew member came back. the crash happened one year after another track bound for new york crashed in philly. eight people were killed and 200 injured. the crash is under investigation. the train was traveling at twice the speed limit. again, the crazy thing is it's happening again . >> it's crazy how they could be massive equipment on the track where the train is running. they need to get their act together.
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normalcy and brussels. the airport reopened after a terror attack at the airport and subway . 32 people were killed in that world and hundreds more. a temporary defaulter has been set up for passengers because of the extent of damage to the terminal. >> a police chase in california with a runaway chihuahua. it happened on the san francisco bridge. it happened early yesterday morning. the puppy took off running when a motorcycle officer tried to pick him up. they tried to box him in any was not hurt. they shut down the bridge to traffic. in the meantime, they have named him punch after the character featuring chip. >> i would have got that dog. they are trying to find his owner. >> you would've stopped the dog query . >> mike is so in love with
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two-hour. gomez loves cheetah. >> they can't be separated. >> if you see a woman walking to dogs around in a stroller in hoboken that's who it is.>>
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big business. expect to
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predicts the games will bring 20,000 visitors to new york. they will spend millions on merchandise. the homeowner today is expected to generate 9.6 for the mets first home game at 8 million into the city's economy. the dinosaur theme park in new jersey. the field station dinosaurs have to move out last friday . that's because the land didn't turn into a high school. they just signed a deal. it will moved to overpeck county part. when dinosaur park and will it will open. it's pretty cool.
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from into , this is "good day wake up". >> mike woods has all the details in the forecast, coming up. following a breaking news
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a fire in terminal b. it forced travelers to evacuate. we have a live report coming up. >> please make an arrest in the robbery of a 103-year-old woman.the suspect is waking up behind bars. the boys of summer are back. they are getting ready for the home opener today. will it snow query we have a live report from yankee stadium. 531. thank you for joining us. then is hurt by my deception on april.he was not hurt by ynez. i know you are the instigator. >> she said it was payback but i never did anything to her when they started this plot. >> you do things to me every day! you think he is sweet but
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card! >> you are a sucker we can't help that. >> i will still give her that card. thanks for nothing! i hope you feel great. i will show you what's going on today. we are into april but it's a push back to early march. it's 37 at central park and 350 and isolate. it's pretty cold but not so cold that you can't handle it. it's a bit of a shocker. in the 20s at monticello and 28 at poughkeepsie. on the radar and satellite, you see wintry mix lighting and then there is snow in places like northern westchester and putnam county. in sullivan, the warmer tear we see the snow. at least as it falls and it's losing on contact. some places it will accumulate. there is a decent amount at
5:33 am
tier. the area of low pressure will pull in the air and that's why it won't stay . it will be rain in the city with temperatures making up to 510. it's on the relatively warm side and it's 420 for the high-end sunshine is back with a cold start in the low to 290. we get a high of 420 tomorrow so it's sunny and warm. let's bring a nine as. >> it went better than i thought. >> i didn't think it would be that good.>> the commute we have a lot of problems. let's start out at 287 northbound. the tractor-trailer caught fire near exit 22. let's go to the cameras. over by hundred and first avenue, there is a traffic jam with a flipped over car and one lane is closed. let's look at that camera shot
5:34 am
badly on manhattan bound. there was an early morning accident in lower-level manhattan. that's where the delay was. everyone is using the upper level. traffic is moving again. the new jersey transit with a downed tree. both directions between hackettstown and mount olive. amtrak will have more in pennsylvania and it could be running on or close. >> an early morning fire forced the evacuation of terminal b. let's go to carrie, live on the scene. >> good news. terminal b has reopened. all the customers are
5:35 am
evacuated not once but twice because of the fire and they are not they are now back inside. now, everyone is back in terminal b. let's tell you what happened. they say electrical fire broke out in the boiler room around 1:15 am. we have video to show you from inside the terminal. you could see the smoke that firefighters had to deal with. 200 people were evacuated at that point in the fire was contained around 2:00 am. terminal b reopened as it was ventilated. around 3:00 am, the fire reignited in the terminal was evacuated once again due to a heavy smoke condition. the fire was contained a second time around 3:45 am and we spoke to people
5:36 am
