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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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tuesday night, there are now charges against a middle schoolteacher accused of having sex with a 15 year-old former student. and philadelphia's public schools will one signature away from getting millions of dollars, they so desperately need. the money is coming from smokers. but the big story on "action news" tonight is a step toward justice in the murder of a delaware valley charter school student. nineteen year-old day yan person has turned himself into philadelphia police. homicide detective believe he is the man fired a hail of bullets in broad daylight, yesterday, stealing a 15 year-old girl's life.
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shirleen, it has been a difficult far for students at delaware valley charter school today. they mourned 15 year-old iish a ramon, gathering at her locker in tear filled embraces. she's described by her school and as her friend as bright, cheerful and energetic young lady and one that will be sorely missed. homicide detective a 19 year-old day yan person fired several shot near einstein hospital during what amount todd a petty kids fight, and mostly involving student at delaware valley charter. when the shooting ended two people were shot. stray bullet hit a 19 year-old man. he lived. a single stray bullet the hit rahman in the back and she did not. >> i love her. when you think bit, it is why her. she didn't have anything to to with it. >> that 19 year-old survivor was in critical condition, at last check. and as for -- police spokesperson says he now faces
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a murder charge, in that young student's death, shirleen. >> all right, brian. three people are now charged in the attack of a gay couple, in center city. bucks county natives are expect to turn themselves into central detectives tomorrow, and that is where "action news" reporter kenneth moton is gathering details, tonight. kenneth? >> reporter: shirleen, the the list of charges is long, from criminal conspiracy to aggravated assault. in the next 24 hours, police say they expect for those two men and one woman to be in custody. their allege actions at 16th and chancellor streets in center city spark outrage across social media. now the philadelphia district attorney has name 24 year old philip williams, 26 year-old kevin harrigan and 24 year old catherine knott all of bucks county with the violent beating of a gay couple. >> three people lives where to change drastically and the victims are asking that everybody just keep their language respectful and in the
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hateful. >> reporter: victim's friend karen says before the charges the victims spent more time with central detective and prosecutors. >> it is very emotionally taxing on them. they are so still reliving it all. it is tough. >> reporter: men maintain they were attacked on that night of september 11th because of their sexual orientation. >> what we were able to determine there was some type of bumping into each and then things moved forward. >> reporter: because of the group of suspects who were out on the town the investigation took time. once the d.a. approved charges arrangements were made for the the suspects to turn themselves in. >> why not arrest them immediately. >> it is a situation where attorneys made communication to bring their clients n courtesy in terms of the central detective reached out to the attorneys making it an easy process to come in as opposed to using additional resources reports report "action news" has confirmed that catherine not the not is daughter of bucks county 30 he lease chief karl knott. at their home no one answered. but when we asked several neighbors about the charges
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against knott, off camera, they would only say, that they are not surprised. >> and, d.a. seth williams said tonight that vicious attack shocked the country, and the assault on people because of their sexual orientation has in place in philadelphia. reporting live from central detectives in spring garden tonight kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17, shirleen. >> kenneth, thank you for that update. in the wake of this attack, lawmakers in harrisburg today called for an expansion of pennsylvania's hate crime statute. state senator larry farnase joined with his openly gay collogues state representative brian simms, and others, urging the the immediate adoption of the law that would include protections for lgbt citizens. simms says that what happened to that center city couple under scores the need to strengthen existing laws. >> lesbian, gay, by sexual and transgender, get used to it, there is a million of news this state and we deserve same rights and protections as
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everybody else. >> during today's news conference senator jim furlow of pittsburgh formally came out as gay. a garnett valley middle schoolteacher was arrested accused of having sex with a former student. william barber had an inappropriate relationship with that 15 year-old victim, dull minute nateing in an assault at the school september 12th. barber is a physical ed teacher and football and basketball coach. his family was featured on "action news" last week for their effort to raise money for pediatric cancer research. barber's four year-old daughter has brain cancer. philadelphia's struggling public schools are getting the money that they wanted and needed, it is coming from smokers in the form of a new cigarette tax. "action news" reporter sharrie williams talk to the superintendent about what this means, but sharrie, you also talk to some unhappy smokers, as well. >> reporter: and shirleen there are some varying opinions and emotions with
