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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> reward increased in the search for the missing student from west chester university. tonight, federal investigators are also part of a search effort. >> and a bad situation for bike riders and drivers. state police are called out after a group decides to go for a ride on the schuylkill. >> sunday night. shirleen alicott joins us. a pilgrimage home after the long holiday weekends. >> millions of travelers hit the road, skies and rails. unfortunately they were dealing with much milder weather than when they started their trip. meteorologist melissa magee is
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over at the big board with a first look at the forecast and news of a warm start to the week. >> yes, shirleen, something to look forward to as we get ready to say goodbye to all family and friends and head home after enjoying the holiday and these temperatures milder as we get to monday. if you travel or know someone traveling we have the forecast covered for you. no issues. in fact we have the green light from boston logo to washington d.c. and reagan and dulls. there we widen out the picture minneapolis to dull essence carson east ward to atlanta no conditions to talk about due to the weather. there's a frontal boundary moving through and conditions should stay dry. closer to home, it's 57 in city. that's warmer than high temperature. you have the southwesterly wind that is working its way to much of the delaware and lehigh valleys and high today in the city 56 with southwesterly wind flow overhead. temperatures warming up and they're warmer than they were earlier today. and 57 in philadelphia, 64
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charleston, 6 lexington and 64 nashville and we're talking to a piece of that milder air as early as tomorrow. so talk about what's ahead. milder for us on monday. colder on tuesday. little bit up and down week on the way with bouts of wintry precipitation in between. we'll talk about those details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, walter. >> melissa. before you head out the door get the latest from accuweather, matt, tam, david, karen will have a look at weather and traffic conditions starting 4:30 tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> as we mentioned a lot of people are heading home tonight and experts say 2.6 million americans traveled by nraen weekend. 41 million hit the road. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at 30th street station with a look at how the big pilgrimage home. >> walter, the good news is we're moving tonight. people were expecting big travel headaches. but thanks to the weather on time schedules and decent amount
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of volume on roadways returning home has been a lot easier. busy on the roads, air and rails. but that travel flow was smooth as millions moved across the tri-state and home. >> overall it's been good on the roads. >> surprised. >> very surprised for the holiday. normally today can be a tough day going back. >> traffic was heavy on i-95 near newark in new castle county, delaware. >> be careful, take your time. you'll get. there we have to deal with it. >> 46 million thanksgiving travelers and aaa says 90% of those people were on the roads thanks to the lowest holiday gas prices in five years. >> we would have gone either way. so we have a strong family tradition but definitely nice. had to be a little cheaper. >> philadelphia international airport the security lines were long. milder weather kept departures on time and arrivals had the car sells turning. across the nationthon busiest day of air travel there were few delays and cancellations for 2.5
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million passengers. >> everybody was well behaved and happy to be on a plane and going home. >> i had delays in the past in thanksgiving and i was not expecting them but prepared for them. >> in fact it appears the toughest part of the travel day was getting picked up. the wait for a taxi to phl to long lines 30th street station and those boarding packed amtrak trains. they were hoping to get a seat. >> last year we did not actually get a seton the train until wilmington and sitting on the floor for a little bit of the time. but it all worked out. people get off and you get a seat eventually. >> a lot of travel optimism as we spoke to so many people trying to get home. earlier i mentioned 46 million travelers. wednesday to today. the highest number for the thanksgiving holiday. in 7 years, shirleen. reporting live outside 30th street station tonight kenneth moton "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you, kenneth. >> there were big travel
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headaches in denver, colorado where fog caused delays and diverse the airs was so thick it prevented planes from using three of six runways and as you can imagine the problem aggravated already long lines. >> back here a group of young cyclists put themselves in others and a dangerous position on the schuylkill expressway. the action cam caught the traffic disruption in westbound lanes 30th street station merge after 8:00 tonight. state police responded after receiving calls they were riding on to oncoming traffic. we're told the group took off before investigators could get their information. today new developments in the surge from student from west chester university missing since thursday morning after a night out with friends in manayunk. fbi joined in the effort to find shane montgomery and reward for information about the case and that just increased. "action news" reporter vernon odom joins us live in manayunk where crews swept the canal again today.
