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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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tuesday night, we've got latest in the crash of a school bus that put that reek will on its side today. and eagles quarterback mark sanchez keeps his promises, this one involves a cheese stake and fans in the right place at the right time. but big story on "action news" is search for who killed a father of a l.a. lakers star from philadelphia wayne ellington was a high school tan out before going to the nba. tonight laker and his family are mourning his dad in the city where he lived and died. ellington spoke to "action news" reporter sharrie williams tonight live from germantown with the big story
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now, sharrie. >> reporter: brian, speaking with the family they simply say that they are shock and saddened and they are looking for answers. they described this mr. ellington as a man loved his family, and they want justice. >> just does president feel right tonight. >> reporter: wayne ellington reflects on the text message he eaved right before his nba game sunday from his biggest fan, his father, wayne ellington, senior. after his game the lakers guard got the worst news ever, his dad had been fatally shot. >> i'm just devastated. son loses his father, it is very tough. unbelievable. >> reporter: philadelphia police say ellington, senior was found inside his car with the bullet wound to the head. it happened in the 5200 block of marion street. police rushed him to the hospital, where he died, homicide detectives are
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investigating it as murder. ellington, junior was a stan out ball player at episcopal a academy high in merion the hometown hero went on to north carolina to play before being drafted in the nba. he is home now on leave, grieving with his family. >> i was going to come out earlier. philly is not had big of a place. people talk, you know. something will come out. whoever did this, they are going to get their, what they deserve. >> reporter: his family is looking for answers, and so is the philadelphia police department. they say at this point they do not have any witnesses or suspects. they are still working this case. of course, if you know anything they are hoping to hear from you. live from the germantown section of philadelphia, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right sharrie, our thoughts go out to the family, thank you. delven barnes is back in
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philadelphia to face federal charges in the violent abduction. the fbi drove him up from virginia where he was charge with the kidnapping and rape of a 16 year-old girl. these authorities gave him to the feds here, to first the the abduction of carlesha freeland gaither snatched off the street in germantown last week. carlesha has been in seclusion with her family since she was rescued in maryland. barnes has a hearing scheduled for tomorrow. crash between a bmw and school bus ended with a a bus on its side, and several people were injured. collision shut downstate highway 206 in princeton, but the the bus driver and the teachers aid and 16 year-old student on board, the bus were hurt but have been treated and released from the hospital. the 26 year-old driver of the bmw was able to walk away with minor injuries. police have not said whether they plan to issue any summons in this investigation. well, we could not have asked for a better november afternoon n fact, still warm out there right now as we look live through skies six over
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center city sky lines but get ready, fog and drizzle are moving into parts of the area tonight. melissa magee is at the big board with her first word from accu weather. >> hi there brian you cane that fog working its way down the shore. sky six live in hd giving you a shot of atlantic city. hard to make out the boardwalk here because low clouds, mist and drizzle are tart go to move in. as we look at visibility across the delaware and lehigh valleys that is where we have the concern along the coastline. we are down to a mile in beach haven, quarter mile as far as visibility for atlantic city and wildwood. inland not bad, clear conditions for philadelphia, but the concern with an easterly wind that will continue and on shore flow overnight, we have a dense fog add advisory. owe that dense fog advisory stays up until 10:00 a.m. on wednesday. visibility could be reduced to a quarter mile and mainly for new jersey and all of delaware and some of those fog concerns could spread inland as we get in the overnight hours and as
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you wake up tomorrow morning. here's the call for the morning rush, areas of fog, patchy drizzle, 6:00 a.m. 65 degrees. 8:00 a.m. that temperature in the upper 50's. we have if you go to contend with early tomorrow morning. big weather story in the headlines. you can see it across the eastern half of the u.s. looking off to the north and west, 33 in chicago. twelve in bismarck. 21 degrees in omaha, nebraska. we will tap in the piece of this intense, cold, and arctic air that will, come our way for end of the workweek. we will talk about those details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast. thousand back over your way. we might be dealing with a little rain and fog but as melissa just touched on it is not anything close to this. this is last weeking havoc across the upper midwest these days. temperatures are dropping. and, so is the snow. abc news brandy hip, reports. >> reporter: slipping and sliding into winter, early.
