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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 22, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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saturday night, i'm walter perez. in the news a police officer is struck and injured by a car driven by a shooting suspect. so far mayfair tire slasher is arrested again following a similar incident in his new neighborhood in philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" tonight is new information about a fast moving fire in montgomery count that i claimed the life earlier this morning. it happened at brook wood condos on the 300 block of green meadow lane just before 4:00 a.m. tonight a family is grieving loss of the young man as neighbors are left looking for a new place to stay. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live near the scene tonight with much more,
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kenneth. >> reporter: walter, just last night victim was spending time with his brothers and friend before he came home, but what happened, after that? tonight family members and neighbors are still waiting to hear what caused this destructive fire. saturday night more questions than answers as people drove by and saw aftermath of the fire that destroyed this horsham condominium. inside a fire fighters found body of the man family members believe is their loved one, 27 year-old kevin hominger. >> he was good pitted and always saying hi. >> reporter: call for fire fighters came in at 4:00 a.m. on green meadow lane inside brook wood condominiums. massive fire was on the second floor. john knoll and his girl friend were directly underneath it. >> there was no smoke in our apartment but we could smell something was off. once we got out of the bedroom and looked up the sky was orange. >> reporter: it took fire fighters two hours to get this scene under control. they thought everyone made it out safely but while they were clearing debris they discover
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the badly burned body. the medical examiner is still trying to make a positive identification, and saturday night, family members of this young father told "action news", that they already know the outcome. he grew up in horsham omega plains repair. the his brothers including a twin, say he a had only been renting this condo for less than a year. >> it is so unfortunate because he was so young. i'm very sad for him and his family and very unfortunate. >> reporter: we found other renters who were thankful and back in their homes trying to sal rage whatever they could. >> more than thankful that my son and i got out but, it is tragic. i mean, it is scary. >> reporter: red cross is helping four families tonight, there was heavy smoke damage to several homes. the victim's family says he was the fat are of a five-year old boy, he loved deeply. once again this fire is still under investigation, walter.
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reporting live here in horsham tonight kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> thanks, kenneth. a police officer in philadelphia is in stable condition at hahnemann hospital tonight. he was hit by a car, while responding to a call in kensington. it happened on the 2300 block of north fair hill street. authorities say that the officer found a 25 year-old shooting victim in the middle of the road there. he heard the initial commotion and then ran outside. >> he hot a couple of times. he shot a couple of times. >> reporter: what was he saying? >> he wasn't saying anything. he was just laying there. >> reporter: was he moving or no. >> he was moving report. >> when the officer tried to stop the suspect that suspect tried to hit him with the car. the us peck then took off, but was later arrested on the 100 block of west cambria street and now being questioned. shooting victim is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds at temple university hospital no word what prompted the shooting. in delaware county authorities are investigating an early morning home invasion
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in upper darby this was the scene at 1:00 a.m. inside a home on the 6600 block of church lane. the home owner called 911 and reported two men, dressed in black, who forced themselves inside of the house and stole cash. nobody was injured. meantime this is the second time this same house was targeted, for a home invasion. thieves took a safe during the first home invasion which occurred back in april. a man led philadelphia police on a chase through two counties and "action news" was there as all ended in south philadelphia. authorities say that it started in darby township when a man driving a van was being pulled over but refused to stop. police officers then followed him to delaware avenue and reid street where he was taken into custody. it is still not clear why the man tried to pursue police in the first place. david toledo, so call mayfair tire slasher, is under arrest once again after allegedly doing the the same thing in his new neighborhood in oxford circle. detectives started the investigation a along the 1600
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block of creston street have after receiving a bunch of complaints. early wednesday morning two septa employees say they saw a man place a mouse trap filled with nails in front of the car tire parked nearby. toledo was quickly identified as suspect and was arrested at his home. toledo is currently serving two years probation for a string of tire slashings in mayfair two years ago. trump taj mahal casino is offering a olive ranch to the workers n a last ditch effort to try to keep casino opened. trump resorts has offered to reeven state health insurance coverage for employees for at least two years but only if the union drops its appeal of a court order, canceling the pension plan and benefits. the casino's slated to close next month but the company president says if the union drops its appeal, the the taj will stay opened. turning to the weather. get ready for mild sunday. meteorologist melissa magee and monday looks phenomenal. >> in between that time we are tracking a little bit of
