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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  August 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. coming up this hour, who runs the world? beyonce. now the ink singer's dad takes us behind the scenes of making of a superstar. the hottest event out in the hamptons. socialite julie maco tell us what to expect from vh1 save the music festival. he wrote the book bright lights and big city.
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his newest page turner. we're cooking with vegan food with one of zagat's 30 under o 30 chefs. greg: vegan food, is that nothing animal whatsoever? rosanna: not even a piece of cheese. can you imagine giving up cheese for the rest of your life? greg: animals are delicious. some more than others. >> but when you put it that way, then i start to get -- greg: you want to go vegan yourself? rosanna: but a piece of cheese? that is just from like what's the big deal. greg: animal product. related, related to an animal. rosanna: right. greg: milk, a lot of people say dairy, no good. although i had a big pint -- rosanna: what did you have? greg: a big family-sized portion of vanilla yogurt from dan none. -- danon. it said low-fat. rosanna: i don't think they meant for you to eat the whole thing. greg: there is the tram once again. couple things, donald trump's campaign seems to be in trouble
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reports. you have seen the polls. rosanna: well the media doesn't really like him. greg: rosanna, i don't think you can blame the media. rosanna: i think they have a love-hate relationship with donald trump. they love to hate him. greg: new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, noted pollster. we noted that he also seems to have a new necktie. i can't recall donald trump wearing a striped tie. always, always, it's a solid tie. rosanna, couple of amusing headlines or i'm r i'm sorry, cover from "new yorker" magazine. look at this o see the hair do? he is all wet. making fun of the hair. rosanna: right. greg: shoot. there is "time" magazine. look at that one. rosanna: funny and very amusing. gets your attention. would they do that to hillary clinton? greg: they have had all kinds, you think hillary is been treated fairly by the press over the years? she would tell you that the case. rosanna: i think media anointed her the next president of the united states. greg: they anointed her? rosanna: yes.
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it is not over yet. rosanna: it is not over yet. greg: anointed her? no way. there are rumors going around about the next email dump and that kind of thing. she, it doesn't seem to me she received preferential treatment. rosanna: i see some. nasty press donald trump gets. greg: nasty press. rosanna: they make fun of his hair. you can't make fun of hillary clinton's appearance, then it would be sexist. taking sides but they have gone off on her appearance since 1991. rosanna: celebrating the pantsuit. the pantsuit is back. greg: that was a great segment. rosanna: it was good. it was fun. let them fight it out. you and i are not fighting it out. there is still several more months left of the political season. and then we'll know who the next president of the united states is. greg: meanwhile, a couple days ago, you heard about ryan look tee, the championship swimmer
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championship friends. they went for a cab ride. they were coming home from a party. ryan lochte said they were held up. a guy put a gun to his head. the real story may be something else. may be something entirely different. numerous reports indicate that the authorities down there can't corroborate any of this. and by the way, they didn't report it to the police. who did they report this crime to? ryan lochte's mother. and then her mother told the press bit. about it. rosanna: they thought they were pulled over by the police. he thought were real police put him on the ground and pointed a gun at his forehead. greg: rosanna, yeah. rosanna: the police, i have a friend who is brazilian. she claims that that some on the police force there are corrupt. associated press reports that the police are still investigating this. we decided to talk to jay
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and "new york times" best-selling author. i think he works for sirius radio as well. greg: jay, are you on the phone? jay is dialing in. dial 1-212-452 -- i don't know rest of the number. rosanna: exactly. greg: we like to get to the bottom of it. we don't think you can get to the bottom because not enough is known. it is puzzling. apparently they did not call the authorities. they did not managers. they called ryan lochte's mother. then the mother told the world about this look, i have told my mother all kinds of bogus stories over the years. rosanna: to get yourself out of trouble. greg: when i was in a jam. rosanna: what could ryan have done wrong in his mother's eyes that he would make up a story that he was with three other people from the olympic team and they were robbed at gunpoint? greg: the possibilities are infinite. although -- rosanna: we know there are lots of problems with crime in
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lochte a big apology. rosanna: jay williams is on the phone. thank you for dialing in. what do you think about this whole situation. do you think ryan lochte is telling the truth or not? >> regardless whether he is telling the truth or not the situation is, whenever you step out, i've been to sao paulo and rio day genero and usa basketball on personal vacations, when you step out you have to recognize where you're represent, not just as olympian or american citizen. when you go to that country, that country is struggling and the country is poor some of the things they're struggling with you and for ryan lochte. i have been held at gunpoint, been robbed in brazil. i can see something like that happening. not sure if he fabricated the story or not but i can see something like that easily could have happened. greg: this happens all the time
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indicate they can't back up his story. also they're contradicting each other potentially. ryan and some of his champion friends. they're not telling the same story. it is a little weird, jay, that it was mrs. lochte, his mom, who broke the news to the world. we didn't hear it from any other channel. by the way, they were in a cab, when they weren't supposed to be. they were supposed to take uber. they were supposed to at least be with like one of those olympic village shuttle cars or something like that. so, jay, look, ryan might be a bit weird. >> no, i would agree with you it is very weird. here is what i say when you go out in brazil chances are you are usually drinking. if the story gets back to the press through the mother that ryan -- i've been in position where nothing happened. i was in position where i fabricated stories with my mother with alcohol involved. these things can occur. bringing attention on ryan. is it undeserved attention?
