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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 28, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> sunday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking out of gloucester county tonight. a young boy was hit and killed by a car in franklin township and the person behind the wheel was a police officer. >> intersection of sdelcy and paul street 7:00 tonight this area is still shut down while investigators remain on the scene and we find "action news" reporter annie mccormick with details on how it happened annie. >> reporter: and shar even and walter the young boy tell us us
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off camera the boy was hit and killed by a franklin township police officer in a police cruiser. a witness at the scene telling us moments ago after camera that police cruiser did not have lights or sirens on. this is the scene after 7:00 when a call of pedestrian struck and killed came out over the radio near the intersection ofelmer and delsey drive a cording to family and friends 3 boys including 10-year-old victim was crossing and one made it across and victim was crossing and third boy about to cross when a cruiser came down delseych the boy's mother say initially they kept her at bay. she received a call while at work from a mother of one of the young witnesses. back out here live this remains an active scene. we're told gloucester county prosecutor's office handling this investigation because it's police involved is supposed to
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talk to us in minutes. at this point we're still waiting to hear details from police about this. now that witness that we just spoke to moments ago off camera telling us the three young boys that actually walked over to the young boy's house to get clothes for the sleep-over they wanted to walk over since it was nice night. her and her boyfriend the father of the two young boys with the young whole thing unfolded was an infant. we were told there were two young witnesses and the father are at the police station at this time and given your statement we're waiting to hear from the gloucester county prosecutor's office at any moment. reporting live. annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> thank you annie. >> police in tom's river new jersey say they arrested the man accused of running over his girlfriend. detectives were hauled to the hess gas station.
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he threw the victim to the ground and choked her before getting into his suv and backing over her three times. he took off and police tell us they caught up with him tonight. he faces several charges including a texted murder. bail is set at half a million dollars and the victim taken to jersey shore university medical senter is expected to survive. >> philadelphia police in feltonville are investigating two separate crimes a robbery and hit-and-run. but it turns out the suspect and victim could be the same person. "action news" reporter kin has the details. >> philadelphia police are searching this area for surveillance video and they're asking for more witnesses to come forward as they try to sort through the details of hit-and-run and robbery. >> it ended with a man barely alive on the side of the feltonville street. but did it start with robbery. >> give me the money. give me the money. >> and food deliveryman mohamad ali tells how he was robbed by
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two men on tampa street they had what looked like a real gun and ones with wear ago ski mask. >> he was shocked. this is the first time for him. >> first robbery. >> yes. >> ever experienced. >> yes. >> they took off wyoming to whitaker. near that same time philadelphia police say a red ford f 350 traveling southbound on whitaker slammed into a man at wyoming. he was running cross the street and thrown several feet. the driver kept going. nearby bar employee natasha rios ran out to help. >> he was breathing eyes open and moving a little but seriously hurt. >> while police were investigating sources say they discovered what appeared to be a bb gun or starter pistol inside a vehicle and ski mask and gloves. investigators are trying to figure out if suspected rober is hit-and-run victim transported to temple university hospital in
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critical condition. the 64-year-old delivery guy from taco grill lost 500 dollars and said he is not sure owe what to think after the terrifying incident. >> does he think the person hit last night is the person that robbed him. >> he doesn't know he don't remember he doesn't remember. >> hit-and-run victim is a john doe and they're trying to talk with him. he did suffer severe head injuries. again this man has not been accused or charged with a crime. reporting in feltonville ken "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> two teenagers arrested for stealing vehicles from the lot of a local car dealership in burlington, new jersey and one of the suspects is not even old enough to have a driver's license. yesterday we told you about the burglary at burlington volkswagen. and someone smashed the window of the office taking keys and computers. now a 17-year-old from edgewater park and 15-year-old from florence have been arrested and stolen cars have since been
