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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 26, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> tonight the story is say hit and written crash and death of a 93-year-old woman. tonight police talked to the owner of the truck that plowed into her bedroom. dann cuellar joins us now from police headquarters in bristol. dann. >> reporter: shirleen,
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authorities say the 0-year-old owner of the truck is cooperating and for now he's been set free without being charged this pending further investigation he into the hit-and-run accident with a woman dead on her 93rd >> he expressed remorse and has been cooperative throughout the entire process. >> the owner of the suspected truck came in voluntary. after they lobe the dodge ram 500 block badge road bristol burrow. >> it is definitely the vehicle. >> they have to establish who was driving. it was there drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream and wait for coroners report to see ft. accident contributed to death of jenny russo. her son says she was sleeping in the conner bedroom when the truck slammed into the wall 3:30 this morning. >> the whole house shook. it just shook. and i go what the hell is going
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on here. >> ron russo said it caused a dresser to almost fall on top of the petite 9 93 pounds. >> hit-and-run? what if there was a baby behind that wall in a crib. >> fire and medics later moved her to the living room the son thinks the circumstances were too much and she pass away amongst the statues that gave her comfort. >> one of the family members of the driver responded to their home with an apology and they were gracious to them in accepting it. >> david hector will meet with his team next week to see where the case goes from here. there will be charges filed it's a matter of sorting out where the evidence leads them. live in bristol. dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17.
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>> a motorcycle was killed when a bike and truck collided. a portion of route 23 near mccoy line was shut down around 5 p.m.. the bike went under the truck. upper merion police are investigating. a 42-year-old map was run over at the cherry island landfill in wilmington. delaware state police say a 52-year-old below he was operating a caterpillar tractor and as backing up hit his co-worker jose luiz garcia hernandez who was pronounced dead at the scene. osha was called and will conduct an investigation. >> american red cross is helping victims of apartment fire in lawndale tonight. around 7:30 flames started shooting out of the third floor of this building on the 5 0 0 block of north street. it took firefighters 25 minutes to knock it out. no one was injured. the red cross is helping residents. >> and they gathered to remember the lives of two employees of
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the casual mail exel store in millcreek delaware murdered on the job a decade ago. they were shot execution style in the basement of their store during a robbery attempt in 2004 there were no arrests in the murders. the victims family come back every year praying the killer is captured. >> fbi is lacking for a serial bank robber. an hour and a half later the pnc open southeaston road in glenside. tuesday a pnc in logan section was also robbed. police say he is responsible for five robberies and two attempted robberies this month. >> vandals are ruining the hol di spirit in marlton new jersey neighborhood. someone stole a baby jesus from ed dillon's lawn while his
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family slecht. as he looked around for it he discovered a neighbor's light up reindeer broken even stuck in a storm drain. state police other vandalism reports from the same neighborhood. >> christmas has come and gone. but the shopping frenzy has not. a lot of people are out today making returns and others are in search of those after christmas bargains, annie mccormick joins us from a target in south philadelphia. it's keeping its doors open until midnight, annie. >> shirleen, we don't need a holiday to shop. if you're not tired of shopping or if you have not started for the holiday season, some haven't. stores like target are open until midnight. retailers say it is the second busiest shopping day of the year. >> retailers are cashing in their considers mass presents the 26th of december. sales are prediingted to boost 5.5% last year according to
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master card and today customers kept that going by hitting stores early looking for best deals. >> good weather, good sales, saving money. >> in center city warm weather gave a boost to retailers with foot traffic. >> it's packed. it's amazing today. more than the whole christmas holiday. i wonder why. blue skies. >> the price slashes at major retailers filled the cherry hill mall. this was the day they used to line up to return and exchange. >> it has become one of the busiest shopping days of the year. there was a time it was all dedicated to returns. now it's become a very, very active day for shoppers. >> delilah is a perfect example. >> i got toys for the boys. i got a scooter and alphabet things and nice little doggy for my daughter. >> you know it's day after christmas. >> yeah you know how it is i'm a working mommy have to get
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everything when i can get it. >> traditions die hard and there's shoppers that got to the mall as early as they could to bring back when they opened under the tree yesterday. >> we don't want to deal with sglem or crowds exactly get out early, you know a lot of returns today. figured get in and get out. >> and back out here live there's a steady stream of people in and out of the target. they have been here throughout the hours. those people that did not get out early to make changes or returns but one of the reasons they say there's a boost in sales today is because a lot of people are using their gift cards they got as christmas presents. for now reporting in south philadelphia, annie mccormick on "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> those extended hours you may have to run out after work. thank you, any. >> the weekend arrived and all the weather will be mild and there's a threat of showers. let's go to meteorologist melissa magee at the "action news" big board. hey, melissa.
