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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> friday night. brian is off. accuweather says we're drying out with more seasonable temperatures in time for the weekend. and a community rallies to lends a helping hand to a detective and his family they lost their home to a fire set by their own neighbor police say. and the final farewell to a firefighter that now has a place in philadelphia history. the tonight the first of two viewings to place joyce craig the first woman killed in the line of duty since the beginning of philadelphia fire department. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is following the big
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story, live from west oak lane tonight any. >> and shirleen, mourners left the funeral home 9:00 tonight. more are expected tomorrow actually in the hundreds at both viewing and then the funeral. a police escort brought fallen firefighter family members to the bachelor members funeral home. there, craig firefighters saluted her family. she leaves behind a 16-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter. >> she managed to balance job and motherhood very well. i'm very proud of her. i'm going to miss her. >> hundreds of friend, family and colleagues wrapped around the block waiting to pay their respects. they spoke about two joyce craigs devoted mother and fearless firefighter. >> working lady. loved her job. dedicated her life to her job. i used to always admire her and respected her a female firefighter? >> she was really concerned
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about all people. no matter how old or you know what color or anything like that. she was such a heart-loving person to all people. >> the decorated veteran of 11 years worked her way up the ranks to her fourth and final station, engine 64 in northwest philadelphia. the night of the fateful fire on middleton street craig lost her life she was working voluntary over time at engine 73. the first of two viewings begins a weekend of mourning for the first philadelphia female fire fight to die in the line of duty and drawing colleagues from all over the country. >> i had the pleasure of meeting her at the women's firefighter conference. it as a sense of obligation to come show my support. >> the funeral procession will begin 71 and broad and will go down to ivy hill cemetery. members of the community are urged to take a moment of eye
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silence as they say that procession go by. >> any, thank you. a second viewing for joyce craig will take place tomorrow morning 8:00 to 10:00 at bachelor brother funeral services to be followed by her funeral 10 a.m. to noon. >> five vehicles were involved in a crash on the schuylkill tonight that left three people hurt and caused quite a mess. it happened eastbound lanes blue route westp conshohocken. several vehicles overturned. three people were rushed to children's hospital of philadelphia with non-life-threatening injuries. eastbound travb was show ised to a crawl while police cleared the wreckage. >> typical december weather was on the way. we'll take it after wintry conditions that gripped up this week. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the big board with accuweather. >> hi, shirleen. this has been a tough week, cool, unsettled, wednesday high of 43.
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yesterday we never made it out of the 30s. 38. today we bumped back up to 32. four below normal. and we had a lot of clouds for really the past three days. satellite 6 and action radar showing this low pressure spinning over northern maine the nor'easter finally weakening and moving away. high pressure building from the west. if we look at the cloud cover over us it's thinking out and breaking up and that high pressure is nudging in. that high pressure will win out over the weekend. tonight, partly cloudy skies and unseasonably chill limit overnight low 31 in philadelphia, 27 millville, 27 reading, 2858en town -- 26 allentown and 28 trenton. roads are dry. no worry of icing tomorrow morning. this is what is ahead. the skies will brighten as we head through the weekend. really nice, dry stretch through the weekend and early next week. temperatures recovering near normal. talk about temperatures in near 40s.
