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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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test >> sunday night investigators need your help tracking down a former home aid that brutalized and robed a former patient. >> and disturbing new details of the man that murdered two new york city police officers in an ambush. >> the big story on "action news" is new evidence of the search for missing college student shane montgomery. >> police and officials say shane's keys were recovered in the schuylkill. that could be a clue to it when he disappeared in manayunk.
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they spoke to the family after this discovery. she's live in manayunk tonight, annie. >> sarah, family called on understate garden water recovery unit and fbi and today they made a discovery and now it's adding more momentum fort serve for shane. >> fol a special rosary they placed green ribbons symbol of hope on the christmas tree outside st. john the baptist church in roxboro after the dives made a discovery in the river. >> they brought keys to the surface and i identified them as shane's positively identified as shane's. >> shane's keys attached to eagles plan yard were found in the schuylkill along the banks by the parking lot. volunteer group the garden state underwater recovery unit found them. >> it's a piece of the puzzle. the puzsome not done.
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>> it doesn't bring us closer to finding him but hopefully we will find him to bring closure to the family. >> it's been 3 1/2 weeks sint west chester university student disappeared. sources say surveillance shows montgomery crossing the bridge over the manayunk canal but never returning shortly after leaving kill dare's pub early thanksgiving morning. parishioners say each ribbon placed on the tree is a sign of unwaiveerring community support. >> it gives you hope they'll find him and get him home. >> we'll all part of this. it's captured us all. there's a momentum and solidarity i think that speaks to the human condition. >> and the reward is up to $65,000. shane's family tell me today they hope that volunteer group that did great work today will return again. for now reporting live in manayunk. annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. walter, sarah.
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>> thank you, annie. >> investigators in delaware are working to pin point the cause of massive fire that claimed a person's life in clay mopt. flames ripped through 17 units 2:0 this morning. firefighters found a body burned beyond recognition inside one of those apartments. hear from the neighbor's now displaced in the next half hour of "action news." >> well mourners gathered by candlelight tonight in brooklyn to remember two nypd officers ambushed and killed yesterday. >> today we learned the gunman that targeted him a long criminal history and hatred of police. >>ish mel brinsley was 9 time in the past and he shot officers rafael ramos and we next jian lui. >> he was bragging about his plan. >> we have two males that spoke with the perpetrator and he
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said, watch what i'm going to do. >> hours earlier he for shadowed ambush in instagram bush writing he was seeking revenge for death of black men killed by police. after the attack he killed himself. he shot his exgirlfriend in baltimore hours before the attack unfolded in new york. she was wounded but survived. the deaths of two police officers in brooklyn were on the mind of protesters tonight in center city. thousands rallied at a blackout philly march to call for end to police brutality and retaliation is not the answer. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in center city with more. kenneth. >> sarah, this march went throughout the city starting at city hall and moving towards the art museum. like other protests this one was peaceful and tonight we're hearing from police commissioner charles ramsey who told us tonight as we see in new york it doesn't take much to trigger a violent reaction. it was one of the largest
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protests against social injustice and police brutality we've seen in the city. it was called the blackout philly march. nearly 1,000 people rallied sunday evening demaning change in wake of police-related death of black men in this country. >> whatever you are, black, white, hispanic, it doesn't matter. it's about supporting one another and finding route of the cause. >> the mother of 26-year-old brandon tate brown shot and killed by philadelphia police during a mayfair traffic stop last week was also here. police say the man reached for a gun in his car. >> the cops made a decision and their decision is law. this cannot keep happening. >> this march was planned before the tragic killing of two nypd officers revenge shooting' iling ibly fort death of michael brown and eric gardner of staten island. they expressed outrage and denounced the ambush killing. >> we don't condone that type of
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behavior you understand what we're saying we're trying to have a peaceful rally he have the message out that black lives matter. >> charles ramsey head of president obama 20th century police tasking force says rhetoric and tensions need to calm down. >> when it gets into inflamed people stop listening and going at each other in a way that nothing gets accomplished. >> and tonight we just learned police commissioner spoke to president obama about some of the issues that were happening in this country. the president told the commissioner that he has his continued support. the commissioner says a motion won't start to deescalate until community members and police sit down for a thoughtful discussion. reporting live in center city tonight, ken, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you, kenneth. >> bridging dpap before law enforcement and community the resurrection center invited wilmington police to take part
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in q & a session with young people in light of recent events they hope to open a very important dialogue. >> with the reaction of this in the nation the fact is we still need our government our officials and our law enforcement and they're still honorable positions. what we're doing is facilitating helmy relationships with the counselty and law enforcement. >> organizeers say another hope is to let the young people know they can certainly play a role in keeping their community safe by keeping open the lines of communication with their local police force. >> winter officially arrived earlier this evening happening off a keld and dry weekend. looking live through sky6hd always clear with a beautiful shot over the ben franklin bridge tonight. big changes are on the way for the workweek and they could impact christmas travel plans. meteorologist melissa magee is here with a look at accuweather. >> sarah, walter, we're tracking changes autopsy head this week. that coldness settling in for the rest of tonight at least.
