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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 18, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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saturday night i'm walter perez, new information about the nurse who took a flight before she was diagnosed with ebola. missing child found safe, emotional reunion with her family is coming up. but the big story on "action news" police believe they are closing in on a suspected cop kill other the loose for more than a month. reported sighting of eric frein is referred to as highly credible in the poconos month. man believes she saw the fugitive near a high school with his face covered in mud and carrying a rifle. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is following these developments and joins us live with much more, kenneth. >> reporter: walter, state
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police say that woman did what she was supposed to and tipped them off to the sighting but man believed to be eric frein disappeared quickly in the dark woods. this is new video of the search area for suspect killer eric frein in the poconos. less than 24 hours after a with man on a walk, nearly came face-to-face with the survivor. >> it it was a surprise encounter after dark. >> reporter: pennsylvania state the police say it happened 9:00 p.m. friday along wood line along pocono mountain east high a school trina tended. >> individual description was consistent with frein and observed carrying a rifle. the individual's face was covered with mud and so positive identification, could not be made. >> reporter: investigators moved search south to that region and the the area around swiftwater and paradise and pocono township. >> i think we have kept a tremendous amount of pressure on him and that likely had some bearing on where he is at now if assuming it is him. >> reporter: frein escaped capture in the wooded area he
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grew up in for more than a month and since deadly ambush on two state troopers at blooming grove barracks killing corporal brian dickson. >> i know it is wearing on the community and people. believe me it wears on us to and men and women i have out in these woods searching for this criminal. >> reporter: state police say getting justice and these messages of support kept them going. governor tom corbett took in these words from the community and thank those in law enforcement who have come from all over to help. >> it is a community, it is a commonwealth, and it is a nation coming together report yes. >> everybody has one mission and that mission is to apprehend this individual. >> reporter: state the police are testing blood found on the properties of two homeowners, to see if that blood matches, frein. also investigators say if the leaves start to fall off trees in that area, they will have a better chance to see this man from the ground and air to hopefully catch him soon walter, reporting live from the the satellite center, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17.
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>> thanks, kenneth. investigators are testing human remains found in virginia to see if they are those of missing student hanna graham. sophomore from the university of virginia was last seen september 13th, remains were found today on an abandoned property. the discovery was made in the same area where police found body of virginia tech student morgan harrington back in 2009. investigators have link three two-year old jesse matthew to both cases but so far he has been formally charged with abduction in graham's disappearance. president obama is urging americans to stay calm tonight as government investigators remain on alert for more cases of ebola. health officials are working quickly to see if either of two nurses being treated in the u.s. for violence spread todd others. the memory of the first person to die of ebola a in the u.s. was honored. abc news reporter marci gonzales has the latest. >> reporter: life of the ebola patient died here last week was celebrate today the the
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investigation into how the virus was spread, continues. today family members mourning thomas eric duncan. memorial service held this morning in north carolina for liberian man who died of ebola at this kalas hospital last week. two nurses infect while treating him still battling the virus in specialized isolation units. vinson in atlanta, nina pham in maryland at the national institutes of health. >> she's making progress. we are pleased with her progress but you perfect condition is fair and stable and she's comfortable and resting. >> reporter: seventy-five other health care workers involve in duncan's treatment still being monitored now told to avoid public places, and public transportation. before that notice was issued and before vinson was diagnosed, she flew from dallas to cleveland and back with the cdc now saying she may have already started to feel sick at the time, we have learn more than 100 people in ohio, including other passengers and vincent's
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family are now being monitored as a precaution. >> we look at the most involved and detailed tracking, of individuals that had direct blood and body fluid contact. >> reporter: another dallas health care worker lab supervisor who handled duncan's blood samples is on quarantine in the cruise ship, even though she's showing no symptoms carnival magic with more than 3600 people on board, it is now heading back to texas. >> to have a ship stopped for someone who has virtually no risk of transmitting this disease, it is an over reaction. >> reporter: highlighting that the the virus is not easily transmitted the four people who had the closest contact with duncan before he was hospitalized, including his fiance, have not gotten sick. they are quarantine is being lifted overnight tomorrow. in dallas, marci gonzales for "action news" at ten on phl17. a 66 year-old man has been killed after a freak accident on a farm in middletown
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delaware. george lineman died after a book slammed through the the windshield. truck was stuck in the mud and another man was trying to toe him out using a tractor. when the the tow hook snapped loose crashing through the windshield. he died a short time later at the hospital. the incident remains under investigation by delaware state police. five teachers and coaches have been suspended from sayreville high school in new jersey in connection with the hazing incident. their punishment comes after seven football players were charged with sexual assault and other counts, stemming from a locker room incident inside the school. the school board is now expected to discuss the suspensions and what comes next during a meeting on tuesday. there is a $3,000 reward being offered for safe return of a stolen dog, black lab was stolen, along with the the owner's car from the parking lot in port richmond. more than a week later there is still no sign of louie the dog. "action news" reporter nora muchanic has that story.
