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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 18, 2015 11:37pm-12:07am CST

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short. plus, it's a mission for miles. we'll show you the lengths people are going to to snag more miles before the end of the year reset to fly in higher style. one expert revealing his surprising tricks of the trade. and hello. hello from the adele concert ticket line outraged fans shut out online and some tickets being resold for nearly $10,000. after this all-out ticket war how adele is helping her devoted fans see her on tour. i'm sorry for everything that i've
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number 1 in just 60 good evening. thank you for joining us. it was known as the loud music murder. an argument sparked by loud hip-hop music that cut 17-year-old jordan davis's life too short. and now three years later jordan's father is vowing to honor his son's memory. a family torn apt now on a mission for gun reform. >> this is jordan's bedroom. i still come in here from time to time. >> reporter: it's been three long years since ron dav lost his son jordan. >> presented that to me during jordan davis day. and this is when jordan was smaller and we had christmas pictures.
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>> reporter: a wound time will never heal. i would imagine as a father is all hard. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: what's hardest? >> even now three years later sometimes i'm sitting in my easy chair and i just fl myself listening out for the door, listening out for the keys to be in the door even though your brain knows that he's gone, you still want to hea that keyn the door. >> reporter: it started with a trip to the mall wh his friends in jacksonville, florida on black friday, 2012. the 17-year-old was killed outside a convenience store, shot dead by 45-year-old businessman michael dunn. >> basically, the boys are parked here. they pull in, tommy storens gets out to go inside the store, leaves the other three boys in the car. they leave the music playing loud. >> reporter: the music is rapper little reese's song "beeeef." >> at some point michael dunn pulls into the spot next to them on the passenger side. rhonda rower gets out of the vehicle. >> reporter: that's when an
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orordinary ening turns deadly. >> the music was too loud. michael dunn asked them to turn the music down. tevin thompson, who was sitting in the front passenger seat complied, turned it down. >> jordan didn't want to turn the music down. said let's turn that back up, i'm tired ofeople telling me what to do. they turn the music back up. and then there was an exchange of rds. >> at that point is when michael dunn and jordan davis started exchanging words. and i believe what tevin thompson remembers is jordan saying [ bleep ] to michael dunn. >> according to witnesses there were stements of are you talking to mee coming from mr. dunn and i believe a couple witnesses said they heard "you're not going to talk to me that way." >> rorter: suddenly the argument escalates. >> and before anybody knows it dunn is leaning over to his right reaching into his glove box pulling out a taurus 9-millimeter. right about this time tommy comes out of the store. gets intohe car, straps
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himself in, looks over, and sees a gun pointed three feet away. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: it was over in moments. a life gone, lives ruined. jordan's mom tried to cope with her heartache by clinging to the last conversation she had with her beloved son, less than 24 hours before he died. >> mom, happy thanksgiving, mom. i just want to tell you thank you thank you for loving me. >> tell me about your boy. >> he was not a perfect child by any means, but he was a good young man. always the life of the party. people would say whe jordan walks in the room the room lights up. he was humorous. very sensitive. very intuitive. >> mama's boy? daddy's boy? >> he started out mama's boy but ended up daddy's boy. >> reporter: when michael dunn is questioned by police, he claims it was all an act of self-defense.
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this guy like goes down on the ground and comes up with something. i thought it was a shotgun. >> do you remember how many times you shot? >> i shot four mes. and the suv pulled out. and like i said, in my mind they've got a gun. i was still scared. and so i shot four more times. >> when they were fleeing? >> yeah. >> if he doesn't have any interaction with african-americans and so when you don't have any you just go by what you read or you go by what you see on television people of color in handcuffs, people doing thehe wrong thing, you have this fear built up, then iediately when you heard the loudmusic, they're going to become thugs and gangsters. >> reporter: after two years of waiting michael dunn's trial finally begins in february 2014. soft-spoken and polite, his friends in the car leland and tevin admit to the crt that jordan did yell at michael dunn.
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>> do you recall anything that jordan davis said to the defendant? >> yes, sir. >> what was that? >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: dunn insists davis had a gun. but when none was found, dunn's self-defense claim falls flat. according to detective musser, investigators found no weapons the suv the night of the shooting nor anywhere near the gas station parking lot. after six days of hearing testimony the jury goes out to deliberate their verdict while jacksonville waits for justice. >> no one person has all the rights. >> waiting on that verdict, there was a lot of tension in the city. >> my twitter page, my phone, everything was blowing up. >> reporter: it takes the jury four days to come to a unanimous decisionn three attempted murder charges. >> the state of florida versus michael david dunn. verdict as to count 2, we the jury find the defendant guilty. verdict as to count 3, we the jury find the defendant guilty. verdict as to count4, we the jury find the defendant guilty of attempted second-degree murder.
