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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 25, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> get the shovels ready and make sure the refrigerator stocked we're bryceing for a 1-2 punch for mother nature that could leave parts of the area blanketed in a coat of white. >> the snowfall is on the way and it starts out light followed by what is expected to be the biggest snowstorm this season. >> philadelphia pub liping and archdiocesan schools announced early dismissals for schools and
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early learning schools because of the weather. we'll bring you more closures on 6abc starting at 4 a.m. right now though, to a live team coverage as we track the snow moving our way. reporter kenneth moton is checking out efforts to get the region's roads ready and dann cuellar was out with neighbors stocked up at local stores. >> less begin with meteorologist melissa magee at the big board to breakdown what we can expect. melissa. >> we're tracking a little showers and north of philadelphia it's all thanks to the clipper system that moves through initially and we'll track second day moisture that moves monday night into tuesday. here's stormtracker 6 double scan radar. moisture is developing across areas in the ohio valley. the area of low pressure to the south moving across kentucky and tennessee ten. this area of low pressure as we go throughout the day on monday will produce light snowfall across the area. but, monday night into tuesday the area of low pressure passes south and it's going to transfer
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energy to area of low pressure just offshore and it's going to intensify and work its way east ward. so because of that and in anticipation of the moisture on the way monday night into tuesday, though, winter weather alerts all the way across the region. this is monday night to tuesday with a winter storm warning posted for philadelphia. the majority of the region winter storm watch for areas in delaware county up to chester lancaster berks, lehigh counties and blizzard for ocean county and areas north and east. that's where you will find the rest of our storms. and the app tieser is tonight into monday as you can find a light mix and then changing over to light snow. this is a nuisance event and minor impacts expected. monday night into tuesday heavy snow that turns blustery. you can expect sdlaiz by then and major impacts. so we'll go over this rush hour impacts as you go through the day tomorrow we're tracking light snow showers. minor issues on the roads. and minor issues for the commute
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monday evening. the big concern will be tuesday morning with that heavy snow developing and major and significant snowfall possible. coming up a look at future tracker 6 and possible snowfall totals with the accuweather forecast, walterer. >> thank you melissa. let's switch live to kenneth moton outside 30th street station overlooking the schuylkill expressway for a check open the road preps. >> walter we checked on preparations in pa delaware and new jersey. tonight crews covered a lot of ground. treating these roads. but they say, of course, the bulk of their work will happen when the snow starts to fall. the roads across the tri-state are set with brine and department of transportation in the area will step it up overnight to prepare for what is ahead. >> am i changing plans no, i can't. i wish i could but i can't. >> you'll be on the road. >> yes. >> in new jersey, 2600 salt trucks and plows in the garden state and njdot says they have
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been activated for this multi-snow event. when conditions worsen drivers should stay over the road. >> i'm going to stay home. if i don't have to go out i'm not going out. >> in delaware, deldot spent today spreading mixture of valt and water. crews are lshd open doubty in us in castle and will be working throughout the night. in penndot in pennsylvania they were brining major roadways and ipt changes and they'll work staggered shifts. with the help of nearly 400 state crews and contractors the work will get done. >> 422, 100 76 202 that will be the main priority. secondary roads come second. however, with the amount of trucks and i vehicles we'll have out there everything is pretty much for the most part 100% coverage. >> morning and evening commutes will be impacted by storms and dot response. for those who say they have no choice and have to hit the roads they're making plans. >> i have to be at work at 10. i'll probably leave around 7:30
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8. that gives me time. if there's salt trucks ahead of me if there's you know real treacherous roads. >> reporter: and transportation agencies in all three of the states want to remind drivers to give their trucks room to work. again if you're out and about tomorrow be prepared for delays and snow-covered secondary roads sa after. reporting live in the schuylkill near 30th street station. phl17. >> "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in pennsauken, new jersey with more open the mad dash to make sure those kitchens are stocked up. hi dann. >> how are you doing sarah, light drizzle coming down now in pennsauken energy until where people are gearing up for this most of the day and night. they're hoping for the best but preparing for the worst the wegman supermarket in cherry hill was packed for people getting ready for the snow. it was hard to find a grocery