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>> louie, come home. >> reporter: volunteers fanned out in port richmond and other locations around the city leafletting and talking to people about louie, the missing black labrador. >> can you help us fine louie a dog found missing, just keep your eyes out. >> reporter: two-year old rescue louie disappeared when schoolteacher jj peers poors had her car stolen from the parking lot from the home depot in south philadelphia. louie was inside. >> as days passed i get more and more worried, easier to be optimistic at first and i picture him trying to survive. >> reporter: having recently moved to teach at hardy williams high and work on a masters at temple jj pierce doesn't have many cast here so she created a facebook page called help seven louie come home. that funded a $3,000 reward no questions asked and two dozen people and their pets who joined the search for louie. >> anybody who worried and going on where we will get this way. >> we're thinking the dog was spotted, in port richmond so we will just fan out and do,
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boots on the ground and different teams report report most if not all volunteers have never even met jj or louie but when they heard about what happens they felt compelled to help. >> my heart just went to her and louie, thinking of him out here in this wide open world. >> one thing if your doggies killed or something happens, it is terrible but not knowing he could be out there and scared. >> i had to help. i just seen that poor girl and that is only family she only has louie, so we need to find louie today. >> reporter: pierce's car was found in north philadelphia but only louie a's collar was inside. until he is found jj pierce and her new found friends will keep looking. >> i'm completely overwhelmed and in all of these people. >> reporter: in port richmond i'm nora muchanic for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> it was a tense night for family in strawberry mansion when their ten user old disappeared. investigators spent hours searching as a family feared the worst but brea mount
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returned to her aunt's house this morning. she was reported in missing at 2:00a m after she failed to return home. she said she tried to call and stay with a friend because of the late hour. >> she said she tried to call but nobody answered the phone, that is all i know. >> nobody answered, it was late, and she doesn't travel at nighttime. >> reporter: meantime family members are angry but unidentified adult that the house where she stayed, didn't make more of an effort to either contact them, or bring the child home. we will have much more from the girl's family in our next half an hour. and time for a check of the accu weather forecast and operative words are windy and chilly. >> and they will go hand and hand the second half of the weekend and wait until monday morning. >> that had to happen eventually. >> although we didn't have have much of a summer as we take a look at peak win gusts, allentown 35 miles an hour. same for wilmington. philadelphia at 31 miles an hour and little less in southern new jersey and between 18 and 26 miles an hure. those winds are out of the
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northwest 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, 12 in wilmington. they have calm a bit since this afternoon, but we will kick them back as the front pulls through relevant i tomorrow morning, and temperature wise we are at 57 in philadelphia right now, buffalo and binghamton down to 45, 46 in pittsburgh and satellite and radar will show that clouds are moving in from the north and west, as a front is approaching, and all showers fall's port but wake up to some cloud cover in the morning but sun will try to get to work late morning in the afternoon but as we wake up tomorrow morning here are your overnight lows 42 allentown. forty-seven philadelphia. forty-four in millville. that is seasonal for this time of the year but wait until monday morning we can have our first frost for many we will talk about where coming up. >> bring lemon tree inside. >> please to. >> six people back on dry land after two boats capsized in the delaware river. ale sale boats flipped during a race near new castle, everybody was pull in the police boat and brought back to shore. new castle sailing club then pulled those sail boats from the water.
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fair mount park was a wash in pink today more than 5,000 people showed up for making strides against breast cancer walk, since 1993, this event was raised more than 590 million-dollar for the american cancer society. the money support breast cancer research and programs, of course, and crowd got pumped up this morning with the message of hope from a four year breast cancer survivor. >> i just want to encourage everyone who right now is under going treatment just to be positive and to be hopeful and just look at everybody and look at all of the love and support that is here and just never give up that you are here. >> "action news" anchor shirleen allicot was on stage as well proudly serving as making strides mc. and good people of the radnor gathered to light the night for a good cause. tonight's 2-mile walk at wilson farm park was performed in support of the leukemia and lymphoma society, those taking part carried lanterns light
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for survivor, red for supporters and gold to honor memory of loved ones lost. much more to come on "action news" a car slams right into a hotel room, and close call for a guest inside. my goodness. from rags to richest at harvard university the dining hall worker who just won the lottery her story when "action news" comes right back.
