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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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sunday night, i'm walter perez, sarah is off. man from atlantic city is accused of murdering his own mother two days after being released from prison. students on penn state's main campus are on high leather tonight latest to be targeted in a possible threat by way of social media. but the the big story on "action news" tonight is still developing, cdc has confirmed the first case of ebola transmitted here in the u.s. crews and hazmat crews disinfected patient's apartment in dallas tonight. she is a nurse who treated thomas duncan, man died from the virus this week. it it is raising concerns about whether u.s. hospitals are really prepared to deal
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with this out break. kenneth moton is live with more on the situation, kenneth. >> reporter: walter, busy night in dallas as health officials worked to contain this virus. investigating how that nurse who is supposed to take gear while she was caring for that ebola patient still managed to get the virus. e bowl scares in one of the largest cities in this country. dallas is taking all precautions after a nurse at texas health the presbyterian hospital contracted the deadly virus. her neighbors put on notice by the health department. >> definitely scary, being in dallas, but when it is scary. >> reporter: twenty something year-old nurse was treating thomas eric dunn an who died last week. hospital said she was wearing full protective gear, face mask, two layers of gloves, shoe covers, and leg covers. while in quarantine. cdc ace there was a clear breach of safety protocol and all those treated are considered exposed which led to this dire statement.
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>> unfortunately, it is possible, in the coming days that we will see, additional cases of ebola. this is because of the health care workers who cared for this individual, may have had a breach of the same nature. >> reporter: right now 48 people came in contact with duncan prequarantined, are in isolation. one person who had contact with the nurse, has also been isolated. tonight, in fact, health care workers apartment complex in dallas, cleaning crews were decontaminating her home. same hazmat team that took care of duncan's apartment. >> we won't do anything different. we think the last time we went out we were successful in cleaning it up. we will continue to dot same thing. >> reporter: here at home hospitals are staying on top of their protocols making their staffs are educated. earl they're month medical officials at thomas jefferson university hospital, showed our registered nurse and health reporter allie gorman the safeguards in place. president obama received a phone briefing, in the oval office, today, and meanwhile,
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texas health officials say nearly 50 people who had contact with duncan, and this nurse have not yet had any ebola i am is toms. reporting live from the satellite center tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17, walter. meantime the american journalist being treated for ebola is said to be steadily heading in the right direction. the journalist is hospitalized, in nebraska, where he is being treated with an experimental drug. doctors say he remains weak but they are pleased with his progress. the the three three-year old became infect while working as a freelance cameraman in liberia. campus police at penn state are trying to determine if the campus shooting threat posted on social media is credible. tomorrow officers will be stationed at the student enter there in happy valley known as the hub, the the space was mentioned in a space on yik yak posted at 10:30 last night. investigators are working to determine where that threat originated and hoist the person responsible. man from atlantic city just released from prison has
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been arrested for allegedly killing his mother. investigators believe 47 year-old steven bra pratt beat his mother to death. a nine # one call led to the the house to gwenn pratt's body. pratt is being held on one million-dollar cash bail. he was released from state prison on friday after serving 30 years for a murder in 1984. has announced yet another round of churches slated for possible mergers. e-mail sent out today announce that had four parishes are being reviewed. they include, six in montgomery county, three in delaware county, five in philadelphia, and also are being looked at, all of them in port richmond. membership numbers and economic stability of the parish are the key factors. final decisions will be announced sometime next year. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee after a very lovely day. >> really nice day today. sun made a come back for second half of the weekend. temperatures will be climbing,