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unsettled weather but as you said we have the warmth on the way for tomorrow. >> yes, while we can get it. >> that is for sure. temperatures outside right now. forty-two in philadelphia. thirty-seven in the poconos. sea isle city coming in at 43 degrees. looking at temperature to the south and east. still pocket of colder a air through richmond, raleigh-durham, north carolina but looking to the south. in atlanta 55. fifty-nine in is a van a what is happening to the piece of the milder eras early as tomorrow. the warmth, however, coming with the bit of the polite. storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d showing us a frontal boundary to the north but we are tracking the system for sunday night is to the south and west. we're working north and east ward into sunday. we will show you future tracker six. leading edge of the precipitation close to philadelphia around 10:30 or 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night and with that we have the changes on the way. so we will talk about what ace head, mild for sunday. most of the tomorrow is dry, at least during the daylight hours. we are track ago this rain tomorrow night, followed by
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record warmth and start of the workweek on monday, and right in the 70's is on the way. those details coming up with the accu weather forecast and coastal concerns the day before thanksgiving too. >> okay, thanks, melissa. now to the latest in the grand jury investigation in the killing of michael brown of ferguson, missouri. grand jury decide -- is decide if you go darren wilson should face criminal charges, did not reach a decision this weekend and is expect to reconvene on monday. thinks as tensions continue to rise in that part of the missouri. abc's marci gonzales has more from ferguson tonight. >> good evening. >> reporter: there will not be a grand jury decision this weekend but beyond that we don't know when it could be a announced this community is wasting no time making sure that they are ready. protests and tensions, starting to grow, ferguson missouri waiting anxiously as a grand jury considers possible charges against the officer who killed unarmed teenager michael brown. >> i believe that he is going to get indicted.
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>> he will not be indicted. >> but i would like to see the state of missouri change. >> reporter: last night two masked demonstrators were arrested and federal officialness missouri also took two men believed to be linked to radical groups into custody. they are accused of trying to illegally buy guns and disrupt demonstrations and now preparations are underway for more potential problems, that could erupt once the grand jury's decision is announced. >> business owner says after the the looting, and violence here over the summer they have learned their lesson. so many of them have boarded up their windows. >> we are hoping for the best but you have to prepare for the worst. >> reporter: some schools in the area closing next week in anticipation. also, more than a thousand officers are on stand by, plus the national guard, and the fbi are here ready to respond. there is fear there could be a repeat of the unrest that rattled this community, soon after the shootings. >> police department have a plan ready to act ape protect
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both business and life. >> reporter: is there help outside grand jury but they have been going over evidence and testimony since august. they have taken weekend off and reconvene here on monday but again, in word on when a decision could be announced n clayton, missouri, marci gonzales for "action news" at ten on phl17. they are hoping for the the best and expecting the worst in buffalo, new york where rain and warmer temperatures threat tone melt more than 7 feet of snow, all ready on the ground. crews spent the day moving tons of snow from heavily traveled area while communities across that region prepare for heavy flooding. governor andrew cuomo says the state is send nothing pumps, boats, helicopters and high axle vehicles that can operate in several feet of water. flood watch officially goes into effect tomorrow. meanwhile they are dealing with icy conditions in other parts of the country today. delta flight landing in destroyed slid its way to the stop on the runway. luckily nobody was injured but airport officials have it closed off access to several runways, due to the dangerous
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conditions. the spirit of the holiday season is alive and well, in the delaware valley but thanksgiving just a few days away, can you believe tonight food drives are in over drive from kick of prussia where the valley forge softball team collected donations to germantown where the baptist church was handing out all of the fixins for a turkey dinner. >> it makes us feel great because the bible says more blessed to give then to receive. >> i think it is a good thing a lot of people cannot afford a turkey. they want one. the kids, it goodies for the the kids. >> similar food drives took place in communities all across the the area, including this one right here in south philadelphia. still to come on "action news" at ten the barricades are up, streets are blocked and the tens of thousands of runners are getting revved up for it is i's premiere racing event tomorrow. woman battling cancer is given just what the doctor ordered to help her fight, we will show you how her family is getting involved, with "action news" at ten comes right back.