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hi, vernon. >> walter, the fbi now joined this investigation by the philadelphia police department and expecting foul play now suspected in the disappearance which remains unexplained. >> the family of shane montgomery, it was another day of brave worry and no answers as they watched the police serve manayunk canal for clues of whereabouts of 21-year-old college student missing since wee hours of thanksgiving morning. his mother knows something is wrong, very wrong. >> it's very difficult. >> looking at the canal for the second day in a row there's no clues of the fate of the west chester university student. he and friend were bar hop ago long the main street strip wednesday night when montgomery got separated from them. he was last seen inside kildare's pub a.m. when escorted out by a bouncer. he's not been seen since.
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>> what i know, he was no inebriated and anybody that saw him and was with him all night told me exactly what they knew he was drinking. and so he was not inebriated or stumbling drunk. he seemed to be fine the last time people saw him which was after 1:00. >> the manager tonight at kildare refused comment on why he was shont door. telling the appropriate spokesperson would be available tomorrow. >> one of the bouncers said to him you know you have to leave he put his hands ut and said i'm on my way out. they walked him out and that's supposedly the last time anyone saw him. can i not imagine that i can't. >> tonight as philadelphia detectives continue scouring manyunk for clues fbi joined this investigates. specifically bureau violent crime task force which was invited to assist police because the disappearance is so
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mysterious. in the beginning of this case the montgomery family put up a $10,000 reward for information that leads to locating shane montgomery. moments ago the fop put up additional $5,000 on to the reward. they have now $15,000 for key information to help them solve this missing person's case. live here in manayunk, on "action news" at 10 on phl17 i'm vernon odom. >> all right. vernon, thank you for that. update. and gunfire claimed life of man in daytime shooting in northwest philadelphia on the 700 block of west tioga street. police tell "action news" the victim was shot five times including twice in the head. he was rushed to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on a motive or any arrests. over in west philadelphia police are investigating a suspicious death after discovering a man's body in the
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street. officers made the discovery earlier this morning on the 5100 block of webster street. police say the man in 50s or 60s had been shot in the neck. the victim's identity has not been released. >> 600,000 pennsylvanians still not covered under the federal healthcare law now have an added opportunity to get insurance. enrollment begins at midnight for the healthy pennsylvania programch the name governor corbett made toy state expansion. meanwhile parts of overhaul have yet to receive federal approval. that adds uncertainty to how the benefit plans will actually work. another element of the world meeting of families was unveiled tonight in center city ♪ the official him of the meeting sound bell of holey freedom was sung for the first time during a special evening mass at kaming
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he'd ralph st. peter and paul. the mass was first celebrated by archbishop charles chaput and since pope francis confirmed he'll be at the meeting in september. >> more to come on "action news" at 10 tragic search for missing ohio baseball player. >> furgeson is cutting ties with darren will sop and what the city's player is saying tonight about the police officer who killed michael brown. >> tips for the best times to killed michael brown. >> tips for the best times to buy during cyber monday.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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>> the search for missing ohio football player jorming is over. the 22-year-old was found dead near his apartment of aself up picture toed gunshot wound. he disappeared after telling roommates he was going for a walk. his mother said he was dealing with bouts of confusion after suffering conclusions. he texted her about the concussion before he disappeared. furgeson is cutting ties with the officer that killed michael brown. darren wilson who resigned yesterday won't receive any further pay or benefits. abc chuck seevrson has more on what the mayor and wilson hope happen next. >> darren wilson has taken off the uniform for the last time. >> officer will on son is no longer an employee with the city
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of furgeson. >> in an exclusive interview with abc george stephanopoulos last week darren wilson wondered about going back to work. >> i didn't think they would accept me you think it would be safe for me? >> wilson says i've been told my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the city of furgeson at risk which is circumstance that can i not allow. will sop's lawyer says he handed in his badge after learning of theets against the furgeson police. >> he said that's enough and it was time to resign. >> on the streets of furgeson still siegeing from monday's grand jury decision not to charge wilson in shooting death of michael brown there was some relief. >> i believe he should have resigned and been found guilty. >> wilson adds it's my hope my president egg nation will allow the community to heal and furgeson mayor announced more recruiting of police officers.