this was going on. >> they have been added since 1:45 am. >> you can see the flames and the smoke. >> it's a good amount of smoke down there. >> they will go outside with no explanation. that is weak. newsletter older people here freezing. they are just standing out in the cold. >> a lot of people had to wait outside. we are hearing that terminal b has reopened and we don't know whether the early morning fire has affected the flight here. we are working on that part of the story. live here in newark, i will send it back to you. >> in new jersey state lawmakers are concerned that the lead found in the public
5:37 am
they are in aging water parks. last month officials shut off the water and 30 schools in newark are discovering elevated levels of lead. >> a woman is charged with robbing a 103-year-old victim and she has been held on hundred thousand dollars bail. prosecutors say the 53-year-old weeded on friday for louise signore to get her mail . she followed her into her home and they say she robbed her of her shopping cart and purse. she had $30 inside. the judge in the case and posed a hefty bill and had her undergo psychiatric evaluation. >> donald trump calls for john kasich to back out. >> bernie sanders and hillary
5:38 am
a date for their debate. >> will have more. let's talk about wisconsin and the primary. bernie sanders hope to recapture the midwestern magic. he won michigan and ted cruz would like to recapture some of that magic that he experienced that he won . the front runners would like to protect the status. >> today the campaign assumes a new york flavor. this morning, hillary clinton joins andrew cuomo with a job to celebrate the city's minimum wage increase to $15. this morning, john casey will host a town hall. tonight he will host another in huntington. for his fellow republicans, the focus is squarely on wisconsin which holds his primary tomorrow. >> cruise is up 10 points. >> i am not raid about doll. i'm not paying attention to his latest noise.
5:39 am
anything.>> he will make a last-minute plea in the badger state. last night on fox news, he called on casing to drop out.>> i think he hurts me more than he hurts cruise. >> frankly, casing is one when and 29 losses. he should not even be in a. >> case it doesn't sound ready to quit the race. >> you just have to keep it open and we will have a open convention. >> he took a shot at bernie sanders where he is not identified as an independent and showed that only she is a true democrat. >> i would be so humbled and honored to earn your support and make sure you have a democrat in the white house . >> sanders leads clinton narrowly in wisconsin and at a rally, he sounded optimistic
5:40 am
>> we will win on tuesday. [cheering] you can always hear in the campaign takes its toll. you can hear it in hillary's voice. it's a church should service that she was at. >> bernie sanders and hillary cannot debating about the debate before the april 19 primary in new york. clinton says she can do the 14th or 15th but there has been no agreement yet from the camp on what the significant is. it's just another example on how the race has gotten between these democrats. it started off as civil and high road. it's evolved into something else. >> they are physically exhausted. the nerves are frayed. it's understandable. she didn't sound very good. >> she sounded pretty bad.>> she has to stop screaming in the microphone.
5:41 am
>> she's like a rock star. you have to save your voice for more of a career of rock music. >> let the microphone do the work. >> robert moses, think you very much. >> let's check the weather forecast. it's 370. april 4. come on! the average low as 50 warmer. we are short but it's not ridiculous. it's colder than will shock you and you head out the door. 28 in poughkeepsie and 23 and marcello. 350 and a slip. it's precept rolling in and blue shades on this saturday energy indicates no and by the time he gets to the ground, a lot of it is melting. a lot of it will be accumulating for the northern tier of the tri-state. by the time it gets to the city, you
5:42 am
rainfall than anything else in the lower elevations. the area does have enough him to give you some minor accumulations. some spots are at three 6 inches before the out of here. it's an earlier mix coming up today and it turns over to the rain and the city with a high temperature at 51. look how cold it is. lowe's dropped to 22 30. friday it's wet and it's wet on thursday. a high of 520. don't forget the weather app at the google play store with the live radar that comes in handy. let's bring in ynez rosales. we have to get back to work in the commute doesn't look good. long island, things look fine and sussex county. the problem is new jersey at 287 northbound. let's look at this delay. it's best 78 with a tractor-trailer on fire near
5:43 am
to closure. let's look at the cameras. the van wyck near hundred and first avenue. it's jammed because of an accident involving a flipped over car. here's the 59th st. bridge. you have delays on the lower level with an accident being cleared. everyone is using the upper level as an alternate. the new jersey transit with a down tree near hackettstown and mount olive. we have maintenance problems on the four train. that's between hundred and 25th st. [music] i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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>> checking out your headlines on this monday morning. a fire broke out in terminal b at newark airport. they evacuated the building because there was heavy smoke
5:47 am
