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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> friday night. a woman is suspected of being more than a bad neighbor. she set a family's house on fire and they think they know why. >> pockets of protests continue to grow as outrage boils over after high profile killings at the hands of police. but the big story on "action news" is a grab bag of weather and the rain is here as you can tell from philadelphia international airport. the run way is slick. and more rain is coming. >> but don't count this weekend as a total loss. meteorologist cecily tynan watching. stormtracker 6 double scan
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tonight, hi, cecily. >> hi brian, shirleen, this is a 50/50 weekend the nicer half will be the second half. we're starting off wet. stormtracker 6 double scan says we have areas of rain most of the rain on the light side and we have pockets of heavy rain in fact burlington county, mercer county near browns mills and you can see the one area over the new jersey turnpike moving up to the north and east. just the east of trenton and we will be seeing some rounds of rain as we head to the overnight hours. the good news is, temperatures across the board are above freezing. philadelphia, 42. allentown 35. wilmington 4 2. millville 4 3. reading 35 and temperatures will essentially be holding steady overnight and even in the poconos there's a winter weather advisory in effect until 1:00 in the morning where they got freezing rain. it's now above freezing, 33 degrees. stormtracker 6 a wider view showing what we're getting tonight is more of appetizer to
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the main event. it's all associated with low pressure to the west of nashville and ahead of it you see really heavy rain. this low pressure will move just to the south over virginia and that's what would bring us soaking rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. so this is how to breakdown the rain. overnight we're looking at areas of drizzle and light rain. morning, tomorrow, will not be bright and sunny. cloudy, drizzle. the real soaking comes in the afternoon and saturday evening. we're talking about three-quarters of an inch of rain to inch of rain. you want to keep umbrellas on hand tomorrow night. good news it will be clearing out. i'll talk more about that and track a potential nor easter in the full accuweather forecast, shirleen. >> thank you, ces. >> keeping up with changing weather is as easy as checking stormtracker 6 app on apple or android device. it's free to download. >> a car crashed into a home in south philadelphia tonight. that was not the worst of it.
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police discovered the man driving that car was shot 14 times. medics transported him from the 1500 block of cleveland street 6:00 tonight and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators say they were only able to find one shell casing which means someone took the time to collect all most all of them from the scene. they're still looking for the shooter or shooters and motive. police did not have alook far to find a suspect accused of burning down a police officer's home. turns out she lives next door. tonight there's a possible motive in that arson. "action news" reporter annie mccormick joins us live from lower pottsgrove township and any you have the latest tonight. >> and brian, this family lost everything. this all happened in the middle of their trip to disneyworld. tonight, police say this was done all at the hands of a vintictive next door neighborhood. >> half of commons drive in lower pottsgrove is ready for
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christmas. tonight this end of the cul-de-sac is in the dark after police say this fire at the home of limerick police detective ernie morris was intentionally set by this woman. donna krupp his next door neighbor. cup was caught on tape. >> it was like christmas on fire and flee the scene. >> detective morrison stalled security cameras for a two week trip to disney after his family suspected cup of vandalizing suv. motive, investigators believe krupp was responsible for ongoing investigation of her son who has a history of drug abuse and run ins with the law. no one answered the door at the krupp's home. >> we're glad everything is revolved and we now know -- we don't need to worry about serial arsonist or anything like that. >> neighbor peggy yerger was
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first to call 911 after dog saidy 1-year-old collie mix woke up her family. >> 2:20 she started barking again and he went downstairs and saw the whole -- it was like an orange glow in our front window. and he ran told me to call 911. >> it's upsetting beginning to the holidays here. some are lucky saidy barked when she did preventing fire to spread to more homes. >> we're very proud of saidy. >> and detectives told chad pradelli that his two young girls are devastated and getting a lot of support from their school. krupp remains in jail according to court records we checked on $1 million bail set by a judge today. she's not posted that as of yet. >> reporting live in lower pottsgrove, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. thank you any. >> police in kallen township
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have been talking to a possible suspect in a deadly hit and run. someone struck 19-year-old keasia gray. an aspiring nurse walked away from the dollar treat and she was hit on link open highway. they found a damaged honda pilot believed to be the striking vehicle. the investigation is ongoing. >> bb seigel is recovering in the hospital tonight from two gunshot wounds to the abdomen. the rapper was found outside in pleasantville outside his home. he just dropped off his kids at school and became unintended shooting victim. this is the second time he was shot by bullets. he was shot in the arm 2006 during a robbery attempt. >> family, friend and volunteers took to the straets, flyers in hand imflooring anyone with information about shane montgomery's disappearance to
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speak up. the west chester university student has been missing for more than a week. "action news" reporter sharee williams is liver in manayunk where he was last seen. sharee. >> it's day nine of that search shirleen and even on a rainy and chilly night, like this evening, manayunk is still hopping and this is the crowd that searchers are looking to target and that's why these types of flyers are posted in manayunk. but, tonight, they are fanning out beyond manayunk hitting up other parts of philadelphia where bars are popular. >> with flyers and tape in hand, family, friend and volunteers expanded efforts to find shane montgomery. >> all we need is one kid that thinks they may know something or thinks they may have seen something. >> until now the search focused in manayunk where the 21-year-old was last seen. he disappeared after leaving killdare's just before 2 a.m.