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is difficult thing to actually break down to analyze. rosanna: jay, how does he prove himself? he admitted he was drinking that night. >> he can't. rosanna: the police, you heard the same reports i have, some on the police force in brazil that are corrupt. >> well, there is no way ryan can back up his story on this one. i mean, look, if there is, different reports from different teammates about different things happening, it kind of is what it is at the current moment. the t about the whole thing, ryan didn't report the story, that his mom did. i know my mom right now. i have a home out in east hampton. if something happen to call my mom, my mom would be so dramatic about situation if i reported it she wouldn't be able to report the right story. so you know, one of those tough situations for ryan once again. greg: hey, can we get to the bottom of this? ryan lochte's hair.
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greg: is this natural? i don't know anything about this. what's up? >> no, not natural at all. i don't know what he is doing. like a silver fox in the pool every time i see him. you know what? ryan's, ryan's different individual. i haven't had a chance to meet him but every time i was doing reality show in the past after last olympics, it is a guy likes to express himself. also a guy that seems to like the spotlight. i don't know how that really plays into what his mother reporting everything. he is a guy that likes of attention. usually a lot of athletes when they come to the olympics this is the time to capitalize on the attention because that leads to future endorsement for leading to the next olympics. rosanna: i was checking out ryan's twitter account he said he would go back to the original hair color today. what happens with this story, now, jay? what happens? is it put to bed? does it follow ryan lochte for
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>> i think this story is one that just keeps bringing attention to ryan lochte. the once again, i'm not saying that this didn't happen because if it did happen, then, by all due respect i feel for the young man but at the same time i say it again, ryan lochte has a history creating attention that he likes, right? the reality show with ryan lochte, other different things occurred. i think once again for his team it draws pr, which only people to hear or see. this is endorsements or things they want to do after the olympics are over. greg: he is probably a little bit jealous of michael phelps. >> i would be. i am now. i never swim. greg: by the way if i meet ryan lochte i may actually have to give him a big, fat apology some day. people are talking about it. no big deal. jay, appreciate it.
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for us. >> thank you. greg: i love the story in the "wall street journal," personal journal section. relax. don't you tell me to relax. instructing people to calm down typically has the opposite effect. how people destress without annoying them. that is almost confrontational when you tell somebody to relax. reading on, asking someone to relax can hide variety of motives. i can't understand the way you're it. rosanna: something to be said about that relax! greg: i was waiting for it. mikeky, what's up? >> that goes without saying up here. headlines for the day. we have a little less humidity coming at you. you're starting to feel it around the tri-state region as drier air comes back to town.
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into tomorrow afternoon. looks like we're not quite in the clear for the storms for the work week just yet. we have nice stretch of weather coming at us as we get into the weekend. there might be a few storms too. today, partly to mostly cloudy sky at central park. winds coming in from the west, northwest, slowly but surely switching around at 9 miles an hour. that means the cold front is making progress through the tri-state area and the drier air will be coming into town too. our temps will be a lot the air is drier and air behind it is going to warm up a little more readily because there is less moisture in it. we have6 in williamsport. 82 degrees in philly, 87 in d.c., and 87 in albany. whenever the air, dewpoint drops down, air dries out, it feels better for you. that is happening even as we speak. a kind of a mixed sky around the tri-state region.