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>> reporter: but on the charge of first-degree murder for shooting jordan davis the jury fails to commit. jordan's parents refuse to surrender. >> where does the fight go now? >> we will go back to court. >> you want a retrial? >> yes. we're definitely going back to fight for jordan. >> reporter: in september 2014 dunn returns to the witness stand, this time for a leaner trial. >> you can't say what it is. >> i just saw the top. >> butoday are you sure it was a shotgun? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: after four days of testimony and five hours of deliberation, this time the jury comes back unanimous.s. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder as charged in the indictment. >> there was just this widespread relief. >> a small but loud group of demonstrators outside of the duval county courthouse b became emotional when they saw jordan davis's parents walk down the courthouse steps.
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>> we were able to finally give him rest and closure. >> reporter: on october 17th, 2014 - >> mr. dunn, your life is effectively over. >> reporter: the life sentence is in addition to a 90-year sentence for the three counts of attempted murder of jordan's friends and 15 years for firing at a vehicle. the tragic end to jordan davis's young life has marked the beginning of a new one for his parents, ron davis and lucia mcbath, as outspoken activists for gun reform. >> we know that god has a greater purpose for jordan's death and for what we're now doing. >> why aren't you tired? why haven't you decided, you know what, i lost my boy, we got justice in court, i'm just gng to move on? >> jordan is driving me. when you say don't you get tired, all i have is my words to change people's minds to stop people fro killing, especially killing these kids when murdering our youth, we're murdering society, and we're mumurderingur tomorrow. >> you're an optimistic man
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you've endured, all that you've seen. >> yeah. because god has shown me the journey. some of us we go through life. we never know why we're here. >> why are we here? >> i'm here to spread the word of my son, who was martyred, basically. and spread the word that this country cannot continue the way it's continuing. that we have to put lives in front of guns, lives in front of finances, lives in front of everything tha we have to educate ourselves and enlighten ourselves to let us know that we'll never be at peace as long as we keep killing each oer and going around the world and killing people, we'll never be free. next, would you fly for days on end for elite travel perks? and later, hello. are there any more adele tickets out there for devastated fans? i must have cled a thousand times
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it's the busiest time of the year to travel. everyone's out in a mad holiday dash. so who would f any more than they have to? actually, a lot of people. and even our own correspondent in a mad run for mileage to get those coveted perks. here's abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: i'm on a mission. i ed to fly 14,000 miles before the end of this momonth. >> please stay seated with your seat belt secely fastened. >> reporr: and it won't be easy easy. millions of other travelers will be taking to the skies this holiday season, one of the busiest travel times of the year.
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so why would i do something so crazy, you might ask. because i need the miles. 14,145 to be exact. to reach the next level stat wuss my airline. so i'm planning what's called a mileage run, flying nonstop for hours, even days on end. >> at the end of the year people mileage run to get that elite status level because january 1 the clock resets. >> reporter: here at jfk i meet with brian kelly in the swanky virgin atlantic lounge. now, brian is an expert on scoring big travel rewards for small amounts of spending. >> there's two main types of mileage runs. the first is to accrue miles cheaply, redeemable miles that you can use for future flights. the second type of mileage run is with the focus of elite status. so t takingflights, even if they're not cheap, but to get to that elite status level so you have all those benefits for the entire next year. >> people will fly all over the world just for status? >> exactly. at the top tier airlines reall pamper flyers. you knknow, upgrades, club access. it really makes travel a lot more enjoyable.
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>> brian is one of a growing number of experts who employ all sorts of tricks of the trade to meet their unquenchable desires from racking up miles on credit cards to infiltrating high-level lounges for the perks. traveling in style is what they do. but you don't have to be a professional to enjoy the perks of airline status. >> who are we talking about, these people that do mileage runs? >> it's all types of travelers. you know, whether you're a news anchor or a consultantt who spends their life on the road and getting those elite statuses can help, even if you're flying economy but you've got delta elite status. you can enjoy this lounge right next to the person who paid $5,000 for their ticket. >> so status has its privileges. >> stus has its privileges. exactly. >> reporter: to get to that elite status i'm going to take six consecutive flights starting in new york cicity. i'll fly to seattle, then on to anchorage, alaska, down to phoenix, cross-country to charlotte, overseas to san juan, puerto rico, and back to new yorkcity. all in 52 hours. >> and how do i go about doing
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>> well, the first thing would be to take the price of the ticket and divide it by the amount of miles, redeemable miles that you're going to get. now, real mileage runne back in the day getting three cents per mile for the flilight was a good standard bearer. >> reporter: by booking strategic flights my trip will run me $852 total, six sentence per mile. not bad if you discount the lost sleep. >> what are some of the crazy ththings tha people do? >> there are extremes. i know people who have flown from los angeles to sydney, gotten off the ane, and flown sydney to los angeles back because they needed a ton of miles and they only had one day to do it. >> just arriving at jfk an hour before my flight. only about 50 hours to go. the journey was intense. 40 hours to go. 19 hours into this trip. it's been a long marathon. i'm exhausted.
