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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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wednesday night, police make an arrest in the murder of a missing day care worker and tonight why they say her stepfather may have killed her. and sister savior burning home would have taken a little girl's life had it not been for the heroic act of her 12 year-old i been blink. but the big story on "action news" tonight that is nor'easter that could create a slick start, to our thanksgiving who will will day. >> most of the snow and rain is out of here with a few sections, holding on, so what about turkey day? meteorologist melissa a magee is live at the big board with her accu weather details,
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melissa a. >> we have better weather on the way for the holiday, thanksgiving, but we are tracking what is left of our coastal storm. storm tracker six live double scan radar you cane heavier precipitation is already moving off to the north and east. center of that low pressure just off the coast of long island here and will race off to the north and east taking bulk on have that precipitation with it. let's talk about the snowfall we have pick up so far. across the area it was in pennsylvania, poconos summit 8.5 inches of snowfall there, allentown, lehigh county 4.8. 4.9 in elverson chester county. wayne 3.3. inch and a half in royersford. snowfall we have pick up on the back side of the storm system for areas in new jersey, even in delaware. hockessin an inch. glass co .3. florence, 1.1 inches. inch in ewing and princeton in mercer county. looking at temperatures and they have not budge much from where they were earlier in the day. it is 37 in the city. twenty-nine though in the poconos.
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so, well below freezing. 38 degrees in sea isle city. these temperatures have however overnight will continue to fall, and as these temperatures drop, below the freezing mark or whoever right around it, some patchy ice will develop, mainly on the untreated areas, the untreated surfaces as well and this will lead to some slick spots early in the morning on thursday for some locations. owe we will have more what you can expect for your thursday, and also details on the parade, with the full and exclusive a accu weather forecast, back over your way. >> lehigh valley saw most snowfall where chad pradelli is live tonight, how it looking out there, chad? >> reporter: shirleen, not too bad here on this wednesday night, precipitation has stopped, it looks like storm has moved out. the it is chilly but i want to show you, give an idea of the snowfall. thinks untreated parking lot and it is really slushy, i would say four or 5 inches accumulated here in the spot. looking at that parking lot, plow is continuing to move through there.
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it is wet, but clear, and for roads that has been the case for much of the day. these roads were treated. this is mcarthur boulevard. traffic has been moving fairly nicely for most of the day. i would say this storm was more of a nuisance then a problem. a light snow blew in the air tonight in allentown. mother nature delivered one of her strongest punches here, the most people, would call it a glancing blow. the plow where is still working at 7:00 p.m. at lehigh valley mall, crews began manning the trucks earlier this afternoon. >> it is like seven hours. >> working non-stop. >> reporter: how long will you go tonight. >> however far we have to go. it had has to be clean tomorrow morning. >> reporter: for homeowners and small business owners shoveling back walks could be back breaking a at times. the snow was wet and heavy. but the roads have held up fairly well, a warm ground, plus penndot treatment will do that. on one of the busiest travel days of the year, turnpike
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drivers had mixed emotioning about this prewho will take blast. >> this is a tough one. it is, you know, challenge to go say the least. >> i think it is beautiful. i like snow, so whatever. >> reporter: still lot of trucks and plows out identify on the roadway tonight. just moments ago i saw a penndot truck running along mcarthur boulevard. it looks like treatment continues here at this late hour, so if you are outside on the roads, be careful, roads are wet and they can certainly get slick in spots. live from allentown, chad pradelli for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> drive safely tonight chad, thank you. wintry and wet conditions did number of air travel. sky six looking live at philadelphia international airport, which is seeing a rifle delays of 30 minutes right now. but a across the nation, there are more than 4600 delays, and 735 cancellations, most of
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them up and down the eastern seaboard. for those who are going by air a small fraction on of the number will be traveling over this thanksgiving holiday. up to 40 million who will head elsewhere for dinner, 90 percent will drive. good news is this, most of the snow has largely tapered off but some roads will remain slick, and amtrak meanwhile expects a huge jump over the 785,000, who rode the rails last year, some 80,000 of them passing through 30th street station in philadelphia. of course, keep up with the changing forecast by down loading the storm tracker six app on your apple or android device. use that to get very latest from accu weather around the clock. the search for a missing wife and mother has come to a tragic end in the lehigh rally. police say jessica paget was murdered and as "action news" kenneth moton reports, police did not to have look outside her family for a suspect. >> reporter: tonight pennsylvania state police investigators were still at this northampton county property in allentown ship.