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>> this is proactive step in making it more reflective of the demographics of our community. >> justice department is pursuing civil rights investigation in the furgeson shooting case. >> it was not about darren wilson's job it was about michael proun's justice. >> chuck seevr sop, abc be news new york. >> a couple was akutsed of hiding a missing boy in their home. they were in court this morning on charges including false imprisonment and child cruel tixt john is 13-year-old victim biological father he allegedly took the youngster four years ago. he managed to text his mom letting her know where he was. they found him hadn't a fake wall in john's home yesterday. >> i saw him and asked him to come forward and he was horrified. he was frozen with fear. >> as you see her the story has
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a happy ending the teenager was reunited with his mother last night after four years apart. >> starting tomorrow hundreds of thousands of pa hunters will hit the woods in search of big bucks. monday marks first day of state two week farm arm deer hunting season and game commission officials expect three-quarters million hunters to take part in opening day alone. more than 300,000 deer are expected to be taken out as hunters get out there. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee with a bit of warm-up there, melissa. >> walter and shirleen we have nice conditions as we kick start the first week of december. if in fact today was not bad across the delaware and lehigh valleys as we close out the weekend here. wildwood high temperature 61 degrees. bovr high of 60. upper 50s in philadelphia today. 56 for high temperature in wilmington and pottstown coming in cooler with more snow pack on the ground temperature today north and west of town 47 degrees. as you look at the numbers
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outside tonight we're tapping into a southwesterly wind. ahead of frontal boundary mild along the 95 corridor and especially areas south and east. wilmington 53, philadelphia 57. trenton 45. more snow pack in allentown 36 and 44 currently in lancaster. >> he's satellite 6 and action radar you can see a fair amount of cloud cover overhead although if you travel by road or by air we're not expecting or anticipating any weather related travel delays. look at the cold front off west. this cold front marches east ward monday night to tuesday and ahead of that we tap into southwesterly wind flow. future tracker 6 has you covered. as i wake up tomorrow morning:00 in the morning most locations are in the 40s. upper 40s. areas south and east of philadelphia and 48 in the poconos. as i advance this to:30 tomorrow afternoon most spoots long the 95 corridor upper 50s. lower 60s.
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even 50s popping up north and west of town. talk about what is ahead. 50 at 7:30 and 8 a.m., 52 underneath mostly cloudy sky. despite the clouds temperatures till climbing above average. coming up we'll take a closer look at the forecast because it will be mild and milder as we get into monday. we're also tracking threat of some winter precipitation. we'll take a closer look at that. nothing major with accuweather 7-day forecast. >> thank you, melissa. >> so you put a major dment christmas list on black friday and not quite done yet. fear not, cyber monday is all but upon us. last year 131 million people shopped on-line monday after thanksgiving. and experts say they expect this year that number will rise. some say retailers will very even better deals on-line than they had in stores on black friday. than may be added special offers
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just after midnight and right around lunchtime when many office workers do shopping of course it did not include us here at "action news." >> we'll be a couple weeks late. coming up next, jeff joins us with a first check on sports. >> and later a truly moving >> and later a truly moving ceremony a merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos.
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and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get this great price online guaranteed for two full years plus $400 back with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> some prehistoric creatures
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came alive again today at the academy of natural sciences as they closed out dinosaur days exhibit there were hands on activities giving everyone a chance to learn something new about the fascinating creatures that covered the earth. they learned about modern day animals with close connections to dinosaur ancestors. >> time for sports. >> let's check in live with jeff skversky. hi. >> it doesn't matter no big deal. only a last time. 9 hv 3 eagles tied for best record in the conference tonight. still not a lot to make the playoffs. all they're concerned about
10:23 pm
right now is seattle. defending champs here next sunday night. >> they have a lot of names out there. we'll go out and execute and. >> richard sherman is challenging other teams to throw at whaim do youcy about that. >> i'm not worried i'll play football. >> you can run the table here and get that number one seed nfc. >> one game at a time. the only thing we worry about is seattle defending champs. >> yes they do eagles fans routing for patriots to the beat packers tonight. green bay at home. we all know how good they are. aaron rodgers for richard rogers. roomers extended nfl record 30 touchdowns at home. packers go on to win 26-21 they're 9-3. arizona has best record in conference coming into play. goes down to atlanta and lose again. cardinals fall behind 17-0 in
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the first and i never recover. matt ryan throws for two scores. arizona loses second straight 29-18 final and they're 9-3. eagles and cardinals and packers all tied 9-3 in nfc since eagles lost it both of them they own tie breakers. eagles are three seed in the conference. top two nfc get a buy. eagles four games go and a tlot play for, shirleen. >> jeff, we'll see you soon. skateboarders in montgomery county will soon have a safe, new place to do their thing. groundbreaking ceremonies were held at the upper merion township building for skate park. it took four years to get money and approval for the project. park is named in memory of daniel kellet outside member of park is named in memory of daniel kellet outside member of upper merion
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>> a couple from new york city began a new life journey from a subway. they got married while riding m train under the big apple. brook tloyn manhattan. they chose that train because they traveled a lot during their courtship. in this case the the n and n train stands for nuptial. best i could do on short notice.
