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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 27, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> saturday night. the bucks county coroner says a hit-and-run victim did not die from the crash and philadelphia institution serves dinner for the final time. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the final salute to a sprain police officer in new york city -- slain police officer in new york city. >> he was a new york city police officer. and he was -- is a >> a father, a son and man of faith. officer rav yale ramos was remembered today.
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tens of thousands turned out to pay tribute to the patrolman gunned down one week ago today. first of two funerals these officers will attend over the coming days. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in the satellite center with more on today's emotional ceremony. >> reporter: officer ramos was called a peace maker and hero and extraordinary show of support and solidarity as one of new york's finest was laid to rest ♪ they marched to the same beat. their heart heavy with fwreev grief as they honored new york city police officer raveial ramos. >> he represented men and women of the new york city police department. he was embodiment of our motto, faithful unto death. >> outside christ tabernacle church in queens saturday a sea of law enforcement from coast to coast. brothers and sitters in blue. and inside a somber ceremony where a host of local leaders and dignitaries spoke with the
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public servant gunned down last week next to his partner. the shooter who had a hate receipt of police later killed himself. >> when an assassin's bullet targeted two officers it targeted this city and it touched the soul of the entire nation. >> ramos a 40-year-old father and husband of two was a deeply religious man studying to be a police chaplain. >> he did not just have a bible in his locker, he lived it in his heart. he was a cop for all, all the right reasons. >> saturday, ramos was made an honourary chaplain at 84 police presivrkt where he worked and gave words of comfort during difficult times. undoubtedly words officers needed to hear at his funeral and instead heard them from others. >> extend my con dole epss to another family family of nypd hurting so deeply right now.
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>> reporter: ramos's widow and two sons were presented with a flag that draped his coffin and that thin blue line gave a final salute. officers ramos and liu will be promoted posthumously to detective. an honor that increases benefits for their families. reporting live in the satellite center action new at 10 on phl17. >> thank you kenneth. among the thousands of officers who traveled to queeps today were many officers from across the delaware valley. "action news" reporter annie mccormick tells us about the message they took with them to new york. >> in queens, new york estimated 25,000 men and women in blue stood to honor fallen nypd officer raveial ramos hours before the 10 a.m. service police officers from our area traveled to show their respects including philadelphia police who filled two buses at the fop knowledge
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nypd lapd. we're all brothers and sisters in blue. >> members of bensalem place aid black band over their shield and collingswood department september us these photos. crowded funeral so packed they stood two blocks away. just a week ago a gunman angry with police ambushed ramos and his partner liu killing both. protests of black men killed officers and including today in center city members of the muslim community peacefully protested against police brutality and during saturday's farewell hundreds of officers outside turned backs on new york mayor bill deblaseo in show of disvery suspect for what they see as his support for anti-police row testsers. philadelphia police telling us they're focused on honoring
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their brothers and serving the community. >> regardless of how the public views police, whether it's in negative light or whether in positive light we'll continue serving the community that we serve to our fullest extent. >> this is what we do. our lively hood. we protect and serve. it's our jobs. we don't go to work to get killed. >> and funeral arrangements for liu are pending and several local officers we spoke with today say they plan to attend his funeral as well. reporting in northeast philadelphia annie mccormick ux for "action news" at 10 on phl17 for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> it turns out the woman that's died on 91st birthday after a car crashed into her home did not die as i direct rul of the crash according to the coroner who said she died of natural causes. the coroners investigation turned up no evidence of trauma. this is the truck believed to sa have slammed into the home early monday morningch the driver took