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that is where body of missing newlywed and mother jessica paget was discovered this morning. >> is there unfortunately three children now that are, you know, left without their mom, you know. >> reporter: this community has been searching for the three three-year old white hall township women since he stepped away from work at her northampton day care on friday and never return. she told co-workers she had to use the fax at her stepfather's gregory graph's business distinctive fencing next to the home he shares with paget's mother on cover bridge road. that house is a place police say he confessed to shooting his stepdaughter, of 20 years in the back of the head, burying her body behind the shed and moving her kara away from the scene. >> the motive here was a sexual will assault motive. there is definitely a sex angle to this crime. that is still being developed. >> reporter: we're hearing that she had any type of relation hip with him other than congenial and good. she work for him at some point
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and had access to his house. >> reporter: five three-year old graf was arraigned on a murder charge this evening. while paget's family said in a statement, the world shines less bright today. >> to be out there with this and to keep up with fisod, you know, it is just, it is unreal. you know, what he did is kind of unspeakable, unforgivable. >> reporter: paget's family members asked for privacy as they deal with this tragic turn off events. investigators expect to know more about the death of this young wife and mother once that autopsy report is complete. reporting from allentown ship, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. for second day in the row, gunshots rang out in a barber shop in reading h this time four people were shot. police responded to the rockland plaza shopping center around 2:45 this a afternoon, witnesses say the shooter, fired at least six times, before getting a way. a shooting happened at the
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same barber shop, last night, but there were no injuries. the last of three children shot by their mother in tabernacle, new jersey, has died. eleven year-old alexander harriman and his two siblings suffered gunshot wound in their own home back on november 20th. fourteen year-old nicholas harriman and eight year-old nadia died at the scene. their mother, jeaninne lepage died days after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police say they may never know her motive. philadelphia police after rested a man for impersonating an officer and it appears he is a repeat offender. on november 24th and 25th police say 28 year-old christopher keiter approached a person saying he was a police officer. each time a victim was handcuffed inside a corner store, keiter has three additional arrests including two for impersonating an officer and one for impersonating a a fireman. still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten,
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newly released video gives new perspective into what happened before a policeman killed a 12 year-old child, carrying a toy gun. also a happy ending for a pooch in the montgomery county family that went on a desperate search to find her. what keeps the nation's oldest thanksgiving day parade going, lots of hard work, see for yourself when we come right back. paneling it. page it.
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family of a 12 year-old boy shot and killed by police in cleveland wanted this surveillance video released to the public. it shows mom tamer rice encountered two police officers last weekend. they were responding to a 911 call report that had someone had a gun at a rec center but that caller told them they thought it was a fake. police showed up as the child played by himself. one officer immediately firing upon exiting the cruiser. the officer's claimed they ordered rice to show his hands three times before shots were fired and that the toy gun did not have the orange marking, indicating that it was, in fact a toy. protests have been ongoing, since that deadly shooting. and protests against a decision not to indict darren wilson for the killing of
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michael brown, continue for a third day. they have been happening, in more than 130 cities from coast to coast, you see los angeles, right behind me here. there have been hundreds of arrests. and today michael brown's mother talk about the moment that she heard the grand jury decision and addressed the crowd gathered outside the ferguson police department when the word came. >> we heard it and it was just like, like i had been shot, like you should leave now. just no respect, no sympathy, nothing. so, my emotions were raging and i had to go over there to let them know you really just don't care, do you? >> in an exclusive interview with abc news darren wilson said killing michael brown does not haunt him and that his conscious is clear. he also revealed that he got married and is expecting a child. a 12 year-old girl is being hailed a hero tonight, early wednesday morning len
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ai colder a's home in the pittsburgh suburbs caught fire. instead of panicking that little will girl grabbed her still sleeping four year-old sister angel lynn and raced out of the burning house. the red cross is assisting a total of four adults and nine children in connection with this fire. up investigators say the fire was an accident caused by unattended food, burning in the kitchen. it is time new for the accu weather forecast, the nor'easter, it business done with us. >> not quite out of the woods because a little bit of issue with tomorrow morning, melissa. >> that is right brian and shirleen, we are dealing with what is left of our nor'easter. waking up tomorrow morning in some locations, issues with slick spots and icy patches as well. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you the bulk of the snow lifting off to the north and east but mixed precipitation across burlington county, even mercer county in new jersey this moisture lifting off to our north and east for the the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours. as you mentioned the concern overnight will be some icy patches. it is 37 in philadelphia, 35
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in allentown. thirty-six in dover, along the coast in sea isle city, 38 where we have rain for majority of the day, but there is wind as that storm system pull as way, storm is lifting off to the north and east. we're on the back side of the storm. we will have wind out of the northwest. it feels like 29 in allentown. wind chill currently in philadelphia of 30. the current wind chill of dover of 28 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar. you can see is what left of our coastal storm a who will take nor'easter racing off to our north and east. it is just off the coast of long island and will continue to move up through areas of new england and right through maine. you can see back edge of that precipitation already starting to press out of the delaware and lehigh valleys. we will talk about what is ahead as we in move forward for the rest of tonight. cloudy and breezy, late slick spots with temperatures below freezing mark or hovering right around it. wind north/northwest at eight to 16 miles an hour. fast forward into thursday. it is a much better day.
