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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  October 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> friday night. shirleen is off. new jersey is among the states stepping up how it handles air travelers from west africa and turns out there could be good reason for that. and big cheers for the smallest player on this team tonight. see how a charity made his dream come true. >> but the big story on "action news" tonight is homecoming prince turned school shooting suspect and once again the question, how could this have happened? today this time, students at
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maryville-pilchik high school half hour north of seattle had to run for their lives. he was known as a popular high school football player and police say he was a gunman that went inside the cafeteria pulled a small pistol out of his pocket and he killed one girl and critically injured four other students all with gun shots to the head. he then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. as of tonight there's no confirmed motive but the teen has been having a tough time with recent suspension for fighting and another personal issue. >> i heard he is like his girlfriend broke up with him and i mean the tweetsw everyone has been retweeting throughout the past couple days of their conversations has been pretty brutal honestly. >> well among those tweetsw he posted this week, this one "it breaks me it actually does i know it seems i'm sweating it
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off but i'm not and never will be able to" not only has the shooting gripped the school community but his tribal community is in shock tonight. a leader from the tribe says no one ever thought something like this could happen anyone their own backyard. men while at home tonight allegations of bullying have caught attention of the school in bucks county. and a student has come forward with what she says happened to her n and now police are investigating. "action news" reporter chad pradelli following this one live from perkasie tonight and chad you have the details here. >> hey, brian, alleged victim said she was afraid to come to school here her tore meanter is charged with assault but the mother is asking for more action valley rocket said her daughter has been bullied for months going to south junior high school has been a living nightmare. earlier this week the 12-year-old broke down. >> we were at the dentist and i
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noticed she was upset. she started digging and turned into her breaking down crying saying she's being bullied at school and picked on people calling her nasty names. >> but it was an alleged assault on tuesday that got police involved. rocket's daughter was in music class. >> this child came up to her, took the head phone cord and went like that around her neck. >> after investigating we felt that charges were appropriate in this matter for simple assault and harassment. >> rockets say the school has not been responsive. even more startling they say, is the boy has been allowed to remain in class. >> yesterday she came home from school and the boy was in her class. like she has to walk past him. i guess their idea is he will be at one end of the class she will be at the other. that to me is not acceptable. >> rocket's daughter is a big fan of musician pink who has written songs aimed of those
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bullied the message stay strong and be yourself. something the alleged victim plans to do. >> don't let them ring before you down. just be yourself and don't let any people mess with you. >> and the school district did release a statement to us that reads in part we make it clear to students there is no place for bullying and harassment in the pennridge school district. i'm live in perkasie, chad pradelli, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right, chad, thank you. we have breaking news from trenton tonight. chopper6hd was over the scene of a deadly accident that happened green wood and hamilton avenue and now police say a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle there. the driver of that vehicle did stay at the scene the crash is still under investigation right now. and a chester county priest remains in jail tonight unable to post 200,000 bail as he faces charges of child pornography.
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reverend mark hain received and sent naked girls on instan graham aaccount. he is on administrative lead and no longer resides at the pasher in westtown. he worked there since september of 2013 and worked in eight parishes and post throughout his 30-year career in the archdioceses. local and state officials are trying to convince new yorkers that they are not at risk of contracting ebola. there are concerns now that dr. craig spencer tested positive for the virus after dining out, riding the subway, taking a cab and going bowling over the last week in new york city. he is said to be in relatively stable condition tonight, that according to new york mayor bill deblaseo he's not out of the woods yet the 33-year-old actor contracted the virus will cheating patients in guinea.
