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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 7, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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"action news," delaware valley's leading news program at 10:00 p.m. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist adam joseph, shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> wednesday night. we have breaking news in the effort to find three terrorists killing people in paris today. one of the suspects now in custody. her fight to keep on playing high school football getting national attention and kept her on the field for another seen. now her parents say the archdiocese of philadelphia changed course once again. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the coldest night of the winter so far. when we say "cold" we mean down right bitter. when you factor in the wind chills it feels well below zero
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tonight. if you haven't done so already time to dig out the blank turn up the heat. shirleen is off. and people are bundled up not leaving skin exposed, temperatures are headed to bone-chilling temperatures. and the local schools are cancelling and delaying classes and you see them at the bottom of the screen tonight. and dann cuellar following the efforts to keep the homeless safe tonight, but starting with cecily tynan tracking falling temperatures at the big board. >> hi brian. the kind of temperatures when you factor in the wind not just uncomfortable, but dangerously cold. the weather service with winter advisories across the area until 9:00 tomorrow morning for wind chills dropping as low as 15 degrees below zero. this is the kind of weather we have not experienced since last january. already it is getting quite
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cold. philadelphia 15 degrees. millville 15. allentown 9. reading 10. wilmington 14. and trenton 11. but the winds are such a major factor. we have vicious winds out of the northwest up to 32 miles per hour in wildwood. 36 miles per hour in wilmington. you factor the winds in with the temperature, these are the wind chills right now. and they are going to get worse by the morning. philadelphia the wind chills makes it feel like 1 degree below zero. millville 2 below. allentown 3 degrees below zero. lancaster dropped down to 10 degrees below zero and mount pocono wind chill 14 degrees below zero. it is cold here however there are tougher winds and temperatures up across the midwest near the great lakes. green bay 25 degrees below zero. chicago 22 below. this is because of arctic high pressure. the arctic high pressure will be settling in through the overnight hours. i'll talk about how cold it will
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feel where you live and when we climb out of this deep freeze coming up in the full accuweather forecast. brian? >> thank you very much. of course these difficult temperatures really are much more than just uncomfortable, they are extremely dangerous for the homeless for whom getting warm on a night like this can be a life-or-death challenge. dann cuellar is live in center city where one organization is working overtime to help keep them safe. hello there, dann. >> in orderly on a warm night we find homeless in the park. the good news not this time. the bad news there are still a number of homeless sleeping out on the streets in these dangerous temperatures with a cold blue in effect extra efforts are being made to get them into a warm place. just after 7:00 in the city and the temperature sign reads 18 degrees. the wind is howling outside of the church at 53rd and chestnut where a homeless woman sat.
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someone called project home saying she had been out there for hours. >> sometimes people who are outside are mentally ill. therefore they are not aware of the temperature. so we're their eyes and ears and we will assist them in getting in. >> an outreach team was not sure if she would come along. they are not sure what they will encounter. after awhile the woman came along suitcase in tow, into a safe haven. >> people who normally would not want to come in if it is a smaller environment they're willing to come into a safe haven. >> any given night homeless advocates say there are 300 homeless roaming the streets of the city. tonight some sleeping under a bridge near franklin square. orderly about 100 would be sleeping at the septa concourse where project home had an office called the hub of hope with doctors nurses psychiatrists and others offering services. not this year it seemed someone
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pulled the welcome mat. >> we ran into private landlords who don't want the risk. >> we are doing everything we can to find a low people in a better situation. >> this homeless man, ron, prefers we not show his face is safe. >> a lot of people don't trust shelters. and i have been in there before and discouraged. but when the hub of hope was on the concourse i knew i could go there. they helped me last year. now i have my own place and it is wonderful. >> now ron is now working on frying to -- trying to get a job with project home much they are rooting for him. if you know of a homeless person that needs to get into a warm place you are asked to call the hot line at live here in center city dann
