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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> provide testers take to the streets across the usa as outrage grows over two high profile killings. >> and police are shifting strategy in week long serve for missing area college student. but the big story on "action news" is abund answer of caution mercer county where they're dealing with hepatitis a scare. >> many are concerned about contracting the virus and that was clear by the many that came out to get vaccinated against it today. nora muchanic has tonight's big story.
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>> for six hours thursday hamilton township residents crowded into the firehouse to receive hepatitis a vaccine. nurses administered 360 doses. >> i was concerned about my hel sdmrj shots were offered after food handler at rosa restaurant on south broad was hospitalizeed with a highly contagious disease which can cause fever, diarrhea aand vomiting. >> my mother ate with us the day we he the dinner and she's 8 and we need to be cautious with her. >> we don't know. we thought better safe than sorry and come out here. we like the place. >> after further blood tests the second case of hepatitis case they thought they had turned out to be false positive. vaccines were available only to township residents for 35 a shot and another booster is required six months from now. >> if someone gets shot now and they were in the early phases or
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incubation period. they'll build up immune system faster. >> and perhaps if they get sick won't get as severe a case. >> hopefully with them getting their shots shortly after they get their shots maybe they'll be back to eat our pizza you know. >> that won't happen for some customers that are angry that rosa's is not paying for the cost of the vaccine. >> you're nailing me for another $35 i'm telling you for a fact i'm not going there again. >> it's okay i would rather pay and be safe. >> in hamilton, i'm nora muchanic, for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> civil unrest spans the nation all because of grand jury decisions not to indiet police mep that killed unarmed black men. >> it was in chicago and protesters failed to get to soldier field where bears are playing cowboys. they attempt texted to block a major highway instead.
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marching, chance and signs could be seen from coast to coast with protesters in oakland, joining chicago, boston and numerous groups cross new york city and bureaus each demonstration disrupting traffic to protest injustice following death of furgeson mike brown and eric garner on staent island. >> quiet and point yent protest brought students to the ground at temple university today. they stage aid die in to protest the same grand jury decisions sparking outrage we showed across the nation tonight. >> a lot of people are tired of waiting on our educational leaders and social leaders and social icons to step forward on something we should have stepped forward on a long time ago. >> i think it's unjust we need to do something as a community. young protesters marched in peaceful assembly with hands waved in the air. >> there is a ramped up effort
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to locate the college student that disappeared in manyunk. it has been 7 days since anyone has seen shane montgomery tonight police and his family are changing their strategy to find him. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live from manyunk with more, annie. >> and shirleen, reward is no, i up to 40,000. that's for any reliable information that leads to whereabouts of shane montgomery. also, today, federal investigators and also local investigators are asking anyone that has a business or residents along main street manayunk and has surveillance cameras to please come forward if they have not already. it's been a week since they disappeared and they're desperate for sgleedz it's day 7 in disappearance of west chester university student and roxboro hometown boy shane montgomery. according to investigators a week ago today he was last seen leaving killdare's shortly before 2 a.m. from the first day he went
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missing family and friends joined the community and rescue and police for the rescue efforts for the missing 21-year-old. the support grew after bimbo bakeries contributed 9,000 to the reward. kevin worked at the bakery for 35 years. today volunteers continue to work at st. john the baptist church become the ground zero for shane's search. even with community support each passing day with no leads or sign of their son is wareing on shane's mother karen who remained part of the hunt for her son every day. >> this is nightmare to my family. my son has been gone for 7 days. my son is my youngest child. and i miss him terribly and my mother is destroyed that her grandson is missing and there's nothing that we can do about it. >> tonight, main street in manayunk is stark contrast to the crowds they sought night before thanksgiving and it's happy hour crowds the family hopes to target tomorrow night
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when they span out across the city armed with flyers and hoping to find someone who saw something that night. >> it's good. hopefully something turns up. you know, it's a good idea. something to try you know anything is possible again that group is going to happy hour across the state from manayunk and they're meeting p.m. tomorrow st. john the baptist church in manyunk. for now live in manayunk annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> any. thank you. >> there is now arrest in murder of wayne ellington senior father of la lakeer from philadelphia who shares his name. carl white is suspected of shooting ellington in the head as he sat in the car in 5200 block of merion street in allentown. he was high on pcp at the time. court records revealed that white has served time for drugs, weapons, attempted murder and other crimes dating back to
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1998. they're investigating now whether he may be involved in other shootings. clouds arrived and the rain is taking its time to get here. meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board with the accuweather details, hey, ces. >> no rush with the rain. we finally got a dry day today after two days of dreary weather. satellite 6 and action radar showing the clouds moved in quickly. you'll notice north of philadelphia they are thinning out dramatically and this is really having a big impact on temperatures. where you get the clouds it insulates the earth and traps in heat of the earth. philadelphia with a lot of clouds. 41. look in allentown clouds are thinning out. it's only 29 in reading and it's 30 and sea isle city dealing with all the clouds it's 40. a wider view showing stormtracker 6 live double scan there's moisture south it is not reaching the ground here but reaching ground in parts offer virginia. this is moving east.