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going to feel nice. i'll talk about that more in detail and track our next chance of showers in the accuweather forecast, shirleen. >> thank you, cecily. we'll see you again soon. take the forecast with you wherever you go with the stormtracker 6 abc app it's update around the clock and available for your apple and android devices at no cost. >> police have arrested a man they're linking to multiple assaults in university city. the latest attacked happened 41 and pine last night where a 38-year-old grad student was followed after she got off a bus. she was dragged 50 yards before police saw what was happening and took the suspension suspect into custodych they believe the same man sexually assaulted and robed a student monday. a judge set bail at $150,000 fort suspect and he's still being processed. rapper and philadelphia native beanie seigel is still hospitalized days after being critically injured in a shooting. the former jay-z protege given
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name dwight grant was gunned down inside a pleasantville home last friday. today police disclosed he was shot in the chest and the bullet exited through his back. one person of interest has been questioned and police are still looking for another person they would like to talk to. both of them are relatives. >> an employee of emlight shemlon is accused of stealing from the director. he was hired to manage his home. prosecutors say she made $15,000 worth of personal purchases on a company credit card while on the job. kody will be sentenced in february and faces up to 7 years in prison. >> a south jersey college is breathing new life into a shuttered atlantic city casino. richard stockton college paid $18 million for the former show boatch the former property will reopen as a campus and operate as a hotel open to the public
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with nearly 500 rooms. hotel portion is scheduled to open in late 2015 . >> and annen tire community is banding together to support a family that left everything in a fire. tonight that family witnessed a true spirit of the holidays. "action news" reporter dann cuellar reports from pottstown ♪ it was the annual pottsgrove ipt winter wondrerland pta dance. normally this man would be a chaperone this was different. a good portion of the money is being donate todd morris after learning of his devastating loss. his family was away on vacation disneyworld in florida last week. >> that's where i go to be safe and get the time i get to spend with them an now that's like taken away. >> family were in their hotel room when they got word their house was destroyed by a fire. >> you're in a hotel room i think i started crying what do
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we do? what do we we do? >> surveillance shows a neighbor had broken into the home and used long extended grill lighter to light christmas ornaments on fire and spread through the house. the motive. krupp believed morris was responsible for the ongoing incarceration of her son who had history of drug abuse and run ins with the law. the community came together to support the morris community. >> it's been overwhelming and they've helped up financially and emotionally. >> i said it a million times and keep saying it she affect sod many people and they all rallied around us immediately. >> we come together and help out what when it's needed. we got world of the nair and within hours the plan was made. >> they expect to raise $1500 for the family. >> there's a really big group of loving caring people you know especially my brothers and sisters in blue and you know, i
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see now it's a really small portion of bad people out there. >> in the wake of tragedy the fabric of any community is defined by response to those left devastated by what happened. this fundraising event tonight is what would truly define the good people of pottsville. dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> phl17 was proud to take part in a mission to feed families in need across the delaware valley. philly fap attic helped lead a ray at the toyota tundra food drive in philadelphia and it benefits philabundance several organizations including phl17 and 6abc dropped off a pickup truck full of food for the charity. an audience enjoyed a bit of risky business inside the kimle center theater philabanco performed risky
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business. they performed works from numerous be loved core oing pers here on their home stage. this concert is the company's last performance in the u.s. before traveling across europe. and still ahead on this full hour of "action news" at 10:00, water and mudd everywhere. severe water is wreaking havoc on sections of the west coast. >> adrian peterson denied. but it is not over yet. >> and the case of a contractor accused of stealing millions from
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>> four young people were hit by gunfire outside a high school in port land, oregon in what is likely gang-rement add tack. the victims are students at the alternative school. a 16-year-old girl was in critical condition and two young men 17 and 20 were in serious condition and fourth person was grazed by a bullet. witnesses told police it started with a dispute. no arrests have been made. >> a medical examiner today confirmed shooting of tamir rice in cleveland was a homicide. tamir rice was shot once in the abdomen. that bullet was fired by a rookie police officer within two seconds of stopping the young
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man own a playground. rice was carrying a fake gun. head of cleveland police unit says officers were not told by a dispatcher that the gun may not be real or even that at suspect was a child. a small fire forced evacuation of one of new york city's most popular museums shortly before 3:30 firefighters were called to the american museum of natural history on the upper west side. some smoke could be seen coming out of a basement window. and there is no word yet on what it was. firefighters quickly put the fire out. and no one was hurt. the west coast is cleaning up tonight after severe storms swept through the drought-stricken state. heavy rains caused mudd slides and those mudd slides sparked tense rescues and the deluge was simply too much for some buildings and at a assumeer market a chuck of the ceiling came down. >> getting a round posed be a challenge in some places folks
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used kayaks to get down their street. when cars got through the water was up to windows. many homes are uninhas been aitable after mudd slides brought sludge and rocks up to people's front door. believe it or not the drought is still in effect. experts say it would take many more storms to counter three years of dry conditions. back here at home, though, nothing like that. cecily tynan. it's been sunetleed but no big storms over the past few days even the nor'easter did not cause many problems. temperatures on the cool side, morning low 4. 33 above norm afternoon high 42. five below normal and we hit below normal nearly all week longment currently philadelphia, 40 in millville. 9 wilmington and 39 allentown and 36 trenton and 37 a little bit on the breezy side. wind chill makes it feel like 28 in reading and look at this lancaster right now feels like 24 degrees with a wind chill and
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in philadelphia it feels like 33. and we did have winds all day long. all thanks to this low pressure that was nor'easter and if you look here, though, there's that low pressure it's over northern main mane and really running out of steam. it's being pushed away finally by high pressure that is building in. and high pressure is something you like to see as we head towards the weekend because that will bring us increasing sunshine as we head through the weekend and hey poconos ski resorts are open and lifts are going fast. partly sunny for the poconos 10:00 tomorrow morning, it will be 30 by 2:00, 34, breezy, wind chills in the mid 20s. i ski a lot and that's not that bad. >> so the forecast for tomorrow mixture of clouds and sunshine. temperatures on the cool side. it won't be as windy as today. so it won't feel quite as harsh. allentown 39, reading 40. and pottstown high of 39 and quakertown 3. philadelphia should make it up again to 42 degrees. still about 4 below normal.
