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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> thursday night gun fire erupted on wilmington street tonight between police and a man they say they tried to pull over. we're live as police piece together the details. >> nfl player facing rain charless tonight and what he told police. >> the big story on "action news" is death of a temple university student who fell eight stories from a highrise before she hit the ground. she landed on a pedestrian who was simply walking ob the sidewalk below. it all happened 16 and chestnut around 6:00 tonight.
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>> police say it does not appear the student jumped from the building but rather slipped while outside on a lenl. "action news" reporter sharee williams is live with details on the scene. sharee, what are police telling you? >> shirleen, brian, police are telling me that hour this incident appears ton an accident. at this point they do not believe this involved any type of foul play. but they say this is ongoing investigation so they cannot officially rule out anything else. they're still interviewing everyone else inside this 8th floor dorm room when this all happened. that will be crucial to the investigation. of course, tonight, temple students and those in center city shocked by what they learned. >> it's really scare dwroy hear something like that happened. >> shock and disbelief as word spread that an 18-year-old temple student fell from a window and died. philadelphia police say just before 6 p.m. 911 calls poured
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in of two women badly hurt and i lying on the sidewalk near 16 and chestnut in center city. >> someone came running dobb the road saying don't go that way ma'am it's not a pretty sight. >> the 18-year-old student fell eight floors from the window this building and landed on a 44-year-old woman walking below. it appears the teen was trying to take photos. >> she may even have been sitting on the ledge. it's a two-foot wide ledge possibly taking pictures. >> the teen was rushed to jefferson hospital where she died a short time later and the pedestrian was taken to hahnemann and treated forehead neck and back pain. the building where the fall happened is the residence haul for art institute of philadelphia. the temple student was visiting two friends who attend school here. >> it feels like a movie sight it's surreal. it gives you a reality check. makes you want to call your friend and family and just tell them that you love them.
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>> that hour we also know that philadelphia police are working to obtain a search warrant to go inside that 8th floor dorm room and get inside of that residence. we spoke with temple university tonight and they sent me a statement telling me temple university is deeply saddened to learn of this death. they also say they send thoughts and prayers with the students' family and friend and counciling will be available at temple tomorrow. we're live in center city, sharee williams, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. thank you, sharee. we checked and i-95 bucks county is still closed at this hour following a deadly pileup. chopper6hd was over the scene in bensalem. paul mers died in the accident and investigators say he was driving a semi-for sims metal management when he hit another semi-causing a chain reaction
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crash. four other vehicles were involved and the accident happened around 1:15 this afternoon and was closed ever since. and as soon as the highway reopens we'll let you know. a busy street in wilmington was the scene of a gun fight between police officers and a man they sed say led them on a chase. the 25-year-old suspect is fighting for his life. "action news" reporter dann cuellar live outside wilmington headquarters and police say -- >> they are saying that and an investigation is underway tonight jim -- brian in the circumstances of the shootout between the suspect and police. police are were not injured and the suspect is in critical condition tonight. police say it was around 5:20 two officers were attempting a routine traffic stop and ended in pure suit. >> the officer was attempting to remove occupant of a vehicle and struggle ensued. shots were fired at the officer.
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the officer returned fire. >> patrol officer yet unidentified was not injured. the suspect was struck in neck and chest and had to be air-lifted to christianne medical center. >> i don't have any further information on his condition at this timech the officers are fine. >> none of the officers were hit. >> none were hit. >> a woman occupant in the car was taken to custody for questioning and 9 incident happened before a pro police rally was to take place a mile a what rockne square. a list of delaware officers skilled in the line of duty was displayed promptly and a stretch limo at the event and letters on the window that say police lives matter. >> folks legitimately expressing support for the police. but there's antagonistic kind of atmosphere right now. and it needs to be diffused. >> pastor and activist says there is an under current in cities like wilmington fueled in wake of police incidents in furgeson and new york and a
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climate that needs to be addressedty street-level. >> we feel bad about what is to come if we don't begin to heal and help police as opposed to being just soully critical. >> again the 5-year-old suspect in very critical condition tonight. as is routine whenever police are involved in a shooting the officer involved was placed on desk duty pending outcome of the investigation. it's being handled by detective bureau. we're live in ill wilmington police head quart ersers i'm dann cuellar phl17 "action news" at 10. >> middle township police are now equipped with a tool that may prove useful in stories like the one we told you about. today they started using body cameras like this one as part of a pilot program. two officers during each shift will wear them in a month the police department will weigh pros and cons and decide whether to ask the city to outfit every officer with a body camera.