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a bitter cold storm is slamming the upper midwest, causing nearly 500 crashes in minnesota alone including this big rig that barreled into a state trooper a's patrol car. >> how anyone walked away from that is nothing short of a miracle. >> reporter: look at this time lapse video. thousands are now trying to dig out from under more than a foot of snow. tractor trailers unable to move on the ice, and dozens of flights, delayed. with crews deicing planes in denver where tuesday's high temperature reached a record low of 16 degrees. watch as this forecast a shows the cold blast moving south, dropping temperatures tomorrow morning, by 30 degrees in cincinnati, nashville and jackson. >> arctic air that will head all the way down into texas by middle part of the week. >> reporter: some embracing the season's first big chill. others not quite ready to dust off their winter wardrobe.
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fire fighters in wyoming say early snow has helped them put out a raging wild fire but different story for corn farmers in the midwest. the the snow may delay their harvest. brandy hip, abc news, los angeles. new york city is ebola free. with that there are no cases of the illness in this country for now. doctor craig spencer was the last american treated for the illness in the states and he has been released from the hospital. he told reporters today that early detection and treatment were keys to his recovery and he asked for everyone to remember that the fight against ebola wages on. >> it is important to remember that my infection represents butt but a fraction on of the more than 13,000 reported cases to date in west africa. the center of the out break where families are being torn apart and communities are destroyed. >> doctor spencer a says his case speaks to the effectiveness of protocols in place for health care workers
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who treated ebola patientness west africa. philadelphia police are now identifying the the man they say drove his estrange wife's car in the delaware river yesterday. investigators say 49 year-old john crammer is wanted for several charges associated with that incident. and for violating an order of protection obtain by his wife. paris going through a divorce and she tells "action news" that crammer texted their daughter yesterday as he left court and told her about his plans to sink the corvette. >> he aid when i'm finish here what is what i will do. he texted my daughter and said you have two minutes and then he texted back and say it is done, lol. >> police recovered the car in the river after a three hour salvage operation. crammer has in the yet turned himself into police. his wife told us she now fears for her life. tonight science had a date with the scientists at franklin institute n honor of the last science after hours of the season people were invited to indulge in all
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things guilty from sweet concoctions and cherry, chocolates, to sweet lips, how toes to making lip gloss. there was something for everyone's fancy. science after hours return with the new line up in february. and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten tonight anxiety is growing over a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. the governor there announced a plan today. season for outlet shopping but do some stores offer better deals than others. go saving with six abc tonight. also mark sanchez, the cheese stake craving heard around the world came at the delight of fans after last night's eagles win. and on this veterans day we honor those who have served in the united states military, take a look at our wall there, amazing pictures and we thank you all for your services. deciding between buying food and health care
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no one knows exactly when grand jury will announce its decision in the killing of michael brown but officials in missouri say that they want to be ready for whatever happens when it does. the unarmed teenager was shot by a police officer and grand jury must deidentify whether
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they should charge that policeman. in the event of the grand jury's decision prompts unrest missouri's governor say state highway patrol, st. louis county and ferguson police will work as one command to secure the area and he is prepared to use the the national guard if necessary. grand jury's decision must be revealed by january but could come this month. incredible one here, a four year-old child survives falling 230 feet down a sea side cliff in northern california. he was on a outing with his family when all of a sudden there was no sign of the boy. coastguard later spotted him on the beach. two paramedics repelled down with the rescue basket to get to him. he was awake and crying once they reach him. the child is in critical but stable condition tonight. it is time for the the accu weather forecast. we have to enjoy these mild temperatures while they last. >> they will not last long. meteorologist melissa magee in for adam tonight with the big details of the cool front