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portions of the tri-state. now it is pretty dry. high pressure taking over to allow clouds to come into the area. dirty ridge of high pressure they call it. we'll continue to see that. i don't think rain will be a big problem for us today. as we head into tomorrow a better chance for huge scattered showers coming through here. i don't think then it will be mainly an afternoon to evening thing. we continue with drier condition out there all lower for the next three days or so, before it starts to creep back up again as we head into the weekend. here is your beach forecast. air temperature comes in 86 degrees at the peak of the heat in the afternoon. water temp at 75. ocean heights, we have problems out there. wave heights three to four feet in the ocean. winds out of the west 10 to 15 miles an hour. the rip current risk at a high level so be aware of that if you're planning on heading out to the beaches.
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beach until you're no longer carried out before you come back in or wait for help. don't panic the bottom line. high 88 degrees with breezy condition. high of 87 for you tomorrow. small chance of showers then. same thing sunday into monday and it is going to be sticky again over the weekend here. greg and rosanna, over to you. greg: thank you very much, mike. one of the most talented and famous women on earth, beyonce. what can we say? she's amazing. >> queen greg: she is tremendous. so much achieved in her life. it started, her life started of course with her parents. rosanna: right. greg: matthew knowles. see them together. matthew knowles, everybody knows was instrumental in her career in the early stages certainly. rosanna: absolutely. he is a big record label executive and entrepreneur. he put together the girls, right? >> put together destiny's child. rosanna: destiny's child. they were very, very successful.
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he joins us along with his book, dna of achievers, 10 traits of highly successful professionals. matthew knowles, welcome to "good day new york." >> thank you. nice to be here. you guys have so much great, and positive energy. rosanna: thank you. we're grateful for the great show that we have, and jobs that we have to do every day. greg: and people we get to meet. man, oh, man, the flesh and blood of beyonce. >> you are a new yorker, i can tell. greg: you're a texan, aren't you? >> i'm a rosanna: i was checking out your instagram, beyonce's instagram, tina knowles's instagram. you were recently at beyonce's concert? >> i was. it was incredible in houston, sold out audience, crowd. she is the next, now paralle with michael jackson. >> think so? i think so. greg: absolutely. rosanna: what did you instill in her? she seems like she is calm, she is cool, she is collected.
9:16 am
job? >> i instilled a dna of achievers in her. go figure. rosanna: that is the book by itself. greg: your biology there. first off, what was she like as a kid? when did you realize wait a second, this is not just an ordinary kid? this kid has something great? >> beyonce was quiet as a kid. always singing and dancing around the house. then she started competing in these competiti first place, we thought, hmmm, might be something there. rosanna: yeah. >> so that really was what started it. she competed against older kids. music was always and always has been her passion. rosanna: were you always in the music business? or you decided to kind of manage her career whether she started to get older? >> i made a transition. i was in corporate america for 20 years and transitioned into
9:17 am
first artist was a rap artist and song featured destiny's child. rosanna: that is wild. greg: sometimes we've seen the stories, it can get complex when family members start working together. you mix business with family matters. that happened along the way? >> it happened. it is extremely complicated. working with family members because, you have to understand the business side, separate that from the emotional side. an for some people. not to merge those. and then, being a manager, you have a fiduciary duty to do the right thing for all the members and not just for your daughter. that becomes difficult. rosanna: i think it is chapter 8. learning from failure in your book. i will always be haunted by my professional and personal failures as a businessman, as well as a human being. >> that is absolutely right.
9:18 am
opportunity to grow, not a reason to quit. rosanna: interesting. >> a lot of us don't understand failure. we are a risk-taker, there will be failure. when you make mistakes. look at that as an opportunity. an opportunity to grow. greg: love it. rosanna: you and beyonce have obviously mended whatever, your past problems. now you're there, you're supporting here. >> absolutely. i got a nice video from her and blue she calls me, papa g. hi, papa g. greg: what is up with the blue ivy name? were you like, what? >> first thing i was trying to do protect beyonce to grab the name before everybody in the world grabbed the name. greg: like online and stuff like that? thinking like a manager! >> like a business manager. greg: yeah.