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and, supplies earlier this morning when a car, came crashing into the room. investigators say the driver, smashed into the the country inn and suites hotel in kenosha at midnight. driver was on the interstate the when he went off the roadway. car went right through the the room and came to the stop inside the hallway. two people weren't in the room at the time and they may have escaped uninjured. investigators believe the driver fell asleep at the wheel. six people died in the house fire this morning just outside pittsburgh. it broke out in mckeysport shortly before 7:00. officials say newly married couple escaped but went back inside, to save woman's four kids and a man's father. only the husband made it back out alive. he is now you hospitalized with burns covering half of his body. children range in age from two to seven. officials say it could take days to determine how the fire started. hurricane gonzalo hit bermuda overnight and all they
10:16 pm
there was plenty of damage there is no reports of deaths or injuries. gonzalo came to shore as a category two with sustained winds of 110 miles an hour knocking offer trees and cutting power lines to tens of thousands oz have people. officials say many of the local roads are impassable and last time bermuda got hit by a major hurricane was more than ten years ago in 2003. meantime a different big storm is dropping heavy rain on hawaii, hurricane anna is passing up the coast of the big island as a category one storm generating 15-foot waves and strong wind. the as a result most flights in and out of hawaii today were canceled or delayed. around here it is starting to feel more like fall appropriately enough. meteorologist adam joseph joins us with the forecast, adam. >> we have our own winds to contend with, nothing like anna oregon sal owe. today was seven two. the low of 66. low still 10 degrees above normal. 58 degrees this morning. normal is 48. we will back off closer to
10:17 pm
normal for not only the overnight lows but for also the day time highs, 56 right now in allentown, 53 in reading. dropping to 49 in lancaster. fifty-five in dover, and at the shore, warmer in the upper 50's. a lot of clouds upstairs right now especially to the north and west, and there is a front that is approaching. the it is a weak front, showers are falling apart but that will supply some clouds overnight tonight and tomorrow morning and then there will be more of a mix of sun and clouds through much of your sunday but behind that front, toronto 43, sue saint marie 33 degrees, international falls it is below freezing, at 30 degrees and those win coming in late tonight, tomorrow will kickback up to around 30 miles an hour. this is 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, wind tomorrow will be much colder then today. in fact, after morning clouds, and afternoon sun, and also that wind the entire day north and west it is only 54 in reading. fifty-five in downingtown. fifty-one in bangor and quake are town at 52.
10:18 pm
fifty-five for trenton, wrightstown. philadelphia 57. salem win gusts tomorrow at times could get as high as 35 miles an hour, overall, it is bright, bright day, and then south and east, clouds first and then sun returning as that front pushes off coast, temperatures in atlantic city just 57. same for millville and dover 57 degrees. the as we look a head to the forecast we will talk about those chilly wind that linger through much of the week and a frosty start for some, next week, and then a dreary stretch pretty much pushes in right after the chance of that front, we will have timing on all of this coming up in that full accu weather seven day forecast. >> thanks, adam. family in need, quite a surprise today in downingtown. the the students at technical college high school of brandywine presented chris smith and his two children with a car. refurbished by students at collision repair department and it was supported and funded by a nationwide program called recycled wise. since that program started seven years ago nearly 1,000
10:19 pm
vehicles, have been refurbished and given to people in need. >> much more to come on "action news", a touching gift for a local family who gain national attention, for their baby's bucket list. delivery today from a f - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪
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they met with jena and dann haley and presented them with a phillies jersey for that are baby, hoist named shane. a rare bit defect affected the baby's brain and little shane died a short time after he was born last week. couple became well known after creating a pregnancy bucket list for baby shane. haley's say victorino's gift was thoughtful and heart warming. time for a check on sports and jeff skversky is live in the "action news" sports center, hi jeff. >> hi walter flyers still trying to score that first win. if they get it the tonight they will have to do it without defenseman brayden coburn who is still out from that lower body injury. philly and dallas fans, they can coexist sometimes, flyers scored two goals in less than two in minutes in the first. how about sean couturier, he scores, we are tied at one and
10:23 pm