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this brings us clouds overnight. all my attention is on this low pressure right now just west of oklahoma city and what this will do is move to the east and this will bring us a soaking rain for really saturday afternoon and saturday night. even tomorrow night we'll be dealing with rain. this is what is ahead. lots of clouds tonight. philadelphia and area down south. the weekend will start wet. however, it's not going to be a washout. it will be dry for the eagles game. we'll see return of sunshine on sunday. temperatures going to be up and down over the weekend. i'm tracking potential for storm next week. i'll talk all about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> a connecticut company pulled its offer to buy pv fwhxt massive fail. the nearly 2 billion deal is off the table as of tonight. council president darrell clarke said back in october city lawmakers would not vote on or even hold hearings on that proposal. he called the deal short
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sighted. it would have provided budget relief for years to come. >> camden man who convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl and killing her 6-year-old brother will die in prison. rivera received a 110 year sentence today rivera broke into children's home in camden as they slept back in 2012 attacking amber andajar who is identified at the request of her family. dominick was stabbed and killed when he tried to intervene. rivera had been smoking wet or marijuana laced with pcp. he will not be eligible for parole for at least 91 years. >> retired independent traffic judge thomas types is looking at 2 years sentence for her role in a ticket fixing scandal. she's also been find 5,000. tooin s is second of four former traffic judges convicted of lying to their 'tis.
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robert was sentence todz 18 months and two more judges have yet to be sentenced. types lawyer says she pled guilty to where she's accused of taking a tiffany bracelet seeking a contract with the courts. >> and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at 10 the cop accused of killing a 1-year-old boy with toy gun should not have been on the force in the first place. new findings tonight. >> and the first family holiday celebration had quite a bit of philly flare tonight. you'll see and hear it next. >> where is cher soup set with new jersey governor chris >> where is cher soup set with new jersey governor chris christie.
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the cleveland officer that shot even killed tamil rice was deemed unfit for duty in 012 according to newly released records from a small suburban force he worked at 6 months. timothy lowman was faulted for breaking down emotionally while handling a gun during training. a branch of armed forces is latest to cut ties are actor
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comedian bill cosby. navy revoked his honourary title of chief petty officer saying allegations of sexual abuse are serious and conflict with the navy core values. he enlisted in 1956 and served four years. meanwhile loss ankle less police say they are ready to investigate new accusations at certainty of new lawsuit even in the statute of limitations expired. police chief says results from investigation could be used in civil proceedings. >> the statute is expired, it's expired. it could be used in several resource or number of other things. we would have to look at the -- we would work with victim and victim's representatives to dot best we could for them. >> 77-year-old cosby has so far refused to answer any questions concerning mount being accusations but lawyers from strongly maintained his
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sentence. >> sounds look a roller coaster cecily tynan live at the big board tonight, hi, cecily. >> today was a bad day. we got to see sunshine earlier. got to give umbrellas a break. it was open the cool side. morning low 32. below normal. afternoon high 45. 4 below normal and clouds really did roll in in the afternoon. currently in philadelphia, it's 41. millville, 36, wilmington 39 and allentown where clouds are breaking 29 degrees and trenton currently 37. satellite 6 and action radar showing disturbance moving down south. this is taking moisture along with it. but there's no more waiting in the wings and tomorrow as we head through the day the atmosphere will continue to moisten up. 8:00 in the morning a good amount of cloud cover especially lehigh valley to trenton and areas south of further south the more clouds you'll see. it will be a dry morning commute. as we head through the afternoon we'll begin to see drizzle breaking out around 5:00
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especially areas west of philadelphia you can tell i'm tired when i can't say philadelphia it's been a long week and by 9:00 a steadier rain mainly light north of philadelphia and heavy rain that will be moving in on saturday afternoon. so the morning commute, forecast, lots of clouds. chilly but will be dry. 6:00, 35, by 7:00, 36 and by 8:00 checking in with temperatures of 37. headed through the day today region by region tomorrow mrontty of clouds and allentown high only 40 and pottstown and downingtown 40. temperatures mid 40s lot of cloud. salem 48, and berlin 47. and bit evening down at the shore cape may 50 millville 48, speedwell 47 and dover 49. planning out your weekend