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thanksgiving morning. >> it is agonizing we wake up and hope this is the day. >> search has taken on a new hampshire approach. dozens of volunteers hit the streets and posted flyers where the young college groups hang out not just in manayunk but bars and lounges in center city, south street and near college campuses. and now this asking people to check their cell phones or any selfies they may have taken if out last wednesday into thanksgiving morning. >> if you took any selfies look in the back goupd, look for a kid that looks like shape. see if you have a picture of shane on that that the police can take and try to pin point a time. >> st. john church in manyunk is headquarters for the search. volunteers continue to crank out leaflets with shane's picture and this help find shane montgomery facebook page continues to grow all while his family is hopeful for his safe return. >> we're holding up the only
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thing that gets us out of bed ev day is we're on a mission to find shane and we will. meantime, police and fbi are continuing their efforts as well in this case. they're asking businesses in this immediate area if they have any surveillance video. also speaking with private owners for any of their surveillance video. the reward at this point is 40,000. we're live in manayunk. sharee bill yumz "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> sharee, thank you. protests criticizing decisions that to indiet policemen that killed two unarmed black men wage ago cross the country tonight and this is video out of miami, florida, protesters there blocked major thorough fares and chanted their rally and cry, black lives matter. and hands up don't shoot, ran through grand central station before another die in and protests in new york city. marchers wound their way to the
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streets of manhattan. >> and that is a chant in boston tonight. second straight night as demonstration there's protesting the decision not taken to diet the officers that killed mike brown and eric garner. they marched and they tooed staged die in in busy sections of that city. >> this was scene of science leadership academy where stevens held a die in and they joined peers master minute, central high schools and peaceful protests because they say they felt moved to take action and show solidarity. >> meanwhile people are waiting to see what a grand jury will decide in another case of an unarmed black man. a man was shot after he and his girlfriend walked into a stairwell. a rookie was coming down with
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gun drawn and fired by mistake. new york police commissioner called that shooting an accident that claimed a totally innocent life. >> there will be no criminal charges in the hazing case that shut down football season at central bucks high. bucks county da david heckly determined no evidence of criminal behavior. rookie players were subjected to rituals that includes having them grab other player's private parts while clothed and the school district cancelled the last two games of the season and fired the head coach and suspend the the coaching staff. police have closed their investigation. >> the philadelphia parking authority says it's trying to it fix a problem with kiosk in center city. anyone paying to park on the street will need cash for now. the machines are unable to use credit cards due it a wireless issue. coins and dollar bills are accepted. >> still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at 10 tonight, bill cosby turning tables on latest woman to accuse him
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ofself you'll assault. >> another reason to watch what you eat. it could add years to your life literally. >> shocking reversal from rolling stone magazine knew >> shocking reversal from rolling stone magazine knew apologizing
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>> president obama nominee for secretary of defense is an ashton native. he most served as setting of defense department and he replaced haagle who stepped down last week. >> he would be among younger defense secretary being 60 years old. >> bill koz sbi fighting back against one of his accusers the comedian followed a lawsuits top come forward. she claimed he sexually alested her when 15 years old. they call it meritless and unsupported 40-year-old claim only filed after failed
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extorsion attempts cosby attorneys is looking for sanctions and alleged extorsion that rain tonight will linger. >> until dry day arrives. when will that be. >> sunday, you have been listening to the forecast haven't you stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have scattereds areas of rain most is on the light side. philadelphia and i-95 corridor mainly light. pockets of yellow near mount holly that's heavier rain further north we had icing concerns earlier today in the poke mows -- poconos. you can see icing left of hamburg and that's beginning to become liquids precipitation as temperatures are warming up there temperatures will be holding steady in the overnight hours. philadelphia is 4 degrees. light rain.