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cart. >> first time i came here and there was not a cart to be had. >> it is a mad house in this place today. >> it is. >> it really is. >> it is. >> people were stocking up in case they get ♪in for a while. >> water, milk, bread eggs. >> usual. >> usual stuff yeah and then salt, bought extra shovel. >> bunker down then. >> i'm prepared. >> ross smith from pennsauken got the last two bags of rock salt at the wegman's and john mosley heard some spots may get over a foot of snow he took action. >> i have my snowplow on the back and got it fixed. >> you got it fixed. >> not even 20 minutes ago. >> i'm ready. >> patti was startled. >> when is that happening? >> tomorrow night to tuesday. >> oh, my goodness i'm glad we're here there. >> i absolutely hate snow. i hate it. >> i hear you. >> since i'm retired i don't like it. but it's not bad to look at. i don't have to drive in it. >> if all you had to do with w was look out the window -- >> it would not be bad, it would be fine? >> but, of course, some of us
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will have to be in and out it. then again if things get bad i imagine the number of businesses and establishments will be closing down early. so we'll see what happens. state tuned. we're live in pennsauken new jersey, i'm dann cuellar, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. thank you, dann. taking a live look now at philadelphia international airport. the snow will no doubt have an impact on flights scheduled this week. in fact many carriers have decided to waive fees for people who want to exchange tickets for flights tomorrow or tuesday or flights scheduled open a later date. check with the airline for more information about that. >> and even still veterans in new england descended on super markets today. look at the lines -- to stock up for what owe could be a 2 foot snow event maybe more in new england. this is a scene from a market in ma massachusetts and from connecticut to maine people stocked up on shovels salt for a pending blizrdard that could create problemsen including power outages and road conditions.
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>> "action news" will get an early start tomorrow to keep you on top of the situation as the storm moves in. we'll have the latest from accuweather in the forecast. there traffic information and any school closings as well. tune in starting at 4 a.m. over on 6abc. >> to other news now the family of a missing bucks county teacher tells "action news" his body was recovered today from the schuylkill river. the body was discovered this afternoon on the 4400 block of kelly drive near the falls bridge. christopher tilly a father of 3 disappeared january 6 after he got out of a car near rim and lincoln drive in philadelphia. his family says the teacher middle bucks institute of technology, suffered from bipolar disorder. the school issued a statement tonight calling tully an extreme particulary teacher and grief counselors will be on hand it week. >> they are serving for kiesha hamilton. she was last jean january 9 and the next day her children were
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found unharmed with their father in indiana. there's been no sign of kiesha. cortez hamilton is charged with two counts of endangering welfare of a child and one count of first degree assault. >> an investigation underway is underway in a shooting in win township. they respond todd domestic disturbance about a woman held at gun point by a relative. a short time later or after investigators arrived a 59-year-old man named william campbell raised a gun at one of the officers. he was then quickly shot and killedch the officer has been placed on administrative leave as the county investigates. >> from the delaware newsroom now two young girls will likely be okay after a near-drowning this afternoon at an icy pond in delaware and they have two heroes to thank. >> i saw two little girls on the
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ice and screamed owe so they wouldn't hear me. >> when nancy mc connell mir idian cros quickly got into the cold water rescue gear. >> i made the decision to go in and go get her. i climbed out on the ice. i made it to her. i got her up out of the water. >> then with a rope tied around him and his wife pulling the other end, the fireman brought the girl to shore. he's reportedly in stable condition now at christianne hospital. what a story. how about that? >> still to come on "action news" melissa joins us with the full accuweather forecast. >> also tonight, shock and horror as isis releases video of the latest execution and issues new demand. >> and hunt is on for the person that sent phony bomb threats against two flames via twitter we'll tell you who is leading the search tonight
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>> police say a worker argued with a man and -- the nypd has not released names but they say both men were in 30s. 70 other employees were inside
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the store at the time mean other injuries reported. >> there was a bomb threat yesterday on two planes for delta and southwest airlines the planes were already in nothing suspicious was found. twitter suspended the account involved. if caught the person responsible will likely face federal charges. the japanese are reacting with shot shock tonight of video of a hostage the cabinet held an emergency meeting to discuss the matter. isis is demanding prisoner swap for the second japanese hostage and the government says no. anti-government protesters gathered in tokyo tonight blasting the handling of the crisis. a string of bombings across
