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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> an 18-year-old driver turns himself until after killing a roommate open the way to class. >> some snow rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. cecily is standing by with the late word tonight. >> and the billing story on "action news" is breaking news. police just released a new crew in hit-and-run accident that left one woman dead. 33-year-old theresa posy was killed on december 23 when
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police say a black truck ran her over and then kept on driving. late tonight investigators gave us surveillance they hope will help track that truck down as long as the driver -- as well as the driver. sharee williams is live in brewery town. police just released the video within the last hour. >> we just had a chance to get our hands on it, brian, you're right, just after 9 pbg h fbg p tonight accident investigators are hoping that this surveillance video can lead them to more give them more developments. they admit it's a brief clip and grainy but the vehicle is so unique someone may recognize it. >> it appears to be older model vehicle like you see in an movie. >> days after a deadly hit-and-run a new clue for philadelphia police to work with. this surveillance from a business along state rome in holmesburg section tuesday
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december 23. that night theresa posy was akept attempt torque cross' y road made it to the center lane and this driver of older model pickup truck struck her and kept going. this video was captured just after. >> we can't tell if it's a tow truck it has older body style. >> it has unique shape similar to that in the 1960s. they hope someone recognizes the pickup and calls we get infor >> the grieving mother hopes the driver is caught. >> if anybody can please help if you're awe mother you'll know what i'm going
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the accident happening two days before cirs mass. there's evidence in the surveillance video in their mind without a doubt is the striking vehicle. there was evidence left at the scene from a turn signal what they called a turn signal evidence from the vehicle was there at the scene and they believe that matches the car in the video. police want to hear from you if you know anything. live in brewery 20u7b town. sure he williams "action news" phl17. >> a southwest philadelphia chopper 6 live over the south 68 street and that's where fire crews have just now gotten upper happened on multi-structure five. we're told three homes were affected here. heavy fire when crews first arrived on the scene. tough to make-out right now. but there is significant smoke still coming out of the
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buildings now we're told one person was transported to the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. >> here's video of the scene. chopper 6 just arrived and you can see the flames we're talking about. the initial reports are that the person is elderly man who is trying to jump from the second floor of one house to saferty and became injured in the process we're sgaerming details on this and dann cuellar is working the scene now. we'll have more on this as this hour of news continues tonight. >> in the meantime a check of the accuweather forecast. some of you will be hit with wintry mix tomorrow morning the rest of us in for rain. here's meteorologist cecily tynan with a preview of the weekend. hi cecily. >> hi brian first winter storm of 2015 will bring us surge of spring like warmth but also bring us a lot of moisture. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that low pressure near
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houston and with circulation of the low you get the winds out of the south ahead of it and winds out of the northwest behind. it you notice all the frozen precipitation is west of that low pressure and that low pressure will head up to the great lakes. we'll be on the eastern side of the storm and we'll be on the warm side. that being said when the moisture moves in neshlly they'll be enough cold air near the surface and the national weather service offered advisory for lancaster county that starts 7:00 in the morning and also for the poconos the poconos begins at noonch the poconos will likely see snow changing over to sleet as freezing rain and eventually all rain. future tracker showing by 1:00 moisture here and philadelphia areas south and i east that's green. >> we'll see a wintry mix at first and across the board we're looking at rain.
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some of the rain will be heavy into saturday night and then sunday the weekend storm will push in 9 to 11:00 tomorrow morning. if you need to get out before the rain get out early. again a brief mix along the pennsylvania turnpike and areas north. all rain by the afternoon and we're looking at a pretty good soaking about a half inch to inch of rain and sunday will not be completely dry. we'll see some periods of rain. most of the rain on saturday but sunday get ready for near record warmth. talking about that in the accuweather forecast. >> and tonight bensalem team agar is behind bars. this is michael shelly. charged today in the death of 16-year-old manette sake the 18-year-old hit her as she was crossing the road to catch a school bus. they're pointing out disturbing details of the condition of that
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bronco and shelly was driving at the time. a camden man has been arrest add kus of of getting behind the wheel while drunk and running over a 53-year-old man the victim was hit october 4 while crossing west field avenue. prosecutors charged nary garcia he had a blood alcohol level of he had a blood alcohol level of .21 at the time. two open containers were found inside his vehicle. >> philadelphia police are on the hunt tonight for a serial bandit they're calling armed and dangerous. they linked the suspect to 7 robbyes at drug stores throughout west and southwest philadelphia. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the details. >> looks like increase in frequency here becomes more desperate and has a sgrun the man they're looking for is cartel wright aka kevin jones of the 5900 block of up land. last march investigators say he held up the rite aid 50 40 city gun point demanding cash from the klesh.