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wilmington 42. allentown 36. cold rain reading 35 and seattle city 45. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have conveyor belt of moisture and system i'm tracking for tomorrow savrn low pressure that's currently movinging into the tennessee valley this will track south over virginia and bring us real soaking tomorrow afternoon tomorrow morning 9:00 plenty of clouds areas of drizzle and not steady heavy rain get up early and get it done in the morning. this is what happens in the afternoon 3:30 widespread steady rain intensifying into saturday evening if heading to holiday parties or different you want to take umbrella look at what happens as we head into sunday morning 7:00 rain continuing out
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of shore. great timing for eagles game on sunday. but it's a bit of a trade. because temperatures will be a lot cooler and it will be windy. tomorrow, that afternoon soak three-quarters inch of rain and temperatures 55 it will be a rainy vebt, no snow, no ice. 46 sunshine back and winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. wind chills will be in the 30s. it will be dry but cold and blustery. i'll talk about the coastal system moving in next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast back you to. >> thank you, cec. >> owners of trump taj mahal have pushed back closing date for the kas even he. trump entertainment and would be purchaser have been negotiating with ways to keep the casino open. new closure state december 20. if it close it's would be 5th of
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city's twelve toj shut its doors. >> we want to help get you in the holiday spirits bir bringing air algerie christmas tree light around the region. this took place earlier tonight that treat is located in the 7300 block of germantown. salvation army brass band helped get everybody into the spirit and encouraged carrolling session from those that gathered to watch it. >> now i'm compelled to get my own tree. >> get on board. >> sixers road to victory has been rough. it's been rough. tonight with one win in their pocket they were looking for. >> guys he, rome was not built in a day. hopefully it doesn't take too throng get next one. tough match up between durant and oklahoma city thubder.
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darren sproles on hand as sixers try to get first w at home. sproles put down those fries. mcdaniel to the slam. 1-handed down 0 in the third back on sixers noel from ncw and sixers get within 7. final few minute kevin during respect sixers move 103-91 fall 1-18. >> eagles star running back lesean mccoy did not practice today with the team. he was excused for personal reasons as the rest of the eagles get set to face seattle at the link. mark sanchez and offense need to be on a-game against number one d in football. they've been working on red zone all week in practice. so much on the line here. eagles need to win to stay in soul position of first place.
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that's all we can control. we're successful never looking at his and always kind of in the moment. last year was last year and this year was this year. it could be anybody this year. >> coming unmo'ne davis makes it could be anybody this year. >> coming unmo'ne davis makes varsity merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog?
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>> being obese may shorten your life toy eight years. much of this can be blamed on obesity link to diabetes and heart disease in addition those living with diabetes related conditions have chronic issues 19 years longer than those of average weight. 19 young men and women are helped to build trust between police and public. these kids ages 12 to 17 second
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graduating class to bridge the gap of understanding between kids and cops. both groups better know where the other is coming from and both groups better know where the other is coming from and better c
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>> more in the next half hour of "action news" including details of prince william and kate's new york city visit. >> and coming up 10:45 sunning images from orion.
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>> and young woman faces man who killed
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>> welcome back to the big stories recovering tobilitys. >> police say a police officers
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home is burned down by his neighborhood. donna cup was arrested today and she's akusdz of setting this fire in lower pottsville thursday night. >> family, friend and volunteers took to the streets this evening handing out flyers. they're begging anyone with information about shape montgomery's disappearance to say something. the west chester university student disappeared after leaving manayunk bar thursday thanks giving morning. >> rapper beanie seigel was shot twice outside his home. 4e just dropped off his children at school when became unintended target for the shooting. >> we'll begin now with late egg own accuweather forecast as we head into the hard-earned weekend. >> part of that weekend will be very wet. cecily tynan up joins us with the details. not all is lost, ces. >> exactly and it's friday night. hey, friday night. it's wet friday night. we get the rain out of here first half of the weekend.