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for our week ahead. >> that is good news. >> we will show you what is going on outside across the the delaware and lehigh valley. 4 degrees warmer in philadelphia then it was same time 24 hours ago. 56 degrees in the city. up in allentown lehigh valley 45. chilly 37 in the poconos along at the coast and sea isle city coming in at 6o here's satellite six with action radar, we've got a partly cloudy sky for philadelphia and areas north and east. looking to the south and west and a lot of clouds are starting to build in. that will continue to be the case, for the the rest of tonight, and during the overnight hours. but with the clouds, also comes some warmth, and check out some of the high temperatures across most of the eastern half of the u.s. n philadelphia a cool 64. below average. but in memphis a high of 77. atlanta had a high of 85. we will tap in the piece of that warmth for our workweek ahead. we will talk about what is ahead, clouds rolling in for rest of tonight. it will get warmer about you that warmth will come at a price. we are tracking unsettled pattern this week with the
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threat of showers and rain, we will outline all of the details with the full, exclusive a accu weather forecast, walter. four men from reading are behind bars accused of smuggling cocaine using video game equipment. nelson martinez, and wilson herrera and a fourth man were arrested yesterday. home land security investigators, tipped off police from a ship. to the dominican republic earlier this week. the drugs were allegedly being shipped inside x boxes to address necessary berks county. the one intercepted package contain more than 2 pounds of cocaine with a street value of hundred thousand dollars. there is a mystery in the schuylkill river tonight after police found an empty car floating in the water. vehicle was discovered along west river drive this morning. investigators say there was no one inside and in sign of the accident. nor has anyone reported a crash involving that vehicle. the it is unclear how long that car has been in the water. charges are pend ago begins the the driver who struck and killed a teenager from chester county in
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delaware. crash happened on will being town road and heritage park drive-in wilmington overnight. nineteen year-old steven, of avondale was walking with a friend when they were hit by a car. the other man survived but he died at the hospital. the the driver was arrested. investigators believe he was under the the the influence of alcohol. a three-year old killed by a bullet not intended for her has received a lasting tribute. as reporter john rawlins tells us a pair of artists are hoping music will help her memory live on and spread the message to stop the violence. >> reporter: pleasant fall evening in a grays ferry park 40 to 50 people gathered to do something to try to stop madness of gun violence. they did it with a song. titled, i can feel it. >> ♪ i can feel it >> reporter: fourteen year-old a manny bradford recorded it a few weeks ago and today she sang to a loop off the recording for a crew making a video. >> when they come back remember that ending line for
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me, right there. >> reporter: prompting this gathering the shooting death last august, of three-year old tynirah borum killed by a stray bullet having her hair braided. tameika borum's world turned upside down the the day she lost her only child. >> aim he just trying to get through day by day, by the grace of god, it is hard, really hard. >> reporter: gun violence a constant threat in some parts of the city, anton moore told those here sometimes people ignore hoist behind it. >> they try to paint the picture as if suspects fall from the sky. no, they are related to us. >> reporter: people he says need to look closer to home. >> i tell my brothers, i tell my cousins, i tell my niece, my nephew, my father, put down the guns. >> reporter: plan to put up finish video i can feel it is young singers, a song writer's niece, hopes the message about one, three-year old's senseless death, will get through to those who think
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reckless use of of the gun is a solution. >> to thank you for the action, that is what we're hoping to do. >> reporter: put down the guns. >> yes. >> reporter: stop it. >> yes. >> ♪ i can feel it >> reporter: john rawlins for "action news" at ten on phl17. coming up on "action news" at ten a halloween hey ride turns in the nightmare after a crash killed a teenager in new england. also two toddlers hospitalized after an attraction intended for backyard fun goes airborne again. police in new york city are looking for a man who crawled up from the city subway nerd to smoke bomb a restaurant, details coming up. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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a teenager was killed and 22 other people were injured, when a halloween hey ride crashed in maine. it happened last night, mechanic falls. investigators say at tracks wases going down a steep hill. everyone was inside tossed from the trailer and some hit nearby trees. the girl who died was a high school student who was out having fun with her friend. authorities in new york city are trying to find this vandal who climbed up out of the subway grates there and lobbed two smoke bombs inside a restaurant friday night. he disappeared right back where he came from. nobody was injured but raising big questions about security, inside the city's tightly guarded transit system. there has been no word on motive or arrestness this case. once again a bounce house went airborne injuring children, this time in new
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hampshire. the crash injured two toddlers at a farm in mantua. toy had been apparently inflate todd dry out and children crawled inside when a wind gust sent them flying. fire officials believe structure traveled 50 to 60 feet. when the bounce house hit the the ground the two and three-year old child inside were trapped. two-year old is in critical condition. other boy is expect to be okay. u.s. military is insisting that baghdad is safe from isis fighters despite a recent close call. militants came within 15 miles of baghdad's airport and they were poised to over run iraqi forces but they were stopped by u.s. attack helicopter during a recent battle will. meantime u.s. with coalition forces continue to drop bombs on extremist, in iraq and syria today. mission included nine overnight air strikes on is is target near the key syria border town of cabani. powerful cyclone slashed a large section of india's coastline and six people have been killed. half million people were
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forced to evacuate coastal areas ahead of the storm. cyclone caused major damage to build goes and craps. regions taking brunt of the storms are homes and more than 14 million people. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee after one beautiful day. >> really nice today, walter. good news as our workweek progresses here these temperatures will climb and rebound slightly above average but with that comes a threat for some showers. we will check out high temperature today in philadelphia, 4 degrees off the mark, average is 68, we came in at 64 degrees. that record is 88 setback in 1954. as you look at the numbers outside tonight in philadelphia, 56, 45 in allentown, lehigh valley. reading is 53a long the coast in sea isle city, 60 beach haven. here's is what going on satellite six with action radar shows us a partly cloudy sky for fill and areas north and east but to the south and west through areas in the ohio
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valley we are tracking a fair amount have of cloud cover overhead. we will widen out picture and what we are tracking is that frontal boundary that moved across our region yesterday where we're in philadelphia and pick up half inch of rainfall. that front has slipped to the south so this front tomorrow will actually lift to the north in the form of the warm front which means we have a threat of the spotty and pop up shower, not a major concern. off to the west is there another feature that we're tracking moving out of the four corners. this will work its way in the southern plain states mid week, and we have a better threat of finding steadier precipitation for middle half of our workweek. if you are heading out the door tomorrow we have you cover with the morning rush, mostly cloudy tracking a spot shower, with that warm front lifting to our north. 6:00 a.m. 56. so not as cool, tomorrow morning as it was this morning. 57 degrees is the number at 8:00 in the morning underneath mostly cloudy sky. we have you cover north and west of town, lots of clouds, seasonal day. sixty-five in reading. sixty-three in bangor.
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downingtown also 64. we will have 95 corridor philadelphia seasonal start, 68. 67 degrees in middletown. down the shore tomorrow atlantic city topping out with a high temperature of 69 degrees. coming up walter we will take a closer look at our workweek ahead, time out the threat of these showers and give you an update on the tropics heating up, all those details in the next half april hour. >> thanks, melissa. leaves are starting to fall so philadelphia park and recreation department is reminding everyone it is perfect time to add some green to your yard. today a whole bunch of people stopped by canel park in south fell a to pick up some sap links. it is part of the fall tree philadelphia. experts provided all of the resources and information for proper planting, to date, that program has distributed 10,000 trees, throughout the city, with the hope of filling out philadelphia's canopy cover. people of pennsauken, camden county embraced the season by starting a new tradition today.