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cuellar "action news at 10" on phl17. >> thank you very much. breaking news out of paris, france, one of three terrorists accused of killing 12 journalists turned himself into police. that suspect is 18 and we also got new pictures of the other two suspects and here they are. they are brothers and both in their 30s. agents raided one of the homes 80 miles north of paris today. more on the late developments we go to the big board. >> these develops happening and you are speaking of this operation in the home. this is video from inside once the police got in there. this is the french northeastern city, in connection with the search of the suspects of the charlie hebdo attack. france's president called the attacked barbaric. midmorning, 11:30 a.m. paris
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time terrorists wearing ski masks and automatic weapons fired bullets at the office of charlie hebdo a satirical newspaper known for poking fun at islam and other religions. and the shooters aimed at two doormen killing one. the gunmen encounter a cartoonist for the paper and her young daughter and force the employee to give them the office security code and enter. their target the staff of the newspaper. officials saying their lives were taken execution-style. i can still hear the shots ringing through my ears she says. i never would have believed i would hear shooting on my own street. five minutes later the gunmen racing out and shooting "allahu akbar" or god is great. according to witnesses we avenge the prophet mohamed. and shoot and wound one plan and
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run towards him executing him on the ground. secretary of state john kerry condemned them and offered support. >> i would like to say directly to the people of paris and all of france that each and every american stands with you today. >> after the attack the suspects' getaway car was abandoned. as night fell in paris thousands gathered with signs "not afraid and this one i am charlie. and in france they had the signs out in support of what happened. not only across the boarder, but also here on our own territory and our own soil. this gathering in washington, d.c. tonight for the victims of the attack this happening outside of the museum there. >> thank you. of course we have more on this in the next half-hour tonight. we're going to talk to a local cartoonist who says today's
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attack strikes very close to home. so will she change the way she does her job? david henry with that candid conversation at 10:30. breaking news from center city, philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing and robbery in a two attackers stabbed a suspect in and took the cell phone and took off running. the victim was taken to jefferson hospital and in stable condition. and police questioning two men about a shooting in lawn dale and a bullet year old man's head. and the victim was rushed to the hospital, also in stable condition. dozens of people turned up on this bitterly cold night to protest the police shooting death of a man in bridgeton, new jersey last week. demonstrators marched to the
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county courthouse to contest the gentlemen from millville who was shot last tuesday. the group placed candled and stopped and prayed for the family. the organize eyesize eyesize -- police officer to resign. >> we want people not to be complacent because we feel things like this happen when people are silent. >> witnesses capture the shooting on the cell phone video. the family hired an attorney calling for an independent investigation. it is not clear just what led the police to open fire. bill cosby's most famous co-star breaking her silence, defending him as three new women have come forward to accuse cosby of sexual assault. felicia rashad said she never
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heard of allegations that cosby drug and raped women, insisting that the scandal is an orchestrated attack. >> what has happened is declaration in the media of guilt without proof. >> late today three women joined the growing list of women, saying cosby drugged them and then assaulted them. he has denied the allegations,ing and so far has not been charged. dozens of spirit airways employees in atlantic city have to reapply for jobs. a third party is taking over a ticket counter and customer service starting february 18. there are 38 employees in atlantic city that will be affected and will have the first priority for hiring. employees at seven other airports are also affected. much more to come over the neck -- next hour. this large check $975 million. why did one woman turn it down?
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plus a huge round of applause for this man. at the hospital as the new york hospital injury in a shoot-out is home today. and a bucks county teen who wanted to play football with the boys in a catholic league getting bad news. why she is in a fight with the archdiocese once again.
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>> a 13-year-old girl who fought for the right to play football with the guys is fighting again tonight. her parents said the archdiocese of philadelphia is once again trying to keep girls off the grid grid gridiron. kenneth is life and he has the details here. >> the football analogy, caroline pla says she feels like she is back at the line of scrimmage with no gain on the play. she is upset but ready for another battle. it has been nearly two years since doylestown bucks county teen caroline pla fought the play. >> and they got bigger but i still held my own and did a good job. >> and the team is the back-to-back cyo champions.