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in cleveland, ohio police are investigate a shooting that took the lives of the pregnant woman, her unborn child and three other people. it all unfolded outside cherita johnson's home last night. johnson was 28 weeks pregnant. motive remains a mystery and so far no arrests have been made. chickie and pete's was robbed and owners are asking for your help in solving
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this case. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighters report. >> reporter: between 9:30 and 10:00 sunday morning, october 19th surveillance video shows two suspects entering chickie and pete's restaurant in drexel hill. >> two individuals came n1 wearing chickie and pete's shirt, ordered three people, originally into the freezer. >> reporter: police say they then confronted another employee. >> they went into the office where the manager was, pointed a gun and told her to open up the safe, took money and lock them in the freezer. >> reporter: police say there was a third suspect waiting in the vehicle outside. all fled with $16,000 the manager's wedding rings and purse. upper darby police believe it was an inside job. >> these individuals and upper darby manager, are close to chickie and pete's and they have may have worked there at some point in time. >> reporter: citizens crime commission administered a $5,000 award for the arrest
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and conviction of the person responsible. call 215-546-tips. for crime fighters i'm rick williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. final preparations are underway the on the ben franklin parkway for tomorrow's philadelphia marathon. final barricades and water stations were set up along the route tonight, some 30,000 runners are taking part in the half marathon and fun marathon tomorrow. the runners will make their way along the schuylkill river, through fairmount park, university city and manayunk before ending up back on the parkway. there are a whole bunch of road closures and septa detours in effect as a result. be a aware of that if you are traveling through the the city tomorrow. time for another check of the accu weather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee has a nice warm up for monday. >> that is right, walter. as early a as tomorrow temperatures will be milder then they were today and get ready for record warmth on the start of the workweek. today in philadelphia not as harsh. keep in mind yesterday we had a high obvious 37 degrees. today in the city we will
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climb up to 46 degrees. still 8 degrees shy of average but it does give you an indication that the southeasterly wind overhead today, these temperatures are heading in the right direction. outside tonight, those spots in the 40's and 30's. thirty-six in allentown. lancaster at 36 degrees. forty-two in trenton. lower 40's from beach have men wildwood, millville at 40 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar there is a weak frontal boundary draped across areas north of our region. earlier today we had a quick sprinkle across some locations, a all that moisture is moving off to the north. we will stay mostly cloudy and dry for the rest of tonight. weather we're tracking for second half of the weekend i should say is from our south and west and will work north and east as we get into sunday night. in the near term it is all about the full and half marathon tomorrow in philadelphia, we have some sunshine from the start. southeasterly wind at 48 miles an hour. 7:00 a.m. that temperature 38. fifty-two is the number at noon time.
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then afternoon comes 1:00 o'clock and eagles at home at the link. that kick off around 1:00 o'clock. temperature 54. once we get in the fourth quarter the the temperature will be in the middle 50's under partly sunny skies. we will fast forward into sunday night. that is that time when we are track ago this moisture from the south and west. we will work north and east at 10:00 o'clock, that leading edge of the precipitation south and west of philadelphia, heavy amount of rain is likely as we get in the overnight hours and some precipitation will spill over into the commute, early on monday morning. and once the rain moves out, the warmth will continue, as we get into the start of the workweek on monday. here's call from accu weather tomorrow. milder with late day rain developing, high in philadelphia, 56. fifty-three in allentown. in the 50's along the coast as well. coming up, closer look at the the forecast and next week, it is thanksgiving. the day before we have some coastal concerns and we will talk about the details of that, with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanksgiving all right. >> can you believe glint credible. thank you, melissa. >> this is one of the biggest
10:18 pm
weekend for runners, thousands took part in the rothman 8k this morning. runners started at philadelphia museum of art and followed the course along the schuylkill river. tomorrow runners will take off at that same location to the philadelphia marathon, and the half marathon. a member of the u.s. navy received a hero's welcome home in sicklerville, new jersey to day. the camden county freeholder board organized this welcome home celebration for u.s. navy e3 cristina murray. she's returning from the deployment in the persian gulf, murray is a 2005 graduate of winslow township high school. she brought two ship mates for today's celebration and all honored for their wonderful services. salon in delaware county pitched into help a woman begin her fight against cancer. the staff at the salon and spa in drexel hill, cut off lisa whitman's hair before fit herring with i brand new wig. lease ace under going chemotherapy which results in
