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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  July 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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united states. congress failed to commit to an aid package before the summer recess. >> this does the appear to be a local area of transmission. public health officials aren't taking chances. that's why the local officials have begun aggressive vector control. they'll be testing both mosquitos and residents. that testing is under way. >> reporter: those with zika suffer fever, rash, headaches and muscle pain and pregnant with birth defects including damaged heads and small brains. steve: so many of us have relatives in the florida area. we'll take a look at the potential risks and precautions for the elderly. dari: today hasn't been a complete washout. the weekend will not look much better, although the humidity was better today, i felt. nick: but it's still kind of humid. but not as oppressive as yesterday. that was the difference. and the thunderstorm threat is now pretty much done.
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going on towards orange and sullivan county into the mid hudson valley. we have the area of activity going through this morning. it rained hard in central on to long island until mid-morning. that's about it. these showers will move on off to the east. you look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. they're just kind of drifting off to the south and east. i don't think they're going to survive too much towards beyond the sunset time period. once they go and fall apart, there'll be a humid night as side in the city in the 70s. it's 88 at poughkeepsie. 86 sussex. allentown 89. 81 at the jersey shore. low 80s to islip. 70s to montauk. the dew point numbers, yesterday we were in the lower 70s. now it's moderate. it is above 65. that's our threshold. so upper 60s. it will stay that way tomorrow. look at the futurecast. quiet night with patchy clouds. tomorrow morning, we start out okay through most of the day.
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over the poconos. they'll arrive here towards the late afternoon into the evening and particularly into tomorrow night, showers and storms. looks like they'll be around off and on on sunday. not the best weekend. the best part is tomorrow morning to mid to late afternoon. 74 tonight in the city. 60s in the suburbs with patchy clouds. tomorrow, sun in the morning. the clouds will be building. 81 at noon. scattered showers and storms as early as 3:00 over the pennsylvania-new jersey border and the rest of us steve: thank you. hillary clinton back on the road after officially accepting the democratic nomination for president last night. dari: sharon crowley is here to show us how clinton is trying to rally support in battleground states. >> reporter: actually, she's trying to keep the momentum going that she got after last night's historic victory gathering her party's nomination. she's hitting hard at her rival, donald trump, and hoping to sway
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>> it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> reporter: one day after her historic night as the first woman to accept her party nomination to run for president, hillary clinton is back campaigning. she began her swing state bus tour with a rally at temple university in responsibility for continuing the work that started down the road from here 240 years ago. now, nobody who looks like me was thought to be possible to run for president. >> in what could become one of the most divisive campaigns in recent history, clinton, along with her running mate, senator tim kaine, continued to attack republican rival donald trump.
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convention, you know that donald trump talked for 75 minutes and did not offer one solution. in fact his whole convention seemed more about insulting me instead of helping the american peo people. >> reporter: the bus tour will go through pennsylvania and ohio, swing states where she's in a tig like to be with donald trump. dari: republican presidential candidate donald trump is back on the attack against clinton. steve: dan bowens is showing us how trump is responding to the acceptance speech. >> reporter: there are 100 days until the general election. it is shaping up to be one of the nastiest races in history. donald trump is coming out swinging, and tweeting, after the democratic national conve convention.
