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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 9, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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tuesday night, brian is off and the nor'easter is out of here but that doesn't mean we will be drying out, tomorrow. and is there another boost in the effort to find a missing college student who disappeared in manayunk. but the big story on "action news" is, the death of the hero, philadelphia fire fighter, joyce craig-lewis went to save a life on the job last night and lost her own, tonight, people are remembering her sacrifice and how she lived at the quiessential fire fighter, "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at engine 54 in lawncrest with the big story, tonight, kenneth?
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shirleen, those who knew joyce craig-lewis said she loved her job, she was one of 150 women in the department but she didn't care about gender, she was only concern about being the best fire fighter. she was a ironed to this fire station but she was working overtime at engine 73 which responded to that fire. >> in your mercy grant us a blessing and holy rest. >> reporter: tonight outside engine 64 in the lawncrest section of the city a community prayed for this firehouse and fallen fire fighters, 36 year-old joyce craig-lewis. >> she tried to do her best what she thought, you know, just trying to be a hero, always wanting to save lives. >> reporter: she spoke about her sister in law, lawn dale married mother of a 16 year old son and 16 month-old daughter lost her life battling a 3:00 a.m. basement fire on middleton treat in west oak lane. fire fighters were in that dark smokey basement but they pull back. craig-lewis didn't make it
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out. >> she knock down some doors, barriers, she went through a lot the to do that. i was just telling everybody too, you know, she wanted to be better than best guy on the job. >> reporter: the investigation continues in the first female fire fighter death for this city. officials will interview her team and inspect her equipment >> we will assume that the equipment is funking properly but it is impossible to say what exactly happen at that moment until there is a full investigation. >> at engine 64, hugs and condolences for those who served with the 11 year veteran his locker is now a beautiful memorial. >> she was known for going the extra mile and macking sure smoke detectors were in houses a and make sure they had a chance should anything happen. >> reporter: dedication that didn't go unnoticed by this lawncrest neighborhood. >> i live across the street and it is just sad, you know, she has little ones and she gave her life for her job. >> every fire fighter, every day puts their life on the line and this is just a matter
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of showing respect. >> reporter: this firehouse and family member say their goalies supporting the children of joyce craig-lewis a decorated fire fighter who will receive, even more honors in the coming days, shirleen. reporting live from lawncrest section of the city tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> kenneth, thank you. it has been a windy, and wet day across the region but for the shore, nor'easter that moved through is even more of a nuisance. that is where most of the flooding happened, the good news is that the the system is out of here but more precipitation is expect, as you head out for work in the morning. the meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with details from accu weather tonight, melissa. >> we are track ago this nor'easter and good news is bulk of the the precipitation heavy soaking rain we had earlier today is off to the the north and east. storm tracker six live double scan radar is showing that the area of low pressure center of
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that storm system is off the tip of long island here. looking off to the north that heavy rainfall and that snow moving across the area in coastal new england, also we have that snowfall press nothing to areas in maine. look at the wind shifting on the back side, coming in out of the north and northwest, in fact as we look the at some of the sustain wind speeds across the delaware and lehigh valley sustain from 8 miles an hour to allentown to four in millville. notice direction of the wind they are coming from the northwest and that northwest wind helped drain down some colder air. temperatures outside tonight in the 40's for the most part, the exception of the poconos of 34, we are above freezing every where, philadelphia 32. forty-one in allentown. forty-two in dover. despite temperatures ago above freezing mark is there a winter weather advisory for carbon and monroe counties as rain showers, will eventually change over later on tonight and into wednesday to some wet snow showers and two to 5 inches likely there. we will talk about what we can
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expect for morning rush, some snow showers are likely mainly north and west of the i-95 corridor and because temperatures will be above freezing roads will be mainly wet, wind tomorrow out of the northwest at two to 25 miles an hour and everyone will feel those wind chills as you wake up in the 20's. coming up we will look closer a at the forecast and let you know how long that moisture is lingering and when sun will make that information come back with the accu weather forecast. wake up with the a "action news" morning team to get latest on the incoming wet weather, matt, tam and the entire team are only on channel six beginning at 4:30 a.m. on weekdays. robbers went off collectible coins in bucks county, they got away but they left their images behind. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has a look at surveillance pictures of the thieves in action. he is live in bensalem, dann. >> reporter: shirleen, bensalem police say if you run into a couple guys trying to sell silver dollars make sure they are not ones that held up this collectible store earlier
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today. store owner spoke with us on provision that we not show his face. >> i'm just hoping that the they get the coin. >> reporter: sixty-eight year-old store owner in the bensalem plaza shopping center in the 2100 block of street road says it was brazen and sudden. sometime at quarter of 3:00 that the two men came in, barking orders and him and his 56 year old employee. >> all he said was get down on the ground and it was like a joke, at first. i really thought for a second somebody is playing a game on me but as he pushed me down, i said this is not a game. as they culled.