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off and he turned himself in last night. formal charges have not yet been filed. fire officials in philadelphia are investigating a fast-moving fire that ended with a person hospitalized and extreme any critical condition. it took crews less than 15 minutes to knock down the blaze on the 4400 block of north 8th street in hunting park still a 25-year-old man was taken to temple university hospital with severe burns to his hands and face. no word yet how it started. >> and in burlington new jersey police are looking for the thieves that drove away with two brand new cars from a car dealership parking lot. it happened overnight at burlington volkswagen route 13 0. suspects got the keys by busting window to the manager's office and also took off with ipad s laptops and six dealer tags and employees tell "action news" one stolen car was recovered and the search continues for the other. investigators have yet to identify the suspect. and it's hard to believe we're nearing the end of december after a warm and sunny saturday. the action cam caught families
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enjoying mild and dry night out there at the roth man ice nrivrping dilworth park hardly a scarf in sight. unfortunately rain is reentering the forecast. >> meteorologist melissa magee is here with the a check open the forecast. it was perfect today. >> nice today walter high temperature of 50. well above average. 15 above average if you look at the temperatures across the delaware and lehigh valleys still above the daytime high philadelphia, average for us 42. that's where we are currently at 10:00 hour and mild for this time of year. and it's 43 trenton and 45 poconos and 46 degrees along the coast in sea isle city. and you look at the 4 hour temperature change it's a good two degrees warmer in the city than the same time yesterday and technically warmer in wildwood and reading than it was 24 hours ago thanks to the southwesterly winds. it was dry today. we're tracking wet changes. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar shows you there's a cold front off to the west. moving across the great lakes
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into ohio valley willen that moves east ward as early as tomorrow. we'll talk about what is ahead. the clouds will continue to increase fort rest of tonight and it's safe mild through surprised and tracking threat of showers and lights in nature. we'll talk about all of the details and timeout the precipitation of future tracker 6 with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, walterer. >> sounds good. >> police in philadelphia believe this man points aid gun at a 74-year-old woman during a robbery on tuesday in south philadelphia. and this picture was taken inside suzanne's grocery on the 1500 block of south 13 street. police say the suspect and teenager who is possibly a lookout took off with cash. detectives are now looking into whether the same man is behind an attempted holdup on christmas day. at joe's food market too on 35s yunk. >> and a health insurance company based in philadelphia is alerting customers of data breach. independence blue cross says the personal records for 12,000 people in southeastern bns people in southeastern people in southeastern
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pennsylvania and new jersey were thrown out by maintenance workers boxes containing member ids, social security numbers were trashed in october and it was made public in a legal notice. they are offering free credit monitoring for affected customers. north korea blamed u.s. after internet access got hacked and shut down and officials threw in a racial slur at president obama along the way. officials there say the president is behind the release of a movie "the interview" and the plot of which includes assassination of north korean leader kim jong-un and the whitehouse has not responded to north korea's claims and comments. the iconic fountain restaurant at the four seasons served its final dinner tochbts the fountain which was awarded repeatedly over the years, has been a staple of fine dining in philadelphia for more than three decades. the four seasons is moving to thep it of the new comcast centsner 20 17. many employees who worked here
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for decades say they are proud to have been a part of philadelphia history. >> the city is moving on and things are changing and four seasons is moving on and that's the way life goes. it's not forever anded building is not forever and people are not forever. it's very transitory just like life. >> the fountain will continue to serve brunch and lunch until june. a steak house called urban farmer will eventually take the fountain's place. >> some dinner table deliveryes fed dozens of people across philadelphia tonight. food was dropped off at project h.o.m.e and spring garden and several other locations including st. john hospice and station house. philly food connection collected districted leftover meals with help from edible dliingts indicatoring and restaurant. cherry drive marked first annual holiday connection. >> and coming up on "action news" at 10, good news about the health of a former president and incredible video from the moments of 3-year-old boy escaped inferno in alabama. hear from one of the people there.