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we'll talk about what is going on. seasonably cold across the region. chilly, dry, 35 for the high temperature yesterday, 40 today in philadelphia. average for us this time of year is 43. outside tonight is 34 in the city. not much of a wind chill. wind light and variable. it's 34. is what it feels like outside. poconos 28. 7 in reading along the coast in beach haven 34. satellite 6 and action radar we have a partly cloudy sky and the clouds continue to drift in as overnight hours ware on and as you wake up tomorrow morning. we'll talk about what is ahead. it will continue to get cloudy as we get to the first night of winter and mild and wet early this week. we're tracking a storm system that moves in the day before christmas and with that, there could be some major travel delays depending when you head head out. we'll have time line and talk about the details in the accuweather forecast. >> beautiful summer. >> we're counting. >> no kidding. >> "action news" mornings will have the latest own changing weather situation. tune in starting at 4:30 a.m.
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over on 6abc. >> two people are being sought in connection with a home invasion robbery targeting elderly woman in exton. one of the suspect used to work as a home health kaivr worker for the victim. investigators are being ing for leonard brenard and mitchell. mitchell worked as a home aid for the 76-year-old. detectives say last night bernard used information from mitch toll pose as a healthcare worker to help him get inside the victim's apartment. >> a 76-year-old woman home alone an he comes in and physically pushes her around and hits her and ties her up and leaves her in the house alone. >> investigators found jewelry stolen during the robbery inside brianna's home in spring city which it's believed she shares with bernard. bernard took the victim's medical alert device. >> winslot township police did what they could to make the holidays righter for a woman murder every off the summer. santa joined police officers to bring christmas present to the
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family. girls ages 5 and 18 received all sort of present over the summer. their mother jennifer was murdered. the officer wanted to do something for them and donated a substantial amount of money to purchase all the gifts. >> christmas came early for children in grays ferry. city councilman kinia ajohnson consulted with the firm ch 2 m hill for holiday bike giveaway 2 dodz ep can i and parents were at the church to receive the brand new bikes. luckily there's no snow open the ground yet so they can test them outright away. >> still to come on "action news" at 10 a healthcare from mohamadally and who is to plame for hack against stopy pictures and we'll tell you why a man is refusing to come down from high ledge of the vatican tonight. refusing to come down from high ledge of the vatican tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> 7 people w >> mohammed ali is in the hospital with a mild case of
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pneumonia. the prognosis is g 7-year-old three time world heavy weight champion has been battling parkinsons since the mid 80s. they did not say where the champ is being treated but said it should be a short stay at the hospital. authorities formally charge a woman with 8 counts of murder for slaying of own children and niece. she was arraigned during a bedside hearing in a hospital in terrance, florida. she's recovering from what are believed to beself inflicted stab wounds. friday morning police were called it a home with a family member discovered her alongside bodies of four boys and four girls victims range in age from 2 to 14. >> things get more bizarre in the sony hacking case north korea claims the u.s. government was behind the making of the move didn't the interview. the regime warns u.s. of more sign area tacks bigger than attack on sony and the u.s. is
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reportedly considering putting north korea back open the terrorism sponsor list. today a sony attorney insisted the movie is not deaded just delayed. >> soapy has been fighting to get this picture districted it will be districted. how it will be dissticked i don't think anybody knows quite yet. but it will be distributed. >> in an interview released today the president said the hack was act of cyber vandalism. and pledged again to respond to the actions. the u.s. has asked china for help if it considers its response. >> new jersey governor chris christie has come out against president obama decision to reestablish relations with cuba in a let to the white house he demand return of cop-killer joanne chesmar before diplomatic relations are restored. she was given asylum after killing a state trooper in 197. she lives under the name shana