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acceptance speech and donald trump has a lot to say, releasing this video. >> in hillary clinton's america, things get worse. under her plan, taxes keep rising. terrorism spreads. >> reporter: the gop nominee trolling the clinton campaign on instagram. this clip appearing to show bill clinton with his eyes closed during the big moment and no trump takedown would be complete without tweets, criticizing t >> i built a business. i didn't start it with a million dollar check from my father. >> after mayor bloomberg ripped trump and his business skills during the convention, the mogul
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>> the gop nominee campaigning in colorado, the swing state shaping up to be crucial for both candidates in november. >> and she said something about the campaign. donald trump doesn't know how to campaign. something like that. i beat 16 people and i'm beating her. >> reporter: he's right. donald trump has defeated hillary clinton. we're not talking about votes. but tv ratings. the rnc convention drew 34.9 night. by comparison, the democrats pulled in 33.3 million. steve: thank you, dan. with over 100 days until the election, it's anyone's race many experts think it may come to a few key states. we'll look at the strategies they'll use to tip the scales in their favor. dari: a san diego officer is dead and his partner wounded both shot during a traffic stop. a gunman opened fire on the
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the 16 year veteran was pronounced dead a short time later. a nine year veteran is in serious condition after surgery. he's expected to survive. the suspected gunman was captured and is in critical condition with a gunshot wound. police surrounded the home of a potential accomplice. steve: a minnesota prosecutor investigating the fatal shooting of castille is getting veteran help in the case. the local prosecutor in the case naming former u.s. justice attorney don lewis into the role of special prosecutor. they'll decide if charges should be brought against the officer who shot castille during a traffic stop earlier this month. >> don will be an integral member of our team, who will review this case with me and be substantially involved in the decision to charge, decline or
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ram say county grand jury. >> his girlfriend live streamed the incident on facebook. dari: a new jersey judge refused to lower the $75,000 bail for pennsylvania woman facing gun charges. she has been jailed over a month after being arrested with two other men outside the holland tunnel. they tried to transport weapons and drugs into brooklyn. her lawyers contend the bail amount is excessive because she didn't know the vehicle was carr questioning the mta's plan to shut down the l train for a year and a half. in an interview, the mayor said a long time? does it have to be that long, a year and a half closure to repair structural damage in the tunnel caused by superstorm sandy. that begins in january of 2019. 200,000 people use the line to travel between brooklyn and manhattan every day. >> this decision, although i'm sure it has a practical
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it without a plan to deal with the impact is troubling to me. it's a long time. we're certainly going to push hard to see does it have to be so long? >> the mta says more buses, ferries and trains will help the commuters. dari: nothing says luxury like french crystal. steve: the labor that's creating breathtaking -- label that's creating breathtaking pieces. dari: and matt damon returns to the franchise that made him an
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one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. ?? you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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dari: take a look at that. anxiety-inducing. this is near laguardia airport where traffic is so bad, we're hearing drivers are taking drastic measures to catch their flights. steve: joe beerman is live over the scene. what's the deal? >> reporter: well, only way you're going to catch your flight out of laguardia on time to skyfox and bum a ride from us. there are at least an hour, possibly two hour delays on the internal roadways here at laguardia airport. it's all due to construction, limited parking, being friday, lots of folks on vacation. what happens is frustrated passengers, like these guys, get off the bus, get out of the taxi. look at them hustling to try to
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getting out and trying to walk in here to laguardia or a friday afternoon. but we would guess at least an hour, maybe as long as two hour delays to get in by automobile. port authority at laguardia periodically closing the ramps to the grand central parkway because of the congestion on the internal roadways. we see this periodically. nobody can figure out why the congestion gets so bad. port authority has extra out there trying to direct traffic. but one of the unknown mysteries. maybe it's just friday in the summertime. steve: that's brutal even by laguardia standards. dari: what a nightmare. a french luxury brand has built a life-style empire. steve: we see why they're famous in tonight's lap of luxury. >> welcome to the lap of luxury. i'm alison morris.
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it began in the 1800's with a parisian jeweller. >> he was a visionary and innovator in so many ways. was known to be very edgy, push boundaries, wanted to create shock and things never seen before. he srt truly revolutionized how jewelry was made. he was known to mix materials, precious stones, unusual materials. >> reporter: mixing materials and finishes, the trademark. >> lalique is a satin finish and clear crystal. it creates a movemet and depth when you look at it. >> reporter: if you've never heard of it, you've seen the
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iconic pieces. it was designed in early '20s. and a piece that continues to be our no. 1 selling piece today >> reporter: he established himself as a revolutionary glass maker. he created the first luxury bottles to come with perfume. the glass work was so extraordinary, he was commissioned to work on the french presidential train and the normandy liner. >> reporter: his son continued with the evolution of the brand. h also changed from being glass to crystal. he added lead to the glass, which gives it a sparkle. >> reporter: among the famous crystal designs, the cactus table. the bowl, the collection of stem ware. >> this is the iconic
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this glass here is carl lagerfeld's favorite. >> reporter: after he passed, his daughter took over and created the first fragrances, which are now a staple of the brand. >> today it is a french luxury life-style brand with five divisions. interiors, jewelry, fragrance, art. >> reporter: the art started in 2011, created using the lost wax technique. >> it means in order for the piece to be born, you have to destroy -- melt the wax mold. it's not made out of cast. it's made out of wax. in order for you to replicate it, you have to re-create the wax mold again. it's a one of a kind piece. >> reporter: that one of a kind piece, $190,000.
