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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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switch today.
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>> will keep an eye on the radar. there is a small potential showers pop up in the morning. the moisture is back to the west and it will work its way towards the tri-state. we probably don't have to deal with too much. chances do pick up in the afternoon and we hit a high of 90b0 later on. it will be really close and
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will be close to it tomorrow. starting out this morning with a couple of problems. the staten island expressway with the new jersey southbound. the tractor-trailer caught fire. you have a one or two lane closure. list go to long island and take a look at the lie. this is over by glen cove road with police activity in two lanes but because of the accident. traffic is moving okay but watch out for the lane closures. as for the cross bronx, no problems eastbound or westbound. no problems heading towards the brooklyn bridge. street rules are back in effect. >> the accused keller of
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admitted to police that he has committed the crime. >> let's go to list of them with the latest on the story oscar morel was let out in handcuffs after being charged with second-degree murder. 35-year-old east new york man is behind the daytime shooting death of people. this shows him getting into his trailblazer right after shooting the two men. just a few blocks away from the mosque. tonight later, police say he had a bicyclist with the suv and was arrested outside of his apartment. he rammed his car into a police cruiser that was blocking him in. they are trying to determine the motor motive
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if you explain why the person is there. >> thousand people gather. mayor was you promises the community that is with them. >> we will work together to encourage the harmony and unity that new yorkers believ donald trump is involved. hillary clinton would charge her father's
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juliet and teresa. it's a less freewheeling address that we are using. libya and syria and iraq. he would make america safer. >> i call it extreme vetting. in a speech at youngstown state, donald trump laid out his plan for preventing terrorists from entering the united states. he says that just as the us defeated nazi-ism and fascias and it will defeat his mother really islamic terrorism. >> the time is overdue for
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threats that we face today. on his watch nationbuilding will end in as he did not mention it from entering the us he did say that immigration would curtailed. >> we will have to suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile reasons of the world with a history of supporting terrorism. >> trump left his questions unanswered including one will be left in the van and how he prevents terrorism from lying on the screen test. a new poll shows trailing hillary clinton by 30 points among registered near voters. clinton campaign along joe biden in pennsylvania. biden was born there and clinton's father was also born there. pennsylvania is one of the most important battleground
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of you may have friends are thinking about voting for trump. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. biden echoed that. >> this man is thoroughly unqualified. >> he has no limits! back to the campaign trail today. notice pennsylvania has moved into the state and it's very important. the rally is held tonight in wisconsin. live from the newsroom, juliet and teresa ?back to you. >> another big moment on
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raising some eyebrows about what you said. rudy giuliani introducing mike comes in here for the terror attacks. he apparently got the math wrong saying there were no tears asked prior to obama. those eight years prior to obama there was no successful terrorist attacks. >> julia i was referencing
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attacks during the remainder of his presidency. >> girl he was shot in east new york in 2,012. peter liang avoided jail in was sentenced to probation. the money will be put into a fund for his daughter cannot be touched until she is 18 years old. >> six people were arrested and there was no writing and no destruction of privacy. the city exploded after police shot and killed a man named smit saturday afternoon. one person shot on sunday. the writing has been so intense that the governor of wisconsin activated the
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there is body camera footage of the shooting which says it shows him with a gun. in the custody of the state justice department has not
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welcome back. here we go with the heat. we are heading to a high temperature of 91b0 later on this afternoon. the heat index will feel like hundred and one. it is pretty hot stuff that we have coming to us in the tri-state again. we are generally speaking heading in the right direction. right now we have an 80b0 starting temperature at central we might drop it down a little bit more. the sun is not up for another hour and 20 minutes. 79 in newark and 73 in
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still the dew point pretty high. looks like they are a little bit higher in some parts in the low 70s. 75b0 in islip and 64 in bridgeport. those are your dew point numbers. we do or partly cloudy sky and it does not look that impressive in terms of cloud cover or storms that we have with us. looks like a batch passing by to the south and is a little bit closer to the warm front. we are still dry with a warm front coming into town. the one flow is coming on the area in the low 90s. there are firing up this evening and there is a decent chance that we will have to deal with some rainfall. tomorrow should be clearing out for you and we have a