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>> and also, not every day you get to mix business with pleasure. that's what this mummer will do come new year's day. we'll explain
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>> your mama said do it come on ! >> that was a moment a
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3-year-old boy escaped a fire by jumping from a second story window in birmingham, alabama. neighbors as you can hear encouraged the child to mack a leap after trapped inside the burning apartment. he finally worked up the courage landing into the arms of a man waving below. >> the feeling it gives you just to relive that moment and say that you saved somebody's life and it's a really good feeling. >> how about that, moments after the first rescue firefighters arrived and pull a second child from inside. a total of 6 people were injured. the gestures new year's brigade will be wearing something sneshl year. shane montgomery's mom and uncle brought green ribbons to the club house today. shane has been missing since thanksgiving morning. he left a bar in manayunk at that time and has not been seen since. they'll wear the ribbons new year's day to raise awareness of continuing search for shane. it's all systems go for the 2015 sugarhouse casino mummer's
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parade coming up this week. and what it does for one mummer will be art indicating life. >> how are we doing today welcome to sugarhouse. >> 34-year-old russel conte has been working at sugarhouse casino nearly 40 years. >> it's a great place to work. >> conte is a table games dealer and he says his focus is on the customer. >> beener get jetic to them and show them my mile and make sure they're comfortable there. got to get them to win and keep them happy. >> roman catholic high school grautd graduate is also a mummer. >> i'm foggy car actual james foggy car there was since 1999. really bursts of adrenalin all about having fun and partying and getting on broad street and showing colors and you know i love for new year's and city and trying to you know dot best we can fort fans. >> he's confident the frogs will overcome the recent theft of
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costumes. >> and keeping high energy up. >> and he looks forward to marching with step sons joseph and sal. >> it means a lot to me something was able toy pass on to them. they love it and look forward to it. are we getting our suits and getting on the parade this year and it's a great thing to see faces when that day of getting dressed and putting makeup on. >> russel conte says his day job and hobby have a lot in common. >> definitely interaction with the people is like being active tractor-trailer friends on broad street. same thing. making them happy is making our customers happy. >> and that's a pretty good hand to deal. >> everybody whips. whipers. >> in fishtown i'm steve eyesman. >> and phl17 is the home for the mumers. it's the only place to watch the parade live. coverage starts right here at 8 a.m. on new year's day. all right. meteorologist melissa magee joins us once again with the accuweather forecast. hey, melissa. >> hey there, walter, check out the picture outside sky6 live
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in hd live shot penn's landing and river range there a lot of people enjoying time on the skates and ice and probably not a whole lot of gloves and scarves because temperatures are nice and mild in fact in philadelphia coming in at 42 degrees. that's average high for this time of year. we're tapping into the south westerly wind and south west wind coming in ahead of a frontal boundary we're tracking so ahead of that these temperatures are nition and comfortable. high temperatures today across the region, atlantic city, almost close to 60. 59 today. philadelphia 56. that's 15 degrees above average and same thing in reading foreaa high today. allentown 5 and 54 for height temperature in dover. outside tonight comfortable. 42 in philadelphia, 40 wilmington and wildwood 46. allentown and lehigh valley 37. 47 beach haven and lancaster out to the west at 42. you look at the temperature profile across much of the eastern half of u.s. and we're holding on to 0s. and 50s it's 55 atlanta and
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raleigh north car line aand you look north and west colder air lurking, 15 in bismarck, 32 in chicago. there's a division of colder air to the norm and west and warmer air to the east. and where you have the division you are more than likely going to find unsettled weather and we're tracking a cold front moving on through. satellite 6 and action radar hows us the moisture overhead. there's not a lot of precipitation associated with it. but this will work its way east ward as we get into the second half of the weekend and with that we do have some minor wet changes on the way. and here's a call from accuweather as we get into sunday. mostly cloudy. we're tracking that light rain. there could be showers north and west early and then transitioning over to the 95 corridor as we get into the afternoon hours. on and off throughout the day. otherwise temperatures still 3450eu8d mild. upper 40s. or 50s. coming up in the next half hour a closer look at the moisture on the way and time it out with future tracker 6 and let you know at least what the early skawl for beginning of the new year with the accuweather 7-day