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of limited edition butterfly panels by damian hurst, vases and elton john's music is love designs, which raised over $400,000 for the aids foundation at the oscars this year. the collaborations extend into table ware. a wine connoisseur helped create their stunning 100 points universal glass designed to enhance any wine. they've designed limited edi have a luxury hotel in france. >> reporter: we took the original home of lalique and turned it into a hotel. >> they've opened a wonderful small hotel. it won best of the best hotel in the best of the best issue. they clearly are covering all the bases of a luxury brand.
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if you're able to land a stay there, you can visit the museum to explore the history and experience luxury. >> luxury is a dream. it's not a need. it's not something that you need to have, but something that you want. >> reporter: thanks for joining us. i'm alison morris. i'll see you next time on the lap of luxury. dari: nice living. steve: only the best. only the best. all right. weather-wise, weekend seems is causing problems again. nick: not the best this weekend. we'll have some good points, particularly saturday. that will be the better of the two days. certainly the better of the beach days as well. 83, 69 today. no 90s. nice little break from the heat. humidity was still out there. not as oppressive as yesterday. they got a good soaking. we need the rain. an inch was in central park. 83 now.
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68. we have high humidity. wind has been out of the northeast most of the day. a good amount of sunshine over town. pressure 29.83 and falling. a couple of isolated showers and thundershowers are coming down across the hudson valley, but they are weakening and falling apart. as we go through the next one or two hours, they're going to disappear. you'll see that on the radar animation. low 80s at belmar today. a bigger change there. same at bridgeport. os they broke their streak, hitting 89 for the high. same at allentown. 85 at newark. 81 at the shore. 76 on the east end. 88 in the hudson valley. 86 in sussex. dew point numbers mid and upper 60s. it's moderately humid, not like yesterday when the dew points were in the 70s. the wind is out of the northeast. we'll see it go variable as the
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you can see on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d these showers. notice how they're shrinking as they move into north jersey. you might run into a shower there in parts of the hudson valley and that falls apart. here's the morning rain. that produced heavy rainfall off to the east and continues to move away. we'll have patchy clouds overnight. you can see back by cleveland and west, there are scattered showers and storms firing. we may go through that sequence tomorrow. basically we have center offshore and there's a cold front that's going back here in the middle part of the country and a disturbance moving along that front. that will start to bring back the shower and thunderstorm threat as we head into later tomorrow, tomorrow night and into sunday. 70s out the door in the city. most of the sun through the morning. clouds will build midday. a risk of a shower or thunderstorm mid to late afternoon over the western parts and then it spreads to everybody as we head in towards the nighttime. 85 the high tomorrow. you can see that on the
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about 1:00, showers and storms in pennsylvania. by later in the afternoon, more so into the evening, they move across the rest of the tri-state. here's sunday with the system off to the west. not a pretty day. a lot of clouds. more scattered showers or a thunderstorm and temperatures will be below average sunday. warm and humid tonight. 74 in the city. 60s to 70 out in the suburbs, tomorrow, sun and clouds. everybody gets it evening into the nighttime. notice the temps tomorrow. between 80 and 85. the average high is 84, 85 or so. there's the seven day. more scattered showers and storms monday at 80. they return monday afternoon and evening and then a nice stretch of weather tuesday through friday. generally in the middle 80s. lots of sunshine. turning a little more humid by friday and getting close to 90 in parts of the area again at that point. steve: perfect. this is now peak summer vacation. nick: into august we go.