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>> not knowing there was a hold up in progress. bandits roughed him up and tied him up a as well. and they get to warm to take off his hood allowing cameras to get a good shot of him. the men then fled on foot. customer was. >> so hopefully we can catch them quickly. >> now the owner believes they may have gotten away with about $5,000 worth of silver dollars from the years, between 1878 to the year 1935. if you saw something out here today or think you may know one or both of these men, you
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are being asked to call police. we're live from bensalem bucks county, dann cuellar for "action news" at ten on phl17. shirleen. >> all right, thank you, dann. >> police are investigating a burglary at mount zion baptist church in mace landing, new jersey. authorities say the suspect enter the church by breaking a front window on the december 3rd, they stole several gifts, locatedded in the church's donation bin, and the gifts were being collected for local veterans home and elderly church members. reward money is piling up, as the family of shane montgomery, continues to search for missing college student. it nowestands at $65,000. the money is available for some information leading to the 21 year-old who attend west chester university. montgomery was last seen, leaving kildares irish pub in manayunk early thanksgiving morning. a ping was pick up near cvs on main street located about an hour after he vanished, but he has not been seen or heard from ever since.
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data released is showing just how hard of a hit workers took when casino closed an a atlantic city over the the past year. region lost 9900 jobs. 8,000 of those are directly related to casino closures, the u.s. bureau of labor statistics says it was the largest non-farming loss of the 318 areas that were studied and an additional 3,000 workers will lose their jobs from the when the trump taj closes december 20th. it is beginning to feel like the holidays thanks to peco and red cross, tonight they threw a festive event for families who lost everything, "action news" sharrie williams has more. >> reporter: holiday cheer is in full swing for dozens of families, who truly deserve it. >> we need to help other people. it was a tremendous, experience. >> reporter: colleena best was asleep in her east falls home when it went up in flames. she and her grandchildren made it out alive but it was red cross who stepped into help
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them. >> red cross was there when i came in the middle of the night, it was like a family was waiting for me to welcome me and help me. >> reporter: like miss best most of these families lost everything they own in the house fire so tonight is all about putting a smile, back on their faces. >> they lose their ability to believe that there is something magical. we give them back the magic. >> reporter: peco partner with the red cross to throw a celebration at lowes hotel for those with a rough year. >> we have 16 volunteers here. we have a kids carnival. we are enjoying it. we have a waiting list for volunteers of this this event. >> good food, arts and craft, games and, of course shall santa. volunteers is what makes this work. as they come around they have
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at a provide eighth gifts for right ages. >> for best the the favorite moment was having a chance to take the volunteers who were there for her when she needed the most. >> just seeing the the people, really care. >> reporter: in center city, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at ten, penn state's president shows solidarity with his students, but now at least one law maker is calling for an apology. also, a plane, gained an extra passenger mid flight, tonight, on a plane and go to six abc and make some money with your instagram account.