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this. yes, school district is exited to necessity it will get funding that it wants and needs but smokers aren't excited and neither are some of the business owners. for example, any of the business own hours sell cigarettes who are on the bordering towns so to speak of philadelphia, for instance here on one side of the street along city line avenue is philadelphia, on the other side, of course, it is not, they are concerned that they are customers will go across the street buy their cigarettes elsewhere. >> they are soon to be even more sticker shock if you buy these in the city of philadelphia. the state senate joined the house in passing a $2 per pack tax, on cigarettes, sold in philadelphia. >> thinking it is a lot of money, $2, it goes a long way. >> reporter: money generated will will go toward cash strapped philadelphia school district, which has been lobbying for more fund for months. >> we're thrilled and relieved this has finally come to fruition. >> reporter: superintendent doctor william hite started
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this school year with a 81 million-dollar deficit. district balanced budget on the hope of this bill passing. >> we wanted assurances and today it has paid off, and, in fact, i'm glad we did not have to reduce staff and eliminate programs. >> reporter: current pennsylvania tax for a pack of cigarettes is $1.60. the new tax for philadelphia adds $2 to that plus 8 percent sales tax, which is already higher then most of the state. >> not only do we pay tax but a lot of things they could cut. >> reporter: he wants the schools to succeed but as a smoker and taxpayer he wishes there was another way. >> really just taxing another thing. tax beverages. y'all taxing everything. just another way to just, you know, i guess keep your hand in your pocket. >> reporter: it is about to be reality very soon.
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governor corbett said all along he would sign this bill, into law, if it passed and if that signing is expect tomorrow morning. live from philadelphia, sharrie williams, "action news" at ten on phl17. all right, thanks sharrie. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, tomorrow the clouds are coming in, and they are bringing lots of rain with them. meteorologist adam joseph has word from accu weather at the big game. >> shirleen we are watching a few clouds creeping up from the south but generally it is a clear sky out there tonight and tomorrow morning for the rush hour still some filtered sunshine, and sunglasses but those clouds will thicken up tomorrow afternoon and our coastal storm is very weak right now just off the coast of georgia, and the state of florida. as you can see on the radar it is not very intense. it will remain a very weak coastal storm as it lifts to the north but it will bring a good soaking rain and a rain that we really need after a dry spell. future tracker at
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10:00 tomorrow morning rain is still down over virginias and carolinas. still see some sunshine around here but then as we get in the locality are part of the evening hours and offer night wednesday at 10:00 p.m. it is when the showers start to arrive and even some pockets of heavier rain waiting from washington down to richmond. as we look at your time line with this event wednesday night into thursday, rain arrives from the south to the north between 6:00 and 10:00, so even after the evening rush hour for most. the heavier rain is overnight while we are sleeping. it will be a wet thursday morning rush hour that will slow the commute and in general we are looking at one to 2 inches of rain and pockets of 3 inches. it looks like a lot of rain but we need it and overall we can handle it with our waterways. when we come back we will talk about when the rain exit and summer making a return already, brian. we will have those numbers in the seven day. >> one day of fall, thanks, adam. schools reopened in the pocono mountain school district. students there missed four
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days of classes as police continue their manhunt for eric frein. the 31 year-old is accused of ambushing and killing a state trooper at blooming grove barracks on september 12th. there is still $175,000 reward for information, leading to frein's capture. u.s. and arab allies carried out hundreds of air strikes overnight in syria taking outer wrist target, some of them believed to be plot ago begins the united states. military solved the star up of the international campaign center on the isis strong holds: target includes isis headquarters, depots and financial centers. the the u.s. simultaneously hit an al qaeda cell near city of alepo. >> last night we took strikes against plotting by season al qaeda operativeness syria known as the the corzine group. >> pentagon officials say they have been closely watching, the the group and believed the
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group was nearing the execution phase of the large scale attacks against western target. police in newark are looking for one suspect as they investigate two arson attempts, both of which started inside victim's apartments. in the first case the shirtless suspect entered an apartment on the 100 block of victoria tour and set mail on fire on the stove. the resident managed to put out the flames, the same shirtless suspect, did the same thing at a neighboring apartment minutes later using a roll of paper towels on the stove. there were no injuries, in either case. still to come on this full hour of "action news" at ten tonight an eagles star has an apology for his teammates. also tough times in atlantic city are about to get even tougher, there is word that hundreds more jobs are on the line and they are not at any casinos. and who could ever forget philadelphia favorite little leaguer mo'ne davis, baseball hall of fame is making sure no one does.