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in direct response to the case governors in new york and new jersey had a mandatory 20 day guarantee for anyone in contact with patients. a medical worker with no symptoms flew into new york liberty was quarantined under this restriction and since developed a fever. no confirmation to whether that fever is or is not ebola. here in pennsylvania a bit of different approach. state health officials hearsay they will rely on federal travel data to monitor people that arrive from west africa. and in addition travelers from that region will be given care kits continuing thermometer and log to track symptoms and their body temperatures. surviving ebola gets you a hug from the president if you're nina pham. this is a photo of her in the oval office with president obama today. she was discharged from national
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institute of health hospital where dr. s declared her free of the virus. >> i believe in the power of prayer because i know so many people all over the world have been praying for me. and i do not know how i can ever thank you everyone enough for their prayers and their expressions of concern, hope and love. >> pham was infected while treating thomas eric dunkin a liberian man that died at the dallas hospital where she worked. she will be reunited with her dog now, who was also quarantined when she returns home to texas. meanwhile things took a turn for the worse in mali. as we told you last night the world health organization confirmed the country's first ebola case yesterday and today, that 2-year-old child is dead. and officials say it's likely she had many high risk exposures as she traveled from g you inea to mali. >> healthcare is at crux of protests in atlantic city
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tonight. workers of the trump taj mahal picketed against their employer over plans to scrap their medical benefits starting october 31. a federal judge approved trump request to terminate the contract with union just yesterday the casino investors said the taj mahal will almost certainly close. >> a strike vote is set for this sunday for members of septa largest up union. workers have been working without a contract since march. union leaders say they intend to keep working towards an agreement. if members decide to strike, a time and date could be set. septa spokesperson said they received no notice of work stoppage and continue to work at this moment towards a resolution. you can count on mild temperatures and sunshine for the weekend. things will get windy before the new workweek begins. but let's enjoy the weekend
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first. meteorologist adam joseph has more from the big board tonight. hey, adam. >> even with the winds the second half of the weekend will feel pretty nice out there temperatures above normal both days. what a rapid rebound from yesterday, 57 degrees was the high temperature below the normal of 64. and then we wept on flip side today norm of normal. well above it 6 degrees above normal. 70 where we hit in philadelphia. and now the winds have eased a bit since the last couple days. they're still out of the northwesterly direction a cooler direction and notice it is calm right now in the lehigh valley. ten miles an hour in wilmington and 6 in philadelphia and 7 in millville. we have another day or so with relatively light winds. then that will kick it up sunday after a cold front passes through. right now 10:00 we have this area of cloud cover that is drifting over the region. and but very light cloud cover that will continue to move on own skies clear out tomorrow. north and west tomorrow, sunny, nice, light preez, 67 reading
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and lancaster 65. above normal, sunny and warm, 65 west chester, philadelphia 6, 65 salem. middletown 67. and if you're lucky enough to be at the shore tomorrow, we'll have a land breeze out of the west, northwest with a lot of sunshine pleasant day 67 atlantic city and 65 in millville. brian when i come back we'll talk about the second half of the weekend and some of those changes come in in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. it was a packed house this afternoon about a major milestone of one of america's oldest schools. current students joined alumni and dignitaries to celebrate the 325 anniversary of pen charter. the school was founded by william penn back in 1689 and has distunks of being world oldest quaker school. former governor ed rendell was mopping those to mark the big occasion. as you can see, these kids are more than happy to celebrate. a full hour of "action news" continues with a unique
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charitable effort a union player wants to kick ebola in the butt a cause for funny name and serious intentions tonight. >> i'm dann cuellar. an 11-year-old with special needs has a lifetime dream to play high school football and that comes true. i'll have that story coming up. and dose of reality for pint size reality star, love or lonely her honey boo boo is pint size reality star, love or lonely her honey boo boo is going bye-bye.