9:19 am
that is beautiful. rosanna: that is beautiful name. tell us about the new band you're excited about. >> blush music. they're here in new york, will be here next two weeks. three three ladies, a girl group. two rappers and a vocalist. left eye in tlc. rosanna: can we hear it? pump it up a little bit ? ? rosanna: they got a good sound. >> well, good, i hope so. after 25 years i hope i finally got it right. greg: is there a salt-n-pepa flavor here at all? >> with a little bit of spin. greg: yes. greg: i felt it. how are you good with jay-z?
9:20 am
dna of achieveers." are they around? >> harlem week on sunday. 3:00. rosanna: excellent. greg: we met jay-z. we never met beyonce. we may go through you in the business. >> wait a minute. i think i have her in my pocket. beyonce, come on! greg: you can text her right now? >> yeah. rosanna: she might be sleeping. she worked last night do you know becky is with the good hair? >> no. i read recently by the songwriter, jedi mind tricky will call it. jedi mind trick. there was never a person that was becky. just a name they threw out there. >> darn. we have to relax. >> jedi mind trick, my friend. that is one of the words i coined. greg: talking about the guy, the girl that went out with the guy. rosanna: no, no. greg: jedi mind trick, did you coin that one too?
9:21 am
that and talk to ratio. i put that in the book. greg: jedi mind trick. >> jedi mind trick. rosanna: jay mcinerney is back here. he has a new book. we'll talk about it. it is called, "bright, precious days." jay mcinerney coming up. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator a what ? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk.
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greg: hi, everybody, the book club. bright lights, big city, jay mcinerney, helped define an era. rosanna: totally. greg: michael j. fox, staying out too late, hooking up. doing crazy stuff. rosanna: what about the bolivian marching greg: this book with a couple other writers, seemed to define the way we lived or wanted to live. jay mcinerney is out with a new book. put it on the screen. "bright, precious days." the odion is in the background and backdrop. jay mcinerney, welcome to "good day new york." congratulations on the book. >> thank you, greg. good to be here. rosanna: the book is about marriage and novelist.
9:25 am
your life? >> it is taken from the life that i observe around me, as a long-time resident of new york city. but really, this is book about a married couple. rosanna: you're married. >> yes. they came to the city. but they have been married since college, where as i'm afraid it has taken me four times. rosanna: there is a little% difference there. >> this is part of my fascination with them. basically russell callaway, who is a book publisher, editor, i sort might have lived if i hadn't become a novelist. if i married my college sweetheart. so he is living kind of a, he is taken the road not taken. rosanna: is it based a little bit on hemingway or not? >> no. i think, hemingway was a pretty extreme character. russell and karen are a little more every man and woman, a glamorous new york version. greg: do they do cocaine? i remember in the first book, first movie, there was a lost
9:26 am
>> they like all of us have gotten older and their habits have changed. so the answer in this book is no. rosanna: this is interesting. the couple is in their 50s, right? >> there you go. they drink a lot of wine. they -- rosanna: they fool around. >> they still go out at night. but unlike, unlike the characters in bright lights and big city, they don't go tonight clubs, they go to gallery openings, movie premiers, charity benefits, dinner parties. >> there is >> they have mellowed. they have kids. they have two twins. they're not, you not, they're not in their 20s anymore. greg: they still like the odion let's go to the book cover one more time. the odion restaurant down there in tribeka, right? west broad kay. hot spot now. certainly hot spot then. the old book cover was on that as well, "bright lights, big city." the success, it was huge.
9:27 am
i'm grateful that book changed my life, in the best of ways. allowed me to become a full-time novelist. it made me, more of a, more after public figure than i ever imagined possible for a novelist. in some ways that was a curse because i had to, i kind of had to live up to it or live down the notoriety of a book about a guy who could be me went tonight clubs and did cocaine and stayed out too late. so been dealing with it for the past 30 years. but, i'm grateful for all the opportunities that it opened up, not at least i've been able to write novels for the last 30 years, which is only thing i ever really wanted to do. rosanna: i love that your books are, kind of steeped in history. this particular book has to do -- well, it is steeped in the history of the financial -- >> this, the book centers around the years 2007, 2008.
