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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we dig deeper into hazing allegations in our area. >> mark: tonight a third hazing incident confirmed involving northeast ohio students this school year. cleveland 19 jen picciano reveals which school superintendent admits hazing happened on with one of her teams. >> in this e-mail to cleveland 19 madison local school district superintendent angela smith confirmed a hazing incident happened during football camp this season and she s take disciplinary action. according to smith the local football team attended camp at john carroll university last month where the incident occurred. the district heard rumbling of inappropriate student behavior during the camp and opened an investigation finding an incident of hazing. the superintendent wouldn't tell us how many students were involved or what the hazing actually entailed but she disciplined those involved based
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conduct and the team's wanted to teach personal responsibility, teamwork and they organized a campus clean up event. the community service project was in addition to individual student discipline received. madison local schools is the third district to acknowledge hazing since fall extra curriculer activities began for the 16/2017 school year and they reported hazing during band camp football team was involved in a hazing incident during the same time period as madison local schools. >> reporter: getting answers, jen picciano cleveland 19. >> we go to lake catholic. we asked for surveillance video of the hazing incident that happened at john carroll university. this is the response we got from university heights. we have been advised by our legal department not to release the video because a record was
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contains nude images of a minor. catherine bosley joins us reaction on this highly controversial story. >> reporter: this is a subject that people have strong opinions on based on the value of tradition versus a new perspective on the harm it can cause in this day of talking about bullying all the time. >> something we all know goes on and with recent hazing cases surfacing. >> i think it is stupid. >> it is another thing kids do. >> people posts on our facebook page regarding catholic football hazing and varying their opinions and this one. a prank going on for years. even the parents didn't care. people also know it is a joke and clear the media is out of touch with viewers. hazing in high school sports has been going on for generations and surely there are more stories you can sink your teeth into. randomly picking people downtown.
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basically, you are not treating that person as a human being. >> it is tough to find support for hazing at any level. >> it is traumatizing. at the end of the day, that kid have to go home, you know and sit in his room while telling his parents. >> we brought up this facebook comment. this happened for years. it is a classic prank. kids need to toughen up. it is football not a coloring contest. which expresses the other side >> it is football not a coloring contest. >> okay. when do you cross the line to abuse. what does it take. who will be the judge of how far is too far. >> you don't have to humiliate a kid to prove their toughness. once out on the field cameraderie between brothers should determine a team. >> reporter: very interesting how many people are quick to give thoughts on this. one thing one man said might sum
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years. things have changed. indeed things have changed when we talk about bullying all the time now. >> mark: some of us think about hazing invitations we may have -- or situation -- well, i tell you, a lot happens on the football field. that's where you want to keep it, not a locker room. when we think back years ago no matter how mild or severe hazing initiations were, you remember that. now you have to find you draw the line of it making you stronger or causing damage. >> catherine, thank you. >> romona: stories like these have the attention of university hospital child psychologist dr. howard hall and he says hazing should never be allowed at any age for any organization despite tradition. >> people shouldn't be physically hurt ori emotionally hurt. this serious consequence that
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it is part of our society to restructure this whole thing. >> romona: the doctor says effects of hazing gone bad, trouble sleeping, nightmares, depression, isolation and loss of confidence. we will continue to ask questions about all our local hazing cases. look for continuing coverage on air, our app, social media and live from the first alert weather center your hour by hour forecast. >> mark: congratulations in order. today. >> jeff: even though we hit 88 for a high and some spots closer to 80, the humidity wasn't too bad. this is what i would like to call a pleasant 88. it wasn't super sticky there. high clouds moving in now and lake breeze kicked in. cooler on the lakeshore cleveland, hopkins and mentor and 89 doerr new philly.
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to 81. , 78, 9:00, 75. it will be dry. mild night ahead. rain and thunder and alert for that. noticeable change by the time we get to thursday. i will bring you details later in the half hour. mark? >> mark: jeff, thanks. two men murdered, killed in a home with three children inside. we have been talking with police all day. still no arrests on what happened on midway avenue northeast in canton. a neighbor woman with her hands tied up with a zip tie banged on her front door. she said she found a man covered with blood. one victim was 35-year-old joshua weatherspoon. no i.d. on the other victim. >> no word on that. this street is as quiet as you see right now. i have no thoughts of what even could have happened.