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>> in center city today trying to build bridges between law enforcement and the people they serve. eric holder sat down with nutter, ramsey and other leaders for a round table discussion on building community trust. it was fifth stop on nationwide tour triggered by outrage over the police killings of mining albrown in furgeson, missouri and eric garner on staten island. >> the respect in certain communities is weak. we have to concede that. this is not something made up. it's not something that is from media. these are feelings that are real. >> that mistrust holder mentioned was ev department outside today's meeting. demonstrateers rallied with complaints about alleged police use of excessive force. >> a delaware man is facing child porn charges tonight. 64-year-old edward angin was arrested at his home. they served his computer and
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found disturbing images charged with ten counts ever dealing child pornography and held tonight on 200,000 secured bond. >> there is still no sign tonight as south jersey mother erica crimpen crosby police charged her husband kyle with murder and her body was not yet recovered. last night they prayeded crosby's home in their home. >> tomorrow will number the 40s. sadly it will be windy and colder. more on the chilly front moving in. let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> hi, shirleen. a waste of temperatures in low 40s with wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour. it we'll feel like 32. right now temperatures not bad. we have frigid nights this winter. this will not be one of them. seasonably cool. philadelphia, 30. allentown 23. wilmington 28. millville 27. trenton 29 and reading currently 27 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing, if you look
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across the great lakes, you see this area of clouds and you see snow showers. that is associated with a cold front that will be pressing in during the day tomorrow. and really the main impact for tomorrow will be the gusty winds. tonight the winds will be light. winds not picking up until day break. mostly clear and again not one of the coldest nights. amazing what temperatures in the 20s doesn't feel bad. 27 in philadelphia, millville 2 3. allentown 21. wilmington 25 and reading 22. but the highlights will show you that tomorrow the winds of change, whipped gusts up near 30 miles an hour than ushers in return of cold air on saturday. and surprised i'm tracking milder air. but the threat of rain and it really depends on your location. i'll talk more about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. shirleen. >> sounds good. thank you ces. >> massive water main break we told about you last night raimed until this morning. creating quite a job for philadelphia water department crews. this is the icy aftermath of the
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geyser that erupted on blue grass road in northeast philadelphia. and it took crews twelve hours to get the upper happened. finally around noon the water department replaced broken fire connection valve responsible for the break this was by far the biggest but only one of 7 water main breaks rart r reported in the city. >> atlantic city is ready to reband itself in 2015. a state of city address was given during the winter kickoff at ceasars. they focused on objective to host more professional conventions and define itself as more than a gambling town. >> we've been working all this year on growing atlantic city way beyond just gaming and the project that we have or wow factors is to get people to come back to atlantic city. >> guardian's plan includes repurposeing empty dark casinos that went dark in 0 15.
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richard stockton college brought show boat for a second campus and that purchase will create jobs and build atlantic city's educated workforce. an event was held at a casino that filed for chapter 11. ceasars made that declaration today. it affected several properties including ceasars and bally'ss in atlantic city and the company says the move will cut its accident by $10 billion. ceasars will split into two units kas even own property owner and property trust and none of the details or casinos will close as a result of the bankruptcy filing. >> visiting cuba is about to get easier. we'll tell you about travel regulations that go into effect in a few hours. >> and nfl linebacker facing charges josh mcnairy accused of raping a woman and what he says happened and what police say happened when they showed at his door.