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families flock to the recreational center on westfield avenue for first ever harvest festival. local restaurant brought their a games serving up hot meals and little ones looked forward to halloween stuffing scare close and painting pumpkins as well. let's check with jeff for our first look at sports after the break and who doesn't love a good burger or lobster or bacon for that matter. in london you can have it all, it is called a glam burger a and that is one expensive ♪
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two different u.s. airways flights bound for charlotte north carolina had to make emergency happened this is weekend. oxygen masks suddenly deployed on board a plane that left from new york yesterday stunning passengers. officials say pilots detect a pressure problem and descended more than 20,000 feet. passenger danny lipbird took out his cell phone and captured the scene. >> all of a sudden every single oxygen mask dropped down right in front of everybody and amazingly calm, you would think people with start acting up a little bit but everybody did what they always tell to you do when you get on a plane. >> forty-five minutes later another regional flight was forced to land this time because of the hydraulics issue. time for sports, lets go
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live to jeff skversky in the "action news" sports center. >> walter, eagles/giant, it is another one of those games, the guys have been talking all week long. yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it. every time they play, giants don't like philly. eagles don't like them back. talk is cheap and the eagles are backing it up tonight. take a look at this score, 20 to nothing, eagles, early in the their, nick foles thrown two touchdowns and two interceptions but talk of the night is the defense. even with five sacks on eli manning, the most on eli manning since 2006 when the eagles brought him down that many times. eagles up 20 to nothing and hopefully they can keep this up. they have to. the first place cowboys keep pace in the nfc east. they go into seattle against the defending super bowl champs and down three, under two to play, dimarco murray with the 15 yards score.
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dallas beats seattle 30-27. boys are five-one. tied for best record in the nfl. eagles need a win to stay tied for first place in the division. how about washington, they continue to lose tonight, in arizona. the skins, their quarterback kirk cows instant threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter and down a score, rashard johnson the pick six, skins go down yesterday again 30-20 the final. they are one -five, washington has lost 13 of their last 14 games, and we will have much more coming up in the next half an hour in sports, plus, more with the eagles. walter, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jeff. a familiar face made an early morning visit to the philadelphia sue for a great cause. "action news" reporter wendy saltsman served as mc for annual walk for wishes. this event raises money for make a wish fun days which grants wishes to children battling life threatening medical conditions. this year, this wonderful organization, helps them in an
10:23 pm
ailing child to disney world. adorable pets get in the action in blackwood, fudge this morning. this group set out from the camden county college for pledge of paw dog you walk to help animals find forever homes. hundreds hoped to make a big dent in this years $60,000 fun raising goal, in the camden cou
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owning in london has conducted what is being called the most expensive burger on the face of the earth. chef chris large, the creator
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of the glam burger kobe beef, topped with imported lobster, mapel bacon and black truffle bre from france. but wait there is more. don't forget vanis on from new zealand and caveiar from russia. the price and calorie could are beef i. >> the calories in something like this? >> 2,600 i think to be precise. >> yeah, right. >> expensive and incredibly healthy to make the burger truly glamorous, the bunnies topped off with a gold leaf. in the even this thing will cost a bit less than $1,800. i'll stick with the barbecue. coming up in the next half an hour oscar pistorius could learn his fate as he heads back to court for final phase of the reeva stein scam seven murder trial. a town in central new jersey, shaken by at rest of several high school football players, rally together to take a stand agains
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on.
10:28 pm
three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years? "action news" on 10:30 on phl17 continues with walter perez, czar bloomquist, meteorologist melissa magee and jeff skversky. if you are just joining us at 10:30 here are big stories we are covering in "action news" tonight, first case of ebola transmitted has been confirmed by cdc. now officials are trying to figure out how the nurse contracted that deadly virus and they know she treated thomas duncan a patient died in dallas this week. the the infection has raised