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activities, really depends on the day i'll talk more when it expect the rain and what to expect in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> thank you, cecily. national christmas tree is all aglow tonight. celebrities help president obama and first family kickoff a holiday celebration in the nation's capitol. >> the area's biggest name were among them. >> that is the unmistakable patti labelle singing in the holiday season. painted dragones picture in philadelphia queen heart mo'ne davis read storys with first lady and blue spruce made 2,000 mile journey from minnesota for this occasion. it's lit with 16,000 led lights. >> patti sounding good there. >> roosevelt applause apark in camden bathed in holiday lights
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the tree lighting ceremony took place under watchful eyes of santa claus, the 32 foot is -- the evening was capped off with carrollers from creative parts high school. sounded great. >> time for sports tonight. eagles. >> hey, there, guys, what do we need to know about surprised's opponent the seahawks. they have a stud on offence and running back marshawn lynch as jeff skversky support we have good guy on defense as well. >> in between all the screaming and all the talking, >> don't you ever talk about me! >> seattle star richard sherman is shutting up opposing offenses and most ibtceptions over the last four spz and eagles don't plan to go quietly because of sunday. >> he's best korper in the league. you have to be aware where you
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are. i think you'll have your plan and we'll execute it. >> jeremy maclin is having a career year and has challenge of his career on sunday. one-on-one with the number one corner in football. >> everybody is here for a reason you know? so i like my chances against anybody. >> sherman is daring quarterbacks to throw his way. even though eagles is one of highest scoring teams in nfl and they snap the ball every 2.8 seconds fastest in nfl cher man is not backing down. >> they have to deal with us as much as we have to deal with them. hurry up offense. hurry up defense. it's not like they're any more or less human than we are. >> they're some of the best and that secondary especially. >> mark sanchez cannot wait for another shot at sherman and legion ever boom two. years ago he had one of the worst games of his career against seattle. jeff skversky for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> ahead next half hour we'll at 10 on phl17. >> ahead next half hour we'll hear from
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>> a young entrepreneur worked hard running a lemonade stand to get jordans and only to work hard to get them stolen. someone took them during track practice they were in the west end neighborhood house and today oliver learned his hard work is not going in vein. they ordered him a new pair of jordans and owners of unique image screen printing company gave him a pair of lebrons. >> i thank everybody that's been there from the start that's supported me basically. >> and the city of wilmington plans to install lockers at the west end neighborhood house. >> on "healthcheck" at 10 cdc said dominant strain ever the flu mu taitd and that makes this vaccine lessee infective. flu samples taken october and
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november match current strains in the vaccine. 52% of samples were different indicating mutation for drift of that strain cdc recommends getting vaccinated since can still decrease severity of illness. >> and that time when two popular radio hosts camp out in the name of fighting hunger. jim gardner and cecily tynan and ducis rodgers stopped by to drop jim gardner and cecily tynan and ducis rodgers stopped by to drop off food and host a radio merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong?
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>> we have more ahead and including a plea free mark wahlberg why he's asked to be pardon ond from state of massachusetts. >> and 10:45 we'll tell you about one organization granting wishes for foster children and how you can get involved. >> next we take you to south philadelphia where a man was attacked by a hammer wielding intruder. attacked by a hammer wielding intruder. details on that coming
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deciding between bread is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> thank you for joining us here's a look at the stories we're cover for you on phl17. >> there's a 40,000 reward for information that helps define shane montgomery. college student disappeared a week ago after leaving a manyunk bar. police are also asking anyone along main street who may have surveillance video to contact them. they say they are desperate for information. >> los angeles police say they are ready to investigate sexual assault accusations against bill cosby. they will not turn anyone away
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and adds results of official investigation could be used in civil proceedings. more than a donz women claim they were abused by cosby. >> 6 40 people who ate at rosa's got vaccines today after a worker tested positive for hepatitis. it was thought a patron had hepatitis a but we learned that was in fact a false positive test. >> and new tonight iman was attacked inside his home by hammer wielding intruder around 8:30, 400 block of der per street south philadelphia and victim was taken to jefferson hospital. we're told injuries are not life threatening and police have not said if anyone was taken during home invasion suspect is still open the loose. >> right now investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that destroyed a montgomery county police officer home.