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much improved as well. the lots of clouds with a few breaks of sunshine. 8:00a m that temperature 35. wind chill in the upper 20's heading over to watch the parade. today, 10:00 a.m. 36. at noon time we are only at 37 degrees. call from accu weather a as we get into thursday. rather cloudy. in the afternoon we will bump up to 40. thirty-seven in allentown. 42 degrees for the morning temperature there in cape may. forty-three in dover. now as we look at what we have do some concerns with the snow. we will look at that closer with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. we will send it back over your way, brian. >> melissa, thank you. tomorrow morning millions of you will put the turkey in the oven and turn on the television for a favorite local tradition. for the 95th time the six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade will wind its way up ben franklin parkway to the art museum steps and tonight, before thousands of you line that parade route dann cuellar joins us live from there, with his preview. hi dann. >> reporter: how are you
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doing, brian. yes, tradition continues, and as you can see they are getting all of the parade floats ready trying to dry them out from the rain, sleet, snow that we had earlier today. meanwhile a cast of thousands was braving the the elements doing their best to stay warm and word is it is all systems go for six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade this year marking a big anniversary, 95th year of this old philadelphia that digs. >> ♪ >> the capa dancers were getting it on putting finishing touches on their parade performance. meanwhile. >> ♪ >> reporter: radio disney, fischer and power surge dancers were tweaking their acts. one of the number of cast members braving a chilly rain and trying to stay warm. >> how do you feel about this? >> staying warm. >> yes. >> reporter: they were doing their final go round for one of philadelphia's biggest and
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best annual family traditions, the six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. there will be balloons, there will be floats, 20 marching band from across the country and fan favorites from music, stage and screen. >> who are you with. >> all right. >> what are you guys going to be for halloween? wow, i can't wait. >> reporter: this year the parade marks a big anniversary, 95 years, looking back at so many parades here in this great city and it began in 1920 with ellis gym gimbell who was trying to kick off the holiday season with great grand fair. >> it is just amaze to go think of the history of the vision of ellis gimbell in 1920 who would think 95 years later the original, the best, and the most amazing parade still happening on thanks giving. >> reporter: yes, it will be one big celebration, you won't want to miss it, hope you'll join us and, last but not least, happy thanksgiving, everybody. live here in center city i'm
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dann cuellar on "action news" on phl17. back to you guys. >> happy thanksgiving to you dann, too. i will head town there tomorrow morning with my family. can't wait. such a great tradition. light about now eagles are getting ready for thanksgiving day showdown with dallas. >> jeff skversky in for ducis rodgers tonight in in the "action news" sports center, jeff. >> can you wait, eagles and dallas for thanksgiving tomorrow for the first time in 25 years. with first place on the line. eagles could be thin on defense. linebacker emmanuel ac ho is questionable with a groin injury. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: that is the scene in dallas tonight, eagles fans in the holiday and football spirit as eagles arrived at their hotel in fort worth texas. this is by far their biggest game of the ease on tomorrow at 4:30. playoff implications a at stake, both teams eight and three and battling for the top spot in the nfc east.