9:28 am
hand, youd ha the financial crisis, world economy melting down. on other hand election eventually of barack obama seemed for many people to signal, you know, a hopefulness about the future. looking back from this vantage point, it is a little poignant, a little sad nobody could have lived up to those hopes but i thought there was such a great moment, 2008, such a pivotal time in recent new york history. greg: if only we bought a house back then, right crash. >> big ol' loft. greg: you're famous chronicler of new york. is it interesting place since the '80s? >> less diverse. greg: less diverse? >> when i came here, there was much broader spectrum of citizens i think. from the, you know, from the poor to the the rich. and, it was, much more dirty and dangerous city but, rents were
9:29 am
assistants could afford to live in manhattan. could afford one-bedroom apartments. rosanna: it is crazy. >> people could afford to open galleries and nightclubs an restaurants in a way, real estate prices, have started to prohibit certain cultural activities in the city. the city, thank god, is safer and shinier but, it is much more a manhattan, in particular preserve of the wealthy. us and that is something of a loss. greg: to open a nightclub you multinational corporation behind you. it is crazy. jay mcinerney. the book, put it up on the screen. i am going to buy this thing. called, "bright, precious days." there is the book cover. rosanna: if you're nice to me i will give it to you. >> don't forget to comment. greg: get a hamburger at the odion. they have great ones. >> they still do.
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore now at ? greg: i think cows are the greatest source of nutrition that god created. >> greg, don't bring that up in front of chloe. greg: meat, milk, meat, milk. you know what is high on my list?
9:33 am
greg: so many great things. rosanna: chloe will saute you with mushrooms in a few seconds. greg: there are people who would never, under any circumstances would eat anything from a chicken or a cow or a bug or anything that can walk, anything that has a mother. they're called vegans. and it is more than a vegetarian. there is nothing to do with animals whatsoever. one of coolest vegan rosanna: by chloe. she started on bleaker street. opened a place in flatiron and also in los angeles. it is vegan food. done deliciously. chloe, nice to have you here. >> hi, great. greg: you don't like meat? >> i don't like meat. greg: when did you realize? when did you go all vegan? >> i was pretty young. to eat animal in my house as pets, i wanted to have a
9:34 am
understand your reluctance. face it they're beautiful animals. rosanna: they are. >> we're cooking bunch of delicious italian food from my cookbook. greg: put the cover. rosanna: what is it called. >> chloe's vegan italian kitchen. greg: chloe's vegan tillian churchen with you on the cover. rosanna: is it real cream sauce? >> we're using a cashew cream. instead of dairy or animal fat, we're blending cashews with water and a little carmellized onions. when you blend that up, we'll give that a buzz, you get a delicious cream sauce. rosanna: that is yummy. >> no animal fat and super delicious. greg: chloe, the key is, trick make it look like it might have animal in it, right? >> you wan the creamy, indulgent, feeling you normally get from fettucini alfredo. you don't want to the fat. you don't want to go into pasta
9:35 am
greg: oh, my gosh. >> you guys give it a taste right over here. rosanna: so let me ask you, chloe, how did you come up with many soft recipes? you came from a traditional italian family, right? >> i did. rosanna: meatballs on sunday. >> i did. i basically took old family recipes an vegannizeed them. how can i substitute the dairy, cream, butter, meat, still have delicious, hearty food. greg: what age would you decide you go all vegan. lisa simpson did it 16. rosanna: chloe is 28 years old. she has empire of restaurants and cookbooks. look at gorgeous things you bought to us on table. greg: like this. getting to my point you try to make it look like meat. >> this is super easy to make. it is made out of mushrooms and lentils. rosanna: try that. greg: it looks like a hamburger. rosanna: go for it. greg: excuse me, while i eat. fantastic.
9:36 am
it tastes meatesque. >> meatesque. we'll take it. rosanna: that is so funny. when you told your parents you were going vegan, was that a mortal sin in your family? >> you know what? my family was open-minded. they also love animals. my family loves to eat and eat a lot. if i could put delicious food on table it was no problem. rosanna: this is delicious. greg: i hear you vegans can not eat gummy worms. there is animal fat in gum any worms, is that true. that comes from cows. you don't need to get caught up in the details. greg: gelatin comes from cows. they put that in candy. >> i herd that before. >> it is not all or nothing. if you can incorporate vegan meal into your diet once a week or while, you will feel great eating it. this is spritzer lemon soda, all natural made with fresh lemon juice and infused with "time."