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iraq killed 15 people today and wounded dozens more. one attack in the lena joe lay rivd in northern iraq today and visited refugees and called for international community to do more for people died from homes because of threats from isis. >> president obama is wrapping up a trip to india and later today he was at the shrine of gandy. it's already non india and he'll take part in the trip signature event. republic day parade in new dehli. it's been to bowl ingt relations with indian leaders for sharing technology to fight terrorism. >> it's all about a double dose of snow with the first appearance overnight. that won't be the last of. it meteorologist melissa magee joins us again with a look at the accuweather forecast, melissa. yes, sarah, walter, we're
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tracking precipitation that moves in later tonight and it's moving in right now and through monday. we're tracking more moisture that moves in monday night to tuesday. we'll talk about the details. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you white snow showers to the north and west of philadelphia. in fact we're going in a little tighter and snow showers are moving in thanks to a clipper system that is currently off to the west moving across the ohio valley. that's where you have a lot of moisture. you can see on stromtracker street-level we have that moisture moving across areas along route 100 to north of allentown also along i 78 from hamburg east ward into allentown and just to the south of slatington as well. and so the snow showers will continue pretty light in nature at the onset. you can see why it's snowing north and west. temperatures in allentown at the freezing mark. well below freezing in the poconos, 3 in philadelphia. along the coast in wildwood 39. dover in upper 30s. so here's what's going on, satellite 6 and action radar this is the clipper system that
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is moving on through. area of low pressure currently over kentucky and tennessee. this area of low pressure will continue to work its way east ward and as we go throughout tonight into monday we have light snow showers around and nuisance snow during the day. as we get to monday night to tuesday this area of low pressure will transfer its energy to a low that develops offshore and then it will work its way east ward and at that point the storm system will rapidly deepen and also intensify and the question is, where does that deepening occur. so we talk about the clipper that transcoastal as we go throughout the day on monday and area of low pressure moving along 7:30 in the morning in philadelphia we have light snow showers around. that's the snow as we go to monday night no into tuesday would go its way up the eastern sea board. you can seat brunt of the snowfall north and east ever the viewing area through boston down to new york city. we have winter weather alerts that are posted but it's mainly an event that goes monday night
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into tuesday. keep in mind winds pick up with the storm system rapidly intensifying up the coast. 6:30 in the evening tomorrow winds gusting 25 miles an hour in philadelphia to 41 along the coast and as we go throughout the day on tuesday 8:00 in the morning those gusts are strong from lakehurst all the way down to wildwood. coastal flood watch that's something to keep in mind as moderate tidal flooding is a concern at the time of high tide especially when the storm system intensifies. there's a sharp customer-off and gradient here. 4 to 8" north of philadelphia, reading, lancaster and delaware counties here. wilmington philadelphia, through allentown you're included in 8 to 12". 12 to 18 through central sections of new jersey. still a lot of uncertain six the confidence level is below average because keep in 3450eu7bd the storm system may deepen. it may deeper right across the region and further east. that doesn't mean we won't get snow we may not get significant
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snowfall and any shift in track could alter amount of precipitation we see either on higher scale or lower scale. coming up taking a closer look at the forecast and let you know what else is in store with the 7 day walter perez. >> thank you, melissa in other news tonight an audience in wynnewood heard a personal account tonight of the grim realities of the holocaust. there was a showing of academy award winning movie the lady in number 6. it tells the story of pianoist alley hertzcomer and how music helped her survive. they heard from a holocaust survivor and world war ii veteran. >> patriots said peace and sea hawk is speaking out on deflate-gate next in sports. >> still ahead this local
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>> in "healthcheck" tonight a scottish mate that contracted ebola while in sierra leon recovered completely. she left a hospital after three weeks in isolation. she is weak and not 100% well
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but happy to be alive. amber vincent the nurse that recovered from ebola has donated blood to biotech firm and it will determine if her ants bodies could be used to develop a drug to fight ebola. the company vincent chose will provide some of the medication to needy patient. >> they were gearing up today in montgomery ountsy for the fight against cancer. the great american pub in conshohocken was site for kickoff party for annual relay for life. six teams already signed up for around the clock relay coming up in may. this event raises money for the american cancer society education and support programs. the relay for life has now become a 30 year tradition. >> time for a check on sports. >> let's go live with jeff skversky for the "action news" sports. >> super bowl, of course is one week from tonight. new england patriots looking for first win since beating eagles 10 years ago. standing in their way the defending super bowl champs.