10:29 pm
concerns about whether protocoled were followed, we will have more on the diagnosis coming up in this half an hour. police will have an extra presence on penn state's main campus tomorrow, they are working to determine after a shooting threat posted on social media is credible. threat was made last night on yik yak and said school student center will be targeted. it is the in the clear who is behind that message. three children were found home alone after a small fire broke out, inside the house in northeast philadelphia a fire fighters responded to 5,000 block of f street at 6:00 o'clock this evening. they found a mattress on fire inside the home and were able to pick out the flames. three children found inside, were found not injured. they have been turned over to dhs while police figure out where parents are at the time of the fire. investigators in north jersey are trying to track down, three men after a baby was killed by a stray bullet. prosecutors in essex county say men opened fire as they walk down the street in irvington yesterday afternoon. one of those bullets passed
10:30 pm
through a wall and hit 15 month-old sinea cunningham who was actually shot bouncing on a bed right in front of both of her parents. we're told that the family had just moved in two days earlier. please call police if you have any information. a person was taken into custody after a 17 year-old was shot overnight in philadelphia's logan section. victim was a passenger inside a car on the 2,000 block of madairy avenue. he was taken to einstein in stable condition. we are told investigators followed trail of blood to the 6400 block of wood stock street where they found a man cleaning up blood stains. that person was taken in for questioning. no further information has been released at this time. five people were sent to the hospital after a car crashed into a tree in south jersey overnight. three of the people injured were eject on impact. this was the scene at 3:00 a.m. on commerce drive-in fairfield township cumberland county. investigators say driver lost control, drove through a bus stop and hit a tree. two victims were flown to
10:31 pm
coupe inner critical condition. state police are still investigating that case. investigators in the poconos are capitalizing on the changing weather in the tingman hunt for eric frein. the suspected cop killer has been hiding than dense tree cover for more than a month now but falling leaves could give police better visibility by way of helicopter. thirty-one year-old is believed to be within a 5-mile radius of his parent's home. he is accused of shooting two state troopers, one of whom was killed. american health officials are concerned with what happened, the first case of ebola a transmitted from person to person in the u.s. has now been confirmed. it happened in dallas where ebola patient died several days ago. a abc's marci gonzales has the latest. at this hospital in dallas eerie bowl a case, health care work her who treated the patient who died from the virus last week now infect. >> she identified symptoms immediately on their on on set. >> reporter: officials from
10:32 pm
texas health presbyterian hospital says workers followed guidelines including wearing full protective gear while caring for thomas eric duncan. cdc director says the infection shows that there was a breach in protocol, and they are now urgently trying to figure out how this happened. >> we're very concerned. >> reporter: officials say there is no risk to the community but sending out a reverse 911 call to alert health care workers neighbors. >> health care worker who lives in your area has tested positive for the ebola a virus. >> reporter: while hazmat crews rush to decontaminate cars, and apartment complex. >> i was so freaked out. >> reporter: as president obama was briefed on the first transmission ofe bowl at in u.s., cdc is investigating and offering more training to the staff at this hospital, adding that they are prepared for the possibility of more cases here. >> unfortunately, it is possible in the coming days that we will see additional cases of ebola. this is because, the health
10:33 pm
care workers who cared for this individual, may have had a breach of the same nature. >> reporter: we're told one of the nurses close contacts is now in isolation as a precaution. meanwhile the 48 people believed to have contact with the first patient, thomas eric duncan before he was hospitalized are still being monitored, and we're told still have have not shown any symptoms. in dallas marci gonzales for "action news" at ten on phl17. hundreds of people came out to the anti bullying vigil tonight in the the central new jersey town racked by a hazing scandal. those who took part showed up to rally with a cross from the high school where this years football season was canceled after allegations emerge. seven football players from sayreville high school were arrested on sex crime charges after prosecutors say they brutalized seven younger players. tonight's event was designed to promote unity and healing within the community. police fired tear gas and arrested 17 protesters overnight in st. louis missouri.