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and the archbishop chaput changed his mind saying no girls allowed in the contact sport. >> i feel what i did impacted but now i feel like it is going back to the way things were before it all happened. >> 2013 a panel of parents coaches and sports medicine experts agree with the policy that girls should not play cyo football. they allow caroline to participate, but say the ruling is provisional and not set in stone. >> i knew the word was trouble when i read it and i knew it was a loop hole. >> since caroline's crusade for change catholic officials in the area took a look and reinforced the no girls policy. and they say it is because of safety and gender differences are important in developing the female and male identities. >> caroline opened the door and we don't want the door to shut. that's what we feel they shut
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the door. >> while it doesn't appear that girls are lining up to play contact sports, caroline says the option should exist. >> i am fighting for others. i feel like i have to be the voice that fights for the people. >> the archdiocese here says its policy stands. but as you heard, caroline plans to keep fighting. the diocese in harrisburg recently was in the news because it ordered -- it has the same policy and ordered cyo wrestlers, male to forfeit wrestling matches against female from non-catholic schools. >> kenneth, thank you. the tale of the missing plane spotted in the java sea, a critical discovery. the black box could still be inside. this is the first confirmed sighting of any wreckage in the 11 days since flight 8501 disappeared. 162 people were on board and so far the bodies of 40 people have been recovered.
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one of the two nypd officers wounded in a shooting in the bronx monday is home from the hospital. today when he was released he got a hero's welcome. hundreds of officers cheered as he was wheeled out of the hospital. he was shot in the chest and the arm. his partner was more injured when jason allegedly opened fire. and the suspect and accomplice were arraigned today. boxing great, mohammed ali is out of the hospital released after being treated for a urinary track infection. and he looks forward to celebrating his birthday this monday. the graphic says 18 degrees but it feels colder than that.
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cecily tynan joining us life and the wind chill to blame tonight. >> exactly. when you see the wind chills 18 degrees about feel warm in comparison. currently at philadelphia international -- millville the poconos 0. this is the number you really want to watch, the wind chill. these numbers are going to be plummeting in the overnight hours. it feels like 1 below with wind chill in philadelphia. lancaster 10 degrees below zero. the poconos, 14 degrees below zero. even at the shore, sea isle city feeling like 2 degrees below zero. and satellite 6 and action radar illustrating really well what's going on. an arctic front going through bringing us clouds and scattered snow showers. what it is doing is open the door for high pressure to build in. typically the high pressure is the good guy, bringing us sunshine. we like high pressure however this high pressure in the midwest originated well up to
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the north. it is arctic high pressure and that will be moving down across the carolinas and that is what will bring us the coldest air mass so far this season. the coldest temperatures we've had since last january. so tonight 8 degrees in philadelphia. the record low is 2, so not quite a record but certainly very cold. allentown 2, millville 8 wilmington 9, trenton 7 degrees. these are the numbers you want to consider when you're getting dressed tomorrow morning. but the layers on. the warmest wind chills will be around cape may county and central and southern delaware. this is where it will feel in the single digits to 5 degrees below zero. interior south jersey the i-95 corridor, wind chill tomorrow morning negative 5 to negative 10. the northwest suburbs wind chills 10-15 degrees below zero. the poconos wind chill around 20 degrees below zero. as we head through the day, despite all the sunshine it is going to stay very cold. reading the high tomorrow 20.
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bangor 18. downingtown 22. pottstown 19. wind chills in the afternoon will be near zero. the i-95 corridor temperatures also stuck in the 20s. wind chills in the afternoon in the single digits. south jersey and delaware wind chills tomorrow will be in the low teens. the good news is i am tracking milder weather on the way in the accuweather seven-day forecast and we will talk about that a little bit later on. brian? >> looking forward to that thank you. vincent hughes attended a forum this evening in university city followed by an advanced screening of the movie "selma" chronicling dr. martin luther king, jr.'s chain in the march in 1965. that movie, which is getting critical acclaim opens nationwide friday. and an excuse to snack on guacamole and we tell you why. and these newborns have quite a story to tell as soon as they can talk. they're cousins who also share a
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deciding between buying food and health care is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. >> "healthcheck" at 10:00 tonight, a reason to indulge in guacamole. penn state researchers suggest eating an avocado a day may keep
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bad cholesterol at bay. 45 overweight adults on three different diets and those who ate an take it easy on the chips. the update on the injury keeping goalie mason off the ice for the flyers. and we are life in the sport center. >> steve mason's m.r.i. appears to be negative. they same the starting goalie will take part in practice after suffering an undisclosed injury today. and he felt discomfort last night. no word on if he will be able to play tomorrow night against the washington capitals. sixers fail to win two in a row at home something they
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haven't done since the first week of last season. yeah, it's been that long. losing to milwaukee by 20. and the head coach calls the game the poorest of the year. low lights in the next 30. college hoops, temple taking on tulane in new orleans. late second half. morgan nails the three. 14 for him tonight. temple wins their sixth great, 64-56. how weird is this? is that jimmy rollins wearing a dodgers hat and jersey? yes, sir. introduced tonight following last month's trade. he says he is still chasing more championships and why he still wears the uniform. and hearing from him in the next 30. find out if h we thought our cable
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>> it is safe to say these adorable girls will have a special bond growing up. cousins born just 16 minutes apart at the hospital at the university of pennsylvania on tuesday. partners at univisionon caught up with them. the moms are sisters, saying it was not planned but went into labor at 40 weeks exactly. tonight they share a room everyone is happy and healthy and hoping they can go home tomorrow. our congratulations as "action news at 10" continues after this.