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here's seattle arriving in arizona today. patriots comes down tomorrow and tom brady says he won't be interviewed about the deflate-gate until after the super bowl. so seahawks star richard sherman, well he doesn't think the patriots will be punished any time soon if at all. >> will they be punished. probably not. not as long as robert graph and roger guidele are still taking pictures at their respective homes. i think he was just at craft's house last week before the championship. you talk about conflict of interest? but, you know as long as that happens it won't affect him at all. nothing will. >> he's always speaking his mind. six eagles in arizona tonight for a different reason pro bowl darren sproles, how about this guy? four catches for 55 yards. sproles in first pro bowl appreance playing for michael irving's team. speaking of all star games how about nhl all star game tonight
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vorachek. >> there's vorachek and claude giroux representing the flyers inle all star game in columbus. one goal and two assists. hats off to vorachek goes back to kol uming bus where he started career for hat trick. that's rights, three goals three assists as well ties all star game record with 6 points 29 total goals for the night the most in all star game history. and they also break over for the flyers tuesday take on arizona. coming up in next half hour, villanova, college hoops, they're taking o
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>> taylor swift's biggest fan in law enforcement has done it again ♪ there he is. master corporal davis has proved he has moves outside of the patrol car as well. he's the officer turned youtube star caught on dashcam rocking out to shake it off. it attracted more than 26 million hits around the world. last night davis to the dance floor with his famous moves along with few friends at dancing delaware stars benefit at dover downs. >> love it. >> coming up in the next half hour of "action news," burglars in search of pricey medals do
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damage at a church and crime is devastating for more than just worshipers. >> and couple from georgia posts an add hoping to acquire a prized possession and the fam
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>> a south jersey college student recovering after gunfire erupts in off campus apartment. >> and local church plans to feed the hungry cancelled thanks to copper thieves. wheel explain but we begin with preparations for major snow event headed in our direction. people were stocking up all day on shovels and salt and penndot says it's ready to deploy 400 trucks and more on stand by to prepare for what's expected to happen over the next 48 hours. >> let's get right to it. meteorologist melissa magee has the accuweather forecast and full details and we should mention the possibilities of this are really big. >> if there's any deviation in track it will alter amount of precipitation on higher scale or lower scale. it's something we have to fine tune and really as the storm system moves throughout the day on monday. we'll talk about details. you see precipitation already.