10:19 pm
hair loss she told us the make over means a lot. along with all of the support she's receiving from her friend and family. >> when i found out that, you know, the salon would be donating a wig to me, it really just gave me a sense of hope be and that i could look beautiful, without hair, and just knowing that my brother and my dad will stand by me and go bald with me in a sense, it means the world to me. >> her father and her brother also shaved their heads today as a show of sal dart and she got to do the honors. the salon work with the none in profit group called friend by your side to make this all
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♪ >> all right. holiday spirit already in full swing in bucks county. today bristol township hosted its 14th annual holiday parade. marchers including true man high school marching band and cheerleaders were also, antique car show was there as well, and, of course, the the big man himself, santa claus. time for a check of sports, jeff skversky live at
10:23 pm
the "action news" sports center, hi there jeff. >> eagles trying to bounce back after that embarrassing loss begins green bay. come tomorrow, against tennessee titans. eagles are trying to avoid falling into that trap about thinking about that dallas cowboys thanksgiving day game before the titans game. >> i mean if you get caught in the nfl thick about trap games or opponents, and stuff like that, you know, at this level, anybody can win any given sunday, obviously. level of talent is there. the these guys we're playing this week are good enough team that we're not focused on thursday next week, we're focused on this sunday. they have great defense. they have great players. we have our hands full this week. >> kick off tomorrow is at 1:00. flyers are trying to get out of the worst slump of the season. they lost four straight in regulation and scott hartnell came to town a week and a half ago. tonight in the rematch begins hartnell and columbus, flyers wiped that smile off his face. second period on the power
10:24 pm
play, there it is, he scores, he gets the puck out of midair and puts it in. flyers go on to win four-two ending their four game losing streak. sixers looking for their first win tonight in new york. first quarter, michael carter williams showing some love for his childhood buddy, nerlens noel. career high 17 points and a career high 12 rebound for noel but it is not enough. he loses the ball. the sixers, with the game, as they drop 25. sixers lose. they fall to zero and 13. zero and 13. that is right, they are two away from the team record for most losses to start a season, in 1972. coming up later in the next half an hour we will have some college football and more from the flyers and sixers. for now we are live from the sports center, back to you. >> zero and 13. my goodness. thank you, jeff. president vladamire putin had has earn yet another martial arts honor.
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russian federation has awarded an eighth degree black belt. we are told putin is fond of full contact contract the which no protective gear. president putin has earned a fifth degree black belt and ninth degree black bell in tie kwan do. if you are visiting venice, italy anytime soon you may want to pack light. city has imposed a ban on wheeled luggage. city leaders say heavy suitcases being rolled around city sidewalks, particularly at night makes so much of a noise that they are complaining it is ruining their sleep. is there also a concern that the hard wheel are damaging stone stairs an inside and walkways. new fine for rolled wheel walkways. new fine for rolled wheel lwe put all the apps you love...
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a prethanksgiving tradition continued in newark delaware this morning. runners and walkers of all ages and skill levels took part in the turkey trot, 5k and 10k. it is delaware's second oldest consecutively run race this year nearly 700 people joined into get an early start, burning off those thanksgiving day calories. much more to come on "action news" tonight including a serious situation in buffalo, no threatening to become even worse, after record snowfall, now comes a threat of widespread flooding. plus, communities across the area came together to make sure that the less fortunate have a happy, healthy holiday season. we will show you
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
if you are just joining us at 10:30 here are big stories we are following on "action news". young father and business owner is found dead inside his burnout condominium and we will have latest on his investigation. new fur about the grand jury investigating the killing of michael brown the teenager
10:31 pm
from ferguson, missouri shot by a local police officer. also tens of thousands of runners are gearing up for one of the cities premiere athletic events, the philadelphia marathon tomorrow. but first a young father is dead and four families are homeless tonight following an early morning fire in horsham, montgomery county. it happened in the second floor of the brook wood condos, on the 300 block of green meadow lane just before 4:00 a.m. authorities say flames were contained to one apartment but still took fire fighters two hours to get this under control. crews went back into check for hot spots and they found the victim whom family members identified as 27 year-old kevin, beneath a pile of debris. "action news" spoke to several neighbors here. >> i was watching tv. it is a shame about the neighbor. our hearts go out to him and his family. we're just all very lucky. >> i'm blessed and thankful that my son and i got out, but it is tragic. i mean, it is scary.