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then he stopped. and police say in august he reapaid at the same rite aid again demanding catch from the register. >> we can't find him from the 18th of december to yesterday he commits five different robberies cvs, rite aid and dollar store. >> then december 18 it has police particularly concerned. >> security guard chases him 'pulls a gun out and points it at the security guard. >> there were obviously people out there that know car te ll wright aka kevin jones and they're hoping they call for information on his whereabouts. >> trying to get him off the streets to protect people in the businesses. >> southwest philadelphia, dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> this just in rite aid says it's offering a 5,000 reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction in this case. >> and well, tonight, police are trying to figure out if a man who robed and brutally raped a woman in spring garden may be
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connected to other crimes. 32-year-old steven woodson was arrested shortly after the savage attack yesterday in a parking garage. the suspect has prior arrests for ludeness and i robbery. police say he was in town from pittsburgh yesterday and while visiting his grandparents. septa police are investigating a threatening message found scawld on a bathroom door yesterday. septa chief of police tweeted a photo of the track written on the men's room wall at the frankford transportation cents ter reads shoot septa cops. the graffiti as cleaned up and investigators are taking the threat seriously and if you have any information about who may have written this please call septa police. >> a crash in burlington county sent several people to the hospital earlier this evening. we're told two people were injured. one of them seriously. chopper 6 was over the scene. you can see all the flashing lights from first responders. right here along route 38 near
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south church street in moorestown. >> well it was most somber scene in gloucester county as dozens said good-bye to a little boy killed in i apolice kharch. "action news" was outside our lady after peace parishes in williamstown and friends family and classmatesed in paid their respects to 10-year-old math why you mcclousky he was walking to a sleep-over with friends when struck by a police cruiserch the officer nicholas laselento was responding to a call at the time of the deadly accident. >> we're all family in franklinville and a lot of us came out to pay our support to the family and for this pressure little boy. takes tragedy. it's enormous tragedy for everyone in franklinville. >> the gloucester county da's office is visiting tonight whether the officer had his lights or sirens on at the time of the crash.
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two people diagnosed with hepatitis a in south jersey are recovering at home. public health officials met with residents in hamilton county. both were connected to rosea's restaurant and catering where the virus was contracted in november. the infected woman works at hairport val on and one works at the john calferty ymca. >> i was a member of the y and interesteded in finding out where the locale was that the instruct taught classes. >> it is highly contagious and symptoms can appear two to six weeks after exposure. if you have concerns or may have been in one of those locations you're urged to see your doctor. dozens of discount grocery stores in philadelphia are about to close their stores. bottom dollar food is in preparation to shut down 46 area
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stores by january 15. 20 stores will also close in western pennsylvania. and in all 2200 workers are affected. the company says they will be offered severance pay and job counseling. >> well we know it's just january 2. we have tips for those of you trying to stick to new year's resolutions you made yesterday. plus, this man had a large piece of metal stuck in his arm for half a century. and didn't know about it. he talks about the moment he figured it out and what the heck that thing is coming up at 10:30 and also the line at the dmv in california out the door today. the new law that had people camping out to get their license and next we have an update on the recovery effort in the java sea tonight where airasia flight 8501 went
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>> united states announced new avrptions against north korea. it prevents leaders from accessing property and entering the united states. move comes in the wake of sign area tack against sonny pictures in norm korea denied and fbi maintains the country is in fact behind. it