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>> unaudible. >> everybody has been focused all week. but ate allows us to recover for this game. i really think the work we put in we're well prepared. >> eagles are three-point underdogs tomorrow in dallas but don't tell that to espn analyst ron jaworski, he is picking the birds to beat the boys on the road where they won the nfc east title last year. >> when you look at dallas they are a running team now. they have the best offensive line in football. dimarco murray leads the nfl in rushing. over 1300 yards, averaging 5.1 per carry. they will try to run the football. this is a game where eagles defensive line and linebackers have to bow their backs and be strong in the trenches because it will be a california game. >> can't wait. coming up next half an hour ducis rodgers will join us from texas, we will have more on the game plus sixers and flyers, and much more when
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we come right back on
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smoking is the number one cause of preventable illness and maybe that is why fewer people are lighting up now. new fine goes from the cdc show that smoking rate for american adults dipped below 18 percent for the very first time last year. nation's smoking rate had stalled at around 20 to 21 percent until it started dropping a little bit just a few years ago. today is a decorated military man reached a milestone, many people never really live to see. richard hightour celebrated his 100th birthday at his home in west philadelphia tonight. he was surrounded by his extended family, his brother, who turned 94 last week and his loving wife isabel. highhour served in world war two and received numerous service medals including a purple heart
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we have more "action news" at ten coming your way, new jersey governor chris christie is sharing his kevin secrets. wait until you you hear what he puts in his famous mashed potatoes. >> sound delicious. after indulging in a huge meal tomorrow a lot of people will kickback and watch a family have movie, a look at what is new in theaters this holiday weekend. next up what we have now learned bill cosby did years ago to prevent one accuser's learned bill cosby did years ago to prevent one accuser's store friday
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hello, welcome back to "action news" at ten on phl17. here are big stories we are covering tonight at 10:30. search is over for missing mother of three, jessica padgett's body was found in allen, township. police arrested her stepfather gregory graf, they say she he went to his home last friday to use a fax machine. at some point there was an attempted sexual assault and padgett was shot in the head. her body was then buried under a shed. today was a huge travel
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day, hindered, more than a little bit by snow out there. there were flight delays and cancellations all across the country as many people tried to get home for the holidays, driving was also dangerous in some parts because of slick roads. >> late into the night performers practiced for tomorrow's six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving toews parade. thousands will hit the streets tomorrow, performing in this nine five-year old tradition. there will be balloons, floats, and marching bands from across the country. the big question tonight though, will the the weather, cooperate with the parade. >> for the a answer we will turn to meteorologist melissa magee. >> that was a lot of pressure, big introduction, too, guys. hopefully you will be happy with what i deliver, brian and shirleen, we will show you good news i can share that our storm system early season holiday nor'easter is on its way out. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you center of that low pressure is just to the south of long island and it continues to race to
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our north and east up through england. check out snowfall totals we have seen so far this morning. wyomissing 3 inches. new tripoli, 6.1. exton 3.1. 2.5 in chadds ford and in gilbertsville we have seen 3.2 inches of snowfall. that storm system is starting to depart. we're pretty much coming to an end as it comes to more precipitation on the way. tannersville a chilly 29. well below freezing mark. thirty-one slating ton. chester 35. center sit a 3 degrees. new holland and oxford at 34. down through new jersey, sea isle city and woodbine, 37. vineland also in the upper 30's and throughout much of new jersey today with our coastal storm we did just see that precipitation in the form of rain. thirty-seven in dover. hockessin, below 40's. the satellite six with action radar shows you a storm system moves in early this morning and raced out fairly quickly a a lot of that precipitation was evening around 9:00 this evening and it continues to push off to our north and east. big concerns across areas in
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interior new england with that snow piling up there. the call from accu weather for the the rest of tonight, big concern even in the wake of the precipitation is that where you have that snow, that was not treated on some of the roadways, there, there could be some late night slick spots. we will drop down to 29 degrees with these temperatures below freezing. cloudy and breezy, dropping down to 34 in cape may. overnight low in dover falls down to 30 degrees. out the door we will go and perhaps sitting around the table tomorrow for thanksgiving, for actual holiday we are looking nice, rather cloudy a few breaks of sunshine, wind west northwest at eight to 16 miles per hour, 8:00a m35. thirty-seven by noon time. it is a chilly day. wind chills in the 20's for early in the morning and 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon that temperature around 40. fast forward into black friday, for all of those holiday shoppers trying to grab all of those deals. 5:00 in the morning if you care to venture out you can shop on line but if you wanting to out, 28 degrees, early on friday morning.