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coming. >> get ready for drat particular drop in the temperature later this week but in the midterm enjoy what you can of wednesday before that cold moves on in. high today in philadelphia, 70 degrees. average for this time of the year is 58, keep in mind today's high was just 4 degrees shy of our record of 74. setback in 2006. outside tonight these temperatures for the the most part are in the 50's and they are not going to drop off too much for where they are currently as we get throughout the overnight hours. fifty-eight in philadelphia allentown 50. reading 61 degrees. sea isle city 58. 56 degrees as well, in dover. now you mark our mild air with the conn krasting temperatures in the mourn plains. 2 degrees in bismarck. single digits there. billings, montana 3 degrees and just single digits right now in denver, colorado. this area has seen 2 inches to more than a foot have of snowfall. well, hold off on the snow just yet but we are tracking this arctic air that will work its way eastward as early as
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tomorrow night. more specifically on thursday. you can see what is heading our way. satellite six with action radar shows you we have a cold front stretched out across the great lakes down through ohio valley and behind that is where we have arctic air that will eventually work its way in the eastern half of the u.s. also down to the south we are tracking low pressure w that low pressure tonight we are tapping into an on shore flow, east southeasterly wind which is why we have a concern with some mist and drizzle and some fog as we get into the morning commute. so once again we will take a look at future tracker six showing you the overnight hours mostly cloudy. as you wake up tomorrow morning and keep in mind we have a dense fog advisory down across south jersey and also into delaware and some of that fog could spread inland, across 95 corridor early tomorrow morning. so areas of fog, to deal with, patchy drizzle as well. 6:00 a.m. 55. fifty-six at 7:00 a.m. upper 50's where we will be as far as that temperature is concerned at 8:00 o'clock on
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wednesday morning. here's the call from accu weather as we get in the afternoon hours. cloudy start but sunny finish. get out and enjoy the the warmth. 68 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow. sixty-six in trenton. sixty-three in allentown a long the coast from toms river all the way down to cape may, temperatures will be holding in the upper 50's. so enjoy it today and enjoy it for rest of tomorrow before that cold arctic blast moves in and we will talk about how low these numbers drop with that full, exclusive accu weather forecast. >> as temperature limbo coming up. >> yep. >> night of music in the nation's capitol helped cap off veterans day observances in a big way. >> ♪ america, america >> got to love that, that is zach brown band singing a tune just right in this patriotic day. all-star cast came out for the
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concert for valor on the national ball, singer jennifer hudson was there with a list of top tear entertainers, they all had the same purpose, raise ago wear necessary for issues affecting our nation's military veterans. a wreath laying ceremony marked this service for korean war veterans in port richmond. ceremony honored first men from pennsylvania who were killed in action during the so-called forgotten war. >> ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ >> the battleship new jersey hosted a veterans day ceremony this morning and tossed a wreath in the delaware river and fired the soluting gun to mark the occasion. veterans were given free admission on the battleship new jersey today. they have a wonderful, fitting tribute. >> well, no one would have guessed it a few months ago but eagles fans are singing the the praises of one mark sanchez. >> ducis rodgers is live in the "action news" sports center. ducis, there is a lot to celebrate in last night's win. >> he looked very good last
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night. mark sanchez knew in order for eagles to be successful he needed to take care of the football. he did judge that. no interceptions. two touchdowns in the easy victory over carolina there is no need to worry about the the backup. sanchez, making his first start in two years threw for over 300 yards, after the game, he celebrated by looking for cheese steaks. >> mark, i want you to have my cheese fries. >> unaudible. >> it wasn't shaking hand and kissing babies, well, a little bit but sanchez is winning over the people, he stopped by both pat's and geno's to get a taste of philadelphia we caught up with sanchez today, he said he enjoyed his night. >> fans are great, you know, after a big win like that especially with the team playing so well as a whole, that was big time. steaks were great too.