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shana shakor and is on the most wanted list. >> a man put himself open a narrow ledge in vatican city and refuses to leavech the manziel he will not leave until italian leaders agree to meet with him. this is actually the fiveth time this many ludeed vatican security to mount a demonstration against government reform he says cost him business. he remains sitting above the spot where pope francis will give a christmas blessing. >> meteorologist melissa magee. >> hi there, sarah, walter. we have changes up ahead this week. christmas is this week, four days away. aed ha of christmas we are tracking wet weather moving on it in. we'll talk more about that in a moment. philadelphia coming in at 40. that's three shy of average. 39 in wrightstown and 35 pots up to and only 27 for the high temperature in the poconos. the winds are light and variousial. not much of a wind chill to talk about. it feels like 34 in philadelphia and current air temperature in allentown, lehigh valley, 26, 3
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along the coast in sea isle city and 27 in dover. here's satellite 6 along with action radar we have partly cloudy sky overhead and high pressure to the north. we're tapping into north or northeasterly wind for the rest of tonight and as we get into the day on monday the winds will be coming in out of easterly direction. that creates more in the way of cloud cover monday afternoon ahead of the storm system we're tracking here. future tracker 6 shows you first temperature along the 95 corridor tomorrow morning temperatures will be at the freezing mark. if not a few ticks above that as we get to the average showers lower 40s in philadelphia. the moisture we're tracking that moves in on monday you see the moisture coming south to west as we get to monday afternoon. it continues monday eveningch the warm front lifts through as we get to tuesday. and moisture we're tracking cuts to the west tuesday night into wednesday. and with that we have the beginning of that soaking rain that moves in tuesday night and throughout the day on wednesday.
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so here's the call from accuweather as we look at the morning rush. early tomorrow morning it's mostly cloudy. brisk, chilly, with rain developing later in the afternoon. and 6 a.m., 31. 31 at 7 a.m. and 8:00 in the morning that temperature coming in at 3 2. and the call from accuweather as you wake up tomorrow morning and get into the afternoon hours lots of clouds. temperature around 42 in the city tomorrow and 40 allentown and 4 in cape may. and closer look at the storm system on the way it's kind of prolonged period of unsettled weather before we get into christmas day and we'll let you know if it clears out for christmas with the accuweather forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. >> countdown to new xwreer's is on and mumers are making their final preparations before they strut ♪. >> ah, looking good at the polish american string bad rehearsing today. phl17 is the only place to watch
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live coverage of the 2015 sugarhouse casino mummers day parade. it kicks off 10 a.m. new year's day. you may see a few members of the "action news" team out there as well. >> coming up next, jeff tells us where the eagles stand after today's dallas game. >> in the next half hour if there's a desire the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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a few big bapingz signal end of era. kyle field came crashing down today to make way for half a billion upgrade. now crews will work to clear out thousands of pounds of rubble to make way for state of the art facility. it's scheduled to be completed in time for agoy's first home game of 2015 season. time for a check on sports. let go live to jeff skversky and the "action news" sports center. hey, jeff. >> hey, guys. speaking of imploding that's
10:23 pm
what happened to the eagles season tonight. one of the worst regular season collapses in nfl history. eagles started 9-3 and are eliminated from the playoffs tonight after losing three straight they needed dallas to lose tonight. it doesn't happen. here's new jersey governor chris christie backing in the cowboys owner rooting for the boys tonight. they needed them to lose tonight top stay alive and cowboys start the game on 42-0 run. tony romo scores four touchdowns and you could business are celebrating first nfc east dmroun five years and eagles are out and they're blaming nobody but themselves. >> at this point in the season, you have to be at your best. as a group, as a whole, we had too many crucial mistakes and inopener tune times win games until we get that fix things will not change. >> this could be a really ugly
10:24 pm
year around here between eagles, phillies, flyers, and of course the sixers who could very well go down as the worst team in nba history. but sixers showing life tonight. in orlando. ut, oh, what's going on here. michael carter williams. and noel get into it on the bench and make up and make orlando pay. back they come. noel with the slam. ncw with the slam. 21 for him. carter williams and noel hug it out. sixers win and only this three wins all of three have come on the road. >> flyers in win peg tonight down 2-1 in the second. rookie rob zef making his debut. highlights and more coming up in the next half hour. for now let's go back to the studio, walter. >> thank you, jeff. >> hundreds of children spent
10:25 pm
this sunday getting a feel playing with the pros shooting hoops on the floor of the wells fargo center this is brotherly love holiday carnival. more than 5,000 volunteers and community members were invited more than 5,000 volunteers and community members were invited to take part all in the sun.