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7:00 a.m. 29. thirty-two at 9c o'clock in the morning and 11:00 a.m. that temperature only in the middle 30's. so we have a chilly start for those shoppers on friday. a accu weather forecast showing you on thursday rather cloudy but good news we are dry so hopefully everybody made it out safely to their destination. on friday, brisk and cold, 39, clouds and some sunshine on saturday, we are up to 42, and 50's return on sunday, it is mild and with shower early on monday, otherwise, a brief cold front next tuesday and then we will quickly rebound as we get in the middle of next week, guys with temperatures in the 50's. we are okay for turkey daze tomorrow. >> awesome. >> all right, melissa, thank you. >> new at 10:30 it turns out bill cosby was worried years ago about the sexual assault allegations against him. so worried he cut a deal with the national inquirer. today we have learn in 2005 cosby testified under oath that he gave that paper an exclusive story about sex assault allegations, in exchange for a promise that they would not run a second
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accuser's story. would the man who made those accusations with andrew acornstan. today she met cosby while working with the woman's basketball team in temple. he said she was assaulted in 2004 and afterward returned to canada in 2005 she reportedded the assault and filed a civil lawsuit. another woman bet h barrier came forward saying she too had been drugged and molested by the comedian. in recent weeks, as you know, handful of other woman have come forward making similar claims. cosby's attorney says the claims have escalated far past the point of absurdity. minutes ago we have learned that the university of massachusetts am hearst has severed its ties with cosby. he resigned as honorary co chair of the school's capitol campaign. new a at 10:30 newark police are investigating a shooting that left one man seriously hurt. this was the scene along bellwood drive around 7:30.
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a man was shot four times. he was taken to christiana hospital with serious injuries. at this time police are still looking for his shooter. philadelphia police are trying to find a man who snatched a 71 year-old woman's purse in plane sight, thinks the the suspect inside of the happy doughnut in the 1800 block of east allegheny avenue. he walks in, sees a woman's bag on a chair and then walks straight to it. after a few moments he hides the bag in his jacket, and then leaves the store taking $1,400 in cash and an iphone. if you can help identify the the suspect, please call east detectives. now to a random act of kindness that started with two strangers in a chester county parking lot. four three-year old single mom ann nicole says her truck broke down outside of this giant grocery store in thorndale. with no roadside assistance she began to panic but within minutes help arrived in the form of this man jim perkins, president of the acme grocery
10:36 pm
stores. despite income his competitor's parking lot he offered to jump ann's truck and made sure that she made to it a near by auto shop where mechanics said she needed a new battery. pushing instant put down his own credit card and pick up the tab and gave us a copy of that receipt. he inspired hundreds of others to e-mail him thanking him for his act of kindness. he says that is how he was raised and hopes many others will pay it forward over the holidays. tonight, new jersey governor chris christie is sharing his cooking secrets. yes. he has long boosted about his mashed potatoes so what makes them so special? a lot more than mashed powe tait owes. he a said they are made with bowled and puree ruthabaga, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, romano the cheese and milk and heavy cream. the key toys hand mashed the potatoes so they don't get sticky. he said you need to serve them hot and if you are wondering, yes he is making some of that
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mashed tomorrow. wish we could all try it. tonight hundreds of families facing hard times were invited to a hot, hearty meal in west philadelphia volunteers served up a festive feast for the homeless at the shepherd recreational center. it is all thanks to the nye in ma davis foundation seventh annual food from heaven thanksgiving day feast. just in time for dropping temperatures there is length plenty of new and gently used coats to go around. one montgomery county family is especially thankful for this thanksgiving because their beloved terrier has been found. abby's owner says a neighbor found the pup, after she was stolen from their backyard sunday night. abby, the silky terrier, something of a celebrity in her neighborhood. kids have all red about her in a book called a home for abby. we know her owners are excited to have that fury family member back and, of course, we are happy to report it. a good ending to this story, of the stolen dog. up next worried about cooking that turkey tomorrow you? are not alone. we have something that just
10:38 pm
might help tonight. >> plus, barbie might be feeling a little blue, it turns out she's not the most popular doll this christmas. find out who parents are scooping off of store shelves this holiday season. it is a chase you've got to see a wanted felon took a couple wrong turns while trying to out run police.