10:19 pm
first time, fun. >> what did you like better pat's and geno's. >> they are both good, i don't want to pick. they both treated me great and the food was awesome. >> a future in diplomacy. ahead next half an hour temple coach matt rule thoughts on facing his alma matter penn state. thoughts on facing his alma matter penn state. more n
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on health check at ten medicaid recipientness pennsylvania can expect changes with benefits january 1st. department of public welfare announced it is overhaul medical coverage plans, pending federal approval. it has not released the exact changes but a spokeswoman says hundreds of thousands of adult enrollees will be sorted in to one of two plans, the correspondence bet administration says plans will save money and simplify the current line up of 14 plans. governor elect tom wolf opposes the changes. if you want long lasting weight loss and improvement to your health you won't get it from commercial diet plans. that is bottom line of the
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hello again. thanks for joining us at 10:30. here are the stories making headlines. a man murdered on sunday in philadelphia was a father of wayne ellington sr. was shot sitting in his car. they have not made any arrests. wayne has taken indefinite leave of absence. it shutdown highway 206 in princeton after school. they are not planning to issue an summons this this investigation. parts of the michigan and wisconsin are buried under snow. it's bringing snow and cooler
10:30 pm
temperatures. we are in for chilly weather later this week. >> on this veteran's day we pay tribute all the brave many women that have fought in the name of our freedom. they have pictures of their loved ones that served in branches of the military. to each of these men and women we give unending thanks. the police have given families cause for celebration. they say that they got the man that has been vandalizing veteran's gravesites. here is the suspect. 20-year-old anthony carter. he vandalized gravesites on five occasions in two different cemeteries. rosedale memorial and roosevelt park. american flags used to mark veterans' graves were set
10:31 pm
ablaze. they got d.n.a. from a handle. they spotted carter walking through a cemetery late at night. he agreed to give a sample. the results just came in. >> the fact that he was arrested on veteran's day was an accident. the fact that the d.n.a. came back this week is a good ending to this very sad case. >> carter will be charged with arson and institutional vandalism. he is a young man set on making mischief. it denigrates the many women like this. you can keep your stories coming us to. post your pictures on social media and use the #6abcvets. . a woman got a surprise today. a week and a half ago christie
10:32 pm
mamalory's car was towed way. she got a reduced bill for the towing. it was not under warranty. christie's husband is in training at fort benning. >> it's life saving and -- >> christie is thankful for the kind gesture. >> a 20-year-old man was shot in wilmington. the police are still looking for the shooter. the victim was found at the home of the 1100 block of west 11al 1 street. he was shot in the hand and had surgery. an autopsy is on a body
10:33 pm
found in wilmington neighborhood. it happened at new castle avenue before nine o'clock this morning. the victim is believed to be 40 or 50 years of age. they are calling his death suspicious. >> a trooper alex douglass was transferred to the hospital for special surgery specializing in orthopaedics. they were ambushed back in september. dickson did not survive. douglass was shot in the hip. they are trying to figure out if the fire at six flag was intentionally set. there were flames inside of an animal enclosure. two antelopes escapes.
10:34 pm
they battled seven brushfires outside of the safari area. it's time to look at the accuweather forecast. do a little shopping if you want to, as well, guys. we are tracking issues for the commute tomorrow morning. we have a lot of low clouds and fog developing. we will show you the current visibilities down at the shore. toms river a quarter of a mile. same in wildwood. the visibilities will be reduced tonight. we have a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. the advisability is down to a quarter of a mile. give yourself extra time tonight and tomorrow morning. some of the moisture could move inland along the i-95.
10:35 pm
fleetwood is 55. the upper 50s in quakertown. 56 degrees. keep in mind that the philadelphia international the high is 58. the numbers are closer to daytime highs. it's about ten o'clock hour tonight. and browns mills 55. upper 50s in sea isle city. we have a cloudy sky. an area of low pressure to the south. the low pressure staying to the south, you are picking up the flow. we are tracking the cold front. this is the cold front that we were talking about the one you need the winter coats and jackets in the wake of the passage. the cold air is moving eastward. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 60s and 70s with the
10:36 pm
colder air lagging behind. we are going to get into the 40s with the arctic blast of air moving eastward. check out of the wind chill numbers as you wake up friday morning. most spots will be of in the 20s when you factor in the of the wind chill. the arctic blast moving into the delaware and lehigh valleys. here is the exclusive seven-day forecast morning drizzle. high temperature up to 68. on thursday, brisk and chilly. a high up to 49. on friday, breezy and cold. 45. wind chills on friday morning in the 20s. saturday it's bright, bitter. a high of 44. on sunday a high of 46 degrees. you have to watch the coast closely. there could be evening rain if not snow.
10:37 pm
on monday a gradual clearing high of 46. the cold sticks around. the coldest so far this season with a high of just 40 degrees. enjoy the mild stretch. get ready for the 40s and wind chills, guys. >> we don't want to go it unnoticed that it's your birthday. a package of m & ms. i like that thank you very much. a soldier will be memorialized in bronze.
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hefrin was memorialized. usher is having a concert tonight. shoppers got a surprise. a man was stuck inside of a wall screaming for help. how he ended up there. what the state of new york found when it looked into the death of comedian joan rivers.