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>> rick williams read twas the night before christmas at the philadelphia young artist orchestra. in addition to that the orchestra and 200 voice choir present aid host of favorites. >> i was hoping he would break out and start siping. coming up the next half hour of "action news" florida's newest theme park is catching slack. >> and greatest generation long overdue honor. plus, just days to go until christmas.
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>> if you're just joining us at 10:30 here are some of the stories we're following for you on "action news". >> divers recovered keys in the schuylkill river. it's been 3 1/2 weeks since the west chester senior disappeared after a night in and out manayunk. >> nypd officers in brooklyn at
10:31 pm
the spot their officers were gunned down shot inside their patrol car yesterday in act of revenge against police. brinsley posted about his plans prior to the ambush. >> and looking for a former home health worker and another man in connection with a home invasion. police in exton say leonard bernard learned information he learned from mitchell to rob a 76-year-old she used to care for. we begin with breaking news tonight, firefighters are battling another apartment fire in northern delaware. about 9:00 tonight they were called to valley run apartments on butter nut dmort sklai mont. when firefighters arrived they found a building fully engulfed in flames and no word on injuries. >> meanwhile fire tore through an apartment complex in delaware overnight where one person was killed. investigators are trying to determine how that started. "action news" reporter ken spoke with the victims who are now without a place to stay. there was extraordinary
10:32 pm
scene and action cam captured it fall claymont as they battle aid deadly three story apartment fire. >> i was worried about my wife and son and i was like speechless i was looking and crying. >> investigators say it sparked overnight 2:30 harbor house apartment on harbor drive. flames were shooting through the roof and spread quickly devourerring apartments who rushed to get out homeless. >> i was looking my apartment was burping everything is burning my -- it was tough. >> firefighters were able to rescue a man rushed to christianne hospital for smoke inhalation. they were not able to save another person found dead inside one of the apartments burned beyond recognition. the fire marshall doesn't know exactly where the fire started but he's been focused on building 221. >> right now we've been out here all day working through the debris trying to find the origin
10:33 pm
and cause of fire and it's been pain staking with this amount of damage we have here. >> in light of day we can see the massive amount of destruction. fire officials say there's $1 million worth of damage and this building will have to be torn down. this is family t be alive days before christmas. >> that's the sad part about it christmas ornaments and trees and lights and you just don't know what you know started the fire. >> an autopsy is scheduled as medical examiner works to confirm the identity of the person who died in this fire. reporting in claymont, delaware, ken, open "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a 55-year-old man is under arrest aus coulded of opening fire into a mayfair bar. it happened after midnight at mageen's bar cottman avenuech the man became angry when his girlfriend refused to leave with him. he was asked to leave and
10:34 pm
returned and allegedly fired several shots into the location. a second mana rivd later fired off a shot and struggled with officers. he, too was arrested. >> also last night two men in norristown had to be airlifted to hospitals in philadelphia after a double shooting. police responded to the intersection of powell street and west fornan one was type jefferson hospital the other to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police continue to investigates. officials in camden hope you can help them find this missing woman. 4-year-old alana pernel was seen on the 400 block of washington street lanning square earlier today. she's about 5' 5", 110 pound green shirt black leather jacket and blue and black adeed as sneakers skawl camden county police if you have tips on her whereabouts. >> we reported on return of behind reds of veterans over the years.
10:35 pm
none like this. this man celebrated his 90th birthday earlier this month and served in world war ii. today many, many years after the fact they was hop order for service and given a hero welcome home including motorcycle parade in hometown of hatfield. he was part of first wave to sworm beach normandy and today's event mean a lot to him. >> i wanted to serve. i was drafted. i went in. i did my job. i came home and i survived it. i don't know how. but with what i went through, it's up believable. >> how about that. defrancesco served on front lines 6 months. it's a true example of living history in the delaware valley. >> a lot of people heading through the river and through the woods. >> it's a prolonged period of unsettled weather we're looking at the day before christmas.