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glass bow owe 43. doylestown 39 and wilmington 43. you like temperatures a little warmer, i have good news for you coming up in the full accu weather 7 day forecast. shirleen. >> thank you, cecily tynan. >> ashton carter is on the mend. he's recovering from back surgerych the procedure was planned before president obama nominated him to leave the department of defense last week according to the whitehouse. no information has been released detailing why carter needed surgery or how long his recovery will be. >> adrian peterson suspension stems nfl appointed arbiter upheld the minnesota vikings punishment today he was us is spended by the league and faces misdemeanor charge for disciplining his young son with a switch. peterson submitted an appeal saying his punishment was too hash and they plan to appeal in federal court. >> it's time for sports.
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ducis rogers is live in the "action news" sports center, ducis. >> shirleen, 2-19 sixers record entering the night. the long season continues in brooklyn. head coach brett brown shows love for brandon j.j. v. away from the sixers. robert covington makes the most of it. all six shots made from downtown. 20 minutes point. sim rz up one at the broke. michael carter williams this jam ties the game 56. he scores 14 point. nets are out scored by -- sixers out scored by nets in the 1st quarter. sixers lose 88-70. they commit 23 turnovers in the game. >> baseball, like waiting for your tax return to come n you know it will happen just not when. jimmy rollings trade to the la dodge certifies just not official. we caught up with larry boa he said the time to rebuild is now. >> as great as those guys were
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and some will still be with us. we have a cut the cord and move on. >> you feel like it's that time. >> i think if you watch the way we played the last couple years, it's nothing against them i think those guys hit good last year. i think it is a young fwi's game and i think phillies front office for the most part tried to get another championship out of them and it didn't happen. >> coming up next half hour we'll hear from eagles and >> coming up next half hour we'll hear from eagles and cowboys o
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>> on "healthcheck" at 10 no gloom and doom study tonight uk researchers tried toe poke fun at a serious field of medicine. in annual dose of humorous holiday studies the journal of medical studies ranged best and worst songs in the operating room. topping the chart stay ago live and unbreak my heart and worst song to hear another one bites
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the dust. >> a new study shows super storm standee put a toll on people's health. they had a increase in heart attack and stroke by the areas hardest hit by the hurricane. they compared numbers in two weeks after the storm from the same time period. in the last five years. heart attacks increase 22% and people were 31% more likely to die from them. study says road blocks may have caused delay in treatment and disruptions to people's lives may have prevented them from taking their medications. children who will not be fortunate enough to receive gifts this holiday season will not be forgotten. tonight youth action hosted the 9th annual toy drive in south philadelphia it celebrated friend rehabilitation septemberer and toy
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>> students from the school of rock performed music of van halen tonight at the voltage lounge and kids showed up what months of hard work and classes can do. if you missed today's performance catch another if you missed today's performance catch another tomorrow a
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>> more in the next half hour at 10:45 bucks county contractor face as i judge and we'll hear
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from victims that say they were lost out of thousands and someone broke into this elderly man's house and stole thousands the burglar deposit stop. there bizarre story after the the burglar deposit stop. there bizarre story after the break. deciding between buying food and health care is something else. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> and we thank you for joining us. here's a look at stories we're
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covering tonight on "action news" at 10 on phl17 firefighters friends and family members pay their rejects to joyce craig. the philadelphia fire fighter was killed early tuesday morning in ate fire. she leaves behind a 16-year-old son and 16-month-old daughter. craig began her career 11 years ago and worked her way up. her funeral is tomorrow. >> pottsgrove a fundraiser was held for detective ernie morris and his family. they were at disneyworld last week when a fire destroyed their home aix neighbor was captured on surveillance setting the fire. investigators say the woman believed morris was responsible for her son's incarceration. and a man who attacked a 38-year-old in university city last night now has been linked to multiple attacks and the woman was hit in the back of the head and dragged. a police officer saw it happening and arrested the man. investigators believe the same man broke two drexel students yesterday and sexually assaulted and robbed a student monday. new tonight 10:30 a fire