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or there. it starts to drop back in the days to follow and the temperatures moved downward into next week. it's only a little bit of a change. don't forget the weather up in the itunes store in google play store. you are already to go. let's bring a nine as. we will see what's going on . >> every few problems this morning and the new jersey turnpike. it's been extinguished and is ailing close. westbound has been blocking
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yesterday they wrapped it up at 5:30 p.m.. it could happen again. all lanes are closed in the george washington bridge on the lower level. the lincoln and holland are looking good. juliet and teresa. >> the funeral for the new york city will in massachusetts will be held this morning. vanessa will be laid to rest in westminster massachusetts. she was killed and her mother's home in princeton. president obama is stepping up to remove prisoners from guantcamo bay before he leaves office. yesterday you release 15 and sent them to the united arab emirates. this is the single largest transfer during the obama ministration. someone got mail fraud 14
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men x seven people have been killed in the severe flooding. it is something to see. more than 20,000 people have had to be rescued since friday. it's going on 30,000 and being called some of the worst flooding. some homes have been totally submerged. thousands lost everything they own. john bell edwards throughout the state on monday. >> the response phase is still ongoing. we do search and rescue now and many parishes and as the floodwaters move south in the rivers crest further , we have additional services being brought into play. the $5,000 reward is being offered for the person whose direct a dog to
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it's a disgusting story. the terrier pitbull mix was dropped off at thursday in she was severely inebriated. too weak to hold her head up. she has open sores on her back. she died a short time later. call the tip line at the bottom of the screen at 516-571-7755. >> more about these complaints. they filed a class-action lawsuit against the creators of the mobile game. they claim the players have been blocking the driveway and trespassing on loans. the couple says they filed the suit because the games developer ignored the request to pokcmon stops removed from the app. care introducing you to the new yorker who became the first person in the world to collect everyone in
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we will hear what they have to say about that. >> do you know that yelp has a feature on the app for pokey stops? >> i don't care about pokcon. >> it just shows why. >> i don't get it. >> still had, after all the talk, i kind of surprising. the rumors are put to arrest. >> good day early call
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would you have more cloud cover their wrist a few showers down to the south picking up as we speak. a lot more back to the west in the deep south starting to work in this direction. we will get a little bit more of it but no big action like that. the high temperature goes up to 90b0 in the city and its humid with shower and storms possible. the trend will be to cool it down as we head into the weekend. teresa and juliet ?over to you >> look who is here. >> she is already talking smack. >> that was not smack that was back. >> were talking about it and we will get there. >> this was the beginning
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it's the first game to be all mlb teams. it was a rough outing with five runs in four innings. he drew a walk the first time he walked in 19 years. it came to 282nd career. no one else has ever had that many. the deep bags when it and them mets are now 0/4. the team is really not that good. the game continued with just three umpires. the bottom of the fourth with eric judge ripping a line or two seventh field with an rbi double.
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carson grinds into the double and they went 7/0 in the final score. that's your daily a-rod update. 2,016 ?the world holds its breath. apparently he is done for the year. i talked to a spokesperson yesterday and he says a-rod will not play for anyone including the marlins. rest. he did say a-rod will take time with his family and friends. i did ask him about it and he said, we did not say retire but i don't think he will play. >> she was trying to become
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she settled for the bronze after wobbling a bit. new jersey's lori hernandez took the silver. sam weathers took the gold. hatred makes its way and it's not good. egyptian judo competitor in long somebody has been sent home after he refused to shake hands with his opponent from israel. blue right there. the olympic national committee says he was reprimanded then sent home by the exemption olympic committee. >> you don't want to miss this giant quarterback. eli manning joining us on this morning. you don't want to miss that ! >> heading over to talk to him after training
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4:57 am. stay with us.
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is "good day wake up". >> yesterday was so cold in the studio. i decided to wear a sweater. don't move! the humidity has seeped into the studio. that's because it's so powerful outside. it can break doors down. the heat index reach hundred ?104b0. we should get a break soon. we are told and i am looking at mike woods while he is ignoring me. i am pretty sure that a break is on the way. >> let's get those in early. >> please say they believe he and his assistant are guilty. they tried to figure out a


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