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bourne. dari: simone boyce tells us if he comes back to the former glory. steve: and mtv getting back into music videos. where you can see some of the
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steve: jason bourne back in theatres with original star matt damon returning to save the day. dari: simone boyce shows us if his comeback was worth the wait. >> hard to believe it's been almost 10 years since matt damon played jason bourne. while the franchise feels like it's going through the motions at this point, classic bourne is back in a new installment that might be the most thrilling blockbuster we've seen this summer. when bourne emerges from the shadows, i finds himself in a post snowdener -- >> nicky reconnects with bourne to expose the project that bred
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>> standing in their path are a c.i.a. director tommy lee jones and his protege played by alicia vikander and heather lee holds her own next to bourne. >> i know you're looking for something. let me help you find it. >> reporter: the action sequences are straight out of the classic bourne playbook. a game of cat and mouse unfolds across las vegas and vast destruction at every turn. >> at the center of it is bourne's ever ending quest to unravel the truth about his past, which is nothing new. but for those of us who miss jason bourne, it's good to have him back just like we left him. simone boyce, fox 5 news. dari: i think we'll see this one. steve: going to be a huge one. dari: with the nominees chosen,
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picks up speed. steve: how hillary clinton and donald trump will try to win over the difficult undecided voters. dari: and the sinister use for pokemon? why lawmakers fear players are the ones being hunted. guess what i just did? built a sandcastle? ha, no, i switched to geico and got more. more?
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? ? what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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dari: the polls say this one could be one of the closest presidential elections we've ever seen. steve: now that the conventions are over, what will the candidates do to lock down votes before election day? lidia curanaj takes a look at the strategies. >> reporter: a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with politically correct anymore. >> reporter: they've both officially made their cases. but what will it take to be the next president of the united states? >> a very close election between people who say we need something very, very different, donald trump, or someone with the traditional qualifications and we can trust to get the job
5:31 pm
highest office in the nation, she has to tap into trump's base. why middle america. >> he's got to continue to hold on to the majority of white men who vote in this country in the midwest. that's the game. and she is trying to break into it by using military people and using people who understand the economy. >> reporter: polling data suggests 11 states could determine the next president. all were battleground states in the previous two elections and are the keys to victory. >> this race is going to come down to a couple oio, pennsylvania, florida that trump needs to win. he needs to run the table to win the electoral college. >> reporter: tom is a republican strategist who believes race is a major factor in the election. >> his vote is being driven by white voters. the thought was are there enough white voters in this country as white voters have dropped in terms of their presidential turnout each year, he is not doing well among african-americans. he's not doing well among hispanic voters.
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>> reporter: according to a "time magazine" article, an estimated 11 percent of americans are still undecided. americans we spoke to sure have their minds made up. melanie is a small business owner from alabama. >> i'm voting for trump. >> reporter: why is that? >> i'm very happy with how he sees fit to change everything that's going on. >> reporter: david is a new yorker who works in finance. >> i think clinton has better potential and she probably can run this country much better than what trump can >> reporter: anna, a nurse, is a staunch bernie supporter. if you had to choose between hillary clinton and donald trump? >> oh, god. i don't have to choose. there's other options. and there should be more options. >> reporter: the fact is options are limited and so is the time until election day. >> reporter: hillary clinton isn't running against donald trump. she's running against a candidate called been around too
5:33 pm
race. anybody that thinks he can't win will be surprised. >> reporter: both experts agree this election will really come down to those battleground states, that this will be a tight race. then again, the campaign has been unprecedented and definitely unexpected. who would have thought donald trump and we have the first female -- steve: three months is an eternity. >> reporter: 102 days. steve: exactly. thank you. have been hacked again. the campaign committee, which helped fund raise for candidates was the target. it resembled the hacking of the dnc computers which some blamed on russia. the fbi is investigating. dari: nsa whistleblower edward snowden is criticizing wikileaks. the records revealed staffers' bias against senator sanders and
5:34 pm
primary race, he says not filtering the documents, which contained dates of birth, social security numbers and credit card numbers, was a mistake. wikileaks shot back saying that his remarks are pure opportunism. steve: an appeals court will not dismiss charges against bob menendez. the feds say he used his influence to help a campaign donor, dr. salomon melgen, in exchange for gifts including a luxury charges connected to the depart environmental quality for a year and a half using water from the flint river to save money while a new pipeline was under construction. the water was not treated to control corrosion in pipes. that caused high levels of lead.