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second half is dry. let's go to stormtracker 6 double scan closer view. you can see we have gently light rain south of philadelphia and parts of delaware moving through medford lakes across i 295. philadelphia also in the band of light rain. further north and west see a little blue mixing in. we have had freezing rain in the poconos. most of that has changed over just to rain. allentown right now bit of a break in the action. quakertown it's raining and reading it's raining and more is definitely on the way. temperature-wise we have climbed above freezing a cross the entire viewing area and poconos. that's the good news. it's pretty close in martins creek and 34 tanersville and few valleys could be a few pockets of freezing rain. quakertown, it's 34, pottstown 37. st. david 38 and center city currently 42. heading to south jersey a little closer to the ocean. slightly warmer, 45 at the boardwalk in atlantic city and
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43 vineland and 40 cinnaminson and hockessin delaware 40. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a train of moisture and low pressure just west of nashville. and this is what really has most of the juice. and that's what we'll be moving to south tomorrow morning and evening that brings us bulk of rain over weekend. tomorrow morning not a brilt and sunny morning but cloud and perhaps a few areas of drizzle 9:00. then things get wet into the afternoon. 2:30 steadier rain ooh moving in. heavier rain on saturday evening. if you head out tomorrow morning you wanted to do the umbrellas and then as we head to sundays you see what happens and the rain moves out of here and clouds clearing out it will be windy and chilly and dry and big change what we're looking at saturday night. generally most of the viewing area three-quarters inupch of rain closer to inch closer to the shore. if you head to the link, though, it bill be dry.
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you don't need your umbrella or rain jacket. but i suggest put on layers in winter coat and kickoff temperature 43 under partly sunny skies and 4th quarter 38 and you factor in the winds sustained 12 to 22 miles an hour and higher than that wind chills in the mid 30s. if you sit there for entire game you will get chilled bundle up. tomorrow morning drizzle evolving to steadier rain in the afternoon and heavy rain tomorrow night. 55 the high. sunday, windy, bright, chilly, 46. wind chills in 30s. heading into monday mostly cloudy 42. tracking potential for coastal storm on tuesday. at this point it looks like there's two warm air for this to be a snow storm. there's a rain threat for tuesday. we could get know in poconos and high, brisk and chilly temperatures in the 40s.
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and partly sunny 46. tuesday could be not only very wet also windy. >> okay. >> cecily, thank you. >> emotions run full display inside the new jersey rooms with a man was sentenced for killing two young americans. he admitted he was driving drunk and texting when he hit my homey sdiky and ashley dobber. they were baulking in middle township in 012 photos were shown at that sentencing today. naomi's sister spoke her words bringing entire courtroom including melgren to tears. >> i would like to say toy josh i forgive you. i forgive you not because you deserve it but because i deserve peace. >> the judge sentenced mel grant who is 33 to 18 years in
10:35 pm
prison. >> a 65-year-old ocean county teacher is accused of downloading and distributing child pornography. torres was a substitute teacher who mongt recently worked in manchester township district and was arrested tuesday at his home. school officials removed him from the list of subs in the meantime they say he pass aid background check before they hired him. >> alleged early man was ripped off by a couple of men posing as water department employees. they showed up at the map's home adams avenue today and one of the men distracted the victim and the other two went out of the house. the burglar stole more than 1,000. fortunately the victim was not hurt. one of frein's lawyers the lawyer resigned an a scheduled
10:36 pm
hearing for today is rescheduled. >> new jersey governor chris christie is cleared in the bridgegate scandal. investigation found no conclusive evident that he was aware of closures on the george washington bridge that caused major gridlock. there was allegations christie closed lanes in political retribution. he denies wrong doing two aids were fired for orchestrating the traffic jam. >> st. paul school needs to raise 250,000 by january 15 f that does not happen the school will close in june. tuition is 4100 a year that does not cover operating costs. the school is planning a number of fundraising event and appealing help. some students are appealing to santa himself he knows about the
10:37 pm
school closing so i think he may give us nondonate to the school you. >> think he'll help out. >> yes. >> if it means they have to tell santa santa i don't want that lego toy or robot toy this year they're okay with that because this place is a gift to them every day. >> good kids there. school races all the money and it will be a temporary reprieve. you have to do the same thing next year to keep st. paul ace open. >> the rain did not keep people in wayne, pennsylvania, home. 3, 2, 1. >> check out that giant tree tonight it was lit with a little phelps "action news" very own vernon odom. he got everyone excited as think counted down to lighting and even santa stopped by left his slay at the north pole and offered a ride on this fire truck♪ students at chestnut hill college hosted 38th annual carroll night. quite a crowd gathered for a