10:36 pm
we'll go over the details. sky6 live in hd outside we go looking at the ben franklin bridge sunday night it's quiet and calm and chill lay and partly cloudy sky across much of the region as you go through the overnight hours the clouds will continue to trickle to on in to much of the area and tracking changes on the way. here's stormtracker 6 double scan radar you see it's dry and quiet and remains so the rest of tonight until we get to monday afternoon. north and west of town these numbers in the 20s. 24 slatington and 25 pottstown and 28 tanersville and 26 chester and same thing center city this hour. down across new jersey 25 woodbine and as you move along the coast sea isle city 32. atlantic city, 35 in toms river. here's satellite 6 and action radar partly cloudy sky across the region and high pressure north. we're tapping into north easterly whipped as you go through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning we'll get
10:37 pm
more winds coming out of easterly direction and that triggers more clouds across theel dell dem and lehigh valleys. fast forward. this is what we're tracking. future tracker giving way to clouds monday afternoon and things cloud up quickly across the region and track moisture coming in south to north direction. 6:00 in the evening on monday we have light rain to deal wx but the big soaking we're looking at arrives into tuesday evening and into wednesday. ahead of that on tuesday 7:00 in the morning it's damp. you have that mist and drizzle overhead as the warm front lifts through and tuesday night to wednesday with arrival of more moisture that cuts up west we got a soaking on the way as we get to middle of ha of the week happening to be christmas eve. we'll talk what we can expect tuesday teeng wednesday temperatures will be mild tuesday night rising temperatures on the way. even as we get to middle half of the week. good soaking rain inch of rainfall likely. locally higher amounts than that
10:38 pm
winds gusting 40 mile an hour inland and 50 at the cost and this will more than likely slow you down if are you doing traveling the day before christmas not only tuesday evening but wednesday and for that matter first half of of the day on thursday for christmas day not because of the precipitation but because of the sguingty winds on backside. the accuweather forecast showing you tomorrow, cloudy, afternoon rain, high temperature 43. on tuesday it's milder. up to 52. we're tracking drizzle early in the day and tuesday throughout the day on wednesday the soaking develops. wednesday, wet and windy, high temperature 61. record is 64 setback in 1990 and thursday it's cooler for christmas day. and in at 52. wind will be up to 40 miles an hour. friday, sunshine and clouds. high of 49. 50 on saturday with those showers possible and as we get to next sunday cloudy and cooler high temperature of 53. the first week of winter will feel fairly mild but we're tracking very wet weather and slow downs with you guys. >> okay melissa thank you.
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>> still ahead tonight police announce arrests in the taliban attack that killed dozens of school children overseas. >> and there's still time to shop for the techy in your life. >> and there's still time to shop for the techy in your life. coming up the best smart watches
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♪ ♪ we put all the apps you love inside a car designed to connect you
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to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> pakistani officials made
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arrests in the taliban ta tack that killed people last week. tuesday 7 gunmen wearing explosive belts stormed a military run school and 32 stounts were killed and 121 wounded taliban claimed responsibility citing revenge forearmy operation against them. identities of the suspects and just how many are under arrest has not been disclosed. >> a 4-year-old girl was able to get free of arms of suspected kidnaper and has her big brother to thank. several children were playing in this yard in california yesterday with a strange mana approached and then he suddenly lunged grab the 4-year-old girl. fortunately her 13-year-old brother gotta hold of the kidnapers arm and yelled for snoun call 911. >> looking out the window i heard the kid screaming and i saw that he had obviously grabbed her but the kids the other kids they were on top of the situation and got their mom and other adults out of the
10:43 pm
house. >> definitely he was quick on his feet and responsible for his family and obviously loved one his 4-year-old sister and at this point he's our hero for today. >> now the suspect eventually tried to flee but neighbors flagged down officers on patrol that caught him and mid at restch the 61-year-old us is secretary is behind bars on 100,000 bail. >> still ahead jeff tells us what is ahead for the eagles after dallas's win today and don't make uneducated decision when buying a smart watch for the techy in your life. >> and don't forget to wake up with "action news" morning team >> and don't forget to wake up with "action news" morning team weather and traffic starting
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>> if you or someone you know likes keeping up with lateelest electrons you you might be eyeing a smart watch even before apple's watch comes out. nydia han has what you need to know. >> wearable tech is fast moving market constantly evolving consumer reports checked out six smart watches currently on the market. having a smart phone means you can get calls just about anywhere. having a smart watch let's you see who is calling without