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wedding crashers in ocean county and not the fun kind police are looking for trio of unwanted guests tonight. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax.
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as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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sky six is looking live at
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the atlantic city boardwalk casinos. they have been shrinking in number but today, the city's mayor announced the latest economic hit is taking a slice out of the municipal government. "action news" reporter dann cuellar explains why this means more job losses. >> reporter: even before the shut down of the four atlantic city casinos and prospect of losing another the taj mahal in november atlantic city was already in dire straits losing billions from the down turn in the casino business so mayor don guardian says it is no surprise that the city will to have cut 300 jobs. at first they thought it could be done in the year 2017 but now. >> i need to ramp that up. we need to do it by june of next year. >> today city sent a letter to all city workers telling them that the city will file a layoff plan with the state october 1st. state then has 30 days to approve. mayor says they are looking at everything. >> are we providing services that the county of atlantic or state of new jersey already
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provided? the answer is yes. i think that is whole department that is we will be cutting out. >> reporter: like what? >> i don't think i'm comfortable discuss ago this right now. >> reporter: mayor ace begins eliminating the atlantic city police department in favor of the county run department but he says changes are coming there too. >> we're determining now in the next few weeks, again, by the end of september, how many positions we will have in our police department, what the salary is going to be. >> reporter: mayor believes that half of the jobs could be eliminated through attrition. he vows city services will not suffer. >> even with the jobs that we have lost so far this year we're picking up trash the way we have always pick up trash, we are cleaning our streets five times a week where we used to clean them just once every two weeks. >> reporter: with more layoffs on the horizon for this city, about the only glimmer of hope is that the recently closed revel, mega resort and casino could have a new owner as early as tomorrow, bringing with that, the prospect of regaining some of the jobs
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that were recently lost. in atlantic city, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. still surreal to see that revel resort dark on a nate like this. accu weather forecast watching that unsettled skies moving in. >> meteorologist adam joseph is tracking it all at the big board tonight. >> and before the clouds thicken up and rain moves in we had a breathtaking sunset on this first inning of fall. this particular picture sent into me by nancy on my facebook page from parkesburg p in the western part of the chester county. you can see those sir us cloud about 20,000 feet up and with the longer wave lengths of sunlight in the horizon, kind of bouncing off of the ice crystals the displays, beautiful red orange and yellow and i encourage you to not only follow us on social media but share mother nature's good and bad side and i'll share them with you. as we look at statistics today 72 in philadelphia. the high temperature 3 degrees below normal. this morning we started at 50
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which is the coolest number in over four months, for philadelphia, the record is 40 degrees, and 97, right now it is cooling off north and west, 55 in allentown. reading at 57 degrees. wilmington dropping down to 59, trenton beat ago this number by one at 58 ape in the city of philadelphia, warmer at 61 degrees. low pressure starting to take shape down to the south and this will track along the eastern seaboard and it will counter act high to the east and that means a strong wind coming from the east south east that will pile up water during times of high tides for wednesday night and thursday but the clouds will first arrive tomorrow morning at 8:00 with some sunshine especially north and west, cloud thicken up in the afternoon and evening and by about 6:30 we will start to see some showers breaking up in southern delaware and southern new jersey but for the morning rush it is dry with temperatures in the 50's. so seasonably cool with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. as we go region by region throughout the afternoon
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tomorrow again sunshine for better part of the day, cloud in the afternoon and breeze which lower 70's for highs for pottstown, allentown to reading along i-95 right around 72, 73 degrees. the west chester, glassboro and salem as sun fade and clouds increase and at the shore a lot of clouds and you'll feel that easterly wind 15 to 20 miles an hour, with tides between 07 and surf city to 17 in sea isle city. we will take a closer look at future tracker and show you when heavier rain comes through tomorrow night into thursday and again that summer weather, coming back by the weekend. >> making a come back, thank you. a team may not of won little league world series but mo'ne davis is bound for baseball hall of fame anyway. the pitching phenom says she will donate jersey she wore last month when she pitched that two hit shut out becoming first girl to win a game at the world series. she and her taney dragons teammates plan to visit cooperstown on thursday. they will also play a game at
10:20 pm
storied double day field. what an experience. >> absolutely. philadelphia eagle is apologizing tonight for his high profile complaint about practice. >> jeff skversky is in for ducis rodgers tonight in the "action news" sports center and jeff, cary williams is doing some backtracking. >> a little bit, yeah. before eagles start focusing on the 49ers today corner cary williams stood up in front of the entire team and said sorry. jamie apody has more on that. >> obviously think it isn't necessarily the best policy all the time. >> reporter: most candid player said he learn lessons mainly to keep his opinions close to the vest. cary williams stood up and apologized for his comments about chip kelly's practices, players too drain to perform well during the game. >> i made that mistake by bringing media into it. i have to do better, especially when i accept that leadership role. i'm one of the oldest guys in the locker room.
