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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 8, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> sunday night. two americans are coming home tonight after being freed from a prison in north korea. philadelphia police hope you can help them catch thieves who robbed a school in olney leaving behind a disgusting display of vandalism. >> two violent crimes targeting temple students. investigators stepped up patrols in this north philadelphia neighborhood because last night two students were robbed and another was shot and it all happened on the same block. "action news" reporter kenneth moton was live outside detectives in spring guarden
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tonight. kenneth. >> reporter: walter, the temple student who was shot we're not releasing his name. tonight he walked out of the hospital on crutches. he was not ready to talk on ka ra but appeared in good spirits. >> "action news" was there as a 19-year-old temple university student was released from hahnemann university hospital. but nearly 24 hours after hes with shot during an attempted robbery. >> some cops came and dragged him out of the house and took him off in a police car and shut down the street. >> saturday night, west side 6 campus came increased security and patrols. friday night students were robbed and later 1 a.m. that shooting. both open the 1500 block of north 17 street. >> i'm really shocked. i feel like my bike was robbed from me and i think 2459 was the worst it would ever be on the block. everyone simd friendly. >> investigators the 19-year-old shooting victim and another male student were on the stoop outside a party at the off campus housing and a man ran up and said give me everything you
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got. and lifted his shirt to show off his silver hands gun. police say the victim tried to tackle him. the gunman was quicker. he fired once, striking the temple student in upper leg. >> my roommate thought they were gun shots like somebody fell on the table or there was a fight or something. oh, my god they're at it again you know? and then it got really quiet and the music stopped. >> the shooter was described as 35 to 40-year-old man, thin, 5' 8" wearing blue jeans red rode hoodie and beanie. another group of was robbed of cash and cell phones near off campus party. investigators are working to find out if they're connected. >> i have to be very aware. shop during the daytime now. >> i'm cautious. i'm going to keep doing what i'm doing. >> and first police and temple thought that gunman was somebody angry about not being allowed into off campus house party and central detectives were able to learn new information after speaking with victims, walter,
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reporting live in spring garden. kenneth moton, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you, kenneth. 18 people were out of their homes on this chilly night after a large fire in chester city. it started in the twin home on east 23 street at about 7:30 and quickly wentz to extra alarms. crews spent an hour getsing this under control. nobody was injured. but the red cross is responding to offer shelter for anyone who needed it. all right. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee joins us for the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> walt ter was not a bad start to the weekend. definitely cooler than average. all queue eight cross the region. as we look at wind chills ais ro the delaware and lehigh valleys. temperatures currently in the middle and upper 40s and when you factor in the wind chill it feels much colder, 42. and in philadelphia feeling like 3 in trenton and 44 current wind chill in beach haven. as you look at the wind chill in dover it feels like 36. here's satellite 6 and action
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radar you can see we have mainly quiet conditions and a the lo of clouds moving on in and this will be the case as we go through the rest of tonight. there's a cold front off to the north. that's where a lot of that precipitation will stay as we go into the overnight hours. clouds are stick around until we get into second half of the weekend. we'll talk about what is ha head. lots of clouds. mostly cloudy night w clouds ahead it will not be as cool tonight as last night. showers stayed to the north. and good news, sun returns for the second half of the weekend as it turns brighter. all the details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast sdmri didn't mind it. >> neem are did i. >> in less than three hours two americans will be back on u.s. soil after being held prisoner in north korea. matthew miller of california and kenneth bay from washington state were freed during a top secret mission spear headed by a top u.s. intelligence officer. miller was serving a 6 year prison term on supposed espionage charges and a mission
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fairy serving a 15 year sentence and freed after james clapper director of national intelligence met in the communist country. >> it's a wonderful day for them and their families. -- doing a great jock on what was obviously a challenging mission. >> clapper's involvement was highest level contact between the u.s. and north korea in many, many years. we'll have more on the release including family reaction coming up in the next half hour of "action news". back here a school in philadelphia has a lot of cleaning up to do before students return on monday. three they haves ransacked classrooms and got away with cash and supplies and defecated inside one of the rooms but not before surveillance cameras snapped clear photos of people behind us. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the latest. >> please say three men caught on tape are responsible for the vandalism and they of thousands
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of dollars of school sxliz at experia campus in olney. the best shot was of this man from two angles. they believe this man that got a good close-up could be in 20s or 30s. >> this is something that no one ever wants to see especially in school. >> early saturday morning maintenance workers discovered the mess including ripped apart rooms in main office and classrooms and fundraising money stolen from candy sales desktops were left empty after thieves took off with five computers and defecated and urinated on the floors of the school during their path of destruction. >> one office they actually went through and literally destroyed the cabinetry and paper everywhere. >> thomas garden is chief operating officer of this school and head start pre k program.