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>> hey there, shirleen. so far so good a good start on this friday and as we head into the weekend we'll stay mild and above average. coming in at 40. average high this time of year is 4. this number not bad that hour. 34 allentown and lehigh valley. 33 up in the poconos. sea isle city at 41. we'll widen out the temperature profile across the eastern half of the u.s.. it's 40 in philadelphia, 47 atlanta at this hour. lower 50s in memphis, tennessee. if you look north and west there's sharp contrast single digits and bismarck sitting at 40 and freezing mark in omaha, nebraska. cooler air north and wet and warmer east. there say cold front working its way across portions of midwest down to the nation's heartland that would works east ward the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about what we can expect saturday and surprised. these milder temperatures will continue and you can say it's a
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50/50 split because we're tracking threat of showers. we'll take a look at that and see what follows in the wake in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> septa police officers who helped dluvr a baby on the market frankford el yesterday paid a visit to the new mom today. sergeant daniel caban and dorrell james brought septa souvenirs when they went to hahnemann hospital. yesterday shortly before 6 they coached the mother through delivery. today they got a welcomed surprise. >> as for her baby's name she said chris i was like what is sglat she said christmas, chris. >> i said oh, my god. >> my partner walked out and got emotional. it was a blessing. >> perfect name. >> the officers say it was part of the job. and we'll have much more on this special delivery including pictures. k078ing up at 10:30. >> families in need got a hot
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meal and a lot of love tonight in west philadelphia. it includes 85 churches and community group played host to families and in addition to holiday meal children received gifts. tonight's guests say it is good to know someone cares to help them through their struggles. >> a teen burst into tears after getting pulled over by a cop. what happened next had her crying even harder. don't worry, those tears were happy ones. the super sweet video that's gone viral. >> and 10:30 we're introducing you to a group that made being mummers a permanent part of their lives and next to new york city with tlouss of police officers around the word they're paying respects to one of the officers around the word they're paying respects to one of the officers ambushed last
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>> a show of solidarity for the two officers ambushed last week. 25,000 officers from around the
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country gathering in support that they were at the wake of rafael ramos who leaves behind a wife and two sons. >> a police honor guard captured carried ramos's casket for his wake and thousands lined up outside to pay their respect. officer ramos was one of two policemen executed last weekend by a troubled man way grudge against the police. funeral arrangements from the other slain officer lui will be finalized when his family arrives from china. it stirred up emotions over the debate. it appears to be a disturbing new trend a wave of serious threats against police officers. authorities are looking into 40 cases of people threatening even more violence. there's already been 7 arrests. in one case, a man was overheard at a bank saying they should have killed two white cops not
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hispanic and asian. he said he would kill a white cop before christmas. at his home they removed two gun he's and set of brass knuckles. ed mullens is with the sergeant's uniton. >> i have 30 years nypd born and raised city of new york and never experiences an atmosphere like we're experiencing now. >> with the family of him the mortgages of the two police officers will be paid off. he spoke with lui's father who said the son was the family sole provider. >> he was afraid they would be thrown out of their house. >> they're arriving all over the country to attend officer ramos's funeral tomorrow. vice-president joe biden is expected to attend tomorrow. "abc news," washington. >> funeral plans for officer liu have not been released yet family members are still taxing
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from china. >> makeshift memorial for brown has been repaired after destroyed by a driver. the "washington post" shared this image and then a few hour later a twitter image was shown showing it rebuiltch the memorial is on the street where brown was shot by a furgeson police officer. controversial new film "the interview" is a smash at the box office. some people are trying to watch it at home and had problemsch the group calling it squad overwhelmed users and playstation and xbox users were not able to sign on. >> the uniqueness how the code was written in malware including access to certain passwords would suggest they had inside help. >> sony originally pulled the interview after threat and had a change of heart due to public demand. it made a million dollars at the
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theater yesterday. >> former president george bush will spend another night in a houston hospital. he was admitted tuesday with shortness of breath. he's said to be in good spirits and making progress. he's oldest living former american president. >> another bush is also making headlines today. son is stepping down from board every directors. he is also reportedly ending a consulting contract with barkley's banks and jeb recently announced he was exploring a possible white house front. >> any time now fort accuweather forecast. let's send it over to meteorologist melissa magee with the wild and mild stretch. >> you can say both pretty much shirleen. it's wild because we're in late december and because of that it's mild across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. high temperatures today across the region wilmington 41. keep in mind average this time of year s we're 8 above normal.