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two state senators want to protect pokemon go players from sexual predators. they released a report that claims the game has a pattern of pokeystops popping up near sex offender homes. they're calling for legislation to protect children from encountering real life dangers. >> we know children are so trusting. they're so innocent. this is an opportunity they have. they have this game. it's getting them outside. world. it's magical. unfortunately it's also putting them at risk. >> pokemon go has opened up the door to sexual predators where they can locate our young people with a simple road map. dari: wow. the senators hope the game's manufacturer will eliminate all pokestops located near sex offender homes.
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the connecticut school built to replace the one where first graders were shot years ago. dari: it is scheduled to open next month. antwan lewis shows us the security measures put in place. >> reporter: the showing of a new building is a moment of pride. in this case, pride is accompanied by resilience. >> a rebuild that is underpinned with integrity, best for children in a relentless pursuit than today. >> reporter: officials gave a tour of the new sandy hook school, built in 32 months as a sprawling campus that will be filled with young minds eager to earn, laugh and grow. >> let me state that we would trade in a minute this beautiful new school for the more familiar and aged sandy hook school built in the '50s if we could change the past.
5:37 pm
were killed in 2012. officials are still trying to decide on the proper way to memorialize the victims in the new building which the principal says many of the families have already seen. >> it is a touching moment the first time for many. it's the first time they've returned in 3-1/2 years to the s site. there's some emotionality. there have been some tears but after they've spent an hour here, they feel like space for kids. >> reporter: security includes high tech cameras, a fence that runs the perimeter and tighter screening of persons who enter. this mural greets those who enter and is the strongest feature. >> the school will be a place that inspires kindness and that our school is built upon the message of its principal who was killed december 14, to be nice to each other.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: school was held the next town over. the school opens august 29. dari: thank you. pope francis said that -- paid a somber visit to auschwitz in poland. his only public comment was a guest book entry begging god's forgiveness for so much cruelty. he prayed at the site where prisoners were executed. his holiness met with several survivors of the nazi death camp, stopping to kiss each pope francis is the third consecutive pope to visit auschwitz. steve: discount theatre tickets without fighting the crowds in times square. dari: where the new tkts booth is opening up. steve: and how mtv is turning back the clock. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute. [cheers and applause] >> the ribbon was cut for the
5:39 pm
hicksville. they're putting on shows and teaching kids about the craft. >> what we like to do here is get people to understand the history of how far puppetry has come and uphold that art form. one of the biggest things we're doing is opening up to outside performances. other puppeteers can showcase their work. >> let go. dari: dozens of teenagers from around nassau county are getting a week long firefighting. they're at camp 516, which immerses them in every aspect of being a firefighter. >> we introduce them to the fire service at 12 years old. they get a pretty good eye opening of what the fire service is about. dari: you can find out more at nc and that's your new
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i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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dari: it will soon be easy to purchase discount tickets to broadway shows. beginning tuesday, a tkts pop up booth will set up shop near lincoln center inside the david rubenstein atrium. that will bring the number of outlets to four. the others are at times square and downtown brooklyn.