10:21 pm
i should know better. >> reporter: you felt the need to apologize, some guys agree with you. >> yeah, but i felt like i needed to apologize just because as a role model, and for the young guys, for those guys to understand you cannot necessarily say everything that is on your mine. >> reporter: as for his relationship with his coach. >> chip and i had a great conversation, a conversation where he listened and while i talked and he talk and i listen as well. it is just something that was much needed, and for both people, and better understanding. >> reporter: just a coincidence but eagles had within of the shortest practices in recent memory, then again they are banged up and they have a long trip to take this week. at the novacare complex jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. the the latest on all offensive line changes coming up in the next half an hour, plus, what the nfl is saying
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fire destroyed a memorial dedicated to michael brown,
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the teen killed by a police oz inner ferguson, missouri but as you can see mourners have rebuilt it. memorial is just feet from where brown was shot to death last month. police believe that candles at the memorial sparked the fire, although some in the community, say, they're in the so sure. on health check at ten tonight centers for disease control laid out startling best and worst case scenarios for the ebola out break. agency predicts number of patients could explode to 1.4 million by january, if no significant axis taken it also says out break could be endedded by that same time, through aggressive isolation, and reducing the spread of that virus during
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we are working on several new stories you'll see next at 10:30 a couple guys crash a wedding and leave behind their pictures and police need your help tracking them down. charges have been filed begins a driver of the the tour bus that flipped, what investigators say led up to sunday's deadly crash. and some good news for your wallet tonight why paying at the pump won't be so painful over the next few weeks. [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts...
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right here. with a control pad that can read your handwriting, a wide-screen multimedia center, and a head-up display for enhanced driver focus. all inside a newly redesigned cabin of unrivaled style and comfort. ♪ the all-new c-class. at the very touch point of performance and innovation.
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♪ >>announcer:"action news" at00 30 o30 phl17"action news" at10:. >> here are the stories we are covering at phl17 at 10:00. >> they are expected to turn themselves in tomorrow. the victims tell the police that a large group hurled gay slurs and beat them. among the charges aggravated assault and simple assault. a man shooting a 15-year-old girl turned himself in.
10:31 pm
two groups were feuding. that is where ashida amen was shot. william barber cultivated a relationship with the girl over summer. he was accused of having sex with the teen. barber was placed on administrative leave. >> the driver of a tour bus that crashed killing two women in delaware has been charged. zinli zhao of flushing, new york is facing two charges of operating a vehicle causing the death of another person. they say that zhao was driving at the high rate of speed. the preliminary investigation
10:32 pm
determined that drugs and alcohol was not considered an attributing factor. a 42-year-old man that was shot on north broad street today has died. chopper~6 hd flew over the scene. at 4:00 someone opened fire hitting the victim in the chest. he was dropped off at temple hospital where he died. they have not made any arrests. two more members of iron workers local 401 entered guilty pleas. they appeared before a judge today. it was raided in northeast philadelphia. the union's top leaders are accused of using extortion, violence and other mean was intimidation to force non-union contractors to hire union labor. sullivan pleaded guilty to conspiracy damaging property by
10:33 pm
means of fire. they will be sentenced in january. surveillance footage offers a clue in the case of vandalism that damaged 60 cars in mill creek, dealership. they captured someone walking around the sheridan ford. the new and used models were sprayed with acid totaling $100,000 in damage. the sheridan family is offering $5,000 for a tip leading to an arrest. there was a stir at an ocean township wedding. three men were caught drinking and eating and having their pictures taken at the wedding on saturday. the investigators say that one man threw a female to the ground. if you recognize the trio call the police.
