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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  December 29, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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monday night, and an eight year-old child is hospitalized after a shooting in kensington and new police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. and, the pump at the local gas stations where prices have people calling to taxi their friend today and waiting in long lines to fuel up. but the big story on "action news" tonight is deadly crash in delaware county where police say the the victim was trying to out run the law. it ended in glenn olden this afternoon. moments after police say they attempted to pull over a man, who then sped away, and caused the crash that killed them. the "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live in the
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the scene tonight and kenneth you've got the details. >> reporter: brian, it all started with that traffic stop, right here on chester pike just off up the road but police say the driver didn't even pull over. he took off and crashed right in front of the glenn olden fire station. it was the fast and dangerous on chester pike in glenn olden a and it led to deadly consequences. >> it was more like, whistles going off and after that there was a loud bang. i ran downstairs hoping it wasn't one of my employees. i looked down the the street and there were mangled cars every where. >> reporter: this was the scene at 4:00 p.m. twisted metal and wreckage witnesses could not believe. a officer tried to pull over male driver of the white knees ago altima on chester pike and primeau avenue. we're told it was only a motor vehicle violation but the driver took off at a high rate of speed losing officers southbound on chester pike. less than a mile later the driver crashed in this red grand am which was traveling
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north bound, and the owner of a nearby dealership saw the aftermath. >> police had their guns drawn on the white car. you know that is all i saw. >> reporter: investigators say the impact killed the driver who was running from police and critically injured the man behind the wheel of the grand am. >> just mind boggling, just really is, blows your mind to think stupidity can just take lives. >> reporter: there is no word why the the driver of the altima took off after his body was removed from the vehicle we spotted what appeared to be expensive rims inside the car. fire fighters were on the scene quickly because the crash happened feet away from glenn olden fire company rachel mcgowan rush her because her son and husband work out of the fire station. >> they are all fine, thankfully but somebody is not. somebody is not tonight. sad. >> reporter: as police continue their investigation they say that they are still trying to track down the identity of the owner of that
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car, and also, they are trying to id this man who ran from them. meanwhile, the driver of that other vehicle, he is listed as critical at crozer-chester medical center. reporting live there glenn olden kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. an eight year-old child is recovering right now after police say he was shot tonight in kensington. the the boy sits in the hospital police are trying to piece together the details of the ordeal, and say they are not getting much help from his family. "action news" reporter sharrie williams has more. >> we're getting some conflicting stories from family members which are making detectives suspicious. >> reporter: philadelphia police have a mystery on their hand an eight year-old boy shot the in the shoulder but what led up to the shooting and who did it, isn't clear police say a family member took the boy to st. christopher's hospital, around 3:30, but east detectives didn't learn of the shooting until after 5:00 p.m. >> for someone that is eight years old to be shot in the
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shoulder and for police not even to get the call of this individual was shot the and already in the hospital, for over an hour and a half later that is just unusual. >> reporter: on family members say that the the boy was shot while riding his bicycle near his mom's house in the 2500 block of oriana the street in kensington but police say there is no evidence on have that. >> they searched the block thoroughly we cannot find any ballistics evidence shell casings, any bullet, or projectiles or any strike marks. we can't find any blood. we cannot even find the bicycle. >> reporter: detective are getting a search warrant for his mother's home and his grandmother he's on palethorpe street to find any evidence where the boy may have been satisfied. the state representative leslie lives one block from where police are searching the grandmother a's home. she says responsible gun ownership is a problem that need to be addressed. >> we're trying to tell a family, someone need to come forward and say something because we're talking about an
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eight year-old who is innocent. >> reporter: after the help of the eight year-old boy what hes brought here to st. christopher's hospital. he is said to be in stable condition alert, and talking and is expect to be okay. philadelphia police say this is a big investigation because it involved an innocent child, and they want to know hoist responsible for his injuries. in hunting park, sharrie williams for "action news" at ten on phl17. investigators were back out at the the scene today where a car hit and killed a ten year-old boy last night in gloucester county. the the driver was a police officer. matthew mccloskey was hit crossing route 47 in franklin township on his way to a sleep over. two young friend, saw the quickly approaching police car but did not get mass you's attention in time. >> i was just involved in the car wreck. >> unaudible. >> that was patrolman nicholas, reporting that crash, on police radio.