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>> all across the region tonight kids are suiting up for a great tradition of friday night in fall. football games under the bright light. but at one game tonight the brightest light was focused on littlest player and for him it was a wish he can now say has been granted. "action news" reporter dann cuellar was there in ambler. meet kevin smith of lansdale with a lifetime dream. >> tell us about it. >> playing football. >> how long you have had this dream. >> since forever. >> but a rare seizure disorder has kept the 11-year-old from being able to play. >> we told him his whole life maybe some day and today is the day. >> for kids for wish program
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make a wish students at lansdale catholic high raised 11,000 for make a wish and were making kevin's dream come true. this week he practiced with the team and tonight he was going to be allowed to run a play at the end of the 1st quarter. >> it's been a great experience for everybody. it's touched everyone in the student body you. >> know it's not every night a kid gets a lifetime dream come true tonight kevin smith gets his are you ready is your heart pounding yet. >> yes. >> here we go. >> and then the big play [ cheers and applause ] touchdown ! >> good job, buddy. >> honestly folks it was priceless to be hon happened for kevin's triumphant moment. >> how do you feel now, kev. >> you did it. >> it was proudest moment.
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>> yes. >> it was. it was moment we always want. >> that image will never burn from my mind. >> it's unbelievable the compassion is contagious and it's our heart are overflowing it means so much. >> in ambler, dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> go kevin lxt love that story. think you will love this weekend. meteorologist adam joseph standing by at the big board with details on saturday and surprised the weekend is here adam. >> that it s it will be pretty flawless unless you don't like your hair messed up brian in the wind the second half of the weekend. keep his mic off. 59 in allentown. 58 reading. 61 right now in philadelphia. 51 millville. and your 60 at the boardwalk. beautiful pictures coming in on our social media pages. carp sthent one into my facebook page in horsham, pa of sunset this evening the brilliant reds and yellows and cirrus clouds that pulled through and sun
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longer wavelengths of light which typically give us orange and yellow on the rainbow spectrum during the evening because it's a long wavelength bouncing off the ice crystals and equally as beautiful with color this weekend, the fall foliage past peak in the poconos but to remind you from lehigh valley to philadelphia peaking this weekend and in southern areas give it one more week. satellite and radar we say good-bye to the low pulling away and grabbing decent amount of dry air and not much in the way of precipitation and clouds near chicago we acold front passing through late tomorrow night. and in fact, future tracker this is what we like to see on saturday. we're not showing one cloud early tomorrow morning in the afternoon at 3:00. still nothing to track. but as we get into the evening hours yeah a couple clouds come through. that say cold front and that cold front ushers in strong winds around on sunday. here is your weekend outlook for tomorrow. brilliant sunshine. very nice. slight breeze. above normal. at 68 degrees and then on sunday
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after that departing cold front, it's sunny. but it is windy. we're expecting winds on sunday of somewhere around 30 miles an hour on average, a touch cooler behind that front and normal at 65. if you want the 70s to return you really don't have a choice because it will happen. brian i'll let you know when is that the and look to the halloween forecast on friday. >> very good. adam, see you shortly. one of the philadelphia union launched a personal crusade against owe bowl awhich ravages the home country of sierra leone. michael lahood who plays for the country national team began an effort called kick ebola in the butt. here's how it works. partner gets to kick a soft soccer ball at your behind from five yards away. if he or she hits you you donate to doctors without borders. if he or she misses they donate. >> our point is are you willing to put your butt on the line for good of someone else or something else and in this case
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ebola. >> lahood says he hopes the k578 pain akin to ice bucket challenge will give country a reason to smile and have hope that a cure maybe is coming. let's kick its butt. >> time for sports. jamie apody. and ducis rogers live in the "action news" sports center hi jamie. >> we should do that brian i think that would be fun. i'm not good at soccer. eagles head to arizona to take on a cardinals team good against the run. top in the league. lesean mccoy took time out to attend emerge salon and boutique. and they were helping to raise awareness for breast cancer. he boys took time out and talked football. big game against a tough opponent. >> we have a tough game. they're good against the run. road trip, long flight. it was time to come home.