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but about to get off the plane. th is the fourthstop. things at times got interesting. and took me to places i'd never normally go. >> hi. good morning. i'm going to anchorage. >> reporter: it's now 4:00. i've made it to the frozen tundra that is anchorage, alaska. it is really, really, really cold. from icy roads to white sandy beaches. 48 hours after leaving new york city and 24 hours after leaving anchorage, i finally made it here to the fifth stop in this crazy mileage run. sunny puerto rico. not bad. >> reporter: but unfortunately for me, it wasn't enough. with all the flying i've done in the last 48 hours, by my calculation i'm supposed to be executive platinum by now on american, but i just took a look, and i'm still 400 points short. i could cry right now. was it worth it? i did all thecalculation. i goto san juan at the end.
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my last stop when i was supsed to have elite status. and i look online, and i didn make it. >> you didn't make it? >> after all that. >> how did you mess up the snath did you miscalculate the amount of -- >> i miscalculated because i needed points and i miscalculated the points. >> a lot of airlines these days are reducing the amount of miles you earn based on the fare class you wk so, the cheap economy tickets are not earning as much. so they've caught on to mileage runners. >> not good news for those who aren't jetsetting savants, who live for the smell of jet fuel. but still brian says there are ways to save on your holiday travel this year. tip number one, be flexible on your schedule. >> i would recommend use google flights and search for the cheapest flights around you. it may make sense to drive to another airport. be exible. that's how you're going to get prices down. >> reporter: tip number two, consider using a low-cost carrier. >> there's a lot of low-cost carriers. and cheap ways to get across the atlantic. there's wow air which will go through iceland. i just recently flew norwegian arnlsz. same thing domestically, check
11:56 pm
southwest. and remember the fare's jut one component of a ticket. with fees these days and airlines charging for carry-ones do the math and see wt the totalrice will be to fly. >> and if all else fails, tip number threree,se some frequent flyer miles. >> lastt minuteirlines release a ton of frequent flyer award availability even during the holidays. so don't assume you can't use your miles. >> you might find yourself enjoying the dmond medallion treatment at the cubic zirconia price. zbll i'm hankering to go to london. i justt redeed 62,500 delta miles. >> just now. >> check out how much. for a business class seat thihis is how much cash out of pocket. that's a typo. >> no. >> $5.60. look at that. to go to london. siness class. >> last minute. where it's probably a $4,000 or $5,000 ticket. $5.60. >> cheers to that. >> and to your almost mileage run. >> almost successful one. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm kendis gibson. >> final, new york city. >> reporter: and i'm going to sleep.
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>> can't feel too bad for kendis. he made his elite status on his next flight out for abc news. so now he can finally enjoy those well-earned perks. coming up next, adele fans are saying hello to sold-out shows and high-priced tickets. what the singer is doing to help. i must have called a thousand times (dramatic music) centrum brings us the biggest news in multivitamin history. ( ) a moment when something so familiar becomes something so new. (impact on metal) introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. go to for a $4 coupon. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event...
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finally tonight, she's taken overhe radio, topped the charts. her song "hello" already quickly becoming the song of the year. it's no surprise that adele's
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north american concert tour sold out in minutes yesterday. so is there still any hope for those disappointed fans? hello from the if you were hoping to say hello to adele in concert, you're likely out of luck. tickets for adele's 56-date north american tour, her first five years, sold out online in nutes. >> it's sold out. >> did you get adele tickets? >> reporter: and in some cases it's not diehard adele lovers who want to hear her sing new hits like "when we were young" scooping up tickets. it's scalpers. seats were originally priced between $39.50 and $149.50 on ticketmaster. now those same tickets are being marked up more than 6,000%. we found tickets on stub hub for as much as $10,000. >> whenever there's a big tour, there's a huge rush for tickets. never in my memory has it happeneded on this scale. >> reporter: but adele is
12:01 am
turning the tables. sells tickets through websites and artist fan clubs. they sold 235,000 tickets for adele's world tour block at least 53,000 known or likely scalpers, saving the real fans 6.3 million in mark-ups. but in north america the site sold only 8% of tickets. rumor has it rumor has it there's still hope, little at least. >> what usually happens when there's this kind of unsatisfied demand for shows is more shows get added. i'm not sure that there will ever be enough shows for it. >> so keep your fingers crossed. it was adele's song "rolling in the deep" that she sang "don't underestimate the things that i will do." thank you for watching. tune in to "good morning america" first thing tomorrow. and as always,e're oine 24/7
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and on >> "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> the wait is finally over. we're talking about the movie, "star wars." >> "the force awakens" box office ashes all reco and we're crashing a "star wars" wedding. >> anything you want to say to happycouple? >> but is the force too upsetting for kids? our panel of moms sound off. >> there is some violence. it's a little bit scary. >> and -- hello from the other si >> world tour sells out in seconds and fans are getting a little emotional. >> inside her online ticket controversy. >> i'm not afraid ofdying. >> and leo's survival skil
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