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franklin township administrators say the 23 year-old officer was responding to an urgent call the at the time. witnesses say the cruiser did not have its lights or a siren activated. gloucester county prosecutor is investigating. holidays have been marred, by tragedy for one berks county family, following a deadly three alarm fire. intense flames erupted in the 500 block of spruce and reading last night. eighty-seven year-old pedro morales and his 88 year-old wife miriam vega did not make it out. family members say both victims had been diagnosed with alzheimer's. multiple agencies are working tonight to pinpoint the cause of that blaze. new at 10:00 tonight an elkins park woman is facing charges for a crash that killed her husband. prosecutors say alexandria cogan had a blood alcohol level .25 more than three times the legal limit. she was speeding on huntington pike in lower moreland this past august and lost control
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of her car. she ended up in the path of an oncoming car and they crashed and cogan's mazda flipped over. her husband died. other driver was injury. cogan is facing a number of charges. a manhole cover went flying in northeast philadelphia this evening. chopper six, flew over this scene at byberry road near evans street. a piece of equipment underground failed, we're told, evening the cover off its base. it also cause aid small power outage nearby and a thousand peco customers are in the dark. crews had power restored about 30 minutes later. parents are scrambling to find a new cool for their kid by the end of winter break, following news of an abrupt closure in north philadelphia. wednesday will be the walter palmer charter a's last day. a shut down of the school's k through eight classrooms was announced this weekend, two months after the high school closed. the school could not recover from 13 million-dollar of debt. leaders claim they were under
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mind by the school district. >> i wouldn't say necessarily sabotaged but what i'm saying is they want the kid back. that will fill their holes, those gaps those deaf it that they have. >> district sees it differently. they say charter was operating ill will legally, 600 students now need a new school. parents can enroll in philadelphia public schools on monday. assistance is being offered through a dedicated school district web site. i hope you enjoyed the mild weather because we are getting a reality check just in time, for the ball to drop. here's meteorologist cecily tynan with more on our falling temperatures, cecily. >> we have had a spring-like weekend saturday 57 degrees. yesterday, 56. today we drop down to 48 degrees for a high lot cooler then over weekend but still that 7 degrees above normal but this is just the first step as temperatures are dropping down, as we head toward 2015. satellite six along with action radar is showing the
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cold front that moved through yesterday with the showers stalled down to the south and we have some cloud mainly south of philadelphia and even a little bit of moisture beginning to break out in parts of the central delaware and cape may county. this is not the actually reaching the ground but this is the trend where we have stars up to the north clouds down to the south and temperatures, not all that cool right now. philadelphia, 37 degrees, pittsburgh is 28 degrees, but the real core of the cool air is moving into the plains states and midwest. international falls is a temperature not the wind chill, it is 10 degrees below zero. this air mass will be sliding down to the south and then moving east as we head toward the new year. it will be modifying. it is not that cold. temperatures will be dropping below normal. so this is what is a ahead, temperatures for afternoon highs will be stuck in the 30's, on wednesday and thursday but then it is also going to be breezy. we are looking at wind chills in the 20's. a dry start for new years,
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however, i amtraking some moisture on the way for your weekend. i will have details on that the full accu weather seven day forecast, brian. two, 16 years old have turned themselves in. police say they were wanted for several robberies, they are accused of hitting three different grocery stores between december 23rd and christmas day. teens are facing a handfull of charges tonight including robbery and a aggravated assault. bensalem woman is begging for help finding her dog who disappeared amid a frightening ordeal. thinks a picture of ollie the the dad sop who lives in the franklin commons apartments but last night a man terrorized that complex. police say 21 year-old signing he will suarez performed a lewd act on the woman's balcony before break go through her sliding glass door. he then broke in the second apartment before assaulting two people. one the of the residents shot him twice he he will be charged police say, once his condition improves. a willingboro, new jersey family got a belated christmas
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present tonight and by the sound of it, it was the one yet. >> a surprise visit is reaction at the site of aaron snell who made a surprise visit. sisters and cousin. snell has been deployed in germany for last several months. his family thought they would be connecting by skype, but aaron says he has been cooking this up for some time. >> i have in the been home in so long. i'm a tricker anyway. you might as well do something like this. >> private snell will be home until the 15th and it is not clear that his family will let him out of their arms, until that date. and good for them. still ahead tonight an update on former president george bush's health.