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>> it was good enough. >> coming up next in the next half hour of "action news" passengers are forced on to the tarmac at jfk. we'll tell you about the e-mail that caused quite a scare on international flight. >> reporter covering a shooting finds himself in middle of another crime scene and he's the target. oui have the video as the target. oui have the video as the bullets
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>> fbi jones a-er isp for the west chester university senior that went missing. >> and a reportner west virginia the crew becomes a target during a shooting and it's all caught on cram. >> end to the holiday weekend. you can expect a warmer start to the workweek and month of december. >> now to search of shane mng in manyunk. today the fbi joined in on the operation and investigators are back today scouring the manayunk canal for clues fourth year student at west chester university has not been seen since escorted out of a bar main street early thursday morning and what happened next remains a mystery. >> it amazes me that shape was
10:31 pm
out open one of the busiest nights party nights for kids that are 21 and over and nobody saw anything. >> shane is 21 years old and celtic cross tattoo across his shoulder blades. the reward for information leading to his whereabouts is boosted to $15,000. >> good news to pass along regarding missing teenager from southwest philadelphia we told you about last night. investigators tell "action news" 14-year-older call eave adams is home safe tonightch the teenager who is autistic disappeared friday from his home on carpenter street. investigators did not reveal about how or where he was found but they say he is in good condition and has been reunited with his family. >> west virginia reporter almost became part of the story yesterday while interviewing a neighbor about a shooting. >> we're going -- [ shots fired ] [bleep].
10:32 pm
>> are they they really shooting here. >> yes, yes. >> gun shots fired at shawn delancey and a woman. he was just about to ask his first request about a shooting in that part of charleston from night before when they were targetd when i heard the first shot my whole body got stiff i knew what it was. it was only when i got behind the car that i realized how close it was because you could hear that zip. >> fortunately neither shawn nor interview he were hit. police in charles town were looking for three to four people involved in that ips sglept bomb square caused trouble on jfk tarmac today. they evacuated 200 plus people on board american airlines flight from bar sell own ak-9 crews swept plane and cargo and gave all clearch the threat came in through e-mail to the airline they are now trying to locate the center sent sender. >> after that nor'easter created
10:33 pm
problems for holiday travelers on thanksgiving eave the home was quieter across the u.s.. fog and haze forced officials to shut down runways. over in chicago sheer volume of commuters resulted in big security lines this morning at midway airport. we're told they did shorten later in the daych the vast majority of 2456r7bgz giving travel was zone on the highways. >> more people are hitting roads. we don't have air delays or trouble. >> pass it prices are lower this year average price is 278 a gallon. gas places will drop morehead into christmas. >> and should not be too hard to get your week started especially since it will be warmer. >> that's right, shirleen. watch we have a nice start to first week of december. kind of up sean down and good
10:34 pm
news tomorrow we're up. as far as temperatures are concerned. we'll show you the picture outside sky6 in hd nice shot of blue cross river rink. we're getting started with winter fest. open now through march 1 of 2015 no one is on the rink they may not want to be on team because the snow will be melting or at least the ice because these temperatures will be well above average tomorrow as we look at accuweather live lineup we pop up double scan radar. dry and quiet across the delaware and lehigh valley. no issue with precipitation today. big weatherhead line temperatures were milder. better half to the holiday weekend felt better outdoors today as well. high today in city 56. contrast that to yesterday's high of 36 we jumped up 17 from where we were yesterday arm for us this time of year was 50. as you look at numbers north and west of town, 45.
10:35 pm
fleetwood middle 40s. 37 quakertown and you notice numbers are slightly cooler and more snow pack on the grounds. pot town 41. st. david's 52. center city at this hour upper 50s. down across new jersey 51 surf city. ewing 45. hockessin 45. upper 50s smyrna and dover is. satellite 6 and action radar mostly cloudy. dry and quiet across much of new england at least portions closer to coast as you move inland we're traing a cold front east ward monday night into tuesday and ahead of the frontal boundary moving on through it's warm start to the first day of december. we tap into southwesterly wind tomorrow and high temperature climbs up to 62 degrees. lots of clouds around despite clouds cover overhead temperatures 12 above average. late monday night to tuesday we'll track progress of a cold front.