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>> that's for sure. the cardinals tough on defense against the run but also tough on offense. no question they have a very talented receiving core like larry/fitzgerald but espn analyst ron jaworksi talked to us about carson palmer. carson is property owe typical nfl quarterback you know where he'll be and launch point. he will be 7 or 8 yartdz behind center and that allows defense to zero in on it. they know where the target is. but x 7 or 8 yards behind center and go for it. they get to carson palmer and he has a tendency to rush flows and make mistakes. that being said, if he gets time in the pocket, and has ability to plant, step and throw pass rush will be critical in this patch-up. >> flyers took a huge hit on defense today. two actually. i'll explain that coming up two actually. i'll explain that coming up later
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health. that's what a new study out of the netherlands found. they performed two studies involving more than 200 college students and found hearing positive gossip about others can be motivating in their own lives and hearing about someone else's shortcomings may give us an ego boost. so good both ways. lovers of designer fashion listen up. another discount retailer opened in center city. shoppers were welcomed today for the first time. three floor store opened at the former gatsbys and it features discounts and earlier this week we showed you grand opening party for new york discount retailer century 1 which opened 8 and market. penns landing tonight it was no gamble just a good time. the organization new lease on life hosted the third annual casino night held at the independence seaport museum.
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by police after a toddler threw a fit open app airline flight and heart worming reunion two men that met in big brothers program met after 55 years apart and next breaking news shooting involving a 16-year-old boy. we are lear
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>> we begin tonight at 10:30
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with breaking news a 16-year-old boy was shot this evening in philadelphia's northern liberties neighborhood. it happened just before 9:00 along the 600 block of fairmount avenue the victim was taken to hahnemann hospital and we don't know his condition at this point. police are looking for two men who witnesses say ran from the scene. it is thought that they're in their late teens to early 20s buttock, we'll keep you posts as developments warrant here. the other big story following tonight on phl17 is deadly school shooting north of seattle. student at mary'sville pillcheck opened fire in the cafeteria killing one person and injuries others before taking his own life. >> information of possible shooting at the high school in cafeteria. >> that police scanner describing scene at maryville-pillcheck hospital a deadly day norm of seattle. >> a total of 6 individuals are involved. two deceased.
10:31 pm
one is male he was loan gunman and one is female. >> two victims now at a local hospital. the other two at hasher b. medical center in seattle. on the scene neil caroline ski says motive is unclear. >> were they targeted specifically that is something police here are still trying to figure out. eyewitnesss in law enforcement sources identify the shooter jaylynn fryburg. >> i hear four gun shots behind me. and i saw a gun pointed at this one table. >> the shooting leading to a school lockdown with students hiding huddled in classrooms and evacuated only after the threat is gone. >> shooter is down. >> and not before one female was killed for parents unbearable day. >> i did 100 miles on the freeway to get here. >> all the victims were under the age of 18 and they say the weapon used was acquired
10:32 pm
legally. i'm john for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> and new at 10:30 tonight a 15-year-old student at newark high school has been arrested for calling in a bomb threat. the school was evacuated this morning after a call stating there was a bomb inside that school, k-9 teams swept the area for explosives. two hours later students were allowed to return to class. that teen is charged with making a terroristtic threat. he has been released to his parents. >> well that hatchet attack on four new york city police officers is being called a terrorist act by a home grown radical. new york city police commissioner says the suspect dale thompson was a muslim convert that ranted on-line against america. he had no clear ties to international terrorism. thompson was killed by police and search of his computer revealed he looked on-line for organized terror groups, be headings and shooting in canada. one officer remains hospitalized
10:33 pm
from that attack last night. >> it is now official. the remains found last weekend in sir virginia are those of hannah graham. 18-year-old uva student disappeared last month. her parents released a statement saying they're devastated. jessie matthew has been charged in connection with hannah's disappearance. matthew was also charged earlier this week for a 2005 rain outside washington d.c. tonight a storied high school football rivalry was supposed to take place and the lights are dark. all day today students at central bucks west were processing the news that their school's football season was cancelled meaning no homecoming game against central bucks east tonight. that decision followed allegations of hazing and the district's he own investigation finding that several freshmen on the team were forced to perform humiliating act. today most students we spoke with were disappointed the decision and acts prompted it have affected them.