10:34 pm
group staged a sit in at local gas station and investigators say they were attempting to storm the business. but demonstrators have gathered for so call ferguson october protest, and called to justice after shooting death of michael brown. well, time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. >> walter, we have changes on the way this week, nice today, gets nice tomorrow, but it will warm up with the threat of some showers. we will share with you the details, and we're showing live six abc hd. we have a partly cloudy sky overhead and temperatures are actually a touch warmer tonight, then they were at this same point, 24 hours ago. and it looks like we have more seasonal air on the way for the start of our workweek and then threat of some rain. storm tracker six live double scan radar is dry and cloud a cross much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. no issues with precipitation for second half of the weekend even though saturday was off to a soggy start. north and west of town in
10:35 pm
tannersville 37. slating ton 52. center city 54. saint david, 49 degrees. kenneth square 49. upper 50's in new who will an. down across new jersey at the boardwalk 6o woodbine just 49 degrees. vineland 51. smyrna coming in the lower 50's. here's satellite six with action radar and we've got the a few more clouds starting to trickle in across much of the mid-atlantic region. what we're tracking is a frontal boundary that dipped to the south of the area yesterday. it comes back to the north, as a warm front, overnight tonight, and for that matter for the start of our workweek. clouds across the ohio valley will continue to trickle in from the southwest to the north east direction. future tracker six has you covered as you wake up tomorrow morning, mostly cloud bye dry start for the commute at 6:00 o'clock in the morning but those clouds will build and drift across much of our region. as we see that warm front lift to the north this model shows a spot shower around. i think these showers tomorrow are more miss then hit across
10:36 pm
the region but anytime we have a warm front lifting to the north we have to allow for a threat of the shower. that will continue to be the case. as we get into tuesday as well. taking you down to the tropics because things are starting to heat up. we have hurricane fey, wind sustained at 75 miles an hour. this is pulling away from bermuda and moving east/north east at 25 miles an hour. this is racing quickly well away from bermuda but focus your attention down to the south. this is tropical storm gonzales. wind sustained at 45 miles an hour to the east of the leeward islands. this will move towards the centrallyward island as we get into monday and more than likely strength men to a hurricane as we get into tuesday. so we will keep you posted on the tropics. back here at home, heading out the door we have got that bus stop forecast, covered for you, it is mostly cloudy start, not as cool tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. upper 50's. fifty-seven is the number at 8:00 o'clock in the morning with the mostly cloudy skies. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you seasonal back to work on
10:37 pm
monday with a high temperature up to 68 for columbus day and a spotty shower around as well, and on tuesday, some warmer temperatures, up to 77 degrees. maybe a stray shower. on wednesday we have a better shot of finding steady rainfall especially late wednesday with a high of 77 degrees. some of that rain could linger a as we get into thursday, a high of 70 and in the wake of that system mid week it is sunny and nice on friday with a high temperature of 71. if there is any changes in the forecast, meteorologist david murphy will have latest tomorrow morning on six abc. >> thank you, melissa. still ahead a pastor is sleeping on the streets but it is his choice. we will tell but his mission to help the homeless. italian pride takes over south philadelphia once again, highlights from this years columbus day parade.
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just hours, oscar pistorius could find out if he is heading to prison. man known as the blade runner will return to the south african courtroom tomorrow for the first time since being convicted of culpable homicide last movement last month judge found pistorius not guilty of reeva steenkamp's murder but instead found guilty of american equivalent of manslaughter. he could get a suspended sentence to a fine to 15 years in prison. the world ravage gaza strip will receive $2.5 billion to rebuild from this summers battles between hamas and israel. secretary of state john kerry says 212 million of that will come from the u.s.