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is your child always grabbing for your smart phone or tablet? tonight we have a warning about how those devices could slow your little one down. plus saved by the bell anchor dustin diamond faces a judge yes, screech in trouble with the law, the latest on the brawl that landed him in the slammer christmas day. next we have latest on the search for that missing air asia flight 8501.
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no one meant to be cruel but that night poor little happy ran away and we haven't seen hide or hair of him since.
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u.s.s. samson is on its way to the java sea to join search for air asia 8501. searchers spotted oil slicks near where plane lost contact. samples are being collect and analyzed. about 700 miles away an australian aircraft spotted what it dubbed suspicious objects in the water, but 162 people were on board that flight bound for singapore, to avoid bad weather over the java sea the pilot radioed in requesting to climb to a high ever altitude. minutes before he was given the okay the the plane vanish from radar. >> we're looking at catastrophic failure or crew did not respond correctly to something that happened to them. >> focus is now on finding the
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black boxes, they are built to work even after the the crash, and under water, but time is ticking as box has a battery life of 30 days. the number of people killed when flames erupted on a greek ferry yesterday has new climbed to ten. new details are emerging right now about the rescue operation, survivors say fights broke out over space on life boats and helicopter baskets, 427 people were evacuated from that burning vessel bound for italy. some are believed to be illegal migrants others listed on the manifest remain unaccounted for tonight the cause remains under investigation. former president george hw bush, will spend another night in the hospital. a spokesmen says his breathing has returned to normal. tomorrow marks a week since he was rush to a houston hospital. mr. bush and former first lady barbara bush thanked everyone for their good wishes and their prayers today. and now we send over to meade role goodies cecily
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tynan keeping track of the weather forecast and word of the brief cool down cecily. >> that is right, temperatures will be dropping down in the 30's for afternoon highs, for the middle of the week, as we begin 2015. today though still pretty mile, morning low 40 degrees. normal low for this time of the year is 27. afternoon highs 48 degrees that is 7 degrees above normal. record high 72. can you imagine, setback in 198 46789 record low 1 degree below zero setback in 1917. temperatures still mild to day and in fact, the last several days, we are running well above normal. temperatures for philadelphia, close to 13 degrees above normal. not only has it been very warm but this month we're in a snow drought, only .1 of an inch of snow in philadelphia and that came on december 11th. there is really no snow in the next seven day forecast. temperatures are going to be dropping. right now in philadelphia 37 degrees. dover, 40 degrees. where skies are clear you can
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see in allentown with clear skies right now temperatures are dropping a lot faster, 28 degrees in allentown. trenton currently 31 degrees. the satellite six with action radar showing what is going on that cold front that moved through yesterday that brought us a round of the cloud ande that has stalled down to the south and that has some moisture associated with it in the form of some light showers. but areas closer to that front will see more cloud, areas farther away is seeing clear skies tonight and high pressure takes over as we head toward the new year and that will bring us dry but very cool conditions. the morning rush hour tomorrow, it will be on the chilly side seasonably chilly cloud mixing with sun more included to the south more sunshine to the north. the at 6:00 o'clock 31 degrees. and three two-by-eight o'clock. and up to 83 degrees. tomorrow we will see mixture of sun and clouds, and wind on the light side and cooler than today. allentown's high 36. downingtown 38.