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every day they feed breakfast and lunch to 800 children. the kitchen was also vandalized and food stolen. dam estimated in the thousands. he is not angry he's sad and wants the trio caught. >> we know what good education can do for our kids. that's why we're here. when we see this we have to take action to try to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else. we have other schools in the neighborhood and don't want them doing the same thing to the other schools. >> schools officials will spend the weekend cleaning up and school will open monday. if you have any information you're urged to contact them. reporting outside of northwest detectives, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a long standing business in burlington county has been wiped out by fire. flames destroyed south jersey mowers off route 73 in mapleshade the company was in business there more than 30 years and one former employee came to see what happened and
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was shocked. >> it's heartbreaking to see all that and memories of everything go up like that. >> one of the owners lived inside a roma attached to the building she was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and expected to be okay. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> a delaware straight trooper suspended was charged with allegedly asoughting his wife. investigators arrested 39-year-old andrel martinez last night for domestic incident tuesday that allegedly took place in front of their son. martinez is charged with strangulation and unlawful imprisonment and other counts. he remains us is spended with criminal charges linked to a separate investigation. >> in burlington two teenagers are recovering from gun shot wounds. and investigators say one teen aimer was shot in the hand the other was shot in the league. both were expected to be okay. no arrests reported at this
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point former classmates from north philadelphia hop order a group of young men killed in the vietnam war 64 graduates and former students were killed fighting in southeast asia it was greatest loss for any one high school across the country. >> some ladies retreated to evening of glamour in center city inspirational gala was a chance for girls who foster cared to get decked out in new dresses and enjoy dinner at the academy of music this was arranged by td bank and loyal customer super mom herself valley crab. her huge family including several foster kids was featured on numerous news programs over the past few years. >> coming up on "action news" at 10, scotland yard says she stopped a not to kilt queen. more cars are being added that exploding air bag recall. we'll tell you which auto makers
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>> foyer suspected rear riingts were arrested during raids
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across new england. they wanted to stabt monarch this weekend. queen ease elizabeth is scheduled to make several public appearances in honor of army sis day. >> president obama announced nomination for next attorney general loretta lynch a federal prosecutor in new york. if confirmed she would be first african-american woman to serve as attorney general. she was replace ag eric holder. >> hopped aand nissan are adding more vehicles recalled for air bags that could explode and shoot shards of medical at passengers and air bags were manufactured by tacada. mostly southern states they were issued with humidity can cause inflate others to blow apart. 30 million cars could have the faulty air bags and less than a third were recalled. both tacata and happened aare investigated by federal authorities. >> good news now in the gas
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price department gas prices are falling and no sign of it stopping. prices down a nickel since last week. average per gallon in philadelphia was $3.02 and in delaware drivers paying 2.83 and in new jersey prices dropped to 2.72. gas prices declining now for 8 straight weeks and that trend is expected to continue as the cost of crude oil keeps dipping. >> time for a check of the aaccuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee is standing by the big board. >> we had a nice start to the weekends albeit on the chilly side. as you look at today's almanac we look at morning low 34 degrees and average for us this time of year is 41 today high climbed up to 50 nine shy of where we normally should be this time of year. and look at the numbers across the delaware and lehigh valleys and we're cooler than average. and we factor in the wind can
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chill feels like 4 2. reading 44 and trenton 40 along the dmooingt sea isle city 49. dover in the lower 40s. 37 there in millville here's what's going on in the big picture stormtracker 6 double scan radar 3d showing you a cold front lifting to the north you notice showers and snow showers across areas in the higher elevation of maine over new england and we have wet know smraikz as well moving across areas in upstate new york this is all in association with cold front lifting to the north there could be sprinkal round north of philadelphia and maybe in poconos. i think most locations tonight should stay dry there's a fair amount of cloud cover overhead we have the covered. future tracker showing 10:30, cloudy and with passenger of cold front you notice clouds sweep there north west to southeast direction 5:00 in the morning still clouds across south jersey. you wake up sunday and 9:00 in the morning it's mostly sunny