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people lost their lives. >> mark: an 11-month-old, 4-year-old and 2-year-old were inside the home at the time of the shooting. they were not hurt and taken to the hospital with a woman who ran to a neighbor's house to get checked out. >> romona: it looks like school will go on as planned in cleveland. chris tanaka joins us as the teacher's union and districts reach a deal. >> chris: yeah, romona, only after a 20 hour bargaining session both sides came up a tentative agreement at 5:00 this morning. c.e.o. eric gordon recorded a message for parents. >> reaching this tentative agreement means we can avoid the strike ctu mentioned beginning thursday evening. >> chris: the teacher's union put out a statement saying we work hard to avoid disruption to our students education and we were able to bring back a contract good for kids and fair for educators and members will
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neither side released specifics about the deal. the school board and union memberships must approve the contract before it can become official. the votes have not been scheduled. asking questions, getting answers, chris tanaka cleveland 19. >> romona: a cleveland 19 investigation is leading to a safer walk to school for children. paul orlousky exposed that the city has a lack of school crossing guards. today we noticed guards have now appeared in front of euclid park elementary. herbert stokes was very happy. he had taken it upon himself to help kids cross the road. >> we have two more crossing guards here. i am so happy. the day -- it is a beautiful day for me today. can i take a break for awhile. >> romona: there was a problem when the crossing guard showed up. keys to activate school zone signs did not work and cars continued to speed past.
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positions. 81 of them are open. >> mark: you have probably heard we have had a rash of smash and grabs in recent days. today police caught some suspects after a failed attempt. a driver tried to smash a vehicle through a steel gate at the cleveland food market at west 56th and clark drove away. police later arrested four suspects. now investigators are seeing the foursome were connected to ultimately a previous smash and grab. caught on armed robber demanded cash and cigarettes at the carnegie pantry. the thief pointed a gun at the clerk and his face was covered with a blue bandanna. if you recognize anything about him, call police. >> romona: in campaign 2016, hillary clinton will be in cleveland on labor day. we are trying to confirm all the specifics. vice president joe biden will campaign for clinton this week. on thursday he will be in
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hall in parma. events are free. you have to rsvp. we have a link on our app. sources say the f.b.i. changed its position. the feds will soon release some notes from its interview with hillary clinton over her e-mail controversy. clinton previously called on the bureau to make the notes public and has maintained she did nothing illegal. donald trump has used the f.b.i.'s investigation to hammer away at her trustworthiness. work related e-mails. she failed to turn over. it is watergate all over again. >> romona: trump is preparing for what he calls a major policy speech on immigration in arizona tomorrow. clinton has been laying low doing fundraisers and getting ready for debates. the first debate is september 26th. mark? >> mark: up next we get answers about a big mistake at hopkins.
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blocked at a parking garage? >> romona: plus the giant rescue of miniature schnauzers. we have the story why dozens of animals now need new homes. jeff? >> jeff: we have showers and storms in the forecast tomorrow. it is a yellow alert. the full details on that and holiday weekend forecast coming up. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time to fall in love again with your
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: a cleveland 19 viewer sent a picture from hopkins international airport. >> mark: an emergency fire exit barricaded at a parking garage. take a look. just like the viewer, we wondered why an emergency exit would be closed with a steel gate. doesn't it violate fire codes and asked airport officials who admitted to us it was a mistake to barricade the exit. the gate was installed to prevent employees from taking
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short cuts that caused some employees injuries. the airport told us the gate was put in the wrong area due to an internal miscommunication. it is being removed thanks to the viewer. channel 19 asking questions and getting answers. >> romona: you could call it a big-small rescue. dozens of miniature schnauzers all saved. dan deroos is in the answer center to tell us what happened. >> dan: all saved. that's good news. now the work needs to be done to get 56 miniature schnauzers new homes. this was done in portage county. the paw humane society in greater akron sent us some of the pictures. these were part of a breeder who got inundated over their head. why show pictures when we have video. we went down to see some of these cuties in the humane society there. all total 56. they range in ages from 1-14
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right now. clearly, they are going to need the help with having 56, that will put the burden on the shelter. here is some good news. these are hypoallergenic dogs. you shouldn't have to worry about allergies. anybody at your house allergic to pets. of course some need more medical attention. they will be spayed and neutered. here is another part of the good news. the humane society greater akron, they have an event coming up this saturday. labor of love adoption event where some adoption prices will be slashed on the animals they have there and again getting 56 animals in they need all the help they can get. let's find great homes for those cute little dogs. romona? >> romona: i'm sure they will have lots of takers. >> dan: absolutely. >> romona: another cute event.