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recovered. >> moving to the accuweather forecast the last of sunday showers moving out for a time for the workweek taking a live look at sky6 in high definition philadelphia international. you see the puddles and precip left behind. meteorologist melissa magee joins us with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> we have a few more showers south of philadelphia. we'll look at all that. light activity stormtracker 6 double scan radar. you see light rain and drizal cross south jersey and delaware 'lot pushing offshore for the rest of tonight and during the overnight hours. mild stretch continues despite the moisture. high temperature today 56, 14 above average. typically in the lower 40s this time of year and it's 50 currently in philadelphia trenton 46. up in the poconos 33. beach haven 46. upper 40s for sea isle city and dover at this 10:00 hour. so we'll talk about what is ahead and what we can expect overnight clearing will continue and still above average on
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monday and still going to be in store for dry and cold week on the way especially as we say hello for the first couple of days of 2015. all those details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast a dose of reality on the way next week. >> unfortunately. >> get the latest forecast before you head out the door tomorrow morning over on 6abc. matt tam david and karen will have the latest check from accuweather along with traffic and top headlines of course turning into 4:30 6abc. >> the frantic search for air asia 85 0 1 resumed. 162 people were on board the flight from ipd nearbyia when it lost contact with air traffic control. what was supposed to be just a two-hour flight about 45 minutes in the jet hit thunderstorms and turbulence. it's too soon to know if severe weather played a role. >> obviously there was storm
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clouds and pilot had made a request to change altitude. that's as far as we know. we don't want to speculate to whether weather was a contribution. >> this mystery followed unexplained disappearance of mall asia 370 in march. we have a full report on the search for this plane coming up in the next half hour of "action news". back at home a dive team was back on the schuylkill today searching for any clues in the disappearance of shane montgomery the garden state divers scoured waters near sheer's lane and main street. looingt weekend the same crews found keys plop belonging to the missing college student. he disappeared in mank young after a night out perfect with friends on thanksgiving morning. >> hundreds gather to honor the memory of a baby that inspired so many. hannah ed away shy of her second
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birthday. she had a rare inhereted condition called craba's disease. it blocks messages between the brain and body. she was born healthy but soon wept blind, needed feeding tube and lost mobilityty. facebook followers and community many of whom supported fundraiseers for her treatment gathered for a vigil outside the family's home. >> this is something you cannot go through alone. you need all the support you can get. >> we would not have gotten through this if it was not through everybody all these people they played their own little parts in every step of the way. whether a shoulder to cry on or somebody to hang out with. >> hannah's mother successfully fought to add the disease to the list of disorders that newborn's in pennsylvania are screened for. there's no known cure but if diagnosed early enough proper treatment with slow effects of that disease. >> coming up on "action news" at
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10:00 a frantic effort to evacuate hundreds from a ferry fire near italy. >> and countdown is on for a mummer's parade how a new route could change an old tradition >> oh my god ! >> we'll show you what was inside one giant box that made a local grand mother's christmas dream come
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>> one person was killed trying to escape a burping greek ferry headed for italy and making matters worse the coastguard crews are battling waves and darkness trying to rescue the hundreds on board. the flames broke out before dawn on a deck forcing passengers to upper levels. this is video of the flames inside the cafeteria as people in life jackets waited to be rescued. 10 of 478 people on board have been evacuated so far. >> sony playstation network is fully back up and running tonightch the on-line gaming service suffered a multi-day outage at one of the busiest times of the year. sony officials say the network was attacked, disrupting connectivity. hackers that call themselves lizard squad claims responsibilitych the group says they were also behind the strike in august. the fbi is now investigating.
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>> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist mel smell at the big board. >> hi there walter sharee, we had a nice day cec spite moisture across the delaware and lehigh valleys. high temperature today 57. same thing in dover, philadelphia coming in at 56. that's 12 above average of 42 for this time of year. downingtown 54. lower 50s as well in wildwood. outside tonight it's still comfortable. all locations are either in upper 50s to about 50 degrees. upper 40s i should say. 4 millville. wilmington 47 allentown lehigh valley 43. 50 in philadelphia wildwood along the coast 4 and 47 in beach haven. here's what's what's going on stormtracker 6 radar showing you you have a frontal boundary to the south of our region and because of that picking up light showers in south jersey and delaware. a lot of precipitation starting to fall apart.