10:32 pm
really scary. >> family displaced are being helped out by red cross and cause of the fire has yet to be determine. a police officer in philadelphia was hit by a car trying to apprehend a shooting suspect in kensington tonight. it happened in the 2300 block of north fair hill street. authorities say the officer was responding to a call of shots fired, and then discovered a 25 year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds. when the officer tried to stop the us pick that suspect tried to hit him with his car. the officer suffered wound to his leg but is expect to be just fine. the suspected gunman fled the area but then was arrested along the 100 block of west cambria street a short time later. well, fire inside a bar in kensington overnight spread to two homes before fire fighters brought it under control. blaze broke out at 3:30 a.m. at the caribe bar in the 3,000 block of kensington avenue. we're told that bar is under going construction. flames spread to adjoining row
10:33 pm
homes, nobody was injured, and there is no word on how the the fire started. a grand jury is not expect to reach a decision this weekend whether to indict the the police officer from ferguson missouri shot and killed michael brown. the 18 year-old brown was shot to death in august by officer darren wilson. a grand jury is deliberating whether the officer's actions warrant criminal charges. a civil group based out of st. louis told members that the grand jury is expect to reconvene on monday, meanwhile several business owners have already started to board up their stores and out of fear and ensuing violence that this case does not go to trial. >> we ask for everyone's commitment to ensure both the protection of the rights of peacefully protest, and the right of businesses and residents to be protect, and remain safe. >> the fbi has reportedly sent nearly 100 additional agents to ferguson to help law enforcement agencies handle the impending response to the grand jury's decision.
10:34 pm
snow has stopped falling in buffalo but now there are major concerns about the record snowfall melting, and potentially flooding the region. today crews went door to door checking in on neighbors there many people have been trapped inside of their homes, sips the snowstorms hit earlier this week. a 91 year-old woman was rescued from her home because her roof was in the brink of collapse. now a temperature is rising, officials are hopeful that the flooding will not be severe. >> i hope that the weather changes gradual. i hope we don't have a a flooding problem. i hope we don't have a building collapse problem. i hope that it was just a lot of long nights for nothing. >> officials from albany have since sent in extra water pumps, rescue boats and high axle vehicle tolls help out in case a melt off creates an emergency situation. back here at home more than 30,000 runners are getting ready to hit the streets tomorrow for the philadelphia marathon. the city is ready as well. crews put up last barricades
10:35 pm
along the route today. runners will start on the parkway, go along the schuylkill river, through fairmount park, university city and manayunk before ending up back at the parkway. as a result there are a whole bunch of road closures and septa detours in effect that could affect your plan if your travels take you through the city tomorrow. so plan ahead. >> um-hmm. time for a check of the accu weather forecast. fur plans take you outside tomorrow you are in luck. beautiful day. >> yeah, we've got a good day tomorrow, walter and for that matter as we get into monday it looks nice, warm, but in between, sunday night and into monday we've got some changes on the way. >> i will be sleeping then. >> yes, you probably will be. >> let's show what you is happening outside, sky six live in hd i, it is a gorgeous shaft on the center city sky line on this saturday night. we have a partly to mostly cloudy sky overhead but got news tonight we're not tracking any moisture and for all of the runners participating in the marathon, either the half or the full marathon, come sunday morning, i should say, conditions look
10:36 pm
dry. we will track precipitation sunday night. looking at accu weather live line up, tracking storm tracker six double scan radar we will see always dry and quiet across the delaware and lehigh valleys. no issues with precipitation. instead we get into tomorrow night. high in philadelphia jumped up to just 46 degrees. 8 degrees shy of average. we're heading in the right direction with that southeasterly wind. north and west of town in tannersville, 37. chilly 37 in need what the, coatsville in the upper 30's. saint david 39. kenneth square coming in at 39 degrees. down across new jersey in browns mills, four to, low of 40 for cinnaminson and ewing. hoe december inn 41. forty for bridgeton. vineland even into wood bound. you can see a few clouds starting to drift across areas, in our region. it is all thanks to the frontal bound dry lift to go our north and earlier today we had a couple of sprinkles. that activity will continue to ride to our north for the rest of tonight. weather make that are we're tracking you can see clouds build ago cross areas in the
10:37 pm
ohio valley and the south east, and that comes our way, as we get into late sunday night. for the majority of the day tomorrow we've got you covered. high of 56 degrees. it is nice and mild with an area of low pressure we're track and rain developing late tomorrow night sometime between ten and 11:00 o'clock it is knocking on the door of philadelphia the call from accu weather for rest of tonight however, mostly cloudy, not as bad. remember in reading, the record low temperature of 15 degrees this night we're up in the 30's at least. thirty-seven in philadelphia and for the overnight low. with that, we will fast forward into next week. because wednesday is one of the busiest travel days of the season. it is the the day before thanksgiving. if you are traveling, listen up to what we are tracking. there is an area of low pressure that will form over the south east, with some energy as well, coming in from the north. so a coastal storm will more than likely develop. so the big question is, we're tracking these two pieces of energy. are they go to go fade, when do they fade and when will that track be.