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broke out center city apartment building. this was the scene on the 400 block of south 9th street. around 7:15 a fire broke ut in the three story building. when firefighters arrived there was heavy smoke coming from the complex. 15 minutes after they arrived they got the fire under control. no one was injured. we're waiting to find out how it started. >> check out the drugs. elsmere police foubdz while serving a search warrant today in addition to 4,000 bags of heroin they found 42 grams of cocaine. marijuana and drug parj paraphernalia. they arrested 24-year-old renaldo diaz wanted in connection for a double shooting that happened in september. he's held 476,000 bail fort shooting and drug charges. >> body of a gloucester township woman was found today and now her co-worker is charged with murder. 30-year-old miguel diaz is accused of killing 59-year-old susan johnson and dumping her body in a wooded area.
10:31 pm
diaz and female companion war living on and off johnson's home. last friday there was an argument about money and it escalated. the woman not being charged led police to johnson's body in eavesham township 2 may have been there for a week. >> a delaware teenagers is accused of murdering his dad because he was afraid he would get in trouble tore skipping school. seth was arrested yesterday at his home in harrington. they were doing a wellness check after co-workers at dover air force base said they had not seen todd ramsey for days. he used a cross bow to kill his 41-year-old father. the teen sake held without bail. >> a teen aimer will spend 1 years if prison for kidnapping an 89-year-old woman and lock her in a trum ever a car for days. jacqueline perez pled guilty to car jainging, kidnapping and conspiracy last march perez and another teen asked margaret
10:32 pm
smith for a ride home. smith found herself alone and barefoot in a cemetery. >> 87-year-old south philadelphia man may have lost three grand but he has not lost his sense of humor. frank calaro was asleep when a man walked in early this morning and drabd grabbed his trousers inside the walter was 3,000 it took him four years to save that money. >> it took me forever to save it up. nickels dimes, quarters and pennies you know, i'm not a wealthy man. i may be handsome but watch your mouth. >> cavalaro has a sense of humor. this surveillanceenence was captured 4:30 this morning. he believes he was targeted because the suspect knew right where the money was located in the odd twist the intruder returned this morning and said he would get the money back if he was given 10 0. there was a scuffle and cavalaro was knocked
10:33 pm
down. >> after a gloomy week the sun is going to make an appearance. for more let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan. looking forward to that. >> i am too, shirleen. it's great when we have a weekend on the way. even better when the weather is nice. sky6 is live behind me. center city sky line. very quiet right now. stormtracker 6 live double scan finally getting a break after tracking snow showers for the past two days. it is crystal clear. we are clearing out any moisture in the air. still a few lingering clouds. currently in philadelphia, 43, allentown 37, millville 39, reading 36. poing knows 28. >> satellite 6 and action radar swriling over maine that's the low pressure that was a nor'easter. it's hanging around for days now. it's finally saying good-bye and we have clouds that if you look across the ohio valley and areas south you can see this nice clearing carved out with high pressure. this high pressure will be
10:34 pm
nunling in as we head through the weekend tonight will be chilly, partly cloudy, overnight low 26. cooler suburbs 31 degrees for center city. feeling like december. if you head up to the poconos it's looking nice. 30, by 2:00, 3 4, breeze, wind chills will be in the mid 20s. back home if philadelphia tomorrow, 32, same as today. won't feel as come because the winds won't be as strong. winds 8 to 16 miles an hour and we'll see a mixture of suband clouds. priingter tomorrow than today. high pressure fwhuldz sunday. pick of the weekend. partly sunny, light breeze, high of 45 which is about where we should be this time of year. great timing as we head into the weekend. of course, sunday night, sunday night football eagles taking on the cowboys it's going to be a big game and weather should
10:35 pm
cooperate if you head to the linc bundle up, chilly, partly sunny, winds not an issue. kickoff temperature 39 by the 4th quarter and 37. it will be chilly and dry. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast looking g mixture of sun and clouds, chilly high 2. bumping it up sunday and monday better mostly sunny, 40. on tuesday, we warm up to 50 degrees. increasing clouds. possibility of showers late in the day or tuesday night. hanukkah begins and wednesday seasonably cool high of 46. we drop it down to 44 degrees on thursday with lots of sunshine and friday it will be dry. but it will be chilly with a high of 42 degrees. the next 7 days the only chance of wet weather is late on tuesday and even then the showers will be open the light side. all in all i think it's a nice looking 7 day forecast.