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start to the day. and with more sunshine overhead these temperatures rebound by sunday average. here's a call from accuweather tomorrow. clouds, giving way to sunshine. it's cooler than average. but a better day than today. remember we only climbed up to 50 today, tomorrow 5. allentown 5 4 high tomorrow in trenton 56. in atlantic city you'll max out at 59. coming up walter we'll take a clear closer look at the forecast and give you a preview of what you can expect next week tracking a big drop in temperatures midweek. we'll talk about those details in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. >> the cake boss is expanding empire joining us here notice delaware valley. the action cam is there as they welcomed first customers in marlton burlington youpty. the flag ship location is hoboken infeet urd on tlc show the cake boss. he hopes his new shop will become a local first for special occasions. >> we want people to come in
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here and feel like it's not old world bakery where you can get birthday cake every year and where you can actually see the bakers baking. >> all right. the 114 year old business has five locations across new jersey and two in new york. he told us the location in philadelphia is also in the works. >> thousands of boy scouts are doing their part in the fight against hunger. they went door to door today dropping off bags of food for families in need as part of scouting for food drive. this effort was organizeded in collaboration with the 29th annual 6abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive. last year this initiative gathered enough donations to provide more than 771,000 meals across the region. jeff joins us for the first check of sports after the break. and coming up later on "action news" at 10 while volunteers in the area get ready to help feed the needy a teenager from florida was making history and we'll tell you how many d
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>> runners tackled their ep durs durns in trenton. hundreds of runners braved bigger cold for more than 1 miles through trenton neighborhoods and ina cross the river into bucks county this event became a three year tradition meantimeville never auniversity said hundreds of athletes took part in display ofage let ache chiefments in variety of sports. 26th annual special olympics fall festival. 1,000 athletes, hundreds of coaches and 2,000 volunteers were on hand to enjoy this wonderful day. >> all right. time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is live at the "action news" sports center. hey, jeff. >> walter, flyers looking for fifth straight win tonight at home they get help, flyers defenseman returns to lineup of colorado. coburn playing a second game because of foot injury. one defenseman is back and they lose another. how about this. end of first.
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lieu flying into the board. he leaves with upper body injury. doesn't return until they do a power play. three seconds to go in the first. claude giroux. first of two goals the night. counts for three goals. five assists wayne simmons scores at well and fifth straight at home and emmanuel acho and casey matthews have the tough task of replacing demeco ryans. and carolina or ron jaworksi or more on what the birds are missing in ryans. >> i'm shaken by the loss of ryans. >> one guy flashing all the time and side by side with smin. and we avoid in that area i don't know who will step up and
10:23 pm
be the guy that gets the troops rallied. >> more of breakdown in phl17 8:00 during the pregame show and followed by eagles pan hers, monday night on phl17. college football including penn state big win. much more coming up in the next half hour. walter let's go back to the in the studio. >> a true sign winter is around the corner. thomas the tank and duck. flight teams inflated balloons for 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. new comeers will make their debut later this month. >> a welcome to chris kringle.
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inside a car designed we pto connect yous you love... to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> as you can hear crowds cheered as 19 story building
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came crashing down today. it was 4-year-old that pushed a button detonating explosives. it was a wish of his. this youngster is recovering after accidentally ingesting cleaning agent six months ago. this property will be louised to build offices and parking spaces where children's healthcare of atlanta. >> coming up inment next half hour of "action news" two americans are hours away from arriving on u.s. soil after doing prison time in north core he a what families are saying after learning their nightmare is over. and teenager who is doing charity work since elementary school organizeds a campaign that earned him a place in the guinness book of world records. we'll tell what you he did over guinness book of world records. we'll tell what you he did over the span of 24 hours.