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millville 50. 49 allentown and lehigh valley. poconos not bad high temperature coming in at 43. as you look at the numbers right now across the delaware and lehigh valleys, 40 in philadelphia, upper 30s both trenton and wilmington and allentown and lehigh valley, 34 ra long the coast in wildwood 39. dover in upper 30s. sitting at freezing mark in millville in the brian barrens it's a touch cooler in south jersey. you look at the wind direction and wind particles you can see across the region the winds are calm and sustained 30 miles an hour in wilmington and up to 7 in philadelphia and coming in from the south and southwest direction and southwest wind flow helps to pump in milder air and unseasonably warm air as well this time of year. we'll talk about temperatures as we grow up into the weekend. future tracker 6 has you covered 8 g in the weekend easily climbing into the upper 30s. 40s across south jersey. as we get into the afternoon
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hours tomorrow in philadelphia along the 95 corridor temperatures are going to be in the lower 50s. even 50s north and west of town. 46 degrees tomorrow 3:30 in the afternoon and in the poconos. the call from accuweather as we look at the forecast. mostly sunny, mild, enjoy it. temperatures for the most part well above average. these numbers are a little wrong but we'll be in the 50s for the weekend. satellite 6 and action radar shows you mild tomorrow. there's a cold front off to the west. this front works east ward and for the second half of the weekend we're tracking threat of showers. we'll look closer at that with the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa. it's time for sports and jeff skversky is in for ducis rogers live now in the "action news" sports center. hey, jeff. >> hey shirleen, eagles corner bradley fletcher is questionable for sunday because of hip injury. he was allowed most touchdowns in nfl by any corner and could have a giant problem on his hands if he plays.
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jamie apody has more on odell beckham's story. >> catch of the year. >> how in the world, my goodness. >> arguably one of the best catches ever. >> insane how do you make that catch? >> sunday he will be the eagles' problem. >> when you look at tape that cat can play. >> caught 79 passes 1100 yards and despite the fact he missed first four games of the season. >> he's got outstanding hand and great range. outstanding body control. he's a tremendous returner. >> fast, great hands and makes a lot of plays for them and especially towards you know the second half of the season he's come on strong. >> secondary held beckham junior to 8 yards two catches in a win at the lincment granted it feels like a million years ago. if they are able to shut him down again they can end surprise on a high note. >> that would be big for us keep
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big plays off the passing game and play a solid game and execute how we should and yeah that would be a positive thing to go out like that. >> although this game maying meaningless secondary says otherwise when faced with a challenge beckham junior poses. >> you look at it whoa is me. we're out of the playoffs and i don't want to take this opportunity seriously. you can look at it as opportunity to sees the moment and get better and show up on tape. if not for here than other org stations. >> jamie apody, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> whether or not they sees the moment the game against the giants is meaningless. coming up in the next half hour.