10:34 pm
>> for me this is to go to the game biggest of the year and find out it's cancelled is disappointing. i'm just a little angry at the people that decided to do tat stuff. >> every member of the coaching staff has been suspended for allegedly allowing that situation to spiral out of control. the american red cross is helping residents at 20 apartments after this fire. chopper6hd was over the scene in the 600 block of avalon dmort voorhees. the fire wept top three alarms before being brought under control. a few firefighters were treated at the scene for minor injuries and no residents were hurt. the cause of that fire is still under investigation tonight. former philadelphia mob boss joey merlino was headed back behind bars. merlino violated patrol by associating with a fellow convict in florida. malino is out on supervised release after a decade in prison. he has 30 days now before he must report back to prison for
10:35 pm
four months. >> all right. time once again for accuweather forecast. kind of a dreary week. nice friday. that was a taste of what is to come. >> perfect start to the weekend especially that midweek kind of mess that we had going on wednesday and thursday. right now as we look at sky6 not seeing that camera bounce around as winds calming and clear sky above. as we look at radar right now all is looking good. no precipitation that we are tracking tonight or for the next four and a half days. so that is even better news. and right now, 55 in pottstown. we have double nickels on the board for new hol land, martins creek, 50, chester 55, levittown at 57 aand to the south and east browns mills coming in 57. hammonton 52. bridgeton 51. hockessin warmer 58. boardwalk sea isle city not bad temperatures around 60.
10:36 pm
the storm continues to spiral and push north and east of philadelphia and that moves into the canadian maritime even northern at laptic taking clouds and wevring it. to the west you can see another front approaching chicago. just cloud cover with it. since that front is coming out of canada it is moisture starved. so for saturday, prior to that front. 68 degrees. yes it's still a little breezy. but a lot of sun. stays warm for this time of year. and as that front barrels through really not much with clouds late in the evening and behind that as the low develops a powerful low in north new england sunday and high pressure west the opposite forces in the atmosphere will send wind tunnel into effect northwest temperatures at 65. they'll be cooler on sunday with sunshine and in fact as we look at wind gusts by the afternoon hours 4:00, 30 miles an hour, allentown same for philadelphia, 34 millville and 36 in wildwood
10:37 pm
so. if you have to do some yard work raking leaves saturday is probably better day than sunday. because i know that ago vacation you get wind into a pile and the wind brings them back to where you got them from. breezy, 65 in allentown and if you're at the shore, look going there. if you'll be in and around philadelphia, or greater metro area. looking good with sunshine tomorrow above average temperatures topping off at 6 degrees. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, second half of the weekend we drop a little because the winds pick up and still bright at 65. sunday, seasonable open monday 64 degrees and then we jump again here on tuesday into the lower 70s with decent amount of sunshine. next front comes in wednesday afternoon with a few hours showers. warm at 74. we drop cooler on thursday, 64. dry and right now halloween not looking spooky at all. sun and clouds, temperatures
10:38 pm
right around average. >> great looking 7-day forecast. >> not bad. >> adam, thank you. little ghosts and gob lynn princesses took over streets of elsmere tonight the town held the spook tackular. you can see the kids dressed up and then they went trick or treating and loaded up on pretty sweet treats. think you can't make a difference in someone's life. then you got to see the story of two men reunited after 55 years and how big brothers program played important role in shaping their lives and what they taught each other still ahead. and next questions over faulty air bags and why more vehicles are not recalled because of it. what car makesers are telling drivers to do until the problem what car makesers are telling drivers to do until the problem is fixed
10:40 pm
10:41 pm
the numbers of cars affected by deadly air bag explosion is mrooning now. congressional officials say 30 million vehicles have faulty air bags and fewer than 8 million are recalled so far and they want that to change. all the recalls are in states that have prolonged high
10:42 pm
humidity. the air bags can explode with so much force that they shatter the inflator sending metal shards flying like sharp nel. >> the passenger side air bag is affected not the drivers. you can still drift car. you don't want anyone in the passenger side. >> some toyota dealerships cannot get replacement parts and instead they're disabling air bags and telling passengers to sit in the back in the meantime. four deaths and 100 injuries were linked to those detected air bags. >> well a man who drove his car into a ten commandment statue in oak of course city says satan made him do. it he also threatened to kill president obama according to the secret service. officials say the ten commandments will be repaired despite admitting that they want to get it removed from capital property. >> well, bad news for honey boo boo fans you will not see her or her family on television anymore. tlc pull the plug on popular reality show.