10:36 pm
future tracker 6 showing you 8:00 tomorrow night we have showers that will be round. the problem as we get moon night to tuesday ripple of energy from the south working its way east ward. rain and wet snowflakes mixing in for areas south and east of philadelphia. not expecting any accumulation. then we have another bought with wintry precipitation as we get into tuesday evening as more moisture works east ward. 6:00 colder air and temperatures north and west of town. again you could find light snowfall if not snow and sleet mixing in before warmer air rides north ward as we goat tuesday night and wednesday and bumps temperatures back up. like i said bit of roller coaster weekend up and down as far as temperatures go. accuweather forecast, tomorrow, 62. late noop tuesday we're tracking that front. tuesday it is cold were afternoon showers. maybe snow and sleet north and west. high temperature 44. morning shower wednesday. back up to 55. and on thursday, sunshine and clouds, down to 50 and then
10:37 pm
cloudy on friday with high temperature of 42. and afternoon and evening rain likely on friday and looks like showers could carry over to first weekend of december. all in all, guys, enjoy 62 tomorrow. which is really nice. >> we will. >> thank you. >> still to come on "action news" good news for frozen fans a member of the cast hipts to a sequel. >> hol di shopping in full swing. don't forget the dog. consumer reporters take a look at safest toys for fido. >> two phases emerged from protest offering a message of hope. protest offering a message of hope. hear from people in this photo
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>> breaking news from frankford section of philadelphia police on the sceeb of triple shooting 4700 block of pen street that happened within the hours and victims are being treated at sign sign medical center no word on motive or possible suspects. stay with "action news" for developing details. it's become the hug seen around the world. white police officer embracing young black teen aimer during a protest following this week's event in furgeson missouri. >> the message is of hope. people behind the picture are share what it means to them. >> i can really quickly
10:41 pm
interpret from his answers and his responses to me this kid was pretty special. >> my inty use you need to stay here something special about devante. >> that's why free lance photographer johnny win struck up a conversation with the 1-year-old portland boy tucked in protesters holding free hug describe i said what's your name he said de'vante i asked do you know what's going on heed is a protest. i asked do you know why? he said yeah. and i said do you think it's good or bad? and he didn't say anything just broke down and cried. >> win nodded and took pictures of the crowd and said when he turned baca round he saw de'vante speaking with portland police sergeant brett barnum heart captured the conference from her arlen spectertive and posted pictures on takes back. >> i motioned for him to come over he slowly came over he was
10:42 pm
trumbleing i said why are you crying he said he was sad. sad about the protests and sad about what's going on in the world and all i could do was sigh. >> they talked about school, vacations. >> i just looked down at his sign he sat down the ground i seen him holding it earlier and i thought it said free hugs and i hospitaled to it and said do i get one of those. >> the rest is captured forever and this now viral image thousands have shairtd picture and shared the message of hope it brings. >> i think the reason my photo got so much exposure is because deep down this is what people wanted to see. so i guess the message i want people to take away from the photo is that just like the photo, them coming togethers. what we have to do as society and people is come together find a common ground and come together to find that peace that we want. i think we have a lot to learn from de'vante hart. >> my mom always said, you'll
10:43 pm
never believe the power of one act of kindness. >> yes. >> that young man right there. >> much more to come on "action news" jeff joins us one-on-one with jeremy maclin talking about taking on reigning super bowl champs. >> if buying a toy forecast or champs. >> if buying a toy forecast or dog this christmas make
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>> consumer reports has advice for the pets. consumer reporter nydia han has the details. >> shopping for our pets is fun. consumer reports tells you which toys are safest and what types will make your dog or cat jolly this holiday season. sure your pet can play by himself but favorite thing to play with is you. for you dogs games like tug owe war seas their needs.