10:36 pm
>> much needed break. >> yeah we needed it's been gloomy this week. >> thank you cecily for that forecast. >> night in wildwood. jaycee christmas parade made its way through down. this were bands, fire trucks and lot of colorful slopes. for those of you keeping count there are only 13 days until santa arrives. >> a pa jaming ainard moore. mom's and kids came out to louisiana's. to wrap up pajamas for children in need. she started the initial ever a month ago and in three weeks collected more than 300 pairs of pajamas they will come in hand 'y and keep people something you and warm this winter. >> the pope tried to cheerp a little more mourning the loss of
10:37 pm
his dog. this is not the view you normally get at the grand canyon what caused this rare weather phenomenon and tracy morgan fired a lawsuit following a phenomenon and tracy morgan fired a lawsuit following a horrific crash last pa
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>> new tonight at 10:30 a federal judge will not delay a lawsuit brought on by actor tracey morgue whoon was severely injured last summer with a walmart truck slammed into the back of his limo bus open the new jersey turnpike chb the truck driver wanted the suit delayed until the case of criminal was revolved. ropeer is not nimd named in the case walmart was using roper motion to stall the suit to not disclose safety practices they say. >> a florida woman who drove her mini snroont ocean with three children inside is found not guilty by reason of insanity. psychologist ruled ebony wilkerson had a psychotic breakdown. her children have been in state custody since the march incident and she's since given birth to baby boy in her husband's custody. >> all dogs really do go to
10:41 pm
heaven. yes, just ask pope francis he used those words to comfort a little boy sad because his dog died. during his weekly dress the pope said paradise is open to all god's creatures and added one day we'll see our animals again. >> a rare site at the grand canyon a sea of thick clouds below the rim. the fog that hobb clouding parts of northern arizona is currency of recent rains. they're forced down by warm air and unable to rise. >> you're doing it all yearlong with friends and the number one thing posted on twitter in 2014. >> next a contractor accused of ripping off customers in bucks county face as i judge. ripping off customers in bucks county face as i judge. we'll hear from victims,
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> a guilty verdict in the case of contractor -- he's accused of stealing money from consumers. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltzman has the details. >> what happened? >> one of the last contractors
10:45 pm
john sushi makes as a free man. he refused to answer our questions. >> do you think you're innocent of these crimes. you have to have a thought on whether or not you're innocent. >> we plead >> as far as contractor fraud this is the worst we've ever seen. >> horrifying what he's done. >> jerry landis testified he stole 600,000. >> i had to hire another 400,000 for another builder in total a million tlarz for a 400,000 phone. >> she was supposed to finish a basement and deck on richard shula's home sgle and annette
10:46 pm
said his shoddy work put her elderly mother in physical danger. >> she walked in and fell through right down into the basement. >> while it's mist fewing where the money went victims agree on one thing unlukely they'll ever sooeing see a penny of what they lost. >> i think he should pay for all he put us through. >> only payment they may get is justice knowing he may never have another day of freedom. >> right now it's to make sure he's away for a long period of time. >> while there's speculation you may never now how that money was sent. he was led out ever the courtroom in handcuffs and facing 1 35 years. he may spend the rest of his life n behind bars. i'm wendy saltzman phl17. >> expanding recall chrisler of tucks in tacata hair bags.