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walter. >> thank you, melissa. a volcano erupting was captured on camera look at that in mexico the explosion cents a plume of steam, and ash into the sky. it periodically spus, ash, vapor and rock and last summer was responsible for major travel days in and out of mexico city airport and officials rated the eruption yesterday as moderate. >> they are thinking of discharges george h.w. bush from the hospital. he was admitted tuesday after experiencing shortness of breath. doctors say bush's condition has improved to the point his physician can set a dates for release. he'll remain in the hospital through the weekend though, as a precaution. in "healthcheck" at 10, 'tis the season. reported case of flu are on the rise in pennsylvania. in fact more than 5,000 people diagnosed as of last saturday. officials say it's likely just a
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fraction of actual cases since many flu sufferors never seek medical attention. as many as 2,000 people across the state die every year from flu-related complications. so far, 11 pennsylvanians have died from the flu this season. jeff tells us how penn state did in the first bowl appearance in three years and later no mission too small for
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hundreds of people took part in a 5 k today to feed, clothe and shelter philadelphia's homeless. thch is the first homeless for the holidays 5 k run at fdr park. it was all organizeded in honor of a young man kevin isaac who passed away last year. >> proceeds from today's event go to the st. frances inn and last stop both located in the city kensington section. >> time now for a check on sports. jeff skversky is live at the "action news" sports center. hey, jeff. >> hey walter, it's not the rose bowl and not the orange bowl but hey a bowl game for
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penn state. after everything that program has been through the last three years they are certainly happy to be back in the postseason today at yankees stadium. what a finish in pin sprip bowl against boston college how about the kicker sam sticken he dressed in derek jeter's locker and he is in yankee stadium sending it to over time and then ot, down 6 christian hackenburg to kyle carter all they need at the extra getting the win. penn state wins 31-30 it their first bowl fwhxt nearly five years. >> i want to thank the seniors that stayed with this program when we needed them the most [ cheers ] and held this family together. >> what a finish at yankee stadium. flyers trying to win him season
10:25 pm
high fourth straight tonight. peter lafayette. he is coaching one of the best teams in hockey. we pick it up. tied at one in the second period. on the penalty kill. there's peter laviolette there's peter laviolette up fired after three games and he has to be happy about that. in the second period. tied at 1. predators score back-to-back goals two goals in 88 seconds and on ray emery right now flyers down 3-1 late in the third. >> coming up in the next half hour what chip kelly is saying about the eagles season finale against the giants and sixers trying to rebound in utah. that's sport. walter become to you in the studio. >> private company space x will attempt next month what would be most difficult landing. a portion of rocket will attempt to land on 10 meter wide target on floating barge in up right position. normally rockets burn off fuel ape dump lower sections on way to destinations and this wants to see if they can keep a 14
10:26 pm
story tall base in reuseable condition and the company estimate a chances of pulling it off are about the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen
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sgrvr as we all know the new year begins in over a week and it looks like 2014 will two out on a high note with half americans believing better things are ahead next year.
10:29 pm
that's associated americans think 2014 was better than 2013 and 1 in 15 believe 2015 will be worse than the year before. >> you might have heard a firefighter rescuing cats from the trees and we'll tell you how crews in upper darby were able to put the smile back on this boy's case by saving his christmas. >>. >> and a man that once tried to kill pope
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>> if you're just joining us at 10:30 here are the big stories we're following for up "action news." tens of thousands of officers flocked new york city to honor a slain brother and another black eye for the secret service they're under fire for who they are allowed to drive in a precedential motorcade and thank you for firefighters in upper darby that went above and beyond the call of duty to put a smile on face of a youngster. >> in other details it was extraordinary show of solidarity for fallen police officer in new york city as many as 25,000 law enforcement officers standing should to shoulder, honored the memory of officer rav yale ramos.