9:37 am
alcohol? >> they like it. add vodka to this. this is delicious. rosanna: nothing in it. spiritless. >> virgin. rosanna: so nice to meet you. >> thank you. rosanna: singled out by zagat as 30 under 30 stars. she is really a star. chloe, your book is one more time? >> chloe's vegan italian kitchen. thank you, greg: thanks a lot. we'll be right back. rosanna: we'll talk about a big hamptons event where fifth harmony performing for the save the music foundation when we
9:38 am
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean,
9:40 am
? rosanna: today, where are you going? greg: how many days are left in the month? are we 30 or 31. april, june and november. greg: 31. few weeks from today, it will still be august. that's beautiful. rosanna: talk about where did you get that because i'm crushing on crystal young's outfit. >> thank you. one-stop shopping. greg: yeah. >> something nice, greg. greg: see a lot of leg. that is nice. >> all right. as long as it is good leg. greg: you look great, crystal, what's up? >> i have a really fun one, where did you get that.
9:41 am
you know sonia. she is on "real housewives of new york." she is he will selling items. rosanna: why is she selling. >> you photographed in things and you can't wear them. greg: i know the problem. this is the second or third time i wore this tie this month. keep going. >> really? greg: yes. >> maybe you mix it up so people don't realize. greg: anyway. >> sonia is selling clothes on a fun website, material world. we'll explain everything. rosanna: okay. ? in items you're not using for new ones. just four easy steps. get a free kit, mail everything in. they send you an offer. then shop with your earnings, usinging a reloadable debit car. >> you can use it at bloomingdale's, neiman marcus, sachs, bergdorf's, intermix, all retailers nationwide online as well as off-line. >> if you know anything about
9:42 am
fantastic style. that also means she has a lost clothing and sometimes you just have to know when to let go. >> one of the problems i have my new collection, sonia morgan new york, and i need to wear that, more than i wear my other designers and so -- >> such problems. >> i have to make more room in my closet. we're starting with this piece. >> okay. >> it comes in red and black. my very well-known jumpsuit. i worn it on "real housewives of new york city" for the >> where did you get that from sonia's closet. >> italian crap silk. mom that co, miami, l.a. >> old expression, didn't change your clothes, change your friends. she wears it to multiple cities around the world. >> you nailed it on the head. >> this is michael kors. >> okay. >> i have seen in it several times. you might have seen me wearing
9:43 am
kors jacket. they say i look like drag you la. i thought i look fabulous. i'm putting this on the site. this is friend of mine. i'm known for my zipper malfunctions. >> this is nice. >> great way to get people excited. >> i love sheer inserts. gives you all the curves. >> suck it in. >> i love it. >> this is -- >> oh. you would wear this in august right now, sonia? >> i will there. if i go to argentina. another season. so for me -- >> jfk international on your way to argentina. >> so if you wear a white cotton wall prada top. >> i'm ready to give this up. one good cleaning. time for a young girl to wear it out. >> that is super cute. >> eve saint laurent is one of my favorite designers. >> this is timeless.
9:44 am
>> pencil skirt. white jeans. >> yeah. >> i hear you. >> totally. >> i'm supposed to give this away. not get excited. you have me wearing this today. my poodle passed away. everyone new we were together in this. >> memories. >> things that happened in this jacket. maybe i better give it away. >> i will keep my day job. where did you get that, escota. >> pink on steroids. pink on steroids is my mood anyte looks great with white, at night with black and a shawl. emerald necklace. boom! >> getting this from the material world. sonia already told you 50 ways you can wear it. >> i have three other fuchsia tops with that color. i'm okay. >> give your dress a proper shotout. where did you get that? so cute. >> it is ? >> i'm going to europe. i won't be back until september. >> her clothes are staying here
9:45 am
waiting for you in september. ? rosanna: so was it a good deal or not a good deal? >> it's a good deal. you don't give money like ebay are with you sell something, give money. they tell you how much they give you for an item. they send you this card. with that card you can go to sachs, bloomingdale's. items. rosanna: okay. >> so it depends what kind of shopping you want to do. i just want to let go. but it is great. greg: can dudes do it too? >> dudes can do it. greg: i am never going to do it. >> you don't want to be excluded. i gotcha. rosanna: we'll talk about a happening event in the hamptons next saturday. not this saturday, next saturday. for vh1, save the music. julie maclo is opening up her
9:46 am
