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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 7, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> sunday night i'm sarah bloomquist along with walter perez, in the news an ugly start to i fueling finish and ep what the eagles have to say about their season opener. >> and a star-studded sendoff for joan rivers. >> and the big story on "action news" is two arrests in the beating of a mentally challenged man in newcastle county, delaware. the attack caught on camera sparked calls for justice from around the country and after the videos went viral on social media. "action news" reporter ken spoke to the victim's mother and he joins us live at the new castle
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county headquarters, kenneth. >> sarah the phones railroad ringing off the hook in new castle county police and "action news" and after that video surfaced we learned tonight two young boys have already been charged with misdemeanor, arrested and released to their parent's custody. >> it's disgusting nature and outrage fire have this speeding like wildfire. the mentally challenged nourk delaware man beaten by two teenagers. >> what wentz through your mind. >> rage, anger, because of the situation with him being you know mentally disabled he doesn't do anything to anyone but be kind. >> the mother of the victim, karan he as williams symptom and mental capacity of a second grader and he it gets worse there are other videos posted on-line showing other attacks on
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karan possibly by the same suspects. new castle county 16-year-old anglease marero spotted the videos. >> i was mad. the first thing i thought was i have to do something about this. >> armed only with her iphone and she posted the attack saturday using hash taingt bully project her instagram fol heers went to 2,000 to 20,000 in less than 24 hours. >> it spread so fast i'm grateful for everybody helping me out f it was not for everybody helping support and everything this wouldn't go viral and that man really deserves justice. >> sunday police arrested two boys ages 13 and 14. and more arrests are expected the. >> we received a number of telephone calls both 911 calls as well as you know, to officers that people know. >> what do you want to happen from here? >> make people more away we need to be hugh main to one another. >> reporter: and this evening, police have the victim's mother take him to ai dupont so he can
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be questioned about the incidents in a medical setting is. we're trying to learn when they happened. she plans to continue to use social media to bring awareness of bullying. new castle county at the police department, kenneth moton, phl17. >> you can escape dated with the 6abc news app and we posted the full video and will post the latest on this investigation. >> moving to another story of course moving to birds home-opener and the first half was not pretty. but the eagles were able to bounce back for a thrilling win today. >> they were down 17-0 at the half and then everything turned around for the birds. and jeff skversky joins us now live with all the highlights, jeff. >> how about that, >> nick foles, three turnovers in the first 20 minutes, all heck breaking loose and that's fine. it was so ugly at half time the eagles were getting booed off the field and chip kelly said he was booing. he did not throw chairs during
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the half time speech he calmed them down after getting down 17-0 in the opener. making the fans sweat it out against jacksonville today in the first game of the season down 17-0 to start the third, how about the come back here. darren sproles on fourth and 1. 489 yard touchdown longest of his career. eagles on the board and within 10. zach ertz, 25 yard score. eagles within three. they may take the lead in the fourth, foles wide open jeremy maclin. 68-yard score. maclin missed all of last year with a torn acl and tears up the jaguars defense. eagles score 34 unanswered points to win 34-17 who is booing now. >> there was not a huge change from a play call standpoint in terms of what we did in the second half to first half. we were not throwing jabs at half time it was settle down. and they does exactly what we
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practiced. >> you don't get frustrated and you know there's a lot of time and football and there's four quarters and we have to keep playing you can't give up in the beginning you have to play all four quarters. >> how about that for drama for week one. it's only the first game of the season. a lot of football to play. monday night next for the eagles in indianapolis. much more coming up. > fans sleep well tonight. >> thank you, jeff. return of eagles football may as well be a holiday for fans for sock up on hoagies and tomato pie to tailgating at the linc. >> we all celebrated the same thing opening day win. "action news" reporter annie mccormick spoke with fans right there in south philadelphia. >> reporter: this is the sound of the beginning of an eagles season starting with a sglin eagles are the best and we started out slow today and came back and showed them what we're made of. >> eagles making amazing come back in the second half beating jaguars 34-17 by first half
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things were not looking good for boys in green trailing by 17. >> everybody was leaving the game thinking we were down and out and you never quit on my eagles. >> in the beginning didn't seem to go our way. foles seems to be off. seemed like you know we were just a little lax early and not really focuseds. thank god we turned it around. >> then they came back in a turn around only done once before. some fans giving players credit and going into the game fan momentum started early as 6 a.m. as rvs, grills and games lined the parking lot. >> we're more complete than we've been we have chip kelly and explosive offense and defense will get better can i see us going all the way. >> there were rowdy fans. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! area family friendly ones too. >> we have wings, shrimp
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cocktail and fill a minon with baked potatoes. >> fans are not skimping on the enthusiasm especially now that it was sweetened with a win. >> we're winners, we're going to be born again winners. the best things of life is we're trying to go to the super bowl. >> next time two sundays for now when the eagles take on the redskins at home next week they're away playing the colts in indianapolis. at the linc, annie mccormick, for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> the weather was perfect at lincoln financial field for the season opener. >> meteorologist melissa magee joins us with a first look at the weather forecast. >> walt ter was perfect this afternoon and perfect tonight. really nice conditions in the wake of a cold front that pushed through much of the delaware and levels and you look at the temperatures across the mid-atlantic region, philadelphia, 71 degreessh all away down to charleston and closer to home when you look at the dew points that's a level of
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how much moisture is in the atmosphere. any time you have dew points 60 or below it's pleasant and comfortable. philadelphia coming in at 6. throughout much of the day dew point numbers were in the upper 50s. a nice air mass overhead. changes back to work and back to school on monday. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you high pressure over new england and we're tapping in and we'll eventually into early wind. you notice there's a lot of moisture with the area of low pressure developing across coastal sections of the ouj east. some moisture works its way east ward back to work on monday and for that matter into tuesday. we'll time out the details for you with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> we'll check in in a bit. stay on track of water with the -- weather with a stromtracker app. you'll find weather and severe weather alerts posted for your neighborhood. >> we have breaking news out of deptford, new jersey investigators are on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run on mantua pike.