10:32 pm
he was gunned down alongside another nypd officer last week. >> a sea of blue and ocean of grief as tens of thousands of officers dime see rafael off on his final journey overflowing this new york queens city neighborhood carrying their brother into his church where he was wore shipped and about to become a chaplain. joe bide ep was leading the mourners. >> and when an assassin's bullet targeted to two officers it targeted this city and touched the soul of the entire nation. >> new york's mayor bill deblaseo had a fine line to work after criticized by many police officers accused of siding with recent anti-police protesters. some officers turning their backs on him when he spoke but the mayor had gentle words. >> i extend my condolences to another family family of nypd
10:33 pm
that is hurting so deeply right now. new york's police commissioner also paid tribute to the man they all mourned. >> he was, he is, a hero. >> outside, an honor guard of thousands of police officers joined hands as they stood in silent witness. officers rafael ramos and liu died together shot execution style one week ago by a gunman apparently seeking convenient jens against police. as ramos's widow and two sons were presented the flag from his coffin, on the ground and in the air, a final salute to detective rafael ramos posthumously promoted today. "abc news," new york. >> investigators say an off-duty police officer killed a dog tonight after it bit him and his dog in west philadelphia. the sergeant says he was walking his small dog in the 4500 block of pine street when a larger dog
10:34 pm
got loose and goon attack. he said he shot the larger dog after several attempts to separate the animals. sergeant sustained minor injuries and his pet was seriously injured in the incident which remains under investigation. no further information is being released at this time. >> state police in delaware are looking for the person that tried to rob a sports bar in newark last night. troopers were called out to the chestnut hill sports bar 15 press burry square after 8 a.m. and investigators say the man grabbed a broom handle from the bathroom and struck a female employee. he then implied he had a gun and demanded cash and another customer suffered a minor injury while trying to stop the thief from getting a way. anyone with information about this case is asked to call delaware state police. >> in philadelphia, police are looking at surveillance video hoping to get a look at the thugs who held up this store in oxford circle. investigators say two men at least one of whom was armed with a gun, stormed the family dollar open the 5700 of oxford avenue
10:35 pm
last night. they cleared out the registers and safe before running away. fortunately, nobody was injured. so far, though no arrests. >> and state attorney general kathleen kane is capping off a tough year as state's top prosecutor by moving forward with her divorce. kahne filed papers yesterday in lackawanna county where he she lives with two sons and husband chris. documents state after 14 years of marriage their union iser retrievably broken. the family is asking for privacy during this difficult time. >> in upper darby highland park fire company got a personal thank you after an important rescue this morning. 8-year-old terrence patterson stopped by the firehouse to meet the firefighters who saved thinks favorites christmas give gift. the cu heard the boy was in tears because the toy helicopter got stuck in a tree 50 feet above the ground. firefighters volunteered their own time and showed one a truck and ladder just to get it down. >> it's really exciting. it was up there. all night.
10:36 pm
>> right after christmas it's great. >> that's awesome. >> not only did he get his sdoy back he got to be a firefighter for the day during a personal tour of the station. we love doing stories about that especially on christmas. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. it was special today it was lovely all day long. >> nice and mild mild trend continues for sunday. we're also tracking showers around too. we'll talk about the news sky6 had hd down in wilmington delaware, got mostly cloudy skies and clouds continue to roll nonahead of the cold front we're tracking second half of the weekend. you can see we're looking at riverfront mark threat and quiet conditions there in wilmington delaware. now as we show you we talk about the winter warmth across the region and not bad. yesterday's high temperature 50. and today we climbed up to 57. average for us this time of year is 42 degrees so that 15 degrees above average the above average
10:37 pm
trend is going to continue for sunday and we're also tracking that moisture moving in from a west east direction as well. north and west of town in tanersville 45, 41 quairk town and center city and chester at this time coming in at 40. kennett square and st. david's in at 42 and 46 degrees in new holland. down in south jersey upper 30s ewing and browns mills and vine land and bridgeton and hockessin 2 and lower 40s for 13450er that and dover. you can see the clouds are starting to build and thick and cross the region. earlier today plenty of sunshine and mild conditions thank to the southwesterly wind and the sun help to get our temperatures above average also with the combination of that southwesterly wind flow. clouds are moving on in and you notice moisture north and west across the great lakes and ohio valley. that's a cold front. not a whole lot of precip with this front. and nonetheless it will work its way east ward as we get into sunday. here's the setup for us for sunday, damp mild, ahead of the frontal boundary moving on
10:38 pm
through. we'll max out 52 in philadelphia. otherwise mostly cloudy. so as the fronts works its way east ward there could be an early shower north and west of town otherwise the clouds will continue to build on in and afternoon rain showers ae are likely. here it is future tracker 6 showing you 7:00 in the morning, mostly cloudy, there could be a little activity north and west early in the morning from the poconos on south and west ward and this is not a big storm we're tracking it's mostly cloudy on and off rain showers. you can see 1:00 in the afternoon not a whole lot of activity going on as we get into the evening hours as 5:00 tomorrow just light showers from philadelphia and areas to the south. and it looks like that moisture will linger as we get into sunday night and early monday morning and slowly pushing off the coast. as we get into surprised afternoon. so, clouds breaking for some sunshine by then. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight. clouds increase. mild one down to 40 in philadelphia and same thing in trenton upper 30s and wilmington and 36 for the overnight low in allentown.