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pottstown is checking in with a high of 37 degrees. i-95 corridor temperatures right around 40 degrees. forty in philadelphia glassboro 41. west chester 38. wrightstown 39 degrees and close to the shore, we are seeing lots of clouds, early in the day and then brighter skies, as we head in the afternoon and again temperatures around 40. atlantic city 40. millville 40. dover 406789 these temperatures will feel warm in comparison to what is in store new years eve and new years day. we will talk about that in the full forecast brian. >> speaking of new years day, cecily just three days now until the mummers strut. today we caught up with the fralinger's string ban at their clubhouse at third and mifflin in south philadelphia. they were polishing their costumes for thursday's big strut down broad street and we will have much more on this group that has been around for a century now coming up at 10:45 you don't want to miss that. time for sports tonight. as we come to grips with the fact that sundays will not include the eagles, for the
10:20 pm
next several months, ducis rodgers live from the "action news" sports center that is a tough one to swallow, ducis. >> yes indeed, brian the eagles have a holes to fill. they they will have plenty of time to work on it with the season coming to an even yesterday. jeff skversky spent the morning with the bird as they cleaned out their lockers. >> you are measured by one thing you win a super bowl or not win a super bowl. >> reporter: after another season without a super bowl the eagles are packing up for the off season. chip kelly will spent countless hours trying to figure out how to improve his team by any means necessary. >> you take a look at anything, and everything that you can to win this thing and to do that you have to look at everything. >> reporter: biggest decision kelly and eagles have to make is at quarterback. kelly is not ready to name a starter for next season. he will evaluate every single throw nick foles made this year before his season ending injury. the good, the bad and the
10:21 pm
ugly. >> i expect to be the quarterback. i love my teammates. i expect to be back out there leading them and winning some games. >> reporter: despite 13 turnovers foles led them to six wins in eight starts before breaking his collar bone inane two years under kelly he is 14 -four overall. >> it is from my heart. i expect to be here. i will work as hard as i can to come back and be the best nick foles as possible. >> he is looking, fires and celek for a touchdown. >> reporter: mark sanchez wants to be back too he will be a free agent in march so eagles have a lot to figure out in the new year. for "action news" at ten on phl17 i'm jeff skversky. ahead next half an hour the the flyers skate in arizona. brian will be back with more news after thank you cable. for
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during the year he reigned. the archipelago of last years. happy may be hiding on one of those islands, on one of those long-ago years. i'll search every island if i have to.
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on health check at men tonight you might feel glued tour phone or tablet but what about your kids. doctors at boston medical center say parents need to exercise more discretion. while these devices do have some educational benefits the distraction that is they prevent rather present may interfere with the development
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of self eag eulogies of other important skills. here's some tips: make sure your child's tablet time is together team supervised what they sianni when you are having family time make sure all of you yes including you, are on unplug. more "action news" coming up.
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we have a whole lot more in our next half an hour tonight we will take to you south jersey where people were lining up for gas today, and
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10:30. these are the stories we are covering at phl17. a driver that tried to allude the police is dead. the police say that an officer tried to pull over a white nissan for a traffic violation. the traffic took off and crashed into a red grand am. the driver was fatally injured. the red car was critically injured. an 8-year-old boy was shot in kensington. it happened while he was riding his bike on the street this afternoon. the boy is in stable at saint christopher's with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. they are looking for the airasia. and uss sampson is heading to sea. they are on their way to
10:31 pm
singapore where they thought that the ship went down. new at 10:30 a heads up for drivers in just about an hour all northbound lanes of route 32 will be shutdown. the new jersey department is doing work tonight and tomorrow night. the lanes re-open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow one lane shuts down by 8:00. at 11:00 everything is closed. if you have to go that way traffic is diverted in the area. there will be delays. the drivers are pinching themselves in ocean county. they scored gas for $1.95 a gallon. they are texting their friends to get the deep discount. they are likely to roll into the new year. >>reporter:the cars are lined up 10 deep. that is where gas is at $1.95 a
10:32 pm
gallon. >> it's like christmas. they are giving gas away. i am surprised. >> when you see $1.95 a gallon what did you think? >> you got to fill up. >>reporter:you have to debit or credit card. they don't take cash. tom says that he used to pay $200 to fill up his motorhome. today he was in at half of that. >> it was the first time in years it was >>reporter:it turned out to be a welcome christmas present for those traveling for the holidays. it's possible that the prices may go down more. tom says that there is a glut of oil and less demand that drives the price of jet fuel and
10:33 pm
gasoline lower in 2015. >> the second half of the year we may see numbers that we ruled out. $1.50, and $1.60 next year. >>reporter:it translates 120 billion-dollar into extra disposable income. >> i am 70 years old i have not paid $1.95, i don't know how long it has been. >>reporter:i am nora at brick. they were struck for the eighth time today. they hit the wells fargo branch in bryn~mawr at 10:30 this evening. they think that he is responsible for five other bank
10:34 pm
robberies since the 11th. the suspect showed no weapon. we have an update on a fire that ripped through a claymont apartment complex. they are calling the death of 67-year-old woman suspicious. she was found inside of her apartment at the harbor house last weekend. the fire marshal is trying to pinpoint what did start that fire. two philadelphia police officers were injured after responding to a fire in the frank it struck both officers. one serviced a broken leg. the other had multiple cuts. >> tonight police need your help to find a missing man. he was gone in a week.