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♪ "action news" at 10:30 on phl17 continues with brian taff shirleen allicot meteorologist adam joseph and ducis rodgers. >> hello again and thanks for joining us tonight or "action news at 10." the big stories we are following at 10:30 tonight, breaking news out of france right now. one of the three terrorists accused of killing 12 journalists just turned himself in this evening. the search is still ongoing for two more brothers in their 30s. more on the story in a few
10:32 pm
moments. philadelphia police investigating a stabbing and robbery inside of a wendy's tonight happening at about 8:25 at the restaurant at 11th and walnut. they have i the victim was stabbed by two suspects who stole his phone and then ran off. and actress felicia rashad is coming to the defense of her former television husband, bill cosby. she tells abc news she never saw behavior leading her to believe that the accusations are true. and today three more women came forward accusing the comedian of sexual assault. and more on the teeth-chattering accuweather forecast. some schools starting late and some canceled because of the cold coming our way. wind chills well below zero tonight and we get to meteorologist cecily tynan who is inside and warm tonight. cecily, could you have been outside, but you choose to be right near me. >> the producers of the 10:00 news apparently feel sorry for
10:33 pm
me. sky 6 behind me we have clearing skies tonight. sky 6 every now and then shaky with the winds. the winds are going to be a major factor in how it will feel when you wake up tomorrow morning and step outside. temperatures across the region currently already down to 15 degrees in center city. and taking a look at pottstown, already down to 12 degrees. quakertown 9. tannersville 0. kennett square 11. and vineland 13. and cinnaminson 13 degrees. then factor in the winds. the current sustained winds 8-28 miles per hour and wind gust more than 38 miles per hour. so you factor these in the wind chills has dropped down below zero. it is 1 below in philadelphia. 6 below in wilmington. 5 below in reading and trenton. 10 degrees below zero in lancaster.
10:34 pm
and those numbers will continue to drop as we head through the overnight hours. satellite 6 and action radar showing the front that moved through this afternoon is an arctic boundary bringing us clouds, a few scattered snow showers. that moved away from us and this has really opened the door for arctic high pressure to dive down. we're not the only ones in the deep freeze. the wind chill advisories extend down into south central florida. the eastern third of the nation is stuck in the deep freeze if it makes you feel any better. tonight temperatures dropping down to 8 degrees in philadelphia, 2 in allentown, 8 in millville. trenton 7 degrees. you factor in the winds this is the way it's going to feel. cape may county central southern delaware wind chill 0 to 5 degrees below zero. in south jersey the i-95 corridor to new castle county the wind chills tomorrow morning for the commute 5-10 degrees below zero. the immediate northwest suburbs, 10-15 degrees below zero. the poconos the wind chill
10:35 pm
dropping down to 20 degrees below zero. and tomorrow despite sunshine this time of year the sun angle is low and doesn't help muchle and wind chills in the single digits even in the afternoon, even though winds are easing during the day tomorrow. the seven-day forecast brisk and very cold tomorrow. 22 degrees. wind chills most of the day in the single digits. friday, briefly we touch above freezing, 34 degrees. but a front could even bring some flurries on friday morning. and then we have a one-day blast of cold air that returns on saturday. 25 degrees, mostly sunny. not as brutal as tomorrow. sunday things change increasing clouds and high of 36 degrees. monday looking a little messy, and then keeping the clouds for tuesday. mostly cloudy 39 and wednesday mostly cloudy. the most brutal day is tomorrow.