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for moisture we have overhead right now we continue to push offshore. there's activity do you know cross areas in the step ten river valleys and this stays to the south ever us skirt ago cross the virginias as we get into the overnight hours. looks likes once we get rid of showers on the way tonight clouds break for sunshine as early as tomorrow afternoon and morning. furt tour tracker 6 showing you for the morning temperatures not bad, 6:00 in the morning in philadelphia around 40. middle 30s north and west of town and along the coast from lakehurst down to wildwood temperatures in the upper 30s to 40 degrees. by noontime tomorrow, 12:30 in the afternoon numbers along the 95 corridor in lower 40s. average this time of year is 4 2. once again it will be a nice day. we have a northwesterly wind coming in wake of the front we're tracking. it will be slightly cooler than today's high temperatures. still not bad for late december. clouds and sunshine and mild start tomorrow, 6 a.m., temperature 4 2. staying in the lower 40s, 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.
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respectfully and tracking colder air. we'll take a closer look at the forecast and getting ready to ring in the new year this week. we'll look at chilly numbers on the way with the accuweather 7-day walter. >> thank you, melissa. it's the moment mumers work so hard for every >> that's a wood land string band putting on the finishing touches in southwest philadelphia. another rehearsal is tuesday and it's show time. >> when the mumers strut there stuff there is new twist on old tradition. 2015 sugarhouse casino mummers parade features a new roof this year. steve tells us what that means for mummers and idea from the mummers reverse shorten and sharpen the parade
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route. >> people see more mummer and fan interaction. >> string band association tom louis says it's to have a more flowing and personal parade. it starts 15 and market near dilworth park new side of city hall. mummers judged there and down south ever broad street. string bands will have left large props near city thool allow for more interaction along the route and will pause at two locations designated as perform as areas broad and carpenter before going one more block ending from three miles to a little over one mile will eliminate gaps and make it more entertaining. >> it will create a more festive atmosphere between mumers themselves and fans. >> mumers estimate it could lower some city parades cost by as much as 30% or more debate
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buzzes on social media and mummers and fans promising to skip the parade and are mad it will not officially take place in south philadelphia and others welcome the evolution as mummers trying to deliver a better parade for 1 cen >> it means a lot to parents. it also mines respect. in 19300 when the city said hey 1901 they come and march to city hall it was one of the first major recognitions by the city's establishment and working class and imgrants of south philadelphia. >> broad street will always be dna of mumers and even though coming down broad it has broad street time it. >> mummers tradition of parading struts on and controversy and big belief. >> i think it will make the parade better. >> in setter city i'm steve eyesman. >> and phl17 is home of the mumers it's only place to watch
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the parade live this new year's day coverage starts 8 a.m. come thursday. >> eagles owner jeffrey lurie talks about the future and now that the bird season is over jeff has the story. >> later eagle scout writes his own history
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eagles season may be over let's talk to jeff skversky. >> chip kelly says he loves this year's team even though they have the most turnovers in football and they're turning in that play book without a trip to the postseason. chip playing to win the finale against giants. mark sanchez gets the start after falling behind 7-0 and eagles answer on first drive to jordan matthews 44 yard score tied at 7. and they're not done. next possession sanchez toe celek
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moves, burton swoopz it up and moves to it in. they finish 10-6 second straight season this season it's not good enough to make the playoffs. >> i think this team played schemely hard and with great effort and couple games bounced our way back we felt it was important top get the win. >> i can't remember in all my time better motivated and better group of players and excellent coaching and gut wrenching feeling for all of us. >> it's fruingt waiting we won't be in the playoffs and we take responsibility for that we had every opportunity do that. >> that's kind of mind blowing. >> yeah, mind blowing is a good way to put it. eagles have a lot of decisions to make what do you do at quarterback could the general
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manager be out the door more from eeingings and jeffery laury coming up in the next half hour. walter, back to you in the stud know. >> a man from minnesota may go down in history as best fiancee ever after he bought his sweetheart her favorite store that's right bought her the whole store misty moore is proud owner bling shop in minnesota the previous owner of shoe and accessory shop decided to sell it after facing health crisis. missy was always a loyal customer when her fiancee found out it was for sale he thought it would be the perfect presents for his wife. >> had the feeling of success and i wanted her to feel that. >> he's amazing i can't believe he pulled it off in the time he did and still brings me to tears. >> she got the tees christmas day and will spend is the next month learning the ropes before taking over in february. misty says it's one more reason
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>> we know santa is done for the year but we couldn't resist. >> the mc fad eps new marine son would be home for the holidays but his grandmother dee dee jernigan did not. >> open it up. >> just pick it up.