10:41 pm
they said it happened in the international conference in cairo today. they expected the funds to be delivered over a period of three years. russian government is reportedly ordering its troops away from the ukraine border. they were told to return to the usual bases, according to a spokesperson for president vladamire putin. however, that announcement and withdrawal has not started just yet and previous claims of troop withdraws have proven untrue. tomorrow morning on "action news" consumer reporter nydia han will have a list of what to buy and what not to buy in the popular store. target will sell dozens of store brand products and tell consumers those monies will save you money without compromising quality. we will have experts of consumer reports magazine that have tested dozens of products at target and come up with a list of which products come up with the hype. see which store brand products you buy are on that list. watch nydia han's consume are report tomorrow. "action news" in the morning with mad matt math o'donnell "action news" in the morning with mad matt math o'donnell and tamala
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♪ oh yeah old el paso's got a bold new stand n' stuff shell that's asted for nacho cheesiness oh yeah! ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh weird seriously? what? they're magically delicious! south philadelphia was a wash in italian pride today, annual columbus day parade marched down south broad street once again to the delight of neighbors. amy buckman has highlights. >> ♪ >> reporter: several mummers string band joined proud italian americans at 57th
10:45 pm
annual columbus day parade marched through south philadelphia. along broad street, for more than to oregon avenue. parade broadcast on six abc was hosted by alycia vitarelli and grand marshall was actor chas, seen here with jerry blavat. students from a number of south philadelphia schools, also marched in the parade highlighting neighborhood long history of the melting pot, welcoming new immigrant from many different cultures. >> it is nice because we see neighborhood people coming out. it is not just italian. is there more nationalities that come out. it is nice. neighborhood gets together. good day for everybody to catch up a lot of people come that moved away and come back. >> reporter: the parade was the beginning of the festivities, here once the units crossed the finish line the italian festival was underway in the plaza crowds lined up for everything from pizza to pass to, to pork, to pastries, and from local south philadelphia eateries, that have international reputations. and like esposito's, and the
10:46 pm
sausages. >> we have six different flavors of homemade italian sausage n our shop in the italian market we made 29 different flavors of italian sausage. >> reporter: no great food festival would be complete without pastries, both terminis and isgrow's had huge selections for every sweet tooth. >> how many pastries do you go through in an event like this. >> 500 to a thousand. >> reporter: that is a lot have of baking. >> yes, good weather and good crowd and everything working for to us day. it is perfect weather. nothing better than neighborhood. thinks the neighborhood festival that is how we look at it. all of the neighbors come out and they say hello to us. >> in south philadelphia, amy buckman for "action news" at ten on phl17. when it comes to retirement it seems like women are better at saving than their male counterparts but wage gap is leaving them with less in the end, according to investment management company vanguard. accord together survey women
10:47 pm
are 10 percent more likely to enroll in the work place saving plan than men and put away bigger amount in the paychecks but the research showed, that they had 40,000, dollars lesson average in their saving accounts. in addition to the wage gap, women work an average of 12 years less during their careers then men. a pastor from california, has left, the comfort of home behind to raise awareness for people living on the street. reverend rick coal, leads a mega church in sacramento but this weekend he is connecting with the city's homeless population you. through his temporary sacrifice he hopes to convince donors to give at least $300,000 for programs, to help those, really in need. >> we're having walked this journey outside on the street, and i feel like i can help, encourage others to not bypass those, that they are really special. >> as part of the effort, a number of sacramento churches will open up their doors this winter, to backup overcrowded shelters.
10:48 pm
time right now for sports, jeff skversky here and eating putting a beating on giants right now. >> giant lead for your eagles. they had a cartoon version of giant quarterback eli manning, crying, on their web site because supposedly he was so scared to play at the link. tonight in the real thing, the really lie, just as scared, eagles sack him, five times in the first half, today, they backed it up with smack talk as well, 27 to nothing. that is correct score. believe it or not. eagles with the big third quarter lead. lesean mccoy with a hundred yards rushing. nick foles has thrown two touchdowns and again, the the defense with five sacks. the eagles need a win tonight in a giant way if they want to stay in first place. the that is because the dallas cowboys, do the improbable tonight, on the road, against the defending super bowl champions. first place cowboys keeping pace in the nfc east. they go to sat allergens defending champions, down three, under five to go,
10:49 pm