1:53, brayden schenn, off the rebound, just taps it in. taps it in. flyers take a two-one lead but flyers fall apart in the second. craig beruby can't believe it at the end of the period they are called for too many men on the ice and they melt down. daily beats steve mason. flyers down three-two. minute late i jamie ben are you kidding me, steve mason pulled at the end of the per. right new flyers down four -three, 8:30 to go in the game. sixers in action tonight in allentown playing orlando in preseason play. sixers win 95-84. nerlens noel did not play, out again with the cold, flyers open up regular season in 11 days in indiana. penn state keeping an eye on ohio state who plays the lions next week in happy valley on six abc. today buck eyes rock, voorhees native and eastern high grad eli apple scopes it up and scores. apple the freshman corner for
10:24 pm
ohio state, celebrates a big win, buck eye beat rutgers 56-17, watch out penn state. more college football coming up later in sports. plus, what chip kelly is up to today on his off day, that and more walter when we come back in a half an hour. >> sounds good, thanks jeff. there were reports of super heroes and princesses invading the philadelphia zoo today. they were deck out in costume as they gathered for annual boo at the zoo halloween celebration. they had an opportunity to check out their favorite animals set off for scavenger hunt and collect lots of treats along the way. this two weekend event continues tomorrow and then again
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anna rodriguez struck it rich five years after losing her home to information closure. she plans to spend her new fortune on her family, few vacations and pay off old debts. the she's keeping her job the at harvard dining hall at least for now. still to come in the next half an hour of "action news" other side of the story, we are hearing from the ferguson police office shore killed michael brown. what he told investigators about the deadly shooting. a hidden camera nightmare how a young woman discovered she was being watched inside her own home.
10:29 pm
if you are just joining us at 10:30, here are big stories we are covering tonight. reported sighting of suspect cop killer eric frein has been referred to as highly credible. authorities say a woman spotted a man near pocono mountain east high school at 9:00 o'clock last night. man's face was reportedly
10:30 pm
covered in mud, and he was carrying a rifle. investigators believe that man is eric frein who has been on the run for more than a month now. frein, of course, is accused of murdering a state trooper and wounding another september 12th. more than 100 people tonight in ohio are being monitored for possible signs of ebola. they might have been exposed by amber vinson, the nurse from dallas who tested positive for the virus after she flew from cleveland to texas. her stepfather is only person quarantined as a result though. in one being machine toward has displayed any symptoms at this time. investigators say they have found human remains in the middle of the search for 18 year-old hanna graham. forensic testing is underway tonight to determine if those remains are those of the university of virginia sophomore. she has been missing for more than a month now. for the first time we are hearing from the police officer from ferguson missouri killed an unarm teenager michael brown. officer darren wilson gave his
10:31 pm
version of events to federal investigators. according to the new york times he told authorities that brown quote punched and scratched him repeatedly, leaving swelling on his face and cuts on his neck. that is the first publicly reported account from the officer which contradicts accounts from some witness hose say brown was shot while trying to surround are. search continues for the attacker who killed a corrections officer in southwest philadelphia. fifty-one year-old lottie dennie was stabbed to death at her home on south 63rd street yesterday. investigators say they are looking for victim's boyfriend for questioning and late last night investigators recovered dennie's abandoned truck which had been missing. investigators are working to determine if the house fire was started by some candles being used to light up a family's home. fire broke out 3:30 this morning, on em ber lane in willingboro, new jersey. fire fighters say they arrived on the scene to find heavy smoke and flames pouring from the home. it took a half an hour to
10:32 pm
bring this under control, no injuries have been reported. well, four alarm fire damage the old reading outlet complex in berks county overnight. flames erupted on a lower floor and went up an elevator shaft. fire fighters remains on the scene, at eighth street but much of the morning putting out hot spots. no injuries have been reported. a ten year-old girl is home safe after a frantic search in strawberry mansion, her family spend several get run muching hours fearing the worst after she was reported missing overnight. "action news" reporter nora muchanic was there for the the emotional reunion. >> tears flowed in strawberry mansion saturday morning as bre mount, her with her face in her hand, returned to her aunt's house where she lived. >> i have been up all night, i could not sleep, i was walking this neighborhood all night long. >> reporter: the the fifth grader was reported missing to police at 2:00a m after she failed to return to her aunt's
10:33 pm