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digging out your smart phone. for jessie pointer that means information at a glance. >> really seesy to look at the watch and see notification and what time it is and what is calling. >> know someone who likes to wear data on sleeve consumer reports best tested six new watches all pairing easily via bluetooth and alert you to phone calls and messages. to go beyond the basics are can i watch that uses android wear operating system. >> directions to consumer reports test labs. app destroyed is a game changer for smart watches not only can you use voice xhants it pushes relevant information to the watch. let's sigh you have calendar appointment to set up it elz tells you what timed to load and when to get there. >> samsung gear sells 200 easy to use color touch screen displays stock weather and heart rake. this lg watch is good for users
10:48 pm
touch screen is intuitive and rated excellent for scratch resistance. for ios users there's not much. >> they're push boughton instead of touch scooeb. everybody is anticipating apple watch. >> some are early adopters. >> the apple watch is due early 2015 expected to cost $350 i'm nydia han for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >>. the machine gun america theme park open to public this weekend. it's favorite musment parapark of its kind. one area offers fuel immersion military grade simulateers and another with ten state of the art lanes for state of the art weapons. some can fire 70 rounds a minute. >> chance to shoot machine guns
10:49 pm
made famous all over the world, double barrel. used by james bond and clint east wood it's a fun experience. >> kids as young as 13 can be granted access to the weapons as long as a parent is there with them. machine gun america says a range safety officer remains with shooters the entire time. >> jeff with sport. what a bummer end of the season right? >> brutal. it's really hard to believe this actually happened. odds are in eagles favor here. but was not meant to be. eagles need a miracle toll make the playoffs. they needed colts quarterback to beat dallas and keep eagle as live. eagles are eliminated tonight. there's new jersey governor chris christie loving every miment of it dallas destroys indianapolis and colts didn't put up a fight. tone yes romo scores four
10:50 pm
touchdowns and cowboys clench nfc east for first time in five years and eagles are out. they accompliceed playoffs for the third time in four years. >> it's unreal the eagles are a fourth team to ever start 9-3 and it's playoffs. it's worst regular season collapse since 1994 when eagles started 7-2 and blew it by losing final 7 games. all the mistakes and turnovers timely catch up to chip kelly's team. eagles have the most turnovers in football. nick foles injury mark sanchez single hand edly has more turnovers than any other players. two last night which led to game winning fields goal. eagles, yeah, you can believe it they're kicking themselves. >> we're really -- negative nine in turnover ratio to. get nine wins with that is surpriseing. it's frustrating for us to
10:51 pm
control our own destiny and we're very dispoint xd. all the ultimately it falls on the players. >> hard to believe the birds are going home three weeks ago they were in contention for first round buy. next sunday's game against new york giants is meaningly. here's a look at nfc standings teams fight are for top two spots carolina or atlanta where they make the playoffs below 500 records clinching nfc south next weekend. yeah eagles are out. >> andy reid in kansas city. big ben can't stop big bird. chiefs are still alive. they need lots of help. by the way, very bizarre. reid and chip kelly have identical 19-13 records over their two spz. >> sixers spend holidays on the road. that's probably a good things. sixers are the only team in the
10:52 pm
nba without a win at home. this ugly season is getting michael carter williams and nerlens norel he get into it heated argument on the bench in orlando but bring it together and come together down as many as 11 in third noel slams 4th quarter here we go off the steal michael carter williams for henery sims for the first slam. sixers up 11. noel doesn't seem upset any more. later in the fourth carter williams does steal throws it down. 21 for him. rookie kj mc daniel seals it with the slam. carter williams and noel they love each other again and uing hug it out. sixers win 96-88 they have all three wins and all three come on the road. >> i think it made us good and made us play better and team responded and we got the lead from there. i think it was positive. >> each with the sixers let's face it flyers are city's only hope at making next playoff run.
10:53 pm
right now things not going so well. hopefully 7 goals last night helped turn things around. flyers quick turn around in win peg. flyers and others start 46 second in that's jake vorachek with the goal. he has most points in hockey. 1-0. doesn't last long. tied at 1. less tan a minute later busler remember him he beat flyers for stanley cup when he played for blackhawks and right now the flyers down 3-1 in second period.. flyers are only hope. >> we feed a winner. >> somebody to cheer for. >> somebody. >> thank you, jeff. >> good news for tom bro' cow his cancer has gone into remission after months of chemo. he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. he says doctors are optimistic
10:54 pm
his cancer is gone. he'll soon begin a regiment of maintenance drugs. >> elton john off the market he married long time partner david furnish in the movie and john and furnish have about together more than 20 years and today's nuptials are on the anniversary of their civil partnership 9 nuptials are on the anniversary of their civil partnership 9 years ag
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10:57 pm
degrees at 1 and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we're tracking wet weather that arrives as we get into the evening hours and it's prolonged period of wetness, monday, tuesday, even into christmas eve you guys. meteorologist david murphy will track it tomorrow morning on 6abc. track it tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> thank you.
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