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>> it's been a rough year for a teen with a life-threatening condition. her dad decided to surprise she got pulled over last month the officer told her she rolled
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through a stop sign. she calls her dad crying and said don't worry there's more tiers to come. the stop was a setup. >> i have good news four and bad news. bad news first giving you two tickets all right. one is a ticket to new york airplane ticket and other is to a band called time flies i talked to your dad. >> easy to say why that wept viral. she was able to make that trip to new york and meet the band members. audra is a little under the weather this
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>> coming up at 10:30 screech from saved by the bell found himself in the slammer today we'll tell you why. mummers parade is next thursday and we'll introduce you to one group that lives with mummery 36 5 days a year. and right after the break more from those two septa police and right after the break more from those two septa police officers
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>> we thank you for joining us. here's stories we're covering at 10 on phl17. police are trying to figure out who crashed this truck into a 93-year-old woman's bedroom. they talked to the truck's owner this evening and charges are expected to be filed next week. the woman who was frail and sick died hours later. >> thousands of police officers from around the country are in new york city tonight. tomorrow is a funeral for officer rafael ramos he and his partner with ambushed last week. a robber hit a bank at jefferson
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and west philadelphia and hour and a half later pnc southeaston road glenside. police believe this man is responsible for five robberies this month. >> a true christmas miracle a mom goes into labor and with help of two officers deliveries a baby on the train. that little guy is now 24 hours old and his story will be told for years to come. today, eva pilgrim caught one the officers and they shared their pictures of the baby they helped bring into the world. >> it was a special reunion for the loyvrz that helped deliver a christmas miracle. >> it was emotional. it got tearfull. all she could say was i remember you. >> this is sergeant caban and officer james celebrating moments after they delivered a baby on the market frankford el train. another paerm on the train captured it on the cellphone. the mother was traveling east on the train when the baby decided
10:32 pm
he could not wait. today the two officers came to hahnemann hospital to bring the mom and baby a stuffed train along with other gifts from septa to step operate his birth. >> her baby's name she said christ and i said what is this christmas, christ, i said oh, my god, my partner walked out got emotional. it was a blessing. >> really good to see them healthy. >> officers are getting a lot after tension for their good deed. they say they were just doing their job. >> it's a good reminder especially for public that it's not always bad you're dealing with we can help you and get sense of community back. >> something i'll never forget. >> special moment shared between the officers and new mom. a new life they hope they get to be a part of in the future. >> i hope they keep in contact i would like to see the baby grow. >> mom, baby and chris are doing
10:33 pm
fine at hahnemann tonight. they're hopeful they can go home soon. "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> new tonight 10:30 leaking gasoline is apparently cause of a hazmat situation in germantown tonight. pgw and fire crews were called to wayne avenue and clap year street after 5:30 when someone smelled a noxious odor. crews stopped the leak and sent out the all clear signal. >> 2 3 high school students escaped injury this afternoon when the bus crashed on the roosevelt extension near wissahickon avenue the wires open the bus were burning and driver's legs and caused him to lose control of the vehicle. it crashed into a pole and the bus is owned by the may tag bus company. >> tonight video of thieves robbing a north philadelphia pizza shop at gun point. the men walked into little ceasars store 100 block of west
10:34 pm
girard monday night they shoved one employee over the counter and forced another employee into a back roomch the worker was punched and kicked. when he said he didn't have the code for the safe the robbers left with cash ft. register. >> and south philadelphia man suspected of running a dog fighting ring will go on trial. police removed 8 puppies and five dogs from a home on the 2200 block of mifflin street october 28. carlton lane was charged with 13 counts of felony animal fighting. all dogs are surrendered to spca whereas you can see they were recovering nicely and put up for adoption. >> strangers have come together to raise nearly half a million dollars for family of a maryland woman who was killed when a jet crashed into her home. marie gemmel and two young sons died when the jet hit the suburban d.c. home on december 8.
10:35 pm
gemme le grew up in brick township ocean county and graduated from row want university. on-line fundraiser collected more than $486,000 in donations. gemmel's husband and young daughter were not home at the time of the crash. a friend of family also collected hundreds of gifts and thousands of dollars worth of gift cards for the family. >> it time now for the accuweather forecast and that all-important weekend forecast. meteorologist melissa magee joining us. >> shirleen, the weekend looking good. at least started nice and dry. nice and mild. we'll show you the picture outside. sky6 live in hd. it's a beautiful shot of center city sky line this friday night. we have mostly clear sky. temperatures are comfortable this time of year. we'll show you the numbers and i how it's been feeling. you may want to ask this is december, check out the highs the past few days. christmas eve high temperature of 54. despite the moisture we were above average. yesterday, for christmas day
10:36 pm