ridiculous play, third and 20, tony romo, somehow gets to it terence williams. what a catch. and plays later dimarco murray runs it in. murray just second play in history with at least a hundred yards in his first six games, dallas wins 30-23. boys are tied for best record in the nfl. the eagles need a win to stay tied for first in the division. desean jackson, starting to getting down in d.c. redskins receiver, a 64-yard touchdown against arizona today. jackson has three touchdowns, they are all 60 yards or longer but it is not enough, washington lose toes arizona 30-20. skins are one and five. they have lost 13 of their last 14 games. take a look at the the standings, in the nfc east, with the win tonight, the eagles will go to five-one assuming they can hold on to this lead. cowboys five-one for first time since 2007, and they are tied for best record in the
10:50 pm
nfl, and so are the eagles, if they can get this win. well, win or lose eagles fans and reporters will be dissecting this game, and that is, no different for two temple university students who have their own opinions. even though, they cannot see it in's eagles/giants game. >> eagles right back in the game. >> yes, i would agree to disagree. >> first glance these look like any other temple university students broadcasting the weekly sports show. journalism majors nick and matthew wallace have never seen a football. or even a single play. they were both born without eyes. but their require condition is not stopped them from pursuing their dream of becoming sports talk host. >> it might be tougher then the average person but it is not impossible. >> people just have doubts what you can do. >> if you can share how can you watch the games. >> how will you take notes? how going to be prepared on the air. >> i hate to be biased right now you are wondering how do they talk about sports they
10:51 pm
have never seen. the the temple seniors rely heavily on the radio broadcast of games. listening for every detail and they surf internet for stats and information using computer program that leaves the the screen out loud and to help paint mental picture as a kid nick's father would diagram the action. >> he would draw on my back what an i formation is and here is where running back is and here is where the quarterback is. we will have an opinion just like everybody else. since have been everybody else is seeing the place and getting same read on it as everybody else is. >> they wanted to star in a sports talk show. he they walk in the temple tv station here on campus and they pitched an idea. the rest as would you say is history. more than 100 episodes later, they are as knowledgeable and as opinionated as the best, in the business. >> they need more offense. the they need starting pitching and they need a closer they need a necessity general manager. >> just an amazing story. finally do you want to know the true definition of
10:52 pm
brotherly love? check this out. before the eagles game tonight in the parking lot at the link an eagles fan gets down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. she said yes, how about that, tailgate party. only thing that will make the celebration even sweeter tonight, is an eagles win and they will be back atop the nfc east. >> very good. >> thanks, jeff. organs can be the new hot costume this year. this outfit was a big hit at the kid niece walk on the river front. more than 1,000 people set out on a 5k course to raise money for national kidney foundation. experts say 90,000 americans died from kidney disease each year, in delaware alone 400 people are on the waiting list for life saving transplant. fund raise today will be used towards prevention and education initiatives. well, dogs of all shapes and sizes were looking to make a love connection today in king of prussia. this guy manned the pit bull kissing booth, two dozen shelters teamed up for fifth annual mutt fest.
10:53 pm
the it was one stop shop to adopt new family members. humans went home empty handed they had a chance to ask questions and learn more about they had a chance to ask questions and learn more about mmmmmmm. look out. now there's even more of the amazing cinnamon taste you love on cinnamon toast crunch.
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oh yeah! how do you helper? make helper with your favorite ingredients, for a fresh taste you'll love. helper. make it yours. helper. it's ground beef's perfect partner. this is the amazing picture of nature, in action, a rare waterspout in seattle, washington, captured yesterday near anderson island and the sound. the the sighting triggered first tornado warning in the metro seattle area in nearly 45 years. fortunately there were no reports of injuries or damage.
10:56 pm
now time for final check of the accu weather forecast. >> temperatures are seasonal back to work on monday, back to school. 7:00 in the morning. 56 degrees. the mostly cloudy start though, there could be a stray shower. 10:00 in the morning 61. lots of clouds. tracking a frontal boundary that moves northward so is there a threat of the shower in most locations staying dry but those clouds stick around, iron if there is any change in the forecast this week david murphy will have latest tomorrow morning on six abc. >> thanks, melissa. thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten, election 20 # 14 is in focus is next followed by friend. for melissa magee and jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist, i'm walter perez, have a great night. >> ♪
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>> this is election 2014 in focus. an in-depth look at races affecting the philadelphia region. >> just about three weeks to election day. tom cor bet gaining ground and political heavy weights come to town. can tom catch up to tom wolf? what directions are tax reform and education take sng i'll talk to the highest reaches of pennsylvania state senate. plus what did chris christie mick do for cor get and wolf? and income tax facts. two views, pennsylvania state