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and who can resist a brand new ball even aloof cat may spend time with you if you get him right dapingleing toys and exercise. when pets are alone they can stay occupied with toys that have a treat balls that have peanut butter inside but keep them clean. but for cats, cat nip is perfect choice. middle age cats watch out. for kitties little balls with bells inside are fun. both cats and dogs find plush animals comforting and squeaky inside are a plus. safety cautions, if your dog is aggressive don't give him plush animals he may swallow stuffing. as for cats. >> your cat is curious. don't leave out toys with fathers, strips, eye balls, ribbons or bells he will chew off and swallow. when things start to fall apart toss them. >> it may not matter what is inside the box there's a reason there are nearly a million
10:48 pm
youtube videos of juneling into them. >> they're also cautions about xhu toys. if you have a large dog avoid small doyz toys and balls your dog could small them and monitor your pets to make sure they play safely nydia han, "action news" phl17. >> time for a check with jeff skversky. >> and eagles. >> nothing to talk about they're not playing until next week. >> there's a little tonight. a lot to play for for eagles. first round buy they're not assured a playoff spot. they cannot afford to rest or laurels. eagles won nothing yet. still everything to play for. come on who would not mind a little outside help. eagles fans routing for pate treats to beat packers tonight. green bay is at home. aaron rodgers for richard rodgers no relation. rogers extends nfl record 3
10:49 pm
touchdowns without interception at home and gone on two years. going on to win, 26-21. arizona has best record in conference coming into play. down to atlanta and lose again. cardinals fall behind 17-0 in fist and never recover. matt ryan plays for two touchdowns arizona plays 29-18 final. eagles cardinals and packers all 9-3 tied for best record in conference and eagles actually drop from two seed to three seed tonight because green bay and arizona own tie breaksers over eagles since they lost to both of them. top two seeds in nfc get a first round buy. birds get back to practice tuesday as they get ready for super bowl champs. seattle is here tonight a week from tonight. eagles are in for a shadow. seahawks have not allowed
10:50 pm
touchdown in last two games. only given up total 6 points. they may be among highest in nfl but among the worst in the red zone. >> they have a lot of work to do. red zones got to get beter in the red zone we're moving in the right direction. >> you look at final four you can run the table here and get number one seed in nfc. >> taking it one game at a time. we're only worried about seattle. >> really tough. they have not allowed a touchdown in last two games. how good is their defense. >> one of the best. a lot of guys and names out there we go out and execute we'll be all right. >> we caught up with eagles receiver signing autografts king of prussia mall this weekend. maclin and eagles have seattle and dallas again at home followed by washington. and tonight the nfl announces they're game against redskins
10:51 pm
will be played 4:300. >> desean jackson goes down with -- and redskins receiver does not return. washington beat up by andrew luck career high touchdowns. 49-27. eagles fans you'll love this. new york is giant mess. today against jacksonville 21-9 need ar rop cole jp burn -- this stretch all started when birds beat them at link in october. >> while the sixers have stumbled out of the game villanova could not be happier with her start. jay wright and wildcats have more that the sixers. doing over doesn't allow had delaware to store basket 9 1/2 minute scan. scoring not an issue for 'nova. hiliard at 3.
10:52 pm
and 40-16 not done. with the slam 'nova wins 31 and they're 6-0, delaware looking for first wment. temple taking on long island brooklyn. owls down 7 at the half and complying back in second. quintin on the run. leads all scores with 15. temple slams door on liu. 70-56 won back-to-back games. >> drexel trying to seat up off their first win near son mississippi. damian lee leads with game high 22. drexel wins 59-36. held southern miss to only 36 points that's major defense. >> thank you, sir. >> in "people scene" frozen two rumors are heating up during recent interview in 5. k a sequel to the disney smash hit and broadway version are all in the works.
10:53 pm
hit and broadway version are all in the works. menzel was in the movie and ♪i want it all! ♪i want it all! ♪i want it all! ♪and i want it now!
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>> as you can see there mumers were full lay corned this afternoon to welcome santa claus to media county. hedgerow theater bought vr from
10:56 pm
a christmas par are are carroll and ghost of of christmas presents. >> they arrived on board on antique fire engines. this is the first isn't aparade and many hope it becomes an annual tradition. >> melissa magee with a final check of forecast. yeah, guys. mild start tomorrow. we'll show you day planner. and average for us this time of year is 50. lots of clouds around. despite cloud cover these temperatures climb above average for the first time of december. today 54 degrees. 1:00 in the afternoon, 62. bit of taste of spring, 4:00, 57. meteorologist david murphy will have the late oingt tomorrow morning here on 6abc with any changes. >> all right. thank you, melissa. >> thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at 10. be sure to join "action news" starting at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> for shirleen alicott, melissa magee, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist are i'm walter perez magee, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist are i'm walter perez good
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