10:31 pm
and the fire marshall says it appears the fire started on the porch which was decorated with lights and on a timer. investigators think those lights may have sparked a fire but have labeled it suspicious. because it's owned by a police officer they cannot rule out the possibility of arson he's a very good character and locked up some pretty good character. if it turns out someone was after him i would not be surprised i'm not saying that's not the case. >> just to be sure the township fire marshall called in state police and county fire investigators to help with that investigation. >> newcastle police say they solved murder of a teenager. west ninth street robinson was arrested at a home in wilmington and charged with first degree murder and robbery and before this there was not a murder in
10:32 pm
newcastle city since 1999 berks county reading police say they hope surveillance helps catch the gunman that shot up a barbershop. men walked to the window of all star hair studio last wednesday and opened fire four of 11 people inside at the time were hurt the same type of incident happened last tuesday and investigators are not ready to connect both to the same gunman california university is under investigation for boys that beat up a man and yelled football strong and drove away. the university in western pennsylvania forfeited next game and suspended players. the investigation into that team will cost the school 60,000. >> if your holiday party plans
10:33 pm
involve drying they should involve a designated driver. the highway traffic safety division in new jersey is getting more than 1.2 million to 165 police the driver sober or get pulled over campaign kicks off tomorrow and runs through january 2 each department gets 7500 to call for saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints. >> cher has harsh words for chris christie she tweeted he is a despicable bully that can forget about being president. he reject aid bill to ban the use of gestation crates to house pregnant pigs he argues there's only a few pig farms in the state and the bill would not have had hutch of affect. they're widely used in iowa the nation's top pork producer and important state for anyone seeking precedential nomination.
10:34 pm
>> readers of sunday "new york times" might not get paper on thyme weekend. semi-getting advanced copy of this flipped over and papers strewn all over the grass and accident happened ramp 76 eastbound to 202 north king of prussia. no people were injured. >> time for the accuweather forecast. >> cecily tynan delivering the news tonight this will bring us rainy first half of weekend. tonight, though, not rainy. chilly in some spots, cool spot allentown 29 degrees this is where clouds thinned out. philadelphia the clouds helping insulate the ground a little. not as cool, 41 mill bill and 36
10:35 pm
atlantic city checking in at 40 wilmington 39. >> satellite 6 and action radar showing we have clouds mainly on philadelphia areas south and ribbon of moisture weak disturbance moving through and this brings rain just south over virginia. what i'm tracking is low pressure into the southern plain states and we spread moisture through the first half of the weekend. future tracker showing 8:00 in the morning lots of clouds it should be a dry morning commute then as we head through the afternoon things get showery by the evening hours and philadelphia dealing with drizzle and showers for north and west suburb ishz if you head out friday night we'll see generally light rain saturday morning you have outdoor plans you have to get your christmas tree we'll be going out saturday
10:36 pm
morning you deal with crowds and as we head into the afternoon this is when steady and heavy rain moves in in the afternoon and evening hours and future tracker showing 5:30 area of heavy rain over new jersey this lasts late saturday evening and pulling out in time for sunday. leaving a pretty substantial amount of rain. and generally half inch closer to the shore and more than inch in far north and west suburbs. saturday afternoon through saturday night and good news it doesn't rain all weekend by sunday high pressure fwhuldz return of sunshine. cool side, 46 feeling cool were winds out of north 8 to 16 miles an hour. but great timing for the eagles game heading to link looking good at kickoff temperature 4 4 mixture of sun and clouds by 4th quarter and 41 degrees. bundzle up. dry for the eagles game the exclusive accuweather 7-day
10:37 pm
forecast tomorrow light rain kicks in by the evening and 46 the high we bump 55 saturday and that comes with steady rain afternoon and evening hours and we drop back to 40s sunday with run ever sunshine. monday mostly cloudy high of 44. monday night through tuesday morning watching possibility of coastal storm some computer models keep it offshore and if wet enough we look at rain in philadelphia and wintry mix far north and west suburbs and dry out and cool off a bit wednesday 44 and thursday partly sunny high of 46 indoor activity great for saturday afternoon. head outdoors sunday. sunday is looking nice. >> perfect. >> hi cecily thank you. >> the annual tree lighting party was held in south philadelphia there were carrollers and holiday sweedz and visit from sand aclause.