10:35 pm
22-year-old brasheed cook was last seen september 21st at his home in west fisher in olney. he does not drive or have phone. anyone with any information is asked to call northwest detectives. how is 2015 going to start. cecily tynan has the details? >> it is going to start dry but cold. the temperatures on the mild side. and the zamboni is cleaning off of the ice. it's a great night to do ice-skating. temperatures not that cold yet. it can make philadelphia 36 degrees. 27 and kent square
10:36 pm
dover is checking in with a current temperature of 40 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar, showing that we have a plume of light moisture to the south. it's associated with the cold front that moved through yesterday that brought us the clouds and drizzle. it ushered in cooler temperatures. the temperatures in the 50s. today upper 40s. there is colder air waiting in the wings. high pressure is moving in as we head into the new year. new year's eve with the high pressure it's dry. quiet but cool. the temperatures in the 30s. you factor in the wind the west, the wind chills in the low 20s. it's a shock to your system after temperatures in the 50s this past weekend. happy new year to head out to celebrate new year's eve. penn's landing at 6:00 31.
10:37 pm
by midnight 28 degrees. however at 6:00 and midnight it will be on the breezy side. windchills close to 20 degrees. you want to bundle up as you ring in the new year. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine. breeze at 10:00, 32. the parade marches down broad street. 2:00, 37. by 6:00 34. wind chills in the upper 20s. it will be sunny and dry for the parade. tomorrow a good amount of clouds. south of philadelphia 7:00 32. 10:00, 36, by 1:00, 40. by 4:00 a temperature of 39 degrees. the exclusive seven-day forecast it's partly sunny.
10:38 pm
wednesday for new year's eve, 34 the high. the wind chills in the low 20s. we keep the cool brisk weather for new year's day, 38. and the temperatures climb back into the 40s on friday. morning sun and increasing clouds, 4 2°. the weekend is unsettled. we will see moisture moving in. we could begin as a form of ice in philadelphia. it changes to rain by sunday morning it's a quick-hitting system. 47 degrees. the temperatures behind that on monday is cooler with afternoon highs in the low 40s. no big storms. it's chilly for new year's and dry and clear for the fireworks. and a mild january. we'll work on that.
10:39 pm
an amusement park is facing a fine on the way that it treated its workers. they failed from protect their employees from deep hit. they want them to pay $7,000 for the alleged violations and an additional 2,000s for recordkeeping violations. they have 15 business days to responded. still head at 10:30, we catch up with the string band as they get ready for the parade. plus, we are in court. dustin diamond goes before a judge. screech is accused of stabbing a man during a bar fight. next an update on a meteorologist that
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a texas meteorologist that was shot outside of a television station is back home from the hospital. patrick crawford was treated for three gunshot wounds. he was shot leaving work. the police are looking for the suspect. >> "saved by the bell" star that
10:43 pm
played screech often the 1990s show was in court today. he is accused of stabbing a man during a bar fight at christmas. he is charged with endangering safety. he stabbed the man while defending his fianceé. and a man is charged with crashing into jennifer lopez's rolls-royce. her two children were in the and an actress. the most piloted movies of the 2014. and we will introduce you to the spring band for the mummers parade. the top news and headlines and weather and traffic starting
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progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh...