10:38 pm
so track number one has this storm system close to the coast this is a slower model. meaning it allows colder air to drain down across our region. that rain tracking close to the coast, for areas south and east, snow north and west. and if, however, we will miss that track number two as another possibility the storm system stays mainly off shore as does the precipitation and that rain, mainly at the coast. something to look out and keep into the back of your head doing traveling on wednesday. accu weather forecast showing you it is milder on sunday. high of 56 degrees. late day rain. eagles are okay at the link. on monday, record warmth, the the high of 72. then much cooler on tuesday, 55. we are tracking a coast on wednesday, 42 and we will look to be dry for thanksgiving for thursday, walter, high of 47, then. >> okay, thank you melissa. we are days away from thanksgiving, can you believe it, many people who struggle to get meals on the table all year round will sit down to the feast on thursday thanks to the generosity of strangers. "action news" reporter annie
10:39 pm
mccormack has more on the local spirit of giving. >> reporter: less than a week from thanksgiving and spirit of giving ace live in the delaware valley from turkies in germantown to canned goods in king of prussia, and south philadelphia. all organized by different groups, but with the same goal. >> we want to be a blessing to the community and in germantown. >> reporter: for 13 year pastor lewis miller of the greater free will baptist church has given away turkey dinners this year there are two to 300 available along with trimmings too. thanks to philadelphia bun answer and private and corporate donations. >> it makes us feel great because bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. >> it is a good thing a a lot of people just can't afford a turkey. they want one. the kids, it goodies for the kids. >> it is bet are to have something like this happening. >> reporter: in king of prussia at girls of the patriots valley forge fast pitch softball league bundled up under blankets, accepting donations. >> one, two, three, patriots.
10:40 pm
>> reporter: they are taking their spirit from the field to the holidays. in fact these girls say if they don't fill up all of the boxes here today, they will have have them filled by december 1st and they will make the delivery themselves to philabundance. >> our goal is to try to fill eight skids of food today, we're about halfway through. >> it warms my heart to think that we are, we came up with this idea and like we're going through these events to try to help them and try to support their families. >> reporter: in king of prussia ann ie mccormack for "action news" at ten on phl17. still to come at "action news" at ten from the return of the catness everdean to the turn as a math gene yes, sir who changed the course of world war to, there is something for everyone this weekend at the box office. we will have a a preview. the flyers try to turn things around against columbus, jeff skversky has highlights and sixers and eagles in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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bill cosby remained silent on a allegations of second you'll assault from at least ten different women. yesterday the comedian told the florida today publication that he was not going to respond to quote innuendo. several scheduled performances have have been canceled or postpone in the wake of the scandal but his show in melbourne, florida went on as scheduled last night though. that event was sold out and he received a standing ovation. all theaters this weeks end the next chapter in the hunger games saga and story of
10:44 pm
how a mathematician brought an end to world war two. here's tamala edward with the preview. >> it is one of the most highly anticipated movies on have the year, hitting theaters this weekend. the hunger games, mocking jay part one is the third installment of the film series base on the final book in the thrilling. >> you are up on the capitol. >> don't expect much chit-chat from the capitol cut its tongue out years ago and no, there wasn't any sort of rescue if that is what you mean. we all fled on our own. for this, for you. >> this picks up after catness everdean the hero and sim about of hope for nation of pan am has escaped the the earth. although she survived hung are games twice and made it out alive, she is far from safe. capitol is hungry and wants revenge, president snow makes it clear that in one is safe, not catness family, her friend and not the people of district
10:45 pm
12. cat necessary spreads her wings as she fights to save peta from the capitol and helps a nation moved by her courage. >> you burn with us. >> here's one i'm personally looking forward to. actor benedict is getting some oscar buzz for his turn as english math in atition and musician, allen in the imitation game. >> you hit it. >> yes. >> five minutes and 34 seconds. >> you said do it under six. >> the film's based on the biography about the pioneer of modern day computing. he is credited with cracking nazi germany's code that helped allies to win world war two. only to be later prosecuted for his homosexuality. key a nightly stars as the close friend and fellow code
10:46 pm
breaker joan clark. you can find out where these films are playing by using your internet ready cell phone if you need to down load free app go to six, phone if you need to down load free app go to six, for
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jeff has a check of sports and flyers need help. >> they do need help but since general manager ron hex stall chewed them out wednesday in new york they have been playing much, much better. it all started the last time scott hartnell was here eight days ago, since hartnell's return, flyers over the zero for last four, worst slump of the season. hartnell had to be back to face the flyers, yes, who are trying to end this painful stretch against columbus. first period, tied at one. how about mark street, right past sergei bobrovsky on the rebound. flyers up two-one after one. and then power play, wayne simmonds grabs the puck , puts it down, puts it in the net, flyers up two. and to the third, with a one point lead, flyers put ate way, bob would have a braydon coburn hits it in. ending their four game losing streak. hextall, whatever he said, it is working.