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safety regulators are threatening fines and legal action against takata, the company refuses to admit that its driver's side air bag inflaters are defective and should be recalled nationwide. takata says its recall in states with high humidity is sufficient, but the national transportation safety administration says that two inflaters have ruptured in cars, outside of that zone. a dramatic jewelry heist was captured on cell phone camera in paris, france. check this out, two armed men burst in the cartier store telling customers to get down, and then ordering a manager to open up the display cases. after stealing rings and watches, the the thieves used the manager as a shield, and here's the video escaped on a scooter. they fired shots in the air and then took refuge at a nearby hair salon holding that
10:42 pm
manager hostage. the thieves eventually surrendered. well, a wanted felon took not one but two major wrong turns trying to out run police in oklahoma. a chopper over head captured the suspect, turn down a deadened street yesterday, bad move, realizing he had no where to go and the driver floored it. trying to crash through the the fence. once there that fence acted like a slick shot sending the car backward. seconds later the us peck put his hand up and surrendered but when officers approached, he ran away again. only problem this time he had no idea he was running in the national guard facility, two guards, immediately tackled him and that was the end, of this story. ebola survivor amber vinson was a refund from the ohio bride aal will store she visited right before she was diagnosed. her lawyer sent a letter to the store and canned for nearly $500 in deposits to be return. the money was put down on bridesmaid dresses. letter states that vinson does
10:43 pm
not want to bring anyone attention to the bridal shop. owner isn't too pleased she said she had to temporarily shut down after the ebola scare and lost thousands of dollars. so you'll be nerve bus getting that turkey ready tomorrow? we will tell you tonight where you can get last minute help. all right. take a look at the big movies coming out this holiday season, as well and don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team. get morning's top news headlines weather and traffic starting at
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time to talk turkey are you ready to cook that bird for that family tomorrow? if this is your first go around or you have questions, call the professionals, butter ball's turkey talk line is opened tomorrow from 7:00a m to 7:00 p.m. the call center also has an option for tips on how to prepare and serve your turkey. if you need that number there it is 800-butter ball. it will be up and running, right through christmas eve. in between, preparing for tomorrow's meal you can get a jump start on your holiday shopping. wal-mart launched it preblack friday sales today, and retailers is offering reduced
10:47 pm
prices on everything from toys, electronic to alliances. the sale prices are only available a for now on line. it is a thanksgiving tradition for many, a little turkey followed by a family flick on the big screen. here's a look at the big movies drawing crowds this thanksgiving weekend and the rest of the holiday season. >> we're going in hot. >> reporter: holiday box office is heating up. >> free birds. you bird with us. >> reporter: new films are flooding theaters just in time for a all that turkey and christmas shopping. >> there is no shortage of big movies, this holiday season. >> reporter: hunger games mockingjay part one is already a big hit but this weeked penguin's after madgascar and a horrible bosses two are looking to take over the top spot. >> young adults. >> we are looking for a tight second. >> reporter: in december the the tides turn. >> it is you, moses.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: with exodus, gods and kings, week before christmas the final film in the hobit series is compete ago begins another night at the new people and remake of annie. >> ♪ >> reporter: there are also several films inspired by true events, including the imitation game, big eyes, and reese whither spoon in wild. >> every single one of those movies will probably also be an oscar contention. >> reporter: big stars in big movies on christmas eve as well. >> you want to us kill the leader of north korea. >> yes. >> reporter: comedy the interview is going head to head against disney's fairy tail flick into the woods. >> go to the woods. >> reporter: hollywood typically rakes in more money during summer months, but the holiday releases are just as important because it is the run up, to awards season, with the oscars right around the corner. of course, last time, or rather this time last year frozen hit movie theaters and since then anna and elsa have
10:49 pm