10:36 pm
a break in the action and then saturday cold and then turning the corner as we head into next week. but tomorrow bundle up. cover everything up dress in layers and try to get inside to warm up and don't forget about the pets too. >> and just have to get through tomorrow -- >> and then it gets better. >> thank you. the massacre in paris, france and the news we brought you at the top of the newscast. one of the three terrorists accused of killing 12 journal journalists turned himself in to police. he is 18. pictures of the other suspect, brothers in their 30s. agents conducting a raid at one of their homes outside of paris right now. this attack is hitting close to home for many editorial cartoonists around the world. and "action news" reporter david henry spoke to one of them. >> these people all they did is draw cartoons. they did not shoot anyone or
10:37 pm
behead anyone. >> and the shooting at charlie hebdo propertied by the magazine's use of unflattering images of muhammad to poke fun at radical islamists. and saying that it does more harm to radicals than the rest of us. >> they are harming themselves and this action harms them worse than any cartoon could. >> wilkinson says she will not be intimidated by the attack. she published cartoons like this one showing muhammad having a good laugh with his prophets and not know attacks because of it. and says this will not keep her from doing cartoons with muhammad. >> no, i will keep doing them for the paper and i will lots more until the craziness stops. >> wilkinson says her editor's always had her back and she doesn't look over her shoulder when you leave the building. >> if you are killed personally it doesn't matter that much. for society, yes, absolutely you
10:38 pm
cannot have people going around saying i disagree therefore this person has to be shot. >> wilkinson makes a living taking shots at the mighty and powerful, including chris christie in today's cartoon. for her, nothing is off limits including terrorists and their prophet. >> cartoons don't kill people. crazy people kill people. >> wilkinson truly believes the pen is mightier than the sword, and you can't hide out tip-towing around controversial issues. another former philadelphia school principal arrested accused of cheating on standardized tests. prosecutors say davis steered students and staff to change the test scores. he was the teacher rat an
10:39 pm
elementary and was taken into custody for tampering with records and conspiracy. employees at the walter palmer starter school in north philadelphia demanding answers. they say they have not been paid for the month of december. the employees, along with parents and students got a notice over the holidays saying that the school was closing on december 31. the cash-strapped school is facing debt totaling more than $13 million. it turns out the sailorville football team will hit the field. and seven players accused of hazing and sexually assaulting teammates inside of the locker room. the boys will be tried in juvenile court. none of the coaches are charged. a former baltimore raven cheerleader accused of raping a boy in court. accused of having a sexual
10:40 pm
relationship with a 15-year-old boy and the encounter allegedly happening at a vacation home in bethany beach. the teenager classmates with one of her children pleading not guilty. several residents came home after celebrating new year's eve and their homes targeted by burglarers. and the jewelry taken, two identical phillie's necklaces. and one in the shape of a cross and the other a gold coin communion bracelet from one particular jeweler. >> they come to the backdoor get into the house. they don't ransack bypass computers, things like that and focusing on jewelry. >> and the residents came home to fin the items missing.
10:41 pm
the police say there wasn't really anything they could have done to prevent the crime because they knew when to strike. north korea did not want to you see the interview and we know that back fired. look at how much money the movie made. and bringing water to third-world nations, one that may have you saying that is kind of gross. why one woman turned down a check from her don't wait for awesome...