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stormtracker 6 doubling skap radar, snow and mixed precipitation moving in thanks to the clipper. we'll go in tooiingt er and still some light rain. maybe drizzle there in the city and areas south for wilmington around south and west ward chester county and oxford. you move north and see light showers in lancaster and coatsville moving north and east. so the snow showers will continue for the rest of tonight and into the day on monday. and then we have a second round of moisture that moves in monday night into tuesday and that's why the winter weather alerts are up. for the winter storm warning for philadelphia the majority of new jersey as well we have a watch issued for poconos and down to the lehigh county and berks and lancaster and chester counties and a warping for ocean county as far as our viewing area is concerned and the warnings encompass areas where we're expecting brunt of storm to move in late monday night and during the day tuesday for blizzard
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warning. >> snowing norm and west,al untown 32 32 in reading and 38 in the city. 40 in atlantic city. same thing in wilmington. here's satellite 6 and action radar you can see this is what we're tracking here. clipper system on the move. moving across the ohio valley and precipitation heading east ward. area of low pressure south moving across kentucky and tennessee. this will work its way east ward and problem with this clipper system is that it does not just come in and move out. this clipper system is actually going to transfer its energy off the coast as we get into tomorrow night and into tuesday and with that it will intensify and rapidly blossom as it works its way north and east. future tracker 6 has you covered. 7:30 in the morning mostly cloudy. we have light snow showers around. morning commute tomorrow just minor impacts and nuisance snow overhead. and as we go throughout the day you can see 5:00 in the afternoon still light snow showers around. but at this time we'll start to
10:34 pm
see development of that area of low pressure off the coast. you can see some light snow and even mixed precipitation down across atlantic city and up through a lakehurst. 10:00 in the evening tomorrow night you can see the storm system months onlying and deep shades of purple is indication of more significant snowfall starting to set up for areas across central new jersey and into the north and east. 5:00 in the morning you can see that storm system starting to intensify and snowfall moving from philadelphia and areas east. if you're north and west early tuesday morning you may not see a lot of snowfall. it all depends on track of the system. tuesday, 1:00 in the afternoon the storm system races off to the north and east. possible snowfall. we talk about gradient here sharp cutoff north and west anywhere from reading to lancaster and chester 4 to 8". 8 to 12 likely from the poconos town down to philadelphia and wilmington and millville and wildwood 12 to 18" likely for
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areas in central sections of new jersey. but the probability for the storm system we still have to fine tune a lot of uncertainty. monday teeng tuesday major concern is finding that heavy 8 to 12" of snowfall. there's a 45% likelihood of that and this storm system depending on frak track and how quickly it deepens wraen it deepens may have to alter these snowfall totals to 4 to 8" and 35% likelihood of that taking place. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you periods of snow monday. high temperature 34. monday night to tuesday we'll track intensification of this snowstorm high temperature 26. any deviation of the track will be key too. brisk and cold wednesday 29. thursday sun and clouds 35. friday mostly cloudy 36. few flurries likely and another shot of cold air moves in as we get to next weekend. of course we're tracking storm system throughout the day and
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especially monday night into tuesday when that looks to be heaviest with storm system up the coast. >> melissa thank you. >> dozens of early dismissals have been announced. you can see them running at the bottom of your screen. that includes philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools. we'll bring you any more school closings or early dismissals on 6abc starting at 4 p.m. h a.m. you can stay top of the weather with the stormtracker 6 app and plus you can use the "report your weather" feature to let you us know what is happening in your area and create a digital postcard to share with family and friends. >> other news tonight there were no sunday services in a church at philadelphia bridesburg section thanks to copper thieves. it knocked out water service and heat to the building and a program to help the hungry was cancelled. "action news" reporter john
10:37 pm