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>> police in philadelphia are investigating whether two crimes against temple university restaurants relatesed. this 19-year-old student was shot in a leg during an off campus parties last night and meantime two girls were also robbed. both incidents happened on the 1500 block of north 17 street so. far no arrests have been made. >> and a trio of thieves left mark after robbing a school in olney. suspects were caught on camera
10:30 pm
while ransacking classrooms at esperia education campus. they got away with sxurz and supplies and cash from recent fundraiser and investigators say they even defecated on the floors inside the building. >> a philadelphia police officer is spending the night in a hospital after a fiery hit-and-run crash in grays per rerych the officer's cruiser collided with another car 28 and tasker. the patrol car erupted in flam s flames. and ran a passenger in the striking vehicle and also hospitalized. and endured non-life threatening injuries and endured observation and investigations. investigators in norristown are investigating a double shooting tonight. officers discovered two shooting victims 1,000 block of sweed street 7:30 p.m.. one victim was shot in the back and so far no word on suspect or motive in this case. >> great news overseas last two americans being held prisoner in
10:31 pm
north korea heading home. abc dan has more. >> sigh of relief for two american families. >> what was obviously a challenging miss. >> that mission to bring home kenneth bay and matthew miller after held in north korea bay for two years, miller for 7 months. on saturday, bay's sister expressed her gratitude saying i am thrilled to imagine hugging my brother soon. he'll not have to spend another day at labor camp. he cannot recover from this -- can now recover from this imprisonment and look forward to his wife kids and celebrating his life. this thanksgiving will be one we never forget. they follow release lasts month of jeffery foe an ohio residents detained 6 months accused with leaving bible in a night club.
10:32 pm
fau spoke in august. >> i apologize to the people of the government in united states for causing a headache. >> bay from a seattle washington suburb was detained in 2012 while leading a tour group north korea economic zone and sentenced to 15 years hard labor for alleged anti-government activities. miller who is from bakers field, california was serving a 6-year jail term on charges of espionage after he ripped his tourist fees at -- and demanded asylum. "action news" phl17. >> another sad update to last month school shooting in washington state. another teenage victim died from injuries. 15-year-old andrew fryburg died last night the fifth students that died as a rut of shooting at mary'sville pill chuck high school outside seattle october 26. he was last student still
10:33 pm
hospitalized. his cousin was shooter. jaylen fryburg died that day of self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> police in philadelphia hope you can find the woman in sent senior yety missing since tuxs the 36-year-old disappeared from her group home on the 100 block of ludlow street. april suffer from bipolar disorder and requires medication. she's 5' 5" gray jacket and dark pants when left and april frequents the area around the 1200 block of market street. please call police if you have information about this case. police in darby rushed to mercy fitzgerald hospital to afternoon where officials say a security guard was assaulted inside a emergency room. somebody visiting a patients was arrested. that person is expected to be charged with assault, harassment and making terroristic threats. no further information was released at this time. >> in delaware state troopers looking for the man that held up a gas station in nourk.
10:34 pm
the robbery happened last night at the exxon on 300 block of chapman road. investigators say the thief pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash and then ran off with an undisclose the amount of money. delaware state treerpz want to hear from you with any tips. >> a local high school senior is hoon oring war veterans in a wonderful way with new tribute in chester county. [ applause ]. >> 17-year-old cassidy england dedicated her project today at oxford area high school. the memorial recognizes more than 500 alumni that served our country with honor. they found names of all the veterans and researching herself over the past year. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. if you were in the sun today it was not bad at all, cold but not bad. >> cooler than average. lots of clouds moving in tonight walter because we're tracking front to the north. good news, skies brighter as we get into sundays and temperatures rebound too.
10:35 pm
what's going on sky6 live in hd gorgeous shot of center city sky line saturday night. fair amount of cloud cover as well. clouds dissipate as we get into the overnight hours. these temperatures, however, will stay out below average and good news it won't be as cool tonight as it was last night. and as we look at the accuweather live lineup we'll pop up stormtracker 6 radar and look at temperatures and will come up before they go way back down as we get to the middle of of n next week. things are dry and quiet. there say front and that will stay north for a good chunk of tonight. neighborhood numbers north and west of town in tanersville, 37, slatington, 38, upper 30s as well in fleetwood. 41 pottstown and down across septemberer city at this hour 4 1. chester 41. kennett square at 40. and down across new jersey ewing 39. browns mills also upper 30s. hammonton 35. glassboro 41.