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>> oh my god! oh, oh, oh [ crying ] it's so good to see you. you look wonderful. god you're handsome. >> mar mean a box. yes, he's handsome. deede. said seeing her great grandson michael was by far the best christmas gift she ever received. as for michael that sfeeling mutual. michael's mom says dede is her done's greatest inspiration you. >> coming up on "action news" in the next half hour a man from aclass ka redefines >> and eagles scout makes fine allege projects a gift for future generations. we'll tell you about his mission to immortgage lies the words and lives of veterans.
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>> welcome back, everybody, breaking news out of franklin township, gloucester county. >> that's why a police officer hit and killed a young boy this evening. the family tells "action news" the victim was one of three boys crossing delsey drive right around 7:00 tonight and that's when a witness says a patrol car without flashing lights or sirens struck one of the children. that 10-year-old boy we're told dayed at the scene.
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the police officer was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the gloucester county prosecutor's office is investigating. >> it was nine months ago malaysia flight disappeared. now another plane disappeared from another part of the world with 162 people on board. >> this is the passenger plane that disappeared over the java sea. air asia flight 8501 bound from indyeeshia to singapore a two-hour flight. most of 162 aboard were indnearbyian including 16 children and one infant with a crew of 6 after 42 minutes in air the jet hit severe weather. thunderstorms and tush ulance and the pilot asked to turn and increase altitude from 32,000 feet to the 38,000 feet and then nothing air bus 320 vanished from radar. >> to just disappear is baffling.
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>> search planes and boats chris crossed water for hours before night fell and turned up no trace of the plain or people. in indonesia or sing poor relatives gathered over passenger lists hoping for hope of good news for the loved ones. er is. resumes at daylight. >> i think we can find the wreckage and black box and understand what goes on. >> all shades of malaysia 370 which vanished into thin air last month a massive search produced nothing but a deeper mystery. >> nothing changed since mh 370 disappeared it should not happen then day and age. >> air asia and missing air bus 320 have good safety records. "abc news," washington. >> police are investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian. this was the scene 5:30 p.m. investigators say a car hit a man on south church between
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academy and st. david drive responding officers tried to recess tate the victim and they were unsuccessful and his identity was not released. >> a young woman remains in critical condition after a horrific rollover crash in northeast philadelphia this was the scene along the 700 block of north street a male driver in 20s was speeding and lost control. the car knocked over a tree then flipped and came to rest against a house the driver is hospitalized and said to be in stable condition. investigators are being ing into whether alcohol played a role in the crash. >> police in newcastle delaware are investigating an overnight stabbing and the attack happened in the parking lot of one in town african restaurants 2 40 south dupont. >> a 36-year-old man got into an argument with other patron
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when's one reportedly pulled out a knife. he was taken ta to the hospital in stable condition. anyone with information on that attack ised is to call newcastle police. >> mother of a young man killed during a traffic stop in mayfair joined rally against police brutality. >> this event hit the liberty bell frl independence mall philadelphia police headquarters where brandon indicate's mother called for justice signature officer did not need to use deadly force. >> and meanwhile new york city police commissioner is calling for more dialogue to diffuse tensions between hoyvrz and people they protect commissioner brat ton appeared on talk shows to talk about the penitentiary-up frustrations that led to protests across the nation. moral within the nypd is low and they feel like they're under attack by the government system he made to points to say he felt
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it was inappropriate for officers to purpose backs on mayor bill deblaseo funeral. >> he cares deeply about the divide in the city and is working hard to heal that divide. >> critics say the mayor was too supportive of picketers supporting police brutality. >> meteorologist melissa magee here now. earlier we saw folks with umbrellas. what's up for the start of the week. >> yes sharee walter, we have a couple. >> call me walt that's fine. >> walt for short that's for saturday. >> showers and good news guys moving offshore. sky6 live in hd peps landing and blue cross river rink things wrapped up there if you plan to do ice skating wait until tomorrow. things look like they're closed
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at the river range. not to worry. we have more conditions on the way. and plenty of times for you to skate here in the month of december and as we get into the new you and as we press into the new year cold changes way. >> and upper 30s 47 for chester and center city at this hour 45 in st. david's kennett square 45 lower 40s in new holland. south jersey numbers across the coast mild 47 tom's river all the way down to sea isle city, cinnaminson upper 40s. dover and smyrna at this hour still mild despite a cold front moving on through. when you look at the 24 hour temperature change across the region it's 8 warmner philadelphia than same time yesterday and 10 warmer than 24 hours ago and you notice slight change north and west of poconos, 1 cooler because we're tapping no northwesterly wind as the front is dipping south.