terminal have people going in and out. it's a bit confusing as to whether flights are canceled. there are no reports of injuries. >> amtrak will run as scheduled. there will be delays following the deadly derailment yesterday near philadelphia. it was around 8:00 am and the train struck heavy equipment. it was on a track in chester pennsylvania. two workers were on the backhoe and they were killed. 30 people aboard the train should. >> a treasure trove with secret secret papers were leaked. they were from a law firm based in panama. documents show how some companies use offshore tax havens for suspected monthly money laundering with illegal activities.>> 5:47 am. it's time for sports on opening day. let's go out to duke at yankee stadium. >> is a wild-card game and the astros the mets open up . let's open you up to kansas city now
5:48 am
yes, the royals raise their stadium. it's the first inning with no harvey with a run scored. that makes it 1/0 royals. harvey came up the one on 5 2/3. it's the top of the eighth and its 4/0 with royals doing it for the mets. the mets tack on another and cut it to 4/3. this game gets interesting. wade davis with a strikeout. the royals went 4/3 with the final score. >> the ncaa national championship with the men's game in villanova facing north carolina in houston. unc beat villanova five six times in the ncaa tournament. on the women's side, yukon rolling once again in the final four
5:49 am
morgan led the huskies the 21 points and breanna stewart had 16. yukon wins at 80/51. they win their last 74 games . if yukon wins it will be the fourth consecutive title game. the nba last night with christopher zing is set off last night with a strained shoulder. let's show you what happened. carmelo anthony just resting coming down the final second. the game was tied at 87 and paul george gets a short jumper. it 89/87 with four zynga's and carmelo looking out from the skylines. the pacers beat new york. brooklyn had no chance against the pelicans.
5:50 am
one beats the nets 106 /87. it's the story here from yankee stadium. it will be a rematch once's the astros and yankees once again with a wild-card game. it will be an interesting year. if they stay healthy, it's the issue here. >> thank you very much. >> friday is april fools' day. there's a lot of talk about how juliet and ynez prank me saying ynez was engaged. we did get juliet good around 6:45 am. keep an eye on her upper right shoulder. >> we have sports . [laughter] we start with hockey. [laughter] the best here is the
5:51 am
laughing in the background. >> audrey cackles like a crazy lady. >> there was a little bug on her shoulder. >> earlier he takes this gigantic spider thing and shows that me. there are no spiders that big, not in my world. i was a little freaked out. >> people don't just throw things at you. that came out of nowhere. >> it's conceivable that you would have had to for me with a big one. he could have put a real one on my shoulder.
5:52 am
>> good morning. it's april 4. it's time to you out the door. a freeze warning is in effect for the purple shaded area. that's all five boroughs. temperatures around to tomorrow morning. the windchill weather advisory and the purple shaded counties is in effect today. that's because of the rain and snow mix. 370 in central park. it's too warm for everything to hold as snow and the higher elevations are an issue for us. that's why we have the winter weather advisory. you could see the rain and snow mix lighting into the region. there is an area of
5:53 am
that's why it's not going to stay all the way through in the metro area. high temperatures go up to 510. not a lot going on with the rainfall. there will be some crossing through. it's a cold one out of here by tomorrow. 500 on wednesday. >> time for ynez. >> you have a problem. >> he is stuck on the 59th st. bridge. >> we will talk about that. let's take a look at long island. things are fine and there is no issues there. in new jersey, the train is at 287 northbound. everyone is trying to go at 206. it will affect your commute and there is a tractor-trailer on fire by exit 22. let's go to our cameras. it's northbound heading towards the garden center. there is a
5:54 am
blocking the lien and let's go to the cameras with a problem at the bridge. here is the
5:55 am
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welcome back. if the entertainment news with kesha taking to instagram to lash out at her record producer, doctor luke. >> she said she was offered her freedom if she apologized publicly saying she was never raped. she went on to say she would rather let the truth ruin her career than lie. she accused doctor luke of sexually abusing her. he has never been charged and he denies the claim saying she is trying to get out of her contract so she can sign a more
5:58 am
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>> good morning everyone. happy monday. >> yes indeed. >> yeah, baby a cold start to the week. this weather is just it shall unacceptable. a wintry mix an rain on the way. april 4th. mike tells us how long chilly temperatures will stick around. >> we have breaking news overnight. at newark airport reopened this morning following a an electrical fire inside. passengers and workers had to be evacuated twice actually overnight. we'll have the latest for you coming up. >> we'll have the last on that amtrak trash. it says trains will run as scheduled following deadly derailment philadelphia. two killed more than 30 injured. >> presidential campaign continue their pox on new york.


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