10:43 pm
they won't say why but it appears the reason has to do with mama june and not the pint size beauty queen. in a statement the network said the need to support health and ware fair of child stars. there is reports that honey boo boos mom is dating a convicted sex offender. she said she has not talked to the man in ten years and she would never put her four daughters in danger. >> you're never too old to tweet. queen elizabeth sent her first one today and we'll show it to you. >> and next 55 years since these two last saw each other and at >> and next 55 years since these two last saw each other and at the big brother program how ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪
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amazing price guaranteed for two years. sign up now and get $300 back with a 2-year agreement and as an extra bonus from verizon wireless, a free lg tablet, or up to $200 off any tablet. go to today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v km >> if ever you've given a moments thought signing up for big brothers or signature therz story might help you pick up the phone and make a call. today "action news" was invited to a special he ruinon between 79-year-old jerry brett and big brother gourd an meyers. they recall the last time they saw each other even though it was 55 years ago jerry's wedding. gordon says jerry's uncles were waiting at the door to thank him for the role he had in that young man's life. >> it's the first time i realized that i did make a difference in someone's life.
10:47 pm
>> gordon as i said, represented a role model of a man who had been educated, knew how to behalf in social situations, and who knew how to speak to people. and it was a beacon or something that i tried to develop over my own lifetime. >> two good men, one great program. gordon says anyone can make a difference in someone's life and as you saw, he should know. a big celebration tonight in center city the gift of life donor program celebrated 40th anniversary over that time there have been 36,000 transplants. gift of life helps coordinate them and offer support donors and their families. well, queen elizabeth september her first tweet today, did you get. it queen elizabeth, that's her, at british monarchy it said it
10:48 pm
is a pleasure to open the information age exhibition at the science museum and i hope people will enjoy visiting. elizabeth r.. the british monarchy account verified the queen did send that tweet herself and she also tweeted a picture. so there you go. time for sports once again tonight and yes the eagles will play again this weekend, jamie apody we missed them last weekend. >> we did i have to start following the queen. eagles set to take on the cardinals. eagles off a bye week and rested. mychal kendricks is questionable and sproles listed questionable for surprised. he thinks he will play good considering cardinals tops against the run. how about this? september are jason kelce is also listed as questionable. you think he would be out considering next week's game was possible return date from hernia surgery. lesean mccoy talked about what
10:49 pm
concerns him the most. >> the record speaks to itself. we have to go play our game simple as that. >> two top games in the nfc as of right now and felt step weeks of the season last week the playoff men tat tallty for us. >> herremans played a visit to emerge salon and boutique in upper darby tonight to raise awareness for breast cancer. flyers yes the flyers they calledp defenseman shane donebare from lehigh valley against detroit. that's because covert and mcdonald's will be out for a month with mysterious lower body injuries. coach had to do something because today's news left them with five healthy defensep mep. captain claude giroux trying to stay positive even though they seem snake pitted this season.