rawlins is reporting. >> reactions to what brought police to the united methodist church on kirk bride street. someone broke in and stole estimated 3 to 400 feet of copper pipes throughout the building and boiler room. >> this ran all the way through here. >> it was discovered by ed lex who keeps the church running and no services today because it knocked out all water and heating. >> we're hurting now. >> the theft also has panltry in the basement. >> there's 2300 people every tuesday that get food and they can't get food this tuesday and we're not sure when we'll be able to start back up again. >> frustrated somebody would rob a church prompted this remark. >> it could not be a need of food. you must have some kind of a habit. step up maybe the church can help you beat it. >> in addition to stolen copper which will we cost thousands to
10:38 pm
replace it is believed money was stolen from the food bank. before the scrapper hit the main water supply was shutoff preventing a flood that would have destroyed much of the food bank supplies. >> it did not infiltrate. >> john rawlins, "action news" phl17. >> gunfire erupted in camden apartment complex branch village apartment on south 9th street. he was shot once in the chestch the man believed to be in 20s was rushed to cooper university hospital and did not survive. police are still trying to figure out the motive and find a suspect. >> several people have been taken into custody after a rowan university student was shot overnight. and it happened at the campus crossing apartments on mullica hill road in glassboro 1 a.m. officials say a freshman was shot in the leg by somebody in a car who then took off. and it's unclear if any charges have been filed yet. >> the red cross is helping 15
10:39 pm
people forced from homes by a fire overnight in cobbs creek. flames broke out in a home in the 5500 block of cedar avenue and afterward the structure was deemed unsafe leaving three families without a place to saych the business was badly damaged as well and the cause remains under investigation. a woman has been charged with dui after slamming into a philadelphia police squad carch the action cam was on the scene there at intersection of 52 and market after the crash 2 a.m. that's where a vehicle slammed into the back of parked cruiser. the police officer was taken to the hospital for neck and back pain. a 39-year-old woman as arrested. >> prosecutesers will not seek the death penalty against murder suspect accused of killing a montgomery countsy man he met on craigslist. 28-year-old chad will tox is accused of killing manual hockey nan norristown in september. will cox nroond rob the victim. instead he stabbed him to death. will cox fled but was captured
10:40 pm
in kentucky. he is currently awaiting nril lycoming county on child rain charges. >> dozens took the street in a show of support for police up broad to city hall. organizeers say police need to know their daily efforts and sacrifices are appreciated and the march was put together by a group called take back our streets a neighborhood group from south philadelphia also raising money for police wid owes and families. >> a memorial today to honor the legacy of walter harris was held before the unveiling of memorial at princeton municipal hall. officer half us was shot and killed february 2 1946 after responding to shooting at a social club. his children were on hand for today's dedication. >> still to come on "action news" first it was weather and now a new problem operations for the airasia recovery cruz.
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>> problems playing the recovery of flight 8501 the latest attempt to raise the fuselage failed today. indnearbyian officials say rope snapped just as the wreck answering reached surface of the
10:44 pm
water. however a body was freed from the debris and recovered. that brings total to 70. the plane wept down december 28 with 162 people on board. during a high-level visit today secretary of state john kerry condemned deadly terrorist attacks which ended with lawsuit slaughter of thousands of people. it comes as poke ahor am and insurge aents tack several city and villages. and fighting between troops and insurgents left 200 people killed. earlier this month a seize siege claimed lives of 2,000 nigerians and it few attention and condemnation last year after kidnapping of 270 school girls. >> 50 people were killed as anti-government protesters clashed with police in egypt. today marks fourth anniversary of country up rising that toppled the long time president mubarak. police have made more than 130
10:45 pm
arrests. >> vatican embraced new symbol of peace. at st. peter's square with two children by his side. for years the pope has been joined by younger released dovz. in response the birds then switched out for balloons. >> when we come back not super bowl bound but birds are lighting it up on the the gridiron. >> two grandparents go out to buy a car and don't come home. frantic serve underway tonight. >> don't forget "action news" will be on 30 minutes earlier tomorrow as we track the snow. get the morning's top news headline ring ring! progresso!