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in new york city the search is on for two people that robbed a jewelry store. it happened less than a block from the route of the veteran's day parade. they were in a store and demanded jewelry. the owner was pistol-whipped in order to open up the safe. a man was stuck inside of a wall at the marshalls' store. he may have been there for days. the guy crawled through a vent on the roof and somehow got stuck inside. he was screaming so loudly that
10:42 pm
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sales are expected to top $40 billion this year. which stores offer the best bargains. nydia han has the answers. >>reporter:to help you [♪ bagpipes playing ♪] the best deal. consumer reports have ranked stores on value and quality. >> who doesn't like a great deal. >>reporter:those surveyed found super value at hager, oshgosh and you may not know this. these days most merchandise are made for the outlets. is it the same quality? the coach store carries this [♪ bagpipes playing ♪]. >> a fine bag has as flat
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phl17. >> the retailers are holding a presale the day before thanksgiving. online shoppers will be able to access bargains before the stores open at 6:00 that evening. 2 hours earlier than target opened last year. they have nothing on singles day. it's celebrated every november 11th in china. the biggest e-commerce company alibaba spend $6.3 billion in 15 hours. to put that in perspective only $3 billion was spent in the united states in the four days between black friday and cyber monday. so a big day of shopping in china. well, a new company is trying to capitalize those that
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love sriracha hot sauce so much. it holds a gallon of the hot sauce. customers have to fill them up on their own. it's eliminating the fear of being caught without your favorite hot sauce. if you know me, you know that i love hot sauce. so -- sriracha to go? christmas is coming. that is the gift that i love. that is a stock caing stuff. i'll get it for you. you cannot write a better script for mark sanchez. he helped the birds run to at victory 7-2. sanchez was hungry. >> have a cheese streak. >> no, no, no. yeah.
10:50 pm
[talking over each other] >> a little pumped up there. after the victory sanchez hit pat's and gino's. he was a man of the people. he talked about his night in south philadelphia. >> the fans were great. after a big win like that the team playing like a hello. the steaks were great too. that was the first time. >> what did you like better pat's or gino's. >> i am not going to pick. i had both. the food was awesome. >> the eagles team was honoured at the david scholarship foundation. he was injured at the time. he still wonders what might have been. >> we have a pain in our hearts we didn't win the super bowl.
10:51 pm
that is why we played. >> you and three million other fans. >> there has to be more. oh. to this day. >> to this day? >> yeah, it hurts. >> temple faces penn state. it's not homecoming it will be for temple's head coach. he played back in the the mid 90s. as you expect from the the head coach he is downplaying the significance of his return. >> you know i don't know how he will feel when i get there. right now, it's all about this week. for me it's all about today and what we are getting done today. it feels like any other game right now. >> the flyers have hit a giant hole in their schedule a full week between games. they will not play until friday. that leaves a lot of time to practice.
10:52 pm
the flyers wilmington tr will te any momentum. >> we played very good hockey games the last three games. and you know, there is some mistakes that we can clear up. that is what we are going to do in practice. it's a lot of fun. it's going to be big. >> a special stree treat for a e flyers' fan. the bloomsberg student was in a coma. he was attacked. he was out the rehab and with players. >> the ground opened up and swallowed a car. >> it was a strong noise. i look, it was my car it was
10:53 pm
tilting by one side. that hyundai a was swallowed in minutes. she grabbed everything and ran. it's a 10 feet hole that opened up yesterday is still growing. 30 feet away another hole has appeared. 30 feet away another hole has appeared. there is
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melissa magee has a final check with the accuweather. as you wake up tomorrow morning fog to contend with. the planner is showing you in a philadelphia mostly cloudy, fog and drizzle. 10:00 a.m., 61 degrees. in the afternoon hours we have plenty of sun. breeze. 1:00, 66. and 64 is the number at 4:00 in the afternoon. one more mild day. david murphy has more on 6abc. thank you, melissa. check out of the big cat at the zoo. it's the first time that the african lion joined the rest of the family in public. the four cubs were born in june. it took the dad a bit of time to get used to the big family.
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for shirleen allicot, melissa mcgee, i am brian taff. have a great night. we are back here tomorrow night.
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