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cia released the torture report and procedures were far more brutal then people were led to believe. the details of the report humiliate ago boost, physical assaults and death threats. interrogation techniques were employed by cia officials after september 11th. the senate intelligence committee looked at 20 specific detainee cases, at least one detainee died from hypotheria. the the report concluded that a techniques were not
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effective. authorities have released a federal autopsy, in the ferguson police shooting, the justice department autopsy on 18 year old michael brown reached similar conclusions to the one done by local officialness a private examiner, hired by brown's family. the report was included in documents released monday by st. louis county prosecutors. on november 24th the grand jury decided not to indict former officer darren wilson in brown's death. this twitter picture has a pennsylvania law maker demanding an apology from penn state president. in it university president is seen making hands up gesture. it is with the protest of not seeing and, and schuylkill county, and this was and, baron addressed it saying his action where is not political and says this is to support the the students and make them, know that the university is on their side. plane headed to arizona
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had to be divert todd los angeles today after a woman gave birth, midair. the woman delivered the baby boy, shortly after take off from san francisco. and passengers say the situation was so calm, that they had no idea, it was happening. >> i started hearing baby crying like a sound, and, had had too much, or whatever and i'm like, there is no babies on this flight. and then, woman sitting there, and we were like. and, mom and baby are doing just fine. it is time now for another look at the accu weather forecast, and those lingering showers, melissa magee joining us at the big board, hi there, melissa. >> we have some lingering showers, namely, south and west of philadelphia, storm tracker six live double scan radar, a little bit of activity pep order cross the region. we will go in tighter on storm tracker six live double scan street level and we do notice
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we have light precipitation, north and west of philadelphia, south of allentown on route 100 also pressing into pottstown, some light precipitation there in hamburg along i78 and route 422, getting close to reading. now we will take you well north and west where we have that winter weather advisory of carbon and monroe counties and in the poconos we are picking up a light snow so the west rain showers, transitioning over to some snow showers, across much of that region there, and that will be the case as soon as we get in the day on wednesday. but the big weather store which our nor'easter that we track earlier today was that soaking rain and it depended on where you were today. if you were east of that 95 corridor you pick up a lot of rainfall down across south injuries friday lakehurst, all the way from wildwood, but in philadelphia, and in areas just to the north of trenton and south of allentown saw an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall. here's the area where we had bull's eye and flooding concern earlier today in chats worth, pennsylvania known, vineland, millville and also into woodbine, that
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precipitation is long gone. you can see it on satellite six with action radar. the center of the coastal storm that we're tracking just off the tip of long island, close there, so area of low pressure will continue to work its way to the north east and taking with it the heaviest of that precipitation. wind will come in and shift, tonight, out of the back side and northwest and with that we have colder air on the way. few you tour tracker 6:00 showing 7:30 in the morning it is mostly cloudy but north and west a few light snow showers across that region with that northwest wind and wrap around moisture. it will persist as we get into 2:30 in the afternoon but as we were saying earlier temperatures for the most part will be above freezing mark so any snow that falls north and west in our northwestern, suburbs will be only sticking on the grassy, surfaces there and unpaved surfaces, north and west through poconos you could fine two to five. call from accu weather, windy and chilly, rain or snow showers developing in spots. thirty-seven in allentown for the high temperature tomorrow, and 40 in philadelphia, for
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the high tomorrow, and 41 for the high, in cape may. coming up shirleen we will take a closer look at the forecast and let you know if there is any rebound in our temperatures this week. answer coming up with the accu weather seven day. >> sure hope so. >> me too. >> carolina panthers quarterback cam newton is remaining hospitalized, overnight, a car crash left him with fractures to his lower back near the team's stadium in charlotte early this morning. a spokesmen, charlie dayton says newton was in fair condition, and would not need surgery, and it is unclear if knew you ton would be able to practice, or play sunday against the buccaneers. now on that note it is time now for sports ducis rodgers is live, in the "action news" sports center, ducis. >> hi there shirleen, what doubt if any, has crept in the bird mind, after that loss to salt. that is a good question. well, they need to clear those mind before sunday's game against dallas cowboys, and they told our jamie apody they
10:20 pm
are doing just that. >> sanchez, swings it out to maclin and the ball comes loose and incomplete. >> it that is i am is many. >> short and sweet jeremy maclin sum up seahawks and said he and his teammates, are force go ahead. >> we don't doubt the capability have of the ability that we have. we don't doubt the talent. >> we have to flush all that negative energy and, leave your feelings out on the field. that is best part about coming on tuesday. >> eagles moved on from the seahawks game except in one area couple seattle players were talking trash after the game like michael bennet who said tell philadelphia police to put a apb out, sanchez is trying to i am person nate a good quarterback. the that is still sitting with these guys. >> i never really had any interaction with them other than the other night. it is no biggie i guess good then richard sherman who said bird miss desean jackson. >> desean was a tremendous talent, but guy has done a
10:21 pm
tremendous job all year good they are missing a deep threat. sanchez had two completions over 40 yards in six games so really pat shurmur you don't miss desean. >> no, not at all because mack can make plays down the field, coupe are can make plays down the field and we have seen jeremy maclin make big plays too. no, we don't. >> with the eagles jamie apody for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> ahead next half an hour ryne sandberg shares conversations phillies have had with cole hamels concerning his there might be bt
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winter months, especially for those battling an illness. cancer treatment centers of america hosted a seasonal cooking demonstration at free library any center city philadelphia dietition and chef, walk the group through tips, from meal planning using in season produce as an alternative to processed convenient food.
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we have much more including a tip one waitress, help this holiday season, plus royals are wrapping up their u.s. visit, and we will take to you metro pol tan museum have of art where prince william and kate are partying right now and after the break a developing story, at a parkside where a man has been shot.