10:36 pm
42 hockessin and 40 is the number in dover. when you factor in the wind chill however it's cooler. 37 poconos is current wind chill feeling like 42 and philadelphia wind chill in trenton of 36. and here's satellite 6 along with action radar you can see mostly cloudy skies from new england across much of the mid at laptic region as well. there's a cold fronts moving on through but not a lot of moisture associated with the fronts. you can seat precipitation for the most part lighting up north of our region moving across the eastern great lakes and up through areas of upstate new york in northern sections of new england. that's where precip stays for a good chunk of tonight. here's setup second half of weekend on sunday, lots of sunshine overhead, cold front moving offshore. temperatures climbing new normal with sun on the way by the afternoon and high temperature of 57 degrees. so really not a bad finish to the weekend. however, as we get into the middle half of next week and beyond watch what happens we
10:37 pm
have two arctic shot of air as we move through and jet stream lifts and drops north. much colder air across areas in great lakes and new eng lands and eastern half of u.s. by then thursday and friday, temperatures good ten toe 15 degrees below average. here's a call from accuweather for the rests of tonight. not as cloudy, still fairly cloudy not as cold i should say. 37 allentown and 41 trenton for the low and 37 for the low in cape may. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. sunny surprised, high temperature up to 57. seasonable start back to work monday. high temperature 6 0. eagles at home in prime time match-up le link as we take on the panthers by then. tuesday temperatures moderate veteran's day, up to 67. wednesday transition and 64 and much colder behind that front on thursday high temperature then just 46. 44 on friday and later in the week, next week i should say there's a storm that wants to develop off the coast so we'll
10:38 pm
have to track that closely for you. get ready for a big cool down as we get to next week, walter. you can hand it will. >> i guess so. >> thank you melissa. lady luck was in 3e7b pen sawk an tonight. a las vegas theme complete with charity and food. the south juries jury gala feet toord a silent auction. all the money raised may help feed nearly 200,000 families across the region. >> still to come on a, news at 10 a man in utah is his stepdaughter aers hero. we'll tell what you he did to stop the intruder that snatched her from her own bed and comedian andy dick in trouble with the law again. comedian andy dick in trouble with the law again. we have details merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast?
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>> during an event in berlin germany commorateing fall of berlin wall. and he said, the west is partly to plame for trying to dominate world events rather than resolve conflicts. and a than utah saved his stepdaughter's life after kid flapped her bedroom in the middle of the night. a complete straipinger broke into the family's home through a locked door and snatched a 5-year-old girl. fortunately her mom woke up and dialed 911 and her stepdad bolted outside and chased down intruder. he was able to catch the suspect
10:42 pm
and take back the little girl even though the suspect got away. investigators say there's no telling how this would have ended had her he parents not woken up seconds later. >> it's like 4 in the morning when this happened. and if they had not awakened 15 seconds later. >> good news 48-year-old troy morly was arrested after he broke into another house through a doggy door. he's facing a string of felony charges. >> a serial robner miami is arrested after a clerk called his bluff. that's because the gas station employee realized the thief was using a fake gun. he walked in waivering a weapon and what he cocked the gun the clerk could tell it was made of plastic. once he came to the realization he went after the man and chased him with a bat. he went after the man and chased him with a bat. they
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
>> a mother pleaing for help. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. >> betty fisher was not blind to her son's lifestyle.
10:46 pm
>> he had problems with couple fights he had out on the stree s streets. >>. >> on april 6, 2008 jamar and another individual were at the intersection of 8th andel until camden, which police say is a known drug area. at about 7:20 p.m. both were shot. >> it appeared at the time of investigation that both jamar and second surviving victim were struck from behind. >> other person shot who survived was not able to provide investigators with leads. a passing car was also hit by gun fire. there's another car struck that was just stopping at the stop sign. luckily, the people inside got minor cuts and bruises from glass. >> citizens crime commission is administering 1,000 dollar we ward for arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 2
10:47 pm
15-546-tips and all calls will remain anonymous. >> biggest obstacle we have is trying to get people to come forward. >> betty hopes to soon see justice for her son and finally have peace. >> i can't really go to a graph site i have no pictures in my house of him. >> for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thousands of people got their blood pumping early this morning in south philadelphia to support important cause. this was the american heart associationtion's 16th annual philadelphia heart walk. those that took part raised money and awareness in the fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke. 5 k started and ended at citizen bank park. >> a new playground walnut street elementary in darby was named after a teacher battling cancer. richard keerny known as rick, the playground was dedicated earlier today and in 7 months his students raised 45,000 to
10:48 pm
make this project a reality. >> meantime a crusader made history today and he's only 16. zach bonner coordinated world's largest food drive. by noon today this teen:00 a.m. area long with several organizations from the tampa bay area collected more than 566,000 pounds of food. that shatters the previous world record title of 559,000 pounds and all donations came in within a matter of 24 hours. and this effort involved hundreds of volunteers under the supervision of a high schooler. upwards of pure joy and excitement. this project is literally months and months in making. and a lot of teamwork and collaboration between a lot of different people. and coming together over the last 24 hours to brave the world record. it's amazing. >> meantime zach actually has quite a list of accomplishments under his belt. when 7 he formed little red
10:49 pm
wagon foundation to help homeless youth and walked more than 4200 miles across country to raise awareness about that program. how about that? >> time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here with information about the flyers. >> yes, bad information regarding defenseman more issues for the blue liners boy is it back to be a flyers defenseman these days. from chemo to andrew mc donald they all missed time for different reasons even minor leagueers gone down. shane godspare out with torn acl. they gecko burn back against colorado and lose another end of the first. luke shen hit from behind by nathan mc kinin and leads to power play three seconds to government claude giroux. flyers take 1-0 lead minutes into second period.. flyers top line again on power play that is wayne simmonds. this team leading 7.