10:47 pm
it's about expanded to twelve states to comply with refreingt national highway safety administration. they can explode under hot and humid conditions sending shrapnel flying. five drivers have faileds a interrupt. >> dumping microsoft in player ever blackberry, ford's new sync system will look like phone or tablet. it gives drivers directions, music and phone calls. the new swim you'll be able to side with and expand the screen like a tablet it will run off blackberry new operating system instead of microsoft which is what the company has been using. >> walmart is slashing prices on the new iphone 6. you can get the 16 gig bite 6 for $129 if you want the six plus $29, 50 dollar discounts. kuing merz must pie the phones
10:48 pm
with service through att, verizon or sprint. samsung s 5 is also marked down $50. >> if are you looking -- lucky that is maybe you'll find bling under christmas tree this year. diamond sales sour every september. americans spend 6 millingon on jewel write during the holidays. >> you've been taking them all yearlong and mentioning them on twitter it is declared 2014 year of selfie. word was mentioned 2 million times on social media site this year. that's a 5 0% increase from 2013. most retweeted tweetsw of 2014 selfie was ellen degeneres and handfulle of seblties at the oscars. >> ducis rodgers joining us now at the big board. >> hey shirleen we start on hardwood.
10:49 pm
the season seems to get longer with each passing loss. they fall to the nets. brett brown from brandon davies traded from the sixers yesterday and all six shots he takes and make from downtown. 20 points. up at the break. billy king former sixer executive now at the nets. game tied 56. he scores 4. i couldn't -- cory there. sixers lose 88-70. they commit 3 turnovers in this game. >> all right. enough of that let's get to 23509 ball. big game eagles injury report is clean heading into sunday practically. the loser could seesly miss the playoffs arguably he had the best win in the season. he expects the cowboys to come into the linc fired up. >> we expect the same exact team
10:50 pm
energy-wise. i think they know what's at steak and that last performance was not really indicative of the talent they have. >> ultimately we have to play better than we de in that game. i'm excited to see our guys step up to the challenge. >> in the first meeting eagles jumped to 14-0 lead. ron jaworksi said it would be good to get things moving early again. >> when i look i think they very to start fast. come out on the field and get dallas thinking. thanksgiving day again you couldn't stop them. you want to get shady up early and sustain offense and take any confidence cowboys may have. >> the trade is not official though it's it just beginning to set in. j-roll he calls the greatest
10:51 pm
shorp end up in franchise history. >> in my era he's like the mike schmidt. a lot of people won't really understand how important he was to the ball club. everything you can do on baseball field jimmy rollings has done i personally believe he has a lot left. >> he'll be missed. flyers vinny has been a healthy scratch lately sweekd a lower body injury they host carolina tomorrow. >> the quarter finals of the fcs national championship tournament cats delaware. >> well, it is unusual. we have known each other a long time. back to his days at delaware and row wab and he's a good man and good coach. i know he'll come in fired up and ready to go. >> his championship weekend in high school football st. joe's prep left tonight for hershey
10:52 pm
and hawks pay pine rich land for a state title. >> archbishop wood in central valley for the past three. wow, a 50 yard touchdown an third uv the day he finishes 14 in all. 30 yards. villanova, next year would win 33-14. it's their third state title in four years. >> that's sports. >> all right. thank you, due us. >> philadelphia boxing champ has not forgotten hometown during the holidays. christmas came early at the mow delz in northeast philadelphia. danny garcia treated five local families to an all-sxlepss paid shopping spree. kids picked out cool sneakers and new sporting gear and even boxing fwlovz that will all go under the tree. the welter weight champion wanted to take away some burden cash-strapped families feel.
10:53 pm
>> at the end of the day it's about giving back where you're from and i know people need it at the holidays especially and it's a blessing. >> fairhill police athletic league helped garcia connect >> fairhill police athletic league helped garcia connect with the thankful families.
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proof you're too old to sit on
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lieu santa's lap. >> you know it made sanity app clause told me i wish i could have time to really visit with you. >> aw. >> so what is pearl's secret to living a long life. she said it's important to stay active. she volunteers for several charities including salvation army. just this week she was rippinging that xwel. i would say, jean jean he's a lot to do with how great she looked. >> santa clause should give her whatever she wants. >> whatever you want pearl. >> a lot of people want a nice weekend to get ready for the holidays. >> christmas shop egg an nice. in a nutshell mixture of sun and clouds. same temperature as today, 4 2. the winds will be a lot lighterto just a light breeze really the pick of the weekend is sunday. temperatures near normal 45
10:57 pm
which after this week clouds and yesterday temperatures only 30s, 48, 5 degrees will feel nice up to 48 degrees monday. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you for joining tonig t tonight. "action news" is next followed by friends.
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