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>> bad weather could hamper the serve for airasia victims. five victims were recovered. vessel from u.s. and other countries are scouring the search area 1500 square nautical miles. search teams believe they're hoping in on location of plane. each and every crew brought more questions than answers. >> people doesn life preserveers on means not controlled ditching and the fact we have people strapped to seetsz means was not high speed impact but exactly what it was and whether the airplane broke newspaper flight before it hit water is a big puzzle. >> three victims were identified today they include 11-year-old boy college student and flight attendant. >> undocumented immigrants can now get a driver's license in california. today marks the first day the new state law wept into effect there. the law requires dmv to issue licenses to anyone who can proof they live in california legally
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or not. they also must meet other requirements like passing driving test. the new law is getting mixed reaction. >> without worrying about the police giving me a ticket and paying a big amount of money. >> it lidge muzs we all have rules to follow and we get rewards from fol the rules. >> dmv says it expects to process 1.4 million additional driver's license applications over the next three years. check out this incrediblele scene new hampshire. 35 vehicles involved in two separate pileups on i 93 after fast moving snow equals there. there were injuries. the good news is that none were life-threatening. it took about three hours for tow trucks to move all of those vehicles. it doesn't sound like that much given craziness of that scene. >> speaking of crazy eye
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weather weekend. cecily tynan has the task of figuring it all out. hi cecily. >> tale of two surprise this weekend. feels like winter now will feel like spring by sunday. we have a lot of rain in between. currently in philadelphia, 37. allentown already dropped down to 25. reading 26. millville 26 wildwood 28 and atlantic city airport 28. so it's cold tonight. and we do have some clouds veeming in ahead of the storm systemch the storm system itself is same storm that brought snow to southern california it's over eastern texas and what that low pressure will do is move up across the great lakes and we will be on the east side of that storm. east side is the warm sector. this will be a rain event for us however when it first moves in there will be enough cold air at the surface in the far northwest suburbs it could be brief wintry mix when it moves in.
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this will be pennsylvania turnpike and areas north between about 9:00 tomorrow morning and 1:00 in the afternoon with sleet and freezing rain most of the roads are treated but there will likely be a few slick spots especially bridges and overpasses do be careful if you drive tomorrow morning in the far north and west suburbs. future tracker showing this moisture moving in quickly it will be hereby 11:00 tomorrow morning and again you can see around philadelphia, areas south and east, this is a rain event. northwest suburbs is where we see wintry mix to start. then aall changes to rain acrowned 3:00 in the afternoon and it intensifies by saturday evening and on sunday we'll have leftovers during the day before another band of rain moves in in the evening hours and that band is ahead of the cold front and that cold front will bring us a big change as far as temperatures as we head to next week and generally three quart
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he's of rain to 1" of rain sunday. bulk will be following on day. call for accuweather northwest suburbs wintry mix and afternoon rain. allentown 37, high for reading 38, pottstown 38 quakertown 37 philadelphia this is all rain. 41 south jersey also a rain event. glassboro 42. i'll talk about near-record warmth surprised and coldest air mass so far this season next week in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> cecily thank you. >> well the eagles announced significant far off changes tonight that comes in reports of turmoil between gm and head coach. jeff skversky in for ducis rogers live in the "action news" sports center high there jeff. >> brian we have a major shakeup in the eagles fronts office tonight. howie roseman is no longer general manager. roseman will folk ounce contract negotiations and managing salary cap as vice-president of football operations.
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eagles' coach chip kelly will now oversee player personnel department without roseman input on players like who to sign and draft. eagles owner jeffery lurie says tonight restructuring the front office and giving kelly complete control of football team will help kelly find players coaches are looking for. in a statement tonight lurie says we're a good football team and we believe these steps whim help make us a great team when we spoke s. chip was thoughtful, thorough and professional. there were no demand, no threats. and we'll expand more on this coming up in the next half hour. how about the flyers now. looking to avoid the fourth straight loss tonight. all on the road. they're in carolina a. flyers fall behind-0. 41 seconds. flyers down 2. then captain goes down. claude giroux takes a skate to back of left leg in the third getting help off the ice.
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looks extremely scary. but giroux is fine he's actually probable for tomorrow tomorrow's game in new jersey. no luck for flyers they lose 2-1. fourth straight loss.