10:50 pm
>> definitely bad news like i said before people need to step up and people will. little challenge for us and looks like this team loves challenges. >> you go play. we have a good team. we play like a team. that's going to be the big thing playing like a team. >> good news vinny la calflerer is on the ice for the first time since his injury. it will take a few days to get back. he's shooting for next week. it's a week before halloween and sixers made casper waer disappear and in second around pick in 20 19 sixers start regular season thursday. jimmy rollings and -- were winners of baseball roberto clemente award. it recognizes those that contribute on and off the feel. j-roll was nominated many times and he's now been chosen.
10:51 pm
>> you want to win and it doesn't happen and you're like man you are let down because you understand the prestige that comes for the award and not for any other reason than to say i did something important in the game that had nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with helping others. >> an award meant for the good guys and jimmy is a good guy. >> philly in the world series tonight. >> timely. >> finally this year. >> been a while. >> missouri couple filed a complaint for front tier airlines they were mistreated because of the crying toddler. leo hasine said his family was on a flight home when 2-year-old sam had a meltdown. he put his son in lap and tried to comfort himch the flight attendant came by and understandably said sam had to be buckled in his own seat forte-off. problem is toddler kept on crying. >> she said well you know your son is too loud if you are not going to keep him calm in the next three minutes you will have to leave the plane. >> well sam calmed down but
10:52 pm
during the four hour flight started crying again when the plane hit turbulence and plane landed and police were waiting for the family. pilot claims he got police involved because they were verbally and physically abus - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready
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>> a up to open hawaii big island is in daipinger tonight a river of molten love ais traveling directly towards it and the lava is from the same
10:55 pm
powerful voll kapo that created the problem. it's equivalent of 6 football fields in two days fast moving and now one mile from the small town. bahoa 10,000 people live there and evacuations could be days away. >> check out this cool time lapse video of last night's partial solar eclipse. this is the show folks in denver, colorado got. not seven a chance to see this. people if central time sdhon best view. if you missed this one nasa says there will be more dramatic solar eclipse you have to be patient because that one is just about three years away so mark that on the calendar. >> three years from now. >> you have ever seen this one up fortunately no control of putting shadow right there. it's kind of cool so see. mark it down three years. i'll with ut it in my phone.
10:56 pm
>> fall foliage peak around the delaware valley this weekend. you may wanted to stay local mercer county park place to check it out or valley forge historical national park great place to take a walk or run. ridley creek state park as well. a mean hill if you want to do hill repeats in french creek state park you can walk there and check out cool place there's as well as horses. >> as we took look at day planner to tomorrow, sunshine, 50. 58 at 10 and jumping above normal in the afternoon between 6 a5 and 67 with pretty much full sunshine and a light breeze. no complaint for the start of the weekend whatsoever. >> all four parks you meng the beautiful. valley forge is five mile loop you. >> got it. >> and next year i'll get you to run it with me. >> all right i'll start practicing now. >> shake on it. >> glass of champagne sounds good right now. >> forget the cheap stuff hobb
10:57 pm
a glass from this bottle just sold at auction in london for $9,000. the champagne is 100 years old harvested in france during world war i 34-7b money from today's sale will benefit a war museum in london i'll shake on it. >> thank you for joining this. >> next april. >> "modern family" is next followed by friends. for shirleen alicott, adam joseph, ducis rogers and jamie apody, i'm brian taff, have a great night and great weekend. see you back here monday. great night and great weekend. see you back here monday. >> we'll bring our r
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
these ugly sweaters? it's just until grandma can see them. my neck hole is too small. mine's itchy. i'd rather be itchy than choky. come on, phil. hurry up. okay, here we go. connecting. [ muffled ] come in, florida! over! mom? dad? hello, phillip. [ chuckles ] all: merry christmas eve! merry christmas eve! a little -- little lower, dad. [ deeper voice ] merry christmas eve. [ chuckles ] thank you -- thanks for the sweaters! [ normal voice ] oh, you're welcome. you look beautiful in them, darling. hey, pops, here's the tree. and, uh, there -- there's the, uh -- there's the ornament you sent us. right here. right here. there are the stockings,