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nicole miller was given a visionary woman award at the college arts and design. it raises funds for a scholarship at the all-female arts college. miller and fellow honorees gave a message to the crowd. gidget the dog is at the airport. gidget made it to huntington valley to hillsborough, oregon. she responded to a animal shelter. it was discovered that she had a microchip. pet link flipped the bill for gidget's flight home. i wish that gidget could talk. we would know. i had a go-pro camera.
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we could see her journey. it's a nice fall night. it is. we are having heavy rain push in mid-week. all is quiet this evening. the stars are shining. the temperatures are on the cooler side. not as cool as last night. 50 in quakertown. and 52 tannersville at 56. to the south and east vineland down to 50. ewing 56. and a little warmer along the shore. the ocean of 70 influencing the air temperature that is 10 degrees warmer than 5 miles inland. there are the stars that are shine can bright. the clouds increasing to the south. as the clouds are pushing to the north they are encountering dry air. the clouds are falling apart at this point.
10:36 pm
they will win the battle. as the clouds thicken, winds come into the evening at 73 degrees. it counteracts with the low sending wind out the easterly direction. thursday is wet and windy. the low is not tropical in nature. it brings a soaking of one to two inches of rain around the region. region by region in allentown. afternoon clouds. breezy as well with a temperature of 71. at the shore you notice the easterly wind 15 to 25 miles-an-hour. at 71 it's choppy. rain starts to arrive by 7:00 in other areas it overtakes the whole region after midnight with pockets of the heavy rain and yellows and oranges lift across much of the area on thursday. the heaviest rain pulls out. with lingering showers and pockets of downpours.
10:37 pm
the exclusive seven-day forecast. deep for most areas. thursday is windy especially at the shore. we see waves between 7 and 10 feet. wednesday night a minor side of flooding. 66. the clouds will be kicked out by the sun on friday. looking good. 74. the 80s are back. saturday, sunday and monday with a decent amount of sunshine and another cold front comes through on mun. cooler by tuesday. maybe a leftover shower at 72 degrees. the seas are rough here. we all get wet. it makes way for better temperatures. talking about a ghoulish ghh
10:38 pm
guord. her response to the hazing allegations. charges were filed in the disappearance of hannah graham. the latest on the search for the missing u.v.a. student tonight.
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convicted leader chelsea manning is suing the department of defense. bradley manning wants hormone therapy and other treatment to transition to a woman. she is serving 35 years at fort leven worth in kansas. she worked as an intelligent analyst. a man is charged in the disappearance of hannah group. there is an arrest warrant for jesse matthew. he was the last person with the 18-year-old before she disappeared september 13th. matthew was last seen on saturday when he stopped by the police station to ask for a lawyer. he sped away from that meeting losing officers that had him under surveillance. miss america is defending herself about being kicked out
10:42 pm
of had are sorority for hazing. w>ñ psy. under supervision, were called names. here is what she said happened. >> under the concept much hazing, yes, i was involved. cite information. things that really were men yall tasks. the joke was taken out of context. up next, looking to score some full travel deals. they are out there. after the break, we'll tell you how to find them. you may have noticed cheaper
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well perhaps i noticed filling up your gas tank is costing less these days. it's a trend that is continuing. they are paying 3.43 a gallon. and the cheapest is $3.16. this is welcome news to drivers say vernon odom. >> i got here it was $3.19. i wanted to do the happy dance. >>reporter:happy1g dancing at e phillies station. the lowest price of year and lots of good cheer. >> i am happy about it. i am on the road a lot. i am retired. it benefits me greatly. >> i put a lot in gas. i come here all the time. i am happy. $3.29. happy.