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so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at >> we have more breaking news right now. chopper6hd live over the scene of an accident. upper deerfield up better land township new jersey state police on sceechb three car accident in which we're told two of the cars are police cruiseers. and it happened just after 9:00 tonight in the area of route 77 and big oak road. again upper deerfield township details are very preliminary right now and we know two of the
10:29 pm
cars were troopers, cruiseers and third was civilian car one trooper was taken to cooper for care and the other two drivers are being cared for there on the scene right now we know there's injuries and preliminarily it appears none are life-threatening this investigation is very much active now and still underway. we have details on the scene and breaking news for the rest of today's hea
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>> it is 103506789 "action news" continues now as we follow breaking news. you can see us live at the scene southwest philadelphia one person has been sent to the hospital and this was the scene in the 2200 of south 68 street. dann what you can tell us now? >> developing now. you see a small army of firefighters open the scene 68 near wood land and they've been going through the charred row homes making sure no one was trapped inside. at this moment they believe everyone got out safely. and officials tell us one many 70-year-old had to jump for his life from a second floor window he suffered a number of burns.
10:32 pm
fire began 9:00 this evening let's go to chopper 6 video here and spread to two adjacent row homes pull a second alarm. well they did not have to do that. it took almost an hour to bring this inferno under control. meanwhile "action news" was at the hospital of university of pennsylvania when the 0-year-old man was taken by ambulance to be treated. he had to jump from second floor window for his life. we don't know if he broke any bones i'm told he did suffer a number of injuries from falling that number of feet from the second floor. the nature of the injuries other than burns will be determined at the hospital. right now fire officials say the fire is under control and it took them almost an hour they don't believe anyone else was injured we expect to learn more within a few minutes. for now i'm turning it over you
10:33 pm
to brian we're live in southwest philadelphia 68 and wood land back to you. >> now at 10:30 tonight the wacky weather this way comes the weekend brings everything from snowy conditions to spring like temperatures. cecily tynan gets started this half hour with the latest on the track tonight brian i know a lot of snow lovers would leak to get a snow event this weekend. low pressure tracking to the west and that means warm sector of the storm. this will be meanly a rain event for us and although when it first moves in some forth west suburbs will see wintry mix. reason why the temperatures texas a&m take a look at temperatures across the region. center city 29 degrees. pottstown 28. quakertown 26. martins creek 27 and chester currently 29 degrees. so it's a cold friday night in vineland. 26 degrees. brownsville 27, and hockessin
10:34 pm
currently 27. so tonight under partly cloudy skies it will be cold and calm. calm before the storm temperatures dropping well down into the 20s for overnight lows. cold air will number place and warm air pulls up by the storm system satellite 6 and action radar showing beginning to tap into moisture from the gulf of mexico and you can see the movement of the radar echoes in the clouds out of the southwest. that will be pulling up the warm air but when it favorite rivz some areas again will see a bit of wintry mix. so the national weather service issued winter weather advisory for lancaster county beginning 7:00 in the morning and for the poconos beginning at lunchtime for combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain before you get a changeover to all rain. even the poconos will change over to rain not good news for ski resorts. future tracker showing 11:30 moisture here and south and east and little mix in northwest
10:35 pm
suburbs. heading to 2:30 mix line well up north of the lehigh valley. and rain across the entire viewing area and that will get heavy into saturday night and 8:30 and then we get a bit of lull in action during the day on sunday. lots of clouds it will be damle but not rainy all day long. then as a cold front moves in late in the day and evening this is when we get another round of rain sunday afternoon and sunday night and behind that cold front we have much colder air and ahead of it a surge of very warm air we're looking at temperatures close to record highs. sunday record high for philadelphia is 68 degrees. and set way back in 1950. we'll be close i'm forecasting high of 64 degrees with clouds and rain and then behind that it gets very cold. here are key points this weekend. again, mainly a rain event. don't expect to build snow men this weekend it won't happen it's a long duration event
10:36 pm
lasting 36 hours half inch to inch of rain and arctic cold will follow next week. don't get used to temperatures in the 60s. the dlus exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day forecast mix of rain in the far original west suburbs 41. temperatures rise to sunday very mild with periods of extremely light rain. 64 degrees. but then back to winter monday wiptdy and colder 39 on tuesday and clipper moves through. this will bring us snow showers. not out ever the question a few areas could see coating of know snow. main impact is that it opens the door for fru arctic air to rise on wednesday 29 the high. whipped chills in the teens. thursday only 26 and friday begin to moderate high of 3. we have a little something for everyone in the next 7 days feel like spring sunday and true winter next week.