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>> in belgium two terror suspects were killed and investigators managed to foil their plot. belgium federal magistrate says there's no link between par ace tacks and belgium operation. meanwhile the young muslim man that saved lives of hostages during the paris terror attacks is granted french citizenship. france's interior ministry will personally conduct the ceremony next week. atili originally from you mali hid several hostages most jewish in the walk in freezer of a kosher market and ran out to tell police of the gunman later killed in a shootout. >> starting tomorrow it will be easier to travel to cuba. obama administration announced new set of travel and financial
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rules today. cuban americans visiting family and journalist on assignment and most tourists will not need to get government permission to visit the island. and for the first time americans can use credit and debit cards in cuba. >> boxing great muhammad ali is in the hospital this evening a spokesman said he's receiving follow up care related to urine fairy tract infection and was hospitalized december 20 and released last week and readmitted but we're told he should go home tomorrow. ali hopes to celebrate his 73 birthday on saturday with his family. >> now to the accuweather forecast as we look forward to rather cold friday. >> we're still looking forward to friday. >> yes we are. >> meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board. >> it will feel cold with the winds. temperature it's friday we can get through information on a friday. today on the cool side. but it's amazing after two days of afternoon highs of only 32
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degrees. 36 i thought felt comfortable. 4 below normal. morning low 29 degrees. four above normal. currently philadelphia is 30 degrees. dropped down to 27 millville 23 allentown and reading 27. wilmington 28 and trenton 29. so it's seasonably cool tonight. and it certainly has been a cool january. we started off actually on the warm side. first five days afternoon highs were above normal. since then our highs have been way below normal and average temperature 3.2 degrees below normal so although not much snow inch and a half in philadelphia we've had plenty of cold air. satellite 6 is showing you between storm systems. low to the south over florida pushing moisture offshore. that push as way us from. you look at the line of clouds of snow near buffalo that's a cold front pressing in tomorrow behind the front we cool off on saturday. ahead of it the winds will
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really be picking up especially around lupch time and in the afternoon. future tracker showing 2:00 tomorrow afternoon wind gusts anywhere from 23 to 30 miles an hour. temperatures will be in the low 40s. then you factor in the wind gusts at the same time we're looking at whipped chills around 32 in philadelphia and some of the suburbs wind chills will be stuck in the 20s. you want to bundle up tomorrow. morning commute looking good though. lots of sunshine. winds beginning to pick up by the morning 6:00 28, by 7:00 29 and by 8:00, 30. so a gradual warming and showing the temperatures across the region tomorrow, allentown 37, philadelphia, 42, millville 42, cape may 42 and dover 43. but again you factor in the wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour it will drop the temperature 10 degrees. what it feels on your exposed skin. i'll talk about the weekend. it starts cold and sunny. it ends wet for some. details on that in the
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accuweather 7-day forecast, sure sgleen, brian. >> thank you cecily. you can call it a baby bus. t birth weight hit an all time low we'll tell you why. >> and how many lives claimed
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>> on "healthcheck" at 10 tonight the number of flu deaths in delaware jumped. three more deaths were reported bringing total so far for this season to 14. all of the cases have underlying conditions and only one was younger than 65. the number of deaths falls one short of the total for the previous four flu seasons combined. officials are urging residents did to get vaccinated wash hands frequently and stay home if flu symptoms sglech forget the baby boom we're are under middle of baby bust. birth weights have been dropping since 2007 and we've hit an all-time low. there are several reasons thinned turns out many women are waiting long to have babies and teen birth rates are also down. all right. now to first look of sports. flyers trying to find their way.
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>> ducis rogers live in the "action news" sports center. >> mama saided there would be days like this. mama did not tell us how to avoid them. flyers look lost tonight against vancouver. ray emorry in net and faces twelve shots three go in. power play a little more than a minute into the second period.. in favor of rob zef flyers shut out second straight night. all right phillies have a hole at short stop. freddy is nothing more than a stopgap. as jeff skversky explains phillies feel they have a long term solution. >> with jimmy rollings pushed out the door and now in dodger blue it opens door for one of philly's top prospects 2013 first round pick j.p. crawford heir afeernt rollins short open. >> he'll go down in history as one of the greatest in the organization. it's a challenge for me to try to be as good as him. >> crawford says he did not feel
10:24 pm
the pressure to live up to one of the most iconic players in history and to ease the transition j-roll has given crawford advice for the day he will finally put on a philly's hat. >> when you get up here philly has a passionate group of fans always run hard and hustle and you'll have a great career here. >> when will they see crawford take the field. it may be a few years. he's only 20 and he's never played above single a baseball in two years of minor league ball. phillies short stop of future has a lot of work to do. >> i to work even harder. but wherever i go have have to work hard whenever my time comes it comes. >> jeff skversky for "action news" phl17. >> ahead next half hour drexel has a hard time finding basketball hoop.