high temperature of a65 and today coming in 50, 8 above average. neighborhood numbers north and wets of town, slatington middle 30s. 31 pottstown and 35 chester and center city and 35 in kennett square and upper 30s in oxford. you move across areas in south jersey, 33 ewing and browns mills and cinnaminson 38, 39 for dover and smyrna. 41 along the dmooingt sea isle city. >> we have a partly to mostly clear sky across the delaware and lehigh valleys. you can see high, thin clouds streaming in across the ohio valley working east ward. it looks for the rest of tonight and that matter first half of our weekend we look to be dry. here's a setup for us saturday. warm for december. you get southwesterly winds that move on in for the high temperature tomorrow in philadelphia coming in at 55. there's a cold front off to the west. this cold front will work its
10:37 pm
way he east ward as we get to second half of the weekend and with that we have a threat of rain showers on the way. and future tracker 6 showing you sunday, 7:00 in the morning it's mostly cloudy and couple showers working way east ward. cold front moving through is moisture starved. there's not a lot of precipitation associated with it. nonetheless 11:30 in the morning light rain showers working its way into the region and wet weather gear close you to in case we get sprinkled on. temperatures will be mild. in the wake of the front, however, we'll set up to cool down and dose of reality is on the way for next week. the call from accuweather the rest of tonight, clear, chilly, 34234 philadelphia, 30 allentown and 35 for the overnight low in cape may. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. saturday, mostly sunny, mild, enjoy it high temperature 55. sunday still not bad. temperature coming in at 50. it's mostly cloudy and we are tracking rain that will develop
10:38 pm
throughout the day and monday there could be a left over shower early and clearing out in the afternoon and high temperature 40. in the wake of that arctic air moves on in. brisk and colder tuesday. high temperature 38 degrees. and then for new year's ever sunshine. >> cold, only 33 for a high temperature. then thursday for new year's day mummers day parade that temperature 36. upper 30s next friday. enjoy the weekend. temperatures cool down next week. >> sure will. thank you melissa. >> they gathered in burlington new jersey tonight to celebrate the start a of kwanzaa. performing arts company hosted a night of traditional dance, music and drumming. kwanzaa is a celebration of african-american culture and it focuses on different principle every night. tonight's theme is emoja or unity. kwanzaa continues through new year's eve. we have much more to come. still ahead, meet a group of
10:39 pm
guys that take mummery very seriously and plus a young boy survives a terrifying ordeal. you have to hear what happened when his mom asked him to run outside and grab cellphone from the car. >> and former child actor dustin diamond lands himself in the slammer latest legal problems diamond lands himself in the slammer latest legal problems for this saved by the bell
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>> the search for a 4-year-old missing autistic boy is over. jadeen morrison's body was found in a south carolina pond today he wandered ayeah from his grandmother's house christmas evech the family was visiting her from 2340rbg new york. a man out for a morning walk found a body on florida beach. police say the victim worked on board holland american cruise ship. he disappeared last weekend. coastguard searched water two days and didn't find him. the man name with the tide this morning. >> a horrifying afternoon for a utah mother. her 11-year-old son was kidnapped. he was home and now doubt she was holding him tight. it began when the mom asked the boy to get her cellphone from
10:43 pm
her car. when he didn't return she went outside to fine the car missing. she frantically called 911. two men had stolen the car with the boy inside to get money and the mother's cellphone. her fast alert helped police catch up with the kidnapers in a matter of minutes. >> he was extremely terrified and for lack of better words in good condition. he's not bound. he's not restrained he's in the bang seat scared. >> screech from saved by the bell is in trouble tonight. dustin die summoned accused of stabbing a man at a bar in wisconsin. the criminal complaint says diamond told police it happened while he was trying to defend his fiancee from two men who were harassing her. the victim was not seriously injured. diamond's bail is set at 10,000. >> a 1997 ford mustang returned to rightful owner 28 years after
10:44 pm
stolen. the license plate to linda's very first car being put on finally for the very first time. she kept those plates as memento after it was stolen a year after she bought it. there was no sign of it since 1986 until someone recently bought the classic. a california highway patrol trooper ran the vin inspection and saw the vin was off and discovered it was stole. >> like winning the lottery. it happens to some people but very few and far between and for it to happen to me is just amazing feeling. >> and talk about ironic the california highway patrol that recovered the car is also the same agency that gave her her first ticket in that very same car. >> christmas has come and gone. but ups drivers still have a busy schedule ahead of them. wait until you hear how many packages will be getting returned. and next we're counting down to the annual mummers parade.
10:45 pm
i'll introduce you to a group of the annual mummers parade. i'll introduce you to a group of guys that made memory a
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10:48 pm
>> we are days away from the 2015 sugarhouse casino mummers day parade. if you can look under the costume you might find a more permanent display of mummerry. >> the same goes if you really think it. think it. >> just got to brand my club put the brand on me. >> fogy car bringing aid showing colors. he has multiple mummers tattoos including this museum. >> it's part of my heritage and life and community. what else should i put on myself besides something i love. >> chuck is with the pirates. >> i was surprised it's brother hood you know a lot of guys have him in here. >> local tattoo shops like those on this street know mummers. >> philadelphia say mummer town and these guys are loyal to their club. we've done a ton of mummers over the years.