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this had on their facebook page. officer smith saved a life while on patrol. fished a squirrel right out of the pool. afterwards gave a neighborhood child a high five. [ laughter ] >> romona: okay. >> mark: was that ziggy the water skiing squirrel that fell off his skis? >> romona: i was about to say the show is going to the dogs but that was a squirrel. jeff? >> mark: no squirrel jokes for you, buddy. >> you took them all, mark. i'm out. 83 cleveland note showers to the west of us. that's the system. actually, these showers are starting to make their way to the northwest part of ohio and we have the cool front arriving thursday. fort wayne, indiana rain and thunder. i do think by morning we could be looking at some showers here. i will still keep it dry through most of the night.
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tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. along the lakeshore showers and rumbles of thunder. now, these aren't going to be explosive thunderstorms. i don't think we will see severe weather out of all this t. will be a showery situation with some claps of thunder. because this rain is coming in earlier now tomorrow, i think we will get rid of the showers earlier as well. late day by 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon, rain could start to showers and storms 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. yellow alert means more of the nuisance stuff. it won't be necessarily a dangerous weather situation here not expecting severe weather. you could encounter wet roads tomorrow morning on your way to work and/or school and may need rain gear. >> we will keep you updated throughout the night.
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the tribe game tonight. i went with 80 degrees at first pitch late inning 75 and some high clouds. in general perfect baseball weather out there yet again. the wind will go light. becoming cloudy and it will be mild because of the cloud cover and increasing moisture coming in. about 69 for the low in cleveland akron-canton increasing clouds and a little more seasonable because of the thicker cloud cover will arrive later. tomorrow with showers and thunder. it will be a humid day. 77 and down to 76 and by 5:00 in cleveland rain will be ending. >> look at the temperature thursday 73 much cooler, windy and sprinkles. windy day friday partly cloudy 72. great-looking weekend. sunny saturday and sunday. 75 saturday.
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labor day up to 83 and a few more clouds around there on monday. >> tony? >> tony: thank you, tan. the tribe will be home throughout it all home for the next 9 games. they are loving walk-off wins.
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now this chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> now the 1-0. kipnis line drive left center t. will win the game. jimeniz around 3rd and crosses home plate. for the 8th time this year. >> tony: jason kipnis do it again. 8th walk-off win. this is a recurring theme here
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dramatic fashion. man, when you come back from the road trip, how important was it to get a win out of the gate. >> we have a guy at the plate who can do it any moment. kip science a great player and came through for us and had the opportunity with other guys getting on base and giving them the shot. >> tony: celebrations never get old. is there an art to it. have you mastered the home plate mob? >> either walking it off from the batter and the guy who ends up a freestyle. four and a half game in the central and looking to final 32 games. this is it. you turn the corner in the final month of the season. >> absolutely. we will keep our heads on straight. no pressing. we have to play good consistent baseball. >> how would you hit andrew miller if you had to face him. >> left on left. stay middle away. >> tony: even righties are falling down trying to hit him. >> he has good stuff.
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he has really good stuff and shows every time he tows the rubber. >> you have the incredible run between and you jose ramirez and inside the park walk-off which hadn't been done here 100 years. >> absolutely. i don't get the opportunity without jose hitting the homer and that was probably the biggest homer. as it left the bat i had the chance and hoping it them off and ran hard. >> tony: 20 seconds. were you aware of the memes crashing on twitter? >> i saw it. i love all that stuff. fans were having fun with it. rookie of the year maybe. great season. thank you for coming out. keep it rolling. tribe and twins coming up. more on sports extra and at
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we all know what donald trump has said about women...
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maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions. rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all.
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>> jeff: all right showers and storms tomorrow and even tomorrow morning i expect some rain in the area. it will be humid, 80 and then much cooler there thursday. 73. friday 72. and there's that awesome-looking labor day weekend. hope you have plans. it's going to be nice. >> romona: sure will be. >> jeff: no problem, thank you. it was all me. >> mark: thank you for joining
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next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: terror in the night. >> they've got people everywhere. they're shooting. >> o'donnell: just released 911 recordings capture desperate cries for help during the orlando massacre. also tonight, a 911 call brings police to the home of singer chris brown. >> held his gun, pointed it at me, said get the "f" out. out. >> this inadequate rule only applying to future trucks? it's preposterous. >> o'donnell: and a judge gets life. but it's not a sentence. it's a gift.


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