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>> today was kickoff of a leukemia raffle mercedes benz. they donated the car and 100% of proceeds will go to als. tickets are 100. the winner will be announced red and white ball saturday march 25 at the westin philadelphia. >> hot car. >> great car. >> uh-huh. >> ahead in the next half hour
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video of tv thief how she smuggled it out of a store and academy award nominees announced bright and early today. which stars are celebrating tonight and which are not. >> and plus we got a warning about several men posing as utility workers tricking homeowners and rob be them. we're the
10:29 pm
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>> hello, 10:30 now. >> a temple university student dead and another woman injured after an eight-story fall in center city. she was visiting friends in a dorm when she plummeted on to the sidewalk below at 16 and chestnut. she fell on top of a 44-year-old pedestrian who suffered back and neck pain. investigators believed the student may have been taking pictures when she fell. >> and an investigation underway right now after a shooting involving police and it was a suspect critically injured tonight in wilmington. officials say the man fired at officers in the unit block of vandbure avenue in a police chase and the officer fired
10:31 pm
back. >> north in bucks county maze closed after a pileup in a tractor trailerer are accident. four other vehicles were involved as well. >> police in one community are warning residents tonight to be carefulch the person that comes to your door might not be who she say they are. several homeowners in east norriton montgomery county have become victims of distraction burglaries john rawlins tells us how they're getting in. >> east norriton police sending a message to residents if a person showed up at dpoor and announced do not open door and call 911. >> a man in simple blue uniform went to a house and told homeowner he was putting in a fence at neighboring property and with the homeowner come outside to help him fine the property line. police chief says the bogus worker had a walky talky and
10:32 pm
broadcast when he and the homeowner were out of the house. >> the victim was obviously distracted which allowed for a second suspect to enter the residents from a side door. >> the second suspect distract the homeowner's wife allowing a third suspect to search the house for something to steal. they released these sketches of two white males posing as utility workers distracted another couple and stole items. with multipleence dents in the area east nor it decided to use computer based mass notification system to send phone calls, e-mails and texts warning people. >> we thought it was appropriate to alert the residents. >> advice of east norriton police if someone don't know and didn't schedule want to get inside your house don't open your door and instead tell them you're calling 911. >> because honestly if someone is there legitimately they'll wait for police arrive to be properly identified f they're
10:33 pm
not there legitimately they will not stick around long enough for us to get there. >> frank advice from the chief. if you recognize the men in those kevin sketches you're asked to contact the detectives at plymouth township. east norriton, john rawlins "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> john thank you. neighbors in philadelphia's pens port section are told to be on alert after a string of break ins. in one case the victim was home. 100 block of segal street is hit three times in the past month. each time the culprit got inside by going through open or broken alley doors. one neighbor posted security pictures of the two suspects on social media. residents are reminded to lock alley doors and report suspicious activity. >> u.s. postal service offering a hevtry reward after gun point robbery of a letter carrier in keng cecing on green way avenue. the suspect sgribd black man in
10:34 pm
late teens and wore a ski mask during mugging and a reward is offered for information that leads to arrest and conviction. family foundation as academy in newcastle will continue to educate children. that is the word today from delaware state board of education which renewed the charter. the school's future was in jeopardy after leaders allegedly used school credit cards to pay for nearly 100000 in personal expenses. shawn moore and tinle brewing ton were fired and la mont brown will also leave family foundation as academy. >> burlington county catholic school girls prayers have been answered. they had until today to close a budget or shut down. their fundraising goal was met and donations are being tallied. school officials say they are now focusing on increasing student rej vacation for the
10:35 pm
fall to avoid a similar situation next year. all right. you have to bundle up tomorrow it will number 40s but definitely will not feel like it. >> meteorologist cecily tynan tells us it will be a wundy one for sure. it certainly will be. the reason why a cold front. stormtracker 6 live double scan. moisture across klooip s and georgia and florida that stays you to the south. if you look to buffalo you can see line of snow showers. that's from a cold front whipping through during the day tomorrow and that's what will really be kicking up the winds. tonight though it's quiet out there. clouds around. and temperature not all that cold. center city, 31. pottstown 23. wakeer town 22 and levittown 25 and warrington 26. headed to south jersey boardwalk in atlantic city 32. hammonton 2 8. glassboro 29, hockessin 27, smyrna 30 and dover 31. it is seasonably cool.