10:37 pm
>> cecily thank you an 18-year-old sits behind bars. he sure indzerd today nearly two weeks after they say he hit and killed 16-year-old manete vika she was trying to catch her school bus. annie mccormick has the full story tonight. >> anything to say about the charges against you. >> he entererd bensalem police to surrendered. homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter after police say he hit and killed minete police say he hit and killed minete sdext ka as she tried to get on the bus. >> he went through a school bus that had lights properly activated and the arm was exposed. >> shelly admitted seeing bus light and breaked when a kid ran by after 6:30 a.m. december 17 intersection of bensalem and bridgewater road. he stayed at the scene. according to an affidavit he told police "i think i killed her" and admitted his 1984
10:38 pm
bronco is not registered and had no insurance and counterfeit inspection stickers. the speedometer and defroster both don't work saying i had basically tunnel vision only had a small area to see out front and my side windows were fogged up they w >> he feels very bad obviously for the death of someone who is classmate of his whp comp up it will be clear he was not intoxicated or high. >> the family of the young girl is devastated and i hope today is the first part ever the healing process and an arrest is made and justice system can take the course. >> shelly is charged with over taking a school bus and four counts of wreckless endangerment for the other students at the bus stop. a judge set bail at 400000.
10:39 pm
annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a man critically injured this afternoon and it happened 3:304900 block of kizner the city germantown section. a 20-year-old was shot once in the chest and once in right leg vl. he was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. the man killed by bridgeton police tuesday night once served prison time for firing on new jersey state troopers. jeremy reed was 15 at the time. reed, who is is now 36 was killed tuesday after being pulled over by bridgeton police. authorities would only say a hand gun was revealed. but yet to release details about a traffic stop that turns a traffic stop that turns deadly. air force captain joe came home from third deployment in middle east. he's currently c 17 pilot and
10:40 pm
earned jump wings and vernon odom enjoys parachuting and marksmanship he couldn't believe they did that you for him. >> they're really blowing me away with all the people here. so they're fantastic. >> he said this weekend's deployment was particularly difficult and he's looking forward to rest and getting back to his day-to-day routine. >> working out can be dangerous. we'll tell you what happened to senator harry reid while he was exercising. and the man used to set off metal detectors and he knows why. how this piece of metal was lodged in his arm more than 50 years it's a crazy story and these two have a lot of explaining to do they explain they were locked in a closet for two days but that closet was unlocked. what were they doing inside police tell us after
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>> lots of folks are talking about this dynamic duo they spent township days in a closet at daytona beach state clem and police say they were not furthering their education there. they called 911 saying they were chased into the closet and it was locked. police arrived and said no, it's
10:44 pm
not. they now believe drugs in particular meth may have had something to do with inexplainable behavior senator reed's workout landed him in a hospital. a piece of equipment broke workout equipment that is rushed to the hospital with broken bones in his face and broken ribs. the senator's office said he is expected to make a full reoffery. he'll be back in washington d.c. this weekend. >> talk about a guy with a story, 1963 this man got into a car wreck and had cuts on arms and didn't think a whole lot of it. fast forward 35 years went through a metal detector and it started beeping. they used scanner and it went crazy on his arm. he knew something was in. there he waited longer. last month he was carrying a concrete block his muscle tightened up and arm goon swell. new year's eve he had surmy and
10:45 pm
doctor pulled out this 7" rod. >> i went back to look at pictures of my wreck and noticed that the turn signal was missing and so they started piecing things together and that's what it was. >> that's right, it was a turn signal that was in there 51 years. he said he is not quite sure what he'll do with it now but might we all suggest you frame that somewhere in your house. quite an accomplishment. >> still ahead a warning for anyone that travels on a pennsylvania turnpike. tolls are g
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10:48 pm