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>> a couple vanished after going to buying a car they found on craigslist. bob and jim left they are no george ayesterday and headed 180 miles to mccray. they were going to meet somebody who responded to bud's ad a red
10:49 pm
1966 ford mustang. >> he was quiteed about the car and when he got back from veets nam he had sglun but the family became alarmed when the couple did not show up to baby sit their grandchildren friday. police want to find this man 28-year-old ronnie jay towns who answered the ad. they say he was last person to have phone contact with the runyans. >> this say milestone day for only surviving set of panda triplets. keepers at the park in china where they live threw a 6 month birth day party for trio. they're healthy, gaining wait and learning to eat bamboo by themselves. they were born within hours of each other. reaching 6 months of aim is assign of achieving a stable life in captivity. >> jeff is here with another check of sports. >> it's a big night of course in football for nfl pro bowl and bunch of eagles out there in
10:50 pm
arizona. they had more invites to the pro bowl than any other team in the nfc. some had to pull out like lesean mccoy because of a knee injury. six eagles in arizona including darren sproles. second play of the game how about catch from tony romo. 17 yards. tackled by teeth mate connor barwin. 62 yards so far in first appearances. how about the experience for eagles kicker cody parkey makes the first 35 yard in pro bowl history. how about hotel beckham junior giant star what a catch from romo. team carter up on team urban in the fourth. >> of course the bowl everyone wants the eagles to play in super bowl. they would rather be in arizona for that game. in fact they're wondering what went wrong. they lost three of final four starting with seattle here are
10:51 pm
the seahawks arriving in arizona ar. defending champs will they defend the tight ail week from tonight against the patriots. the super bowl is not what everybody is talking about. it's all deflate game. >> past is past and present is present and will they be punished? probably not. not as long as craft and are taking pictures at their own homes. >> i never look at how footballs were handled until this past week. can i emphasize with coach belichick. i never have. i can understand he never has either. >> nfl conducted 40 interviews and not questioned tom brady. patriots quarterback said they will not do so until after the super bowl. if you don't buy bill belichick science story about atmospheric pressure deflating the footballs neither does real science guy bill nye.
10:52 pm
>> rubbing you can't change the pressure you need one of these inflation needle. i'm not worried about coach belichick competing with me. what he said didn't make any sense. >> all righty then. claude giroux and jake vorachek on opposite sides tonight in all star game. watch-out jake the flyers captain is coming for you. >> i don't think it will be very physical. but if i can finish one hit on jake i think i will. >> is that what you're going to do? >> don't tell him, but i might. >> oohh watch out jake vorachek returns to columbus tonight where career started and he's a star tonight. in nhl all star game ties game record with 6 points and giroux scores as well. hats off for vorachek, hat trick, three goals all in all the team con bind for 29 goals the most in all star game history. >> college hoops villanova has only lost four games all of last season. two were to creighton. they were ugly. that's putting it nicely.
10:53 pm
'nova out scored by combined 49 points to creighton last season s jay wright and villanova getting pay back tonight. they're smiling because they start on 15-0 run. how about josh hart for three. it was so ugly early creighton had merely the same amount of turnovers as they did points. second half, bethlehem darin hiliard sticks to 3. they won rebounding from the ugly loss to georgetown. coach k is now coach 1 k mike krzyzewski wins 1000th career game today and long time coach beat st. john's on the road in new york. first in men's division one history to win 1000 games. remarkable accomplishment. >> he's amazing. absolut well, i drove grandpa to
10:54 pm
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>> winds pick up monday evening and as far as rush hour impacts in morning when calling for light snow showers. minor impacts, nuisance snow minor accumulation. minor evening impact as well and heaviest event with major snowfall and slow downs looks to be tuesday morning. meteorologist david murphy will have the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc guys.
10:57 pm
>> it's changing all the time. >> all the time. >> thanks melissa. >> thanks for joining us
10:58 pm
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[lively music] ♪ ♪ >> hey, welcome to los angeles california. welcome to celebrity name game. i am your host tv's craig ferguson. today, these two teams of naughty donkeys will battle each other for a huge cash prize in a game that's all about famous names, and as if that weren't enough we are going to be joined in this very studio by real live celebrities right here. our teams today are chase and lorrie and montana and terry. i'll get to you guys in a minute. you two, step it up please. hello, ladies. hello, welcome. tell me about yourselves, kids. >> well, she's my mom. >> no way! >> yeah, i just graduated law school. >> congratulations.


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