10:36 pm
satellite 6 and action radar showing we're in between systems now. we have clouds this morning and they really thinned out by the afternoon and that cold front will move in during the day tomorrow and again that's what will really kick up the winds. the high slightly above normal. 42 degrees. you factor winds gusts up to 30 miles ran hour. it will feel 10 cooler with the wind chill. that front will go through dry tomorrow night perhaps cloud cover and few snow showers in the poconos and behind that on saturday high pressure builds in. it's practically right on top of us. what this does first of all squeezes all the moisture out from the atmosphere to get wall to wall sunshine and also calms winds. that high of 32 will feel like 32. because we won't have a wind chill. then on sunday this high pressure does not stick around. that cold front moves in from the west and wave of low pressure develops along that and that's what will develop rain
10:37 pm
for part of the region. not across the entire area. 7:30 in the morning you can see moisture building cross south jersey and delaware. look how it just stays along the i-95 corridor and areas east. so northwest suburbs not only will be dry. far northwest suburbs lehigh valley, berks county, lancaster county you may see midday sun and it does move out as we head through sunday evening. and future tracker rainfall amounts really show a huge gradient from really nothing across northwest suburbs to little bit in philadelphia to more than inch and a half at the shore. sunday is really all about location. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow good amount of sunshine. patchy clouds. 42. with wind gusts up to 30. it will feel closer to 3 2. saturday sunny cold, no winds. 32. and sunday mild 44 with some rain and again mainly east of i-95 corridor.
10:38 pm
and then behind that system from mlk day service on nop will be dry, windy and chilly. 39. temperatures drop down to 36 open tuesday. and wednesday a clipper could bring us rain and snow showers 39, and thursday, temps near normal high of 42 degrees. so sunday is really tricky because at the shore it will be a washout but northwest suburbs you can see partly sunny skies. all that location. >> you got it. >> thank you ces. >> residents took a tour of dishes served up in their own backyard. the taste in phoenixville served upburgers and beers and seafood this is the second year they have raised money for good samaritan shelter. >> and an apptizing event in fishtown. sugarhouse kasz even ow kickoff for wing bowl 23.
10:39 pm
a clown showed up this was not funny business not at all. am turz devoured chicken wings in ten minutes as they could stomach in hopes of making it tots big time. wing bowl 23 will be here friday morning january 30. >> my stomach. >> is a little unsettled yes little unsettled from that thank you. costa rica woman is one smooth operator how she managed to sneak a tv out of a store. >> plus we're telling what you punishment a judge decided jody ares will face in retrial of lover's murder. >> and a member of indianapolis skolts facing rain charges. what police say he did when they showed up at his door.
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sdwrv another nfl player is in trouble with the law. josh mcnairy of indianapolis skolts facing rain charge his was in court today the 26-year-old days before his team takes on new england patriots for a spot in the super bowl. he is benched and banned on the nfl new personal conduct policy. >> we placed job josh on commissioner exempt list which
10:43 pm
gives him time to take care of things he needs to take care of. according to police documents alleged victim says she was drinking at indianapolis bar december 1 when met a man. she said she ended up at his apartment and doesn't recall how. she told police there was a physical fight an she was sexually assaulted. she says she was able to grab the man's cellphone and leave. that's what led police to mcnairy when they arrived he replied i know why you're here and guest toured to bed sheets saying i preserved it for you because i knew you would be coming. >> the death penalty is not off the table for jody areis retried for murder of former lover. the 34-year-old was found guilty in 2013 of killing travis alexander. the first jury could not decide her fate and another one was called. aries's lawyers want death penalty removed and the judge said no. >> don't blink or you may miss
10:44 pm
this smooth criminal. police are costa rica are looking for television thieves. the surveillance from november shows one woman keeping watch while one flips up the skirt and places a box television between her legs i'll need someone to dot math for me here she walks off as though nothing happened. and yet there's a television in there. >> i need to pick my jaw back up i don't know how she physically did that. how is it possible i don't know. >> i would not venture to guess. >> a new diva announces a move to las vegas. >> big day in hollywood. oscar nominations are out. which ones got bugs and which got snubd.