10:39 pm
>> here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. mostly cloudy tomorrow high temperature 5 2. light showers around. this front really cools us down into monday. monday a morning shower and clearing high temperature of 45. look at that on tuesday, much colder, only 38. new year's eve brisk and chilly high temperature of 3 4 keep that in mind if you ringing in the new year outdoors and then a cold start to 2015 on thursday. with a high temperature of just 35 degrees. walter. >> all right. thank you melissa. >> the first annual kwanzaa festival arrived in west philadelphia today. dance forever studios organized celebration which included a traditional applicant marketplace and live performances at the west philadelphia achievement charter elementary school. >> and still to come on "action news" at 10 a convicted gunman returns to the vatican for the first time since he tried to kill a former pope and a plea from a father hoping to bring his son's kim to justice how you can help in tonight's crime fighter's
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>> the turk irk man that shot john paul ii in 1981 laid flowers on his tom today. this is video of the visit in st. this is video of the visit in st. peter's basilica. john paul ii who famous john paul ii who famously for gave his attacker wasthon
10:43 pm
he was extradited to turkey he served another ten years for murdering a journalist there. another embarrassment for at secret service after a tough year. new report reveals agency has been using untrained volunteers to drive vehicles in president obama motorcade according to "new york times" a 24-year-old without secret service training drove the press car in san francisco this past fall a job she reportedly secured through a friend at the white house. secret service responded to the report by saying, in the event the motorcade would come under attack the press car would be left behind. a man jumped the fence and was able to get inside the whitehouse before getting captured. >> a grieving father gathers courage to reach out you to for help. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter
10:44 pm
report. >> fill immoney is honest about his son amir money. >> my sop was not perfect period.. he was typical young man and i know in the end he was up right guy. >> at 4:40 in the morning sunday november 9 police were called to front and vine for cam ben and reports of shooting and when they arrived they could not locate a victim a short time later they were told a gunshot victim arrived at cooper university sglopt that was 24-year-old amir pronounced dead before 6 a.m. they have surveillance of him going in and out of after hours club just before he was shot. >> we're hoping someone watches who is watching this will call and give us information to who was at the after hours spot and can give us information as to what happened out there. >> citizens crime commission is administering 1,000 reward for arrest and conviction of the person responsible. just call 2 15-5 had 46-tips.