home. >> you don't do that no more. >> she said she tried to call but nobody answered the phone. that is all i know. >> nobody answered she said. it was late. she didn't want to travel at nighttime. >> reporter: child who was apparently with the friend at 31st and york tried to call her mother seen her in the red sweater but her mother says he didn't pick up a call because she didn't recognize the number. >> that was me, i tried to call you. >> reporter: family members and friend are angry that the unidentified adult in the house where bria mount stayed didn't make an effort to contact them or bring the child home. >> even if this child play with your kids you you should have found out whose child it was and is it all right for your child to be in my house overnight. >> this child is at the my house all night long i would have called, simple things, that is not right. >> it was a scary night, thankfully the little girl has been located and is now safely home with family n strawberry mansion i'm nora muchanic for "action news" at ten on phl17. air strikes against isis
10:34 pm
have resumed in both iraq and syria. huge plume of smoke rose over the syrian town of cabani after three huge blasts. in iraq coalition aircraft near tikrit after sand storms force aid brief pause in the fighting there air strikes are coming from the u.s. jets and kurds sharing intelligence on isis positions. family and friend of the journalist james foley, said their final farewell today in new hampshire. he was abduct in syria two years ago and then killed two months ago bias lamb i can state extremist. hundreds of people filled their church today in foley's hometown of rochester. today would have been his forty-first birthday. well, air force is wrapping up a in mysterious mission in california. an unpiloted space plane landed at vanedenberg air base yesterday after two years in orbit. military calls it a experimental test vehicle but beyond that no information has been made public. next mission is scheduled for
10:35 pm
next year. time for a check of the accu weather forecast, meteorologist adam joseph in for melissa. it was windy but nice. >> i said it was a warm wind because it was out of the westerly direction. >> close. >> just wait until tomorrow when we feel wind you will say i want yesterday's win. much warmer. that is how it will feel taking a look at sky six live over center city, all is quiet on this saturday night. wind gusting around 15 miles an hour but a lot less than earlier today. as we look at double scan live radar nothing upstairs so we can move on and take a look at temperatures to the north and west, 51 slating ton, kenneth square 50 degrees. fifty-six in chester. this all coming after a day with temperatures right around 70 to 72 degrees. browns mills 56. bridge ton 55. glassboro 54. dover, 54 degrees. so today temperatures were running a good 6 degrees above normal. satellite and radar clouds are to the north and west, this is
10:36 pm
a boundary it is called an access trough that is a associated with low pressure center to the the north, that is forming a cold front through earlier this morning, it blasts through here dry early tomorrow morning with some clouds that overall tomorrow, it is a mix of sun and clouds, we're in between departing low, we have a wind tunnel effect going on, just 55 degrees tomorrow and with that wind out of the northwest it will feel like it is in the 40's tomorrow afternoon. today's 70-degree winch better then tomorrow. and then transition day come monday, high goes to the east southerly wind, sunshine, giving way to high clouds in the afternoon with the next low approaching and temperature of 6o monday could be a pretty, important day especially if you are a gardener. widespread frost could begin on monday morning from chadds ford, pot town, quake are town all those far north and western suburbs. also interior southern new jersey from millville right through lakehurst. if you are thinking this seems
10:37 pm
early for frost not for lehigh valley. we are right on target, usually between 21st and 31st of october, and as far northwestern suburbs it is early, typically it is around in first to november 10th, same for southern new jersey and delaware and in philadelphia we are not expecting any frost or the immediate suburbs, that doesn't typically happen until the middle of november. tonight, it is cloudy, breezy, seasonable, 42 to 47 degrees, and the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 55 tomorrow with the chilly win. sun could begin with frost, early tomorrow morning, no watches in effect for immediate area but that could change tomorrow. sixty for a high monday afternoon. low pressure develops to our east and stalls, so tuesday, wednesday, thursday, each day it is breezy, raw, kind of chilly, with on and off showers not on wash out any of those three days but just kind of damp. and then friday and saturday we will warm it up and brighten it up as we go below
10:38 pm
normal between 62 and 64. >> getting darker early. >> kind of stinks. >> it does. >> what are you going to do. >> thanks, adam. woman from new jersey who lost her house to super storm sandy is getting a new place to live. her new home in the town earlier today. volunteers pull the house through atlantic city and on to final destination on plaza place. habitat for humanity volunteers construct the house but it was all paid for by an anonymous donor. much more to come on "action news" tonight including a father's plea to help catch his son's killer that is next in tonight's crime fighters report. a puppy on the road to recovery bizarre place she was rescued when "action news" comes right back.