10:45 pm
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>> the list of celebrities
10:48 pm
hoping to take home app oscar. >> michael key ton was nominated in bird man and joined by benedict couple better jp dash and bradley cooper and in the theory of everything. >> it's too much to take in really but what a privilege. i'm a lucky man. >> for best actress felicity jones, roseman pike and reese witherspoon join julianne moore nominated for "still alice." >> robert duval in judge" was nominated for supporting actor and nomination 19 formerly streep for "into the woods" 19 formerly streep for "into the woods" yoyping patricia arch test and laura turn for best supporting that jennifer and i stone didn't
10:49 pm
get first oscar nomination. there was a lot of buzz. >> eight movies battle for best picture. american snipder imtation game selma boy hood there toy of everything and whiplash. >> the grand bud pest and bird man tied with most nominations at nine and oscars will be handed out february 22 on abs. los angeles. phl17. >> move over selene and britney there's a new diva moving to sin city mar eye acarry is hitting later this year at ceasar palace residency may to july. five time grammy winner says her show will be up spird by number one single. tickets for first 18 performances are on sale now. >> target is saying good-bye to canada. retailers says business there would not be profitable in the long run. it's shutting down all 133
10:50 pm
stores. target is asking for a court approval to set aside 70 million canadian dollars to cover costs of 16 weeks of compensation and benefits for affected workers. >> radio shack could could be filing for bankruptcy as soon as next month. "wall street journal"says struggling dealer is considering that. they had up to today to come one $100 million cash and credit otherwise creditors can pull long term financing with the company. >> all right. time now for sports tonight. >> ducis rogers here at the big board. hey ducis. >> hey there. >> guys ever have a day where nothing goes your way. that was me yesterday flieser just completed second such straight day. they're out played and out worked tonight by chemo gets an update and they hope he can play sometime
10:51 pm
season. nick banino one up still in the first. powder play, 2-0. about 80 seconds into second period. radine robot 22 seconds into ice time yadick flyers shut out for second straight night. 4-0 the final here. >> ply and compete and work. and that's the one thing you can control how hard you work and how hard you compete. and we stopped doing that. >> we have hope in here and drive in here and we believe in ourselves. but, you know, we realize that every game is important. >> phillies have been getting crushed for not having much in the farm system. they may not have depth but they believe they have short stop of the future. j.b. crawford is expected to fill the void by the jimmy
10:52 pm
rollings trade. the 2013 first a good arm. he knows when he makes it to the big he'll have big shoes to fill. >> he'll go down in history as one of the great nest this organization and the challenge for me is to work harder and wherever i go i have to work hard. wherever my time comes to comes. >> college basketball drexel dragones are having rough season. tonight was supposed to be easy one. drag don'ts enter night all time home against james madison stats are for the birds. it's rough first half for dragones. twelve points. james madison not bert i'mer 17 17-12 at the half. things don't get better for bruiser flynnton second half outrebounded by 11. drexel losses 54-35. >> ohio state quarterback
10:53 pm
cardell jones coming back. sophomore held a news conference today to say nfl can wait. he began season as buckeye as quarterback and he made the most out of his opportunity. >> and no guarantee he'll start at ohio state. >> rolling the dice. >> sure is. >> we're back wit
10:54 pm
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>> they're back. today the girl scouts were found selling cookies. all your favorite were baca long with gluten free options. this year you can go to the girl scout web site and find places they are being sold. quite a few thin minutes devoured in our home. >> we had -- >> we ate them. >> i didn't either. >> we need more girl scouts cookies. >> i'm so excited. >> take a look at bus stop forecast tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the 20s at 6:00 28 by 8:00, 30. you factor in the winds, wind chills in low 20s and we keep the wind chills all day long. wind chills generally around 30 in the afternoon despite the fact we'll hit 42 by 1bg. temperatures a little bit above
10:57 pm
normal. with winds it's going to feel chilly. loads of sunshine. all in all nice friday. >> all right. not bad thank you
10:58 pm
we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. get a fios triple play for just $79.99 a month online for two years and get a $400 bonus with a two year agreement! hurry! it's your last chance. this offer ends january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
please. okay, what is this? we're making sure i'm tall enough to ride all the rides at disneyland. without having to spike up my hair. buddy... (tape measure retracts) we are good to go. sweet! i have been waiting for this day ever since the doctor pointed to the ultrasound of your mom's womb and said, "either that's a fifth limb, or you got a boy." okay, no. gross. oh. all right... (can hissing) i want everybody to eat a lot at home because "the happiest place on earth" is also home to the most expensive churro on earth. come on. this is gonna be awesome. who doesn't love a day at disneyland? can't you and mom go without me? you're the kid. i think we need you to get in. it couldn't come on a worst day. the technology sector is tanking. we're doing a stock market project in school, and today's the last day. we all get a thousand fake dollars to invest and as the market closed yesterday, i'm in the lead. i may not be the tallest or the most athletic


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