10:49 pm
usually they get their band or club logo you know, frogy car, downtowners, jokers, whatever, you know the pirates. >> usually ask forum brel as and ask for whatever troop they're part of and they're great people. >> lynch brigade charlie mc ken aof riverfront association says that devotion can get you into trouble at home. >> we have a guy look i'm doing tattoo funny thing my wife sid have a riverfront tattoo but not me on your kids. >> i'm a mummer. >> michael's was sat insliper. >> it's shows commitment and dedication. >> proofing they say it in ink five men with sat insliper show leg and don't think of joining another club. in south philadelphia, i'm steve eyesman. >> phl17 is home of the mummers. you can watch all of this year's
10:50 pm
parade starting at 8 a.m. right here on phl17 new year's day. >> now, that all the gifts are unwrapped and working on those that expects to handle four million packages by end ever the weekend and the company declared january 6 ups national return day and expects people will send back more than 800,000 unwanted gifts that day alone. and it is time now for sports. jeff skversky live at the big board. >> sixers trying to win three in a row for the first time all season and in fact the last time they won three straight last january and coincident or not it was last time they were in port land. blazers have the second best record of nba. noel, sixers up two in the first. sam son with a dunk. how about henery sims will get applaud for this as well.
10:51 pm
wow. right now sixers down 6 in the second. and football now how about the eagles, eagles fans may not be complying about this corner bradley frech area loued the most touchdowns and most yards by any cornner nfl questionable for sunday season finale against the giants with hip injury. nrecher is getting deep left and right this season especially last two games. des bryant caught two touchdowns over the defensive back and two balls over 50 yards also against bradley and let not for get this guy odelle beckham junior could be a problem for beck if he plays. >> i loved odelle beckham he's a great player and showing it right now. >> he's a great receiver fast, great hands, runs great routes and does a lot of plays for him.
10:52 pm
>> much more improved player and got comfortable and they're pushing the ball to him in the offense. we need to be ready for him. >> now every time you turn around the eagles have turned the ball over. they have given the ball away more than any other team and that's why espn ron jaworksi says they're headed home for the holidays and not the playoffs >> we've about talking about turnovers since week one the eagles continue to be careless with the football. 35 giveaways. the most in the national football league. what's that and more important than taking okay of football. and this eagle team all season long has been careless with the football until they learn that that football is a block of gold they're going to could be taken to lose football games because of it. >> turning to penn state they'll play first bowl game in three
10:53 pm
seasons tomorrow yankee stadium pin stripe bowl against boston college first postseason appreance since ncaa sanctions. there to they are at the new york stock exchange and they hope to get a win over boston college since 1991. there's not a single player open the roster that ever won a bowl game. franklin wants to thermometer out the right way. >> we want these guys out on a positive note. this bowl is a special bowl and they give rings out to everybody that participates in the bowl. but there's a difference between being able to put bowl champion on the ring. that's what i want them to remember accepted the seniors out the right way to end season on a positive note and be proud of what we accomplished this it year. >> penn state at ang he stadium it's kind of weird to see football in the stadium we're it's kind of weird to see football in the stadium we're used to
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>> we have you covered as you look at the day planner. chilly, 35. sunshine, stays sunny 10 a.m. 43. lower 50s on the way and same thing at 4 p.m. and that temperature coming in around 54. here is the weekend call from accuweather on saturday. plenty of sunshine.
10:57 pm
mild, above average, high temperature 55. on sunday, few changes on the way. still mild. in at 50. clouds around and we're tracking showers as we get into sunday afternoon and of course we'll have the latest as we get into the weekends on phl17. >> outdoors the first half and be inside. >> wch a movie. >> you know. >> i like it. >> thank you melissa and thank you for joining us tonight for "action news" at 10 "modern family" is next followed by fans. for brian taff, adam joseph and ducis rogers. jeff skversky, melissa magee, ducis rogers. jeff skversky, melissa magee, i'm shirleen call
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family fun meeting by the front door, stat! "stat" means right now! ugh. what is it? ignore her. she's been in a bad mood all day. and luke isn't home yet. oh. i'm right here. where were you? this house still holds its secrets. you're probably wondering why i called you all here. - nope. - well, stop your wondering... - we're not wondering. - and behold this wonder! - (haley) oh, my god! - (claire) wow. - (phil) ha ha! - aah! i sold a home to the one and only pete johnson. there's only one pete johnson? only one who's california's top r.v. dealer. there's 835 others. nightmare of a deal to paper. well, and this was his way of saying... - thank you. - of course. (lowered voice) he paid a commission, too, right? yes. and he told me i could take jolene out anytime. yeah, i named her! let's take this dirty girl for a spin up the coast!


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