10:38 pm
evening filled with must mu sichblingt jazz, flute and string ensembles played too. >> they sound magic. >> royals coming back. >> prince william and kate will take a bite out of the big apple. more on their highly anticipated straight ahead. >> apology tonight from rolling stone magazine. backing off a story of a college student saying she was sexually backing off a story of a college student saying she was sexually assaulted at the university of
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>> a university of virginia student said she was gang raped at a frat party 2012 and rolling stones says there's discrepancies in the stories and they regret not reaching out to the men she claimed attacked her for their side of the story. they say even ft. story is not true they're glad it came out. >> general consensus was feign not real it's a problem feign that particular story is not true there's probably still prob sglemz uva officials released a statement saying "the university remains first and foremost concerned with care of students and especially any survivor of
10:42 pm
sexual salt. >> an or or woman said she got one heck of surprise when she got relate ticket in the mail. >> he called my husband and said one of our technicians was -- around and he thinks he ran a red light. we said no big deal. we thought it was during business hours. >> it was driven by a mechanic a day after she got her car home the ticket arrived and check out time 2:59 the man behind the wheel is his son shop forman he claims he was picking up friend at a concert at the time. of course the woman that owns the car says that's completely unacceptable a stranger should not be driving her car without her per sglition father of conjoined twins says his family doing well. asa and eli hambri were fwhorn th week in atlanta and cannot
10:43 pm
separated she share heart, arms torso and legs. the family from alabama has been keeping everyone updated on facebook about their journey. a big surprise for colorado mom baby mia was born weighing in at the 13 pounds, 1 ounces and mom was expecting her to be just 7 pounds well if you wonder, yes, mom did have a c-section. oh, boy, dad joked mia's twin s together weighed 12 pounds this is the biggest baby born at the hospital. >> quite a head of hair there too. >> touching story of how people are trying to make one little girl's last christmas memorable. are trying to make one little girl's last christmas memorable. >> next stunning image of owe
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>> mission accomplished today. nasa launched new elingt space vehicle orion into space. here's abc's ted rollings. >> and liftoff. orion's first historic flight started with pecktacular takeoff. >> a dawn of orion and new era of american space exploration. >> orion represents nasa future
10:47 pm
noon space travel the design to carry six astronauts may get first humans to mars. friday's launch is a good start. >> it hard to have a better day than today orion and belt afore heavy where nearly flowing. >> after initial orbit orion was pushed into deep space 3 600 miles from earth sending back stunning images not seen since apollo 17 in 1972. >> we did something for the first time for our generation. takes good day. >> among those celebrating astronauts at kennedy space center. >> when we look back, 20, 30 years from now we can go back to the day. >> orion's flight ended in the pacific ocean 600 miles off the coast of san diego. >> orion was back on original and america driven a golden spike as it crosses the bridge to the future.
10:48 pm
>> and the immediate future will be an unmanned flight before the first planned manned flight in 20 18 as for trip to mars that would be 15 to 20 years down the road. ted rollings, "abc news," los angeles. >> prince william and kate will take the big apple by storm. they'll play respect at 9/11 memorial and visit other spots. they'll visit the empire state building make a quick stop at d.c. and host benefit at the metropolitan museum of art. real life royalty will meet hollywood royalty. >> who would pass up an opportunity meet william and kate. >> true. if you hope this get a glimpse of prince george you're out of luck. little prince will not be accompanied parents to new york. you can have a piece of prince william and kate's wedding cake and eat it too.
10:49 pm
julianne's auctions in beverly hills is putting up a slice of fruit cake given to gheingts 2011 the fruit cake took five weeks to make. they're hoping it goes for 1 or 2,000 dollars and five dresses belonging to princess diana are auctioned off. sale is tonight. >> guessing to not eat that cake. >> yeah. >> jeff skversky live at the big board, hey, jeff. >> hey guys let's not get into that. let's talk about these guys. youngest team in nba mystery taking baby steps. sim areas voided time. worst start in league history and tonight a giant step if they can bite kevin during respect and oklahoma city. eagles stars connor barwin and darren sproles on hand as sixers try to get first w and put down the fries. cheer for this. michael carter williams to k.j. mc daniels one handed.