become household names. they are so popular they have pushed bash a side, move over, barbie, poll by national retail federation that one in five parents plans to buy frozen merchandise for their little girl this holiday season. this is the first time in more than a decade barbie has in the led that poll. the as for boys topic is legos once again and disney is the parent company of six abc. time once again for sports tonight. >> jeff skversky is live at the big board, jeff. >> hi guys, barbie a good segway into sports. trying to carve up tony romo and dimarco murray and dallas cowboys tomorrow in thanksgiving with soul possession of first place on the table. ducis rodgers is with the team and a whole lot of eagles fans tonight. >> reporter: birds have landed and they say they are ready for their biggest game of the year thus far. funny thing arrived when they arrived to the team hotel in fort worth, they walk smack dab in the middle of eagles
10:50 pm
country. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> this is great. fans have brought great energy. we love getting the reception. we love the support that they gave. >> every time we come here man, it is always like this it is a great welcome. you can see how many eagles fans in dallas. it feels good. >> reporter: hearty welcome aside the eagles are all business, they know first place is at stake. >> it will be a big game for us. we cannot get caught up in it, it is just one more game. >> it is the the next game. it is a division on the line right now but we are hoping to win the game. >> reporter: one injury note eagles linebacker emmanuel ac ho is questionable with the groin issue. with the bird in fort worth i'm ducis rodgers for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> all right, unfortunately for flyers they do not have much to be thankful for on the road. flyers have not won a road
10:51 pm
game in more than a month, but they are trying to change that tonight in detroit. flyers have failed to score first in any of their road games this year, down one early in the second that is claude giroux, shooting and scoring, tying it at one. it doesn't last long, red wings answer off the rebound tomas jerko beats mason flyers down one. ninety seconds later, he has the power play, wow, and mason is pulled . he has not won a road game all season. he is yank. flyers lose five-two. their sixth straight road loss. afterward they held a players only meeting. we are a month in the season and the sixers are still looking for their first win. a loss tonight would tie team record for worst start in sixers history. down as many as 20 to brooklyn they come back in the third ky mcdaniels with the slam. sixers end third on the 15-five run. start of the fourth, nerlens noel with back to back slams. this from michael carter
10:52 pm
williams. innings isers take their first lead with ten and change to go. but they cannot hold on to it. brooklyn breaks their hearts, 322nd left kevin garnett puts it away. sixers lose 99-91. they are zero and 15. tied for worst start in history. nba record is zero and 18. how about wednesday night muddy high school football, cherry hill east and west, playing the mud bowl. final seconds, west seals the deal with the interception, west wins eight to nothing to take the golden boot, only thing that is not muddy at this hour. >> a lot of kids playing in turkey bowls across the region tomorrow. >> yes. >> how about that. >> well, a lot of gobbling. >> i will take it. >> okay. >> a lot of gobbling, at the white house to day. >> you here by pardoned from the thanksgiving dinner table.
10:53 pm
congratulations. >> in addition to cheese, the president also pardoned a turkey named mack. twenty-nine will now live out their remaining days on a estate in virginia, the the president joked that pardoning these turkies will be the most talked about
10:54 pm
a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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tom hanks and rita wilson will
10:56 pm
co host the national christmas through lighting, thinks 92nd year that will take place december 4th on the white house, and performers include, singer patty labelle, the tenors, neo and kelly wright. >> melissa magee with one last look at your thanksgiving day forecast. >> yeah, guys, conditions are improving. we will show you storm tracker six live double scan radar. there is precipitation pressing out of the burlington and mercer counties there in new jersey and snowfall on the back edge, moving through wilmington and to the south of lancaster there in chester county but tomorrow we will look nice. 7:00 a.m. for thanksgiving, 32 degrees, wind chills in the 20's in the morning. thirty-six at 10:00 a.m. thirty-eight at 1:00 and 40 at 4:00 o'clock on thursday afternoon, meteorologist david murphy has latest tomorrow morning on six abc. >> for those going to the parade tomorrow night. >> nice, wind chills in the 20's no issues with the balloons, floats as far as wind criteria well below 21 miles april hour.
10:57 pm
>> enjoy. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us for "action news" at ten modern family is next followed by friend. >> for shirleenal the cot, adam joseph, ducis rodgers, melissa in a bee and jeff skversky have a great night and happy thanksgiving. we will see you right back here, tomorrow night. >> ♪
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