10:47 pm
>>reporter:why all the happiness and good news. gas prices arebyd dropping fast. they will be lower by halloween. the end was the driving season is over. the big oil is switching over to the production of winter fuel. >> the summer blend is less polluting in the warm weather. for the fall there is a cheaper blend of gasoline and that is called the winter blend. that brings the prices down. >> it takes place every autumn. this feels good to folks from all walks of life. >> gas/],i prices mean more spendable money. disposable income. >>reporter:it is going lower between now and halloween. >> it makes me a happier customer. my birthday is a week before halloween. halloween. >> the supply has stayed high and the demand is low.
10:48 pm
plus the switchover to gasoline it's a recipe to safe money at pump. >>reporter:gas prices coul coulp 10 to 20¢. i am vernon odom on phl17. fall has arrived. this is at time of year to look for the cheap getaways. fall is a by season for travel and conventions. chicago and new york may not be places to find deals. think contrary to the calendar. look for places that emptied out or have not ramped up just yet. >> a big part of that is the beach destinations. east coast and west coast destinations and the ski resort towns.e-ri so with all the places are in between the seasons.
10:49 pm
you are going to find the best deals. >> if you are booking plane tickets orbitz says you can get close not too close to the holiday travel rush. they want to fill rooms in the off-season and look for packages with extras like free breakfasts and seasonal activities. more and the apology around the locker room. and jeff skversky is live with that. hi, jeff. it's not always sunny in the philadelphia with the eagles 3 and 0. and carry williams is credit of the practices. before they practice today he is sorry for the team airing his grievances. he lets his emotions getting the best of him. kerry is contrite in his conversation with chip. >> i talk he listens. youzç$ know he talked and i listened as well. it was something that i was as
10:50 pm
much needed for both people for a better understanding. i made that mistake by bringing the media into it. i have to do better. especially when i accept the leadership role. i want to know the guys in the locker room. i should know better. >> chris baker will suspended. they reviewed it and baker's hit was a legal hit. jason peterssf9[ñ that went aftr baker fine him all you want. >> he got a cheap shot at my quarterback. i am a protector. >> david mulk cannot wait for
10:51 pm
his shot. >> this is why i am here. this is why i played in college. this is why i worked in my entire life. this is my opportunity. >> the phillies opportunity passed months ago. they get jonathan papelbon back. he is still the phil's closer. fourth inning cole hamels allows two runs in seven innings of work. he provides 0 run support. the timing on base. darin ruf strikes out. they lost 7 of 9. don't tell the flyers it's a game that doesn't count. the flyers may be in a foreign country. jamesvan riemsdyk top shelf on
10:52 pm
mason. the flyers lose 4-0. and davis the little league series is going into the hall of fame. they are going to cooperstown for a tour and to play a game against the mo monarchs. what an exciting day that will be. >> thank you, jeff. halloween is around the corner. one farmer found a way to grow ghoulish gourds. they are california grown pumpkins that look like frankenstein. he grows the fruit in a mold. it has taken years of trial and error and thousands to perfect it. error and thousands to perfect it. people have been paying 75
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some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas .
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smoke from a california wildfire is affecting more than the golden state. it drifted over nevada, utah and arizona. michigan also have been affected
10:56 pm
by the enormous fire. the double scan radar we picked up forest fires. it's cool what radar can do. it can look at smoke and rain. plenty of rain to see tomorrow. yes. as we take a look at morning, it's dry. in the morning, especially for the bus stop a light jacket. going up to 58 degrees. as we go through the afternoon a good chunk of the day has filtered show. 74 at 1:00. 4:00, 73. the clouds thicken up. the first drops don't arrive until afterso. it turns heavy. thank you, adam. a speedy delivery a los angeles woman gave birth in her suv over the weekend. her little girl was 11 pounds
10:57 pm
6 ounces. the dad helped with the birth. the paramedics arrived in time to cut the cord. she couldn't wait. >> for shirleen allicot and jeff skversky, i am brian taff. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed.
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i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you. and sneaking in without lifemoving the bed.sounds.
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