10:50 pm
>> anytime you know, your gm calls out every single player on the team, it will light a fire under your butt. we had a good response. we played two strong games in the row. the guys given the opportunity to give this team momentum and that is the type of of evident we need on a more consistent basis win less sixers may have finally met their match, let's hope so. sixers in new york against the knicks who were among the worst teams in the nba, just three and ten come into play. carmelo anthony showing love for michael carter williams. mc love showing love for nerlens noel. a career high 17 pounds tonight. sixers lose the ball and the game. sixers lose 91-38. they fall for zero and 13. they are two away from tying the the record for most loss toes start a season. what is up with mccoy? that seems to be what eagles fans are wondering these days. lesean mccoy's numbers are
10:51 pm
down from last year but it is not as far off as you may think heading in to tomorrow's game with the titans. check this out through ten games last season when mccoy won the rushing title he had only 203 more yards and one more touchdown then he does through ten games this season. mccoy went on a tear in his final six games last year and he is hoping to do the same thing starting tomorrow, against worst rushing defense in the afc. >> i mean it is something small here, something small here, almost, almost. so, i feel like it is coming together. when we get stopped is when we make mistake. >> we are not too happy tonight. that is the feeling from penn state have after an ugly loss against one of the worst teams in the big ten, christian hackenberg finished with only 93 yards passing. penn state on the road in illinois, down three, fourth quarter, the illinois on the run. 47-yard run.
10:52 pm
over his last two games he has 267 on the ground. penn state takes the lead. but final seconds, the illinois with one for the win. they have the game winning field goal. and, penn state loses 16-14. they will fall to six and five. what a finish in the villanova delaware game. villanova down one, 232nd left, john robert son to kevin, the touchdown, cats back to win 35-28. they are ten-two, going to the playoffs. al bagnoli wins his final game ever at penn today after 23 years coaching the quakers he was his last game begins cornell, 34-26. bagnolet cetera get a gator raid bat h afterward. that has to be cold. lehigh and lafayette playing for 150th team at yankee stadium. john gruden on hans watching his son playing for lafayette. get up and cheer for this. ross sherman, over 300 yards for this, three touchdowns, lafayette wins 27-seven.
10:53 pm
pen basketball loses by six to lafayette, lasalle, how about these guys they are three-o after beating st. peters by 9:00 today. after lose to go duke last night, temple back in brooklyn taking on u.n. lv. coaches verse cancer tournament. down three, final minute, off the in miss by will cummings. and the running rebels win this foot race, temple loses, it is their second straight loss. st. joes trying to rebound from their worse loss in school history tonight against vermont. first half isaiah miles going the extra mile, for a three. yeah, st. joes wins, 68-60. that is a good rebound, for the hawks, on hawk hill tonight, for phil martelli after that terrible loss the other night good thanks, jeff.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
as you can see here motorcycle riders took a ride down route one, to make sure children stay warm this winter. it is coats for kids bike run, with several local motorcycle and car clubs taking part. they make donations to benefit operation warm delco providing new winter coats for children in need. time for final check of the accu weather forecast, we will need a warm coat for two more days at least. >> once we get in monday we have nice changes. we will show you day planner at 7:00 in the morning 37 degrees for those participating in the half and fulfill a marathon. sunshine overhead.
10:57 pm
forty-six at 10:00 a.m. fifty-four at 1:00 in the afternoon and 54 is the number at 4:00 in the afternoon. mild tomorrow. rain holds off until tomorrow night, walter. >> thanks, melissa. thanks for joining us, for "action news" at ten. philly feud next followed by cheaters. for melissa magee and jeff skversky i'm walter perez, have a great night.
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