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summer. three months. steve: teens will rule sunday night on fox 5 when the teen choice awards will be held. some of the superstars include justin timberlake, and charlie puth with the breakout artist award. here's what victoria justice says. >> i'm a little nervous. it is live. anything can happen. but i'm going to have a lot of fun and go with the flow. steve: totally. victoria's catch the teen choice awards sunday night at 8:00 here on fox 5. dari: that looks like a cute show. fun things happen. mtv will start playing music again. ? ? steve: why mtv decided to reach
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steve: the big story today, the first cases of local zika transmission in the u.s. have been confirmed in the miami area. dari: joining us is dr. doris day, clinical associate professor at nyu medical center. as we were saying, this is becoming very frightening. >> this is frightening.
5:47 pm
we think is homegrown local zika virus spread. the problem is that in the past in the 1600 cases we've had in this country, all of them were thought to be people who came from other countries, either got it along the way and maybe 15 of those were spread through sexual contact. but now, if it's in our local mosquito supply, we may have a bigger problem. that's the worry. the good news is they can't find any mosquitos with the infection locally. that means it doesn't mean it's not there and we won't find it in the future. mosquito bite prevention and mosquito control becomes very important. that requires education and funding. steve: obviously a lot of people have retired parents, relatives, living in florida. how much of a concern should that be, especially if they're older age? >> right. the very young, very old, pregnant women are at highest risk of symptoms of zika. they're often neurologic.
5:48 pm
blindness is a problem. in somebody else, an adult who gets it, you can have viral symptoms of headaches, fever, red eyes and ultimate glaucoma and blindness. this is something to look out for. the best thing right now is prevention. there's no vaccine and treatment. it's supportive care. you want to get rid of standing water. make sure you have proper insect repellent. we steve: dari: okay. should you get screened for skin cancer? an influential panel of experts say there isn't enough evidence proving that the checkups save lives. this is your alley. >> as a dermatologist, i can tell you skin cancer is the most common cancer and that millions of people, one person dies in this country every hour from
5:49 pm
greater than 98 percent cure rate. the problem with these expert panels is they are crunching numbers. they're looking at overall numbers in the general population and people with no known risk factors or symptoms. the idea of a screening test is to catch someone early. they said the same thing about mammograms for women and prostate exams for men. the problem is that if you do a test that someone doesn't need, it may lead you to find something that's not important. do tests that create their own set of they're trying to balance risk and benefit. they're saying from abcd and i, they're going to i. a is absolutely. d is don't do it. the reality is as a dermatologist, get a screening every year by a dermatologist. find it early. steve: save yourself a lot of problems. good reminder there. dari: from a dermatologist. thank you. steve: let's talk about the
5:50 pm
nick: it does. the humidity is still offending as you head outside, but not as bad as yesterday. we will stay humid through the weekend. no real change is going to happen from that. it's going to be a warm weekend. the 90s are now history for a while. we'll get a little break from that type of heat. we'll have to deal with showers and thunderstorms this weekend, particularly tomorrow, tomorrow night into sunday. it was 90s in williamsport. 93 washington, d.c. philadelphia, new york city, low to middle 80s. boston, 78. albany, 87. the 90-degree heat has broken. as you look at fox 5 sky guardian, watching a couple of these showers drifting from the northwest. they're not holding together very well. these showers are diminishing as you head towards orange county and points northward. you get up towards newburgh. scattered showers up there around candlewood lake up to hartford. take a look at fox 5 radar.
5:51 pm
is trying to move from north to south but falling apart in the process. don't expect much this evening. you might run into a quick shower here in north jersey. that should fall apart soon. the rain is moving offshore. the wide view with the satellite photo will show we'll have patchy clouds tonight, but notice the trail of scattered thunderstorms. it goes all the way back into the ohio valley. the front that came through this morning gets stuck in the south. a disturbance will ripple along that heading into the weekend and we'll be dealing with humid conditions. we we'll deal with scattered showers and storms. still 88 up at poughkeepsie right now. 86 in sussex. newark, you're 85. 81 at belmar. low 80s from the city eastward. 70 degree dew point at belmar. 65 is the threshold where it feels uncomfortable. it will stay humid through the
5:52 pm
south. it will stay that way as we head through the weekend. a couple of showers and storms off to the west. that will still affect us from time to time. 84 in the city. 80 in chicago. 90s through the deep south. 91 to denver. hot in the desert southwest. l.a., 86. here's the futurecast showing we'll dry out with patchy clouds. we'll have sun tomorrow morning through mid-afternoon and the clouds will build. here's the timestamp with showers and storms in the pennsylvania area, coming our way tomorrow night and showers and storms at any point on sunday. same deal as jersey shore. about 82 tomorrow. better chance everybody sees them sunday. most of tomorrow great on the east end. showers and storms on sunday. 79 monday. more storms. more pocono thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. they'll be around again. that's not 70 for sunday. should be 78.