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a farmer from south jersey says the death of his son back in february, was more than he could take but knowing his killer remains on the the loose makes it that much more unbearable. so now he is asking for your help. rick williams has tonight's crime fighters report. >> he is a very, very good kid. you know, he was loving to his family. >> reporter: roy price still gets choked up when talking about his 20 year-old son. >> i lost my son, and i love him very much. we miss him every day. >> reporter: roy had spoken to him 9:30 the night of tuesday, february 4th. >> i got a call maybe 23 minutes later from my daughter saying that someone shot him up. >> reporter: roy says his son
10:42 pm
was seen arguing with the man in the mask, in an alley behind the home of the 200 block of utah street in camden. police say shooting start there had and proceeded in to one of the homes. he was shot multiple times ape died at the hospital. a 30 year-old woman was also shot but she survived, but police say she has not been able to provide them with any leads. the citizens crime commission is administering a thousand dollars reward for arrest and information for person responsible, all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> killed my son, unaudible. >> very good person. >> for crime fighters, i'm rick williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. well, a woman from florida received a disturbing surprise when she turn on her tv only to discover a live feed from inside her bedroom. twenty-three year-old was being watched by hidden
10:43 pm
cameras allegedly plant by her land lor. investigators say air manned owe perez concealed them. he is now charged with 15 counts of video voyeurism. and a three week old puppy is receiving treatment after she was rescued from the the pocket of a suspect drug dealer during his arrest. pit bull terrier was in bad shape when she was found but she is slowly being nursed back to health at a vet hospital in massachusetts. >> when she first came ? she was pretty dehydrated and lethargic. we have been giving her iv fluids and some medication to repair her signs and she's doing well. the she is just in the past couple hours taken a turn for the better. >> vets believe that she will make a full recovery. they have appropriately named her pocket. next up on ago news tips for saving on holiday gifts, shopping strategy from the experts. the flyers shoot for win number one, highlights from their game in
10:45 pm
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and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. believe it or not, holiday shopping season is already underway. saving with six abc has tips with what to buy now and what to save for later to get the best deals. here's "action news" reporter amy buckman. >> reporter: i know it is not even hall halloween yet but believe it or not now is the time to start thinking about your holiday shopping, if
10:47 pm
you want to get the the best deals. >> retail me not conducts a survey every year. we found 40 percent of consumers are anticipating to start their holiday shopping prior to november. >> reporter: question is, what should you shop for early and what will you get better deals on, closer to christmas. but, she says clothing for teens and summer electronics can be considered school supplies or good buys right the now at tail even of the back to school sale season. >> is there one's electric tronic item that you can get great deals on right now and those are lap tops, and e readers, and tablets, because, again, you're catching on to the last, sort of tail end of those back to school sales. >> reporter: she says best deals on other electronics like flat screens and gaming systems will be more deeply discounted around thanksgiving. >> we're calling it five days of savings because savings go all the way from thanksgiving through cyber monday. >> reporter: and whenever you shop and whether you shop on
10:48 pm
line or in stores, always check for coupons and coupon codes. last year, deal web sites saved shoppers about $4 billion. >> i mean a per transaction the average savings is $20. it is absolutely worth that 302nd to a minute takes to look for a deal. >> reporter: there are a number of sites like retail me not that can save big bucks on your holiday shopping. it is worth a few extra clicks to find these coupon codes so you can save. i'm amy buckman for "action news" at ten on phl17. jeff skversky has a check on sports. the flyers need some help this season. >> they need help but they are fighting tonight in dallas, looking good tonight, at point, flyers one of just three teams in all of hockey still without a win. that is the bad news. here's the good news. flyers have looked like stars, against the stars, they have won seven in the the last eight games against dallas coming into play. flyers coach craig beruby, no, he was not happy. flyers down two, after two.