10:38 pm
>> 21 more days. >> 21? >> yes getting there. >> not enough time. >> find out what nasa tries zone launch owe brine to space. >> actor mark wallburg has a plea tonight and what he's asking one state do about teenage hikes. >> see this long line. people with lined up for cheap gas. the state that has people filling up their entire tank for the state that has people filling up their entire tank for a few bucks
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>> an arrest was made in murder of a either in abadabi and accused of putting a makeshift bomb outside of a home of an american doctor. the suspect targeted her victims based on their nationality in an text to create chaos and terrorize the country. >> actor mark wallburg is asking to be pardoned for a crime he committed in mass nass in 1988. he says he was a troubled teen at the time. wallburg served three months in prison for hitting a man in the heads with kooden stick trying to steal two cases of alcohol outside a boston convenience store and the conviction is
10:42 pm
still affecting his life. the 43-year-old says he turned his life around and is now a successful actor and producer. >> nasa is helping to launch o'ryan into space tomorrow. nasa tried for fearly three hours to get o'brien off the ground today and it cited various obstacle including delay because boats came too loose to the launch bad and it was really windy. >> banged up corvette is about to get expensive makeover this 1992 white convertible was one millionth cheverolet core strot roll off at assembly line. it was most valuable of 8 cars that fell into a sink hole at the corvette museum last saturday the corvette is worth 750,000. general motors says it will take six months to restore. >> thanks to a bit of mix-up lucky drivers were able to get a full tank of gas for $3.
10:43 pm
this chevron in louisiana was selling supreme gas for 29 cents a gallon. once folks found out guess what they lined up to cash in on that deal. it took 8 hours fort gas station to realize the error despite the long line. attend answer say the pumps went high wire. they're not sure how many gal opens were pumped before the mistake was realized. >> gas price as long here nowhere near 29 cepts but good news they're getting closer to it in philadelphia a gallon now dropped to 2.93 and delaware today's average $2.78 and south jersey cheapest as normal 2.63 a gallon. >> still ahead santa and ronald mcdonald's brings smiles to faces tonight. >> plus a group of kids who have one simple wish this holiday season how you can make the holidays brighter for kids in foster care system. it's quick and simple and you don't even need to leave home to help. and don't forget wake up with the "action news" team and get the morning's top news
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headlines, weather and traffic the morning's top news headlines, weather and traffic starting at 4:30 a.m. only on
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snv we continue to follow breaking news of protests in the wake of grand jury decisions not to indiet two police officers for their involvement in the
10:47 pm
death of two unarmed black men and several protests are getting somewhat out of control. we've been looking at this one in times square new york city protesters surrounded one police car and were approaching another car in mass. it appears police have gotten that under control right now. we did watch. police here in new york city takes several protesters into custody. no word at this point whether anyone has been injured in the scuffle or melees that ensued there. >> we know protests have been nationwide let's look at video from boston. swarms of protesters converged on downtown boston this is boston common now we're told there's thousands of people on the ground now protesting. anyone to indictment in both these cases. they have so far remained peaceful as far as we know. of course we'll keep you updated on this breaking story. >> to a very different emotion now couple guys you don't see hanging out enough.