5:53 pm
sunday. 80s tomorrow. 70s on sunday. you head towards the burkshires. tomorrow, two to three foot seas. uvi is 9. it's a low risk for lightning and rip currents. the threat of lightning is tomorrow night. 74 in the city. 60s in the burbs. humid tomorrow. around 80 on sunday. more scattered showers and storms. they return monday, monday night. 83. a tuesday, wednesday, thursday, middle 80s. more humid by the end of the week. steve: thank you. a teenager from illinois flying high with harrison ford. the 16-year-old flew alongside the actor over wisconsin yesterday. she was chosen as part of an experimental aircraft association yearly convention to encourage the younger generation to fly. she says flying motivates her to be a better person and she hopes to one day join the air force. dari: very cool.
5:54 pm
'90s nostalgia. steve: baruch shemtov shows us when old favorites will be back on tv. >> i want my mtv. >> i want my mtv. >> reporter: now you can have it 24/7 like way back then. vh 1 is being re-branded as mtv classic with a focus on the '90s. think tlc. including all those classic '90s fashions. and beyond the music, mtv brought us a long list of legendary shows, which will be re-aired every day. >> i love the laughs. it was so funny. >> real world, like the first two maybe. >> come home every day and watch it. >> old school music. i really miss that stuff. >> reporter: the new mtv classic, you can expect to see
5:55 pm
cribs. >> hi. i'm mariah carey. welcome to my crib. >> punked. and more. all slated to be a part of the rotation. >> it's the classics. >> it's exciting. my ipod is old '90s, '80s music. it's completely different than you won't have to wait long. mtv classic launches monday starting with a replay of the first hour of mtv programming from august 1st, 1981. what do you think the first video was? steve: video killed the radio star. >> reporter: yes. steve: right now we have twitter, instagram, snapchat. all of that was mtv. that was the only thing that existed back then. >> reporter: and we're still yearning for that. what's old is new again.
5:56 pm
steve: amazing real world. dari: i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: me, too. back to my childhood. dari: thank you. steve: thank you. dari: we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> stay right here for the very latest news. plus we've got a special story about a great doctor-patient relationship on long island. three generations of doctors helping deliver babies for three generations of the same family. wait until you see this. plus, get your back-to-school shopping right with our fashion friday advice.
5:57 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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ernie: here we are. friday night. good evening. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us. we wrap up this convention week as the race for president now pivots into the general election campaign and a three-month sprint to the finish. dan bowens has a look at how things are shaping up now that the democratic national convention is over. quite a night. >> reporter: here we go. this is expected to be one of the most unpredictable and unfriendly campaigns in modern political history. with the general election underway, both sides wasted very little time taking swipes at each other.
6:00 pm
closely to the republican convention, you know that donald trump talked for 75 minutes and did not offer one solution. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail, kicking off a bus tour through important swing states ohio and pennsylvania one day after becoming the first woman to accept a party nomination to run for president. the democratic nominee and rnning mate senator tim kaine looking to highlight what they describe as the biggest u.s. jobs investment plan war ii. >> anybody willing to work in america should be able to find a job to get ahead and stay ahead. that's my goal. >> the republican convention was like a twisted and negative tour. it wasn't a tour of this country. it was a journey through donald trump's mind and that is a very frightening place. >> you heard the speech. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump releasing this video ramping up criticism of his rival. >> taxes keep rising.


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