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sources tell "action news" one person was killed in the crash tonight 8:00 and gloucester county prosecutor's office is handling the case as we get more information we'll pass it along. >> investigators have made an arrest lichinged to the shooting in west philadelphia that level a local father paralyzed. allen stokes is charged with attempted murder. he is the man that shot 49-year-old edward lynn six times at a grocery store back on august 29. the suspectss with apparently upset that the victim bumped into his by accident. lynn remains in critical conditionch the search continues for two other men linked to this case. >> joan rivers got the star-studded, sendoff she said she always wanted the iconic comedian funeral took place today in new york city. she had brin written that she hoped her funeral would be a huge show business affair and it was. there were many stars on happened and the funeral was filled with laughter and music and howard stern delivered eulogy and broadway hits and bag
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pipeers played new york, new york, on fifth avenue and mourners filed out. >> we laughed and there are words not frequently used in the tem pull but the rabbi seemed okay with it and we're sure it's the way joan would have wanted it. >> rivers cause of death is still be investigated. she died thursday a week after going into card yaing yack arrest during a routine procede you're at a doctor's office. >> president obama is preparing to make his case for launching offensive for isis in the middle east. the president will address the isis terrorists. he's suppressing mission will not include ground troops. u.s. already launched more than 130 air strikes against isis and iraq against early august. and still ahead tonight on "action news" an officer overcome with emotion.
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the heart-felt gesture honoring men and fwhem blue inside a church in philadelphia. >> also cole hamels and phillies try for a series sweep in d.c.. >> also cole hamels and phillies try for a series sweep in d.c.. yes jeff skversky has that and huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts...
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>> some philadelphia police officers were brought together tears after they received a thank you from the very people they worked to protect. dozens packed the church to praise the work of philadelphia's finest and prayed
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for their safety in the line ever duty. >> this is outstanding. a lot of people we see people in their worse. being here today seeing people at their best getting thank yous and we appreciate you means so much to the officers out here each and every day. >> after it end the officers posed for pictures and let the children check out their equipment and then moved outdoors for an afternoon block party. change of command at the delaware national guard today ♪ big deer general james baiingly became new assistant general he take over from bringing deer scott chambers that is retiring. >> meteorologist melissa magee, hi. >> hi, walter, sarah. we had a nice start to the weekend after a stormy start saturday. back to work and back to school monday and tuesday and tracking unsetsled weather depending
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where you live. we'll pop out the weather window and definitely a change today in comparison to yesterday. yesterday in the city we had high of 39. today in philadelphia we max out at just 83 degrees. outside tonight, cooling down comfortably in quakertown 60. 65 pottstown. 70 center city and oxford coming in at 6. down across new jersey and delaware temperatures in cinnaminson, glassboro, ewing, dover in the upper 60s as well. here's satellite 6 along with action radar you can see it's quiet now across the region. high pressure over new england. throughout much of the day tapping into northerly whipped and help to suppress all the moisture well around the region. i'll widen out the picture and what we're tracking is the cold front that moved across the region last night pushed offshore. it actually sagged south. now you folk us tension on moisture right now down across areas in the southeast. we're tracking area of low pressure developing off the
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coast of the carolinas, the of low pressure stay as way from the region. we start to tap into a northeasterly wind adds we get to monday night and more spvkly tuesday. we'll time things out for you future tracker 6 showing 6:00 in the morning no issues for the commute as far as precipitation goes and clouds fall in quickly across much of philadelphia and 95 corridor and areas south and east and as we go throughout the afternoon hours, monday, 00, you notice clouds dominate the sky more than sunshine. as we get into tuesday, we're tracking a bit of easterly flow. so you can see along that 95 corridor from philadelphia south and east we have a little wet weather to contend with. not because that area of low pressure pushes north ward but we're tapping into easterly wind that is coming in off the atlantic. we'll time things out for you and outline what you can expect early this week monday and into tuesday for northwest suburbs it's mostly cloudy. pockets of sunshine. dry.