10:50 pm
2-0 accounts for three goals, five assists tonight. later in the second giroux again. later in the game, flyers up 4-0 and they hang on by skin of teeth the ones they have left. flyers out shot by 15 in the third and hang on to win 4-3. fifth straight w at home. >> woor a good team. we're starting to play like it. there's positive things to build off. >> every team you have a home gape you want to play your best and work on your game. i think we did a good job. >> moving on to football. former eagles defensive coordinator shawn mcdermott returned to the link monday night with one goal in mind to shut down mark sanchez and eagles high flying offense most points in nfc.
10:51 pm
defense has things to figure out. casey matthews and emmanuel acho phils the void left by demeco ryans. birds say they cannot put too much pressure on themselves to pick the slack leftly the leader tackler. >> if there's any more responsibility added on to me i think it would be to make sure you keep everyone calm and collective and make sure we all play good ball. i'm not putting too much fresh europe on myself. >> it's our job to now pick up the burden you know what i mean increase the workload in film road and in weight room and increase workload everywhere as long as we're in building to execute for demeco he's doing the best of what he does in the league. >> and after practice, we caught up with guard evan mathis at the key on the boulevard northeast. mathis as you can imagine pumped to play since week one he's been out with a knee injury and his daughter looked excited as well. eagles panthers on phl17 monday
10:52 pm
night coverage starts at w8 pregame show and followed by game monday night. college football penn state cannot be in the best state of mind lately after a 4-0 start. lions lost four straight and find themselves today trying to end their longest losing streak in a decade. things have been sloppily for penn state. james franklin falling all over the place as he tries toy chest bump players in indiana. 2nd quarter down 7. bill bell fron sicklerville stays on his feet. 92 yard touchdown. longest returning td in penn state history. we're tied at 7. now penn state would take the lead on field goal in the third and they protect if they're ranged in the top ten in country for a reason. they old indiana 68 passing yards and wertman takes off in second penn state picks up first win in 7 weeks. 13-7 final and four-game losing streak is over. ville never abouncing back from first loss since august. tonight against you to son cats
10:53 pm
go wild. rushing for over 10 0 yards, 'nova wins 42-14. penn and princeton playing since 1876. 1876! benn ball at the two. alex fumbles and ut, oh dorian williams returns 85 yards with penn 10. penn losses 22-17. they lost 7 of 8 starts this season. things are not going well for the quakers. >> a saw them play in 1976. >> 1876. >> oddly enough. >> okay. thank you. >> on the "people scene", andy dick is in trouble once again. comedian is out tonight on 25,000 bail. police in los angeles say dig was arrested on suspicion of felony grand theft overnight. there are reports he stole a man's necklace lasts week on hollywood
10:54 pm
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>> time for a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> sun returns and temperatures rebound. we show you the day planner, 7 a.m., 48, clouds to start. clouds giving way to sun by the afternoon. sunny and 52. 58, 1:00 and 55 is the number at 4:00 in the afternoon and meteorologist chris sowers will have the latest tomorrow morning here on 6abc. >> okay thank you melissa. >> the rest of the "action news" team will be on 6abc tomorrow morning starting at 6.
10:57 pm
famous film director tv ear griz creator and artist new exhibit at the pennsylvania academy of fine arts examines legacy of david lynn. 6abc loves the arts has behind the scenes look. that and more starting 6 a.m. tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> thanks for joining us tonight tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> thanks for joining us tonight on "action news" at
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