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you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh well this is a special season for one spring band in particular, the mummers parade draws near. and steve reports that
10:47 pm
pralingers string band has an anniversary. >>reporter:the older men sing to the founding of the spring band. almost always near the top fralinger earned 17 prizes. nine wins including eight in a row from 2003 to 2010. billbowen jr. has more as the captain. >> the fralinger string band story began at 2nd and siegel. it still says drugs. dr. john fralinger operated the store. joseph convinced him to start the band. a century later, 40 or 50 years
10:48 pm
in the band recall their lives together. they have shaken the hands of the men that knew the founders that bought the band from dr. fralinger's son. >> these guys did it. >>reporter:mike rare and smith go onto change the string band. >> these are the best friends of my life. they have been for 50 years. >>reporter:for scott ray it's a legacy to admire and build on. >> it's the best. the permits are pe >>reporter:they are part of something that remains unique. [♪ singing ♪] >>reporter:in south philadelphia i am steve. >> and, phl17 is the proud home
10:49 pm
of the mummers. it's the only place to watch it live. coverage starts a 8:00 a.m. on thursday. do not miss it. >> if you are planning to fool the kids with an early down thedowndowncountdownyou are not they are letting the little kids think that they are staying up until mid midnight. youmidnight. king julien has his own show on netflix. the "wolf of wall street" topped the list of the most pirated movies. it was illegally 130 million times. disney the parent company of 6abc and number three spot
10:50 pm
"robocop." for sports. ducis rodgers is standing by. the eagles may be done. but lots of hard work to come in the next couple of months? yes, they missed the playoffs for the last three of four years. they were cleaning up their locations. turnovers, red zone offense and giving up big plays on defense were the problems. they will spend the off-season looking for remedies. >> there is not one prioritized over the other. we have to look into terms of how things are to get better. >> it's all in front of us. we have to fix the three things, we beat ourselves. we are on own worst if we stop to do that and stop turning the ball over and keep the ball in front of us in
10:51 pm
defense we will take the next steps. we should not have gotten 10 wins. >> the coaches get fired. jets axe rex ryan and the bears fire marc trestmans. they are parting ways. he will not be out of work long. he is expected to be named head coach for michigan tomorrow. the flyers are on a road trip. if you believe it they are halfway through. 3 and 1 thus far. they skate in arizona. steve mason is back. a bad back kept him out of line up. >> and antwan re-directs the puck. same guy. he will put home the rebound. right now, in the third period the flyers trail 2-0.
10:52 pm
>> and st. joe's are on road in denver. they cling to a 2-point lead. the detroit free press is all over it. so much so they had a bi headline. that is not jim harbaugh. that is his brother joe harbaugh. imagine his surprise. we are moving to michigan. that is a big mistake. thank you. mo'ne davis was named the associate-press 2014, female athlete of the year. the 13-year-old is the youngest winner ever. davis says that baseball is not her best sport. she is in eighth guess what goes
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you put in your mouth it cuts down on mindless eating. choose a theme to describe how you want to feel and focus on it each day. that can have a positive impact on your behavior. and cecily with a final look at the forecast. i am impressed by your motivational speaking there. you need a bigger list for the new year's resolution. and you have to bundle up over the next couple of days. it's chilly tomorrow. at 6:00 31. by 8:00 33 degrees. instead of temperatures climbing in the upper 40s like today. they will be stuck at 40. at 10:00, 36. by 4:00 39. wednesday and thursday the temperatures in the 30s. the wind chills in the 20s. thank you, cecily. finally a wisconsin man wanted
10:57 pm
to build a snowman. he had to wait weeks for frozen weather to arrive. he created olaf from "frozen." no doubt that his grandson will have a big warm hug for this frigid character when he sees it. thank you for joining us at "action news at 10:00". "modern family" is followed by "friends." for ducis rodgers and cecily tynan i am brian taff. have a gr we thought our cable internet
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e donation. oh, i wish i could do more. it's just a bunch of old out-of-date clothes. oh, i'm sure it's great. three weeks ago, our neighbors, the rands lost their house and everything they own in a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and fortunately, they're friends with wonder woman over here. i'm hardly wonder woman. she mobilized the community to donate clothes, furniture, appliances, all to help them start over in their new rental. which you found them. i'm no wonder woman. rand-aid was her idea. it wasn't my idea to call it "rand-aid." okay, fine. i'm wonder woman. - terrible tragedy. - they're our closest friends. - we know them. - uh, manny and their son reuben are tight. in fact, i put in one of their closets. not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire. por favor don't even say that word!


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