10:45 pm
all calls will remain anonymous. >> philip gets choked up with he talks about amir's 7 weekend old daughter. >> he pass away before he experience thatth and it trouble mez. >> he wants someone to come forward. >> the bottom line why you're not telling it's happening to another family and one day when it knocks on your door then you wish you had did the right thing. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> after the break, penn state highlights and preview of birds final game of the season. and plus would you give one of the hottest toys this season
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>> mcdonald's consult merz in jap can get a fill of french fries. come the new year the country frenchp fry ration will be lifted the fast food squoypt t goynt was forced to limit small portions. a labor dispute of reports on
10:49 pm
west coast here delayed potato exports. mz solved issue by air lifting fries to island nation. you can super size in japan once again as of january 5. amazon is giving up a post christmas glimpse into the gifts red hot this season. as expected mcdonald's from frozen were big sellers and on-line retail giant says customers bought character dolls, watches, music, underwear, even frozen tape. and taylor swift's album and killing pat on the book was a top read. in apparel a lot of us received police sweaters. >> no walter perez bobbleheads. >> they were free they couldn't give them away. >> jeff skversky is here. penn state this was important one for sglem big win for them and they're back in the postseason for the first time since ncaa sanctions. we're back in a bowl game. penn state playing in first bowl game tonight in almost three
10:50 pm
years and finish penn stateers will remember for a long time. they go to over time at yankee stadium. penn state playing boston dmrej pin stripe bowl. down 14. come back in the fourth. christian hackenburg ties it up. desean hamilton 1 all seconds left 45 yard field goal tide 24 goes to over time. in otbc strikes first murphy to dudeck ut, oh they miss the extra point. no good. so psu only down 6. hackerburg take over and takes them into the touchdown. what a pass to kyle carter. wow all they need is ca point. jeter's locker, he dressed in jeter locker taken is a win.
10:51 pm
first bowl w since 2010 and how fired up first year coach james franklin. >> i thank the seniors that stayed with this program when we needed them the this family together. the last thing you want to talk about culture look around. this is culture. >> if only the eagles finish could be this exciting. eagles close out the season tomorrow against the giants in a meaning ling game. don't tell that to chip kelly. eagles' coach is playing to win. he wants to finish 10-6 for the second straight year. >> we're going to go one a football game that's what this organization is abouts it's not about seeing what the future is. >> we'll finish off the season on high note and get tenth win which is pretty remarkable in this league. >> eagles linebacker trent cole plans a play des separate
10:52 pm
missing with a broken hand. >> holiday season is about giving and the only thing peter laviolette wants to give former employer a big loss tonight. flyers facing laviolette for the first time since they fired him three games into last season. coaching one of the best teams in hockey, down one second, how about the come back. claude giroux off the field skates in tied at 1. flyers down two and they're down two players on penalty coil. where is the puck, where is the puck. ray emorry doesn it fisher scores down again 38 seconds later emery screen and colin wilson scores. love let ends flyers whipping streeing and flyers lose 4-1. >> starting goalie steve mason returned to practice this morning for the first time since going down in practice with a back injury last week and mason was in so much pain he thought he would be out for a while and instead he's hoping to play
10:53 pm
again non arizona. >> as i was very serious some of the worst pain i ever experienced and our training staff did a great job of getting me back to the point i was able to come today. >> the sixers are in utah tonight where they have not won in nearly a decade. that's right sixers lost nine straight in salt lake city to jazz dating back to january 2005. noel trying to rebound after that loss last night in port land and end of the 2nd quarter how about jazz. sixers done a dozen. they answer. michael carter williams what a pass to noel. tony wroteton on the basket. tieing at 46 right now sixers down 4 >> time for a final check
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
of the accuweather forecast. >> walter as we walk out the door tomorrow morning lots of clouds move in as we look at the day planner. mostly cloudy. 10 a.m. 47. as we get into 1:00 in the afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 40s. and we are tracking light rain showers on and off throughout the day. nothing major. but it will change our weather as we get into the second half of next week. >> duelly noted. >> thank you melissa.
10:57 pm
>> best of "action news" team will be on 6abc tomorrow morning. if you're in the mood for something sweet check out academy of natural sciences in center city. a look at the new chocolate exhibit and more starting at 6 tomorrow morning on 6abc that's up melissa's alley .
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(theme music) >> welcome to philly pheud! i'm your referee of today's matchup. let's meet our competition... here is team blue. >> my name is john barron, captain of the hegeman string band, and to my right is jeannine mccafferty. to her right is bob farrell, and to his right is winnie scogna. and we're really glad to be on tv instead of using tvs in our production on new year's day. (cheering) >> philadelphia's gonna be a tough city. let's meet team red. >> hi i'm jack hee captain of the avalon string band, here with my pals tony mangino to his right, brian rinnier, and tim ervin. happy to be here at sugarhouse casino taking on our friends at hegeman


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