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>> in florida two young sisters accused of murdering their brother. held without bond parents charged with negligent. and they claim they are 16-year-old brother beat her and locked her in a room. and the police say she shot her after he fell asleep. the 11-year-old accused of assisting in the crime. they say the parents were out ever town when the murder occurred. hazarding a guess here saying you probably wouldn't turn down a check for $975 million, right? well sue ann did, the check from her ex-husband the oil tycoon who agreed to pay her the money as part of a divorce settlement. and she is saying she is
10:45 pm
entitled to more money since she helped him amast fortune. and he is saying money is tight since the oil prices dropped and he wants to pay her less than that figure. bill gates wants to turn human waste into drinking water. yeah, you heard me correctly. the bill and melinda gates is backing a test plant north of seattle. first the waste heated to 1800 degrees to draw out the water and then it is dryied the goal is to prevent the disease by contaminated disease. and he tested the water himself saying it is delicious and as good as any water out of a bottle. "the interview" a huge hit. can you guess how many times it has been downloaded since christmas? incredible number. and a chilly day, cranking the heat. how warming your house can be cheaper than last winter. and don't forget to wake up
10:46 pm
with the "action news" team weather and traffic at 4:30 a.m. evenly
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>> a lot of us are cranking the heat this week. depending on what you use to heat your home you could be
10:49 pm
paying more or less than last year. >> in a five-county area about a million natural gas customers. for peco the price edged up from 54 cents to and those who paid more for gas a small drop per cubic feet. the big change is fume oil. crude prices down fuel oil followed. this is a graph of the price of oil peaking in june and dropping. retail prices are higher but dropped significantly. >> right now they are saving approximately $1.20 a gallon. >> and phones were ringing off the hook. oil more than $1 less a gallon compared to last year. >> 150 gallons you are saving
10:50 pm
$157. >> and the firm started by his grandfather more than a century ago, the drop in prices he believes is good for consumers and the economy. >> it's giving them extra income to spend on something else. it will drive the economy. >> and buying a tankful. at for the money -- >> i have a little one so it goes into saving for college and stuff like that. >> in the business since 1994 he did not see this price drop coming. >> i thought maybe 20 to 30 cents but not $1. >> it keeps sliding. >> yeah it keeps sliding. i don't know when it is going to end. >> john rawlins for "action news at 10" on phl17. it turns out "the interview" is furnishing out to be a streaming success for sony downloaded more than four million times since released on christmas day. it made $31 million online and another $5 in theaters. and time for sports tonight.
10:51 pm
jeff skversky in for ducis rodgers. >> in a season full of disappointment, perhaps the flyers caught a break. if your starting goalie mason is not seriously hurt they say he will practice tomorrow. he had an m.r.i. after practice with soreness in an undisclosed area. originally feeling something during last night's game against ottawa, no word on whether mason will be able to play tomorrow against washington. former phillie's star jimmy rollins admits maybe he didn't do a good enough job in philadelphia, and maybe he can make up for it in los angeles. how strange does this look? he puts on dodger blue for the first time passes introduced in l.a. tonight. rollins says it would be great to make history all over again for a new city. and he ended the phillies 28-year world series drought. the dodge verse not won in 27 years and rollins reveals tonight he up into that the
10:52 pm
phillies run was over in 2011. >> we had the best team in baseball in '11 and just wasn't able to do it. it made it tough coming after that. i said it after 2011 just one of those feelings it was like the magic was gone. i can't explain it, it was just gone. >> wow. no magic here believe it or not. the sixers have not won back-to-back home games since way back in 2013. yeah, it's been that long. winning the first at tomorrow monday, how about two in a row? good start against milwaukee. and noel the slam. and he had six of them. the bucks end the first on a 10-0 run. and o.j. mayo whoo! sixers down 27 it doesn't get any better. the dunk and the sixers lose by 20. how about brown's face, it says it all. >> we searched all night. we were lost most of the night and it resulted in my opinion in our poorest game of the year.
10:53 pm
it was the eagle's guard going to the pro bowl the second straight year despite fighting injuries. and he is the sixth eagle headed to arizona. and college hoops, temple going for a sixth great win. and in new orleans against tulane. and coming down to the wire and tied. and cummings with the move for the starters in double figures, and morgan the transfer says take that. and temple takes it 64-56 and that is six straight wins for the temple owls. st. joe's loses the third straight, a three-point loss to duquesne in pittsburgh. and la salle and the always animated john doing scream afghanistan this. and turning it over and the other way and clark dunks it. and la salle loses by 6, 71-65.
10:54 pm
it is their second straight loss. before you know it march madness some excitement around here finally. >> heat things up thank you. and speaking of your wake-up
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10:56 pm
>> cecily tynan with a look at the wake-up forecast. >> brutally cold. the wind chill in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning for wind chills as low as 15 degrees below zero. breaking it down the lehigh valley, this is where the wind chills will be the coldest in
10:57 pm
our neck of the woods. 10-15 degrees below zero. the i95 corridor including philadelphia wilmington trenton 5-10 below. the jersey shore wind chills down to about 5 degrees below zero. so your morning rush forecast seeing a lot of sunshine but the wind chills as low as 15 degrees below. and also possibility of some patchy ice. bundle up and take it easy. >> will do. and thank you for joining us tonight for "action news at 10."
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