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i-95 corridor and areas south and east tomorrow, more so into tuesday, it's mostly cloudy and light rain and drizzle is likely especially south and east of philadelphia down across south jersey and delaware and it will be quite breezy at the coast as well. you walk out the door, bus stop forecast covered for you tomorrow. fillederd sunshine, low humidity, 65 at 6 a.m. and 67 at 8:00 in the morning and here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast as we get into the day monday that high temperature coming in at 77 degrees and increasing clouds on tuesday a high of 74. light rain mainly south and east. on wednesday, we'll warm up into 80s. unsettled thursday and the wake of this front coming in late week will cool down as we get to next weekend. temperatures in the 7 0s. walter, back your way. >> thank you, melissa. the school year starts with styles tomorrow with lucky kids in north philadelphia. they were given free hair cuts and back packs filled with supplies on the 3500 block of north 7th this afternoon and
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and the eagles come back what do you think happened in the locker room. >> i think they thought kickoff was 2 not 1. >> how crazy was the eagles come back today. how about this? eagles first team in nfl history to come back from 17-0 at the half and win by 17 points or more. what a day at the linc. not sure what nick foles is looking at today against jacksonville. bad as he looks kelly did not think about taking him out. he turns it over three times in 20 minutes including back-to-back fumbles to lead the game. chad henrey undrafted rookie allen herdz second touchdown kelly needs a drink. eagles down 17-0 in the half. biggest def sit in home-opener 31 years. eagles fans booing them off the field. fourth and one, they come out
10:22 pm
flying, sproles, 39 yard touchdown run. next drive, foles, zach ertz, what a catch. 25-yard score. foles looks like a different person. eagles within 3. how about kicky -- kicky -- cody parkey the undrafted rookie haiking his debut 51 yarder parkey with power. tied at 17 and runaway within the fourth. foles away wide open jeremy maclin 6 yard score. welcome back mack. eagles score 34 unanswered points to win 34-17. jamie apody has more. >> a tale of two halves for the eagles this is the story of chaos and character. >> as the guys walked into the locker room their faces different than they were after disastrous first half that saw them booed off the field. >> i was frustrated they were frustrated and a few fans too. go figure they had every right. i was booing myself, so, i mean. >> you hear the boos in the
10:23 pm
first half, here we go. really not trying to go around philly and lose this game. >> and after scoring 34 unappsed points this is a lot about their team. >> the thing about this team they down 20, 30, whatever we score so fast it doesn't matter. so it was never a doubt in our mind we were back in the game because that's how we play. >> we obviously like to start faster and nobody quit for one second doubted we wouldn't win this game. >> they won one game in 1960 when trailing 17 points in the half. make it two. "action news" at phl17. >> when they get back to work they could be without two offensive linemen in indianapolis. evan mathis will have mri on knee and eagles for now don't believe it's season ending injury and alan bashry will have mri for injured ankle. desean jackson making debut for
10:24 pm
washington today and not a jackpot performance against houston. 8 catches, 6 yards. no touchdowns and no walk open reverse evenlyer. skins lose, 17-6. they have lost nine straight regular season games. >> cole hamlees toughest game in a long time. yeah, they're that good. even phillies star believes jason werth and thats are good enough to win the world series. comb hamels on the mound for the first time since starting a combined no hitter. adam la rosh deep to right. thats tie it at one. hamels facing la roach again. deja vue, again, eagles, they win, phillies they do not. lose 3-2. hamels first loss in more than a month. they have not won a road sunday game. >> every time i see jason game. >> every time i see jason weren't in another uniform
10:25 pm
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>> time for a typeal check of the accuweather forecast. >> clouds move in quickly across the region, 8:00 in the morning, 57, filled anderson, mostly cloudy, he a.m., 74. 76 at:00 in the afternoon and 74, 2:00 in the early evening. meteorologist david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc, guys, thank you melissa. tune into "action news" tomorrow morning to help get the kids out the door on time for the first day of school for those public
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school students in philadelphia. the morning team is on starting at 4:30 a.m. with weather and traffic information you need to know and follow them open twitter for back to school tips and post your individual yodz, photos using the hash tag 6abc bts or back to school. >> that will do it for "action news" at 10 an phl17, "30 rock" is next. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez i'm >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great
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