10:49 pm
he pulled steve mason as they try to pull off a come back. third period on the power play, that is andrew mcdonald who scores. the flyers within one. three minutes later, jake voracek, beats kerry, who has never beaten the the flyers. we are tied at four. but, 30 seconds later, jason beats roy emery. flyers fall back behind five -four. don't give up. just more than a minute later michael raffle scores. wild third per. four goals in eight minutes. right new we are in overtime, with the the game tied at five. hopefully it does not go to the shoot-out, flyers lost seven straight shoot-outs. the eagles are the in the bye week and they return to practice on tuesday. how does chip kelly and guys getaway from football? they go to football games. here's chip kelly on the sidelines of boston college, he is, good friends with their head coach, steve adazio were
10:50 pm
at temple. there is demeco ryans and evan math writes atal bam game where they played their college ball. eagles will have their eyes on the dallas/new york time tomorrow at 4:25. giants beat the cowboys, eagles will have soul possession of the first place. that is right, eagles fans you have to root for giant this week after the bird beat them up at the link last sunday night. >> to lose in that fashion you never want to it happen but you that is the gift, we get a short memory. successful play or successful game or the contrary. >> we want to half move on from it in the right way and best thing is with a bye week coming up, you want to get the momentum going in the bye week. >> penn state is in the bye week but it may be hard for lion toss relax with ohio state coming up next saturday here on channel six. buck eyes averaging 56 points per game, over last four weeks. it will be a tough one. high scoring villanova
10:51 pm
wildcats on the road against william and marry down three under a minute to play, john robert son to kevin julius. 13 yards for the the touchdown. they will go wild, the d stops william and marry on their last attempt with no time left, cats win, 35-31, they have won six straight. delaware not going home, happy on home coming begins town son, 51 seconds left tied at 17. darren victor with the touchdown. blue you hence gave up two touchdowns in the final six minutes. delaware down seven. chance to tie it up. trent hurley pick up. delaware loses 24-17. penn has left eight straight games dating back to last year. they end that losing streak today. alex tourson, penn scores 31 straight points to win by 24. they have won 18 straight against columbia and ivy league rorrer. sixers in action tonight, in allentown, and if preseason is any indication what this sixers team will look like
10:52 pm
they are going to be bad. really bad. sixers have lost four of five presees on games, coming into play. sixers playing in allentown. michael carter williams, nerlens noel not in action. how about this action, he gets the give and go back for the lay up and foul. fifteen poured for boarden. sixers win 95-84. sixers season opens up in 11 days in indiana. union's limb nateed from the playoffs last week, tonight against kc, tied at one, seventh first minute, pedro roberto, union wins their final home match two-one. union with only one more match left, next sunday at the 4:00. that will be opposite the eagles game by the way. finally back to college football what i game for widener's alex security sets a school record blocking three points, which ties the ncaa record, two of the three punts by the way were returned for touchdowns.
10:53 pm
widener wins 59-12. every time you look at a widener score, 50, 60's. >> unbelievable. >> forty's is not a good game for them. >> just average. >> thanks jeff. it was all aboard the hogwarts train in chestnut hill today. fourth annual harry potter festival along germantown avenue. wizards and witches, milk for a day of magic. it was fun to be had no matter where they placed you. day was complete with fortune telling and face making. no surprise here favorite design of the day was
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
temperatures take a nose dive for second half of the weekend and take a look right now, speaking around 13 miles an hour in philadelphia, ten in reading, 12 in allentown. out of the west northwest and the wind is the most critical factor this weekend because it will kickback up, tomorrow much like it did today, and in fact, tomorrow temperatures, no where near where we were this afternoon. we will go to 50 degrees at 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and topping off in the low to mid 50's, between one and 4:00 o'clock with the mixture of sun and clouds, so, doing yard work outside tomorrow, it is not like today. >> wear wool cap. >> all right, thanks. >> rest of the "action news" team will be on six abc tomorrow morning at 6:00. taking a look, at how to maintain your due, common habit that can wreak havoc on your hair. plus tips for keeping your locks healthy and smooth that story and more starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning on six abc.
10:57 pm
thanks for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten celebrity name game is next, followed by philly feud. now melissa magee, adam joseph and jeff skversky i am will's walter perez, good night. >> ♪
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[lively music] ♪ >> hi, welcome to los angeles, california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host, tv's craig ferguson. oh, i'm out of breath. i was just dancing there. i think i may have peaked already. good night, everybody. today, these two teams of beautiful, well-oiled americans will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names. and as if that weren't enough, our teams are gonna be joined in this studio by two real-life celebrities, right here. our teams today are theo and dj, molly and jodi. ladies first, please. hi, girls. >> hello. >> well, look at you.