10:50 pm
down as many as 20. back today, come in. cw forner lynns noel in the fourth. sixers within ten. minutes later how about robert covington. three of his 21. sixers within 7. three and change to go and sixers lose 103-91. still without a win at home. >> we went out there and kept fighting and playing with each other. you know that was our goal to stay in the game and keep competing no matter what the score was. you know we did a great job as a team. we came up short. >> sixers wilt chamber lynn is on two commerative poblal stamps. lesean mccoy mixt a. as long as he shows up on sunday. eagles field the real mccoy to beat the number one defense in see atle. d is looking to bring down mark
10:51 pm
sanchez, eagles averaging 44 points in last two home games. there's so much on the lane they need a w to stay in soul possession of first place and playing with a first round buy. >> it's a gi team. not just team wise built good players and we showed we can be that team as well just you know in our own way. hopefully we bring our best in all three aphases. >> it's all how we do together and how the other phase picks up the other two phases. >> there's jeremy maclin and eagles looking to bring down seattle sunday today and today hm look at that maclin with back-to-back strikes. mark sanchez loves. it birds bowling in cherry hill for a great cause raising money to provide healthier food for children. >> former phillies star jason werth is sentence todz ten days in jail after found guilty for reckless driving.
10:52 pm
national outfielders is driving and 55 zone down in virginia back in july. little league pitch and play ball. how about this davis 8th grader at spring side. chestnut hill academy making varsity basketball debut tonight. hits the three. first and only basket. monet comes off the bench plays point guard and helps beat princeton day. monday a can do it all. timely a segment we call commotions gone bad. yeah that doesn't go there. no it doesn't. portland trail blazers game the ford crashes into the fans and stuck. workers at the arena try to shot of car into the tunnel. it only makes it worse. now why they have a flying car as blimp cars don't fly anyway i don't understand it. >> they thought it would fit. >> cars don't fly that is why it crashed. >> come on.
10:53 pm
>> a small pokt office in utah is inundated with cards tonight all for one special little girl. this is expected to be aaddy faucet's last christmas. she has undiagnosed illness and weighs just 23 pounds. >> she doesn't get to play with kids. we thought if everyone september her a card we could tell her they were all her friends and it would help make her christmas a little better. >> well her grandmother put out a request on facebook and needless to say it wentz viral. a request on facebook and needless to say it wentz viral. 1200
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>> check out this awesome gingerbread castle made from 150 pounds gingerbread and 15 pounds chocolate and 13 pounds marzapan and several buckets of icing. >> looks great and sound delicious. >> and definitely soggy first half of the week. stormtracker 6 double scan showing generally light rain in the region. heavier rain norm and west. timing out the day tomorrow plenty of clouds in the morning and drizzle in the morning. 44 degrees at 7:00. by 10:48 the afternoon is when steadier heavier rain will develop. 53. stays wet through saturday night. we dry out gets windy and cool but sunny sglop there's weekend to salvage.
10:57 pm
>> yes. >> thank you, ces. thank you for joining us for "action news" at 10. "modern family" is next followed by friends. >> for shirleen alicott, adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rogers,en jeff skversky, i'm brian taff, have a great weekend and walter perez and the gang will be here this weekend on phl17 we'll see you back here on monday. phl17 we'll see you back here on monday. >> see you, r ck, aner
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jay: come on, let's go. we're gonna need a little extra time at airport security, 'cause i'm pretty sure they're gonna want to pat you down. manny's with his father for the weekend, so jay and i are flying to vegas. i'm a little torn because i want alone time with gloria, but i also like rubbing manny's head for good luck. i just need to send this e-mail to claire why i'm not working on the bake sale next week, but i can't say the real reason. why not? because she drives me crazy when she's in charge of these things. okay. we got a flight to catch, so let me help you out here. you tell me what you want to say to her, and i'll help you find a nice way to say it. i want to say... i can't work on the bake sale because you're a bossy control freak that looks down on my cupcakes, even though your lemon squares were very dry.


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