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>>announcer:"action news at 10:00" 30 on phl17 continues. and we thank for joining us.
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here is a look at the big stories on "action news at 10:00" on phl17. a vigil was held for firefighter joyce craig-lewis. she died trying to rescue a women in west oak lane. she was the first female firefighter death in the city. she leaves behind two children. they are looking for a couple of guys trying to sell silver dollars. they were armed with a large hunting knife and pipe and hammer. they tied up the owner. they smashed the display cases and grabbed the silver dollars. montgomery was last seen kildare's pub in manayunk on thursday morning. the big story is the weather. it's going to continue to rain. some you will see light snow in
10:31 pm
the morning. live to melissa. >> hi, shirleen. the heaviest of the precipitation is moving off to our north and east. as we show you the picture outside. sky6 live h.d. still precipitation to track to you. we will show you on the live double scan radar. north and west. we see the transition from rain to snow showers from carbon to monroe counties. if you are traveling i-380 or i-80 we have flight snow showers on the move. and light precipitation down in areas quakertown, green lane and pottstown moving to reading all the way to honeybrook in chester
10:32 pm
county. we have wet snow north and west. more on that in a moment. the big story with the coastal storm the nor'easter we were tracking the soaking rain. it down in areas of south jersey. reading north and west of the corridor. berks county 3.4. and wilmington, philadelphia 6.6. and a little more than a quarter inch in atlantic city. and outside, the lower 40s. above the freezing mark. it's 42 in philadelphia. 42 in reading. and in millville. the poconos is 34 degrees. the temperatures are above the freezing mark. that is your dealing with light snowfall. it feels like 28 in the poconos. 37 in the city. the upper 30s for boardwalk.
10:33 pm
and the current wind chill ask dover, 36. as we get the winds coming in not northwest bringing down the colder air. you get the wrap around moisture. you can see for the poconos light snow showers around. a lot of that activity is confined north and west of the i-95 corridor. you see light precipitation. as for the temperatures tomorrow, it will be above the freezing mark. in berks county they will be on non-paved surfaces a lot of the roadways will be mainly wet. expected snowfall 2 to 5 for the poconos. for monroe counties and an inch for northern chester and bucks and the northern counties. as we show you the day tomorrow, it's a chilly day. high 40. and rain and snow showers
10:34 pm
around. rain own thursday. 39. the lower 40s as we get into friday. 44 on saturday. in the upper 40s near 50 on monday. 48 as we get into next tuesday, shirleen. we will see the sun again. >> yes it's coming. the latest on the in-coming wet weather. matt and tam are here at 4:30 on weekdays. we are following a developing story. the 30-year-old victim was hit in the left shoulder. it happened at 8:30 in the 1700 block of aberdeen street. they have released a video of a man. take a look at this suspect. on november 4th at 10:00 p.m.
10:35 pm
he jumped into a car and took off with their cellphone and money. it happened at north 23 and federal streets. if you recognize this man or have any information the police want to hear from you. two men setting a series of church fires did more according to the police. alex harrington jr. and scholiac were arrested. they burglarized the church the night before th before the arso. marie gemmel was home with her two young sons. a plane crashed into their home. they were killed along with three people in the plane.
10:36 pm
they are collecting what they call is perishable evidence. before the crash the pilot radioed about a flock of geese in the area. >> the on site look at e look as reveal no evidence of the birds. and the gofundme page is set up for gemmell's daughter and husband that were not home at the time. the police got this picture of the suspect. the investigators say that he is a repeat offender. there are ways that you can protect your packages this holiday season. one way is to get at p.o. box. george clark has other tips to prevent your packages from being
10:37 pm
stolen. >> they are ask for signature confirmation. they can have parcels held at the post office. they can go online. there is a form on there. take it to your local post office. they will hold the parcels. >> be careful to let people into the building during the holidays. and they poste hosted a huge party. a giant christmas tree was lit. on it were ornaments for remembering their loved ones. it featured musical performances. based on all the smiles everyone had a good time tonight. a party was held in cherry hill. the south jersey young professionals association hosted a happy hour and toy drive.
10:38 pm
everyone was asked to bring a toy drive for the salvation army toy drive. the goal was to collect 400 gifts. it brings smiles this holiday season. and to william and kate. at the museum of art. that is where they are now. at the museum of art. that is where they are now. and a touching story behind ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat icken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant!