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i. rosanna: i do. reminds me of high school band or something. greg: rosanna and i were both in the band. i was in orchestra and stage band. she played piano. rosanna: i played piano and guitar. greg: i played saxophone. we were not gifted musicians. rosanna: to say the least. greg: our schools offered music programs. when you play instrument it fires you up all cool things in the brain. believe it or not make you a better person. tough times, music programs are sometimes the first to go. that is where non-profits fill the gap and we're joined by a very special one. rosanna: vh1 save the music has doling out instruments and going into schools and setting up music programs into a bunch them in our area. he is the executive director of vh1 save the music project and julie maklo, first of all she
9:50 am
the beauty and very generous to our community. she is opening up her house. there is big event next saturday night in the hamptons. and, i don't even know where to start. fifth harmony is performing, right? >> yeah. hottest band of the summer will be in julie's backyard. >> yes. it party of the hamptons. rosanna: why did you want to get involved with this charity, julie? >> i don't tell most people this i will share it. i was in high school marching band and played trump bone. it is scary. don't t there is hope for people playing in marching band. greg: hard to see you with a big trombone. not a elegant instrument. >> but from my personal experience, i think having education, music, being in school, it just teaches you amazing discipline. it keeps kids in school focused. if i hadn't had the marching band experience i'm not sure i would have gone to the university i went to and had such successful college career.
9:51 am
looking at. drop that for a moment. get back to what you said. rosanna: that was the party last year which was a lot of fun. >> jason derulo. those ads were amazing. greg: playing the from don't helped you get into a competitive college -- trombone. >> i went to public high school in phoenix, arizona. keeping kids focused and in school was definitely an issue. for me personally, i feel like it really, as a straight-a student, partly because of the fact that i went band practice at 5:50 a.m. i was there for two hours. and it just keeps you really focused on school. rosanna: henry, you're not only helping schools in new york city area but the hamptons as well. >> right. rosanna: which has seen some music programs -- >> budget cuts come to these districts school music is one of the first things cut. rosanna: it's a shame, isn't it? >> we know as julie said, there is better attendance, better test scores. parents are more engaged.
9:52 am
speak english as first language only time they come to school is for the concert. they're more likely to go to college. we've given away over $50 million worth of instruments the last 20 years. greg: that is amazing. now that you guys are involved, pump up the volume on the marching band at the very beginning. face it, it is so bad it is good sometimes. that is not necessarily the point. you don't have to be going to julliard to benefit from a music program. anybody know what i'm talking about? listen to this. ? [laughter]. only a parent would love that. rosanna: the music will be a lot better next weekend with fifth harmony. >> they're a hot all chick band. rosanna: hot all chick band. work, work, work. tickets left. >> almost sold out. >> we have the website. rosanna: what is the website. >> vh1 save the it is on homepage. greg: save the music. this is at your house. >> at my house.
9:53 am
>> anyone can go. you need a ticket online. it will be the benefit of the year. greg: fabulous. rosanna: and at same time raising money for a very, very good cause. >> that's right. greg: how do you make sure you have a party of a house this scope, nobody goes into the rooms you don't want them to go into? >> we pretty much lock down the entire house. outside in a tent. we have beautiful port-o-potties that you love. greg: wait a second! if i have to wash my hands, i would like to use a lavatory we'll let you inside, okay? greg: thank you. you guys are fantastic. save the music foundation, vh1, hamptons live benefit, next saturday night, right? >> yes, 27th of august. greg: fantastic. rosanna: you can see our lovely julie maclo on hsn? >> hsn september 15th. you guys are coming to the benefit. rosanna: next weekend, we'll be at the benefit too. >> you can see them too. rosanna: thank you, julie. thank you so much for coming here.
9:54 am
information. greg: we'll be right back. so.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> "good day" brought to you by mazda. driving matters. ? rosanna: thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox5ny facebook page.
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rosanna: my goodness,. greg: the swimmer might be in trouble with his mom or might be totally innocent. ryan, good luck. rooting for you. rosanna: we're on the facebook live page, coming up. >> "good day" new york isn't over. if you want to correct to connect to great stories and people, go to for news and stories you care about, brought to you by raymour and flanigan furniture, furnishing your style. light & fit greek crunch yogurt is topped with crunchy deliciousness that makes it an absolutely, irresistible hit!
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