>> well get ready to pay more to drive open the pennsylvania turnpike starting this weekend. a 5% toll hike will take affect saturday midnight to pay for projects all around the state. here's "action news" reporter john rawlins with the details. >> on work days roughly 120,000 weeks travel the turn bike between blue route and fort washington starting january 4 drivers will pay a nickle to dime more for that short trip depending if they use e-zpass or pay crash. to the west bob delgroso uses the turnpike once a week. the hike. >> not something i think about. >> it's not a game changer for you. >> no, no, i would imaginefy was
10:49 pm
computer i use it every day and commuting i would be much concerned. >> 5.20 this commute >> 5.20 this commuter pays. >> come sunday there will have been 7 toll hikes in 7 years 7 years ago harrisburg designated a cash you could. it will cost the state billions now to cover mass transit over the entire state. it expected annual toll hikes will con nine the foreseeable future. >> cars cost a lot of money to support there's no getting owe round it. >> this 5% hike will go in effect sunday and will be used to improve conditions on proceeds, transit systems and ports across the state of
10:50 pm
pennsylvania. at the mid county tolls. john rawlins for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> we mentioned to you in the last half hour there's a major shakeup on the way in the eagles fronts office this means chip kelly is a lot more powerful of a man. jeff skversky is live at the big board. this say big deal. >> it is now charles in charm. eagles' coach chip kelly has complete control overall personnel decisions, roster, draft free agent and trade. howie roseman is no longer general manager after front office shakeup. he did not make any threats or demand but roseman will no longer be involved in player evaluations and he'll primarily manage salary cap and negotiate contracts as executive vice-president of football operations this comes less than a week after laury said roseman would be back at gm. laury says tonight he changed his mind. >> laury believes this team is
10:51 pm
in better hands with chip running the show. in a statement laury says i have a very good relationship with chip that continues to grow stronger and stronger. there were no demand no threats. now laury adds it's more important top find players that match what the players want. kelly will hire a new personnel executive to help him evaluate talent. but make no mistake about it kelly continues to have say on the 53-man roster and everything else except money n a statement tonight, kelly says, i'm very confident about where we're headed as a team and organization. i look forward to continue working with jeffery and howie was well as personnel department. this is not a one-man operation. all right. moving on. flyers and speaking of power plays the flyers finally gain power in the eastern conference but not even a trip to carolina against one of the worst teams in hockey can get them going. flyers fall behind in the second
10:52 pm
period. against hurricanes eric stall beat steve mason flyers down. claude giroux takes a skate to back of lower left leg in the third. he has to be helped off the ice. it looks bad. but giroux is actually fine. he's probable for tomorrow's game in new jersey. he says afterwards he got lucky. flyers need more than luck to win. minutes later chris vander within one. no luck in klooip, lose 2-1. fourth straight all on the road. sixers also trying to avoid fourth straight loss tonight in phoenix. michael carter williams struggling big time. there he s gets him out of function there. dreams of three. up two at the half and 3rd quarter philly native morris earning the team he grew uproot earning the team he grew earning the team he grew uprooting for. the undefeated villanova
10:53 pm
wildcats can become the first team in school history to start against seaton hall and the cats have to scratch and claw their way to do. it pirates 11-2 beat villanova last time they played in big east tournament. >> we refer to that game in terms of all the things they did well. they're a tough match-up for us they're quick and so effective from the three point line they spread you out and that's what they did to us last time. >> villanova the team with next shot of championship in town. >> fingers crossed for them. >> ring ring!... progresso! it's
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>> disney fan takesia dime life in phoenixville tonight. philadelphia fill harmonic provided the sound track. this is inaugural season for this 80 piece quark stra next spring they'll be performed with john williams from "star wars" to har write potter disney is parent company of 6abc that sounds great. >> that's dance of sugar plum fairy. >> cecily has the wake-up weather for you. >> no sugar plums for us tomorrow. we have rain and brief mix of sleet and freezing rain generally arounds the
10:57 pm
pennsylvania turnpike and areas north and west. tomorrow 9:00 and 1:00 be careful if you drive or live in highlight the areas there could be few slick spots n philadelphia, though this will be rain event 7:00, 31 degrees with clouds. by 10:00, rain is here. 34 1:00 38, 49 and temperatures store into 60s on sunday. a wild weather weekend. >> weird for sure. cecily thank you. >> thank you for joining us tonight.
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