10:48 pm
high there. >> hi. >> we're both here now. >> isn't aand ronald mcdonald's both spotted in camden this evening theres with a tree lighting ceremony not sure we have that video 800 families will stay there over the next year while little ones get their medical care so. a great night there. and as we approach the holidays a lot of us thinking how to make wishes come true for those special to us. >> mercer county based non-profit organization is going beyond that. working to fulfill the dreams of foster children across the country. new jersey correspondence nora muchanic profiles a group called one simple wish. >> at headquarters trenton one simple wish volunteers are sorting through piles of stourz to arm of foster children who too often are taking away from home, family, everything familiar with the goals on their backs. >> we want to brighten lives of children in foster care they want them to have aunt opportunity to feel like normal kids and make sure they have access to same experience he's
10:49 pm
and items and same resources that all kids should have. >> making wishes come true is easy. foster children connected to 700 agencies and 48 states tell case works whaerz they wish for. >> a bhild will let caseworker know of a case they want or wish they need and they submit us to and we put wish on our web site when allows dope orr's to go on and isn'tly on-line shopping. >> when donors click grant a wish button they agree to pay for the tumor experience and wishful filament team goes to work. >> many items are so simple it would break your heart. we're not talking about scav gapt things just what all kids wantsp. >> movie tickets to see a movie. baby doll. very simple wishes. >> i just filled a wush for girl who is going owe way to college that wants typical normal things in a dorm room. a target gift considered so she can have toiletryes and
10:50 pm
colleges. >> there's a $500 limit most wishes range between $60 and $100 thank you cards from some of the 30,000 foster kids helped since one simple wish started in 2008. >> one recipient wrote it means so much to me to have the sxeeps of going to a prom. you're awesome and very kind. this experience will last me a lifetime. one simple wish granted with the click of 340us mouse. in trenton i'm nora muchanic for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> love that. well eagles have big opponent this weekend and not doing it justice. >> live at the big board with the latest on that. >> hello there it's prettyty much the game of the week in nfl. eagles, seahawks sunday afternoon helps to clear up muddled 2346789 nfc picture. mark sanchez is an expert on hype having played in fork city and college ball ufc. not only does sanchez know how to handle it he knows how to ignore it.
10:51 pm
>> you have to be able to block that out you have to and like i said it's natural for somebody these guys won the super bowl last year he played with this coach before and all that stuff does not affect the size of the field and size of ball and rules. everything stays the same. so you have to keep your focus the same and keep your preparation the same. and you know don't make it any bigger or smaller don't short change it either. >> good point there. nfc defensive player of the month, the linebacker had 6 1/2 sacks november and 1 1/2 sacks overall tide for second in nfl. barwinn sees this as team award. >> obviously it feels good. like i was saying earlier it speaks to our defense and people are starting to recognize we're playing well on defense. we need to continue to play well and continue to improve and people will recognize the type of players we have across the defense. >> and the birds have been approaching this game as if it's just another one on the
10:52 pm
schedule. sure it counts as one game but feels more important than that. espn, nfl analyst and qb ron jaworksi agrees. >> you can't get fired up for this game, you don't have a pulse. it's the world champion. seattle seahawks coming into town 10, 11 months ago they held the 2r0e6 he up i-95. if you cannot get excited about that you should not play football. i know this football team would be exciting but the one thing you notice about this eagle team is energy with which they play. >> jaws is great tv. cowboys are in chicago second straight thursday game and right now dallas leads 35-13. tony romo has three touchdown passes. >> college basketball drexel off
10:53 pm
to-4 start hosting university of sciences, mohammed claims one for dragons this is tight game throughout. this is not night for drexel. university of scientists will gregordis falls 5-52. >> tight game though. gregordis falls 5-52. >> tight game though. >> ducis,
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>> shelters across the east
10:56 pm
coast are getting help this holiday season. tlont was a benefit in paoli for give a dog a bone. the organization collects bones, toys and blankets for dogs. everything is then donated to shelters along the east coast. a party was held at red hound grill this evening there were even doggy themed cocktails. >> one more and season spirit of of the season tonight white house all decked out for holidays now 6 christmas trees there including that one the official tree, 18 feet tall, 12 feet wide. it's so big they had to take hinges offer the door to get inside. check out gingerbread there 65,000 people expected to visit the whitehouse. >> it's all the spirit of it. >> take a look at bus stop forecast tomorrow. we'll be dealing with a lot of
10:57 pm
clouds. there will be chill in the air. no rain in the morning. 6:00, 35. by 8:00, 37. we will still on the cool side tomorrow. not seeing much sunshine. clouds thickening through the day. 4:00, 45. light rain. moving in tomorrow night and heavy rain moving in on saturday afternoon. >> all right. cecily thank you very much. >> thank you cecily. thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at 10. "modern family" is next followed by friends. >> for shirleen alicott, adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rogers i'm brian taff have a joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rogers i'm brian taff have a great nights see you back here lln
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