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prince william and kate are wrapping up their u.s. visit. right now they are at the metropolitan museum of art attending a fundraiser. [ laughter ] fortunately for katherine and me we ended up married. >> it included stops at one of the most iconic land marks. earlier the duke and duchess paid respect as the memorial. and an executive at korean
10:42 pm
airlines resigned after she was forced to turn around because of a bag of nuts. she was in first class when a flight attendant served her macadamian nuts. they forced the plane to go back to the gate and get off the flight. she was in charge of the in-flight service. she is the daughter of the c.e.o. they are trying to figure out what she did violates the federal law. a woman dropped two wedding ring noos into a salvation army bucket. it was not by accident. >> this donor wanted to remain anonymous. she gave a gift with the need in mind to help children this christmas. >> the officials were tune statf
10:43 pm
thwere stunned tofind the ring. she wrote "in all seasons my husband was a giver. i remember his joy of giving at christmastime." the woman didn't want to be singled out for her gift. the ring was valued at $1,800. it will buy quite a few toys this holiday season. and earning cash on instagram. plus the tips. wait until you hear how one couple restored her faith in humanity. wake up with the "action news" team weather and traffic wake up with the "action news" team weather and traffic starting at 4:30 a.m. only on
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into a full-time business. she buys items from thrift stores and resells them on instagram. and others can like or comment on the item letting you know they want it. >> i am nydia han for "action news at 10:00" on pl17. the c.e.o. of amber crombie and fitcof aber cromieof abercr. they thought that joakim phoenix was engaged. he proposed to a yoga instructor. it was a joke. his life was boring.
10:49 pm
he wanted something exciting to talk about. >> kate hudson called off of her engagement. she and matt bellamy have been separated for time tim some tim. they have a 3-year-old son together. ducis rodgers is live at the the big board. >> we will start on the ice. the road trip ends tonight. the flyers and columbus looking for their second win of the trip. picking up the action. a 1-1 all game. scott hartnell, remember him? and braydon schenn a minute to get. he was held without a goal for the past seven games. in overtime steve mason sees the goal go right by him. the flyers lose 3-2. they host the devils on
10:50 pm
thursday. forget santa. the dallas cowboys are coming to town. the sunday showdown for the birds. first place is on the line. the eagles expect dallas's best effort. >> they obviously are coming prepared. they know what is at stake here. we do as well. we are prepared for a battle. we don't expect anything else. >> and cam newton is in the hospital. he suffered two fractures in his lower back during a two-vehicle accident in charlotte. his pickup overturned. no word on how much time he may miss. the winter games in san diego. i am picturing that rubin is hoping and praying he can find a dance partner. amal says they will not give
10:51 pm
away players like cole hamels. they inferred the lefty he is being shopped. >> he was on board with the scenario and the situation that he is in. it sounded like he was game to be a philadelphia philly. if something came about for the betterment of the organization he was in favor of that also. >> and villanova is creeping up the standings. they are up to number seven with illinois. the cats are working inside daniel osefu. and three right here. nova wins 73-69 in the season. deandre, just before the buzzer. 3 is good.
10:52 pm
so is his stat line. 68-42. penn posting marris. sam jones with three of his 19 points. the quakers get their third win in a row. that is a look at sports. a waitress down on her luck got quite a tip. she loves her waitressing job. getting there was a problem. her car was falling apart. they noticed the car in the parking lot a few minutes months earlier. they decided to buy her a 2008 ford fusion. >> there are good people in the world that are watching. they care, you know. and you might not even know them. >> the video of brady getting the keys to her new car has gone viral on
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now, here is something that you don't see every day. a sheep was wandering the streets in omaha, nebraska wearing a festive sweater. they took the time out to make that wonderful sweater. >> it's cold. it's colder out there. here it's getting colder.
10:56 pm
yes, shirleen, we are feeling the chill. it because of our nor'easter that is exiting. the area of low pressure along long island moving across areas of new england and upstate new york. we are on the back side of the nor'easter. the winds are from the northwest. you will feel the chill. it windy and chilly. rain and snow showers around. nothing is sticking on the roads. the roads are staying wet. temperatures above freezing. and at 8:00 a.m. the temperatures at 37. 7:00 a.m., 37. and rain or showers. clouds stick around in the upper 30s. 39 in the afternoon. clouds. and 4:00 in the afternoon, 38 degrees. we have the winter weather advisory for carbon and monroe. in the city rain and wet snow.
10:57 pm
david murphy will have the latest on 6abc. thank you for joining us on "action news at 10:00" "modern family" is next. for ducis rodgers melissa magee, i am shirleen allicot. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. [♪]
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