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so the cooler air is already funneling in to areas north and west of town. here's what's going on satellite 6 and action radar lots of clouds and tracking weak frontal boundary. not a whole lot of precipitation with the front. still light showers for philadelphia areas south and down across south jersey and delaware. there's a little activity down across the areas in ohio valley that skirts on buy the virginias. looks like these showers will push offshore and clouds break for sunshine as early as tomorrow. we get into monday it's slightly cooler and cold front pushes offshore. temperatures by monday will be in the 40s. that is still above average in upper 40s to be more specific. even colder air moves in as we get to tuesday wednesday thursday high pressure over the northern planes and great lakes working its way east ward and tapping into northwesterly winds next several days after tomorrow. temperatures will be only in the 30s and well below average as bit of arctic chill on the way. especially as we get ready to
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say hello to 2015. the call from accuweather late night clearing we drop down to 3 in the city and 33 allentown for the overnight lows and 36 toms river and 39 for the overnight low in dover. >> monday sin shine and clouds and high temperature 47. not a bad day. cooler tomorrow and compared to the weekend and tuesday cloudy and colder, high temperature 38. new year's eve brisk and chilly high temperature up to 3 4 and on thursday, cold start 2015. high temperature coming in at just 38 degrees friday clouds and sunshine high temperature and not a bad start tomorrow temperatures chilly into tuesday and new year. >> still to come, jeffrey lurie is asked about howie roseman's
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future with the birds. >> and writing history an eagle scout let's us in on project that will land him and some incredible veterans in the library of congress their
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>> a 17-year-old boy scout is on a mission to honor u.s. service
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members. he's documenting lives of veterans many from world war 2. he knows it's only a matter of time before that generation won't be here to tell stories so he's hoping to do it for them >> in each of these rooms there's a story. >> the first six months i there. >> it was hectic. >> stories of patriotism and bravery. >> stories of veterans those that fought in past wars or stevshed state side. all being documented thanks to this 17 years derrek copeland you. >> mentioned you were part of a medical sglunt yes. >> what training did you receive for that. >> copeland is leading charge interviewing 16 vet rapz for a special purpose. >> if we don't have people who are recording these stories who are taping them, then their
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stories will be lost forever. >> copeland a boy scout with troop 665 is taking on veteran's venture for eagle scout project. he says he loves history. >> what better way to combine doing something for the community nation myself as eagle scout pronlest and to do something i love. >> among veterans is world war ii army air corporate head to door of philadelphia the 92-year-old is survivor of the battle of the bulge. >> you say a few prayers while you are laying there and wondering how to get up. i tell you you're not scared then it's when you get in you're scared. >> his story will be preserved in part to a boy scout who wanted to make sure past heroes are not forgotten. >> i enjoyed doing this and veterans enjoyed telling their stories and making sure this works as well. >> and copeland plans to take their stories of war and service and donate them to the archives in the library of congress
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veteran's history project. >> good for sglim still to come $a sure vivrl story that does he phase logic. fighting off a wolfer reen what one money had to do to survive in the willederness. >> and don't forget to wake up with the "action news" team. top news, headlines weather, traffic, all startin
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>> philadelphia, william penn's green country town, a land of the refinery and the refined and toughness gets respect courage honor, where liberty launched, where sons of longshoremen and sons and daughters of firefighters and everyone who built this walk second to none. along the bricks and mortar of 2nd street. pride, family and celebration captured in the volcanic costumed expression. phil


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